Shuttering David Schirmer

David Schirmer :: blowhard conman :: has been in my blackbook of chubby scummy girlfriends since way back when. The first paragraph of my first post about Schirmer pretty much tells the whole story …

“He steals money.  He runs investment scams.  He runs self improvement scams.  He rapes handicapped koala bears.”

Smart.  Somebody around here is fucking smart {hint: not you!

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YouTube DMCA Eviction


Remember when I first got banned from Twitter and I was all like :: {link}

“And I’m confident that I’ll be right back.  I love Twitter :: And it’s fucking FREE.  Spam is a complicated problem :: And so is rapid growth :: They’ll get it figured out.”

Well I was obviously wrong :: And I apologize to you.  Accuracy is important to me :: So I’d like to issue this correction.

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Snaps, Stats, and Suspensions


Have you been suspended from Twitter? NO! You haven’t!  Because you aren’t fucking punk rock enough.  You’re all like :: “Did you hear about Michael Jackson? #rip #MJdead” :: And everyone else is like :: “Yeah I know! #kingofpop #omgosh” :: And then Oprah gives you a golf clap :: And everyone fucking hugs everyone :: And the shiny “New Media” Cup gets passed around so that each person can kiss their own reflection. 

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The Devil Predicts


David Schirmer has just released a fantastic new product {fantastic used loosely} :: FatDaddy needs him some money … NOW-ish.  The Debts .. They Call.  Here are the Promo Tweets {2 of 5 total tweets this week} ::

DevilDave Just uploaded my Stockmarket & Gold reports … my accurate predications will shock many people

DevilDave Just uploaded my Stockmarket & Gold reports …

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Champagne Kisses and Copyright Dreams


Dear Member:

This is to notify you that we have removed or disabled access to the following material as a result of a third-party notification by Schirmer Financial Management claiming that this material is infringing:

Squirmy Schirmer:

>> bloop

It seems DevilDave Schirmer and I don’t share similar taste in movies.  I guess I’ll have to defriend him on Netflix.

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