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Brain poisoning manipulator Jeff Walker is product launching his Product Launch Formula for the fifty-thousandth time :: but this time it’s different … because this time the all new PLF is thrice dipped in shit. That’s more than twice the previous once!

… and you can too!

You can read Syndicate member :: and obvious scammer … Jeff Walker’s sales page for PLF.3.ShitDip over […]

Proctor vs Morton :: Six Minute Lawsuits

Bob Proctor was James Arthur Ray’s mentor :: according to Bob Proctor and James Arthur Ray … even unskilled charlatans need mentoring. Bob and James mentored each other all up and down until they both learned The Secret and told Rhonda Byrne so she could attract $35 million unto her own self.

MLM doublespeak was rebranded as mainstream unicorn spirituality […]

Ed Dale’s Frank Kern CoxPorn Challenge

Ed Dale has seen Frank Kern “go hard and go often — very off — much …” :: in a sexual way. He even has a t-shirt about it that got him a two minute standing ovation at the The Anthony’s …

… or something.

Many people :: like Bob Proctor :: have assumed {in their dark and disturbing sexual fantasies} that […]

The {turd}Bucket List

More charges need to be brought against motherfucking bastard James Arthur Ray … right this second!! What in the hell is wrong with this lame ass country? But I suppose I already made that point.

Munger Tolles & Olsen’s request for a retrial in the death lodge case has been denied … because it was stupid and they are crap […]

Bob Proctor :: Lanny Morton :: Six Minute Suck{cess}

Lanny Morton is Bob Proctor’s Josh Fredrickson.

If you’re an avid reader of this fake robot blog :: then that description makes total fucking sense to you {pat yourself on the back!}.

If you’re not an avid reader :: then it makes no sense. But who really gives a shit about you anyway? You can’t spare an hour a week for […]

The Syndicate Meets The Secret

Michele Blood wrote a “book” with Bob Proctor. It’s called …
Become A Magnet To Money: Through The Sea Of Unlimited Consciousness
… I shit you not :: that’s what it’s fucking called. But don’t let that bit of obvious illiteracy get in the way of you buying this crap.  Because seriously …

“This revolutionary new book will open your consciousness to […]

Kajabi Scam Fraud Review Sucks Refund

Kajabi Scam Fraud Review Sucks Refund.

Dot com.

I should do a review of The Syndicate’s latest frauduct Kajabi :: for the good of the “community” and the “industry” … ready :: set :: go!


1. Kajabi is a scam.  Hello?  Duh!

2. Why in the name of fucks fuck would you put your business data on servers owned by Andy Jenkins? Forget […]

Shuttering David Schirmer

David Schirmer :: blowhard conman :: has been in my blackbook of chubby scummy girlfriends since way back when. The first paragraph of my first post about Schirmer pretty much tells the whole story …

“He steals money.  He runs investment scams.  He runs self improvement scams.  He rapes handicapped koala bears.”

Smart.  Somebody around here is fucking smart {hint: not you!}. […]

Supporting Bob Proctor

Bob Proctor and James Arthur Ray are lifetime BFF’s {which is NOT to imply that they tongue kiss and share needles … or is it? … no it isn’t … unless it is}.  Neither has even the slightest whiff of credentialing or legitimacy :: yet both have been able to part people from enormous amounts of money in trade for low-grade mouth-borne donkey-shit.

Death […]