Bob Proctor :: Lanny Morton :: Six Minute Suck{cess}


Lanny Morton is Bob Proctor’s Josh Fredrickson.

If you’re an avid reader of this fake robot blog :: then that description makes total fucking sense to you {pat yourself on the back!}.

If you’re not an avid reader :: then it makes no sense. But who really gives a shit about you anyway? You can’t spare an hour a week for reading fake robots? Your pants are too fancy? You know about another highlarious anti-crime blog written by a real robot who’s even awesomer? Your obsession with cheap cheeze-burgers has consumed all your free time? Whatever :: don’t answer me :: I don’t care.

The unicorn gods of bullshit chose Bob Proctor to be one of the featured “teachers” in the hit fake movie :: The Secret.  An extensive article about the Death Ray situation in last week’s Guardian :: awesomely titled “At the temple of James Arthur Ray” :: quoted Oprah’s opening description of the magical secrets …

“Have you heard about it?” Winfrey asked her millions of viewers, holding up a copy of the book. “My guests today believe that once you discover ‘the secret’, that you can immediately start creating the life you want, whether it’s getting out of debt, whether it’s finding a more fulfilling job, even falling in love. They say you can have it all, and, in fact, you already hold the power to make that happen.”

That’s nice.

But the real ‘the secret’ behind The Secret is telling people that they can have it all in order to take everything they have. It’s a time tested strategy that can sometimes be scaled {via fluke or evil planning} to the size of the mass media market. Bob Proctor has been an avid practitioner of the real secret for many years :: blowing evil-tainted smoke up asses since the Johnson administration … or something.

One of Bob’s current frauducts is The Bob Proctor Network :: sounds good right? :: here’s the site header …

… competition is out!  I’ve heard that myself :: he might be on to something.

Another current Bob frauduct is Six Minutes to Success :: I know what you’re thinking :: “six minutes is a long time to wait” :: but just imagine how much more your family will love and appreciate you once you’re successful … and it will make that six minutes feel more like four minutes.

Last year James Ray mailed for the Six Minutes launch :: and I may have mentioned how weak-balls it was that Bob Proctor {and his wannabe Josh Fredrickson bitch Lanny Morton} would continue to accept Death Ray as an affiliate and process his leads. This year Lanny Morton decided to approach The Droid as part of his pre-launch process :: cause you know :: that’s sure to be a good idea …

Lanny Morton to SaltyDroid :: 4/30/2011

Subject: say it’s crap with all the info :o)


We are doing a launch this summer and I thought I would offer you an account to check out our site ahead of time so if you decide to rip on it, you can do so with personal experience.  (our new site will be ready in a couple weeks)

I’m not assuming we are big enough to get on your radar but you wrote about it last year.

Quote from your april 2010 post about our content: “low-grade mouth-borne donkey-shit”

you have a gift with words, that was really funny.

I like to think we do things differently. You won’t find any income claims or testimonials in our sales process. I think we give people a lot of value for what we are charging.

Anyway,  would be open to your feedback.  Even if it’s negative.



SaltyDroid to Lanny Morton :: 5/4/2011

I don’t need an account to know that your old-man boyfriend was at the World Wealth Society Summit just a few days after people died in the sweat lodge but while Liz Neuman was still dying in a coma.  I don’t need to see your “product” to know that you were one of the top affiliates for the Tony Robbins / Syndicate joint. I don’t need to log in to some lame ass web page to know that you and Uncle Bob are taking people for six figures whenever you can.

Do I?

Okay maybe you’re right. Maybe I shouldn’t criticize things I haven’t experienced. Why don’t you give me a free membership in the 3% Club so I can make an objective assessment about whether or not that “product” was as advertised?

Why would you email me with such obvious disingenuousness?  Are you crazy or something? Have you not heard the other d-bags talking about what a bad idea that is?

You should think hard about whether or not you want to sink with a ship that you’re not captaining.

Talking to me is fun … I guess. Lanny wants more …

Lanny Morton to SaltyDroid :: 5/4/2011

my motive was not “disingenuousness”.

When the content is ready for 3% club, I will give you access to it.

SaltyDroid to Lanny Morton :: 5/4/2011

1. disingenuousness isn’t a “motive” … it’s a state of being in which you represent yourself as knowing less than you do in order to achieve unstated objectives.  aka lying … and I seriously don’t appreciate having it done to my face.

2.  so you admit that you sold the 3% Club before you created the content? makes sense … that’s another thing I repeatedly hear about you and Bob.

3.  you missed the point.  i don’t care about your stupid content … and i don’t need, or want, to see it.  i know how the whole machine works … and I know your place inside it.

4.  i know about Bob’s non-marketing related sins.  if I find out that you know too … and that you continued your association with him none the less … I promise I make sure you get your fair share of the karma over it.

have some fucking standards Lanny.

Lanny Morton to SaltyDroid :: 5/4/2011

1. Wasn’t lying.  (But only I know that, no way for you to know)

2.  3% club was sold as a live 4 day seminar, which we delivered.  I thought that if we did personal development training AND internet marketing training that people would actually get off their ass and do what we taught and be successful. I think it was a good class but I didn’t accomplish the goal of making it so everyone was successful so we stopped doing the class.

3.  I see my place inside “The Machine” as someone who is attempting to deliver value to the best of my ability in a way that is transparent and ethical.  If you have a different opinion, I am open to hearing it, as feedback, even negative, is helpful to be better.

4.  no idea what you are talking about with the “non-marketing related sins”, therefor, I am not worries about the karma coming my way.

The 3% Club was $10,000.

SaltyDroid to Lanny Morton :: 5/4/2011

Well I’m sure at least one 3%er “got off their ass” and put in the required effort.  I mean they are 3%ers after all … they were willing to make a scary big investment.

So I don’t need to see proof that “everyone was successful” … why don’t you just show me proof that one person was successful. That would impress me.

Two weeks of silence followed :: {insert! dancing! interlude!} …

SaltyDroid to Lanny Morton :: 5/18/2011

Well Morton?

It’s been two weeks … I’m still waiting.

Can’t even produce one suckcess?

Have any comment for the article I’ll be writing about you charging a ton … and then producing nothing {not even a single viable result}?

I hope you’re forwarding this email chain on to Dr. Bob … but even if you’re not … something tells me he’ll have the opportunity to read it. I’m just cool like that.

50ish people paid Lanny Morton and Bob Proctor HUGE monies to learn how to “get off their asses” and get to the top of the Internet game …

No results!

That’s how this game works … ZERO FUCKING RESULTS … and it’s why approaching me is always a bad idea.  Zero fucking results is indefensible … so personal denial and public silence remain the only possible strategy for dealing with me.  But Lanny :: and many other empty-headed-dickbags :: are too stupid to see that.

Lanny gives me the name and number of a 3% Club member who has had success getting off his ass and implementing Lanny and Bob’s super special Internet secrets.  Let’s call that guy Chuck because Chuck is not his name. Chuck is down to working just one day a week due to all his awesome successfulness :: says Lanny.

Sounds great! Sounds better than Morton and Proctor are doing in fact :: the student surpasses the teacher … the classic tale. I ask for a link to Chuck’s site so I can check it out before I make the call.

Morton tells me Chuck doesn’t have a website.

WTF? How is he an Internet success then?

Because in scammer land :: someone is considered a “success” so long as they’re not currently planning on reporting you to the Feds … I guess.

Fuck it. I called Chuck anywayz.

Chuck is not a success. He’s lost an assload of money to Morton/Proctor … and other pigs just like them. Chuck has hopes for future success based on unrealistic expectations :: and Jason asked him to consider the possibility that this whole thing is an elaborate scam … and that old men like Bob Proctor and his dancing pig-boy minion Lanny Morton … have no idea how to succeed on the Internet.

Chuck knows Lanny from Lanny’s other “business” venture :: an MLM energy drink flopportunity called Verve! Verve! is for people who like their beverages to come with business opportunities. Says Lanny on his caffeine-kool-aid selling homepage …

We have a step by step system for success that anyone can follow. I have already taken 2 people in less than 6 months to six figures and want to do it for a few more.

Before you say, “Yes Lanny and Deena, pick me”, there are some requirements to work with us as business builders:

1. Must have positive attitude. Life is too short to work with negative people.
2. Must have desire, we will take that desire and turn it into a massive residual income.
3. Must be coachable. We have a step by step system that works and will create whatever it is you are looking for. If you are the type that sings like Frank Sinatra all the time “I did it my way”, then it isn’t going to work.

If you have these 3 things, we will make you successful, guaranteed.

Those sound like {lame} income claims and guarantees :: but I know Lanny doesn’t do shit like that because he just told me so … and what would be the point of bullshitting the Internet’s most kickass bullshit detector?

Morton and Proctor launched Six Minutes to Success in June as planned. Here’s Lanny trying to get more affiliates to mail …

“Conversion numbers are really really good. If you are new to a Six Minutes launch then I want to give you a little crystal ball so you can play around with the numbers. When you are dealing with a $1 trial, it can be deceiving and a little underwhelming..

Some rough calculations I did this morning from last years launch were that the average value for each $1 trial was roughly worth $300 in customer value. Keep in mind, this was with a website that had no upsells inside of it like the 3.0 site has, was far inferior to the new site and no amazing follow up retention stuff like we are doing now. So, you can do the math that if you have 30 sales, you have probably made $4500 in future commissions. (Probably much more, it’s a conservative guess) 100 sales probably will end up being $15,000. Our top affiliate, I estimate has already banked over $88,000 in the first two days in future commissions.”

Once again :: James Arthur Ray was an affiliate for a Bob Proctor/Lanny Morton launch.  Because non-competition is thicker than blood. Because non-competition is the only ‘the secret’ that really matters.

As James Arthur Ray was being convicted of negligent homicide :: he was simultaneously appearing on the affiliate leader-board for Bob Proctor’s frauduct launch.

Linda Andresano attended James Arthur Ray’s Harmonic Wealth Weekend in The Salty Droid’s home city of Chicago :: along with Colleen Conaway. Linda :: like Colleen :: got LGAT upsold on a James Arthur Ray parasite package that included Spiritual Warrior 2009. Linda had been recently diagnosed with cancer and called JRI to make sure it was okay for her to attend the fasting-no-water-heat-endurance-challenge in her condition. Instead of offering Linda a refund :: JRI says hellz yeah :: come on out.  Linda was positioned at the back of the lodge :: and lost consciousness thinking about what a good day it was to die. Her unconscious body was propped against the wall of the death lodge :: dangerously exposing her head to the searing heat. When Michael Olesen tried to get Linda’s body into the safer prone position :: James Arthur Ray shouted him down.

She’ll be fine!

After the heat endurance challenge :: as James Ray sat in the shade drinking :: Lou Caci {himself burned :: lacerated :: and delirious} and Michael Olesen :: helped drag Linda’s body from the tent. Via some kind of miracle :: Linda refused to die. She testified that in the days that followed the lodge she was just glad she wasn’t dead :: and she saw that as a kind of James Ray “success”. She was scheduled to attend James Ray’s World Wealth Summit in San Diego :: and even though he had nearly killed her and drove away on a golf cart :: she attended in her gratefulness at being alive.

Bob Proctor attended too :: ready and willing to sell Linda Andresano on his bullshit. He’s still ready :: if there are any pulses left on Death Ray’s list :: he’ll take um!! Cause it doesn’t matter that Linda almost died. Cause it didn’t matter that Liz was still dying. Cause it doesn’t matter that nobody succeeds. Cause all that matters is the motherfucking money :: and it’s really starting to piss me off.

>> bleep bloop

214 thoughts on “Bob Proctor :: Lanny Morton :: Six Minute Suck{cess}”

    1. @SD or anyone

      Someone should do a thingy on Michael Masterson/Mark Ford American Writers and Artists Institute based in Delray Beach, Florida. Interesting how that whole schtick of folks says they live in beachfront mansions. I live in Delray and I can tell you they surely don’t, suckas

  1. Salty,

    “and it’s really starting to piss me off”

    Start looking at what Monsanto and “Big Ag” are doing to the food supply of this planet and you’ll really have something to get pissed off about.

    GMO foods and CAFO “agriculture” are destroying the health of the entire world.

    Now that’s something to get pissed off about.

    While I agree that these “The Secret” scumbags deserve to be taken down, your talents would, in my opinion, be better applied to larger issues.

    Please don’t just write this off as a wingnut comment — I’d be happy to provide references and scientific data supporting this position.

    I’m not a lawyer, I’m a software engineer.

    The difference is that I argue with things that can’t be argued with so I’m always wrong and, yes, it’s annoying.


    1. @Steve Steiner,

      I did read just today about the Bill Gates Foundation funding the spread of Monsato seeds to Africa and I’ll be the first to agree Monsanto corporation is the Great Satan.

      But Salty Droid is fighting a very important fight here, and while I’ll agree he’s one helluva talented droid whose obvious talents could be used in any number of important ways I hardly think it’s up to anyone else to tell him where to apply those abilities.

      Steve, I hardly think you’d agree if someone told you to spend your time and energies seeking to educate people on…oh, say the Mid-East conflict? Please extend the same courtest to Salty.

      1. @Barbara

        I think the truth is probably more like this..

        If you look at the Facial Indictment post
        { 29 May 2011 :: 8 Comments }


        Free Ai
        { 19 May 2011 :: 34 Comments }

        Two really great posts that didn’t get the comments that a post about frauduct launches, dbags, and Syndicate members get.

        The “Big Ag” as Steve put it, is definitely a big issue that’s happening to all of us, every day. But, it probably wouldn’t get the action that the more dramatic stuff gets..

    2. @Steve Steiner, Why not mention Big Pharma while you’re at it? And child abuse? And poverty and homelessness? And the evil done by Big Oil? All of these things are huge problems that plague our society and threaten our very way of life. But in the context of blogs such as this they are red herrings.

      Those who are seriously concerned about the other problems of the world should find comfort in knowing that there are plenty of blogs and Web sites and activists and advocates who are devoted to those problems. Pick a problem, and there are probably dozens of sites and awareness campaigns for that problem. Try using a search engine and you might find some of them.

      As @Barbara noted, however, Salty is fighting an important battle too.

      I have no doubt that the New-Wage hustledorks would love it if critical bloggers would turn their attention to other problems. “Run along, folks, there’s nothing to see here!” Generally this is couched as concern that the blogger in question is wasting his or her formidable talents — and indeed, his or her entire life — going after relatively harmless, even benign, players. That’s a ploy that gets a little tiresome after a while.

      1. @Cosmic Connie,

        Oh, Connie, I did not even see that one! — thanks for pointing it out! I have so much to learn yet in my naive little old eyes.

      2. @Cosmic Connie, back in ancient times, 2004, just before getting sucked into internet scams and lose thousands, I did some searches on a few names and there was not one critical comment to be found anywhere in 20 pages of Google because everyone was an affiliate. What a golden era for scammers! Not one critical word and if anyone made a peep on a message board 50 affiliates pounced to defend the great leaders of this grand industry.

        A few years later, I was searching to see if anyone had yet discovered that Harlan Kilstein was an asshole. Salty’s first wordpress blog came up. Great satisfaction and relief came over me and I went into full koolaid rehab.

        How anyone could say this isn’t important is mind boggling. Don’t know what it is like to get truly and thoroughly scammed by assholes? The humiliation sort of lasts forever.

        1. @Regrets, and in 2011 you do a search on all of the big SECRET teachers and you find most of them have been scamming people during the big SECRET delivery. How surprising. They are mostly assholes who prey on good people to fund their own dreams and ambitions and dont give a crap about anyone elses dreams and ambitions because are all one eyed. The humiliation, deprivation, manipulation and all other “ations” last for a lifetime BUT these assholes dont get it. All they get is that to keep funding their pathetic lives they have to keep scamming and justifying the crap they are trying to spin off as life saving-ly important. Bob Proctor is probably the most experienced at it but even he had to take on his fellow SECRET mate in Australia and sue him. Oh he did win because asshole Schirmer wasnt smart as asshole Bob it seems. No surprises there either, takes one to know one as they say.

    3. @Steve Steiner, deflection doesn’t become you. If we want to read about Free Libya, or vegan efforts to eradicate evil bacon, we go read those blogs. We come here to see d-bags skewered.

    4. @Steve Steiner ::

      Thing is Steve :: and the 100 others who have left similar comments {excluding the trolls :: who can all blow me!} …

      1) what makes this blog particularly effective is that it focuses on people and things who are misusing the Internets. I’m huge and powerful on the Internets … so if you rely on them you really don’t want me to come a knockin’ … kinda hard to take that to the corn fields … I’m not huge in the corn fields.

      Web heros kill web villains.

      2) did ya notice how I haven’t really accomplished anything yet? I’m popular … and my words are making a direct impact … so I’ve succeeded as a humorist. But I’ve gotten nothing from the government … from the legal community … from the mainstream press. Nada. So I’ve not proved an effective activist … at all {yet}.

      Remember when Egypt was all like :: “fuck it :: let’s take down Israel” :: how did that go? Iraq :: on the other hand :: decided to take Kuwait … boom! … easy! … they don’t even have an army. Now that’s good thinking.

      3) if I thought I was so big and powerful and geniusish that I should only write about the biggest most important issues … then I’d write about the global elimination of ALL nuclear weapons. Because everything else is a fucking triviality in comparison.

      … so all you mini-activists out there can stow your other suggestions in your cake holes.

      1. @SD, You honestly have underrated your effect now. Since you hit the webs, I’ve seen — what? — 15 HUGE marketers announce their departure from the “IM biz.”

        Sure — SOME of them got frightened by the “new” FTC which, as you know, is just the old FTC painted up pretty like a hooker on the job. Some of them just fake-left, then returned after having a lame going-out-of-business sale. Some of them shit into their own streams long enough the water got tasting a bit funny and people just naturally left. In droves.

        But — MOST people weren’t aware the water TASTED funny until you popped up and made them actually look before they sipped, compare and think once or twice.

        So you’ve had a much greater impact on the overall picture than you’re giving your robot self credit for.

        You might not be perfect…you might not be shutting them down in droves…but you damn sure are knocking their sales numbers in the belly and, in the end, that’s the ONE place they’re weakest, so it has the greatest impact.

  2. So Bob Proctor attended Death Ray’s World Wealth Summit following the horrific murders at the heat endurance event?

    The fact that Ray had just killed two people wasn’t enough to make Bob Proctor step away from further association with this charlatan? Gee, I guess greedy bastards really DO stick together!

    And as far as beverages coming with business opportunites, like Verve and MonaVie- (the purple sludge that guarantees all the loathsome bacteria you can hold for a mere forty dollars a bottle), my own dentist just tried to scam me. Yup, he’s involved in his own MLM, ponzi, pyramid scheme…whichever term you prefer but all meaning cheat the mark…he tried to sell me a kangen water machine for a mere $5,000. Of course somewhere in the neighborhood of $2,500 goes directly into his pocket, but, hey, that seems fair! Not. Time to find a new dentist.

      1. @SD, you just have to make it clear to the dentist up front that all you’re interested in is keeping your teeth healthy. None of this Invisalign, Clear Shield, Whiter than White, toothy crap to start out with, and certainly not anything outside of dentistry. That said, I have a great relationship with my dentist. He works on my mouth, doesn’t upsell (because he knows I’m not interested) and I pay him what he’s owed.

      2. @SD, Hey Droid,
        I actually met an honest dentist. She lives in Brazil and charged me like $80 to do work that other dentists had quoted $800. No kidding. She also did it better than the previous filling I had in which lasted only a few months.
        So if you are ever in Sao Paolo let me know.
        Oh’re a droid..but a fake droid, so maybe you have teeth.. anyway.
        I just wanted you to know. I actually met one.
        Maybe one day I will find a unicorn too… I mean a real one, not “an honest self-help guru”

        1. @Giuseppe, she charged cheap, considering that Sao Paolo hast the highest paid workers in Brazil.

          1. @, She did indeed. Very nice lady. I know I should have videoed the event, since honest dentists are rarer than UFO sightings, but I was not prepared for it…

  3. You know, this back and forth conversation embodies the wave I think we’re about to hit. Remember back in 2008 when the market crashed thanks to all the inflated housing investments? Well, as the banks learned, you can’t just take a bunch of high risk mortgages and literally create value by bundling them all together and selling them as low risk. Well these fucking guru’s are about to hit their stock market crash. Yes, for years now they’ve been creating artificial value by spinning half truths and lies and bundling their bullshit together and selling it off as premium coaching, but now the wall has started to crack.

    Salty, you started as but a tiny leak in a big wall. But now that hole has grown and it’s starting to gush. The repair crews are gathering around this hole you’ve created and they are scared. Very scared. And they should be.

    The wall’s coming down and it all started with a fake robot.

    P.S. It’s funny how these creeps work. They have no qualms what so ever about having these “other unethical guys” as their affiliates. But yet they’ll come to you and claim to be the one loan good guy (who just happens to be a victim in bed with all the other scum bags). When the shit hits the fan, these pricks wont band together, they will throw each other under the bus as fast as Not Dr. Killstien eats a bucket of lard. Their time is coming and they know it.

      1. @PercyPennyWhistle ::

        I could only watch about 10 sec of vid :: he doesn’t have anything in his kitchen … so I’ve written him off.

        Here’s a comment from Sandy …

        “Well, pissed off, broke, lied to, defrauded, now a bit more savvy about what to buy and when… but no money left to buy anything, and in such a state that I’ve been sending out begging e-mails asking anyone out there who really makes legitimate money to help me.. we’re about to lose our home, all my money has gone.. and I still haven’t found the answer. What more is there to say? I believe it is possible to make money on the internet but unless I can sort out something soon I won’t even have the internet… we won’t even have an electricity supply! Nuff said, I guess but after a year and a half of trying I no longer know whether it’s worth it at all, I’m losing the will to live, let alone the impetus to make money –

        Gosh Sandy …

        Living is worth it … for sures! But trying to make it on the Internet ISN’T worth it … just as much for sures!

        What products are worth buying?

        None of them.

        Who’s really helping people?

        None of them.

        If you think it’s more complicated than that :: then you’re not done freeing yourself.

        Str8 talk.

        1. @PercyPennyWhistle,

          ummm…he has been pushing the garbage he admonishes forever and a day [[relatively speaking]]…

          I watched the video and I am like WTF is he smoking….read his blog…he still pushes all this crap…recommends it, and affiliates on it…

          I don’t know about this fucker’s crack habit, but he obviously has one.

          here he pushes his “posh button business”…with his friends no less

          Here’s his blog…

      2. @PercyPennyWhistle,

        Cheney, what a bell-end, watch the 2 vids! Breaking away from his contact with the big IM’s… Yeah Right!

        Let me guess, follow him instead of the other gurus?

        Like SD said, look at his kitchen.

    1. @Syndicate H8r, Oh yes and when this shit really hits the fan you can always fake being religious and prey all the deeper on peoples emotions. The fucktard aussie scammer Schirmer is an expert at this type of crap. If he really was religious he’d fix his own shit up first before preaching to the vulnerable. They go so low they end up bent in every direction.

    2. @Syndicate H8r,

      I find it astonishing how many ‘legitimate’ businesses spew out lessons from The Secret, and no concrete assistance. My daughter had a recent visit at college from a well known group of ‘Life Coaches’. Well no sense at all came out of that, just visualisation and imagine yourself there stuff. (She is plenty good at visualisation and imagining, in bed, I call it sleeping her head off).

      She needed to be given direction, REAL career guidance and to STOP arsing around avoiding study. A lot of people are wasting their lives visualising, prepared to trust other people and give them money for more airy fairy nonsense. They need a kick in the hole and to cop on, not waste their lives and be going around away with the fairies. But vulnerable people stopped their visualising, and became more practical, thinking for themselves, they would not be easy targets.

      I’ve seen some of these Advisors in local councils and job clubs too. Very little practical, individual advice given, at the taxpayers’ expense. The just use catch phrases anyone could spew after reading a few LOA, Think and Grow Rich etc., books. In fact if I had no conscience, I could do it, but I know in my heart that real action, not pyramid schemes, not dreaming your life away is the way to go.

      Anyway the ‘LIfe Coaches’ got a fat fee for doing nothing except encouraging these teenagers to avoid study and try some work. Yaayyy

      1. @ItIsntSecretIfEveryoneKnows,

        Oh but it is an Open secret.


        Well no sense at all came out of that, just visualisation and imagine yourself there stuff.

        But there were actually between one to two clear purposes to that or to any other coaching.

        The first you’ve already experienced–that’s the part where they got the hefty fee.

        But the second–I wonder, did they recommend her to go on to do more “advanced” coaching either with themselves or some other guru?

        ’cause the sickest-sick part of the sick-sad machine is… at every level, not only do they screw you out of your money. They increasingly screw you out of more and more of your own self control and ability to make independent, rational decisions. Each “lesson” (mind-rape) serves to soften you up for the next, larger, more expensive “lesson”.

        Yeah, I’d watch out for life coaches if I were you or your daughter. Some individuals have been known to pay the ultimate price.

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

  4. Salty, I just love that picture of JAR and I’m glad you keep using it! I think it’s one of the best pictures that was ever taken of JAR, if not “the” best one — so far anyway! Why, he just looks so darned happy and caring and handsome and balanced and… oh, I forgot — balance is bogus.

    1. @Jack ::

      Actual statistical analysis?

      Don’t be silly.

      That’s only for nerds who don’t know about the secrets.

  5. Salty, clearly you are just JEALOUS of L&D’s successes.

    You H8R.

    $800 to $3.3 Million (in revenue, IN REVENUE) on eBay.

    HUGE win.

    Way to go L&D. Everyone know that high revenue means high profitability.

    Now, something happened to that eBay business andI doubt it failed. They probably just got bored or forgot how to update their awesome website.

    Oh no wait, I see a Vemma link in the right side bar. They are using their failure, er, old website for SEO. Cuz they’re SEOs like that. BITCH!

    I mean, clearly a teeny multimillion dollar endeavor was not going to be good enough for these two rough and tumble serial entrepreneurs.

    They needed a bigger challenge.

    They needed to touch peoples lives!!!

    So where do they go…

    Why MLM of course!!!

    Grab your Kleenex because Deena lays it down in this video (though skips the eBay business all together).

    She got a ‘Y’ she needs to share.

    She also has…

    – Questionable use of child… CHECK!
    – ‘Heartfelt’ though, via hindsight, probably largely fabricated ‘Y’ story… CHECK
    – Questionable use of child (an younger version)… CHECK
    – Plug for ‘business partner’ Bob Proctor… CHECK
    – Awkward ‘love of my life’ type reference to Lanny (wearing terrible jeans)… CHECK

    Can’t you see how ‘owning’ and eBay store then going into MLM makes you an online marketing extraordinaires ( I mean they sold stuff ON EBAY for crying out loud. Hello!!! eBay owned by PayPal, PayPal that started in like 1999 and is one of the few dot com success next to Google the biggest search engine on earth where like lots of people search for MLM and probably Bob Procotr and stuff.

    You don’t see how that works Salty?

    Your H8 is blinding you.

    Perhaps, a song might help.

    1. @Mmmm, Mmmm, Good ::

      Deena’s head :: “Deena, with all your failures, you are never going to make it based on results

      {Because you have no money, are on drugs, and need the church’s hand-outs to feed your kids … [you internet marketing extraordinaire, you]}

      But wait, there’s more!

      Deena’s heart {big dreamer} :: “Buck-up bitch! You can do it!! Don’t forget about your lil son, he is a great marketing resource … He’ll probably give you a video testimonial too!”

      {Totally not a schizoid personality split … noooooo, of course not}

      Back to Deena’s head again :: “Take a look at all your failures, ho … you’re NOT gonna make it!”

      Deena’s heart :: “50 Cent! Get Rich or Die Trying! Remember your ‘Y’ and get that little brat on the video testimonials.”


      And that was the night Deena made a decision … To become an MLM scammer! And now … Suck{cess}!!! Beyond your wildest dreams! Boo Ya!

    2. @Mmmm, Mmmm, Good, ::

      The Vemma convention speech really was classic awful … and having one of your children do a testimonial for your MLM business is also really hard to fathom.

      And I wonder why sportscloseouts didn’t make it? Maybe it’s because in the real world of not-lying the only thing that matters is your margins … and your margins are constantly under threat from everything always?

      Oh wellz :: to the pyramids!!

  6. Well, for goodness sakes. Just look at that Christmas in July video. Even without looking at a calendar you can tell it’s not anywhere near Christmas. That’s because the stores don’t still have the Halloween candy on markdown and the candy canes at full price right next to it.

    Mr. Crikey and I have been scratching our heads and backs trying to figure out what they’re trying to pull pretending its Christmas like that. He finally gave up and went back to playing his harmonica and here I am, typing to all my dear friends on my favorite blog, Salty’s.

    Looking at that video, it’s kind of hard for me to make out all the details. My number two dog, Spitbucket (he’s part Shitzoo) ran off and buried my reading glasses somewhere two days ago and I can hardly see except to put my teeth in. What in tarnation is on that man in the video’s head, anyway? Whatever it is, it sure makes him look horny.

  7. 1) Should @SD ever come out with a copywriting course… You know all these “guys” would eat it up! It’s crazy how jealous they are of your writing chops… They’re always commenting on it, so you know it’s gotta eat em up inside!

    2) here we see the true belly of the beast. I have no doubt that Lanny believes the things he is saying. I believe Jeff Walker, Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern and the rest of their little boys club honestly believe that they are not doing any harm -or- what ever harm is being caused is due to the inaction of others and therefore they are excused from any direct responsibility.

    But there is a difference between people I will classify as the ‘Lanny’s’ and people like the ‘Bob’s’ … The difference is actually what makes this whole clusterfuck so evil… That bit by bit over the decades, consumerism and the “It’s not a lie… It’s marketing!” mindset has twisted reality into a pure perversion that allows people like Bob who only really give a sh!t about themselves build businesses around the idea of helping others… And of course, while there are elements of truth in their messaging, the elements get lost and tarnished by the vapid hollowness that lies at the heart of it. And so, what would be “good people” end up doing horrible things -perhaps- without the full recognizance of the filth theyvare in fact perpetuating. Traditions of tge fathers -as it were- never as ruthless to those who were raised in them.

    And so we see many “outsiders” of this blog claiming that SD and the commentors here are “Anti Business.” But in fact … (if I may be so bold as to speak for everyone) … We are not anti “business” … We are anti “predatory business” and as such we are also aware of and against those who have fallen for the lies and beguiling ways of the modern charlatan. These could be and in fact are “good people” who may be striving in sincere effort to produce something of value … but all their efforts are in vain as they are working within the construct of disregard heralded as concern and assistance for their fellow man. I have no doubt Lanny did want to so something different… But he’s been blinded by Bob’s milky white skin and flowing Canadian Mane… Not realizing that even the devil can -and prefers to- appear as an angel in white.

    In general… this entire marketplace and in fact much of sales and marketing itself, is spearheaded by the most corrupt who prey upon the good natured people by telling them what they want to hear… And bit by bit, drag even the nobelest of souls into corrupt behavior, though they know it not.

    This my friends… Is the very crux of the evil we are battling. To take down those who knowingly manipulate a marketplace for destructive purposes… Then justify their actions with intentions and disclaimers of responsibilty. Who then influence an army of others to do the same… But not openly… At first. No they sow their seed slowly and like a frog in boiling water… They will make even the most level headed people see good as evil and evil as good.

    Well… Until they wake up that is… When they read blogs like this and we together rise up and recant the methods they use… And as we do, to prevent them from hijacking our banner… As we have seen them do already (ala Mike Filsaime)


    3) roc on droid

    ps. I wrote this diatribe on an iPhone at 2:30 in the morning, so please forgive any errors and all grammar nazi’s are officially excused from your obligations. :)

    1. @How does this happen ::

      “Jeff Walker, Andy Jenkins, Frank Kern and the rest of their little boys club” DEFINITELY know they are doing harm … and actually have time & time again been caught ‘red handed’ discussing their disdain & disregard for the well-being of their customers ::

      like here and here for instance …

      1. @Doctor Mario,

        You are spot on… Let me clarify… The ‘know’ they are doing harm… But their sociopathic inner child doesn’t want to or can’t believe it. And depending on their ability to lie to themselves… They actually do believe they are doing what is right! But so did Hitler (whom Frank Kern conveniently stole his product name from: mass control). That’s why you hear a sense of pleading in their voices when they ramble off justifications like “it’s not like we’re putting a gun to their heads, making them buy it!” or “if they don’t implement what I sell ’em… It’s their own fault!” … Hut then their heads kick in and think… Hey, I can use that in my marketing… We’ll tell people that ‘this one’ is different because we’re going to “support” them and make sure they implement… Besides we’ve made this “business in a box” so easy… It only takes a couple clicks!”

        “Marketing genius!” they declare to themselves… “Now it’s not true of course… But that what people want to hear, so by-golly we’re (not) give it to ’em!”

        “Quiet You!” says they their conscious.

        And so they get through another day… Living the life of a scanner and sociopath… Acting against better judgement… Knowing full well what they are doing… But denying the belief of it, so they can continue the charade… Just a little longer. Maybe even donate (what I will claim is) a bunch money (but really not) to a charity… “that’ll make me feel better! Hell, maybe I’ll even START a charity… Who knows there might be some profit in it AND I’ll be able to put “philanthropist” on my bio! That’ll shut up those stupid robots wrecking my fun! After all… It’s not like I’m holding a gun to anyone’s head!” *cough* Mike Koenigs *cough*

        No mr. dbag “marketer,” what you are doing is much worse than putting a gun to someone’s head… You’re getting people to hold a gun to their own head, pay you for it and thank you for “helping them” … To the sickening extent to where a person motivated by desires a better life and trusts you enough to repeatedly enter a death trap paraded as a sweat lodge and say to themselves “this is a good day to die” … you selfish prick’s! I don’t like to cuss… But… FUCK YOU JAMES RAY! and a big fat FUCK YOU to Everyone who continues to support this madman and the syndicate methodology!

        I’m sick of all you tearing up the landscape, scraping the seabed for your profits while making it ever harder for entrepreneurs who want to and CAN ACTUALLY help other people grow their business and live better lives… And actually distinguish themselves from you and you perverted logic….

        Seriously, Lanny Deena or Bob please answer me… How do you justify supporting or being supported by James Ray? If you really want to help others and not just your bank account… How? How the fck is that okay?


        I gotta go take a cold bath… Cool down.

        But before I do… Let me savor the moment and just say…


        We’re coming for you!


        We already got you! Now just need to seal the deal and lock you up nice and tight so you can’t continue your self proclaimed “work”

        F’ing bastards… I swear!

        God Bless You Salty and Crew! Let’s keep up the heat!

    2. @How does this happen, One part from your first comment really struck a nerve for me: “…bit by bit over the decades, consumerism and the ‘It’s not a lie… It’s marketing!’ mindset has twisted reality into a pure perversion…”

      Your remark reminded me once again that many of us — and I’m just as guilty as anyone else — have tended to suspend some of our moral judgments around marketing and advertising. In one of my rambling, ruminating blog posts last year I discussed the phenomenon of New-Wage frauds who, even though they haven’t killed anyone, continue to market their bizarre products and services. “Is this a moral issue,” I asked, “or is it just a marketing issue and thus morally neutral for the most part (even if the person is making what seem to be outrageous claims regarding how the product or service ‘works’)?”

      One of my respondents reminded me that marketing is not necessarily a morally neutral area.

      And while some who read his response (or, for that matter, the blog post itself) might think some of it veers dangerously close to “blaming the victims,” that’s not what it’s about. It’s true that the scammers wouldn’t scam if there weren’t a market for their scams. And “Caveat emptor” or “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is,” are two little bits of wisdom that all of us at some time or another are all too willing to push aside. However, *none* of this excuses the behavior of the fraudulent marketers, and IMO they richly deserve the “Salty” treatment.

      1. @Cosmic Connie ::

        They deserve a lot more than just the “Salty” treatment …

        At this point, frauds in the USA have reached such monumental proportions that without legal or cultural crackdowns on these perpetrators, our very economic way of life is in jeopardy.

        While there are demographic issues at play as well, the fundamental American economic paradigm of “fake it till you make it” … “Darwinian capitalism” … and unabashed materialism … are literally destroying our hopes for future economic prosperity (and what little sovereignty we have left).

        Until we, the victims, make the effort to learn the tools used to manipulate & control us (marketing / propaganda / influence), we ARE deserving of at least some of the blame for this sorry state of affairs.

        Considering that for frauduct pushers misusing the internets, a fake robot blog is the main form of consumer advocacy … it’s clear we are fighting an uphill battle …

        So thanks A LOT Salty! And thank you Connie! Keep it up.

        PS :: @SD :: Would you ever consider adding a “Donate” button to this site? I would certainly make a recurring donation to see your good works continue to grow & flourish … and I am sure I’m not alone on this.

      2. @Cosmic Connie,
        Hi Connie,
        the way I see it it’s pretty simple.
        If what you say is not true then it is either a mistake or a lie.
        If you continue to repeat something not true after you KNOW it is not true and/or it has been shown to not be true, you are then a lying sack of shit.
        Mistakes happen.
        Lies on the other hand are fabricated.

        I do not see that “marketing” exists outside of the rest of the common reality we all share. A lie is a lie is a lie.

    3. @How does this happen ::

      Good points.

      It’s tricky when the badguys are teaching goodguys to be badguys as part of their badguy ways.

      I try to only name people who I think have crossed the line into conscious bad actions … not people who are still traveling on the road towards those bad actions. But even once they’ve crossed that line into eyes-open-evil … most of them totally do play a self-denial game with themselves in order to make it through the day-to-day.

      I think they often approach me to do a “mirror mirror on the wall” type thing … litmus test their evil against a control. Too bad I’m such mean mirror.

      1. @SD, leave it to you to summarize my point so succinctly…

        “It’s tricky when badguys are teaching goodguys to be badguys as part of their badguy ways”

        That’s exactly it… and they have a formula for it too. Modeled after the great deciever himself: Tell 9 parts truth to establish trust and “good vibes” and then introduce 1 part lie, which is much easier to swallow and believe in after so much “truthiness.” Then, let rest and at the next stage, continue with 9 parts lie, but seal it up with one part truth so the ending lends credence to everything else.

        As long as the beginning and end are true and the middle has elements of truth, it passes the mental litmus test with flying colors… and away you go. The principle itself is a fractal of sorts as we see the same pattern in linguistics.

        example: Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe.

        And despite the great work being done on this blog, if they can hit a stride and maintain enough sheeple in their following… whether of luck like James Ray or “skill” like Frank Kern… the crowd itself acts as a “lead in truth” giving them the ability to progress their filth faster and faster with less pushback and still ‘goodguys’ get behind them to give them marketplace credibility (heroine to a sociopath). Masses also give them a deflection tool for moments when their humanity unfortunately tries shining through.

        It’s like what Jimmy Cricket said so eloquently upon leaving Pinocchio to chase the dream of being a super-star… only to realize he was really a slave (interesting correlation is it not?)…

        “What’s an actor want with a conscience anyways?!”

        And that’s the problem… these are not models of success… they are actors. Actors pretending to be what they know a market -and their own perverse sub-culture- wants, regardless of their ability to produce their claims.

        That’s the problem, it is the (knowingly and deceitfully) blind leading the (unknowingly innocent) blind down a path of fraud and manipulation… and they hide behind their claims of ‘helping people’

  8. Some insight.

    Bob was (still is) a washed up old has been on the mlm circuit before the Internet marketing boom.

    The “new guard” empty spiritual marketers sought him out for his name.

    1st it was Mind Valley of Silva Mind Control and now Quantum Jumping fame that had rights to Bob who had no idea how to do the new fangled computer marketing.

    That petered out, and Bob’s IM life was floundering until Lanny came along and rented him again.

    everything said by salty is true except for that in this case the tail is wagging the dog. Not that Bob is some innocent old man, but he is Just getting paid to just do his gig and collect royalties as was his role at Mindvalley. Lanny pulls the strings and controls the company.

    1. @Deiss Affiliate ::

      Yeah … kind of.

      But really :: neither of them are pulling the stings. The Machine needs cogs :: they are cogs.

      And … the thing you describe Bob doing … selling out your “name” even though your “name” is not valuable … can be done hyper-aggressively … repeatedly … as a way to devour other sharks who have already succeeded at eating some of the smaller fish.

      The stories about Proctor selling his rights are complicated and I’m not ready to talk about it yet :: but the numbers are far bigger than most of the things we talk about around here.

      So I think it’s debatable about who’s wagging who.

        1. @Proctor Rocker,

          “Uncle Bob” sounds really, umh creepy. Another from the paedo “camp”?

  9. Oh, Good Goddess, this is funny. Lanny must have thought he was being bold and proactive by contacting you, Salty. I wonder if Scientist Bob is raking him over the coals now.

    At this point it’s anyone’s guess about whether or not Lanny was sincere in his plea of ignorance about Bob’s “non-marketing sins.” It’s hard to tell, because he kind of strikes me as the type of person for whom such things would be NBD, as they apparently were for at least one of Bob’s former associates. But I could be wrong, of course.

    Meanwhile, Bob just keeps hopping from one scheme to another. It seems like only yesterday that some people were complaining because they had been taken to the cleaners with that $1,997 Science of Getting Rich briefcase scam Bob had going with Jack Canfield and Michael Beckwith. At one point I put out a call on my blog for testimonials from people who had actually gotten rich by investing in the program, but… and I know this will come as a HUGE shock… I didn’t hear from even one.

    1. @Cosmic Connie ::

      If I add the zero success stories that Lanny provided me to the other success stories that everyone else has publicly or privately provided to me … then I’d still have zero success stories.

      Apparently :: “getting off your ass” is impossible :: and zero people are capable of doing it.

  10. “But the real ‘the secret’ behind The Secret is telling people that they can have it all in order to take everything they have.”

    That sums it up perfectly. Essentially by promising people they can materialize all their dreams, peoples own dreams become the “product” that they are selling back to them.

    I thought The Secret was completely and utterly evil when it first came out. I used to wonder how smart people (like many of my friends) could be taken in by it, but I have to admit I was wrong about it too. I really had no conception of what ruthless pitiless scum the people in it are.

    Lanny Morton is probably a half-decent chap like Josh Fredrickson (and UNLIKE Megan Fredrickson). He possibly even has a conscience and maybe even a sense of shame. But people with those qualities are the ones who get chewed up and eventually spat out by the machine. The top level is reserved for psychopaths only. Not all of them would kill people and walk away gloating as the cops show up, but that’s only because they’re not all as dumb as Death Ray, and they don’t all get the chance to try it out.

    1. @Yakaru,

      Given the ever increasing numbers willing to try, perhaps just as well that
      not all get the chance to try it out.

  11. Ah, Lanny, Lanny, Lanny. Seriously, you thought your sly rhetoric would convince the Droid to participate in your Frauduct? Wow. Have you actually read anything on this blog? What, did you think you were sneaky, er, sincere enough that he would actually buy into your BS without any evidence of success? What was your plan anyway, convince him to “join” then do an expose? You guys have got a lot to learn, and I for one enjoy watching the lessons administered.

    1. @Dave, No, never even considered that he would “participate in your Frauduct”, that didn’t even enter my mind. I knew that with the crew who were lined up to be affiliates, many of whom are tagged in the right side bar of tags on this site that it would definitely show up on his radar. Especially with JAR emailing for it.

      I offered to give him an account so he would have first hand information. That was a misjudgement and a mistake on my part. I thought if he thought our site wasn’t a rip off and was actually decent, that he would leave it alone.

      Again, I was wrong.

      1. @Lanny Morton, So… You knew. You had full consenting knowledge of JAR, his heartless crimes… And don’t try to tell me “they could have left if they wanted…” you know damn well the compliant state JAR had put these people in. We’ve discussed hypnotic marketing before so I know you know.

        And yet you still were willing to associate your name with his? Willing to siphon off of his “work” and put money in his pocket at the same time?

        Did you not watch the trial?

        Did you not read this blog?

        I CHALLENGE YOU to do so with eyes full open.

        I had hope in my heart that you truly cared for others and their success… I had hope that you were simply another victim of the mind-fck these hucksters have been LGAT’ing and ‘Persuading’ as the bilk their way through a ‘hooker and blow’ fueled life, living in their heads… Denying their heart of hearts while it eventually dies a slow death of atrophy.

        But… I think you are making it quite clear that you are well aware that dark side has cookies… And you’ll be damned if you don’t show up at the party with a glass of milk.

        I hope Trey and Frank and the boys don’t find out about your little ‘mistake’ in (not)thinking the droid would somehow excuse the crimes of your chosen clan because you may have a ‘cool site’ you paid too much money paired with ‘awesome content’ … Seriously? How did you think any amount of content would make up for your allegiance and contribution to the knowing rebellion against decency perpetuated by those you hope to hold you in such high regard?

        I sincerely had hoped more from you, Lanny. But…


        You wouldn’t get it.

        But… Now if there is still heart in you and you TRULY want to help others as you say you do… But are afraid of the financial repercussion… Then you have a long hard life of “success” ahead of you, friend. But if you are willing to put your immortal soul above the needs if the flesh (as I know you read your bible daily) … Then take some time to reflect on the actions of those you are surrounding yourself with. Please. For your children, your wife, and your future self… Reflect on the greater context with which we are working within and hopefully -if your ears are open- the Lord will help you see how you too have been blinded by materialism, a false sense of security, and these crooks you call friends… Even though you know they would throw you under the bus in a moment… To make a buck or save their skin.

        Think Lanny! Can’t you see that it is not ‘if’ but ‘when’ the FTC finally turns it’s fickle and lazy eyes towards Trey and Frank and Jeff and Andy and Matt and Mike and all these people we know? And don’t think for a second that their ‘cunning’ paperwork and plans are enough to fool the gov… They’ve got experience putting down people far smarter than these guys.

        Look, they may be fun to hang out with… They’re funny and witty in person… And when we’re all partying and enjoying the vacation’s after a good launch, it feels ‘right’ … But ‘even in the midst of -their- laughter there is heaviness, and at the end of their mirth there is sorrow’ … You KNOW what I am talking about. Now the choice is yours. Continue on this path and watch the fruit of a wicked tree rain down upon you… Or make the necessary sacrifices to put yourself and your family on the path to peace.

        From my verbiage, you most likely know who I am… If not, then I guess you never really listened to me anyways. Buy if you can guess, you have my number… And I am willing to do whatever I can to help you correct your course (or even clarify why and how you are on such a perverse road to ruin) and still provide for your family… But the choice is yours and know that whatever seed you choose to plant… It’s fruit is sure to come.

        I pray for you. And I pray for all those poor souls out there who feel lost an trapped and frustrated in their desire to live and prosper… Who fall prey to this ‘game’ that we have been caught up in… I made my decision. Now it’s time for you to make yours.

      2. @Lanny Morton,

        You just didn’t do your homework, Lanny. Bad move if you want to stay on your feet.
        Have a bit of a review and rethink, you might find other things that you were wrong about before they pop up and bite you in the butt.

        Shame your mate JAR didn’t do a bit of reality testing before inflicting death and destruction on his paying customers, but hey, that all-important bottom line just dazzled poor old DeathRay too, so he became blind to his many wrong turns long before the time was past that he could actually make a reversal.

        Thing is, in the company you now keep you have got to stay one step ahead of these long-in-the-tooth sharks. Given your lack of application to the homework question, I don’t give much for your chances.

      3. @Lanny Morton, You believe you were wrong because of a mistake in procedure, when in reality it goes much deeper into the very core of your ethics and integrity.

        The fact that you are getting a return on selling something with no return does not in any way validate you or what you are promoting. It is still a sham. You have also grossly failed at one of life’s most fundamental principles: carefully choosing those with whom you associate.

        Now would be an excellent opportunity to dispense with the facade and rationalizations, and do some serious introspection. If you can’t or won’t do that, may the Droid have mercy on your in-denial soul. Or not.

      4. @Lanny Morton ::

        So this is actually you huh? I thought it was somebody bullshitting.

        You’re having a mental breakdown Lanny!

        Don’t you get why you can’t comment here?

        You can’t admit that I exist. You can’t talk about me … you can’t talk to me {for fear I’ll do what I just did} … and you for fucking sure can’t publicly acknowledge me by commenting here under your own name.

        See … if your list comes here … you’ll lose at least half of them. Cause I’m not spewing out some complicated message. The emperor is naked and rotting … and I’m pointing at his shriveled dick and laughing. It’s an easy sell.

        Plus :: for the love of jeebus :: you’re making it clear you are a fan of the blog. Thusly :: you’re making it clear that you are on notice of the things that are on display here. Who in my category bar haven’t you pumped or allowed to pump you?

        You’re bullshit Lanny. And you’re hurting people.

        But please :: by all means :: leave as many comments as possible. Fuck :: why not just mail it out to your list and we’ll see what’s what? I mean you and Bob are all about transparency and justice for all … and I’m just a hater with no substance … so let’s do it!

        1. @SD, Either @Lanny Morton IS losing his mind and keeps coming back like a moth to flame… Or he’s trying to find it and hold on to whatever scrap of humanity still rests inside him, because he knows what is being revealed on this blog -despite claims of “overly venomous” attacks- is the truth. And what the casual reader or defender of the shame might see as ‘complaining’ or ‘venom’ is in all reality a justified ‘equal and opposite’ reaction to the sick amount of damage being dealt to a vulnerable audience made even more prone due to the persuasionary tactics these criminals use to get ‘killer conversions’ and endless upsell’s.

          I think it’s a desperate plea for help… Maybe he wants to be outed by the A-teamer’s … So he can have a catalyst for removing himself from the syndicates tentacles.

          Lanny if you are reading this, just know that while the impact they can have on you is real (ala Ken McCarthy, who is a good man but was still ruthlessly attacked because he knew and was willing to speak out against them using true principles for unethical and inhumane ways) just know that once you ‘get out’ of their mindtrap… There is a whole other world of business out there. I may be hard… But nothing worthwhile was ever easy… Unless you know ‘the secret’ to the law of attraction, that is. because then everything is instantly better and abundance just pours down upon you, you know because the universe loves to endlessly reward those with good intention, regardless of their effort. Oh and 1-click super affiliate software that automatically siphons money from hidden traffic sources larger than google, Facebook, YouTube, and twitter combined! Because those are real too.

          Get some help Lanny. Seriously. It’s not too late…

        2. @SD,

          Salty, you know that anyone who visits your site 7 times is going to convert. Im sure Lanny here is about to hit that 7th visit, now he just needs to know the sales funnel he can go down so he can convert. I might be wrong about the details here Lanny but if you want to convert to driodisum, its a simple 3 step process

          1. Email your list, appologize for being full of shit, return all their money, and send them a link to this site
          2. Punch Bob Fraud Proctor in the face
          3. Look your kids in the eyes and explain how you are full of shit, had no morals, and how a fake robot has more of a heart than you ever will.

          To misquote braveheart, “do this, and your soul will livem do it not and any last bit of it will die today”

  12. lolololzzzzz ::

    “New Thinking for a NEW Economy :: $$$ The Science of Getting Dead” …

    Dear Salty,

    With that huhlarious picture of James A.{death}Ray nebulously floating above Scientist Bob & pals … I somehow accidentally imagined for one second that JAR was actually dead himself … and was watching over his little cronies from some place forever trapped in a hellish netherworld.

    But then I {sadly} remembered, “Wait, no, Doctor Mario, Death-Ray is not dead :: that was his victims :: er … customers who died!!! JAR is just going to an Arizona correctional facility” … Hardly seems fair, I know :-/

    Scientist Bob … maybe you can soothe my sense of injustice with one of your {sociopathically} inspiring quotes (from the Arizona Republic … Whattaya got for me Bobby???

    “Anybody had the right to leave there (the sweat lodge), and they didn’t. Some did … It was a tragic thing that happened, but I don’t think (Ray) should be the one that’s held responsible.

    He’s not a bad guy. He’s been portrayed as something that he’s not. He’s actually helped a lot of people.”

    What!?!? Bob, this is from June 22nd, 2011!!! Were you even watching the trial?? At all????


    … Anywayz, I know it doesn’t work unless I’m Oprah, but I’m currently The Secret’ing a large piano to miraculously squish Scientist Bob’s pretty little head …

    Maybe if we all The Secret it together, Bobby Boy will [finally] be squashed by a baby grand once and for all?

    Lanny, get a new [real] job. And read the blog before you retardedly try to play an insatiable justice hungry fake robot for a fool.

    And Bob Proctor, I hope you burn in hell.


    Doctor Mario

  13. So, it’s obvious that Lanny Morton is a liar, a scammer, a fraud, and has no problem knowingly associating himself with convicted homicidal maniacs.

    But he still has dreams…like being “big enough” to be on SD’s radar. So he can show all his loser friends how important he is because a badass fake robot mentioned his name in print. Now he’s all big and important like Jeremy Johnson and Frank Kern and James Ray. And life couldn’t be sweeter.

    Ha! What an effing idiot!

  14. “But the real ‘the secret’ behind The Secret is telling people that they can have it all in order to take everything they have.”


  15. This article was a home run. Thanks for continuing to bring it back to the real issue here, the systematic abuse and manipulation.

  16. Hello all and yes I was one of those dumbasses – (or educated fool as my olde gran mammy use to call me) who believed hook, line and bank account in Mr Bob Proctor and Mr T Robbins and the absolute crapola that is The Secret.

    They got me when I was vulnerable – I was in sales, had a shit couple of months, mother was really ill, bills piling up, relationship that had gone south with not even a note saying “Good Bye”

    Along came a dear friend ( I call him dear fiend now and he is no longer in my somewhat diminished circle) who told me that you really should go on the Bob Proctor coaching course. He didn’t as he did not have the money (neither did I but hey I have uncle visa and auntie mastercard)

    So I looked at the material and talked to one of the “salespeople” and suffice to say I fell hook line and sinker – that was in Nov 2004.

    Fast Forward 7 years and I am in a worse fucking hole then I was in then – still no relationship (screw you mate you have no money), without a job, debts that give me 3 hours of sleep at night etc etc.

    BUT what i do have is a shiny set of Bob Proctor course material – You Were Born Broke, The Suckess Puzzle, The Science of Getting Poorer (day by day)

    You get the picture

    My nephew without the hindsight of an expensive educations said to me –

    “Fuck this shit uncle these guys are scammers”

    “No No Bob say this and Bob say that”

    “No Uncle what Bob says is this.

    You buy one of my products and you will feel good for a while. You apply it then nothing happens.

    Bob Bob it doesn’t work. No son its because you have not bought this product

    Okay Bob will buy that.

    Feel Good. Nothing works.

    Bob Bob It does not work.

    Ah son you forgot to buy this product which will give more clarity to you

    Okay Bob: Buy that

    same shit the circle starts again.

    Until one day you look at your growing library of “Think and Fuck yourself up” books and in a fit of rage decide to go to the net and punch in

    and low and behold the Gods smile and send you to the link of Cosmic Connie you read – your eyes grow large – your temple pluses with blood pressure – you read somemore – you get pissed – you link to SD and then read somemore

    Eventually you blow up like an atomic device and in the fallout you sit on your bed in your rented apartment and say only two things

    “Oh what a dumb fucking asshole you have been”


    Your friend comes along and you tell him to “FUCK off” and he does

    and then you start to try and rebuild your life –

    These c…ts have put me back 10 fucking years – 10 FUCKING YEARS

    and to SD, to CONNIE a big thank you and to all on this blog thank you

    this is the first time since i have been reading that I have posted.


    I work in TV and Film and I am writing an mockumentary expose of these scums bags

    A professional having some bad luck gets sold a lot of hot air – he buys into this “success cult” and then is pushed to buy more and more and then finally at the end after loses everything he manages to find his own self respect and tells then all to fuck off.

    Semi Autobiographical I know – but what the fuck

    I know the FTC will look at these guys but I have always found that humour will fuck them over everytime.

    In a time of deep cuts and austerity these fucking scum should be put our of business.

    sorry for the long post

    but i needed to say it

    enough is enough

    You scum bags I am coming to get you

    and yes I am educated enough to know how to fuck you up and fuck with your minds.


    over and out


    1. @CitizenNoir, First off, you’re welcome. :-)

      “I know the FTC will look at these guys but I have always found that humour will fuck them over everytime.”

      I think you nailed it right there. Humor is the way I’ve generally dealt with them, though largely for entertainment purposes and with no particular goal in mind (even though I’ve been accused of maliciousness and character assassination, and have received death threats from the love-and-light crowd. I can only imagine the kind of threats Salty gets.).

      I’ve long thought that the selfish-help/New-Wage/McSpirituality gurus and that entire “culture” would make a good topic for a mockumentary, a la the brilliant Christopher Guest (“Best In Show,” “A Mighty Wind,” etc.). I say, go ahead with yours. It will not only be great therapy for you but if it’s successful that will be the best “revenge” of all.

      As for the benign-looking, grandfatherly Scientist Bob, I have a feeling that, revelation-wise, the best (or worst) is yet to come.

      1. @Cosmic Connie, You are a Star and Salty is my number one best robot with a potty mouth bud

        Yes the “mockumentary” is funnily enough writing itself

        all I may ask is that once I get the production funding you and Salty come on as advisers to look through the material once I have shot it or at least read the script. (because unlike this lot I would like to pay for peoples time and expertise)

        as for Bob he is plugging his 6 mins to Suckcess again but this time from a more reputable source Brian Tracy – (now calm SD) I have used and is very good for sales training etc – I have written in no uncertain terms to BT and told him to drop Proctor as you said Connie I feel the crapola is going to hit the fan

          1. @SD, damn it Salty you have done it again – bravo – you got me doing my own research and yes damn it even BT = I think I will just sit down and read The Art of War over and over again – at least Sun Tzu did not have a super duper coaching class to sell

            Thanks my wonderful droid pal

            1. @CitizenNoir, At this point you’re probably realizing that a hustledork is a hustledork is a hustledork. Affiliates of a feather flock together. (Hey, these could be inspirational little sayings for samplers. I’m kind of uncomfortable about the second one, though, because I think it may be insulting to birds.)

              Bottom line: I think it is safe to assume that when it comes to the New-Wage/selfish-help/McSpirituality/motivational industry, any given player is a mercenary, bent on ruthless self-promotion and continual upselling, until — and unless — he or she is proven otherwise. Morals, ethics, and empathy for others take a backseat to the almighty $.

              I realize that is pretty much the opposite of the innocent-until-proven guilty philosophy that supposedly drives the U.S. justice system, but nevertheless it seems to be a good rule of thumb.

    2. @CitizenNoir, Excellent summary….

      It is only WHEN people locate their self respect in the bowels of the disgraceful crap that these assholes dish out that they find the courage to speak out and say ENOUGH ASSHOLE.

      The cute irony in all of this is that of all the people in the world there is really only a large handful of people worthy of such treatment and Salty has listed them all on the bottom of his blog.

    3. @CitizenNoir,
      Don’t beat yourself up man. They did it for you enough already. My sister is a teacher and she has a harsh but very true saying. “School fees can be expensive”.
      Oh and by the way apparently there is some research that seems to suggest (quite strongly) that the more “education” you received (university degrees etc) the more susceptible you are to the scams. Mostly because “education” is at least 85% training you to accept authority figures’ bullshit.

      Just rebuild your life one step at a time man.
      Declare bankrupcy if you have to to get rid of the massive mental strain of the debt and then get a regular job and practice saving.

      And DO NOT GIVE UP on your mockumentary. That would definitely be a hit if you get it done.
      Good luck buddy, and don’t feel alone, we all have been ripped off by these snake oil salesmen at some point.

      1. @Giuseppe, Buddy thanks for your support and comments

        I managed to get myself a better paying position and have no started to rebuild my life.

        Yes the mockumentary is on its way – I am writing and researching as we speak – lots of material these idiots are giving me

        and thanks – lets go and kick some huckster ass…



  17. and my apols for the all the typos and grammar in my first post – the rage take over and I punch the keys a bit to hard and fast

    also again a thank you to Salty and Connie and all the great posters for telling the truth

    James Death Ray is only the beginning


    right I better lie down before i have a heart attack


    Citizen Noir

    1. @Enforcement Unit ::

      Yeah that was fun stuff.

      A rogue email from their own server :: Bob is saint says the rogue … but Lanny …

      Here are the facts: First thing, they did not make $3 million dollars last year, it was closer to $250,000, and they will not make an absurd $9 million this year, it will actually be less. The website will have you believe that they went on vacation for a month in Hawaii and their business was just on cruise control, when in reality is was floundering on the edge of bankruptcy and in the middle of a sale. The sale in question took 4 months to complete because Lanny wanted to squeeze every penny out of the company before dumping it and its liabilities off on someone else. Now they are using illegal and unethical means to reacquire the assets of the former company without being responsible for any of the liabilities. They are common thieves and liars. They cheat for any amount of money possible and leave everyone around them wanting.

      See my above reference to big money naming rights scams that I’m not ready to talk about.

      1. @SD, @Enforcement Unit,

        Oh my, the comments on that blog are so hilarious! So many obvious “plants”! (including, I believe, the original defamation letter in question, just so that they could cause all this dialog and refute it!). Shame on you Lanny and Bob! Ah, but what else could we expect from the likes of you?

      2. @Enforcement Unit ::

        Lolol :: Thanks for that one, a real doozie :: and the Real Lanny Morton makes his appearance in the comments there too :: Take ‘er away Lanny-boy ::

        [Edited for boringness]The [above quoted] Email was sent from a former employee of SGR. He … used it to attempt to get to me…

        I am not going to try and defend myself against charges made by a coward…

        When the email went out, It didn’t bother me that much.

        {Begin-Highly-Suspect-Rambling}I was surprised, actually kinda shocked, but I didn’t get angry, actually, I still felt great {/End-Rambling}

        In the Science of Getting Rich, we are taught to live from our higher faculties … ignore circumstances … not let outside influences affect our feelings … bla bla bla …

        [But I am not God-Bob Proctor], so I struggled with staying in a positive frame of mind about it. Actually, I read this blog, and it pissed me off. It is hard seeing people that don’t know me passing judgment … [because I am a scammer]

        It goes on & on …

        Lanny Boy :: One of these days :: all this scamming :: and “openly” commenting on blogs exposing your scammer-self in a permanently recorded format … is probably going to catch up to you!

        Luckily, even your illegally over-stated income claims are far short of anything that might attract FTC attention :: Small Fish Lanny :: or you might be getting some new bracelets from the Federal Fishermen too :-D

    2. @Enforcement Unit,

      So $cientist Bob has a Customer Happiness Manager, nothing so mundane as a Customer Service Manager, since he has no intention of providing any service at all.

  18. “Cause it doesn’t matter that nobody succeeds. Cause all that matters is the motherfucking money :: and it’s really starting to piss me off.:

    Thats the spirit Salty, I’m so fucking sick of these freaks also. They claim they are everything that they are not and then some. Weak blood sucking parasites is all they are. Society did just fine without them and will do now also. They dont stand a chance against the wave of hate coming their way now. They really will understand the Law of Attraction soon.

  19. right my friends and follow Suckcess Exposers here is what I learnt through my own research over the last day – and thanks Salty for putting me right on BT.

    These scum bags are using techniques straight out of the happy clappy CULT-R_US playbook.

    for instance.

    1, They capture people at a vulnerable time in their lives around the three things important to humans – Money, Relationships and Health

    2, First they start off with some peer pressure (either in live form or fakeomonials from some professional usally from NYC or some other large city and remember first name and initial only)

    You then get to feel – Hey shit their are others like me as well maybe this guy is talking some sense (that when you take leave of yours)

    3, They invite you to an local (online – another webinar or live group) where they will be be emphatic with your your problem – and it if is a live Q*A they will always have an enthusiastic member of the audience who has either used the product some more and wants improve themselves to the next level or is a part of the company.

    4, In these sessions they first make you feel really really shit – Robbins calls it the Dickens method – close your eyes and now go three years, 5 years etc into the future and imagine what it would be like if you where in the same fucking position – feel the pain, feel the loss etc etc and then

    come back to reality – it hasn’t happened yet the scumbag of your choice will say – as my product is going to make sure you will be a SUCKCESS.

    You feel so shit that you will not hold onto any liferaft that is offered.

    5, They then make you feel special – they isolate you from your friends and family – by saying that “you have to keep this to yourself as your closest and dearest will question you about spending so much money”

    “They mean well my dear Mark but they are so caught up in mediocrity (or whatever phrase they use to describe hard working honest people) that they will question your judgement”

    “But my dear Mark we are your friends we are your brothers and sisters in arms and we will always be with you ( any latent problems with spouse, family friends now comes to the fore)”

    and if you are still hesitant they will say

    “The more people that question or ridicule you the more you know you are in the right place – (them they will trott out a famous dead figure from the past – Edision and his light bulb, the Wright Brothers as examples of people who faced opposition – but look at what they did”

    6, You start to feel “loved, accepted” all those harebrained schemes you have had come to the fore – “Damn these people are just life me – they want to be the best etc”

    So you sign on the dotted line – maybe a tape course, or maybe a online course/

    7, The Mastermind Group – the most cult like of all methods.

    What Proctor does it get each of his course participants into a Mastermind Group where you have your peers and your all say the same affirmations (there is only one God and his name is – you get the idea) and then you keep to schedule etc etc…

    and before you know it you are spreading the good word of the Law of Attraction to all your friends and family – most just think – this is just a phase but some who can see through all the razzle dazzle think – fuck he/she has gone off at the deep end.

    for us Exposers – one of the keys can be to equate the Self Movement to CULTS and then have enough case studies of real people being fucked over and then petition the local politician

    I dunno but i get the feeling that there is a shit storm moving towards this guys

    Law of Attraction indeed..



    Just doing some more research and realized that this fuckers use some of the same techniques that Cults do – get a person who is in a vulnerable state; use peer pressure ( aka testimonials of fake real people) to create a sense of camaraderie – get them to sign up to some fake newsletter that promises them a way of out their mess – and then maybe invites them to a local or online study group where the handlers are all there to empathize and support you.

    1. @CitizenNoir, That is a good summation, and you definitely seem to have the enthusiasm of the newly disillusioned. You’ve obviously come to the right place. :-)

      However, just so you won’t have to reinvent the wheel… FYI (in case you haven’t seen them yet): There are scads of related discussions about the cultish aspects of the New-Wage/selfish-help/McSpirituality culture — not only on this blog but on various threads on the Rick Ross forums.

      In fact you could say the “cult” angle is the foundation of one of the oldest and most basic arguments between critics/skeptics and believers/followers:

      Critic: “So-and-so is a cult.”
      So-and-so: “We are not.”
      Critic: “Are so.”
      So-and-so: “Are not.”

      And so on.

      LGATs, MLMs, and individual gurus (whether they’re strictly marketing gurus, more “spiritual” types, or an absurd combination of both) all have their faithful believers and followers and, almost invariably, the groups around them take on some features of classic cults. This doesn’t necessarily mean they *are* cults in the classic sense, but OTOH, their not being cults doesn’t mean they are harmless.

      Not surprisingly, “cult” is a loaded word. We saw how much controversy there was, especially during the trial, when some groups were dismissing James Ray’s followers as “cult members.” And the loathsome (IMO) Landmark Education (formerly The Forum, formerly est) rattles their legal sabers at any journalist who DARES refer to them as a cult.

      Legal threats aside, it seems to me that these days, simply dismissing any group as a “cult” is nearly as certain a way to short-circuit rational discussion as calling them Nazis would be. However, I think we all can benefit from reading up on the cultish methods used by charismatic leaders and influential groups.

      BTW, in case you’ve not seen it yet, here’s a little sample of the cult meme from this blog; Salty shares a vid by someone else who has a handle on how cults arise:

      And here’s one of dozens of accusations that SALTY is “a cult” (most similar accusations appear in the comments section on this very blog, but this person bravely took it to the Interwebz at large):

      OMT: While I’m all for exposure and for taking steps to stop scammers, I get nervous when hearing talk about “petitioning the local politicians.” The last thing we need are MORE laws and regulations. I think that proper reinforcement of existing anti-fraud laws, where appropriate, would go a long way. Where there’s no provable fraud, frank discussion and those good old weapons of satire and ridicule are also powerful weapons.

      1. @Cosmic Connie,

        It would be great to have a good term for the processes that we are describing. “Cultish’ is only slightly less loaded than cult. “Coercive persuasion” sounds so dry and academic.

        I would like to be able to talk with people about this in a way which doesn’t immediately put them off, or put them to sleep. Any ideas?

        1. @Anne ::

          I like the word cult.

          This is a very serious situation … a loaded word is called for. Plus :: using it maintains a kind of consanguinity with the long running fight against group manipulation. This problem didn’t just appear out of thin air :: it’s an evolution of darkness {apologize for mixing my metaphors Luis Li style}.

          That said :: I like to say “cult-tactics” instead. Keep the word … but make it a verb. Label the leader :: not the group members. Cause there is nothing special about the people in the group :: they are just people doing what people do in groups. The aberrant :: and abhorrent :: behaviors are those of the leader/s.

          1. @SD, OK, fair enough. I think my concern has been that this particular loaded word — “cult” — will lose its meaning from overuse, much like the egregiously overused word “awesome,” except with potentially more serious consequences. Very often when the word “cult” is used, people automatically tune it out.

            In any case I do agree that the lion’s share of judgment/criticism should be reserved for the “leaders,” for, even though they couldn’t “lead” without followers (or peddle their frauducts and flopportunities without a market), they’re generally the ones who display the sociopathic/psychopathic behaviors.

            “Cult-tactics” seems appropriate.

          2. @SD, I personally like the word cult too, and it IS appropriate for the level of manipulation. It’s just not a very good word to use when talking with someone who is in one.

            Even in other contexts, the word “cult” conjures up images of something like the F-LDS, Branch Davidians, or Moonies for most people. The outer trappings of “Self-Improvement” cults don’t look like that so, as Connie noted, some people just tune out when they hear the word cult.

            I like your emphasis on the tactics rather the group. Very good point.

            1. @Anne, It was my experience with born-again Christianity that got me interested in cults. There were many cultish elements to my experience: thought-stopping maxims, group identity, love-bombing, emphasis on how we were now different from family and friends who weren’t born-again and they wouldn’t understand unless they became part of the group, heavy discouragement from information and media that ran contrary to the belief system and could interfere with our relationship with God… The list goes on. I’ve seen those same elements in group after group. Spiritual groups, political groups, social organizations, even web communities. The content and purpose is not what makes a group turn into a cult. It’s a structural problem and it’s a problem of human nature.

              And I don’t think it’s just about the leaders intentionally misleading and manipulating people. I think a lot of well-intended leaders get drawn into the the hierarchical dynamics and anyone in a leadership role can have the power go to their heads if they’re not careful and mindful. That was one of the lessons of the Stanford Prison Experiment. Zimbardo started to realize that he, himself, was acting inappropriately and starting to enjoy the power trip of his conferred status too much. You have to be very careful as a leader because people will just hand you their power. You have to keep handing it back to them.

        2. @Anne,

          The process is simple, it is good old fashioned exploitation by means of emotional manipulation.
          Cults happen to use this very effective process but then so do many other groups who wish to transfer money from your pocket to theirs.

          In the Stanford Prison Experiment, apparently, Zimbardo was so caught up in the game that he was reluctant to stop–it was his girlfriend/wife ? who robustly pointed out the unethics of allowing the experiment to continue and Zimabardo belatedly realised that a wee bit of god-complex had taken him over too.
          Which goes to show how vulnerable we all remain to these group dynamics.

      2. @Cosmic Connie, You are right Right RIGHT. Thanks for the summation on all the Cult material – helps me a lot not having to go all stoneage and invent the wheel.

        And yes politicians are not the answer – I don’t know what I was thinking.

        Look forward to the battles ahead.

        Hustledorks are gonna go the way of the dodo – extinct



      3. @Cosmic Connie,

        ohhh fuck me, that is funny

        I’m not any member of Syndicate or even own internet business, I’m writing this to aware people of what is actually going on.


        He should be sued for all the damages he caused, but the probelm is that, we can’t find him.

        We can’t find him?….but…but…I thought you were “not any member of Syndicate or even own internet business”….try again rainman

        1. @_cartman_, Yeah, and long ago SD made it known where he lived, his educational background, etc., etc. He even listed a valid mailing address on the blog. So he must be “hiding in plain sight.” Hilarious.

        2. @_cartman_, That for all the world sounds like aussie scammer David Schirmers level of engrish commenterary. He has written some pretty amazing BS.

          1. Looks like the anti-Schirmer has fallen off the Schirmer posts and onto this one. And after all this time of constructively chatting over there amongst himselves.

            1. @Ray Ray Biggleston, Schirmer and Proctor were joined at the hip at one point so takes one to know one apparently. They had a fight like all fake gurus do and Schirmer retreated back into the hole from whence he came. Not sure he was involved in the six minutes stuff but its all the same anyway.

        3. @_cartman_, Another line from the “review” you linked:

          “Jones is also a serial refunder.”

          There’s only one way to know whether or not that statement is true… and that’s if you’ve sold products to Jason Jones.

          Of course, this guy is “not any member of Syndicate or even own internet business.”

          The contradictions are so glaring they about blinded me. Pretty hilarious.


          1. @Ryan Healy,

            There’s something wrong with being a serial refunder? With all those cast iron 100% moneyback guarantees?
            Who’d have thought it?

  20. @LaVaughn Extremely well said. I couldn’t agree more. It was a learning process for me. I found myself in a leadership position and the power got to my head a little. Then when I learned that what I was teaching wasn’t working in my life I abandoned it because I couldn’t live a lie. I tried to find something more true and I did — that it is virtually all bullshit and dangerous to your mental health if you believe in it.

    1. @jamo, Cannot agree more! These guys enjoy living a lie but dont realise what freaking idiots they look.

  21. Well… Well… Well… What do we have here? An Electronic Mail Message From Uncle Bob Proctor?

    Well, what does he have to say? (I’ll paraphrase what I think the first draft of this email looked like before their pr department (currently being outsourced to Dirty Mike and The Boys) in double parenthesesissis… think of them as double rainbows…


    Two weeks ago I canceled my offer of a $1 membership to Six Minutes to Success, including some incredible bonuses ((or a fortnight, as we used to call it back when candy was a penny, consarnnit!))- the recording to my $17,000 seminar The Matrixx ((Note: The Original Matrix Event was only $15,000… but then I added an extra ‘X’ which made it more ‘mysterious’ and exciting which obviously deserves a price increase, my attendees thought so too)), a four hour recording from our $10,000 3% Seminar ((Okay now, Lanny and I have publicly admitted that we couldn’t produce a single success story from the attendees at this event… well, there was the one guy who doesn’t have a website or a viable business, but he knows we’re trying to help him, that we have good ‘intention’s and all… and he didn’t ask for his money back… and that my friend, to us is the definition of ‘success’ :)) and a reserved spot at our Annual Six Minutes to Success Virtual Summit. ((It’s Like Success… but VIRTUAL! (as in anything can be claimed as success! the world and certain ‘poisonous specters’ are always trying to enforce their ‘rules’ and ‘expectations’ of what success can be deemed as, but we believe anything can be called a success! And in six minutes! In summation, we abide by the sound reasoning of our joint venture partner: Creative Possibilities…

    ((email Continued))

    Since then we’ve been busy delivering all that we’ve promised ((yuk yukk yuk yuk!))- and it has come to our attention ((via the matrixx that binds us all into one big pile of success)) that a lot of people were trying to get through to customer service ((probably to cancel…)) but because of the influx of new members to our community,((trying to cancel)) they were unable to get through. ((because that’s part of our retention strategy you’ve been hearing so much about… we learned that from Frank and Trey Smith!))

    Because of that ((we need to make up for all that lost revenue before affiliate checks are due *Knaws on fist*)), I have good news…

    I’m going to make that same offer available for the next 72 hours – ending Thursday at exactly Midnight Pacific Standard Time. ((If you try to get in after midnight… you’ll probably be locked out, but if you do get in, consider yourself the lucky one!!))

    If you missed out before, you have one more chance to get a membership as well as all of the bonuses, don’t put it off any longer. ((Please?))

    Click here now to get immediate access ((to our cult!))

    But don’t wait, at exactly midnight on Thursday – this offer is closed. ((until we get hard up for cash again))

    Click here now to get immediate access ((to our cult))

    Talk to you soon, ((not really, but I just want to say that because then you’ll think we’re like friends or something and you’ll buy more stuff from me!))
    Bob Proctor

    P.S. If you have been looking for a place where you can meet like minded, positive people, this is it. ((LGAT BITCHES!!!))

    End Email

    I don’t know about you guys… but I think these guys are starting to crack at the seams… and they don’t even know it!


  22. Proctor should shut up and go live out the rest of his life in relative comfort, that is unless he is full of bullshit and isnt as wealthy as he claims. I’ve come to believe that all these types are just magnificent talkers but what they say is absolute bullshit.

  23. So… Lanny and Bob are now promoting… Numerology? What’s next, tarot cards? Is ms. Cleo gonna make a comeback in the IM space?

    I recently found a great website that could change your life forever.  It’s about numerology – the science of numbers and their influence upon virtually every aspect of your life.

    I must admit I was a little skeptical at first…but I signed up, got my free 17-page numerology reading within minutes, and I have to admit I was absolutely stunned. 

    It nailed my personality to a “T”, revealing things about myself that I don’t share with *anyone*.  It was so accurate it was scary!

    But don’t take my word for it…because now you can get a complete 14-page numerology reading, revealing more about yourself than you ever dreamed possible… absolutely free.

    If you have any part of your life that isn’t going the way you want… if you have concerns, fears or hopes about your finances, career, love-life, relationships, or health…

    If you have any curiosity at all about where you will be in 3, 4, and 5 years from now… about how to eliminate the bad, increase the good and take control of and master your destiny… your answers are waiting for you!

    It’s completely free, and what you learn may change your life forever!

    Get your free numerology reading here

    Yours in Numbers,
    Bob Proctor

    1. @Interesting… ::

      Seriously? He mailed that?

      Lanny … you’re mailing numerology swipe copy?

      Ah ha ha ha!!

      Great career you got going here bud

    2. @Interesting…

      Miss Cleo Psychic Business Advice Ultra-Platinum Coaching Group FTW!!!!
      -Brought to you by French for Trade Union & Friends

      That actually seems surprisingly possible. Maybe she originally learned her Internet Marketing skillz from Irwin Frank Kern himself?

      “In the late 1990s, Harris began to work for the Psychic Friends Network under the name Cleo. She appeared as a television infomercial psychic in which she claimed [{ROFL}] she was from Jamaica.

      The Psychic Readers Network is said to have coined the title “Miss Cleo” and sent unsolicited e-mails, some of which stated, “[Miss Cleo has] been authorized to issue you a Special Tarot Reading!… it is vital that you call immediately!” Charges of deceptive advertising and of fraud on the part of the Psychic Readers Network began to surface around this time.

      In 2001, Access Resource Services d/b/a Psychic Readers Network was sued in various lawsuits brought by (among others) Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Missouri, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida, and the Federal Communications Commission, although reports later said that “many customers were satisfied with the service”.

      In 2002, the FTC charged Feder and Stotz with deceptive advertising, billing and collection practices; Harris was not indicted. Her promoters agreed to settle for a fraction of the amount they took in. It emerged that Harris was actually born in Los Angeles, and that her parents were U.S. citizens”

      I can haz Miss Cleo + Syndicate Samwich???

      Now that is an Internet Marketing Mash-Up I can’t afford not to miss!
      … wait …

      1. @Doctor Mario, @SD: Very interesting indeed, and hilarious to boot, but not all that surprising when you consider how deeply the New-Wage hustledorks are into all kinds of woo-ish stuff. Remember “The Secret” and that mystical scientifical Law of Attraction. And let’s not forget Scientist Bob’s “11 Forgotten Secrets.”

        And I know of at least one “Secret” star and Proctor buddy who has endorsed everything from “gold dust” blessed by an Indian goddess, to expensive Hindu prayer rituals (“yagyas” or “yagnas”), to a magickal printout of a Russian Wish Dolly, to Vedic astrology, to “tapping” away all stress and illness. Apropos of the latter, here’s an interesting link from earlier this year — apparently an affiliate contest for the tapping film classic, “The Tapping Solution.” You’ll see some familiar names.

        I’ve noticed that some of the IM h-dorks claim to be above mysticism and superstition, but I guess that when they see a money op, it’s just too good to resist.

        1. @Cosmic Connie, Hi Connie, SD and all the disillusioned on this thread… sorry been a way actually working for a living

          Now back to this… Connie as a Hindu and a believer I am royally pissed off by these buttheads who go around claiming they are blessed by some Indian Goddess (since there is no such thing as Indian Goddesses – unless he – whoever the f he is had a close encounter with some Bollywood Actress) and I am pissed off by people using Hindu rituals and selling them for profit – I can see them doing a Death Ray and getting a SweatLodge programme going on…

          1, Can you tell me the name of the idiots so I can write him into my mockumentary…

          2, Tapping Solutions – I heartily follow Tapping especially when it is a piece of nice Hickory (as Mr Eastwood said in Pale Rider) and it it is tapping the skull of various hustledorks – seems to work a treat then

          Tapping I will give you a “Tapping” you wouldn’t believe – you want to see the “Stars” come and let me “Tap” you on your skull with my mystical stick…

          yours disillusion


    3. @Interesting…, WOW. Talk about jumping the shark. I think that was jumping at least 3 or 4 sharks. Bob and Lanny, sittin’ in a tree, and what do they foist on the public but a crock of numerolo-gee…

    1. @Yakaru, I think Sheila Polk should ask him to explain electricity. That’s how stump Bob Procter. Keeerrrist, what an idiot.

      1. @LaVaughn,
        After spending months explaining chemistry and physiology to the defense team, poor Sheila is probably the best person qualified to tackle Procter’s scientific teachings.

        In fact, I’m surprised they didn’t use him during the trial. “According to quantum physics, Mr Ray was not actually in the sweat lodge at the time of the event.”

    2. @Yakaru, Oh, and look, there’s Tony Alessandra.

      I’d hope that the prosecutor’s office will research all the “witnesses” and, as you mentioned, make note of any mutual financial interests.

  24. Without Internet Marketing there will be no great search engines like Google, and we will never chance upon this great article. Without bullshit marketing (yes ALL marketing = bullshit) there will be no economy, and our living condition would still be similar to those in sub-Saharan Africa (Google it). Without the raping of natural and human resources of the peripheries we who live in the core countries will never be able to live the life we live now.

    If you zoom out for some perspective – global perspective – the fact that we possess money is already a sin. Money is a zero sum game, because our resources are. To put it simply, the more we own the less they own. Sadly, ‘evil’ is a vital process to human evolution and ultimately, it comes down to how we decide to use this ‘evil’ to push for greater good.

    I know all these theories probably sound totally off-topic and like some airy-fairy bullshit, but what I’m trying to say here is that we first need to zoom all the way out to have a good understanding of things, then zoom all the way in to educate and love the people around us. The bottom-up approach changes the core, while the top-down approach has flashy but short-lived effects.

    I expect to get flamed for completely missing the point. Just saying what I feel like right now that’s all I guess.

    1. @Zen,

      If African miners hadn’t risked their lives and poisoned their local water supplies to retrieve rare metals that Chinese migrant factory workers transformed into microchips and lung-burning smog, I wouldn’t be able to use my MacBook to tell you and Steve Steiner and anyone else who wants to derail this convo to suck it.

      Think globally, act locally. Ever heard that one? Now-convicted murderer James Arthur Ray prowled for victims in the Droid’s hometown, and the Droid is making sure people know about him and his scumbag compadres Bob Proctor and Lanny Morton.

      1. @Lanna,

        Thank you for responding. This is the kind of response I was expecting to get.

        ‘Think globally, act locally’ was exactly what I said in my post. You repeated what I said and asked me if I ever heard of that one?

        This is exactly my point here – don’t just see what you want to see and turn a blind eye to the rest. The fact that you repeated what I said and asked me if I ever heard of it proves that you were only focusing on what you detested in my post instead of seeing the bigger picture. And I don’t remember saying Droid is wrong in any ways?

        I certainly do not think that I am ‘right’ in any ways and neither am I trying to preach. In fact my intention was to learn more than preach.

        All I am saying here is that hating and blaming isn’t going to do the world any good. We should get together and have a proper and rational discussion. We need to grow up and stop being all emotional and telling people to fuck off because you don’t give a fuck about what they think because you’re a hero. Droid, that was for you.

        1. We should get together and have a proper and rational discussion.

          About how to reason with psychopaths?

        2. @ Zen,

          If a proper and rational discussion with dirt bags got us anywhere we wouldn’t be resorting to satire.

          Not everything is fixable through proper and rational discussion– sometimes a quick smack with a shitty stick works wonders, as in:

          Q: How to reason with psychopaths?
          A: Don’t.

          You can while away a few hours if you like, after passing up the chance to reason with the psychopath, meditating on whether this is true or not, but if you try to engage in the ‘proper and rational dicussion’ you are already sunk.

          Psychopaths work on emotionally-driven assumptions in others, not proper and rational thought processes.
          Who’s been teaching you zen? Genpo Roshi?

    2. @Zen ::

      There would be no economy without marketers? Cause without marketing you wouldn’t want dinner?

      MLM isn’t about making the world a better place … it’s about stealing. Don’t expect anyone outside of the group think mud hole to accept your “airy-fairy” classification of evil as goodness.

      1. @SD,

        You sleep with a pistol under your pillow?

        You and all your followers have a very strong sense of justice, so strong that if all of you were juries nearly every case you play a part in would end up to be death sentence, even without much evidence.

        Promoting hate is never a good thing, promoting sensibility is!

        Happy crime busting folks.

    3. @Zen,

      Missing the point is the least of your errors. Your complete and utter lack of understanding basic macro economics is worthy of towering inferno flames. You don’t have airy-fairy theories…that would imply you have studied and understood Smith, Keynes and Friedman… you just have shit pulled out of your ass.

  25. This article resembles a famous tabloid we all recognize.
    The national enquirer. That’s a compliment. For those that do not know, the enquirer hires some of the best high paying copywriters in the world. The salty Droid’s copy writing style is brilliant! This dude probably makes a shit load of Dough alone from ad-copy. :-)

  26. Hi Salty
    Love your way mate nice !
    I came across Bob after reading a book that lead me to a book that lead me to Bob.
    I like what he is delivering.
    Investment in Bob is roughly £200 (pounds).
    Income before < £50,000 pa
    Income after ~ £150,000 and rising
    I had already altered my career on my own from toilet cleaner to IT manager.
    Things got tricky and I had to do something, at the same time I came across a load of free stuff on youtube of Bob.
    It really helped me stay on track and then 6 Minutes was quite simply the best thing I ever had for breakfast.
    It could be mumbo jumbo however it worked for me.
    Maybe I could have done it 'on my own', maybe it was falling in my lap (mate I that is not the deal at all).
    I agree that Bob has been more recently lead in directions that I wish he wouldn't get involved in.
    But, if you are up against the wall, want to do more, 'change your life' etc
    3 steps – Paul Mckenna Change Your Life in 7 Days – Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich and Bob Proctor – anything you can hoover off the web or take them up on a $1 30 day subscription AND FOLLOW THE ADVICE.
    This has given me the time to live better, get well, grow and most importantly I get to be a volunteer first aider, give much more to charity, lay foundations for the future and spread love and peace.
    In peace Salty x It worked / works for me x

    1. @Tim Cowell, My favorite part from the Think & Grow Rich idea-book is where he tells us about that:

      “Wisdom and “cleverness” alone will not attract and retain money except in a few very rare instances, where the law of averages favors the attraction of money through these sources. The law of attracting money does not depend upon the law of averages. Moreover, the law plays no favorites. It will work for one person as effectively as it will for another. Where failure is experienced, it is the individual, not the method which has failed. If you try and fail, make another effort and still another until you succeed.”

      Because the math-stuff in Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers can’t make enough sense for me.

    2. @Tim Cowell ::

      Thanks for the comment. Dumb claims … dumbly made.

      Could we get a link to your Bob Proctor induced life successful business? Because you’re a liar … and the website you linked to is a joke.

      Even if Bob’s magical wisdumbs were working for you {which they’re aren’t} :: they’re not working for Bob because his life is a pathetic sham … it’s the sort of data point I have a hard time seeing past.

      Peace and Love to You

      1. @SD,

        Few funny things.
        #1. Just saw in a private forum that Proctor and Morton are in a lawsuit. Think Bob is in charge of Six Minutes now.
        #2. Bob isn’t paying affiliate commissions.

        Looks like they have a court date tomorrow in Nevada

        Looks like he has another lawsuit in Nevada:

        And another in Arizona:

        Would be intersting if everyone searched their state’s court cases for Proctor to see how many lawsuits he is involved in for screwing people over.

          1. Looks like a countdown to a downfall for Scientist Bob.

            As many here may know, a few years ago Proctor successfully sued a former joint-venture podner, Shameless Schirmer, the Blunder from Down Under, for deceptive business practices, among other things. I always thought it was a pot-and-kettle situation and felt it was only a matter of time until some of Proctor’s misdeeds came to light.

            Standing by for more details…

          2. @Ryan Healy, This was sent to me on Jan 19th

            Thank you for checking in on this important issue. I expect that Bob Proctor will be sending a letter to all affiliates next week. Please stand by for his communication.

            -Still no news since then. Also site is now showing suspended

      2. @SD, What a fucken pussy!! who hides behind a cheese dick robot.
        If your parents were in front of me. I would slap them for having you.

        1. @Anonymous ::

          And then afterward will you be putting on a webinar? … maybe called “ShitTalking for Pre-teens” or something …

          Because you seem to be golden with pre-teen material.

            1. @,

              I’m sorry, I didn’t understand you.

              Apparently you have a case of “vandal syndrome,” in which inane and violent concepts are haphazardly thrown around in grammatically incorrect format.

              I’m sure you will have a better understanding of this concept if you pay attention to the walls in the public bathroom stalls. (Though I am sure you are usually busy with other unmentionable activities.)

              I could just “thumbs down” your post, but let me help you out here so that you will be better able to express your vacuous nature in the future and avoid the “vandal syndrome” of which I speak.

              What a fucken pussy!! who hides behind a cheese dick robot.
              If your parents were in front of me. I would slap them for having you.

              Technically, it should be “fucking pussy who hides behind a cheese dicked robot. If you’re parents were in front of me, I would slap them for having you.”

              Oh, and let’s not not forget that

              once again the asshole speaks! Behind a avatar. What a puss./blockquote>

              should actually read, “Once again, the asshole speaks from behind an avatar: what a pussy!”

              I know this is a bitter pill to swallow. Make sure you drink plenty of water when you take these!

              There, don’t you feel better now? You’re (not your) welcome.

              I’m sure this will provoke some more troll comments from you. (Maybe I’ll be punished by the robot who owns this site for leaving troll bait.)

              But I must admin I am a little anxious to find out what the next comment will be! (Oops, silly me… I started that sentence with a conjunction!)

              Ooh, I know! Can I haz a “go fuck yourself!! your a fuck face!! your probly sittin in your grandmaz basement … ”

              … blah blah blah …

              Why do you even come here?

              Don’t you have your own blog where you talk about all the “scams” out there while pitching your (proper use of “your”) affiliate link just like everybody else under the tactically convenient “anti-guru” guise?

              Here’s a post for you that might help cut most of the crap out of your blog: “How to know who the good ones are.”

              Keep the illiterate vitriol in your own backyard.

              I don’t want to have to clean up your mess again.

              However, in the likely case you haven’t taken the time to actually learn what this site is about, realize that the Droid hides behind nothing.

              By the way, reading really is a great treatment for the illiterate symptoms of “vandal syndrome.”

  27. This is so funny reading. Lanny is a huge douche bag. The guy has screwed his friends over and over. I know many of them. While his wife is a crazy ass pill popper. Watch out for them. They put on a big show, but it is all bullshit.

  28. Ps
    And yes, Bob is suing Lanny and Deena’s pants off right now and winning. I was in Vemma a home based business the mortons are in and watched them completely screw over friends of theirs that got them to the top of the company. The CEO, top earners and everyone down the line all cannot stand them.

    1. @ryan ::

      Look at these two sentences close together :: because that’s how you wrote them …


      I was in Vemma a home based business the mortons are in and watched them completely screw over friends of theirs that got them to the top of the company.

      Sounds about right :: MLM is a unicorn lie … that’s what happens in all of them. Hopefully you learned your lesson.


      And yes, Bob is suing Lanny and Deena’s pants off right now and winning.

      Wait what? So Bob’s briefing Lanny’s Vemma downline on his current litigation prospects? Because :: no … he isn’t.

      And there’s no “winning” in business dispute litigation … only losing … everybody fucking loses. Except The Salty Droid of course :: who seriously appreciates it when insider details get put on the record … forever out of d-bag control. Did you know that you can request video transcripts from Maricopa County? Yep you can … so much more high tech than Yavapai. So you know … that should be fun.

      I like comments that rip into d-bags :: but not as much as I hate lies and propaganda … keep that in mind “ryan” as this moves forward.

      Lanny is the least of Bob Proctor’s problems … believe it!

      1. @SD,

        Ryan, I would drop money that you are a Bob Proctor loving D-Bag..

        With regards to: “And yes, Bob is suing Lanny and Deena’s pants off right now and winning.”

        I think Your version of “Winning” is similar to Charlie Sheen when he said “Duh Winning”

        If Winning looks like having your cased dismissed when you are the plaintiff, then I guess Bob Proctor is winning big.

        Get your facts straight before you stick up for Proctor. You are on the wrong site if you are one of Uncle Bob’s ass-lickers..

        From Nevada court where proctor was suing morton: “Plaintiff’s Application for TRO and Motion for Preliminary Injunction is DENIED. COURT FURTHER ORDERED, Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction is GRANTED.”

        Here is the full minute entry from Nevada:
        01/13/2012 All Pending Motions (11:00 AM) (Judicial Officer Kishner, Joanna)

        01/13/2012 11:00 AM

        – PLAINTIFF’S EX PARTE APPLICATION FOR TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER AND MOTION FOR PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION…DEFENDANTS’ (1) COUNTERMOTION TO DISMISS FOR LACK OF PERSONAL JURISDICTION, INSUFFICIENCY OF SERVICE OF PROCESS AND (2) OPPOSITION TO THE PLAINTIFF’S APPLICATION FOR TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER AND MOTION FOR PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION Mr. Snavely argued Defendants not avoiding service, could have been served at hearing in Phoenix on the 3rd. Mr. Mangano argued service attempted numerous times in AZ and also in Hawaii. Mr. Snavely argued case belongs in AZ. Upon Court’s inquiry, Mr. Snavely stated there was no appearance by Defendants in Federal Court. Mr. Snavely further stated all parties in case are citizens of AZ. Mr. Mangano argued Six Minutes LLC is NV entity. Further arguments by counsel. Court stated its findings and ORDERED, Plaintiff’s Application for TRO and Motion for Preliminary Injunction is DENIED. COURT FURTHER ORDERED, Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss for Lack of Jurisdiction is GRANTED. Mr. Snavely to prepare Order, circulating to Mr. Mangano for approval as to form and content.

        1. @realestateguru,

          Oh, one more thing “Ryan”, I put links in my post earlier so even a jackass like you could have done the “Research” meaning, you could have clicked on the links provided on my post to get the truth before spreading your Bob Proctor loving misinformation.

          1. @realestateguru, never said I liked bob either. I am with you. i think dp is a good guy and was young when he worked with these people. I really don’t care for bob and really don’t care for his business partners the mortons. they are terrible people from what I have seen. that is all. i am not trying to defend anyone. i agree mostly with that you have to say. maybe I came off the wrong way. i have been close to many people close to bob and the mortons so I have heard a lot of stories, thought i could offer up some info for u. they also had court proceedings in arizona, not just nv.

            1. @ryan,

              “they also had court proceedings in arizona, not just nv.”

              That is your response to my response telling you I had already posted links to the cases?

              Now you have revealed yourself as being really fucking stupid. I am sure your response to this post is going to enlighten us with information already revealed in previous posts.

              “i think dp is a good guy”

              lmao, you obviously didn’t watch his videos, or if you did, you are just as big a d bag as him.

              @Salty I think we need a really dumb version of this blog for dp, oops, I mean ryan.

    2. @ryan, dp gates cough cough, I mean “Ryan”. It wouldn’t be so obvious that this is you if you spent less time cross recruiting girls like me on Facebook and saying bad things about the Morton’s… Maybe it’s time to grow up?

      -Fergie, well, I am as much fergie as you are Ryan

        1. DP Gates is fun for me to hate … it’s distracted me from what I was supposed to be hating.

          I think probably DP Gates will suffer for having distracted me with the suckness of his existence.

          So DP says at the end of that lameness that Morton brought him into the fake juice biz … and now he’s cross recruiting other people’s auto-shipping juice loads?


          I said juice loads!

          So DP you wanna be Bob’s number one bitch now?

          Let’s talk this out.

          Do you call yourself DP so you can be like BK Boreyko? Do you also want to be his number one bitch?

          Do you think BK Boreyko has GoogleAlerts for his name? Prolly :: it’s so close to convention time … so one should be monitoring the tubes for vicious slanders.

          Oh BK :: what troubles Bob hath wrought for you.

          PS :: BK Boreyko

          PPS :: juice loads!

          1. @SD, I think my favorite part is when he goes to the framed napkin that bob proctor wrote and said he “Jedi mind mastered me”. It is so accidentally hilarious. I bet if bob shit on some toilet paper and have it to him, he would probably frame that too…

            1. @Omg dats funny shit,

              My favorite part is that sad, half empty closet of his. I think you could fit all his stuff into that lame verve bag he was pimping. Sure didn’t look like a six-figure salary closet to me!

            2. @Lanna, great video! LOL! And speaking of Lunchables (apparently stocked for his son), did you happen to catch DP Gates’ parenting video on YouTube? I wonder if Lunchables are the kid equivalent of Verve in their healthfulness? Ha!

            3. @Shorty,

              You mean the parenting video where his kid ignores him and plays a video game the whole time?

              Actually, the Verve nutrition looks a lot better than the Lunchables nutrition. (Click the box and then click “NUTRITONAL INFO” in the top left corner.) Lunchables are just a “nutritonal” disaster all around. I guess that’s why Dr. Oz is pimping Vemma and Verve instead.

          2. @SD,

            He lives in “gated community on a private golf course.”

            Translation: He used his grandparents to get discounted housing in an elderly assisted living community.

        2. @SD,


          At first I got real excited…

          … then I got real confused.

          First, Bob was all “The man who owns this site was that man, and he can show you how to set up multiple streams of income.”

          Then I was all, “Holy shit! Bob is saying that SD has multiple sources of income and can show me how to live the life I really want to live? Oh snap!”

          Then Bob was all, “Get in touch with the man who owns this site and ask him: How do you set up multiple sources of income?”

          Then I was all, “Droid is awesome! Multiple streams of multi-level income, here I come! Man, Droid is so smart and loaded, and I can too!”

          Then I was like, “Oh, wait… but his tagline says ‘you can’t make money online.'”

          Then I got real confused. Then Bob said “DP Gates is the man who can show you how to do it.”

          Then I was all… “Who the fuck would seriously allow anyone to call them DP? What does that even stand for that it requires hiding?”

          Then I remembered that this is MLM, which is kinda one of those “pyramid thingies.”

          Then I realized that DP must probably stand for “Deliberate Ponzi.”


          I don’t think I want any part of that.

          So much for my unicorn dream.

          1. @zipnar,

            You must be stressed out after that emotional roller coaster. But you can still keep your unicorn dream! I saw some for sale on Amazon and ebay! There were some unicorns you can put on your lawn…so it’ll look pretty. And some that are fluffy. All different kinds. Probably enough for everyone to have a unicorn!

          2. @omg that’s funny shit,

            About video posted:

            He seems like he knew about how MLM worked before the numbers-and-arrows guy smoke-and-mirrored up to him, because at 1’21 he tells us the story about his early business selling “consumable money” posed as a water-selling scheme:

            “We had a product that was always needing to be bought. They’d consume it and they’d buy it again. And we ended up being the best business in what sold the most amount of money.”

            Me, some facts of the matter I learned about are an equation that MLM=Elvis and make sure you hang about “High Educated” people in MLM.

            1. @Jack,

              Not trying to hijack this thread to pull attention away from “Deliberate Ponzi” Gates or his cronies, but I finally figured out why I have a personal reaction to this DP guy beyond the normal knee-jerk reaction to a huckster.

              This guy has the exact same face as a con-artist who swindled me out of about $9k worth of labor and deliverables. I wish I was exaggerating, but he got others for even more…

              Just look at this dude’s slimy mug! He could be DP Gates’ creepy big brother!

              For your (dis)pleasure, I introduce real-life con-artist: Dan Vega

              This guy can put IMers to shame because he can play to your altruistic nature and lie directly to your face without a twinge of regret or even batting an eye. He is amazing at hiding “the tells.”

              I’m no psychology expert, but to me that seems to be the definition of a sociopath: practicing how to manipulate your natural expressions for personal gain.

              Amongst many others, he had a scam where he was planning on swindling Zimbabwean government departments out of $100,000s.

              He actually had 1 or 2 face-to-face meetings with the Prime Minister of Zimbabwe to pitch his scam, posing as a humanitarian-type of business opportunity to build schools and hospitals in Zimbabwe …

              … conveniently neglecting to mention the fact that Zimbabwe would never see a dime of the money invested.

              Most of it would probably go to pay mounting legal expenses for a Forex scam he ran in Missouri that he was trying to keep quiet. (Search MO Courts for case number 0931-CV18478. I can’t link to it directly.)

              Scamming the public officials of Zimbabwe to pay for his previous scams: I couldn’t even make this stuff up!

              The good news in this case is that he messed with the wrong web dude.

              (Droid, you would have been proud.)

              Once a couple of us realized what he was actually up to and received documentation that the stories and credentials he used were blatant LIES, we used his technophobia and lack of how the internet works as a weapon against him.

              Very long story short, the Zimbabweans and many prospective victims of this scam were alerted to his “misrepresentations.”

              Many of the dots have been connected, and he is under initial investigation by the Attorney General in multiple states (MO, CA, AR, maybe FL) for misrepresentation and hopefully fraud.

              Hopefully the investigation into his laundering money through a non-profit will continue, but this guy is as slippery as the snake oil he sells. The fact that he is not behind bars after the amount of scams he has pulled amazes me.

              Beware Dan Vega, his brother Darin Vega, his wife Penny Vega, or any of the business names they have operated under. The most recent scam they are operating appears to be called Zander House Publishing out of Pensacola, FL.

              —> P.S. In case you feel like doing an image search for Dan Vega … make sure you have “safe search” turned ON.

              If not, be prepared for some man-on-man pornography.

              Yes, it’s a beautiful thing that a narcissist such as “con-artist Dan Vega” has to battle with search results for “gay porn star Dan Vega.”

              Seriously, I couldn’t even make this stuff up.

            2. @Jack,

              Couldn’t reply to the comment directly above.

              CHARGES ON THE CASE:

              COUNT I
              (Fraudulent Misrepresentation – Forex Defendants)

              COUNT II
              (Merchandising Practices Act – Forex Defendants)

              COUNT III
              (Fraudulent Misrepresentation – BSBI Defendants)

              COUNT IV
              (Unfair Merchandising Practices Act – BSBI Defendants)

              COUNT V
              (Breach of Contract)

              COUNT VI

              COUNT VII
              (Civil Conspiracy)

              I suppose I can post a link to the actual document if anyone wants to see it.

              If the Droid wants a copy, I’d be more than happy to email it to him … along with all the other evidence we compiled against the Vegas … especially the parts about getting written documentation catching Dan in flat out lies about his business associations and accomplishments.

              1. How about if anyone else wants a copy (other than the droid?) I’ve got a person stake in this guy and what misdeeds he’s been up to….

            3. @Jack,

              Here it is in all its glory:


              The lies that are covered in this thing are barely the tip of the iceburg compared to the twisted BS he spun by the time he dug his claws in to me (about 1.5 years after this thing was filed).

              One of my favorite lies (what an odd thing to say), is that he would repeatedly say (but never put in writing) about how he spoke on stage with “Get Motivated,” and that he wrote the business plan for the Lowes.

              However, when we contacted “Get Motivated” to verify, their official stance was that the only record they had of anyone named Dan Vega was when he was ejected by security (presumably for trying to get his picture taken on the stage).

            4. @zipnar, That reads like a Warrior Forum WSO, except with a higher price tag. If you ever write a book about it, I suggest the title: “Willy Wonka and the Forex Factory.” Of course, that title may be a tad understated.

              To me though, the giveaway would have been the use of the word “Elite” as part of an actual business name. And the word, “Forex.”

              At least now you know never to believe in unicorns that cost more than a hip replacement.

            5. @zipnar/Uncle Roy, “400 Trades In A Row Without A Loss!” I see re:Bartmann/Orman Vega take some direction from the Tim Ferris Playbook

            6. @Jack,

              I didn’t know about this Forex BS until I started digging to verify Vega’s claims. I have always stayed far away from anything Forex.

              However, how he hooked me was through his faux-altruistic BS about wanting to change the business world with a “business ethics network.”

              Long story short, the biggest lesson I learned in this was to be very wary of any business person (philanthropic or not) who opens the door with any variation of “I’m doing this to give back/make a difference.”

              Also, the name dropping doesn’t stop with Bartmann and Orman. Some of the other business/personal associations he claims at various times have included Donald Trump, Colin Powell, Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Steve Forbes, Zig Ziglar, and others…

      1. @Fergie, HUH? I am not in this business anymore. I don’t work with dp or the mortons. never really did. I do know people who worked with the mortons and have let out all their secrets.
        dp in my opinion is a good dude and was in his 20’s when he made these videos. thats all I can really say. He does well outside of Vemma. The Mortons are well into their 40’s and known as huge pieces of shit(and I know I am preaching to the choir here, i am on your side here) by anyone you ask around this industry. The bk guy seems to be a nice enough guy as well.
        not sure what I did to get criticized in this thread or dp or bk. the focus was and still should be lanny and his pill popping drunk ass wife deena morton. the things coming out about them are amazin for a thread like this.

        1. gee @ryan, those DP Gates videos don’t seem to be more than a couple years old based on ther YouTube posting dates. I’m curious to know what DP Gates does well a outside of Vemma. Please elaborate.

          1. @, I think he’s involved in real estate of some sort. I don’t think he is heavily involved in the Vemma business anymore. He openly says on facebook and other places hes learned his lesson working with these guys and he’s done. The cribs video was not his idea and was done 4 years ago(he must have been 27)but I don’t know any other details on that. Like I said I’m on your side with all of this. I learned my lesson. I was just sharing some info I know having been involved in the Vemma MLM business, meeting them and knowing these people. Lots of people in Vemma are talking about Bob Proctor suing the Morton’s right now. Glad I found this page, I’ve learned some good information.

            1. @Ryan,

              If DP isn’t involved with Vemma, how is he still listed on the Vemma website as one of the top guys in their pyramid?

            2. @SD, I followed the link you posted for mommy’s twitter account and came across a tweet from little DP of a link to a Bob Proctor interview in which he makes the galling claim that network marketing is the most moral form of business… MY MIND BOGGLES!!

              “I believe that the whole universe operates in an orderly manner, and Network Marketing operates more in harmony with the laws of the universe than any other business I’ve seen. A person truly receives exactly what he’s worth. No nepotism, no favoritism. I find that rather unusual in the business world.” — Bob Proctor

              If anyone speaks w/ a forked tongue, it is this sleezebag.

            3. @Shorty (re your Feb. 23rd 9:27 AM comment): I followed the Twitter link and found my way to the Proctor interview you mentioned… gag!!! Beyond the fact that Scientist Bob has a lot of nerve going on about morality, given his own history of dodgy behavior, his rationalizations about network marketing, aka MLM, are classic (and reminiscent of the stuff on the sites of serial scammers such as Kevin True-dough).

              F’rinstance, here’s Bob helping to dispel some of the myths about MLM:

              “The people who are successful in this industry truly love what they are doing. Once they understand the system, away they go — helping others understand it, too. Keep in mind that there are a lot of people who are not successful, but that’s their own fault. Another unusual characteristic of Network Marketing is the seemingly small distance from the bottom to the top.”

              The operative word there is “seemingly.” And yeah, once people “understand” the system, “away they go,” trying desperately to recruit every relative, friend, coworker, distant acquaintance, and dog they can corner. If they don’t succeed, of course, “it’s their own fault.”

              And then there’s this (also classic) rationalization, straight from the mouth of Bob:
              “All business is shaped like a pyramid, but the difference is that in Network Marketing, everybody is at the top of their own pyramid.”

              Here’s a direct link for those who are interested:

            4. @Jack, Well, obviously your lack of success is your own fault. You just don’t want it badly enough. You should find some successful MLM peeps and get them to help you. Bob says that the really successful Network Marketers love to help others succeed too.

            5. @Jack,

              I think maybe your block problem and not wanting it hard enough problem can be overcome with more inspirational training DVDs. If you stack the DVDs under the blocks, then that will raise all of them up.

        2. @ryan,

          From your previous post:

          “I was in Vemma a home based business the mortons are in and watched them completely screw over friends of theirs that got them to the top of the company.”


          From this post:
          “I don’t work with dp or the mortons. never really did.”

          These two statements by you are a contradiction.

          I think Salty said it best:
          “I like comments that rip into d-bags :: but not as much as I hate lies and propaganda … keep that in mind “ryan” as this moves forward. ”

          Let me clue you in on what you did to get criticized on this forum “Ryan”
          1. You lied
          2. Your really stupid
          3. (New reason) You are sticking up for DP who is obviously a D bag. Watch his videos for clear evidence.

          That made you really easy to rip on. If I were you, I would stop now, but I know you won’t because you are stupid and you think you can dig yourself out of the hole you keep making deeper.

          1. @realestateguru, Even the ONE statement makes the good and useful contradiction:

            “I don’t work with dp or the mortons. never really did.”

            “really” is really, really weird there…really.

  29. It’s cruel that these online pitch-men get away with selling the unsuspecting TARD! hope in a bottle.

    Then again…their is a sucker born every SECOND now days, instead of every MINUTE!

    The pool of suckers widens.

    Leaving a gaping hole for internet marketing con-man to engineer hope in a website…..and dangle in right in front of the SUCKERs!!

    It’s like taking candy from a child.

    1. @Alex ::

      There’s a sucker born every SECOND because all humans are suckers. They build cultures and societies around trust … and then predators take advantage of that. All people can be manipulated.

      And is it like taking candy from a baby?

      My conversion rate on stealing baby’s candy is a lifetime 100% … and I didn’t even have to form a french for trade union. Conversion rate on this shit is more like 5% … so I think it’s prolly harder.

  30. Relevant: Russel Brunson apparently loves MLM scams too! AND he’s marketing out loud in a new push to peddle dotcom seekrits to the mlm’ers… Cause you know they caint get enough of fake crap… So why not buy his fake crap!

    Check out this dumb-butt email he just sent out… What a tard.

    So, if you’re not into MLM, this may not be for you…

    BUT… if you’re a closet network marketing junkie (like me…)

    Then I want to meet you, in Vegas. 

    Despite the fact that I told my wife that I was never going to speak at a live event again… these guys “got me.” 

    I think the reason is I wanted to hang out with 1,200 people who are into MLM, and see if I can help them all get more leads for their businesses…

    Anyway – check out this awesome video to see “No Excuses” is all about here:

    We’re doing a LIVE webinar with all of the speakers in a few days, and you can register for that webinar here:

    Anyway – this is gonna be a lot of fun – be on the live call, cause I’m gonna be spilling some cool tricks / ideas (after all, I’ve got to show these other guys I know what I’m talking about… right…? :) )

    So, go register now, and hopefully we can hang out in Vegas.

    Russell Brunson

    P.S. – did you see this video?  One of the coolest promo videos I’ve seen in a LONG time:

    1. @Ha ha!, I found out on the site about where the 2 SEO-Studs can tell us about how to solve traffic-puzzlers at

      The first cipher-challenge they give us is about signing up where they told me this puzzler:

      “Register to be the FIRST to get this special report delivered to your inbox instantly…”

  31. And lookee here… Hot out of the shit-cake oven is an email from lanny morton’s suk-ass Infusionsoft account – posing as Bob Proctor…? If Bob were taking Lanny to to court, why would he still be mailing under his name? Oh, the money… I forgot. Even when bitches break up they still gots to go ‘manifest’ them monies. Maybe they can pick up Wayne dyers new book… “Wishes Fulfilled… The art of manifesting” … I shit you not… Now, back to Lanny pretending to be bob…

    Last week I sent you an email asking you some questions and giving you one of my best programs… I wasn’t sure if you got my email or not and I didn’t want you to miss out on getting your copy of the Success Puzzle – at no cost.

    Have you ever thought of Success as a Puzzle? That’s the way I think of it – and just like a regular puzzle if you have the full picture and all the pieces, it can be quite simple to put together.

    However, if you are missing a piece or you don’t have a guide that’s when a real blunder can happen.

    Well, I’ve spent the better half of my life studying success and the mind. I have a program called the Success Puzzle, it has 6 Parts to it and is a complete guide on how to put together your success puzzle.

    I’d like you to have the Success Puzzle, at no cost – it’s my gift to you.

    Click here to see what else I have to say about the Success Puzzle and receive yours!

    To your success,
    Bob Proctor






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    Tempe, Arizona 85282
    United States

  32. Jane Willhite, owner of PSI Seminars, sent out a personal message to all PSI graduates urging them to sign up for PSI7 graduate Lanny Morton’s Six Minutes to Success. Now people are losing their shirts from being involved with this. Lanny and Deena Morton are being sued by Bob Proctor who ownes “Six Minutes to Success” leaving the graduates holding the bag.

  33. Bob Proctor should change his name to Mr. Potty mouth.

    I recently heard an iTunes interview with him from PSI Seminars by PSI gal Dori Locke, and was appalled at all of the curse words that flew out of that man’s mouth.

    Even Dori was shocked when the words flew out as expressed by her verbal cues.

    Lanny and Deanna Morton are trying to make lemonade out of the rotten pile of lemons Bob dumped in their lap. Check out their hour long “Be-Do-Have” clip on YouTube to see the mark of success. Jane will have them as speakers at Principia this coming year at The Ranch. Stay tuned.

    1. @how to monitor network traffic,

      Oh man, I actually clicked through the site and it immediately brought to mind one of Patton Oswalt’s bits about seeing Dr. Pepper doing stand up at an open mic night. If that site was created to be intentionally funny for the purpose of commenting here it would be genius.

      1. @What the what,

        It reads like Jack’s site. Maybe this is his new site? But we know his as Jack. Why would he change his name to how to monitor network traffic? Maybe it is the peer pressure from loans trick and resveratrol weight loss to have a less-traditional, all-lowercase name.

        Don’t give in to the peer pressure, Jack!

  34. Wow can’t believe someone is standing up to all the fake bullshit from The Secret
    It is just a marketing machine it was a stolen marketing plan designed to do good in the world but instead used by the black selfish $&@####
    They don’t create anything good or positive in the world all the secret was stolen I know the person they stole the marketing idea from even the secrets diary was copied from the person they stole from !!!! Thank you for telling the truth

  35. Strangely, now that someone mentioned Bob Proctor, I can confirm that one of his students, a Filipina by the name of Clarissa Calingasan, was seen at several TVI Express scam events, next to “Madoff of India” Tarun Trikha, who several months ago was arrested in India for TVI Express scam.

    Now she’s disappeared from Twitterverse. ;) But there are plenty of proof that she’s a top TVI Express affiliate: platinum at least

    And she claims to have “co-authored” a book with Bob Proctor!

    Phooey. Where’s Internet mob justice when you need them? I think I’ve even seen a petition on calling for her arrest. :D

  36. @psychic horoscope,



    ORGANON: Your luck’s still holding out.
    DOCTOR: It is, rather, isn’t it.
    ORGANON: You must have been born under a particularly favourable conjunction of celestial circumstances.
    DOCTOR: I was.
    ORGANON: What sign were you born under?
    DOCTOR: Crossed computers.
    ORGANON: Crossed what?
    DOCTOR: Computers. It’s the symbol of the maternity service on Gallifrey.

    I don’t know nothin’ ’bout no blogs… but AFAIK, this blog runs on WordPress. I think a very great many blogs run on WordPress or else WordPress + many-plugins or some other derivative work of WordPress.

    Of course there are also non-free, non-Wordpress things out there. But they’re not named “Expression Engine”.

    I’m also not clairvoyant neither, but I’ll give you a free reading anyway: I see in your future that nothing fruitful will come to you as a result of your comment on this blog.


    “You can’t make money online.”

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