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More charges need to be brought against motherfucking bastard James Arthur Ray … right this second!! What in the hell is wrong with this lame ass country? But I suppose I already made that point.

Munger Tolles & Olsen’s request for a retrial in the death lodge case has been denied … because it was stupid and they are crap lawyers who will get you put in the jails rich corporate guy who is currently reading this five years later.

The foreman of the jury had the following to say :: in a must read article by Marc Duncan :: about the Munger Tolles & Olsen defense …

“I don’t know of anybody on the jury who thought that was a valid defense.”

Good point … it was all very stupid because very stupid is what I usually expect from Munger Tolles & Olsen. James Ray should have asked for a public defender after the first time Luis Li said :: “ants … literally.”

“Eight of us wanted manslaughter, and the other four felt that he wasn’t aware of all that those people were going through.”

The jury wished they’d heard about the death of Colleen Conaway :: so that the other four could have come around to the truth.

The people in the death lodge wished they’d heard about Colleen too … it would have been enough to keep many participants away. In a thirty person lodge there probably would have been enough oxygen for Kirby to live … and James Shore {who was in attendance at the San Diego event where Colleen lost her life} wouldn’t have been in the lodge {he almost wasn’t anyway}.

The sentencing phase of the trial is scheduled to begin soon :: and the defense has submitted their list of homicide supporters. Here are some details :: help me fill in the blanks …

Bob Procter – Scammer :: bastard :: creepy old man. Thank you Oprah for your The Secrets.

– David McCall –

– Kathy Fleig –

Dr. Matt Bynum :: a vanity dentist in South Carolina who supports freakishly white smiles … and killing people in the mud. Matt Bynum appeared on InSession to help CNN understand Death Ray’s innocence :: and his testimonial is still on Ray’s decaying website

… please disregard the testimonial immediately above Dr. Matt Bynum’s … I think it’s safe to assume that it’s been retracted via her horribly pointless death.

– Amy Grothe – former JRI employee … apparently still sucking the sweat from the devil’s dirty underwear.

– Genpo Roshi – aka Dennis Merzel … disrobed {in a sex scandal} fake monk from Utah with long lasting financial ties to Death Ray :: Bob Proctor :: and Bill Harris. Dennis made frequent appearances at James Ray events :: especially Ray’s ultra-scam … the World Wealth Society.

Jeff Adshead – looks totally creepy … but he’d love to take your kids to an “experiential camp” that will change the world via personal transformation. It sounds like a stupid idea :: but he does have a testimonial {that he’s still using} from a thrice convicted killer

“True wealth is a state of harmony and well-being in every area of life. Jeff Adshead and NextGen Academy understand this, and they have a big vision for youth, and for the world. Using a unique style of highly experiential programs, they help youth put into practice what they learn. As a result, graduates of NexGen Academy leave truly knowing universal principles versus just knowing about them. I highly recommend this training — you’ll begin to live in greater harmony, bring your highest intention into reality, and find tools to transform every single area of your life.”

  • James Arthur Ray, Mentor, Philosopher, and New York Times bestselling author of Harmonic Wealth® and The Science of Success.

… he can haz u kids now?

– Dr. Tony Allessandra – He’s a Certified Speaking Professional who loves the senseless snuffing out of innocent life … and vans down by the river.

– Dr. Richard Sandore – wants you to know that

“In my teaching, writing, and mentoring, with individual and businesses I assist those willing to bask in the light of their own sun to part the clouds.”

Sure :: whatever guy.

Richard Sandore used to be an affiliate for James Arthur Ray :: the link is still up on his shit site.

– Alex Smyth – the “financial controller” {whatever that means} for JRI who testified during the pretrial hearing that James Arthur Ray was too broke to make bail :: having spent the majority of his victim’s money on hair creams and Spanx for Men.

– Wayne Parker –

– Donneta Parker –

– Ward Smith – Here’s a comment from Ward Smith on the InSession blog the day of the conviction …

“The state and federal government is out of control, not only in AZ, but all over the USA. Thanks to Li, he’s got the brains and organizational skills to call them out on it. DAs have been railroading citizens as long as politically elected offices await them. It gets down to conviction percentage. They aren’t even human. The more people they convict, guilty or not, the higher the political ladder they are apt to climb. Talk about parasites of our country. I couldn’t afford Li if I got accused of a crime. But a Li should be appointed to every defendant in this country. We put innocent people to death, we send innocent people to prison, we financially break innocents who have to defend themselves against the BS accusations of the state. What have we become? Or have we always been to careless with the plight of people’s lives we don’t know? Li makes me proud to be an American. The state of AZ makes me want to move to the former Soviet Union. A fairer trial could be had there.”

Good news Ward Smith :: your request to be transferred to the Soviet Union has been granted … please enjoy the Gulags.

– Jason Tabeu –

– John Watkin –

– John Ferriter – possibly The William Morris Agency agent that Death Ray shared with Larry King :: I guess he feels like he still hasn’t done enough damage.

Tony Parinello – helped James Ray produce and distribute a paid podcast about living a successful life while JAR was waiting to go on trial for killing people who had paid him to learn to live a more successful life.

– Jon Ray – took a bus ride to Colleen Conaway’s death :: and then helped plan dinner and a cover-up.

– Joyce Ray – may have accidentally brought home a baby that belonged to Rosemary.

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