7 Ways to Respond Maturely to Criticism

Brian Clark is an expert on Jason Jones

Copyblogger’s Brian Clark no like me.

Me so sad :: me want to cry. How will me ever succeed on the blogs now?

I’ve been critical of Brian Clark’s vapid message :: his parasitic existence :: his censorship of dissent :: his being a big fat unreasonable bully :: and the total uselessness of his useless products.


Even worse {for Brian Clark} :: in spite of my outrageous outrageousness :: this fake robot website has become big and important … and whatever I’m bitching about seems to go right to the top of the search results.

Sorry Charlie … aka Copyblogger’s Brian Clark SEO Scribe Genesis Exodus Brian Clark Leviticus Scribe SEO Brian Clark Numbers Deuteronomy. Amen.

Brian tries {sometimes} to pretend like he’s legit and not just some fuckball Internet huckster … so I guess he’d better respond to my serious criticisms in an appropriately lady like fashion …

… or not.

Somewhere around 38th in my search results is an “article” about me written by the famously boring Brian Clark.  It never appeared on the pages of his crap blog … it’s more like a private message between his PageRank 6 website and the search engines.  Here’s his message :: brace yourself for a big shocker …

The Salty Droid’s Real Name is Jason Michael Jones

“Salty used to be a lawyer, but he’s mainly a long time sufferer of acne-prone skin. After wasting literally thousands of dollars to get skin clear, he realized that the most important factor for clearer skin is an intangible – self-discipline.

All Jason wants to do is share with you what he’s learned, and hopefully offer you a shortcut and quicken your journey to clear skin.

Read all of Jason’s acne wisdom here.”

Ha!  What?

Something is seriously wrong with you people.

First :: I obviously didn’t write the stupid e-zine articles {I didn’t read them either}. For someone who goes around threatening to sue people for libel :: and who also claims to be an ex-lawyer :: it’s a highly questionable misstatement.

Second :: Numbered lists are for people who can’t write … *cough* Brian Clark *cough*.

Third :: Yep … Jason Jones writes this site. It’s never really been a secret :: but for the past twelve months it’s been completely on the record … I embedded my fucking diploma and law licence like some kind of haughty little bitch.

Fourth :: Just to give Copyblogger’s Brian Clark a heads up before he writes anymore thrilling exposés … I’m also not this Jason Michael Jones … convicted of felony child neglect and maliciously wounding his mother … although that does sound fun.

Fifth :: Do you fucktards think I care that you’re associating my name with this blog? Do you think people who know Jason Michael Jones are going to be surprised to find out that he writes a non-conformist website that sticks up for the little guy … and makes assholes weirdly uncomfortable?

Do you think at all?

Sixth :: Jason Jones LOVES this blog. He could not possibly be prouder of what it has already accomplished. If :: by some miracle of irony :: the d-bags helped The Salty Droid rank for the search term “Jason Jones” … which is clogged by famous awesome people like The Daily Show’s Jason Jones :: and Bungie co-founder Jason Jones … then SaltyDroid Jason Jones would squeal with glee not horror.

Seventh :: So please … keep it up Brian Clark {and various assorted shitweasels}. Me likey.

To our fake success,

{still} Jason Jones

>> bleep bloop

126 thoughts on “7 Ways to Respond Maturely to Criticism”

  1. http://www.illuminatedmind.net/2010/11/29/3-day-freedom-guide-sale/

    hi droid, i thought you might be interested in this. the market is getting saturated, and these clowns are having to slash prices massively (90% off, anyone – sounds like a closing down sale to me!!)

    you can see that the second/third tier below the syndicate are trying to form another syndicate, maybe it can be called the ‘wannabe syndicate’. but it is way too crowded for all of them to make any money.

    this smells of desperation. like all ponzi schemes, only the people right at the top can make any money.

    these people should have taken a basic course in economics or the dynamics of industry:
    1) industry brand new, general public doesn’t even know about it, early entrants make a killing
    2) industry grow rapidly, many more entrants, proven strategies in the industry (see how many of these scam lifestyle design books are becoming quite homogeneous), new entrants still make okay returns
    3) industry matures – way to many entrants drive down returns for everyone, weaker players can’t sell their stuff, and get f–k-d. well, it looks the guru marketing business is entering its get f–k-d phase.

    1. @adherentofthedroid,

      It’s amusing when you look at “info marketers” from a historical perspective. These syndicate types always hoist up the offline info marketers (before the Internet viability to scam) as their heroes.

      You know, like the Dan Kennedy types that preach about how bucks used to be made with an ad in a magazine or an envelope that preached the same old unicorn chaser bullshit dreams.

      You have to wonder if these guys ever took into account the key difference of instant and freely available community opinion. It’s not like back in the day when these scammers didn’t have to worry about the person they just hyped up with their sales letter going back out to their mailbox and saying “Is this bullshit?”.

      Most did think they were bullshit back then in the snail mail scamming days. These stupid greedy fucking scammers sealed their own grave when they had the audacity to bring their deceptive and hideous scamvertising to the eyeballs of a generation of those a bit more irritable than their previous target scammee retired folks in readers digest.

      1. @Amelie Poostain,

        thanks amelie,
        one problem i had, it that although there is this excellent backlash here, it still takes a while to find the good stuff like the droid, and other (more watered down) attack dogs biting the ass of internet marketers. take this from a newbie who has been suckered in to the tune of a hundred bucks by these clowns, especially the lifestyle design people. droid doesn’t do much on them, but i think they are as nefarious the motley crew he goes after, but they really sell ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but empty promises, i mean, you don’t even get a stupid set up your blog lesson or anything, its just…..nothing……did the droid take a piece out of tim ferris yet? to me he is King Tool number one, being the most visible of these lifestyle losers. he is like the gateway drug, start with king fuckwit, and then you get led to his legion of minions.

        1. @adherentofthedroid,

          The first time I heard about Tim Ferris I was intrigued, but then after having followed his blog and read his book (can’t rememer what it said really) for a few weeks I got bothered by his main themes, “lifestyle and “work-smart”. they just kept looping over themself.

          Tim Ferris is hype dressed up in nice gentleman, cool, casual, rebelious, generous and sharing, these are the qualities he wants you to associate to his persona.

          “Cool” of course being his main focus:

          His approach is like: “yeah i do cool stuff, but i don’t wanna brag too much about it, Im humble, and I just wanna show you what’s possible. You can do it, why not? Life is an adventure, don’t be afraid, take the challenge, have some fun and just smile about it.

          I call it the Richard Branson approach. It’s fucking annoying, especially when they go into author-maniac-mode, they always do, and they start publishing one big smiley-face cover after another.

          This sound like hating, whatever, Im not trying to discretdit entrepeneurs who market themself this way, or maybe I am, it’s just an observation about something, i call it:

          “smiley-face pop-hype-avdenture entepeneurism.”

          In short, Entrepenurial mediation.

          1. @Mathias,

            The sheet volume of followers Ferris has on his site, comments galore on every post he makes, makes me want to puke.

            People want to say he deserves his success, that he’s provided value equivalent to his earnings.

            I don’t see it. I see negative value and distraction if anything.

            1. @Amelie Poostain,

              I recently looked into Ferris’ claims to success, from his earnings claims to his martial arts wins. All are highly suspect.

            2. @Amelie Poostain, I have ZERO respect for Tim Ferris.

              He is the epitome of posturing.

              One of his big claims to success in his “book,” was hawking another one of those private label supplements. You know the kind, where you buy supplements for peanuts then put a pricey label on them and present it as something phenomenal. I seriously question whether he really did make any significant money doing that.

              Secondly, he talked about winning some sort of wrestling competition overseas. Did he win by conventional means? No, he didn’t. First of all, he did his best to barely drop down into a lower weight class to make it easier for himself. Then…and here is the kicker…he consistently attempted to push his challenger off the mat, just to win by technical disqualification, and not by actual sparring.

              The whole book stunk of gaming systems and taking advantage of loopholes and figuring out shortcuts to bypass the rules of organized society. Of course, some people won’t have a problem with that, but I would label them douchebags.

          2. ‘fucking annoying’ – here, here.

            It isn’t hating. Being smug and obsessed with yourself is generally an unattractive quality.

            Take Branson – undoubtedly extremely successful, and very good at what he does. But boy, does he want you to know it. I faintly recall a Virgin Atlantic promotion for which 3 young, scantily clad models had to pose in a hot-tub. Perhaps fearing that this was too subtle, Beardy himself (married, and old enough to be grandfather of any of the girls) decided to strip down and get in there with them. Cue a big sleazy self-absorbed photo shoot.

            The whole thing inspired me so much that I emailed Virgin Atlantic to suggest a new slogan “Get It Up With Virgin” (perhaps with a shot of a plane taking off). But they never got back to me…

            1. @208-577-6210,

              interesting that you point to branson, because to me that raises the distinction between ‘i annoyingly over promote myself and my pretty good, reasonable valuable products’ and what the internet marketers do, which is ‘i annoyingly over promote myself and my scammy, ridiculously overpriced valueless nonsense ‘

              for instance, i have flown virgin atlantic, and bought CDs at a virgin megastore and yeah, maybe i paid a bit over the average, but i thought ‘that was okay’ when it was over. but when i bought internet marketing products i DEFINITELY felt totally ripped off, and uncomfortable with the whole thing. its like somewhere deep in the brain, it just KNOWS if you got value for money.

            2. @adherentofthedroid

              Good point. I probably didn’t make the distinction clear enough. Branson is a bit of a tosser, and has indulged in plenty of questionable business practices, but isn’t to be compared like-for-like with Tim Ferriss. And the Virgin brand is a good deal more wholesome than the ‘Mass Control Syndicate’.

              In short, Branson does have a real business, and is totally different from Ferriss et al in this respect, but it’s still grating when he writes those silly books and endlessly massages his ego.

            3. @208-577-6210,

              AH!! branson too indulges in questionable business practices? i didn’t know THAT either. i had thought (not being sarcastic here) that he was a relatively clean, pull yourself up by your bootstraps. jeez, every post and sub post here has something for a newb. so i even need to be wary of old richard, too. i am starting to get the feeling that any hyper-promoter-of-self is at least a little bit dodgy.

              maybe we could rank them in degrees of dodgy from 1-10, using a little dogshit icon instead of a gold star. 10 dogshit icons means you are james arthur ray (who fortunately i had never heard of before coming here, and now if i DO come across him i will know to run far and fast), frank kern gets a 9, tim ferris a solid 7 if not an 8, maybe give branson a 1 or 2 poos. lol…..

    2. @adherentofthedroid ::

      That’s a “freedom guide” in the same way that John Raygoza knows “the truth”.

      I wonder how many people on that list are in the Third Tribe?

      It’s funny how “illuminated””mind” is using the Ferris fonts/styles/colors and everything. The Zero Hour Workweek? Fucking gag! Grow up.

      @Amelie Poostain ::

      Yeah it’s funny … they like to put 2.0 on everything … but they never actually thought about what the 2.0 could mean for the scam. Once victims start talking … this is a very very very HARD town to skip.

      Welcome to the new world bitches …. 2.0

      1. @SD, damn, third tribe. i looked that shit up, yep, i have been to blogs of many of these clowns. i thought it was more of a loose affiliation, but of course not. get together to f the consumer, shall we? i was smoking this crack for a month or so, then i started thinking ‘wait a second dude, something about this makes me very queasy’ so i started looking around and finally found the droid, thank fuck for that. please throw cold water in my face and break me out of the trance. it was like indiana jones and the temple of doom when he gets possessed by the ‘blood’ and Short Round jabs him with the red hot poker to wake up. i wonder if the First, Second and Third tribes also sacrifice virgins and should KALI MA!! this thuggee cult must be eliminated, to send the enslaved children back to their villages.

        i would warn people to be especially careful of that zenhabits leo babuata (sp?) guy, he is sneaky, because he seems okay at first with his no ads and minimalism style..i had been reading him for a while, way before i dipped into the hard drugs of ‘Third Tribe’ – maybe it should be called ‘Third TriPe’. he was the gateway drug thought to all the other losers. not sure if he started out okay and then got progressively sucked into the cult, but there he is now, with his ‘blogging seminar’, so he proved himself to be a fucktard, just like the rest. damn, anyone reading this and on the fence about these guys— TRUST ME – SCAM FUCKING ARTISTS, THE LOT OF THEM —

        like the droid says, they have have serious mental problems. i think they all have ‘hole in the bucket’ syndrome. they have a hole in their emotional bucket and they are trying endlessly to fill the bucket with money and adoration of the dupes that buy from them, but the bucket has a hole in it, its NEVER GETTING FILLED, no matter how much they cheat and steal. but it leads them to more and more crazy scams and bullshit, hence the higher and higher prices. don’t you internet guru gomers get it??? when your shit $97 product sold out and didn’t fix your life, and then your bullshit $997 products sold out and it STILL didn’t fix the gaping hole in your soul. well, they just keep at it. and what about these new entrant chumps whose products DON’T!! sell out….man, that must be really bad for them, send them into desperation mode. they don’t even get the ten second high that the leaders get off the ‘yes, people love me and give me money’ crack pipe.

        in a way i feel sorry for the losers, actually, but that is a tough call, like, fine, you can feel sorry for some guy who is an arch criminal because he had a terrible upbringing, but then you have to consider – yes, but this guy is out there hurting unwary people, and we have to take him fucking down, we don’t really have a choice. the droid is like the swat team, taking out the bad guys.

        why do these guys always tell you about ‘value value value value’ that is THE thing i see over and over again. its like, buddy, if you offer so much value, why do you keep talking about it. i don’t see major sports stars, actual entrepreneurs (making an actual valuable product service) or a plumber or a teacher or a nurse or a factory worker talking about how much value they are adding ALL THE TIME.

        i think the government will start to regulate this bullshit industry eventually and the scammers will get f-d, as they deserve to be.

          1. @Duff,

            thanks for info…..jeez….it just gets worse and worse with these guys the more i hear about them. leave your ethics at the door when you get in to the internet marketing space. ugh….and the leo baubata+tim ferris on the same panel. hmmmm…..that kind of proves my suspicions! lol!

            when i think about these ‘tribes’ it reminds me what heroin addicts and thieves say to each other ‘no friends in this game, only acquaintances’. i wonder what it is like when these sharks turn on each other, it must be vicious. all of them trying to out manipulate and out mind-fuck each other.

        1. @adherentofthedroid,

          >>>”i think the government will start to regulate this bullshit industry”

          mmm…yes. because if there’s any group that is trustworthy, it’s the government. because the grandaddy of all bullshit industries is not the government.

          because we know the government would never take money from the little guy to enrich a few.

          I’ve seen other comments that talk about looking forward to the ftc really giving it to these creeps, making them lose all they have stolen from others. my guess is the ftc doesn’t make the money go to the people who were shafted, my guess is that it goes to…the ftc (government). Kind of like speeding ticket fines go to the police.

          If you look closely enough, you’ll see that pretty much every industry is a bullshit one. Education. check. financial check. Medicine. check. The only way to get wealthy–and i mean super wealthy–is either criminally (hmm…gov’t, taxes), or by abusing masses of people–getting them to give up way more in exchange for something they don’t really need or something definitely not worth that much.

          anyway, fun to read

          1. @dan,

            Honore de Balzac who wrote ‘Comedie Humaine’ in 1841: said:
            “Behind every great fortune there is a crime.”


            “Bureaucracy is a giant mechanism operated by pygmies.”

      2. @SD,

        Zero Hour Workweek?

        Reminds me of this scene:

        Hitchhiker: You heard of this thing, the 8-Minute Abs?
        Ted: Yeah, sure, 8-Minute Abs. Yeah, the excercise video.
        Hitchhiker: Yeah, this is going to blow that right out of the water. Listen to this: 7… Minute… Abs.
        Ted: Right. Yes. OK, all right. I see where you’re going.
        Hitchhiker: Think about it. You walk into a video store, you see 8-Minute Abs sittin’ there, there’s 7-Minute Abs right beside it. Which one are you gonna pick, man?
        Ted: I would go for the 7.
        Hitchhiker: Bingo, man, bingo. 7-Minute Abs. And we guarantee just as good a workout as the 8-minute folk.
        Ted: You guarantee it? That’s – how do you do that?
        Hitchhiker: If you’re not happy with the first 7 minutes, we’re gonna send you the extra minute free. You see? That’s it. That’s our motto. That’s where we’re comin’ from. That’s from “A” to “B”.
        Ted: That’s right. That’s – that’s good. That’s good. Unless, of course, somebody comes up with 6-Minute Abs. Then you’re in trouble, huh?
        [Hitchhiker convulses]
        Hitchhiker: No! No, no, not 6! I said 7. Nobody’s comin’ up with 6. Who works out in 6 minutes? You won’t even get your heart goin, not even a mouse on a wheel.
        Ted: That – good point.
        Hitchhiker: 7’s the key number here. Think about it. 7-Elevens. 7 dwarves. 7, man, that’s the number. 7 chipmunks twirlin’ on a branch, eatin’ lots of sunflowers on my uncle’s ranch. You know that old children’s tale from the sea. It’s like you’re dreamin’ about Gorgonzola cheese when it’s clearly Brie time, baby. Step into my office.
        Ted: Why?
        Hitchhiker: ‘Cause you’re fuckin’ fired!

  2. OK, I get it Salty but you missed the entire f —ing point.

    I’m a loyal {and very intelligent reader} of yours and I thought you would connect the dots…..err zits.

    Follow me please

    Droid is a pimple on Imer’s ass
    JMJ can cure acne
    So…why not solicit the help of JMJ to remove pimples from Imer’s asses.

    Confused About Zits On Asses

    1. @Fake Blogger,

      You know, I finally made the connection to the “pimple on the butt” comment that Walker made during that call. The JMJ on ezinearticles wrote an article about getting rid of butt acne, so there you go.

    2. @Fake Blogger ::

      If acne JMJ comes after me … I’ll just tell everyone that he’s mother abuser JMJ … problem solved!

  3. More Copyblogger circle jerk at http://www.studiopress.com which, for the time being at least, is a proud member of the Copyblogger Media family.

    On the home page, there are testimonials from Darren Rowse and Chris Brogan, both business partners of Brian Clark at Third Tribe.

    WTF Clark, testimonials are meant to be from independent customers not from business associates.

    Anyway Chris Brogan is a very obedient Brian Clark puppet (or is that muppet?).

    Here he is on 12/2/2008 – http://www.chrisbrogan.com/my-site-dressed-in-thesis/

    “Today, I’m pretty pleased with my new Thesis web design. I love how clean and crisp and clear the layout is, how tidy the letters are, but that’s just the stuff that you see. It’s a premium WordPress theme, which means it’s $87 to buy. Free is usually my default first choice, but it’s when I dig into the controls behind the scene that things look really sweet. I can tell that I’m going to really love using the software to keep my design fresh for a while.”

    But when Brian Clark offloads his interest in Thesis to buy into StudioPress, faithful ole Chris isn’t far behind.

    Here he is just a week ago (11/24/10) – http://www.chrisbrogan.com/genesis-theme-black-friday-sale/

    “As you know, I promote the heck out of premium WordPress themes (affiliate link). Why? Because they make blogging easier. Because they improve functionality that you’d rather not mess with. Because they help me with my blogging, so I want to offer you the same tools.

    Brian Gardner at StudioPress just gave me a 25% off code. So, if you’re shopping on Black Friday, here’s something that might be helpful to you. Here’s the promotion: ………”

    Still life being a puppet isn’t all that bad. It gives Chris a chance to grab another set of affiliate commissions off people who’ve already bought off his Thesis recommendation.

    And Brogan is obviously exactly the right person to have co-written a book entitled ‘Trust Agents: Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, and Earn Trust’. LOL.

    1. @Pass the Sick Bag, For the record, buying two different premium WordPress themes over the course of 2-3 years is not a big deal. And neither is promoting two different premium themes. If you switch the theme you’re using, it makes sense to update your recommendation as well.

      1. @SD,

        Yes, it’s not just a product you’re getting with them anymore. You’re also helping to support the imperial ambitions and ideology of the Copyblogger conglomerate.

      2. @SD,

        You don’t need to pay for Studiopress themes any longer since Mullenweg and Pearsons online rumble which led to the messy divorce of Pearson and Brian Cluck and the hook up of Cluck and Gardner of Studiopress. Gardner accepted Mullenweg’s strong arming of premium word press developers into accepting the GPL and now it’s ok to just get their previous premium themes for free.

        Here you go:


    2. @Pass the Sick Bag,

      I think it’s ok to have testimonials from business associates as long as all business association is made explicit (which it usually isn’t, hence the problem). It becomes an issue for me when there is a combination of pyramid power hierarchy, “make money online” claims, deceptive advertising, cronyism, expensive products empty of actually useful content, and attacking critics with SLAPP legal threats.

  4. I know this is slightly off topic but since those recommendations are so self-serving and tainted I’ll mention what I found out through my own research.

    Just to be clear I normally use html and free WP templates, but I couldn’t get the right combination for a particular project so I ended up buying a premium WP template to save time.

    Looked at Thesis as a possible option and it sucked almost as bad as those recommendations. Genesis was an improvement but still bloated, imo. So I settled on the developer’s version of Headway. As a bonus, Headway’s user community is extremely helpful and not run by an self-enamored prick.

    DISCLAIMER: There is none. I have no affiliation with Headway or their people, I just think they blow Copyblogger Media away.

    1. @Hal (the original Hal), Agreed. Thesis had a steep learning curve and the user materials were poor. That’s why there are so many uncustomized Thesis blogs running around.

      I’ve also used StudioPress’s Church theme but I had to get in a coder to do some simple customizations.

      Headway is definitely worth looking at – as is the Frugal theme, which is about to become Catalyst.

      Likewise, I have no affiliations with any of these themes.

  5. Brian Clark, you’re one smart cookie! How could we have missed something so important as the droid’s real name and that he has pimples! Shame on all people who have acne, they should all be in jail! The nerve of those asses walking around with pimples!! You’re really “gangsta”. *shudder*

    Salty..err Jason, you’d better not mess with big bad Brian Clark, he’s an ex-lawyer and all. Plus, his investigative skills are l33t and he will find all kinds of juicy dirt on you, like ass pimples. Maybe he’s studying to be a proctologist, so you better watch out!


    1. @422 ::

      Of course :: if I had written those articles it would make me a liar … because I’ve said countless times that I’ve never tried to “make money online”. And liars can’t be trusted.

      Fortunately for truth :: justice :: and fake superheros … I’m not a liar.

  6. I could have sworn that Copyblogger used to be proudly featured on Joe “Mr. Fire” Vitale’s Blogroll. But it seems to have disappeared. No telling how long it’s been gone, but I wonder: could this be yet more evidence that the hustledorks, though they pretend to ignore this blog for the most part, are getting very uncomfortable about the work Jason Michael Jones is doing here?

    And, in somewhat related news, here’s our pal Pat O. on the changing landscape of Internet Marketing:

    (He seems to have recently discovered one of my favorite acronyms: BSO (bright shiny object), an acronym that I was using as far back as the 1990s.)

    1. @Cosmic Connie, It’s a popular selling technique. Tell people they’ve got BSO syndrome, that they should stop chasing the latest and greatest stuff… and then proceed to sell them the latest and greatest stuff — another BSO.

      1. @Ryan Healy,

        Agreed. Some of that guy’s post was accurate, but some was misleading.

        The accurate (from personal experience):

        Part of our business model is building Adsense sites and reselling them (which is indeed scalable).

        The other part is local business website building, SEO, etc. which really is a job (time for money) and is not truly scalable but my wife still loves it because she loves meeting and talking to people.

        She meets and talks, I build. The reality though is we could NEVER make millions, billions and gazillions from that side of the business because it can’t be viably outsourced and there are only 24 hours a day in the real world and it requires REAL TIME and WORK. Also, all the elves and pink unicorns in our area are busy attending IM conferences.

        The misleading:

        His opt-in link to “The Absolute Beginners Guide to Internet Wealth”.

        99.999999% of newbies suck at writing copy as do many people who have been at it for awhile. That is just a recipe for frustration and heartache. Any noob who has gone down this road will know exactly what I’m talking about.

        Not to mention he already said in an earlier paragraph ON THE SAME POST that:

        “I’ve got scores of these sites, and am very active in email marketing. This is a good model, but it’s tired.

        It’s showing its age. Some of the old-timers (some of them are younger than I am, but they’re old-timers in the IM field) are still using this strategy exclusively. They’re not happy. It doesn’t work like it used to.”

        So if he admits the build e-product, bleed the list model is on the decline, why promote it as “The Absolute Beginners Guide to Internet Wealth”?

        1. @Hal (the original Hal), “So if he admits the build e-product, bleed the list model is on the decline, why promote it as ‘The Absolute Beginners Guide to Internet Wealth’?”

          Because he can, and I imagine he will continue to do so as long as such promotion works for him.

    2. @Cosmic Connie ::

      For one thing, there were about 1/3 as many people here as there were at the same event a few years ago. I don’t know if it’s the economy, changing interests, or if other people feel about flying the same way I do, but it was an intimate affair.

      Ha! Funny because the price of this years Big Seminar was also reduced by more than half. A dramatic price drop that leads to reduced sales … there’s a word for that … COLLAPSE.

      Not that I’m smiling {lie!}.

      I’ve also heard reports of big guru products underperforming expectations by as much as 70% before refunds. There is something in the wind … maybe it’s the truth.

      1. @SD, And as I recall, Armand Morin recently hosted a three-day “intensive,” for which he charged “only” $10,000 per person, limiting it to only “10 qualified individuals.”


        This was some months after Pat O. blogged, partly by way of defending the high price of James Ray’s fatal sweat lodge, “So, if you could spend a weekend with say, Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern, Armand Morin or any of the group of people who make that kind of money on a regular basis, what would that be worth? I can tell you what it costs- it’s a lot more than $10,000. Try buying three days of Armand’s time for ten grand. He’ll laugh in your face.”

        (Yes, I know I’ve brought this point up before, but this is for the benefit of those who might not have seen it the first time around.)

        And now the Big Seminar is shrinking too.

        Things is tough all over.

        1. @Cosmic Connie ::

          Funny :: I was going to ask you to link to that Pat O. quote cause I don’t remember where it was … is it still up?

          Rejuvenate … sounds more like a shampoo.

          Armand says in the video that he’s making $20 million per year :: and he just bought a 17,500 sq/ft home with its own “training center”. Hmmm.

          Act now because this low low $10,000 price is just for the “beta group”.

          Apparently :: according to Armand :: coming over to Armand’s house will help you “quadruple” your revenues. Sure love to see links to the ten businesses that have been magically quadrupled due to a North Carolina slumber party. I’ll bet those will be forthcoming never.

        2. @Cosmic Connie,

          The seminar business in general is highly impacted by recessions, probably because when money is tight, people don’t have enough to purchase fancy pink unicorns.

          1. @Duff, If they don’t have the money, the they need to increase the limit on their credit cards. If they won’t spend the money to be successful, then they don’t deserve a fancy pink unicorn. Speaking of which, I’m selling unicorn poop on my site for only $199. Just in time for Christmas.

        3. @ Cosmic Connie

          In the spirit of Pat O, may I be the first to predict that Morin’s time is worth a hell of a lot more than $7.50/hour. He’d just scream with laughter if you offered him that…etc, etc.

          @ SD, Easy:

          How to Quadruple Your Revenues (An Armand Morin Recipe)

          1) Make up number
          2) Multiply by four
          3) Write into sales page
          4) Eat

    3. @Cosmic Connie, I don’t understand too much about images he uses. Maybe he could have studied article writing with David Lynch?

    4. @Cosmic Connie,

      @Cosmic Connie,

      Then, along came Milton Erickson who begat Richard Bandler, who put NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) together with John Grinder. The latest evolution of Ericksonian hypnosis bundled with classic copywriting is Joe Vitale’s Hypnotic Writing strategies.

      You need to know these things. Collier, Bernays, Bandler, Kennedy, Vitale…

      Milton Erickson bored people into trance, Richard Bandler is all about reading people’s body language and sublte gestures, that means being sensory accute, which is only possible live with another human being.
      Bernays was an advertising pioneer working for the government, famous for his publicity stunt where he had hot women smoking cigares in public.
      Robert Collier, wrote letters with personality, selling quality products and bestselling books in a time where offers adressed people’s and had respect for people’s needs.

      Whas that got to do with 21’th century-inefficient, insincere hypno-copywriting and overpriced Hard sell information products and ridicously hyped info-marketing seminars from “good ole dan”.

      The marketing dudes love to belief that they are sharp and persuasive and know all the tricks, because they’ve read all the books on influence and hypnosis, what have you. They never question whether information needs to be applied with good ethic and good ideas. And so, deservingly they fail and underperform, especially in times of crisis.

      They see influence mainly as a tool to improve the efficiency of their unethical business practises.

      1. @Mathias,

        Erickson (at least the later Erickson) seemed to care quite a bit about ethics, hence why he required students of his to have at least a Master’s Degree in psychology/psychotherapy to learn from him (this still applies if you want to attend a Milton Erickson Institute conference, seminar, or purchase a product from them). Bandler and Grinder didn’t share Erickson’s ethics however, having somewhat different values.

          1. @SD, and DUff: Definitely Agreed. Erickson was a VERY ethical man. He may have been amoral at times, but so am I so I say that is ok by me. But he actually cared and did everything he could to help his patients. He was also quite brilliant. i am probably one of the very few people who has read almost everything Erickson wrote,and you do get a sense of the man after reading so much of his work.
            Bandler on the other hand is a cocaine snorting murderer, or at least accessory to murder. He was one of only 3 people in a room where one of them, the only woman, got shot in the face. neither he nor the other scumbag went to jail for it.
            Bandler is a lying fat fuck.

        1. @Duff, Yes- Bandler et al. chose a number of well-known and widely respected people – like Virginia Satir – to ‘model’. In fact the claim that they could teach people to do the same kinds of things was probably the only reason anyone listened to them when they were starting out.

  7. SD – you said, “Jason Jones LOVES this blog. He could not possibly be prouder of what it has already accomplished.”

    What has it accomplished??

    How has the Internet Marketing community been changed/impacted from this blog?

    Aside from giving folks a forum for sharing horror stories, what specific changes/improvements has this blog directly been responsible for, really?

    Truly curious.

    1. @Curious ::

      Are you truly curious?

      Cause just the other day you said this …

      “The reason SD is going bye-bye is because he adds zero value, uses hate and ego in the name of “doing something good”, and has simply rounded up a herd of biased “victims” who believe their bad mouthing, lame jokes, and profane jibberish is going to make it all better.”

      … so I guess you think you already know the answer to your stupid fake question.

      1. @SD, I’m curious what YOU think you’ve accomplished. I know what I believe and why. Just curious to see if you could (or were even willing to) answer the question straight-up and share specifics of what you’ve really done.

        Again, what has your blog truly accomplished??

        How has the Internet Marketing community been changed/impacted from this blog?

        Instead of replying with a really witty comment like, “… so I guess you think you already know the answer to your stupid fake question”… just answer the question and explain what you’ve accomplished with this blog while “sticking up for the little guy”.

        If you can’t share what specific positive impact you’ve had on the internet marketing community, than all you are is just hype and smoke and mirrors like the marketing you so despise.

        1. @Curious ::

          I don’t answer to trolls … troll.

          But let’s hear some more of your earlier opinions …

          What’s hysterical about the folks who comment on this site is that anybody at all who has had any level of success with internet marketing is “obviously someone you can’t trust”.

          It seems a lot more like resentment over their success than it does spreading the word about their “misdeeds”.

          You guys will continue to accomplish nothing online, and will continue to resent others success, as long as you continue to buy into this dude’s concocted victim-mentality-bullshit.

          Huh. Funny how much that sounds like idiot propaganda.

          Any other questions you’d like to ask me that I can refuse to answer?


        2. @Curious, Here’s one noteable accomplishment, douchebag:

          *Your sales ARE diminishing, along with your pool of uninformed “marks.”*

          How’s that?

        3. @Curious, You say this is a zero value blog (what with all the hate, resentment, lame jokes, profane jibberish, blah blah, blah). Yet of all the blogs in the whole wide world, you can’t seem to keep yourself away from this one. Interesting.

        4. @Curious,

          The positive impact is that people are being informed about how many of the people at the top of the IM pyramid really operate.

          People that therefore do not spend their money (or max out their cards) on the empty promises, artificial hopes, and impossible dreams that are being peddled by these merchants of deception.

          And if you think that the people here resent others because they are successful, then that’s just very lazy thinking.

          They’re resented and lampooned because they rip people off. Not because they are successful.

          1. @Eric Graudins,

            i can absolutely attest to the droid’s site being useful, it really is one of the only ‘consumer reports’ that you can find on these scam artists, and has already ‘enlightened me’ (lol. that sounds like some internet marketing nonsense) on the situation. seriously, as an uninformed member of the public, and not involved in internet marketing (i was reading more of the self helpy, lifestyle design crap), this site is seriously needed. because people (including me) just don’t know about what’s going on yet.

    2. @Curious, Read Salty’s reply to my comment, directly above. Maybe that will give a hint of what this blog has accomplished — perhaps not all by itself, but I bet it has been more influential than the IM goo-roos would like to admit.

    3. @Curious,

      Not speaking for SD but I’ve read a couple of posts now where people have said reading this blog stopped them from buying a frauduct.

      There’s probably all kinds of lurkers here in the same boat who’ve never made a post, so I’d guess the actual number of people helped are even higher.

      But even if it’s only one person that doesn’t go broke chasing pink unicorns because of this blog, Droid has done a great public service.

      Also, I can’t imagine someone like The Gnome making the effort to blather on about his sudden concern for the IM industry scams on Mike Young’s site if this blog didn’t constantly expose Syndicate fraud.

      You either have integrity or you don’t. It’s not a “new” web 2.0 word (at least for most people).

  8. I for one wish I’d stumbled on to this blog before hearing about Brian Clark’s magical “Teaching Sells” membership program. I mistakenly thought that because he engaged in what appeared to be less aggressive marketing tactics that he was ethical.

    Let me just say that the $97 a month membership fee was a complete waste. He is indeed a master douchebag. The Copyflogger sheeple seem to think that because Brian Clark can spell WordPress he must be a genius.

    If I’d have happened upon SD’s blog before Copyflogger, I’d have saved myself a nice chunk of change. Not to mention all the other blatant scammers he exposes on this helpful site. Very Proactiv. (-;

    Cheers SD.

  9. Post deleted.

    I’m so surprised.

    New headline …

    “Salty Droid is an Insufferable Prick Named Jason Jones from Chicago”

    Still not a good headline … but it is the most interesting sentence he’s typed in the last five years.


    1. @SD, You know, if Brian Clark isn’t already a douchebag, he seems to be trying really hard to become one.

      What kind of ass deletes the post when it’s quoted here anyway?

      I have this picture of him scurrying around the spare bedroom in his parents’ basement, making these stupid posts from his Windows ME beige tower rocking a 17″ CRT, and then refreshing his stats every 10 seconds to see where the traffic comes from. When he sees it coming from the place he’s bitching about, BLAM it’s gone.

      That’ll show ’em.

      What a maroon.

      The crazy thing is, I actually used to respect the guy, until I saw how he reacts to criticism. Now I just think he’s an idiot.

    2. @SD,

      If he was really good, the headline would be

      Attention Internet Marketers-

      Free Report Reveals…

      How an out of work, broke living in a 250 square foot apartment “average joe’ discovered that Salty Droid is an Insufferable Prick Named Jason Jones from Chicago, and how you can make a million dollars a day with your own frauduct and blog.

      Dear Friend…

    3. Brian Clark is an asshole. He’s actively chosen to piss off a huge contingent of people through online bullying, mean behavior, and now this, which should give anyone pause to question his reasoning abilities. Why would any rational person ever trust someone like him for advice?

      Seems pretty stupid for Clark to choose to inflame a large number of people who will continue to return his bullshit and then some, here and elsewhere. He certainly deserves all the wrath he gets, if not more.

      Let the blog posts, comments, and links multiply.

    1. @chris,

      Great Business practice, keep costs down! Lower costs = more profits!

      What Does Aaron “Manic Depressive” Wall Know anyways?

      Have you actually joined his membership site? The last time I ducked into the membership it was the same ole’ SEO song with many antiquated SEO articles.

      1. @Juice, As a personal friend of Aaron’s I take offense at this incredibly stupid thing to say on a number of levels. I will leave the personal aside, and simply point out that Aaron’s SEO knowledge and teaching is respected worldwide for a really good reason – he does it, he knows it, and he shares it. What he knows has filled what is often cited as one of the finest books on organic SEO, period. Not to mention the countless brilliantly insightful posts, comments, and his deep training programs. He has passion for what he believes – if you read that as manic depressive, you may want to research what manic depressive actually means first.

        And yes, I have actually been in his membership site – I am actually in there every day (with hundreds of other similar sheep, slurping the stoopid kool-aid I guess), and have been for years – and will be forever, as long as that community is as strong as it is. Why do I go back so often? Because like this site, much of the brilliance you can glean is from a collective effort. It is not only Aaron’s thoughts you want from an SEOBook membership – you want to tap his community of worldwide experts. I am sure you just missed that part of it, right? In all that time you were in there? I don’t remember you, but I am not too surprised by that.

        SEOs all over the world see what the value is there. And so does Salty, as if it mattered.

        Why don’t you tell me when you were an active member? I will look at why it was so ‘weak’ during that time, see how many posts/threads/discussions you participated in, and why you felt this was such a museum of “antiquated SEO articles”.

        In a nutshell, put-up, or stop flaming my friends, you invisible coward.
        Aaron has been on this site a couple times – risky as it is to his position – and never used an anonymous name. He approached it like a man.
        Just like your lame little insult, right Juice?
        And yeah – you can email me direct from this one too.

    2. @chris,

      Are you a complete idiot or can you just not read what’s in front of you?

      A freetard is someone who wants LEGITIMATE products of REAL VALUE for free.

      Did I not say in this very same thread that I BOUGHT a developer’s copy of Headway? It’s a LEGITIMATE product with REAL VALUE to me and I paid REAL MONEY for it. No complaints, in fact I recommended it.

      The majority of people here just don’t want to see people scammed by pink unicorn frauducts. Pink unicorns are a scam at any price (even free).

    3. @chris,

      actually, i DID pay for something. and got no value whatsoever. they couldn’t even charge 5 bucks in a bookstore for what i received for hundreds. its ridiculous. you are clearly not at the top of the pyramid – put down the koolaid and run, run far away from these modern jonestownians.

  10. brad fallon still scamming people


    funny how brad tells his stompernet story and make it sound like it is big success… when are you going to pay money owed to affiliates bradly?

    When you scum?

    1. @mikefilsaimeinsider,

      I asked that exact Q bang in the middle of the Facebook page where all his new disciples are begging to give him money. What a pr*ck!

      Tell me something guys, if Brad Fallon owes his affiliates close to $1 million, how is he continuing to trade right now?

      Where is my money Fallon you cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnttttttttt!

  11. this uqast boy it sure looks familiar bradly. It looks like the next best thing since sliced bread. That is what you told me once before about your youtube knockoff site three years ago. It failed so bad I forgot the name of it you scum.

    This is that stupid site renamed all over again. Best thing from sliced bread F**** YOU you scammer!!! All you can do is sell to the bizop people new to the market who do not know your past and how this is just the same crap you tried to do before. Shows that you have gone nowhere the past few years just trapped in your stompernet failure.

    Oh yeah its first week of December. That is when you always create some scam and try to launch it to put money in your pocket like arbtirage conspiracy pipeline profits and now uqast. You do this because you make no money from stompernet and it barely survives so you need to do this scam promotion every year first week of December to get some money to live off of the next year.

    You act like a businessman and talk big but you are just talking scammer.

    Hey Bradley where is BIFF AND BROCK?

    1. @mikefilsaimeinsider,
      “You do this because you make no money from stompernet and it barely survives so you need to do this scam promotion every year first week of December to get some money to live off of the next year.”

      Going to be a little more difficult this December, at least that’s my guess. Not only is he being exposed, but so are all his buddies, and they are very unhappy. That’s why they keep coming here trying their best to convince us that this blog is useless. Every time someone posts that, it reinforces the opposite. If enough key players go down in flames, the whole IM system will be forced to change.
      Happy Holidays,

      1. @422, he will have an even harder time than ever because he screwed all his affiliates. When he did stompernet 9999 it flopped because affilaites could not promote it since he did not pay them in the past. His owed money burned too many bridges.

        So this retreaded garbage hype he is doing now will be a falling tree in the woods.

        Bradley is finished. I really should not even point him out here as there are bigger fish now burning in the oven.

        But it is fun to look down on the Bradley and see what he has become.

        He thinks of himself as a marketer but he cannot even market himself and his scams anymore.

        Mike Filsaime is going down the same road and so are all of the rest of the syndicate scum bags that peddle his garbage.


        MELBA TOAST.

  12. My other posts on this topic didn’t make it. I’m assuming because there was a link embedded in the comments?

    I’ll try again. Do all y’all know that Genesis and the various themes of Studiopress are GPL, meaning you can get them for FREE and not be a freetard simply because Brian Gardner accepted Matt Mullenweg’s strong arming tactic of forcing premium WP developers into accepting GPL. This is the topic that caused the divorce between Brian Big Fat Fucktard Cluck and Chris Pearson of Thesis? Pearson, for those that don’t know, had a really funny “debate” with Matt Mullenweg online, publicly refusing to succumb to what he claimed was a fascist dictator’s demands (Mullenweg), and give his software away for free. ma.tt insisted that it may even benefit his business, but Pearson was too wiley for that tactic. Anyhow, the long (Salty) and short (definitely Brian Cluck, for sure it’s short) of it is that Cluck left Thesis and hooked up with Gardner and now that they’re in bed together Cluck is flogging the Genesis framework, which I have downloaded and it’s pretty boring and un-customizable too.

    Seriously for all y’all that need the customizable WP themes, go hire some coder from Indea at freelancer dot com to do it for you for under a 100 bones and get an SEO plugin and follow what Salty does here and write some good shizz that people want to comment on and link to. Fucken A!

    Oh and if you want any Studiopress themes just google it. I know SEOBook would define that as a freetard maneuver, but not if it’s really free as per the definition of the GPL.

    Brian Cluck you really are a Copy Bugger though, a real fat fucking turd loser asswipe. That blog posting was a howler though. Priceless…just priceless….not

  13. That’s actually hilarious.

    No, they aren’t trying to “get you” by associating your name with this blog.

    They are using their expertise . . . you know . . . what you are always claiming as a scam, to push your site down for it in the SERPs for your own name.

    1. @LOL,

      Does anyone actually find this site by typing “jason jones” into Google? Half the people who comment on here don’t seem to know that that’s Salty’s real name.

      All of this rather calls into question the logic behind Brian Clark’s SEO strategy. It’s a useless, easy search term, and very few people search for it. Who gives a shit about ranking for your own name anyway, unless you actually rely on it for branding (Oprah, Martha Stewart, etc)? Moreover, anyone who knows to search for ‘Salty Droid’ probably isn’t going to be fobbed off with an article about acne cream.

      Do you and your fellow ‘warriors’ understand business at all? SEO isn’t a fucking game – it’s not about prestige, or showing off (as Filshame and Fallon so pathetically, did when competing for the term ‘the coolest guy in the world’). It’s about money. Salty hurts the revenues of a scammer far more when ranking highly for terms like ‘Maria Andros’; ‘Maria Andros fraud’, etc, than he ever could for ‘Jason Jones’.

      Your pathetically shallow understanding of SEO indicates your susceptibility to claims that it is a ‘secret science’ or an ‘insider method’ that is somehow removed from the real world. It is not. It isn’t just an arbitrary series of words, of varying levels of importance. It is a pragmatic and profitable skill, when you recognise that there is such a thing as searcher intent – that real people are doing the searching. Clark clearly doesn’t understand that, and nor do you.

    1. @mikefilsaimeinsider, this in response to that NY Times story calling out Google’s irresponsible algorithm.

      LOOOOOONG overdue, Google.

  14. Hey Everybody!

    Check out my blog, yo! It runs on THESIS Theme! :D

    As you can tell I chose to go for the minimalist look–SUPER minimalist.

    See how everything’s white in the background and the letters are black and my banner is–well I have no banner at all. I have nothing. It’s THAT minimalist.

    Yes, I bought the THESIS Theme after hearing how fucking easy it would be to set up for the average NOOB like me. As you may have guessed I’ve encountered a slight learning curve.

    “B-b-but the thesis theme team is there to help you out in the forums, dude.” No they’re not. You’re expected to navigate through those forums on your own searching for answers for hours. It’s a miracle that I have what I have. If I really wanted to construct the site that I really wanted, I would have to hire someone.

    Anybody have any suggestions on what theme to switch to after my THESIS contract is over? Someone mentioned Headway, Frugal/Catalyst–something for a someone completely technologically incompetent like me.

    1. @WN,

      Headway is suitable for complete noobs and experienced WP users, imo.

      Can’t promise you it’s exact what you need because not everybody has the same needs but check out headwaythemes dot com and click on “Features” at the top.

      Go through the videos for “Design Your Blog Visually” and “Create Any Layout Imaginable”.

      If it still seems too complicated you may have to bite the bullet and outsource.

      Also, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

      Btw, what do you mean by waiting for your Thesis contract to expire? Can’t you just use a different theme?

    2. @WN,

      Yes yes and yes, I went through the same thing with Thesis and returned it and told them I was going with headway, and guess what? Headway is a piece of shit too. They say it’s click and drag and it’s not. When I say piece of shit, I don’t mean literally. It’s as customizable as any other theme and maybe a bit easier, but it does NOT reflect their overhyped claims for noobs.

      For the prices of those themes, if you really want something utterly customized, get examples of sites you like and hire a cheap but good working coder from freelancer dot com.

      There’s a boat load of them there that will do quality work and not expect a single penny till it’s done.

      Put in a free SEO plugin, y’all know which one, and write good content that people will want to comment on. Booyah!

      If you’re objective is to write good stuff and not to design, then don’t bother with these Do It Yourself b.s. themes, of which Thesis is b.s. theme #1. Headway and Frugal marginally better…really customized = the best. And these guys work for $10-$15 an hour and will continue to make whatever modifications you want, when you want, without you getting your fingers dirty. With the time saved on the design elements you can do what you do best and write good stuff.

      And/Or take a look at elegant themes, you can get the whole lot of them for under $40.00 and there are some really nice ones there.

      1. @SEO UnsubSCRIBE and Hal

        Thanks, guys. I appreciate the advice. I’m not trying to be unrealistic, like “There should be a site that builds itself with thoughts alone.” But I would also just feel better about not giving my money to total pricks. Or endorsing them by “rocking” their theme.

        What I meant by “contract” was that I already paid for a year of thesis upfront. I honestly thought I would figure it out 9 months later, but now I realize I was just sold on point.

        1. @WN,

          Another option is to pick up a couple books–one on HTML/CSS and one on PHP (you can get them from the local library even). You don’t need to know much coding, but a little here and there can really help when you want to tweak a few things.

        2. @WN, Try Themeforest. They’ve got loads of themes priced around the $30 to $35 mark that are made by individual designers. Some of them are excellent.

          Studiopress recently launched it’s “Genesis” framework and a couple of “child” themes there recently and were laughed at by customers and other designers alike as their themes were considered to be crap basically.

    3. @WN, go to fiverr dot com and get someone to do it for 5 bucks. Or get someone to give you a premium theme you like for 5 bucks .. no one really cares what blogs look like anyway (as long as they don’t look like MySpace abortions)

    4. @WN, I really like the Atahualpa theme from bytesforall – very easy to modify pretty much any way you want. Free, but they have a place for donations. They’re working on another highly configurable theme which has a lifetime license of $80. I’ll probably take a look at that when it’s out of beta.

      I learned basic html long ago, and can do a little css (you can find free tutorials on the web- Dave’s Site has some great ones) but now use wordpress for just about everything since it’s so much easier.

  15. This blog (along with a few others) has helped me to think about my own future plans publishing information online. It’s caused me to pause and think critically about who I’m following and what my goals are.

    Case in point: I was thinking about actually buying Thesis until I read through the comments here.

    If that’s not “value,” then I don’t know what is. Maybe I should go give somebody my email address for another 7 Simple Ways to Make Millions Online ebook or something.

    Thank you,

  16. Here is asshole prick extraordinaire Brian Clark talking about “persona.” Too bad BOTH his persona and actual personality suck.


    Tags: Brian Clark, Copyblogger, Scribe SEO, Teaching Sells, Genesis, douchebag, asshole, prick

      1. @SD, Both entries show him to be so lacking in class.

        And what’s more, it reflects badly on his judgement. That sort of behavior does nothing to improve his brand or make potential customers more likely to buy from him. Instead it makes him look even more of a tw*t.

        I imagine his business partners are cringing.

      2. @Duff, did he? I’m pretty sure we could prove that both Jason Jones and the Salty Droid are completely “sufferable.” Clark knows it, as he’s been suffering from Droid love for some months now.

    1. @SD, I can hear that mr. Clark teaches some “content marketing strategies”. Maybe in the part 2 photo he all of suddenly thought he was on Twitter.

  17. I think that the way these IM freakshows behave (and I honestly apologize to the hardworking freaks of America just trying to make a buck in the circus, I don’t mean to lump you in the same group as these jack-wipes, but I digress) anyway, the way these turd-lumps behave on this blog, and the way we’ve seen and heard them behave in the different recordings and videos presented here reveals a lot about their personalities.

    When I was in high school I worked in a theme park. There were managers that worked with me that really believed they were in a mini-mafia. Either you were in their clique or you were on the “outside.” Being in their clique meant you got to drive a cooler golf cart (seriously…) or you would get a little hand-mic for your walkie-talkie. Big-time shit.

    The point is that these people were so immature and at the same time so emotionally vapid – the only way they could justify their ability to breathe air was to create this pseudo-syndicate. It gave them a false sense of superiority – they were on the “inside.”

    The stakes at the theme park were relatively low. If you were on the outside you were driving the beat-up station wagon and your walkie-talkie barley worked. Whatever. With IM fraudsters the stakes are much, much higher. People who desperately want to be on the “inside” – for whatever reason – gamble and loose their life savings. That’s some pretty horrid shit.

    But the psychology is the same. These are a group of vapid, immature jackasses who happen to enough about the internet to be dangerous. Sprinkle in a heavy helping of narcissism, a big dose of socio-pathology and you have the recipe of a shit-ball internet marketing hustler.

    But that explains why they come here, to this “little blog,” and try to start shit. Ever try to take a toy away from a two year old? The Droid’s taken away some toys, and the two year olds are PISSED. So they use the only tactics they know – immature name calling and SEO games to TRY to get “revenge.” Because, the mob was “crossed” – and nobody crosses the mob… right? Whatever – grow the fuck up!

    When you’re a vapid narcissistic sociopath you feel that you can do no wrong. So, you come here and make excuses for everything you see. The other people here – the ones who comment – they’re just jealous failures. They’re coming here to name-call. They only WISH they could join the club. That sound about right, Irwin Kern?

    If these hustlers were mentally stable then they would react differently. Think about it – how would you – a normal business person – react to negative criticism about your product? You’d come here, use your real name, and start presenting facts about your product. You’d try to make lemons into lemonade.

    But that’s not what “they” do. Instead, they come here with fake names and post stupid crap. Then, behind the scenes they play stupid SEO games to try to rank this site in what they believe will be a negative light. They try to intimidate the owner of this site with childish mafia-style tactics. They’d make Jason drive the shitty station wagon if they could.

    If you treat your business like a game then you don’t have a business and you are a clown. This blog has shined the 2400 watt LED light of truth on the seedy, childish and dangerous IM underworld. And that is an accomplishment worth blogging about.

    1. @Wannabe Producer,

      You’re goddamn right, man. Everyone is familiar with the way that immature people create these in-crowd fantasies. Every industry has that one group of people who think they are the shit, but are actually deeply insecure and mentally ill.

  18. Brian still a twat, no change there then lol… he is a bully, a cowardly bully, hence he only slams the few, and if it’s a lady he seems to do it worse. A real prick, someone you just want to smack.

    Those dumbasses who question if this blog has done anthing positive are the ones who don’t want it having a positive effect, ie, in the syndicate or connected to it.

    Stop looking at the news and look at the news behind the news, might wake up some more! ;o)

  19. Brian still a twat, no change there then lol… he is a bully, a cowardly bully, hence he only slams the few, and if it’s a lady he seems to do it worse. A real prick, someone you just want to smack.

    Those dumbasses who question if this blog has done anthing positive are the ones who don’t want it having a positive effect, ie, in the syndicate or connected to it.

    Stop looking at the news and look at the news behind the news, might wake up some more! ;o)

  20. I’ve read copyblogger for quite a while and thought it was strange that his LLC went from Copyblogger LLC to Copyblogger Media LLC.

    I assumed that was due to the acquisition of StudioPress and the all the other products they were launching, but it appears there may have been some other motivation as well…


    A quick search of the Texas state tax website shows Copyblogger LLC is NOT in good standing with the state. Now I’m no lawyer (or even a former one) but doesn’t this mean Brian doesn’t pay his taxes?

    What’s more, it appears that practice may have extended into his partnership in Thesis, as a search for DIY Themes shows the company is also not in good standing, and the registered agent is The Clark Law Firm (with the same address as the Copyblogger LLC entry).


    It seems Copyblogger Media LLC is in good standing, but it’s not even six months old yet. You’ve got to give the man some time!

  21. You guys are awesome and funny! I normally “lurk” but had to post. It is awesome the SD shines a light on some of the hype games played by the IM world. Unfortunately (or fortunately haha) the style of blog posts are so profane that it may not get the mainstream pull it deserves.

    My suggestion to everyone here is to start a IM wikipedia type site and rank it well for IM terms use a solid logical layout and demystify the unicorn chasing.

    On a personal note I have followed the IM community for years and have to say the most damning piece of info for me was the graph showing the launch coordination on a calender year especially combined with Andy Jenkins of Video Boss and Jeff Walker of Product Launch Formula taped conversations.

    Also I have always wondered how and why the videos were laid out the way the were and recently stumbled upon Robert Cialdini`s work on persuasion and Frank Kern`s Videos in particular follow that model exactly. Pretty interesting how it all works.

  22. Maybe it’s just a coincidence but, 2 weeks ago I discovered the Salty Droid and learned the gory details about game the Syndicate are playing, and the sticky end that awaits them.

    And then out in the real world, people in Nth Africa discover their spines and toss out their asshole dictators. Ben Ali, Mubarak … gone. Gadaffi … going, as I write this. The guy in Yemen, the Bahrain royal family … on the firing line.

    What strikes me is … the free flow of information is very, very powerful!

    Egyptian people being able to talk to eachother freely via facebook, twitter, and whatever else, made everyone realize they were all sick of Mubarak and his clowns sitting on their heads for no good reason. So after the fruit vendor set himself ablaze, everyone realized that was enough, organized via fb, twitter and brought them down.

    I feel similarly liberated right now, having been entangled in the web of the Syndicate for years, and now here reading (and hearing) how they operate and how truly corrupt they are, I now realize the nagging concerns I always had, the vague feeling of being played for a fool, were real.

    To say I’m pissed off doesn’t capture it (I looked up to them and gave them most of the money I had for 4+ yrs). Let’s just say the slow demise of the Syndicate has my rapt attention.

    Salty, you are a bigger deal than you realize my friend.

    Hats off to you.

    1. @Vern,

      I absolutely agree. Although I discovered this blog for a different reason…James Death Ray…I have read every single post he has written. And that is a first. My favorite quote is “The truth is always the strongest argument.” Sophocles (hope I spelled that right but I’m not gonna look it up right now!) And that quote fits this blog to a T.

      1. @what??, @Vern, I initially came here a couple of years ago because Salty was just about the only other American blogger (besides me) who was writing about The Wanker of Oz, David Schirmer. And I stayed because I discovered that Salty was writing about a whole world of wankers — The Syndicate jokers among them — who overlapped my “beat” somewhat but were also a category unto themselves. I’ve learned a lot here.

        @Vern, welcome, and I’m glad your 4+-year nightmare is over.

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