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Bob Proctor and James Arthur Ray are lifetime BFF’s {which is NOT to imply that they tongue kiss and share needles … or is it? … no it isn’t … unless it is}.  Neither has even the slightest whiff of credentialing or legitimacy :: yet both have been able to part people from enormous amounts of money in trade for low-grade mouth-borne donkey-shit.

Death Ray needs to take more money from his victims fast so that he can funnel it to lawyers and PR consultants on his way to jail for being a rotting fish stick of a murdering prick.  One {pathetic and desperate} way to try and raise funds is to send out emails hawking other people’s frauducts.  You’d think it would be hard for James “I Kill People” Ray to find people to partner with :: but Bob has decided to stand by his man …

From: James Arthur Ray // Apr 6th 2010

Subject: A great opportunity is almost gone

I know this is my second email to you today, but an early mentor, and dear friend
of mine Bob Proctor, has a new program called Six Minutes to Success.
He is doing a $1 trial for 30 days.

I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU to give this program a test run:

I give it my HIGHEST POSSIBLE recommendation.

Because I know Bob, I know his material, I promise he’ll do you totally right
…and I know you’ll be thrilled out of your mind :)

Just click here for this great opportunity:

Much love and respect,

James Arthur Ray

P.S. Bob is closing this offer at midnight tonight. It is a GREAT
value. I vouch for it 100%.

P.P.S. Included with this program is a Live 2 day event for
Six Minutes member only.  Schedule permitting, I’ll be helping him
teach the live event …so make sure you come and hang out!

Bob will “do you totally right” :: you’ll be “thrilled out of your mind.”  Really?  Huh :: quite surprising. The ghostly pallor :: obvious physical frailty :: and complete lack of virility must have been throwing me off the scent of Bob’s “do me” “thrills.”

The Droid tried to get in on this hot thrilling action :: but it was already pretend SOLD OUT! Pretend selling out of digital goods … I wonder where they got that genius idea?

The affiliate recruitment page explains …

“Bob Proctor and Lanny Morton are bringing you an opportunity to make a serious pile of cash …”

Send them your leads {especially if they’ve been pre-LGATed half to death} … and they will convert them into cash. In the second video Lanny explains how …

Frank Kern. Back end upsells. BS continuity programs. False scarcity. Frauduct launch model. False testimonials. Know nothing coaching.

… dead people.

>> bleep bloop

79 thoughts on “Supporting Bob Proctor”

  1. Thank you Droid for taking on the granddaddy of douchebags. Proctor has been peddling his bullshit before there was an internet.

    There isn’t an original bone in Proctor’s body. He’s just repackaging and re-peddling Gilded Age (and Depression era) “New Thought” philosophy. It’s just feel good bullshit. Just buy Napoleon Hill’s book for $7.00, you’ll get the same message but save yourself thousands of dollars.

    1. @Doc, Napoleon Hill… such nonsense. I’m amazed at how many business types like that book.

      1. @SlowlyWaking,

        While I’m still on the fence about Think & Grow Rich, I know it is preached as the bible of a lot of the internet marketing community.

        I question it’s value only because Napoleon Hill himself died poor, and ironically, before he wasted the fortune, the only place he made considerable money was on the book itself.

        A shockingly resounding story we see all around us, and especially on this site. The granddaddy original holy grail blueprint that epitomizes the once said phrase “the only way to get rich with a get rich book, is to write a get rich book”.

      2. @SlowlyWaking,

        I only mentioned “Think and Grow Rich” because it’s a $7 paperback book, and you’ll get the same message that Bob Proctor preaches without spending thousands of dollars.

        At the end of the day, it’s all feel good bullshit.

  2. At 4:32 in the first video on the “affiliate recruitment page”, Bob actually burps. I’m serious. He just ignores it and keeps going. I don’t advise watching the whole thing. I have got to stop looking at all this stuff, it’s giving me a headache. Your droidness may enable you to comb through these materials day in and day out, but I’m starting to realize I gotta put a limit on it. Once a week maximum, I swear.

    1. @jackrabbit, Maybe he wasn’t ignoring it. I mean…he’s old. It’s kind of like when grandma farts, y’know? If she didn’t hear it, it didn’t happen in her world (or for Proctor, his “plane of consciousness”).

  3. Oops. The burp is at :32 not 4:32. You know what that means – I went back and checked it out again. Gawd..

  4. Where is the mandatory affiliate disclosure as required by law? Also, doesn’t the law also require a correct mailing address appear in all commercial emails?

    1. @Joe ::

      Yep! No affiliate disclosure … but he does use words like “friend” and “mentor” to mask the commercial nature of the relationship. NOT a legal promotional … and the exact sort of shenanigans that the rules were intended to combat.

      The address was there via the infusionsoft footer.

      1. @SD,

        “No affiliate disclosure.”

        What an ignorant loser. You ridiculous loser. There’s no such thing as an “affiliate disclosure.”

        News flash asshole–affiliate marketing has been used for over a decade by some of the biggest companies in the world. Companies you have no doubt never heard of, but for others, they include companies like…uh…Dell Computers. Ebay. The biggest affilate in the world? That would be, cock smoker. The thousands and thousands of sites which conveniently place a link to an link to a book they’ve mentioned in a blog post or article? 99% of the time, it’s an affiliate link, dip shit. And nowhere–because it’s not underhanded to not admiit it (shit for brains)–there’s no mention that the person stands to make 5% on the sale.

        1. @the voice of reason: you truly are a moron. In the U.S. (where this joker is based), the FTC now MANDATES full disclosure of any affiliate relationships. It is now the LAW. And yes, plenty of people have yet to get their act together and comply. Does that give them a free pass? No, it just means they are rolling the dice. If they are selected to receive the attention of the government, it may cost them dearly.

          The law took effect in December of last year. Go read about it before you run your fuming, arrogant, stupid mouth. Are you living under a rock?

          1. @Bob,

            Are you living under a rock? -Bob

            BULL–SHIT!! -Voice of Raisin

            Well Bob…that pretty much explains things.

            1. @_cartman_,

              Oh my gawd _cartman_….you are brilliant times 1000 fold….I pray to you when I go to sleep….I pray that my children will be 1/10th as brilliant as you are…..You rock my world….

            2. @_crtmn_,

              Frtmn, dnt mstk m fr sm gnrnt btch wh cn b dpd b bld fcd lslk Slt spr lb nd th thr lb dts wh swllw th stmng sht shvld b th lks f Brr nd th dstrctcrts.

              dnt THNK slt spr lb nd th lsr wh sd fll dsclsr f fflt mrktng s lw s fll f sht. dnt THNK tht sttmnt b spr lb nd th mrn lr cnt pssbl b tr.

              Np fckng KNW ts bld fcd l, lsr. Gt t? Slt spr lb s rnnng th lb plybk. Th plybk sd t gt dts t jmp brd th glbl wrmng (ps, clmt chng) fnts, t blv n th lghbl myth tht smhw gvng mlln frldng ddbts fr hlthcr s ctll gng tsm fckng hwrdc th dfct, nd sv mn.

              Th plybk s LYNG HS FC FF.

              Fll dsclsr whn t cms t sng fflt lnks whn rcmmndng prdcts? r y fckng nts? Srr, sshl, m nt Slt spr lb, btt plggr. Stck tht ll jst s ts tr, h wnt knw th dffrnc p yr ss, lsr.

              dnt prtclrl lk hvng t btch slp y lsrs n dl bss. Jst nc d lk t shw p nd nt fl th nd t hlp y b slppng th tst t f yr gnrnt mths. n d, prhps.

              >> Oops :: something terrible happened to all the vowels. What a fucking shame :: that was probably a priceless comment. ~ SuperAwesome Droid

            3. @the voice of raisin,

              “I don’t THINK” – Voice of Raisin

              No argument

              “bald faced lies” – Voice of Raisin

              Lies losing their hair…on the next Dr. Phil!

              “the global warming (oops, “climate change”) fantasy” – Voice of Raisin

              Complex systems (such as an ecosystem) in “equilibrium” can undergo a cascading failure, by making changes to certain parts of the system. Not sure how that is “fantasy” ….butt…whatever…

              Raisin….seriously…..won’t you say you love me too?


        2. @the voice of reason,

          Blah, blah, blah. Blow it out your ass blowhard. Don’t you have anything better to do?

    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      Wow, those guys really have no shame at all. That’s the thing that really amazes me. Proctor strikes me as one of those guys that are really nice to your face and when they’re trying to get you to fork over some money and then turns nasty right after you give them some money or they realize that you’re not going to give them any.

        1. @banana, It would be cool to have a video camera trained on Harlan’s face while he talks to a prospective “customer” and then we see his face go sour when the “customer” says he has no money. Almost like seeing someone turn into the wolfman before our eyes.

  5. Hey, it sounds like the second video has that Black Eyed Peas / David Guetta song “I gotta feeling”.

    Anyone know if Bob Proctologist has the rights to use that song in his newest scam?

  6. Hey, I have another great idea for Scientist Bob and Death Ray! They could have an MLM scheme selling $1,997.00 briefcases full of self-help crap.

    Oh, wait. I think that’s already been done.

    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      Or, we could put together something showing people how to attract a new car, and then have all of our friends give us testimoanials… oh wait, that’s been done.

      OK, how about we rent a Rolls Royce and then charge people to ride in the car with us and we have them take us out to dinner so they can “pick our brains.” Oh crap, that’s been done too.

      1. @Rafael Marquez,

        or … we could start a blog like this one, and use it to manipulate people, and gain trust power and control over people by creating trust, credibility and super stardom…

        oh, wait that HASN’T been done yet!
        still in it’s development stage…

        “Just in case one day I might wanna sell something” ::: I mean “why not”? why shouldn’t I?

        … Could be hugely successful!
        “The fan club knows *how honest I am- I could sell them shit and they will buy it!”

        {isn’t that fairly accurate Salts?}

        of course it’s your blog and you can do what ever the hell you want with it…its comments, commentators, etc.

        … freedom IS A beautiful thing!

        – your thumbs up and down- encouraging and discouraging – edification …all of it…laughable really.

        always said you were a smart man … still think you are …{kind of} just maybe not as QUITE smart as YOU THINK you are …

        AAAAAAND … What the hell DO I have to do with a “Bob Proctor” post??? — no one says a damn thing about that UNRELATED comment …

        all big brown bullshit … robot is getting rusty, and was / IS very sloppy… its ok, it

        now ya’ll be sure to give this a thumbs down’ cause those are the comments that get read for sure!!!

        ~ Karin Hiebert


        Karen Hartmann

        Karen Schmidt

        Karin Schmidt

        Karin Schmidt-Hiebert

        Karin Hiebert

        Karin Hiebert-Meilleur

        Karin Meilleur


        “Karin Hiebert”

        [karin hiebert]

        Karin Hiebert

        for Google- SEO stuff I know nothing about ;)

        1. “laughable really” —> Karin’s ego that doesn’t match her “accomplishments”.

          “for Google- SEO stuff I know nothing about ;)”… insinuating you’re some SEO genius while coming here whining about how Harlan owns your name on google. ;)

          Truly, you’re 1 mentally messed up person. If you ever got out of your own headspace and reread the egotistical things you type here, maybe you’d see how pathetic you are… in which case, silence would be golden!

          Also… you’re in serious need of a new hairstyle, eh. Ehh.

          1. @KarinBigShotEgo,
            love ya right back @Rich!


            I feel so special that you would all take the time out of your day to go through my pics and vids from 07!

            Views and Comments are always appreciated! Go crazy, knock yourselves out!

            To my other fans who email me…I thank you too…for everything … and I mean everything!

            @Bob Proctor your welcome for the distraction from this post!

            1. @Karin Hiebert,

              I light candles and play Barry White when I see your pics, baby.

        2. @Karin Hiebert, Hi Karin, I clicked on your name and went to your website. You’re hot. One suggestion regarding your video: Redo it, keep the content the same, but this time do it naked. Thank you. I would very much appreciate it.

            1. @Lenny, If you don’t want to see Karin on her website video naked, fine. But don’t spoil it for the rest of us.

              There’s a video floating around here of Harlan Kilstein at the beach. Perhaps you’d enjoy that more.

              I want to see Karin.

            2. @new fan of Karin, This should get you started then. Enjoy(?)…the wisdumb of Karin Hiebert…brace yourself:


              Yeah, this probably made her month…”more attention!”

  7. Like all douchebags Death Ray will suck up to anyone he can think of if ti means making money and his douchebag mate in Australia David Schirmer does the same thing so it must go with the qualifications. When the shit hits the fan they pull out all stops to REMOVE ALL ASSOCIATION yet they are still selling the same shit and claiming that THEY are the only GODS with any brains and knowhow on the planet earth. My guess is these people dont really enjoy the same bed they just want as much money from the HOPE they sell as they can get and they really dont like sharing either. Sharing has NOTHING to do with their universe. What a pity so much effort wasn’t put into something really worthwhile and humane.

    If I also recall Proctor sued his douchebag mate Schirmer in the Australian courts for MISLEADING AND DECEPTIVE CONDUCT and Schirmer had to pay up(although I’m sure he’d love everyone to forget his wicked past but my guess is that aint going to happen any time real soon, thats one of the lifetime payments for seriously affecting peoples lives). This was about the same time as those trading people who apparently funded Schirmers businesses were involved in the Schirmer expose when Schirmer was caught red handed acting like a school girl caught smoking grass with his fist in the tin (yes apparently he actually doesn’t have much money – i know i know just incredible for someone claiming to be a wealth expert, make that a global phenomenal wealth expert LMAO).

    Apparently Schirmer seems pretty good at CREATING BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES when – and i know i know it does seem co-incidental that is WHEN HE SEEMS VERY PUBLICLY STRAPPED FOR CASH but even more weirder things have happened right? I think he must have thought he was on a winner at one point but the grass is always greener on the other side of douchebagdum and Scientist Bob should know much about that so one has to wonder why he bothers at his age and all.

    But these guys are all EXPERTS right? People we should follow and call MENTORS? Oh but they do pull out the few actual living people testimonials extracted right after a massive feel good seminar injection when its easy to shove the camera into peoples faces and capture the adrenalin rush before anyone realises whats going on. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic.

    The science of getting stuffed.

    1. @savingthebestforlast, Out of all the names you’ve used for your comments, this one’s pretty catchy. You’re getting a little better at loosely attempting to connect your obsession about Schirmer into the comments of unrelated posts. Still, no cigar – sorry. It’s pretty obvious you’d rather have us drop everything and talk about nothing but Schirmer. We get it though: you want attention, and you want to keep that Schirmer fire burning. Here’s a tip though. When you comment under the many existing Schirmer posts, your comment will then appear in the column on the right, so people WILL see it. (Try it!) It’s not as exciting as trying to change the subject of other posts, but it’s the polite thing to do. Am I wasting my breath saying this? Probably.

      1. @Grape Jelly, Well yes now I have your attention. Schirmer is not the only douchebag who I have a particular hate for but one of a few. What I have noticed though is that for all intents and purposes you could assume that he is attempting to do business in the US of A claiming to be a pastor (get the ticket) and then running seminars on nothing but attempting to flog his manysome pathetic products. I find the guy particularly useless and unattractive like many I suppose.

  8. Christ almighty, salty super lib…you are one sick bastard. Sincerely, after reading your fucked up posts for the past almost 6 months, I’ve realized, you are the epitomy of everyfuckingthing I absolutely despise in a person.

    Just a sick fuck who thinks anyone with the gall to be selling information is automatically peddling lies just designed to separate the poor proletariats of the world from their hard earned money…money tossed to them by the bastard capitalist pigs exploiting their hard work.

    You have my pity, salty super lib. You really do. What a fucked up disgusting mindset you have. To the assholes who come to your defense and say I have it all wrong about you being a screaming leftist loser, fuck that. No…way…in…HELL do I have that wrong. No one who thinks like you do is anything but far left “help us oh mighty government.”

    I said months ago that I had you figured out, asshole. You are a hopeless disgraceful “if the government isn’t going to step in, we have no chance of ever escaping our current caste.”

    You are the biggest loser I have ever come across. Sincerely. It is just amazing. The the fuckhole salty drones who will pipe in with “then why do you visit the site,” visiting your site is like coming across a horrible car crash where mangled body parts are lying everywhere–it’s horrible, disgusting, but you just have to look at the morbid terribleness (it’s a word now, fag lib) of it.

    1. @the voice of reason: What you meant to say (but couldn’t because you’re an unstable wuss), is that you don’t pity Salty, you ENVY him. That’s why you post here, knowing that people disregard you on a wholesale basis. You’re like the unwanted guy who sticks his foot in the doorway, when everyone on the other side is trying to slam the door shut because they don’t want you to smell up the party. You’re starved for any attention you can get, any way you can get it.

      By the way, if Salty is such a big “loser,” why do you keep coming back here to be consistently marginalized? Is it because you have a LOT of time on your hands? Or is it because you are a mental case? Or both?

    2. @the voice of reason, I am constantly amazed at your seeming inability to communicate via the English language (one of the richest and most comprehensive of all languages) without peppering it liberally with inane profanity. If the Droid truly represents all that you despise, why in the name of all that is holy would you continue to subject yourself to his writing? Anyone with a smidgen of intelligence would simply point their browsers to another site more in tune with their way of thinking, if one offended them as much as you claim Droid offends you.

      Every time you open your mouth (which is altogether too often, in my opinion), you show yourself to be nothing more than that which you sit here and accuse the readers and author of this blog to be. You obviously have an agenda to create dissension, and yet have absolutely nothing of value to contribute. Ergo, you simply make yourself look ignorant amongst the masses of commentators who actually appreciate Droid’s witty repartee.

      If you truly believe that so much of what is said here is nonsense, why not toddle off to a site of your own making? You would be able to control exactly which type of sheeple commented… you would be able to spout your own opinion as fact (FACT: in case you’re unaware of what this means, it is a piece of information which is corroborated by evidence – something Droid is clearly adept at providing. Can you say the same?)… and anyone who disagreed with you could simply be banished into the nether regions of commenting cyberspace.

      I’m quite certain you’ll find it much easier to exist in a place where everyone agrees with you.

  9. Proctor looks like he smells like mothballs. 30% donkey-shit, 70% vinegar and water. Should be fined by humanity for having taught all of these Secreteers. Sorry VoR…that was probably pretty leftist of me to expect humanity act as some sort of governing body.

  10. Maybe Bob proctor’s income really did skyrocket from $4k to $1m when he started teaching personal growth and Jedi mind tricks to doctors back in the day.

    And maybe Bob lost it all playing nickel slots in a dirty side room at a Reno gas station.

    Or maybe, after an anonymous gay sex interlude in a Minneapolis airport bathroom gone wrong, Mr. Proctor spent all his money on legal fees and press releases to reassure his family that he is not a homosexual.

    None of that may be true. But, in any case, you should cut the old dude some slack.

    Because by pointing out the faults with Bob Proctor’s personal growth seminars and 6 minutes to success videos you’re just trying to make yourselves feel better. Jerks. Bob wouldn’t schlep hyperbolic unless he absolutely had to. Transform your life now. Haterz.

    Stay jaundiced,

    P.S. In just a few short weeks I’ll release my SUPER high-powered 5 MINUTE a day video SERIES that MELTS your inhibitions AND REPLACES the constrictive cotton grandma style PANTIES covering your brain with a super SEXY mental thong that ALLOWS the creative JUICES to flow.

    P.P.S. The rumor is that Frank, Bob, Joe, James and Russell may be in on the launch! Can you imagine a better group to picture wearing thongs?

  11. Been searching through the posts here looking for that big confession Karin said she was going to have back in December. Something to the effect that she was tricked or lied to. She built a ton of suspense and tension up but I don’t see where the big bang happened.

    Annnnnnnnnnnnd iz Karin still frolicking in fecal material with the hill billy drag queen +Irwin Kern+ or has she “snapped” out of it?


    1. @karinhiebert where?, That turned out to be some damage control spin reserved in case she was “outed” for that “frolicking” you mentioned her having with Kern. I guess I shouldn’t refer to it using terms like “damage control” or “spin” because she just isn’t that sophisticated. Even after her leap off the deep end, she still comes back here occasionally looking for a pat on the head and someone to listen to her…endlessly.

  12. I think Voice of Reason is really James Arthur Ray, and I think spoonfaceboy is Josh Fredrickson.

    1. @Bonnie, I don’t think Death Ray is ‘vice of erosion’ because Ray would never be capable of generating the following phrase: “just designed to separate the poor proletariats of the world from their hard earned money…money tossed to them by the bastard capitalist pigs exploiting their hard work”.

  13. @Bonnie – Chill. Read some of the Spooner’s other comments.

    @VOR/FranksGayCousinTrey/Dickweed – you are a true douchebag. For fuck’s sake, get over yourself and start your own blog.

    @Salty – concise, “high”-larious writing as usual: “low-grade mouth-borne donkey-shit.” Instant classic.

    Connie – glad to see one of your old nemesises (is that a word?) lampooned so effectively by the Droid.

    Back to my cave on Saturday, so I hate all of you equally.

  14. I don’t know about any of you..but I can’t make up a name any funnier than Bob Proctor. It had me rolling when I saw his name in “The Secret”. In fact, a lot of those names in The Secret are pretty frickin’ funny.

  15. Nothing new under the sun!

    Dirtbags will always be dirtbags because its a learned craft.

  16. Lanny Morton?

    Why is this D bag a go to guy for anything?
    Seriously, you could find this type of clown at any Dunkin Doughnuts and get the same kind of bullshit wisdom.
    Nice work Proctor – what, your garbage man wasn’t available so you went to the next best thing?

    1. @Michael F., Looks like an interesting book. Barbara Ehrenreich is a good, no-nonsense writer. Thanks for the recommendation.

  17. Proctor is a fucking idiot if he gets involved with anyone again. He got involved with Schirmer is Australia and spent his money in court proving Schirmer was the wanker. Pretty stupid really because it seems most Aussies already knew he was a first class fake. Proctor must be a slow learner.

  18. Wow, Scientist Bob is really getting high-tech and advanced in his thinking. He’s up to the nineteenth century now. In his latest frauduct, which his b.f. and fellow Secret star Joe Vitale is currently tweeting about (three tweets so far), one of the things Bob shares is…

    “How the Morse Code and telegraph wires prove the laws of the Universe are REAL and powerful enough to create your new reality (and how to leverage the natural laws to achieve your deepest desires!)”

    The man’s a pistol. I’m having trouble keeping up with him. What’s next…LOA lessons we can learn from typewriters? Or even more astounding…fax machines?!?

      1. @_cartman_,

        And as a bonus to all my loyal followers, here is the vitale/ortner video found using super secret stealth techniques (bahahaha…I said that with a straight face).

        This video will not be available to the General public for a while, and once they found out we found it, it will be moved….so time is limited…you can open it or download it…

        Vitale talks about EFT and shit….gawd…reminds me of Andros idiotic EFT crap….I’m gonna go poke my eyes out with a fork…

          1. @premades,

            exactly…and you know what they say…one man’s super secret technology is another man’s sears catalogue (okay….maybe the don’t…butt…they should…it’s kind of catchy)…okay…all seriousness aside…

            The other two videos were found…I claim no responsibility for any emotional or intellectual damage they may cause….watch them at your own risk…they CONtain more proctor & vitale and John Assofrat and some lady….who knows….I didn’t watch them fully or pay attention (they were boring as hell)….and I was busy manifestering reality with my new dreamreal(tm) plugin with futurenow(tm) module….and I just upgraded to web 3.0…with user manifestered content….saweeet….going now to finish manifestering with the dreamreal(tm) plugin…



        1. @_cartman_, Thanks for providing a way for all of us to “enjoy” these very special videos. Please don’t poke your eyes out.

          Yes, Joe V has been going on about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for years, and he was part of the EFT moviemercial, formerly titled “Try It On Everything” and now called “The Tapping Solution.” He lists this stellar work among his growing list of “movie credits.” Joe has done lots of promotion for this movie, and has also been very supportive of one of his minor joint-venture buds and devoted EFT practitioners, Brad Yates (the two also have a fraduct called “Money Beyond Belief”).

          Brad has made numerous laugh-inducing tapping videos. Here is a vid on how to attract money:

          And here’s one on how to attract love:

          There are many more; you have only to look at the other links on YouTube.

          But I digress. Even now I find it hard to believe that Bob, Joe, et al. can just keep coming out with the same “finally revealed” “ultimate super-secret” crap over and over and over. They are not stupid men. Their content may be stupid for the most part, but they aren’t dumb, and they rarely do anything unless there is potentially LOTS of money in it for them… so someone must still be giving them money in exchange for this drivel.

          Is there any hope for our species?

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