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As many of you don’t know :: because I’m making it up right now … I’ve recently decided to apply for admission to film school {at the unaccredited but very prestigious Trump University of Film}.

I’m eager to start a new career in the lucrative field of online porn :: for plants …

  • barely legal ferns
  • lilac on lilac
  • rose holing™
  • fresh fruits
  • daisy showers

… shit like that. I’ve only just started mind-mapping this idea on my vision napkin :: but I’m excited about the potentialities.

Unfortunately for florid flora fucking :: I’ve been reluctant to submit my final application to TU of F … what with most of my biggest and bestest work banished from the web and unavailable for viewing.

… but the good news …

All the movies are back up motherfuckers!

I’m self hosting anything that gets completely removed from YouTube type sites. And I’ve recently been counter-claiming all false DMCA complaints … where previously I counter-claimed none.

The site’s first DMCA complaint came :: in April 2009 … from Austrialian stock scammer David Schirmer. The most recent occurred just a couple of months ago when Jeff Walker decided this 1 min video from five years ago had to come down … like right now.

This is some conmen :: sweatin my youtubes …

But as glorious result of recent efforts :: and for the first time ever … all the movies are back up together.

All the audios are up.

All the pics are up.

All the text is up.

All of it … up.

Suck it dicks.


SaltyDroid Film Festival

Perry Belcher Hater of Asteroids :: where just weeks into my existence Perry Belcher wants me to ‘fuck myself in my broke ass’ … back up.

The Internet Marketing Syndicate :: where Frank Kern confesses his sins into a camera for no good goddamn reason … back up.

The Frank Kern Christmas Special :: which you prolly didn’t see because it only lasted a couple of days on the Internet … back up.

Syndicate Scarcity :: where Jeff Walker and Andy Jenkins explain how they fucking lie about selling out of a frauduct in order to sell more of that frauduct to victims “who have been trained” … back up.

Frank Kern Underachieving :: where Frank tells an audience how he didn’t start making money online until he started saying he’d already made money online … back up.

John Raygoza Scams Yo Momma :: where boiler room scumbag John Paul Raygoza gives us a Tai Lopez style ‘here in my garage’ tour of the apartment he lived in before he was sued out of existence and arrested … back up.

Perry Belcher: On Bullshit :: where Perry Belcher apologizes to the world for his felonious selling of fraudulent medicines :: by blaming everyone in the world but Perry Belcher … back up.

A Dahl’s House :: where Herbalife didn’t want people seeing their CEO participating directly in the recruiting pyramid scheme … back up.

… and of course …

Syndicate Shit Storm :: the movie that won an Oscar {Mayer} for exposing the inner workings of The Syndicate fraud machine :: and the subject of more takedown demands than anything else on this site … back the fuck up.

Go watch it Internet Marketer … I dare you. Do you care so hard about money that you’re willing to become a soulless mouth-breathing predator? Because that’s a minimum fucking requirement.

… the bad news …

With all these amazing movies back up :: and with my several valid credit cards … I’m sure to be accepted into TU of F.

Here comes the plant porn! Contact my fake secretary Debbie if you’re interested in investing some millions into this pornographic plant opportunity … I’d love to take your money before I flee the country.

>> bleep bloop