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David Schirmer :: blowhard conman :: has been in my blackbook of chubby scummy girlfriends since way back when. The first paragraph of my first post about Schirmer pretty much tells the whole story …

“He steals money.  He runs investment scams.  He runs self improvement scams.  He rapes handicapped koala bears.”

Smart.  Somebody around here is fucking smart {hint: not you!}.  Make sure to notice the adorable naiveté of early model Salty Droid …

  1. I embed Schirmer’s The Secret appearance in the post … and then I mock it {surprise!}.  At that moment :: I don’t know that The Secret exists.  I think it’s just Schirmer’s own personal desperation. He puts “Investment Trainer” under his name :: talks about making money by “visualizing checks in the mail” :: and there is some strange whispering in the background about a Secret.  WTF??  High production values :: insanely stupid message.  Early Droid == Confused
  2. I still have accounts on Twitter and YouTube :: and I’m under the sad misimpression that I’m free to speak.  That was back before the badguys decided I was big trouble and sent {so far} more than THIRTY false DMCA claims. GrandPa Schirmer got in on the act at least five times himself.

By the next month I had figured out the secret behind The Secret :: Oprah! :: and vowed not to fight it for that same reason {change of plans}.  That post also links to a lawsuit between Bob Proctor and David Schirmer. Bob cut Dave off completely :: forbid him from using his company name :: and was awarded $60,000 in damages.  Must have been some seedy bullshit going down behind the scenes to induce such an action by Proctor :: seeing as how not even DEAD PEOPLE was enough of an incentive for him to peel himself off of James Arthur Ray’s dick.

Schrimer isn’t too worried about the victims of James Ray either :: he has his mind on more pressing concerns … like me for instance …

Let’s talk about the James Ray bashers for a moment:

Sadly, in every society, there are a handful of people who are filled with hatred, anger and revenge toward their fellow man.  They don’t add to society in any meaningful way by edifying one another or building up their brother; rather they seek to elevate themselves by pulling down every person who seeks to become the best they can be.  These people often hid behind guise of journalism or some invisible, untraceable identity on the internet.  They say what they want, to whom they want, no matter how untruthful or destructive it may be, and then like true cowards, they run and hide behind their secret identity or television station or media machine.

Some of the filth and utter trash said about James Ray on the internet by people who don’t know him, don’t know what he does, or the circumstance is nothing short of shameful and pathetic.  These people who portray hatred through their words rather than show love are murderers – That’s not me saying that, that is what the bible says, “If any of you hate your fellow man you are a murderer.”

I’m the murderer :: this I know :: for the bible tells me so!

But enough about me and how super awesome I am … this post is about David Schirmer :: and how he should be rotting {and thinning!} in prison.  This week the Australian Securities and Investments Commission banned David Schirmer from financial services :: FOR LIFE :: The Law of Attraction in Action!

The ASIC publication :: reprinted in full …

ASIC bans Victorian man from providing financial services for life

Wednesday 23 June 2010

Former contributor to the popular self-help product The Secret, Mr David Gary Schirmer of Warrandyte, Victoria, has been permanently banned from providing financial services following an ASIC investigation.

ASIC found Mr Schirmer had failed to comply with financial services laws in relation to the promotion, operation and delivery of a trading and wealth creation program known as the ‘Platinum Super Traders’ (Platinum program). The Platinum program was operated by
Mr Schirmer and Platinum Super Traders Pty Ltd.

ASIC found that between August 2004 and December 2006 Mr Schirmer:

  • provided financial services on behalf of another person who carried on a financial services business while not being authorised to do so
  • engaged in conduct in relation to a financial product or financial service that was misleading or deceptive, or was likely to mislead or deceive
  • failed to act in accordance with representations made by him to participants in the 2005 and 2006 Platinum programs
  • made false statements to participants in the 2005 and 2006 Platinum programs, and
  • engaged in dishonest conduct.

ASIC found that rather than disclosing difficulties he was facing with aspects of the Platinum program, Mr Schirmer chose to deceive Platinum participants and deliberately prepared and provided them with a false document.

ASIC’s action against Mr Schirmer reinforces its commitment to protecting retail investors and financial consumers by removing individuals who don’t possess the honesty and integrity necessary to discharge their duties and obligations as financial services providers.

Mr Schirmer has the right to lodge an application for review of ASIC’s decision with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

So in the universe personally manifested by Devil Dave he’s:

  • failed in every way
  • lied about it
  • defrauded people to whom he owed a fiduciary duty
  • got himself publicly exposed
  • been sanctioned and banned by The Man

David Gary Schirmer :: fake Christian :: fake expert :: fake guru … here’s a little somethin’ somethin’ for you from the not-fake bible …

They claim to know God, but by their actions they deny him. They are detestable, disobedient and unfit for doing anything good. ~ Titus 1:16

Amen. Well said God :: well said.

>> bleep bleep

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  1. Schirmer is desperate for money again!!!!

    Schirmer is releasing again his 7 step program but wait, it has 8 steps and you dont get the 8th step until you buy it.

    Hey frankenstein the 8th step is what you call faith which is what you have been talking about for the last few years. Poor bastard, cant get it right can he.

    1. @ELB, Cant he get anyone to offer him any NON RECOURSE LOANS!!!!! He used to boast of this stuff years ago and if there was anything that set my alarm bells ringing it was this guys financial advise which ironically is appears he had no authority to talk about. A non recourse loan means the person loaning the money should never expect it back again!!!! Oh how convenient is that for these shiesters. I feel sorry for anyone who ever gave him any money because there is not a hope in hell they will ever see him pay them back. You feel like warning the world about these creeps and how they operate in unit trust and use non recourse loans and stuff. Way over my head now but I sure understood what he was saying then and I didnt trust him.

  2. @ELB, I cant find his 8 steps stuff anywhere, maybe he’s pulled it because people are wise to his stupidity. The 8th step would be either faith, gratitude or action. They seem to be his most frequently used words on his websites. What is more interesting is that the stuff that the schirmers spruik about they don’t have in their own lives but the cover it up with religion and just pretend everything is hunky-dory.

  3. “Here’s a direct quote from David’s Schirmer’s Trading Edge company web site:

    [David Schirmer] now drives the car of his dream, the latest BMW M5, owns real estate, has numerous businesses and this year will make a personal income from trading and business in excess of $1.5 million.”

    Question: What happened?

    Answer: Lies, more lies and very poor choices!

    Hmmmm — I know who I wouldn’t have as a life and wealth mentor. Why does he think that rejiggering and old product would make his results any different? Again poor choices with very negative consequences. Get a new job i.e. a real job you fool.

    1. @Genderbender, We are now used to turd faced lies from this guy but I had to have a laugh about his latest trick of claiming to be an author. As far as I can research the guy has not written one book. Apparently he co “authored” the big secret though. Now don’t all get excited at once because if you look at the secret and you look at Schirmers contribution in it you can see that he lacked any sense of authorship whatsoever. I don’t think claiming to be able to park a car is a very honorable addition to what has turned out to be the biggest grab for cash of all time. It does look though, as if Mr Schirmer is trying to reinvigorate his chances of milking the secret a little longer. Good luck grandpa Schirmer, I doubt it will fund your retirement plans.

      1. @cullinair, Where is the original author of the secret now? I find it fascinating how the people labelled in the secret have mostly turned out to be shiesters. Sad for the genuine folk who really cared about making the world a better place. I have never bought the book but I read it at a book store and found it grossly lacking in so many ways. Actually I thought of it as one of those books that people buy read because someone said they should because of the hype then it gets put in the back of the bookshelf to collect dust which to me seemed a poor investment and a waste of space.

        Everyone dreams and that is what makes the world a more interesting place but these people were all milking the system of easy finance and as a consequence a lot of people who followed their advice are now in serious financial trouble it seems probably even including this guy.

        Notice how the secret people have changed direction in their careers lately? Why is that I wonder? Because they know the crap they taught back then does not work now in the new economy. They have to dream up other ways to steal from people to make a living and fund their own dreamy lifestyles.

        This guy is a real classic though. His original claim was trading the stock market then he moved to personal development then how to finance stuff then back to trading then he threw church in among that somewhere. I dont think he is good at anything in particular but I think he was riding the tide like all other shiesters out there.

        I dont know how he could possibly reinvigorate something that is already dead. I think this guys record at business is very ordinary and he even appears a shady character.

        I think its high time the authorities stepped in and dealt with these guys with appropriate regulations. It seems ludicrous that they use so much crap in their marketing and everybody can tell its all lies and yet no one appears able to do anything about that.

        To me they look like they are living on the very edges of the law drooling at all the money people who live outside the law get and wishing it was theirs, dreaming what they would do with it if it was theirs. I do feel sad for their families because its them who pay big time and these guys go on blindly not realizing what they are doing psychologically to the peoople closest to them.

    2. @Genderbender, That is so damn arrogant. What pisses me off is that everything that guy says he always puts himself above everyone else. I dont give a shit what he does but he should stop whinging. Stop blaming everyone else because where there is smoke there is ALWAYS a fire so the guy is not innocent. Grow up man! You screwed up big time, swallow your pride and stop screwing up.

  4. At the end of the day all people do is associate the name Schirmer with “fraud” in whatever context that takes on.

    1. @Anonymous, Yes well some assholes just don’t ever get it. Any grab for cash doesn’t change the fact of once a fraud always a fraud.

      1. @Buggeroff, Another cretinous asshole. Why do these creeps hide their filthy greedy habits behind the trusting and women? Got to feel for this guys family and especially his partner. Hes about as innocent as a nun doing press-ups in a cucumber field.

  5. David Schirmer BOO Is this one of the blogs you watch ?

    You have really made a fool of yourself this time mate. Sorry mate you’ve lost me now and probably a number of other people also.Reading through some of the comments on this blog I only find myself agreeing, When you learn to take responsibility for your own actions you might get a bit more respect because its pretty obvious you screwed up. When you’ve done that stop bullshitting everyone. Right the past and you might get a bit of respect for the future.

    If I could offer you a few bits of advice “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned.” gautama buddha

    “All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own.” Edward Markham

    But you already know this apparently. My lesson is to “Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment.” Because that all we get from you.


  6. What is this man doing now, The webs sites he runs half done and some not to date or even functioning. I hope he develops piles who think they can do and take responsibility not.

  7. I received an email from someone and I wanted to check for myself what the contents really meant. This is what I have learnt:

    1. Read, read again and investigate.
    2. Ask questions and deliberate.
    3. Make a decision ONLY on once you have calmly and rationally deliberated the information in front of you.
    4. Separate yourself from the author and the recipients of the email COMPLETELY.

    If there was ever a time I felt cheated, disgusted, appalled, framed, used, ashamed, manipulated, stupid – it is NOW!

    The person who I thought would give me what I needed to make a good life, a profitable life, a life to be proud of, has just entered into the most despicable world of “never to return from this decision” and I am left to wonder why the HELL I ever listened to anything he said. You know who you are. you know what you have done and what you have said. you claim to know better than anyone else (or at least that is what you told everyone) that if you did this or that everything would be amazing.

    Well guess what, it is not amazing and I did everything that you said. instead I find I have been completely mislead by someone who has decided that blaming others and claiming they are a saint is far more worthy than taking responsibillity. I did not realise what I was getting into and neve again will I trust this person or anyone associated with them.

    I have discovered that mans greed is far more potent than their love regardless of what comes out of their mouthes.

    Disgusted, absolutely disgusted.

    1. @Anonymous, You can be sure that anything coming from someone like this who spruiks about his intention to be a global successful superstar at anything is nothing more than a veiled attempt to suck the reader in to give give give so he can take take take. Just the usual bunch of crap

    2. @Anonymous, He can only try it so many times before he gets locked up and the key gets thrown away. But then thats not what true Christians do, or is it? It is my opinion that the church thing is a complete cover up.

  8. “But, I started to really question about the whole success philosophy, then started the manufacturing business and that went really good for a short time. Then, like sometimes in business, the wheels fall off.
    All of a sudden we found ourselves massively in debt. We couldn’t pay our rent. We were about to be evicted from our home. We hadn’t paid the registration on our vehicle and were driving around in an unregistered vehicle. I was on unemployment benefits and without a job… (To read more click below)
    So, we all of a sudden found ourselves in the situation that then perpetuated. It got worse, and worse, and worse.”

    quote from David Schirmers own web page.

    My question ———————- WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR HEAD

    1. @gogonuts, I have never read so much bullshit from one person. David Schirmer is so fucking deluded its incredible. You read his crap and you realise what a bloody idiot you were for getting taken by him in the first place. His charming cover is a well mastered act and his stories are almost believable right up until you start asking questions. As soon as you start asking questions then comes the blame or the shaft, your pick. He says on his latest greasy 8th step video that in 2006 he was well on his way to becoming a billionaire. What broad faced fucking lies. I wonder if Bob Proctor knows about that and all those other people who reckon he owed them money. If you are that fucking rich shut your detractors up by paying your fucking dues.

      Oh fuck me this how it goes right as soon as you hand money over to Schirmer its his money which I found out years ago when I tried to get a refund so I foolishly gave up. It looks like that is what happened to those life success investors too. Then it has surfaced that when people try to get paid by Schimer fuck me again its his company that owes you not him.

      This guy wonders why the hell the wheels fall off. I reckon he met his match with Proctor and that gave him the shits. Schirmer lives his life with a grudge and a chip on one shoulder. Every piece of shit marketing that ever came from him was full of bullshit. I have never met a wealthy business person who writes and acts like this guy. Theres something completely deluded about the whole package. Anger lessons would be a good start, then honesty lessons, then writing lessons, then learn those fucking lessons.

      1. @native dork, Oh no its not just Proctor. I’ve just seen that Schirmers latest thing is to blame the aca television show in Australia for exposing him, his exemployees for being vindictice, bob proctor and gerry roberts for stealing from him, the asic in australia for completely getting it wrong and probably everyone else who had the guts to say enough is enough all for being so wrong about him. Really? Frankly I’m appalled. I was a customer of theirs years ago but I lost interest as soon as I saw some things going on with his previous co director who also got shafted by him. Then a previous employee left and started a business called Wealth Within which is a very successful business I believe and that gave Schirmer the shits. Proctor probably did give him the shits too but to be honest everybody who makes any sort of business agreement with him does and they all end up at odds with Schirmer saying he owes them? who to believe? What bothers me is that Schirmer has always boasted of being some sort of guru when theres never been any proof that he has any particular skills at all except perhaps for taking money from people in any way he can. Some of these people like Schirmer end up so mangled in their mind that they have lose any sense of reality and cant see what they are doing to themselves. To me it now appears he can never admit that he ever does anything wrong. I’m new to this blog having been lead here by Schirmers comments but when I read Saltys info about James Ray, Perry Belcher and all those guys who make completely unbelievable claims about themselves just to get people to hand over money. Its not hard to see who is completely crazy. I think its a healthy thing to think you can do stuff and have good goals but by god I have no respect for people who think they have some sort of right to take everything and put people down who simply want what is theirs.

        1. @J L E, If a person is publicly outing what has proved to be their greatest weakness it is a very poor way to improve their life outcomes. Saying nothing at all is a far more admirable end.

          “What most people need to learn in life is how to love people and use things instead of using people and loving things.” (Author Unknown)

          “The wise stand out because they see themselves as part of the Whole. They shine because they don’t want to impress. They achieve great things because they don’t look for recognition. Their wisdom is contained in what they are, not their opinions. They refuse to argue, so no-one argues with them.” —Lao Tzu


    Old news but good warning. You would have to be prepared to sacrifice your lifes savings if you put any money with someone like this.

    1. @Fenpal, God help the Schirmer grubstakers, they will probably never see their money again. What digs Schirmer? You greedy person.

  10. Not only do I think this guy is a fraud, he has started using embedded audio in his marketing crap. I have just made a rule to direct all of his shit to the trash can without even looking at it. If he thinks that it is smart marketing then I intend to outsmart him and every other person who he has copied this type of marketing off. What pisses me off more than anything is that you cannot fast forward anything and it repeats over and over and over again. I think its the most pathetic FORCED marketing crap ever. I refuse to be FORCED to listen to any shit from anyone who claims they are the worlds best marketer, trader, personal development guru or any other fake wannabe. The very fact that these people use this type of marketing shows what their real intentions are. Nobody who had made it uses that crap.

    1. @Zipmarketing, When i get any emails from this guy I read laugh and send them to the scrap heap. When I get emails from people who I know who have worked for him or with him, I read them and keep them. I only give people one chance to be honest with me and I made my mind up a long time ago that this guy was full of bullshit and treated people like shit to get what he wanted.

  11. This guy is PURE propaganda

    “Propaganda is a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position so as to benefit oneself or one’s group.”

    He’s full of it and himself.

  12. I believe the James Ray case gave a warning to the world and everyone attempting to pretend they are experts at anything, that greed and fast money is not an acceptable or honorable method of obtaining wealth. I believe that anyone who attempts to take from others with the intention of making themselves rich is only kidding themselves and the people who matter in their lives because there are no free rides in this life. Kid yourself for as long as you feel comfortable but be prepared to accept the consequences. Seem very few are so tell me I’m wrong.

  13. I have a new nick name for this guy ….

    “Schirmer the Charlatan”

    Christmas came early in the form of James Rays jail time. That gives everyone plenty of time to pluck this turkey.

  14. If ever there was a guy who is a slid ball its ………………………………David freakin Schirmer. Hiding everything from everyone including his family became a game to him. What a wanker. Make the guy pay, hes a slime ball.

      1. @SD, Oi I’m nobody but me. I live in closer territory than you so I should know a thing or two. Merry Christmas and good work too, keep it up.

    1. @BChillin, Good to see you are closer because being Saltys girlfriend, a parasite needs watching in case it mutates. He does seem to be feeling blessedly important these days though so he hasn’t yet mastered preaching to himself. And in true parasitic nature he has mastered benefiting at the expense of others without giving any useful return and undoubtedly living on the hospitality of the poor souls foolish enough to listen.

    2. @BChillin, this guy has all but disappeared, apparently his wife is out working and he is probably eating so much more of the golden arches that he cant get out of the house. He does seem to be trying to appeal to his god for his future at the GROW church in melbourne australia. I guess there is a lot of sin to need forgiveness for but I’m curious to know if he ever made good to anyone. I’m thinking not. I get an impression that his version of religion wouldnt reach that far.

      1. @C Jones, Think he’s back into the sleazy business of MLM with ACN now and his wifes out working. Dave was recruiting for business partners on facebook last week though. Pity the poor suckers who get charmed into business with the weazil while he creates a bunch of lies as to how they will benefit enooooormously if they just get in the zone with him (yuk). Ironically hes still on about marriage and god and all that crap, pretty much everything he has never represented but I guess the fakeness makes people believe he is trustworthy and that, in his eyes, pays. Does he not realise that there were so many people who witnessed his indiscretions, really Dave, time to just shut up about stuff you clearly know nothing about. What is ironic is the only people who seem convinced about Daves pleas for someone to have a burning desire to earn money to fund his lifestyle again appear to live in different countries and probably dont even know the guy. Ha ha, and so the cycle continues.

        1. @OzzieObserver, Update please. Schirmer is claiming to have been good friends of the bloke in Brisbane Australia whose wife was murdered while he slept. I cant help but think Schirmer really chooses his friends well because he knows a lot of losers. The company you keep so they say…. Of course he thinks the guy didnt do the crime so he shouldnt do the time the same as he thought James Ray was innocent too. In the end Schirmer speaking out his arse only makes him look even more of a jerk. It looks like he hasn’t lost his fascination with people who are a million times more wealthy than him too. He was promoting some wealthy guy at a church recently and hes probably sucking up to him now hoping to steal a bit off him to feed his fat arse entitlement attitude. yeh I reckon schirmer would slip back into MLM marketing crap real easy, hes just the perfect type. Keep up the fabulous work salty droid.

          1. @cant remember who,

            this is Schirmers comment on facebook —– My prayer goes out 4 Nigel & Elaine Baden-Clay, Gerard & girls, Adam & Olivia – have know them 20 years

            gerard bayden-clay is to be charged with MURDER tonight!

            So much for the company this guy keeps. When will the public learn who to trust and who not to trust, who to believe and who not to believe. This is such a sad story.

            1. @Notagain, Doesnt surprise me in the least. Like attracts like. They seem to have similar lives and similar minds. Freakish.

            2. @Notagain,

              I didn’t know he knew Schirmer, but looking at his behavior it’s not surprising. I don’t mean the murder, (necessarily), but sending his wife’s cell phone concerned text messages while — according to court records — simultaneously googling “self-incrimination” and “taking the fifth”.

              Luis Li, there are lots of mountains to climb in Australia, and your clients need you….

            3. @Notagain, Sitting here reading about the Bayden Clay committal hearing and saying to myself O M G what parallels we have with Schirmers life. No wonder they were friends. There could be a lot more to that than we might ever know. Gives me the heebyjeebies.

  15. further ,,,,, following thousands of people on facebook to use them to market to is typical of the Schirmers of this world. But he cons people by referring to them as “friends”. I’m one of those and Schimer ain’t no friend of mine I’m just curiously watching his demise because frankly I’m disgusted in the guy. All it does is prove he is a desperate fool and confirms that he was the fake we all thought he was. Just another rule for the inbox ==

    Apply this rule after the message arrives with “Schirmer” in the subject

    Move it to the “TRASH” folder

  16. Just watched your viedo the secret would love you to help me get onto the right path if you feel like helping me please messege me on fb works love to learn how to become more weathly in my life thank you David

    1. @Elisha, David Schirmer has something to do with the website Leverage The Secret, the only people leveraging from the secret movie are those who are in it. They are using people like you to make money and the average person does not get it. Unfortunately many people learnt that lesson the hard way. Go and get yourself the book the richest man in babylon and read it. There is nothing more to the secret than that…………………simple.

  17. Schirmer is attempting to reignite his Platinum Super Traders group by asking for interest in a reunion. I recommend everyone go the the Australian Securities Commission website, read and understand what is written there.

    “ASIC found that rather than disclosing difficulties he was facing with aspects of the Platinum program, Mr Schirmer chose to deceive Platinum participants and deliberately prepared and provided them with a false document.”

    I wonder if he followed through with him promise to pay all of the people back he owed money to or is this just another scam?

  18. The man himself told me once how simple it would be to scam people and get them eating from his palm.
    Picture this.

    Week 1, send 50,000 mails/emails out to a list. Tell 1/2 of them the market (gold whatever) will be up next week, the other half down.
    Next week, email the 25,000 you gave the correct tip last week with a new tip – half one way, half the other.
    After 5 weeks you’ll have 3,125 people who you have given 5 CORRECT TIPS in a row.
    These folks will believe (and pay) anything. don’t even need a secret…but then this was over 10 years ago.
    He’s always had a scamers mindset.

    1. @GeePee, The asic web site in Australia has a company called SCHIRMER CUSTODIAN PTY LTD Registration date:15/10/2012 Do you know if that is Schirmers new company in Australia?

      He’s already talking about fancy cars and tripping around the world. This guy has no shame so yes I think he always has had a scammers mindset.

      1. @Blackjuice,

        as the company is registered in Lower Templestowe, there is a very good chance it is connected to him. This has been an area he has lived in over the last 10+ years, and I often saw him and his tribe sitting around eateries in the shopping centre breathing in piles of high sugar/high fat pastries.

        If he was 1/10 of the trader he says he is, he wouldn’t need to scam others, he could trade. Guess the only good thing is that he didn’t slide into politics where they scam us on a daily basis with immunity.

        It’s funny how all those scamming sales folks assume that talk of fancy cars, or sitting on a beach somewhere, or jet setting up the font of the plane is a dream that we aspire to.

        Keep up the chat, we’ll all want to know when he comes a cropper and Karma catches up with him….or he chases one wife too many, or puts his hand in the wrong pocket. It’s a wonder he hasn’t invented his own religion or doomsday cult.


        1. @GeePee, I thought they had invented their own religion. I have never known a family to fake religion as much as this lot. On one hand they go to church and pretend to be so into it and the next thing they are lying, cheating, victimizing people behind the churchs back for no reason other than they hold helluva jealous grudge. For people who preach so publicly about God and Jesus it beggars belief how stupid they are to think people dont pick up on their language and attitudes. I think we all agree he screwed up big time yeh? I also think we all agree that if they want to publicly preach to people then they should be man enough to at least turn the other cheek right? I didnt know they were friends of the Baden-Clays in Brisbane but it looks like they call everyone who has ever had contact with them a friend so that means nothing really. Its a pretty loose term in Schirmer speak. What is more disturbing are the similarities. The whole charade is pretty sad and scary but if thats the way they want to live then everyone else is happy enough just to watch. As for the doomsday cult, they have already created it and they are living it. Want to join? I’m sure he has a wonderful investment opportunity going you can contribute to but just remember to read the fine print because you hand over your life in the process.

    2. @GeePee,

      That’s a good snapshot he gave about how to scam well into week 5. I think maybe I’ve spotted Mr. Schirmer’s problem.

      Did he ever have a plan (I mean a real plan) for week 157? What about week 260? My point is that, that scammy stuff is just never any kind of long term plan. Maybe his plan was/is to move from continent to continent. Well, that still partially works here in 2013, but I’m not sure it will work in the really, really long term.

      The public in general has a love/hate relationship to scammers. They love, love, love that positive, happy sounding news that “they can too!” But it’s becoming harder for a scammer to run away from their bad rep by moving to a new location. More Internet will (hopefully) mean that it gets even harder.

      Schirmer: I think you should start planning for week 2600 or 5200 now. You wouldn’t want to wind up in prison and be following Don Lapre’s plan by default. That’s a Bad Plan too. IMHO, all scamming plans are bad plans in the long run.

      Maybe you could turn informant or something. That seems to work sometimes.

      “Demons will fool you with a smile for a while…”

      — Sweeney Todd by Sondheim

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

  19. Very observant. Anyone would think you knew the guy. Everyone who has had anything to do with him knows he’s not honest most the time. Its just a shame he screwed up so many people trying to grab his millions quickly. He is the one who has to answer for it all for the rest of his life so no point hyperventilating over one bad egg. I feel for the people who fell for his sham.

  20. David Schirmers friend of 20 years has just been committed to stand trial for the murder of his wife. He was a motivational speaker and real estate agent and did I say friend of David Schirmers for 20 years so Mr Schirmer states proudly. Probably all jobs requiring the unique qualification of people manipulation. It looks like his wife made an impact on him as she fought to live. This case is really shocking actually quite disgusting sadly.

      1. @Lanna, I found everything I needed to know on this link

        Mr Schirmers friend Gerard says he didn’t do it so he must not have…. (permission to vomit)

        Having since read through the autopsy report and police reports at how Gerard and his father reacted, I felt an overwhelming sense of disgust at all of these people. There is no way I would be calling anyone a friend until I knew that he never did such a disgusting low thing. And we still dont even though it appears pretty obvious. To me greed breeds and there is nowhere more evident than in these people.

        Its surely the same person who said on twitter last year “My prayer goes out 4 Nigel & Elaine Baden-Clay, Gerard & girls, Adam & Olivia – have know them 20 years”

        Also the twitter comment was for the Gerard guy, the accused, not the children and/or his wifes family. They are the people most affected by this act. Sick, just sick and frankly it now tells me exactly how he thinks.

        How small, foolish and attention seeking are these people?

        Think I just nailed it ATTENTION SEEKING. Can be an addictive personality disorder apparently.

        “Many people who are prone to attention seeking behavior suffer from a mental health condition known as narcissistic personality disorder. This involves an inflated sense of self importance and feelings of superiority.”

        Yep it fits.

        1. @4thelittlechildren, The secret book is all about the “blame the victim” philosophy which it appears David Schirmer subscribes to. He will never admit he is wrong because it is his victims own fault for questioning him and taking his money source away from him. He will probably hold that grudge forever and he will be as nasty as hell because of it. The claim of Christianity is just a front and the church will soon discover that if they haven’t already. This is typical of these people, they always need a cover as it justifies what they are doing behind the scenes. Seething that anyone could dare to question them and discover what they are up to.

  21. Schirmer appears to have folded his business in protest but he’s now selling his database. So if you ever made it onto his mailing list anywhere over time you are about to be marketed loads of crap from people you never signed up with. How is that legal?

  22. Schirmer is not selling his database he’s now back in action in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. I guess he is hoping people have very small memories.

  23. Schirmer has started up again in Kew in Australia. For sure he would be hoping that most people are stupid enough to forget his long and sordid history.I wonder if he has made good to anyone yet? People who are taken for a ride have the memory of an elephant so he better make sure hes paid up.

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