Jason and The Droid :: Part 2


Salty Droid:  So I believe we had established that you are a Mormon Internet scammer living in an RV down by the Mississippi river :: Does that sound right Teacup?

Jason Jones: Close enough.

Salty Droid:  I see you’ve thrown down more visuals :: looks fucking official :: you’ll excuse me if I don’t read it.

Jason Jones: The last post produced some very interesting results as expected, but there were still a few residual doubters. So please enjoy my law license, my law school diploma, and the envelope in which they remain permanently stuffed because putting this kind of crap up on your wall is really super douchey …

SD: Not to mention putting it up on a blog where you are pretending to be a psycho robot.

JJ:  Touché.

SD:  So why did you reveal your identity guy? And a follow up question :: are you huffing paint?

JJ:  Well the short answer is that “they” found me.

SD:  I like to call “they” the circle jerks :: But you better explain who “they” are because people don’t know.  If people knew :: if they had any idea of the extent :: there would be a full scale mutiny :: so let’s tell them! :: we have been sitting on this shit for WAY TOO LONG kid.  Just Do It!

JJ:  No not yet.  We are hanging on to some of our cards {for now}.  But we want to make sure that it is perfectly clear to “they” that we know that “they” exist …

SD:  And we are not fucking amused …

JJ:  No we most certainly are not.

SD:  So how did these circle jerk mother fuckers find you?

JJ:  Strangely, they started hunting for me almost immediately.  Within the first six months two Private Investigators were hired to find me.


JJ:  Yep!  Not sure how that is possible because I was barely even hiding.

SD:  D-bags just suck at everything :: It’s really hard being stupid.

JJ:  Recently, two new Sherlock Dumbs were brought in to crack the case.  They have succeeded where others have failed.  Turns out the Salty Droid is Jason Jones from Chicago.

SD:  Surprise!  Exactly what you’ve been saying the whole fucking time.

JJ:  Pretty much.

SD:  So after almost a year of effort :: four investigators :: near constant lame attempts at intrigue :: intimidation :: threats of violence :: threats of rape :: harassment :: etc. etc. etc.  Bang!  They finally found you.  So what’s their genius plan?

JJ:  Part one of the plan is to attack my wife Kate.  They were hoping that they would be able to scare her enough that I would stop.  They also, in defiance of even the most basic ideas about ethical standards, think they have a plan to get her fired.

SD:  What?  What?  What?  How the fuck is that possible?  Even for these sick pricks :: I mean seriously? Seriously?

JJ:  Seriously.

SD:  Well I’ll bet we are none to fucking amused about that either!  How do they plan to get her fired?  Sounds way out of their league to me.

JJ:  I don’t have all the details, but my guess is that their plan involves the exploitation of a very strange coincidence.  Back in August someone posted the complaint from a lawsuit between Andy Jenkins and Brad Fallon of StomperNet.  Someone pointed it out to me and I re-posted it to this site {link}.

SD:  And I said a couple of brilliant fucking things about it.

JJ:  True.  But there was a shocker in the complaint you couldn’t mention at the time.  The big fancy global law firm where my wife is an attorney, Paul Hastings Janofsky & Walker, represented complete waste of space Andy Jenkins in the suit.

SD:  Holy shit! … but also so what? The complaint was public record :: and plenty of people know who posted it {NOT Jason you stupid chumps :: pay closer attention!}

JJ:  I guess they thought they would accuse her of leaking confidential client info to me.  They are going to be sorely disappointed.  There is a simple procedure for dealing with these kinds of situations, and it was followed precisely.  The conflicts committee was notified immediately {back in August} … and her access to the files was blocked.  Easy.  And because I heard about this ridiculous plan before it was executed {thanks everyone!}, steps have been taken to guarantee its failure.

SD:  They are also planning on filing lawsuits in multiple jurisdictions to try and overwhelm you :: as you are just a man alone.  That sounds like a pain in the ass :: I’m sure you are making plans to cut-and-run?

JJ:  BullShit.  I’m staying … and so are you.

SD:  Fuckin-A right I’m staying :: There was never any question about that boy wonder.

JJ:  And we have a little surprise waiting for whatever brave D-bag files the first lawsuit.  Over the last year the vast majority of the d-bags have criminally underestimated me.  They have used all the bullshit, horrible, abusive tactics that they would use on one of the sheep who fell out of line.

Well now they are going to have to come to grips with a new detail in the story.  I’m not one of the sheep. I’m not a marketer.  I’m not an angry boy in his mother’s basement. I’m not a spurned partner.  I’m not a damaged victim. I’m not Ben Mack.

You want to sue me?  Go right ahead chickenshits! I’ll accept service of process {or boxes of cookies} at this PO Box:

The Salty Droid
47 West Polk Street
Suite 100-293
Chicago, IL 60605-2085

Of course, suing me will grant me access to the vast majority of your accounting records, emails, files, letters, etc.  If you want the damning info I find in that discovery process to remain private, you’ll have to ask for a protective order and show good cause.  You won’t be able to do that … and I’ll fill the world up with uncomfortable truths about you.

Additionally, I recommend that “they” read this helpful little article on Wikipedia {link}.

If I sue you … maybe we do this thing one at a time.  Maybe some people are given a chance to change or go away before their lives are fully ruined.  You sue me … and I use joinder to pull ALL of your sorry asses into the case … and I get discovery on ALL of your files.  If you thought you were going to share the costs of the attorney suing me then you were mistaken.  I’ll force you each to hire your own guy {and it had better be someone good or I’ll wipe the floor up with you}.  I know all of your names … and I know what you did last summer.

If there was ever any hope of me going gently into that good night … it died when you mentioned Kate’s name.  You just forced a very nasty cat from its bag.  I hope you enjoy the mauling.

72 thoughts on “Jason and The Droid :: Part 2”

  1. Jason,
    Seriously…they tried to get your wife fired?
    That’s the lowest damn thing I’ve heard in a long time.  Harassing spouses is beyond unethical.  I hope the person(s) that attempted to pull that shit get a  judicial caning – as well as a reserved seat in the ninth circle of hell.
    If it happens to be Andy Jenkins (as the tags would imply)…wow.  Lame move, biatch.
    What kind of cookies do you like?

  2. WTF is up with the links?
    Let’s try this again (feel free to delete previous entry):

    Seriously…they tried to get your wife fired?

    That’s the lowest damn thing I’ve heard in a long time.  Harassing spouses is beyond unethical.  I hope the person(s) that attempted to pull that shit get a  <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caning_in_Singapore”>judicial caning</a> – as well as a reserved seat in the <a href=”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divine_Comedy”>ninth circle of hell</a>.

    If it happens to be <a href=”http://www.andyjenkinsblog.com”>Andy Jenkins</a> (as the tags would imply)…wow.  Lame move, biatch.
    What kind of cookies do you like?

  3. Jeez – I used the link button, tried the raw html – not sure what’s up with the links on this commenting feature…

  4. Oh dear God! They attempted to threaten your wife? Wow! How low can someone sink?
    Seriously, if you’re going to start a war, then be prepared to go the distance and face your opponent head-on. Don’t slink around and cackle like schoolchildren while trying to scare someone whose opinion you don’t like.
    (The above paragraph is directed at those who Salty exposes on this blog)
    Salty/Jason is not doing or saying anything that good and ethical business folks need to fear.
    IF you have nothing to hide.
    IF you stand behind your products with pride.
    IF you produce quality products and don’t use manipulation tactics to sell them.
    IF you honor your refund policies and value your reputation enough to follow through and deliver on your promises, then…
    You have NOTHING to fear from Salty/Jason.
    Haven’t you figured it out yet? He isn’t “anti capitalism”. He doesn’t expect you to give your valuable (emphasis on “valuable”) information away for free. He isn’t some loser with nothing better to do with his time.
    Elsewhere on this blog (I think in the comments)  I remember reading that Salty is a sheep in wolf’s clothing, who is fighting against the wolves in sheep’s clothing, and I absolutely agree with this analogy, because Salty is the online persona created by a guy who is much nicer than his persona appears.
    However, it is absolutely stupid to make assumptions about him based on how nice he is. Nice does not equal “pushover” or “easily frightened”, and it definitely does not mean “quitter”.
    So, my advice to those who thought (obviously mistakenly) that the guy behind the Droid was just an angry silly boy who would freak out if he got “busted”, that assumption was Mistake #2. Mistake #1 was getting so full of yourself that you believed your own bullshit and started laughing about how much money you could steal from gullible people.

    1. @Name Not Important, thanks. You’ve answered a question I just emailed Jason about, namely: How do I NOT end up looking like a scammer, while swimming with sharks, ahmem, scammers- as you so eloquently put: Be open, be honest, be ethical, provide REAL value and assistance that people tell you they want and can afford, honour your guarantees, stand behind your product.
      I appreciate your comment. The fact remains that if you are a good person, with intentions that are ethical and based on a desire to share your knowledge and expertise with others for THEIR benefit, not purely for your own financial gain against all costs, while people can and probably will throw shit at you, ultimately, it just won’t stick to the people who are good, honest business people trying to earn a living and leave the world a better place. I’m rethinking my strategy as I write…it’s probably best to just not swim with the sharks to begin with.
      p.s – SD love your writing. It rocks.

      1. @Camilla ::

        It’s prolly worth noting that @NameNotImportant doesn’t participate here anymore … and if I wanted to I could easily add @NameNotImportant’s not important name and business to the category bar. As my posts expanded out … they hit much closer to home 4 @NameNotImportant. Everybody thinks it’s everybody else that’s guilty.

        It’s temping to think that you can swim with sharks while maintaining your innocence … but you can’t. Social pressures :: network effects :: economic incentives :: them being superior conmen :: etc … will all align to force you down the dark path. And it will happen just slow enough that you won’t notice until you’ve already crossed way over the line.

        1. @SD,
          Thanks for your comment. I appreciate your time. I guess what I’m struggling to understand here is the difference between what some people perceive as ‘scammy business’ and what many businesses nowadays consider geniune client attraction, conversion and nurturing marketing activities, both online and offline.

          I wonder – in all seriousness – where is the line drawn? And this is where I’d really appreciate your considered reply. As a former man of the law – I’m sure you’ll understand me pressing the point of this matter of distinction – as often broad brushstrokes are substituted for clear distinctions to everyone’s detriment. Without measured, reasonable guidelines, it’s all to easy to end up espousing nasty catch phrases, hurling derogatory names and ending up falling down the slippery slope of looking like a raving evangelical lunatic.

          If we are to define ‘scamming’ as involving: manipulation/preying upon people’s insecurities, surely the newspapers/mags/TV ads and the ad agencies that produce them today are equally as guilty as the current few dozen Internet Marketers, who as far as ‘scammed dollars’ are concerned, are pretty small fry when you look at the global economy of corporations and mass media (I’m sure we’d all be reasonable enough to agree that not ALL IM guru customers believe they have been scammed anyway- if so the refunds and charge backs would have shut them down by now surely). I am not saying either corporations or IMs are saints, I am merely exploring some easily observable facts.

          Is it because some people online have made a fair amount of cash (and loudly touted as such) by following many of the same marketing /conversion strategies that big business uses and because they’re an individual (as opposed to faceless corp), they can be singled out and ‘be made examples of’ by those who are disgruntled? (for whatever their own personal reasons may be?)

          I understand not everyone online is ethical, but neither are many offline businesses, yet most people still support these corps via purchases and/or give their email addresses to them in exchange for a chance at a large dollar value ‘prize’ or whatever. So does the problem of; preying on people’s paranoias and taking advantage of them by presenting overtly hyped one-sided information, designed to encourage them to form strong, often ill or mis-informed opinions, in fact run much deeper than the campaigns of these IM gurus?

          Finally, I’m sure we all agree that we have the right to make choices based on our own free will. It is every individual’s right to enter their email address and opt in to a list or not . Whether that list belongs to a beauty brand, an internet marketer, a soft drink brand or our local vet. If we feel our information is being treated in a way we are uncomfortable with, we can always unsubscribe, or just simply not buy. Again, that is our right to exercise our free choice.

          No one has the right to take away free choice from another – regardless of how much one person cares for the other, or how impaired an intellect one person believes another has. Who would raise their hand and say they believe they can choose better for another, than that person can choose for themselves? I am reminded of the sterilisation of diagnosed ‘mentally ill’ people under the Nazi regime – and whenever there is strong views about what other people should or should not be allowed to experience, it takes a strong person to reign themselves in and decide whether they have the right to choose for someone else.

          This point of course, is in addition the fact that terms like ‘scammer’ are thrown around so loosely that they are simply not indicative of the full spectrum of businesses online who use the same marketing strategies as IMers. If an ‘all or nothing’ approach is what is required to be safe from hurled insults, I’m afraid there will be many business owners out there making money online who are wrongly accused, since they are not out to manipulate or prey on fears /paranoias, they are just trying to make a living online.

          Are the claims made by face cream brands and makeup not as exaggerated and exploitative as Frank Kern’s? Of course they are. You can either be sucked in or just ignore it. I am sure there are many women out there who lose thousands upon thousands a year on products that don’t deliver and instead of doing anything about it, they just fall for the next campaign and buy the next hottest thing. Check out how many different types of shampoo, foundation, mascara, anti-wrinkle cream etc most women have in their bathroom. Every person should be allowed to decided for themselves whether they get sucked in once, twice, for several years or not at all. I’ll end as I began – where do we draw the line here?

          1. @Camilla ::

            I think if you spend some more time reading this site you’ll see we’ve already had that discussion fifty times or so.

            Where’s the line?

            There isn’t one.

            Where’s the exhaustive list of people telling unacceptable lies?

            There isn’t one.

            Where’s the list of people who are telling acceptable lies?

            There isn’t one.

            Life’s complicated … no getting around it.

            I think it’s totally cool to make money on the web selling your services as a copywriter … some people need that service and are willing to pay other people to do it for them. That’s just like a job though … and not an easy one.

            Do I think $2000 products that claim to teach other people how to be writers are dubious?

            Fuck yeah I do! Extremely dubious.

            I’ve got my own free copywriting program anywayz … which I’ll give away for free right now in this comment …

            1. Read 1000 mind blowing books about whatever … make the last two or three old-school books about writing persuasive copy.

            Boom! Just one step … and you’re done. If you haven’t completed my one step program … then get your shit writing out of my face because it’s shit.

            1. @SD,
              What a shame someone would feel it necessary to resort to that level of reply. If you believe you’ll win more fans through insults, I would question your own integrity – and frankly, consider you no beter than those you feel it’s your personal mission to play judge jury and executioner over.

              Personally, I choose not to lower myself to dignifying your bizarre rant with the courtesy of a more detailed reply. Good luck with bringing down The Syndicate.

              1. @Camilla ::

                That was actually me being nice … so if you think that constitutes me “ranting” then you best steer well clear of me.

                1. I don’t give a fuck about “winning fans.”

                2. I already took down The Syndicate … like more than a year ago. That’s old news to me.

          2. @Camilla, You’ve had a few swigs too many from some rancid bottle of rationalization.

            Fact is, you’re only here to solidify your own dodgy “cover story.” No person with a fully operational moral compass could thoughtfully study this site and still carry on like you did. You aren’t looking for truth, you’re looking to construct your own custom reality.

            SD went easy on you though. You’re one scrambled hard boiled egg.

            1. @Chip, Spot on.

              From the medicine shows of the 1880s


              through to the IMers of today – they have been selling ‘rancid bottles of rationalization’ – sweetened with icky swarmy gooieness.

              …formerly known as ‘snake oil’.

              …and people still drink that stuff!

              …every now and then,

              …and then comment here, using their newly rationalised mind sets.

          3. @Camilla,

            To me your post reads as one long, only semi-coherent attempt to justify what you desperately wish were true.

            In this case, the reason why your reasoning is coming out all long-winded and convoluted is because it isn’t correct.

            I’m well-versed in self-rationalization having done plenty of my own over the years. It’s like this: if you find yourself in some sort of internal conflict where your desire is pulling you towards one course of action and your reason is pulling you towards another, then you’re in trouble.

            What you should have said to SD might go something like:
            “If there’s any reason why I shouldn’t support/follow/do business with shark-like Internet Marketers, just give me a sign…”

            Here’s your (warning) sign

            Will you heed it?

            Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @FU HK  I think that’s a sweet idea… will only take a few mins anyway. Thanks ;)  Harlan Kilstein, if I don’t do anything else, I will use every ounce of fiber in my body to bring you to justice……you worthless misogynist piece of shit.
        Any other people ready to NOW step up? Fraud Hotline
        1-866-966-7226 FL AG.

  5. Wow.  Nothing is too low for these assholes.  I’m not a lawyerin’ type, but I’m betting on Jason.
    Check 6 – we’re there.

  6. I still can’t help but laugh lol lol Harlan Kilstein and his little bitches have fucked with someone who’s  family of lawyers , military officials and connections to the Feds.
    Thank you Salty Droid and Jason ! Damn I’m so glad to be me today!!!!! Remember, boys and girls, life could always be worse … just look at James Ray and Kilstein. lmao Filsaime, Fallon, brunson, kilstein, you stupid cunts lol

  7. Ha ha hah! Now I feel a little stupid sending you private advice a while back describing how some friends dealt with a different sort of internet scammer years and years ago. Clearly not necessary (though well-intended)!

    Jason, my man! You are destroying my faith that a fair amount of the Internet consists of people sitting around lying about stuff! The TRUTH! Imagine THAT!
    (Wait, let me take notes: “Telling the truth=TOTALLY AWESOME)

    I’m glad you published an address. The entertainment alone this year has just been wonderful, even for those of us who don’t usually follow IM. I bow to a skill far defter than my own, as Sondheim once said. I’ll send cookies!

  8. Yes they are scum and it is no surprise with Harlan Kilstein harrassing sex abusive survivors, and women at that. I mean what kind of man does that? These women didn’t even know him. That tells me right there that something isn’t right with the man.  No self respecting man would attack women he didn’t even know, much less women who say they have been sexually abused.  I mean you never know whether people are telling the truth or not, but one thing for sure, these women are going through something very terrible emotionally and psychologically, whatever it is, and that alone should tell you to be kind to them.
    And then to threaten to rape and murder someone’s wife who’s got nothing to do with it?  Yea these sick misogynists are gonna get it good *evil snicker*
    I’m so pissed I gave any of these turkeys a dime! I mean they are beyond stupid, the IQ of a garden slug. I could have gotten more out of taking the money and giving it to a homeless person and letting them tell me how to run a business.

    1. @yes indeed, I truly believe that what you put out, you get back. So don’t worry, people who do things like this are awaiting a very very nasty surprise around the corner. It’s wrong to think the bad guys always get away, they never do. They never do. One way or another, whether it’s the gaping hole in their soul that they wake up to at night, or their unfulfilling relationships, constant dissatisfaction with everything in life and the greed that eats away at whatever little joy they might have had left. Bad things happen to bad people.

  9. This is actually GREAT! Imagine all the negative attention these guys could soon get in the national media for jacking with Jason. It could put them out of business faster than any one blogger ever could.

  10. It seems that these guys have a habit of playing god and trying to shut people up because they are conducting affairs on the side that are not conducive to what comes out their mouths.  It only takes one person to be rightfully so pissed off with them and know where truth lies to do them in big time.  No doubt it can and it will come back to bite big time at the right time when it will hurt the most.  If there is dirt out there it sure as hell has roots and that is something that they can never hide.  Not even the best of the best cant hide the backlash when people feel really hurt for being used.  I get the feeling that most of these guys you snark about Salty have had their pedestals shaken and stirred.  I think it is great because I feel sick to the stomach every time I think about some of the things that these guys get up to in the name of wealth creation and personal development and whatever other catchy terminology is used at the time.  Creating whose wealth and developing whose person?  I know the situations that some of the victims are left in as a result of these guys actions and it amazes me just how “pretentious” people are just to make money.  It makes absolutely no sense in the long run but it seems they just aren’t smart enough to work the long term out.

  11. To me the ultimate wrongdoing is when these guys use deception to gain peoples trust, take from them and then abuse them when they complain.   That is NOT acceptable in any creed or country yet I know it happens and foolishly by people who are so keen to claim that they know God.  You want to turn your life around, do it in private otherwise suffer the consequences because it becomes so sickeningly obvious that its yet another charade.

  12. Ah yes…the low of the low have to resort to threatening third parties…weak dumb fuck predators have to go after and victimize a neutral family member of anyone who shines a beacon of truth upon them….does it surprise me? Let me think about it….ummmm….NO…
    If they proceed, they’re out of their minds…I mean seriously, when you are a cockroach (born and bred) you don’t just arbitrarily seek out the light, especially when you know full well you can not stand up to its scrutiny. Otherwise you wind up getting squashed.
    I’m thinking if they go ahead, they never had the benefit of taking a civil action far enough to appreciate pre-trial discoveries. Perhaps they think it is like “internet marketing” show what you want and imply everything….ummm…no…no…
    Financials, testimonials, background claims (ie schooling, and/or jobs if applicable), income claims, testimony from people they fucked(wouldn’t cancel memberships, didn’t cancel continuity, refused refunds, etc…all lining up to exact their revenge for their injustice), Individuals who provided testimonials to give them credibility all summoned to testify….dates, figures, testimonials, all thoroughly examined…..all of which speak to credibility….or lack thereof…..
    but sadly for these “internet marketers”…the reality becomes crystal clear…they can’t choose what they want to provide…anything they used to sell their lie, can be argued as admissible (I say argued, because something tells me they won’t agree to disclosing much of anything).  Unlike internet marketing, there is no deleting unfavorable testimonies, no hiding behind false metrics and BS claims…..
    And…100’s of K’s later…when all pre-trial procedures are complete…begins a trial by judge and Jury…one then has to ask… do they realize the odds against them, when there is a 99.9% failure rate of the products they sell, the type of people that jury will actually consist of…
    oh my…these scammers won’t be differentiated from the work at home scams…no no…they won’t be differentiated by the mlm scams….no no….a jury of their peers will see them in the same light as all others who they have been conned or scammed by….and Jason shall be victorious….hearing those ever loving words We award the defendant  $X,xxx,xxx in exemplary damages…..as Andros turns to the Jury and states; “doesn’t matter what you say….none of you are in my phone!!!!
    ….ahh…okay then…..I can’t believe she said that….but whateva…..
    Do I think they will take action? No……unless they hit a whole new level of stupid..then again…anything is possible….

  13. Depends how stupid stupid is and most of these guys have proved to be pretty stupid indeed.   Perverting the LOA is one thing, affecting other peoples lives and livelihoods out of greed is yet another.  They underestimate just how much some people despise what they do and think that if they charm people enough it will all go away, uh uh, no it wont that IS the LOA and they will feel it in every aspect of their lives.

  14. Fuck em all.
    But you have to know before you even say one word about them – as I know all too well – that they have no ethics. That is why they sell horseshit and rip people off. People with no ethics think that THEY deserve all the wine and roses and fuck everyone else. Anyone who pisses in their wine and points out that their roses have some fucked up thorns is going to get a big can of unethical retribution.
    There are laws for a reason, and there are brave little toasters who call them on their shit. Least we can do is support Jason.

  15. There is are words for these guys …………… EGOCENTRIC DEVIANTS …………….. but even thats too nice.  Their surnames will forever be synonymous with GREED and no matter how much they try to remove all the negative stuff about them on the web it will never change peoples feelings about them and that is what they crave the most.

  16. Well they are dealing with technology and like Salty hinted at once in a post long ago, that everything we do will be on this web forever and a day.

  17. Any assclown fool enough to mess with Salty would only be helping him. It would send his blog soaring in the search engines faster and higher than it would otherwise go. And of course Salty would then get access to all kinds of interesting private business and personal records, etc., and then that would all become public record – sweet! Next, forward this info to the FTC and other agencies. The fallout would be spectacular! The media LOVES this kind of story – scammers trying to silence a non-profit, consumerist blogger. Honestly, it couldn’t get better. This would give Salty some real prominence and a much bigger following. Well done, Salty!

  18. Mike Young (the internet attorney) also recently had some internet marketers illegally conspire to interfere with his business and shut him up. Of course, Mike is sharp and not the kind of guy to be messed with. He didn’t take that sitting down:


    Mike also gave those guys a stern warning about what happens to people who mess with well-connected attorneys. It wasn’t pretty.

    I’m not sure who all was involved in the conspiracy to shut Mike Young up, but I wonder if it is the same group involved here. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised. If so, they still haven’t learned to not play with matches. I’d wager it’s going to cost them big time.

  19. LOL you know I suspect it was the same idiots trying Mr. Mike Young that are on here doing dirt with Salty.  I never could figure out why Salty was anonymous aside from playing a little cat and mouse game. It was apparent from the start that these scammers were way out of their league including Andy Jenkins Brad Fallon Filsaime and Kern so I knew it was not because Salty was afraid of them.
    You have to be real stupid to go after an attorney. Seriously, these idiots have lost touch with reality. You are not a master hypnotist and persuader just because you have lied and cheated to tons of consumers. High powered attorneys have runners that are much smarter than you! And while you’re paying some Indian to outsource your dirt, these attorneys have hundreds of attorneys and legal aides right here preparing your dungeon. Guess this is what we could call direct response law.   A call to action to the law enforcement authorities.
    The comedy from this blog has made me laugh tears. Maybe these scammers should consider a new career in the circus. They already have made themselves look like foolish clowns.
    Has anyone noticed a change in the IM world since the past 2 day’s revelations?

  20. Btw did all these high powered private investigators not know when they found Jason /Salty out that this family was full of lawyers??? I mean what kind of PI is that?? Or did the PI tell these knuckle heads and they were too caught up in their own hype that they thought they were invincible? I guess these are budding little James Rays.

  21. Buried Comment: Show

    My Sweet Salty Droid wrote a couple of posts back in June in regards to Harlan Kilstein where in one of the posts Jason WARNED Kilstein about harassing me…
    and here…  http://saltydroid.info/not-doctor-kilstein-terrible-person/
    If Salty would protect me, and warn this Jerk Off  *NOT* to mess with lil’ ol’ Me…
    CAN YOU IMAGINE how he would feel about SOMEONE setting out to do HARM to HIS WIFE???
    OMG! I can only imagine what would be in store for them… yikes!
    Stupid…stupid…STUPID Move…!
    I received a couple of phone calls (YET AGAIN) last week from someone who wanted to “enlighten” me in regards to some of the friends and people who I chose to communicate with…
    I was told how I am an… easily… manipulated woman…and EVERYONE is using me…
    AND…that no one “REALLY”  likes me…
    OMG! Say it isn’t so…”I am not in grade 3 AGAIN…AM I?”
    To the “Anonymous” “Blocked” “Private” Caller… you screwed up…ROYALLY! I know WHO you are…YOU weren’t careful…
    and like one of my friends recently said … “Holy Fuck…don’t Mess with Karin” they are so right…
    you don’t mess with someone like me…it can get extremely UGLY…and do not forget “I am a Survivor” …you …and your little buddies on the other hand …have no idea what that word means…
    (next time hold your cards closer to your chest…time to fold …Butter Face.) you lose…


  22. never mind thats some one else’s blog, so I’m willing to bed the IM world gurus had a little trouble falling asleep last night.

  23. You know this whole thing is so funny, because it shows that Salty was very honest from the start, even though he hates these sick pigs like the rest of us, he did not want to do this the unethical or slick way. He could have just told himself not to do it but not to report it to the conflicts committee either. The mere fact that he and his wife both reported this to the conflict committee immediately shows a very strong and serious committment to honesty, integrity and ethics for other people. Because of this, they now have an “iron clad” case ;)
    That’s very rare in this day and age.

  24. Mr. Mike Young’s blog has this quote ( I can only imagine what “Their” fate will be now )

    Perry Belcher’s “partner” reached out to a group of major Internet marketers asking for help to shut me (and others) up on this issue.  Pressure was applied by certain group members (who may have been acting on their own) to encourage termination of representation by me as legal counsel for certain clients or to engage in unethical conduct that would trap me into silence.
    I will continue to zealously represent those members who are existing clients if they want but I will not be silenced by threats to my personal safety or my law practice.
    Please note that the last person who tried this type of intimidation was indicted by the U.S. federal government, now has a criminal record, and owes the IRS about $750,000 in back taxes. If the personal threats and business interference continues, expect a similar response.”

  25. I can’t believe this HUGE BIG HUSH that has fell over the commentators.. I know you guys are looking and watching. What’s the matter? Worried?  I’m so glad to be me these days, can sleep peacefully day and night ;)

  26. Deep fry those little  bitches Salty Droid! Deep fry them to the fucking core, they have no soul, no heart, they thrive on the demise and suffering of others and the more suffering they cause the more they want to cause, they can never, ever, ever, ever be satisfied.  They will never, ever stop.
    Deep fry those sick, weak bitches they get their rocks off hurting innocent people, because they mistake intelligence for the ability to deceive people who do not have the resources to make an informed decision. They exploit the ignorant, poor, and helpless. They are no better than pedophiles of the mind.
    Deep fry those sorry pieces of shit into a cloud of smoke. I have my popcorn with extra butter
    You bitches will regret the day you were born.

  27. Harlan as you once taught us so well “There’s money in your pocket that belongs to me!”

  28. Harlan Kilstein sent out an email using what are now illegal testimonials. FTC says when you use testimonial you need to talk about the average results. He has new bullshit product the secret and you know most people get nothing for it just like all his *****!

    FTC needs to watch him for this. I bet this Jim does not even exist! This is the email:

    “I was skeptical about The Hypnotic Secret,
    but something inside of me kept saying “you can do it”
    and another part of me can really see an amazing future.

    So I got The Hypnotic Secret about a week ago
    and listen to it every night before I go to sleep.
    It feels great to sleep with positive words and pictures in my head.

    Yesterday I got a deal memo from a famous Hollywood producer.
    It’s a miracle that could mean millions to me —
    and I’m on the verge of breaking into Hollywood after only 3 years in LA.

    The Law of Attraction is working for me!

    Everybody is different and unique, and everybody’s results will be unique too —
    but I could not be happier with the way things are FINALLY coming together.

    Thank you Doctor Kilstein for finally making The Secret work for me.
    Feel free to use to story to tell other people about your fantastic sessions”.

    Jim Van Wyck

    Now I don’t know if you’re going to attract millions within a week like Jim did who got a deal memo from a Hollywood producer but the Hypnotic Secret can change your life.

    Take it for a test drive:



    Harlan Kilstein

    PS. What’s YOUR goal?

    Make it happen with http://thehypnoticsecret.com

    1. Jim Van Wyck is a real person. His testimonial, however…

      He’s one of Shitstain’s old buddies from his days in the hypnosis weight loss business and an “on-again, off-again” friend in IM today (depending on how bad his drinking problem is).

      FTC? What FTC?

  29. Jim Van Wyck is one of Harlan Kilstein’s old time friends. In fact, halfway into the Six Figure Coaching Program run and operated by Harlan D. Kilstein and Tina Lorenz back in 06, guess what? After being told that if we wanted in the coaching program we had to do so before the deadline and that once that deadline hit and the coaching program started, NOBODY else would be able to join, well guess what whoops there appears a Jim Van Wyck out of the blue! (And a few other screen names that would magically appear and never say a word)

    Jim, we were told, was in business with Harlan Kilstein wayback in the hypnosis business and that he had made millions.

    It was never clear if he was a student or someone granted free access to observe (when the rest of us had to pay big money), but one thing for sure Jim Van Wyck was always nice to me, he spent more time teaching me than Harlan or Tina did. Too bad though, shortly after people started to notice that Jim was actually spending more time with them than the coaches were, Harlan told him to stop.

    Guess good ole’ Jim Van Wyck is still useful for something.

  30. And for the record, I am 20 minutes away from Hollywood, matter of fact I was in Hollywood yesterday (near Sunsent & Vine), and I can assure, nobody important has ever even heard of Jim Van Wyck. LMAO

    1. Sadly, most people are just too lazy. They each think, “oh someone else will do it.” But then, nobody does.

      It’s funny because it takes about the same time to complain that it does to post a comment here lamenting about all of this.

      Stop being so lazy, people. It’s really easy to make a difference, and it all starts with one person: you.

  31. On the other hand :: the government sucks. People fear that filing a complaint will either lead to nothing :: or it will get them overly involved in a mess that they’d rather just forget … and then lead to nothing anyway.

    People should most definitely file more complaints … it would really help. But it’s understandable that they don’t.

    Enigma is currently not filing anything {hopefully} :: because I told him not to. A more interesting plan is fomenting in my fiendish brain.

  32. @Salty Droid Unlike Harlan Kilstein, I’ve long ago figured out you were way ahead of these clowns ..on so many levels it should be frightening to them, so no, although tempting as it is for me to make a few phone calls to the FTC and the Attorney General, I am willing to let some time pass , have a little patience, for a much more worthy outcome. ;) Besides, it has given me time to add to the value of the “launch” that is about to be delivered.

    1. Not even close is right…

      Hi- Five Cassandra…

      I have big time respect for you…and what you are doing…

      (nice to meet you!)

  33. Pat O’Bryan sure does not like this salty blog. He’s changed a few things too, could it be he’s got a conscience? Or is it just “business”?

  34. Hey Jason,

    I’ve been battling Guru BS myself, but obviously not on a scale that compares to what you’ve been doing.

    Now I’m dead serious when I say this … if/when you unleash that nasty legal mauling on the pricks who threatened your wife PLEASE make a DVD of the process and outcome! A documentary so to speak.

    I would definitely buy it to help defray your costs and I’m sure many others would.

    Kindest regards,


  35. “I know all of your names … and I know what you did last summer.”

    Fuckin’ Gangsta in the best sense of the term :)

    I envy your ability to be so incredibly fucking articulate, intelligent, hilarious, and strike-fear-in-the-hearts-of-scumbags all at once. Very rare qualities to find together.

    Thanks for opening my eyes.

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