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Supporting Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor and James Arthur Ray are lifetime BFF’s {which is NOT to imply that they tongue kiss and share needles … or is it? … no it isn’t … unless it is}. Neither has even the slightest whiff of credentialing or legitimacy :: yet both have been able to part people from enormous amounts of money in trade for low-grade mouth-borne donkey-shit.

Death Ray needs to take more money from his victims fast so that he can funnel it to lawyers and PR consultants on his way to jail for being a rotting fish stick of a murdering prick. One {pathetic and desperate} way to try and raise funds is to send out emails hawking other people’s frauducts. You’d think it would be hard for James “I Kill People” Ray to find people to partner with :: but Bob has decided to stand by his man …

From: James Arthur Ray // Apr 6th 2010

Subject: A great opportunity is almost gone

I know this is my second email to you today, but an early mentor, and dear friend of mine Bob Proctor, has a new program called Six Minutes to Success. He is doing a $1 trial for 30 days.

I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE YOU to give this program a test run:

I give it my HIGHEST POSSIBLE recommendation.

Because I know Bob, I know his material, I promise he’ll do you totally right …and I know you’ll be thrilled out of your mind :)

Just click here for this great opportunity:

Much love and respect,

James Arthur Ray

P.S. Bob is closing this offer at midnight tonight. It is a GREAT value. I vouch for it 100%.

P.P.S. Included with this program is a Live 2 day event for Six Minutes member only. Schedule permitting, I’ll be helping him teach the live event …so make sure you come and hang out!

Bob will “do you totally right” :: you’ll be “thrilled out of your mind.” Really? Huh :: quite surprising. The ghostly pallor :: obvious physical frailty :: and complete lack of virility must have been throwing me off the scent of Bob’s “do me” “thrills.”

The Droid tried to get in on this hot thrilling action :: but it was already pretend SOLD OUT! Pretend selling out of digital goods … I wonder where they got that genius idea?

The affiliate recruitment page explains …

“Bob Proctor and Lanny Morton are bringing you an opportunity to make a serious pile of cash …”

Send them your leads {especially if they’ve been pre-LGATed half to death} … and they will convert them into cash. In the second video Lanny explains how …

Frank Kern. Back end upsells. BS continuity programs. False scarcity. Frauduct launch model. False testimonials. Know nothing coaching.

… dead people.

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