Kajabi Scam Fraud Review Sucks Refund

Kajabi Scam Sucks Refund

Kajabi Scam Fraud Review Sucks Refund.

Dot com.

I should do a review of The Syndicate’s latest frauduct Kajabi :: for the good of the “community” and the “industry” … ready :: set :: go!


1. Kajabi is a scam.  Hello?  Duh!

2. Why in the name of fucks fuck would you put your business data on servers owned by Andy Jenkins? Forget about him misusing it :: maybe he’ll make it public to the entire web and it will end up with me! Is that what you want? You see what a freak I am? … think about it.

I’m sure he didn’t want me {and you} seeing this “data” … but we did … thanks to Andy’s observably low Web IQ {not to be confused with FreeIQ … which is a whole other story}.

3.  List Control launched on Kajabi according to Cuzin’ Andy …

… remember how the List Control launch included software that didn’t work … using STOLEN CODE?

So there’s that.

4. One thing you might consider as an alternative is WordPress {ever heard of it?} :: one of the most awesomest pieces of software ever created by humanity {aka talking amoebas}. Then when you have a question … instead of sending a ticket to Raggedy Andy’s “help desk” … you can ask one of the MILLIONS of people in the WordPress user community … or any of the TENS OF THOUSANDS of qualified professionals in the developer community.

5. Don’t have the fucking stones to call yourself a “web entrepreneur” if you are adding large fixed costs {like Kajabi} to your “business”  before you have revenues. If that’s your “business plan” :: then you’re just a tiny little fish swimming into the monster’s mouth.

6. Kajabi sucks it! :: don’t buy it.


But don’t take my word for it just because I’m the smartest and bestest …

Darren Monroe :: Kajabi The Non Affiliate Truthful Review

“Kajabi is not free …

Starter package: $99 see video below

Pro package:  $199 see video below

Ultra Package: $299 see video below

… Imagine wanting to leave or your business hits a bump. Kajabi in the video below says that if you cancel ALL OF YOUR CONTENT WILL BE ERASED.

Don’t let shiny thing syndrome stray you from your life’s path. All that Kajabi (or glitters) ain’t gold. STAY FOCUSED.”

OMG that is so expensive … and the tiny bandwidth limits show you how not often these d-bags have truly big web days.

Fake secretary Debbie :: you vixen :: come in here and take two letters …

Letter 1 ::

Dear Darren,

Remember when Bob Proctor supported James Arthur Ray AFTER the deaths?  That was pretty messed up … but that was NOTHING compared to what I’ve learned since then. I promise you … if tomorrow’s post were to detail those things … you would take those Six Minutes to Suckcess affiliate banners down immediately.

Stay fresh {but not in the feminine hygiene way},


Letter 2 :: stay focused Debbie you useless monkey …

Dearest Bob Proctor,

I know.

You hear that?  I know.  You might want to consider “retiring” from the Internet before I get done with this little Syndicate … cause it’s gonna be ugly … and I don’t show any mercy to mother fucking assholes.

Fakest Regards,


All right Debbie … bugger off.  Moving on …

Rob Sellen :: Kajabi aka handing your business to Andy Jenkins on a plate

“When, not if, when you stop paying you LOSE it all? WTF?! No backing up of anything for you, just cancel and bosh, gone… oh you can bet your ass HE will have backed all your hard work up, for himself.”

Don’t let Andy Jenkins mouth-breath on your data … or your plates!

Kim Castleberry :: Why I am NOT Promoting Kajabi!

“Please think objectively about paying a lease on something your business may not be in need of when other alternatives exist.

I heard after I shot this video that their pricing is now posted along with the trial announcement but the fact that I cant get the video to play past minute 12 really doesn’t build my confidence. (The bandwidth cost is more than double what Amazon S3 video hosting runs for bandwidth.)”

And here’s a video review of Kajabi that Kim did.  Kim thinks maybe Kajabi isn’t a total scam because it might be right for people doing giant launches … but no way it’s right for noobs. The Droid asks The Kim to consider that the evidence shows The Syndicate knows that they are selling to noobs without businesses … so it is very much a “scam”.

Comments from around the webs posted to our comments here …

— What I discovered was that the administration area running the show was unbelievably UNINTUITIVE!

— If you’re looking for USER-FRIENDLY I can not honestly recommend Kajabi.

— They prohibit you from (copying) and or using any kind of service to copy the data on your “rented” website, so once you start the trial, when you decide to stop it, your data is gone, poof, forever…

— Also.. simple question. Who here really wants the Syndicate to host 100% of their online business and have access to all their data and statistics?

— I have been trying Kajabi for almost 2 days now and its no where near ready. Errors every where, you cant load a squeeze page or a sales page, takes longer than 12 hours to upload a video.

— At the price you pay for your monthly membership of Kajabi, you could outsource every element to experts in their given field and still have total control over your own web empire and everything that goes to make up that business.

… and Salty Droid commentators {warning :: strong language} …

@Chris …

Seems like the “Circle Jerk”… er… I mean “The Syndicate” will be rolling along for the foreseeable future.. they are all promoting Kajabi?? an Andy “the Hobbit” Jenkins scam… er… venture…

Just out of curiosity I looked up the origins of the word “Kajabi”

Ka (noun). Definition: the soul of a dead person

Jab (verb). Definition: To poke or thrust abruptly

I (noun). Definition: The self; the ego

English translation: “I have no soul, so I’ll fuck you”

@Larry …

“KaJabi: pronounced Ka-jabi (see also, “Kajabied”) Def: “To fuck oneself; to foolishly give up one’s business data to the competition.” Ex: “Clarence responded to an email autoresponder message, after which he subsequently had his business kajabied. Now, he works at a gas station part-time cleaning restrooms.”

@KajabiRefund …

“Aside from just not buying syndicate stuff, the next best thing is to refund or chargeback. Everyone needs to spread the word that kajabi is a rip off and to let folks know how to refund.”

Kajabi Scam Fraud Review Sucks Refund.

Dot com.



>> bleep bloop

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  1. I never thought your blog posts were funny just very interesting & shocking at the type of dirt you pull up under these scammers.

    BUT… this post was FUCKING hilarious.

      1. Buried Comment (Reason: too long and close to the top ... that's what she said)   Show


        This is a blog right? And in a blog you post a comment right? What do you want me to do? Hack filsaime’s server? Put on a police uniform & handcuff James Arthur Ray? I don’t have the time and/or skills to do that.

        I simply comment, give my take and my perspective. I’ve been doing what EVERYBODY else has…

        This nonsense comment of “not helpful as usual” seems to stem from a childish need to simply criticize and put me down just for the sake of it. Not because it is actually constructive criticism. It is simply an obnoxious attempt to make yourself feel better.

        You are simply a follower criticizing me just because Salty criticized me not because YOU actually have a brain of your own to judge people in your own discretion. And it is likely you go that way because you lack self-esteem in yourself and then go around telling how useless other people are.

        I remember Salty once deleted a blog post where I gave a mature response to someone who commented their thoughts about me. He deleted it. Fine…

        I have no grudges and it’s his blog but I think that was very unwise of him considering how defense he got and stood up proclaiming “Free right to expression” when someone told Mike Young in a rude way not to come back while I simply commented my rebuttal in a mature way. He decided to remove it because he has a personal bias against me and thinks of me in a negative light. Just saying… It’s his blog but I’m just giving my observation.

        If YOU want to contribute to this blog, explain clearly why some other poster is unhelpful AND also explain why YOU are so useful which gives you the right to rightfully lay judgment on another person’s worth?

        Simply saying someone is “unhelpful” in a obnoxious & condescending manner with no logical and obvious explanation makes YOU unhelpful. I think unconsciously your only REAL reason for this post was to lay a superior worth and status. Quite frivolous considering you are doing this social status behavior online.

        Buried Comment: Show

        1. @SyndicateExposed, You realize you wrote 8 paragraphs in response to a one line comment from a complete stranger? I almost hesitate to point that out, because I am afraid my *2* line comment here will thus generate a *16* paragraph explanation from you.

          1. @Les Talk,

            I posted how I liked the humor behind SD’s post. I don’t think that comment REALLY needs a critic.

            And you realize that I made point on how they are criticizing someone online just to make them feel better and superior?

            I think that goes for YOU too… You are doing the exact same thing. That’s they irony…

            1. @SyndicateExposed, The point is you let some unknown person pull your chain using only 5 words, and then you wrote a whopping 362 words in response. I recommend you learn to spot and avoid fish hooks, unless you consider a tiny piece of bait to be a meal worth pursuing.

            2. @SyndicateExposed ::

              I also remember deleting some of your mature responses. That was wrong of me … I still feel terrible about it.

              And there really is a lot of irony in here. So so much irony. Way to spot it!

          1. @SyndicateExposed,

            HOLY FECK guy, shut the f*ck up!!!! Seriously, this is a blog, why do you take it so seriously that someone said you were boring to the point of growing a vagina in the time it took you to write the follow up. Who cares what SD’s arrogance or ego is, or yours or mine…you read this blog like the rest of us because it either entertains you or you agree with it, or you’re one of the f*ck heads it rips…so shut the F*CK up or don’t read it…. YOU VAGINA!

  2. haha.

    my favorite part?

    “Kajabi Scam Fraud Review Sucks Refund.

    Dot com.



    laughing as i pasted it. hilarious.

  3. OH WOW I am famous now LOL thanks SD for the post and link sir. (GO BEARS).
    PS It is funny you say that about Six Minutes. Though I have supported them for sometime as an affiliate. In Sept they did something…..not….so ….cool.

    Email me when you get a chance.

    1. @Darren Scott Monroe, oh goodie we have the nazi underling camp guards jumping to OUR side now…reformed and turning on their masters…(so darren was OK scammin…until HE got scammed. A month ago..no thanks scumbag….)

      1. @tardo, Don’t you go messing with Darren. If you do, you’ll be interfering with my prayers for him, and that would be an asshole thing to do, mother fucker. Darren is coming to the light, I can feel it, so you leave him be now, you here?

        Darren, don’t you pay that dipshit no mind, ok? I’m proud you are cleaning all those douchebags off your nice web site. You keep it up and make Madge proud!

      2. @tardo ::

        It’s highly magnanimous and heroic of me to include so many lesser beings in the project by loosely using plural pronouns like “our” to represent the whole of the good guys … even those who are in no way helping.

        But when YOU use plurals like “OUR” it’s just presumptuous and pathetic. Please don’t lump me in with any pronouns that also include YOU.

  4. You don’t need to pay the high ongoing Kajabi prices to accomplish the same thing:

    Here is just a Partial Sampling of the NUMEROUS Kajabi alernative resources (there are many, many more available if you look around):

    Squeeze/Launch Page Products:


    Video Products:


    Membership Site Products:


    Function Plugins:


    Also…NOTE…Kajabi charges a lot for “excess” bandwidth! States an additional 0.48c / GB if you go over. Ouch!

    That is WAY HIGHER than what you’d pay if you sign up for AMAZONAWS hosting directly instead of paying the high Kajabi markup. Take a look:

    Amazonaws: Data Transfer Out ** US & EU Regions APAC Region First 1 GB per Month $0.00 per GB $0.00 per GB Up to 10 TB per Month $0.15 per GB $0.19 per GB Next 40 TB per Month $0.11 per GB $0.15 per GB Next 100 TB per Month $0.09 per GB $0.13 per GB Over 150 TB per Month $0.08 per GB $0.12 per GB

    Bottom line: You do NOT need Kajabi, and you do NOT need the potential risk of Andy Jenkins and his partners getting their hands on all your important business data!

  5. I like the posts that accidentally (ha!) crush it in Google. It seems like you got some good advice along the way here, SD. I giggled all the way through this one. Transparency, FTW. I wonder if we might see something perpetual? S-E-oh noes!!

    1. @Cosmic Connie ::

      It’s true :: and he probably also has diabetic syphilis or something :: many nasty old men get that.

      I may have to settle for pissing on his grave … cause some things can never be forgiven.

      1. @SD, first Tony Robbins exposed and now Bob Proctor? Aside from supporting David Schirmer, which is crappy all on its own, how does the good Bob Proctor fit into all this? The suspense is agonizing!

        P.S. I still have the pure white image in my mind of Bob Proctor in The Secret, white hair, white light, and white clothes (well beige but still), pure and blemish free.

        1. @blog commenter, “how does the good Bob Proctor fit into all this?” you ask. It will all be told in due time, I imagine. Don’t let the white hair and white light fool you.

    1. @Bob Proctors Diaper Millions,

      Imagine a conversation between Bob Proctor and Napoleon Hill:

      Napoleon: “Hi Bob”
      Bob: Napoleon? is it you? wow, I’ve read all your books, you are my hero”

      Napoleon: “Im disappointed Bob”

      Bob: “But why? Got something to do with the way im doing business?

      Napoleon Hill: Yes Bob, you are a piece of shit. you’ve copied my works and perverted my legacy. Get a life Bob, get a life.

      Bob: But wait, Napoleon!

      Napoleon: Fuck you Bob Proctor.

      1. Wasn’t Bob Proctor the mentor of James Arthur Ray? Right about now the cliche phrase “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” keeps coming to mind…

        1. @blog commenter, Yes, apparently Scientist Bob was an early mentor of James Ray, although, as the elder statesman of the selfish-help industry, Bob has mentored many. He was one of the few in the industry who actually addressed the fatal sweat lodge early on, though mostly he was defending Ray, saying JAR was basically a good guy, and that he, Bob, hoped Ray would learn the lessons he needed to learn from the matter.

          Here’s a link to the October 22, 2009 LA Times article where I got that info.

          The article does have one inaccuracy that I know of; it says that Bob is the author of “The Science of Getting Rich.” Actually Wallace Wattles authored that now-public-domain work a century ago, but Bob and a couple of his cronies built a money-grubbing scheme around it (the infamous Three Amigos $1997 briefcase scam of a few years ago, also starring Jack “Chicken Soup” Canfield and the Reverend Michael Beckwith). Bob’s classic work is “You Were Born Rich.”

          BTW, that LA Times story makes note of an incident at a post-Sedona JAR event in Denver when a couple of guys stood up in the audience and demanded that James Ray tell the truth about what happened in the sweat lodge. One of those guys was none other than our pal Duff.

          1. @Cosmic Connie, thanks for that information. Speaking of Michael Beckwith, I have visited his Agape Center for a few months at a time. I was really impressed with the diversity and the embracing fellowship, but I was bothered by the fact that they always work the audience up into an emotional high and immediately pass the collection plate around.

            Also, the style of preachiness just turns me off. It’s too much yelling and reminds me of the southern bible belt churches instead of being a progressive new age group.

            Something else that bothered me was that as soon as I get to the parking lot outside of the Agape building there are business booths and money makers all around. Popcorn for sale, art, clothes, drinks or they have all these ministries where you’re basically giving of your time for free.

            My impression of Agape is that it is a business more than anything else.

            Oh well, at least I got to meet Hulk Hogan there.

            P.S. The Agape bookstore is quite interesting, couldn’t believe that I’d find Aleister Crowley and Anton Lavey in there of all places.

            1. @blog commenter, oh and one more thing about Agape Live, you can tell the regulars and people of position within the organization because they all either look like Michael Beckwith or Riki BB.

            2. @blog commenter,

              I was bothered by the fact that they always work the audience up into an emotional high and immediately pass the collection plate around.

              Sounds like these money-changers need a visit from a rebellious carpenter.

            3. @blog commenter, you wrote:

              “Speaking of Michael Beckwith, I have visited his Agape Center for a few months at a time. I was really impressed with the diversity and the embracing fellowship,”

              Did it remind you of the equally diverse & embracing Jim Jones’ People’s Fellowship?

              I caught Beckwith on Tavis Smiley’s show a few months ago and did a little reading. The “Rev” is another “New Thought” minister, who basically says reality is what you think it into being. I.e., he’s full of dangerous metaphysical horseshit just like Bob Proctor, Creflo A. Dollar [his real stage name!!!], and James A. Ray.

              Apparently Beckwith buys his way into the good graces of the Los Angeles leadership. Of course, Jones had his pals in high-ranking politicians too. He was a secret Marxist using religion as a tool. Beckwith uses it as an ATM.

              “My impression of Agape is that it is a business more than anything else.”


          2. @Cosmic Connie,

            BTW, that LA Times story makes note of an incident at a post-Sedona JAR event in Denver when a couple of guys stood up in the audience and demanded that James Ray tell the truth about what happened in the sweat lodge. One of those guys was none other than our pal Duff.

            My friend stood up first and was more rational than me, asking Ray pointed questions. I was more angry and demanding at the time, but that’s probably because other people stood up and started shouting at us, and Ray’s bodyguards closed in on us fast.

        1. Hmmm. Must have some Bob Proctor fans a-visitin’. Looks like some of us who have made comments about Scientist Bob and his cronies are getting some negative votes.

  6. Here’s another one to add to the list that I got in my mail:


    Hey Advanced N!

    Look, I know what’s ‘in’ right now, and the thing I’m about to say
    is potentially going to make you not like being on this list. That’s
    for you to choose of course.

    The ‘in’ thing right now is Kajabi and promoting it. My opinion on it?
    Meh. Been there, seen that, moving on.

    Look, Kajabi is NOT wordpress. While there are many reasons to
    CONSIDER Kajabi (consider, not buy), there are many more to just
    say no.

    Here’re a few:
    1. You are limited in how much you can manage and edit your stuff.
    2. All of YOUR data is hosted on THEIR server. Let me tell you
    something from experience – BAD IDEA!
    3. All of YOUR data can be used by the marketers behind Kajabi…umm..
    yeah doesn’t sound so good now. This could be a Paydotcom all over again
    where tens of marketers end up with your data!
    4. Kajabi is an organization tool. Unless you have WAY too many profitable
    sites and sales funnels and lists to manage, it’s useless to you.
    It’s like a file cabinet without any files. Most people don’t even
    understand proper sales funnels, forget having too many of them.

    As opposed to this, wordpress is:
    1. Flexible.
    2. In YOUR control.
    3. It’s on YOUR server, and you have freedom to do what you want
    with it. That’s right, FREEDOM (imagine Mel Gibson screaming that…
    yes, it’s THAT much cooler than Kajabi).

    So what the heck am I doing? Am I seriously telling you NOT to buy
    No, I’m simply saying there are alternatives. In my opinion, much
    better alternatives, but that’s for you to decide, not me.

    This thing (like all IM stuff that comes from the big guys) is being
    peddled as ‘what you NEED’. I can tell you this much – you don’t.
    Now whether you want it or not, is up to you.

    Without a doubt some of you will say to me:
    – Why so negative?
    – Why so discouraging?
    – Why so serious? (sorry, couldn’t resist)

    My answer : I’m not being negative, and I’m not discouraging you.
    And you should know by now I’m not very serious at all :D
    I just feel it’s my responsibility to make sure you’re not spending
    your money on things that won’t help you. Isn’t that one of the reasons
    you’re on this list?

    Hope this helps all of you who’ve been writing me asking about it!


    This is probably the first ‘major’ launch where SO many other IMers have come out condemning it…shows just how bad this thing really is!

      1. @SD,

        I’ve mentioned some stuff from him before, including some videos – he does real reviews on a lot of the products coming out – video boss and Ryan Deiss’ perpetual traffic – he exposed both of those too – before going against the Syndicate was cool…He runs KeywordDissection.com and a bunch of other sites. I refrained from crediting him because some think I’m promoting him by doing so. His name is Hitesh – whether that’s real or assumed, I don’t know, but I’m guessing real because that’s not a name someone would just assume.

        1. @advancednoob ::

          I wouldn’t worry too much about what “some think”. Clearly many people in here do very little of the thinking.

          Talking about what people are saying is not promoting them.

          1. @SD, I understand that, but let’s just say I don’t enjoy getting into childish verbal spars with those who try to find something wrong with everyone and like getting into useless arguments. Unfortunately, there’re plenty of those attention-whores here (syndicateexposed is an example).

            In any case, so far, he’s ‘exposed’ Jani G, Andy Jenkins, Tellman Knudson, Ryan Deiss and quite a few other guys for being liars in their sales pages and so on. And all of this was over a year ago, when all of these marketers weren’t jumping the Syndicate ship to distance themselves from them.
            To me, that indicates integrity and honesty, and he does give out a LOT of free content and responds (most of the time). Anyway – might be someone who can supply some ‘inside’ info to you…

            1. @advancednoob ::

              “let’s just say I don’t enjoy getting into childish verbal spars with those who try to find something wrong with everyone and like getting into useless arguments”

              … better stick to books then.

  7. Warning: read the Kajabi SMALL PRINT, people! Or this could happen:

    Say kajabi got 300k users in a month
    Each watch 2 videos at 300mb a piece
    thats like … .6gb per user * 300k = 180,000 GB * 0.48 = $86,000.00

    That’s right: $86,000.00 in ONE month. Beware!

    You can definitely get your own hosting for a FRACTION of that, not have any recurring software costs, AND not have to worry about anyone having total access to your valuable private data.

    Avoid Kajabi, period.

    1. @Bullshit Detector,

      2 videos @300 mb each = 600 mb or 0.6 gb NOT 6 gb.

      I agree that Kajabi bandwidth is over priced, but you need to get your math right.

      1. @anonone, I STATED .6 above. Put on your granny glasses and look CLOSELY: there there is more space between the … and the .6 and furthermore, if you do the math using the info shown, it clearly works out to just that. Sheesh.

      2. @anonone,

        So you think you’re some kind of hot-shot with yer fancy mathrithmitic and yer schoolin?

      1. @Jarret Minkler, Sorry, Jarrett, for the lack of credit. I had since forgotten where I ran across that and all I could remember was the name of some guy named, “Cut N. Paste.” Indeed, I bow before your math and hope to see more of your math (perhaps even some quadratic equations?) in the future. ;)

        Now, for your own well being and safety, please stay away from that crazy Warrior Forum! Instead, go HERE immediately and read the revelations of others just like you, who have escaped from that cesspool of insanity only to see their lives improve 110%:


  8. Here’s what I’m wondering:

    Assuming a ton of people cancel / refund their money back…

    and word spreads on how bad Kajabi really is…

    Will they just up and close the doors on those that DID actually decide to build their business with them?

    *POOF* $2,400 later you have lost it all…

    Damn! Like building a house on quicksand!

    1. @WarriorSheep, When businesses fail, it’s not uncommon for those that depend on them to go down the drain as well. Yet another thing to really consider before putting your most valuable eggs in someone else’s basket.

    2. @WarriorSheep, mr. Sheep must be a madman because I think it that would be as impossible as mr. Filsaime’s vTribes shutting down and making the customers download the vTribes source code from off the their websites and then not give them more of the vTribes support.

      it’s just the crazy talk from mr. Sheep

        1. @Jack, you can snark some of the people some of the time, but you can’t snark all the people all the time.

          The absence of any kind of backup & export feature is amazing though. For anyone with a real business to trust any SAAS (software-as-a-service) provider to host their web site, there has to be a way out. Kajabi takes the membership/subscription business model’s “painful exit” concept to a whole new high/low.

          I will leave it to others to capitalize on the obvious “painful entry” jokes, because Unicorns are too classy for all that.

    3. @WarriorSheep, A good point that not enough people have focused on when commenting on Kajabi.

      Before you ‘fork over a few bucks’ (© Tony Robbins), ponder on the track record of the syndicate in actually following these ideas through. When you have a promotions diary, and live from launch to launch, you inevitably focus on that, to the detriment of members and subscribers. Aside from all the other massive problems with Kajabi, it’s likely that:

      (1)Support will go downhill over time
      (2)Glitches in the software will go unfixed for a very, very long time
      (3)Andy will lose interest in the project if membership numbers fall
      (4)If he doesn’t lose interest, it’s because he’ll be blasting you with launch emails every day, and stealing all your business data
      (5)If Andy ever runs into problems with the law, the whole thing will come offline. There is a higher than average risk of this (higher than Amazon S3, for a start) so it ought to be considered.

      1. @208-577-6210, are you saying it’s totally impossible for Andy to still handle business from inside a prison cell?

        1. @bcommenter,

          “Impossible” is a silly word, but actually controlling outside criminal organisations while incarcerated is a pretty tough job. The “IM Syndicate” is no Aryan Nations, and Andy Jenkins is no Richard Butler.

          I’m no supporter of crime, nor racism. I’m just pointing out another successful criminal organisation, that’s mainly controlled from the inside.

          1. @NotSoHumble, lol, hi and thanks for that. My post above was more of a smart alek, sarcastic attempt at being funny. I was also making the point that these guys are hopeless, they won’t stop, even if they are behind bars they’d continue if given the chance.

  9. I think the bandwidth costs paint the picture pretty well: “We’ll hose you any chance we get.”

    Hosting your data elsewhere could be worth it in limited situations… but how could hosting your software with someone with a rep. like Andy’s ever be worth it? It couldn’t be. You’d think somebody could make a case against them for not disclosing his track record in this area.

    Add that this thing is a proprietary piece of crap and it’ll be gone in six months… or maybe Andy will lose it on a bet-gone-wrong and the new owner will send everyone flowers and shut it down.

    I mean WTF? I guess even they didn’t think they could market a triple-digit-a-month WP theme.

    It would have been more useful.

    What a tool.

      1. @SD,

        Have you got anything on that other MF brown nose scum Brett Ingham (think big publications)

  10. Btw, the starting package is not $99

    $99.00/month + $99 setup

    This is the first time I’ve seen the setup costs to be the SAME as the per/month price LOL

    1. @Dare, You hit the nail on the head with that description:


      I’ll bet my alabaster petticoat that those words ring more true than Mike Tyson’s left hook after a six pack of red bull and a mouthful of ears.

      “Setup Costs” my ass. I’m tired of being “setup.”

    2. @Dare ::

      Speaking of bullshit monopoly pricks who refuse to carry Fox Soccer HD … that’s more than Comcast charges for “setup”.

  11. Thanks for the link Salty.

    This stinks, what a con, a massive rip off, wonder how many suckers fell for this crap?

    I also wonder how many more would have fallen for it had “Cuz” Jenkins not been involved with it. ;)

    Data collection is all I think it is, they are banking on the few gullible to
    throw money at them, the rest to lose their data…. as I say you can bet Jenkins will USE that data somewhere, somehow.

    Scum. The only word to describe them.

    Thanks again for that link. :)

    1. @rob sellen ::

      1. Definitely possible this will be one of their biggest losers ever.

      2. I actually doubt it was a data grab because of the mentioned “selling to noobs” situation. Not very many people in their target demo actually have any data to grab. And what the fuck is Andy Jenkins going to do with data? Take a bath with it? He couldn’t plan his way out of a garbage can.

      1. @SD,

        I agree it will be a massive loser, BUT had you not started this blog here, I think it would have been promoted more… the b-list are running scared, they are also in a way putting some distance between them and the scammers, cos some of them would sure as shit promoted it with the % of affiliate commission… most don’t give a rats ass as long as they make sales.

        The whole dynamic is shifting. ;)

        R2D2 would be proud lol.

      2. @SD, I wonder what will happen if (when?) it fails miserably, at least by their “$24 million in 24 hours” standards. Seems like a lot of people who DID sign up might suddenly understand how fickle these guys are when it comes to “support”

        I doubt it’s a data grab either. That would indicate that they were going to do some “work” and actually market something instead of just selling magic.

  12. “Don’t have the fucking stones to call yourself a “web entrepreneur” if you are adding large fixed costs {like Kajabi} to your “business” before you have revenues. If that’s your “business plan” :: then you’re just a tiny little fish swimming in to the monster’s mouth.”

    Absolutely brilliant advice SD. I should have taken that advice a while ago but have been a good boy for a few good months now. This is just another hyped up IM product. When will people learn?

    1. @Tyler Simpson ::

      There are people all the way up the food chain that need to learn that lesson. *cough* Jason Calacanis *cough*

      1. @SD, Be very careful saying out loud the name of “he-who-cannot-be-named” or else he’ll be in here in about 20 seconds. He’s like Beetlejuice…so please just don’t say it two more times. He shovels more BS than an underpaid yard worker at ConAgra.

        1. @Martypants ::

          I hope he does show up :: *cough* Jason Calacanis *cough* …

          It will give me a chance to prove that I’m an equal opportunity ass kicker.

          *cough* Jason Calacanis *cough*

          Google Alerts ….

          *cough* Jason Calacanis *cough*

          1. @SD,

            Though you know I like coming here I’m not rah-rah like some of the peeps. But if you can nail Jason Calcanis…… oh please yes! And for gosh sakes don’t wait for him to come here.

            Hmm….. I’ll bet I can name at least one of your sources on Calcanis.

  13. Love the title of this post, Salty, LOL. Just like something the affiliate spammers would do :). Nice going!

  14. After reading all of this, it seems like Kajabi is just a modernized version of Ken Evoy’s SiteBuildIt. Isn’t it?

    I want pics of Fake Secretary Debbie.

  15. It’s great to see other IM folk pointing out the obvious idiocy of using something like Kajabi. I’m not going to question anybody’s motives or wonder if it’s because so much light is being focused on the cockroaches lately. I’ll just assume it’s genuine. :-)

    Moving on, it’s also worth noting who out there is pushing the steaming pile of Kajabi hard.

    You’d never guess!

    (well maybe you would)

    People like Faker Surfer (Frank Kern): “… I’ve personally used it and think it’s the greatest thing ever …”

    The Abused Puppy (John Reese): “Finally. Now YOU can use it too!”

    The Tubby Nerd (Ed Dale): “… I kajabied all over myself …”


    Does anybody out there still not see the pattern yet?

    1. @Hal (the original Hal),

      – Jason Moffatt

      – And Dave Mizrachi wrote on the Warrior Forum how it’s the user’s fault if Kajabi doesn’t work:


      99% of the stuff you’re having issues with, are super simple things…. in fact, i think everything would work if you got over your fear of setting those things up and just did it.

      cmon. google it and get it done.

      sounds like you’re just a lil scared to get stuff done…. we’ve all been there.

      kudos for trying it out…. i mean thats something 99% of the ppl here wont do.

      the tech issues are super simple to fix…. and the platform looks really awesome. like anything, it takes a bit to get used to and comfortable.

      trust me, frank wouldn’t promote it for the money…. he’s got more than enough.

      he promoted it because the system kicked serious butt for him and his customers loved the course he had using it.


      Eh ok, thanks for that Dave

      1. @Mark, they always come back to “fear,” don’t they?

        But I’m afraid of the self-help “mindset” tapes, courses, and products they will sell me to help me overcome my “fear.”

        The ones that 99% of people never buy

        Which is totally their fault

      2. @Mark,

        “trust me, frank wouldn’t promote it for the money…. he’s got more than enough.”

        So we’re to trust a man who claims a scammer wouldn’t scam us for money because he’s already made enough money scamming other people..

      3. @Mark ::

        “cmon. google it and get it done.”

        You can’t google it you dipshit … that’s the whole fucking point. It’s proprietary! You can only google shit that loads of people are already talking about … like WordPress.

        Calgon … take me away!


        Let’s pretend I just got paid 50k for doing that.

      4. @Mark,

        Dave M?!?!?!

        That guy is among the biggest frauds in the Pick-Up / Dating / Seduction niche.

        He runs the site http://www.insiderinternetdating.com/

        Yeah. That’s right. He writes advice to pickup women online.

        Like how to get women wet over instant messengers and email.

        Yeah. I want advice from that guy. Haha. No.

    1. @Tom ::

      Hey Ian Fernando … what if like 1000 less things were happening on your page all at once? OMG almost had seizure.

  16. D’you know what/ I am ASHAMED to say that I used to really look up to these guys :-(

    I’ve bought the odd product, never in the thousands like some poor sods but it all adds up. I’ve walked in the shoes of wannabe marketers who’ve failed to get a refund from Filsaime, I’ve marvelled at the ‘coolness’ of Kern and been wowed by all his fancy videos, I thought Ed Dale was a nice family man who I could trust and I thought that Andy Jenkins really was the ‘family ol cuz’ who would take my hand and make sure I was ok!

    I was wrong, so very, very wrong!

    I wasted the best part of two years trying anything from affiliate marketing to product information and although I made some money here and there, it doesn’t outweigh what I spent out or the TIME that I will never get back.

    So, after finally realising what an absolute fool I was, I took a few offline courses in web developing and have self-taught myself the ins and outs of WordPress so that I can build websites for folks who can’t afford or understand how to get their offline businesses online. I don’t make millions (far from it), but I get great job satisfaction, I help lots of people, I have a completely clear conscience plus I get to spend quality time with my family.

    Having used WordPress with various plugins, I can honestly say that this tat Jenkins is offering is laughable compared to the capabilities and diversity of WordPress. Aside from the fact that the WP platform is FREE and you OWN your own stuff, WordPress isn’t going to go away tomorrow, keep all your stuff or charge you for the privelidge. It will also allow to to do what KAJunki is offering and so much more.

    Anyway, I’m sorry for the long post, I just wanted to say that I really do understand why folks are blinded by the slick marketing skills of the scum mentioned on this blog, I was there a few years back and I really, really hope that the strength of this blog, the people who read it (please spread the word) and the noobs who are searching for information on these gooroos really do get a chance to think twice before they kiss goodbye to the next few years of their life and money that they could better use to get educated in learning a real skill like web graphic design, coding, programming and so on.

    Time is so precious – don’t waste it folks! Heck, a paper round would be more rewarding both financially and credibly than giving it away to these money grabbing, soul destroying scammers.

    K’ I’m done


    1. @Wiggin-Out,

      No need to apologize for the long post, at least you survived the financial raping and put your life back in order. Not everybody survives (figuratively and literally) the trauma.

      Btw, if you’re looking at building your skill set for the future, you should think of expanding beyond WP. Joomla and Drupal are used more than WP in the higher end CMS arena and the current landscape is changing. It hasn’t made it to WF and Syndicate scamming chum yet so most people don’t even know about it.

    2. @Wiggin-Out, good stuff! It’s great to read your story here, and to know about someone else who’s made it out intact!

      “Time is so precious – don’t waste it folks! Heck, a paper round would be more rewarding both financially and credibly than giving it away to these money grabbing, soul destroying scammers.”

      Too true, too true.

    3. @Wiggin-Out ::


      That’s the really sad thing. There are actual skills you can develop to make yourself useful on the web. Maybe you can’t get rich … but you can build a career in the service business that isn’t geographically tethered. Seems worth putting in the time and work to get there.

    4. @Wiggin-Out,

      money that they could better use to get educated in learning a real skill like web graphic design, coding, programming and so on.

      Often learning these skills can be done for uber-cheap, if not free. Google “wordpress tutorial” and similar things for instance. Lynda.com has many, many tutorials for very low prices compared to these scams.

      1. @Duff, What I find that holds newbz back the most is not knowing anything about scripting or programming. Knowing how to at least hack some WP code should be mandatory as well as writing some simple automation scripts.

        My “luck” as an online business operator has dramatically increased in the last 5 yers since I stopped outsourcing, chasing information and started coding with my partners everything in-house. We learn a swe go, but we still produce software at least twice as fast when relying on others’ work or marketing advice.

        We focus on quality and that builds our brands. BTW a good living can be made from the web (heck even a great living) you just need to do the basics DAILY and sooner or later you’ll get there.

        1. @Bo,

          Every business has it’s unavoidable details that one simply has to suck up and learn to deal with. Programming is one of those online.

          “Program or be programmed” as Douglas Rushkoff sayz.

      2. @Duff, I totally agree, there are many great resources on the web that are completely free. I took a couple of course as I wanted some real life teaching within a student environment – once I knew where I wanted to go with it and that I was on the right track – I utilised many online resources.

        A couple of sites that are indispensable if anyone is thinking of building their own site, or even building sites for others are:-

        http://www.w3schools.com/ (IMO by far the best resource for learning about building websites)

        http://codex.wordpress.org/Main_Page (all you need to know about using WordPress)

        http://wordpress.tv/ (visual resource for those who like to watch n learn)

        Once you have the basics in place, you can then delve in a little more to the designing aspects (or go to a pro to finish your site – if you have the bones in place, it’s gonna cost you a whole lot less to complete).

        It’s a great skill to have, whether you are doing it for your own biz or creating a biz out of doing it for others. Like I said, I only wish I had done something constructive years ago rather than be blinded by the lure of the ‘magic bullet’!

        If anyone out there is still considering using Kajabi – go and spend the next week absorbing all you can about WordPress, (there are other sources as @Hal (the original Hal) correctly pointed out above but I think that for beginners WP is the best way to go) and you can have a site up by the end of the week.
        If you want a membership area then Wishlist is a great plugin and one that I use and recommend (although again, there are other plugins) and there are a plethora of really great themes both free and premium that you can upload to give your site a professional look – a couple of easy to use and tweak themes that I use are Studiopress and iBuilder from iThemes (iThemes also have some great resources for developers on their site).

        Whatever you do, keep your integrity intact! Don’t promote products you don’t believe in – don’t create products you know are crap – it’s all about your own peace of mind, respect for yourself, your customers & clients….and dare I say…. Karma! And I think we can clearly see – these syndicate boys are starting feel the sting of that right now!

  17. Pausing for station identification …

    Has anybody else been monitoring Droid’s keyword prowess?

    Broad match ‘kajabi scam’ on G went from page 5 to page 1 in LESS THAN A DAY!


    I think all you guru sycophant trolls need to hold hands and start channeling more positive vibes into Kajabi while poking the Traffic Voodoo dolls.

    You weenies should be dominating and CRRRRUSSSSHIN’ that phrase with your EMDs by now.

    Oh wait … that’s how it worked TWO YEARS AGO! So it must be time for another state of the art WSO!


    1. Shocking news … The Droid forgot to include his killer bonus for the best SEO and list management software masterpiece of 2010 in his honest review.

      Watch this time sensitive video and learn how to unleash the hidden potential of the awesome Kajabi!


      You missed some LSI terms SD. ;-)

  18. You could get a website designed for $100 and spend antother $100 on a programmer and get a better result.

    1. @Boo Radley,
      Great advice. If only I had known that before I wasted all that money (sigh).
      I am kicking myself because I wasted over $4,500 on an internet coaching course and I only got a dozen 30 minute phone sessions. I am learning most of the stuff they should have taught me through other people on forums etc. I would loive to make the compoany pay and refund a large portion of what I paid. I don’t know what my options are but want to take some sort of action. I would love to expose these guys who ripped me off.
      I like your screen name by the way. Awesome.

      1. @Tyler Simpson, Holy shit that’s a lot of money. But I dropped a couple grand myself, so what can I say.

        Here’s what I did. If anyone else has better advice or another story, I’d love to hear it.

        SO: Your option is to ask for a full refund. If they’ve broken the law with biz-opp fraud or are running a work-at-home scam, fuck the refund period and make them squirm.


        First accept that you may never see the money again. Second, get EVERYTHING in writing. Hopefully you’ve SAVED EVERYTHING, including autoresponder messages, pre-launch Amazon S3 bucket videos, the product itself, the bullshit sales letter with the income claims, so you can accurately report what their false claims were.

        Then put together your complaint in detail with references to the reasons their prodcut sucks and the marketing lied. You can make references to specifics on the FTC’s website and state and local law. I would write a couple drafts and make sure it’s all business and factual, not a furious rant. Ranting can have its place, but only if it’s controlled and edited.

        When and if they refuse you, or after they blow you off for a few days, you have a number of options. The Better Business Bureau mediates disputes, but has no power to force anyone to pay you anything. However, they will make a public record of the exchange on their web site, even noting if the scammer refused to respond. This goes into the score for each business– someone linked to Mike Filsaime’s big fat “F” grade from the BBB in another thread.

        You can also go the legal route, but I don’t know how that works.

        However, you should also promise them that you WILL report them to the FTC, your state attorney general, their state attorney general for every state they’re incorporated in, and everyone else on this list:


        To file the complaints, you’ll need a lot of info about the scammers, like contact info, what they promised, etc. You can get their business addresses from each state’s Department of State website. A lot of the scammers have foreign corporate addresses in Delaware, Wyoming, and Nevada for tax avoidance. Scammers (and especially their fake secretaries) will often say, “Oh, we work from home,” and try not to give addresses and phone numbers (though I believe CAN-SPAM law says they have to include a physical address in each email). That’s fine. A lot of these scammers use the speed of the Internet to change names every other week, but they usually have incorporated somewhere so they can con themselves into thinking they have real businesses.

        Having done everything professionally, clearly, and having kept a level head while asking for a refund, telling them you’re going to the BBB, then the FTC & AGs, make it public and use the same “SEO Traffic Secrets” they never taught you but you got from WordPress, an SEO plugin, and viral social media high-quality blog links with their name in the anchor text, get the word out! Use blog comments, “professional article distribution,” whatever it takes.

        A SMART business type will refund you and be done with it.

        A DUMB scammer will waste time talking to you, fighting you, trying to appease you and keep the money, hurl veiled threats at you, and keep the money while having lost valuable time, brand equity, and future income from people who read your blog and stay the hell away.

        Best of all, a FUCKWIT will fight you for a while, then cave and give you the money AFTER you’ve already reported them to the FTC.

        Remember that you (or whoever’s reading this) may never see a dime back. It’s not about the money– it’s about doing what’s right. By going through the process, you can put it to rest in yourself, and hopefully you can even get the money back!

        Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

        1. @Slowly Waking,
          Thankyou my friend. I appreciate that big time. Am looking at the FTC site now. I am not in the States unfortunately but I’ll see how I go. It was very nice of you to put all that detailed information down.

        2. Guys:

          Do this. This may be a stronger lever for you. Individual U.S. states have attorney generals’ offices that WILL go after sellers faster than the FTC. You WILL see action.

          For example, in California:

          The key is that the product/services cost more than $500 (cumulatively, over 6 months) and that the seller represented that you could earn more than you paid. Keep in mind that even the slightest mention from the seller that they have earned profits or even testimonials from other people proclaiming as much is enough to qualify this provision! Inference may be more than sufficient.

          Many states have these protections. They are called “Seller Assisted Marketing Plans” or SAMPs.

          Here’s California’s:


          You can google for other states. Keep in mind that sellers can get in trouble in both the state in which they operate, as well as EACH state they sell to people living in.

          If you live outside the U.S., contact the attorney general in the state in which they operate. Don’t think you are without recourse just because you are outside the U.S.

          There is a good chance you can get a refund using this approach! Don’t worry if it was some time ago. Follow up anyway.

          Many of these sellers will NOT have registered with each state’s attorney generals’ offices in advance as required, so you may see fast action by simply filing a complaint.

          Anybody reading this who has bought a high priced business opportunity (bizop) product and who wants a refund should contact their state attorney generals’ office, as well as the DA’s office in the state in which the seller is located.

          It is not hard to file a complaint.

          GET YOUR MONEY BACK. Now, you can, even if it was some time ago.

          1. @Bullshit Detector,
            Appreciate your advice BD (love the screen name). I have just filed a complaint with the FTC and will see how that goes. Will also probably do what you said and I’ll get onto the AG in Utah soon. I feel I have a good enough case but I am not going to get my hopes up too high. What is important is that I do my bit to expose these people who operate in cyberspace and are protected to a greater extent than physical everyday companies like say McDonalds who are way more visible. If I wasn’t trying to promote a new website I’d probably start up a blog on all the scams I have had first hand experience with. I want other people to be spared the waste of their money and the lies.

    2. @Boo Radley, With WP, great looking free themes you can start for free. Use an old laptop and install Ubuntu + EHCP (http://www.howtoforge.com/set-up-ubuntu-server-with-ehcp-lamp-dns-ftp-mail) in under 20 minutes. If you have a decent upload on your home connection and the ISP has needed ports open on a static IP, your only monthly business cost could be the broadband lease only. Learn some scripting and SEO and you’re off and running. Please go into something worthwhile though, don’t hopelessly imitate the gooroos (a certain species of kangaroo on the endangered species list).

  19. Need to generate random fake doctor names for your testimonials? Kajabi has a button for that, too.

    There must be, what, 1.5 minutes spent looking at the interface in that 53 minute video?

  20. Mr. Droid

    Just wanted to let you know that I dropped another link to your excellent coverage of Kajabi at http://www.itstheroi.com/punditry/keeping-the-world-safe-from-internet-marketers/

    I hope you agree with my ultimate conclusion:

    Meanwhile, I will use my time and effort on little things, like the movement to Vote No On Prop 19. Not because pot is bad or evil or because I want to regulate what people put in their bodies. Hell, I am a libertarian on social issues: it is none of the governments business. My concern is that California’s marijuana prohibition provides jobs for hundreds of thousands of people and keeps them from doing something terrible — Like becoming affiliate marketers.

  21. SD, you have inspired the WhiteKnight to wake up from his sleep, rediscover his quest to use SEO for good and start dropping links to The SaltyDroid.


    I hope your other faithful reader, particularly those who have felt the pain of paying for frauducts or just want to use their powers for public good, take the time to links to these posts and to include good anchor text, like “Kajabi Review” and “Kajabi Scam” or “Kajabi Fraud”.

    Special bonus for writing posts linking to these dubious villians!

  22. Oh Come on Salty, don’t you have any empathy for the hard working and honest affiliates who have been spending their time researching and building sites to promote these essential products

    How are they going to support their lifestyle

  23. Awwww SD, I guess you didn’t get my email in time :(

    Well, turns out out that Kajabi is just Adobe Business Catalyst rebranded. You can get Adobe’s version for like $8 a month haha.

    Threw that up there a few times in the comments during the launch and I could literally refresh and watch it get deleted.

    1. @Derp,


      And their tour is like… “hey we got cool stuff, look at how it works”… rather than shove-down-your-throat sales pitch garbage.

      The “FULL SOLUTION” [uber-marketing-god or whatever Andy called his version] is only $39!

      Thanks for the tip!

    2. @Derp,

      So Andy forked over a mere $1995 to become a partner and then RESELLS starting at $99 what costs ~$8 if you buy direct. Yea… I guess that makes sense for the newbie web marketer. NOT.

    3. HA! I love this site ..

      The best parts of watching this launch for me were:

      1) When the “support” person posted the link to support.kajabi.com and it says at bottom “Help Desk Software by Zendesk”

      2) Adobe Business Catalyst

      3) Watching all the idiots in chat wetting their pants to drop $300/mo

      4) After the trial opens, it shows the prices, and in the fine print it says “If you go over your alloted bandwidth, no problem, we will just charge you almost 4x the amount amazon charges us to make up for it!”

      5) Still convincing people that the whole Kern thing was a sham, either he launched with Kajabi and he lied in the videos saying “this is the software I used for this launch” or he lied about using Kajabi, which is it?? hmm ya that’s what I thought.

      6) The insane 300MB videos. So here’s the deal, they WANT you to upload your videos so they rake in on the bandwidth overage charges. So, what’s the incentive, ohh if you don’t you won’t get to use their cool encoder (which takes 12 hours) and all the other video features (the whole reason you are paying for the damn thing in the first place).

      This is nothing more than the classic web designer scam where they say “I’ll design a website for you, you won’t have to worry about a thing, I’ll host it on my account so you don’t have to deal with all that”. 12 months later you are wondering what happened to that guy that won’t return your phone calls, and you don’t even have access to your website to let other developers update your site for you, you are roped into letting the same developer make all the fixes for you. Otherwise *poof* site gone.

      1. @Jarret ::

        And so we meet again! This post kinda links to you … in a circuitous sort of way.

        Just a small point of order … Andy actually prefers that people refer to his obvious scams as “old school” rather than “classic”.

        1. @SD,
          Ohh! Sorry for that Andy,

          This is the “old school” scam that web developers use to suck in unknowing small local businesses into hosting their site on your re-seller account!

          (how was that)

    4. @Derp,

      Are you sure about that? Adobe’s Business Catalyst actually works.

      Or did Elf-Ass PLR it and then somehow manage to screw it up?

      If so, it might be worth a closer look if he violated Adobe’s TOS.

      The Faker Surfer sold software illegally, so why not the Heavy Weight Panter?

  24. I’m not even getting why Jenkins is supposed to be the video guy.

    The kajabi launch videos were fucking boring (and why the hell does everybody these days use these darn figures in the background?) – srsly, I don’t get it.

    Jenkins had a couple good webinars and a helpful email on video conversion, but this is just fail on so many levels.

    “Would you like to host your secret information with me? It’s kinda expensive, you can’t really do anything with it you couldn’t do somewhere else, and if you’re stop paying, I’ll just throw it away. Oh, and I will never ever peek at it. I promise. *cough*”

    “That sounds kinda crappy, to be honest”

    “Well, these 20 guys like it, and they’re rich and stuff.”

    “What do they like about it?”

    “It looks pretty. And I give them mon….nothing.”

    “Well, sure, then I’ll take it!”

  25. I started thinking maybe we could just come out with free and better working versions of every software program out there on WF etc then word would get around etc ..

    But really, all this junk is *supposed* to be marketed to newbies. People on WF are *supposed* to know better than this, so why (Tell me why God) in the name of all that is holy do these people STILL buy these products?!

    Seriously, Kajabi is a poor excuse for a cpanel. Get a programmer to automate this stuff for you instead of hiring a person FOR EACH SITE YOU DO!

    Nobody is going to see that you use the same template on 100 different sites except the idiots in WF who just can’t help themselves.

    You want an edge in this game? Ask a *real* programmer how to do this stuff, not a marketer.

  26. Kajabi RUNS ON WordPress!!!

    Before Kajabi was officially released, I dug deep into the code of Jeff Walker’s PLF site: http://www.launches.net

    The source code revealed all!!! Andy has a bunch of hacks coding this nightmare of a system. They are even using the K2 WP theme – a free piece of crap that they then proceeded to mutilate.

    As a membership site developer, I have analyzed Andy’s claims on his sales video. Many of my clients are asking me about this Kajabi crap. If you want a detailed developer’s perspective on Kajabi you can read my review here:


  27. Oh ya, Frank would agree as those of you who know him as well as I do know that he believes, from experience, that if you know of a product that does well, all you have to do is make a better product and add better marketing to succeed. OptimizePress has done that!

    Eat that AJ!

    Kajabi is going to fail, and sooner than I had hoped :(

  28. Another Kajabi Sucks Review

    “you’re not going to believe this one: you can NOT use more than the “default” template they provide – NO custom css – NO custom html – lies, lieas, and more lies. You can NOT get the look that Fejj Wlker has in PLF3 – it’s a load of rubbish – you canlt even left align your logo – it HAS to be centred – show crap is that. I’m telling you I was frustrated, appalled, disgusted, I sent 3 tech support queries staright away – they came back, eventually with – passed to features team – say what?”


  29. You’re article doesn’t really say anything.

    I’m not a fan of Andy Jenkins been following his work for 10 years. Never given him a dime have watched some shady things in the past.

    I don’t see anything but accusations here. It is good to point out that if you cancel their product then you loose everything. More facts like that would be nice but it is just ranting without facts.

    I’m not a customer nor an affiliate. I have stopped promoting things I don’t buy because there is so much junk out there and this might very well be junk. But back it up, give me something. Where’s the beef!

    1. @Nothing Here, Read the other posts and comments about Andy Jenkins and Stompernet. A product or service is only as good as the person and credibility of the person behind it.

    2. @Nothing Here,

      You want Kajabi in all its glory…here it is [[lets go straight to the “creators” site]]….


      this one is a bit better….butt still crap


      [sarcasm]Beautiful layouts, who needs things like aesthetics, and symmetry…and who here doesn’t like a layout that flows to the right of the page…so much so that you have to use a horizontal scroll bar[/sarcasm]…

      Who wrote those CSS style sheets [[testing…fuck NO…that takes time and effort…can’t do that]]….a blind retarded poo flinging monkey…and if you aren’t looking at it on a 1920×1200 resolution screen it’s even worse [[view it at 1024 resolution…it’s to die [[laughing]] for…hint; pay attention to the header graphic once you scroll to the right]]….and the load time….ARE YOU KIDDING ME?….is this dial up?…I shudder to think how this monstrosity integrates, based on the lack of any attention to detail on the front end.

      I’m sold!!! Where can I sign up? And do they use lubricant, or am I going to be walking funny for days….unfucking believabull!

  30. I have been using Kajabi since the beginning. When they launched it sucked! The app was full of bugs! I persevered because I felt they would pull through, and they have. Kajabi is as bug free as any other solution on the market. Plus, they have email, phone, and chat support 24/7. How many of their competitors can say that? – zero, last time I checked!

    Kajabi is very simple and I can setup a membership site extremely quickly. Granted Kajabi costs $97 per month. And sure you can use WordPress for free w/ Wishlist (membership plugin) for $97 one-time fee. But while you are still configuring the Wishlist plugin, I will have finished my entire site. The speed and simplicty alone makes Kajabi a winner for some projects/clients. Don’t get me wrong, I still like WordPress membership plugins, it all depends on the project/client.

    Also, I cannot find any information that says Andy Jenkins owns Kajabi. It is my understanding that he just make the launch videos. Kenny Rueter is the founder and owner as far as I can tell. I pegged the Droid as a robot that wants to be accurate. So I wanted to at least put in my FYI about that.

    1. @Will Franco aka Flywheel,

      Wow they really duped you haven’t they. Personally I love how they charge you four times the bandwidth amount, that’s a real class act right there.

      1. Let’s just stick to the facts. Where does it say Andy Jenkins owns Kajabi? Plus, the point about hosting fees is moot, nearly all the video solutions that are not raw hosting charge a lot of storage and bandwidth. There are thoses who expect wholesale from a retailer. I am not one of them. Should Kajabi have the option for me to use my own CDN, absolutely.

        1. @Will Franco aka Flywheel, I’m not going to link to all the MMO ‘review’ sites- I assume you’ve heard of a little thing called ‘Google’- but they ALL list Andy Jenkins, Travis Rosser, and Kenny Rueter as the founders of Kajabi LLC. So now, after a year and scathing reviews (hell, even the Warrior Forum tore it to absolute shreds) you’re hinting that Andy Jenkins is no longer a part of it? Big whoop.

          So you don’t expect to get wholesale, huh? You know what they call a business that buys retail and then tries to sell it’s own products at a competitive price? Out of business. Add to that buying super overpriced ‘retail’ products that don’t work and you’re talking about a ‘business’ so far in the hole that – ewww- I don’t like where this metaphor is headed…

          Good luck with your ‘alpha stage’ development. *Snort*

          1. @Wanderlost, You can use ANY video player w/ Kajabi (e.g. eZs3), you just can’t connect it to your S3 account directly. You can even use YouTube. This is because Kajabi supports a video embed code.

            I am not denying that Kajabi sucked. It did. Really badly. They launched to soon and it was full of bugs, and it seems like they picked the wrong stallion to champion the launch. Clearly though, whether Andy was a founder/owner or not they have disassociated from him. The motive for which is debatable.

            All I am saying is that, “I use Kajabi. I like the service and it is worth paying a premium for because it saves me time and reduces admin burden, which ultimately compresses time-frames enabling me to focus on serving my clients.”

            Lastly, to escalate this into a passive aggressive attack on my business… come on now brother. Let’s stick to the facts and the topic of this thread. Clearly, my business is doing well, the fact that $97 per month for Kajabi is not concern to me is a testament to that statement. I am also publishing my name and link to my personal website, being fully transparent with who I am and what I do.

            My goal here is purely to offer my perspective and personal experience with Kajabi, as an owner of two Kajabi membership sites. Also, as a consultant who has setup many membership sites and used a variety of membership plugins (for WordPress: Wishlist, aMember, Nanacast; non-WordPress: CustomerHub, Kajabi, TrainDom, and InfusionWP). I am an Infusionsoft user, I have two fully load applications. So I tend to favor CustomerHub and InfusionWP because they OTB in to the Infusionsoft API.

            Kajabi is not perfect, no solution is. But they do deserve a second-look. They have come a long-way in a short period of time. They still need to deactivate owner accounts instead of deleting them, I do not agree with that policy at all, but I am sure they will come around. Like any new business, growing pains are to be expected. And it is not how we fall down that matters, it is how we get back up.

            Will Franco

            1. @Will Franco aka Flywheel, I’m confused- do you think this is some kind of ‘review’ site? Most of your audience here are people who’ve been seriously scammed or are just pulling themselves out of the psychological and financial hole the cult-like tactics of the subjects of Salty’s attention. Some of them are friends and relatives of James Arthur Ray’s murder victims. Some are just here for the yuks.

              Short form: we don’t care about Kajabi’s ‘features’. And all the back-peddling- “B-b-ut Andy’s gone, honest, and it really WORKS now” whining isn’t going to make us care.

            2. @Will Franco aka Flywheel ::

              Thanks for your free how-to-web consulting guy :: it means a lot coming from someone who can help me Rocket2Profit …

              By far the best form of marketing is word-of-mouth. If you have raving fans for customers, thanks to social media, your sales will be put on autopilot – for free!


              Gosh that sounds stupid :: but you love Kajabi so you must know stuffs.

              PS How should I know if Andy owns it or not? And also why should I care? They marketed it as his … so that’s how I wrote about it. Personally :: I hope it’s owned by Jennifer Fallon.

          2. @SD,

            I am starting to feel the Droid has become bitter and can’t see the forest for the trees – serving ones customers has and always will be the key to building a successful business.

            Calling a spade a space is one thing, but making snap judgements about my character and an eBook you have never read is… well it is what it is.

            I am one of the good guys brother. Take a few minutes to read the content of my eBook and if you still feel the same way, let me know.

            I assure you my eBook is 51-pages of pure content that is both educational and informative. I am not selling anything, NOTHING AT ALL!!! I spent weeks writing the eBook, mainly because I was sick and tired of seeing all the junk online.

            Also, if you watch the video testimonials in the bottom right-hand corner of my website http://www.jivesystems.com, maybe you will change your opinion (it is clear they are completely sincere and genuine testimonials about the efficacy of our service). You can also check my LinkedIn profile http://www.linkedin.com/in/followflywheel where even more testimonials verifiable testimonials reside.

            Will Franco aka Flywheel

            1. @Will Franco aka Flywheel,

              The reason people can no longer see the forest for the trees is because of EBOOKS. If it weren’t for ebooks, there would be less trees and we could actually see what remained of the forest. You should think more about conserving non-renewable electrons. Once they are gone, they are gone.

    2. @Will Franco aka Flywheel,

      Did you get a free month of service for posting that here, or does this really represent your undivided opinion? Also, do you have any “special discount codes” (you know, a numeric, like 2839293819201827 for example, that’s just my Visa number I’m using for an example) for anyone here that might want to give the service the old junior college try (go Ramhawks!) and see if fulfills their every?

      ALso, would this service work for someone who sells emus (shipped parcel post) and, how best to prepare for a launch? We have 16 emus ready to go now and 3 more coming in January. I hope this can make demand for our emus go from 0 to 19 by January, or we’ll have to find an apartment with more spare bedrooms.

      I sure hope this will save our business, I don’t want to go back to selling typewriter ribbons.

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  32. Just passin through… And bygohlee, I forgot how perty this little salty feller’s wryting is… Shure makes them syndicant’s ass clowns look might foolish.

    Maybe I oughtta spend mor time with these folk… Make me look like a brainiac. Just like gurls, I gotta get me a Funky Frank Kern type guru to come be my fat friend, tuh make me look all hawt in fronna my list. Knah what I’m Sayin, droid?

    Cayjis fer Sociopaths… Yup!

  33. Does anyone see the value with this “program”? I always use an account with about $1 in it for the reasons stated above (People are getting charged even though they cancelled during the trial period). I have cancelled way ahead of the 14 day trial. I wish them good luck if they attempt the $99 payment or whatever it is out of the account I used.

    I am surprised by a couple of the people promoting the site as they believe in VALUE first. This program has none that I could see.

    1. @Dave, most everyone who promotes will say they believe in *value* first. Some will say it very convincingly. Everyone who promotes believes in making a buck for themsleves first. A very large chunk of the internet is devalued by affiliates not being quite transparent on where their interests and their concerns lie.

      Also – if one word of the above review is to be believed – and no reason why not – SD is not an affiliate: there is *no* value with the above program, or a bizillion other similar ones.

      If you want to buy some sort of website stuff, as a *hobby* first and foremost, – try namecheap, and pay 60 bucks one off for a good theme – such as Arthemia… link in the footer below. Or alternatively, just use a free wordpress theme. Or Joomla, or Drupal, or try some Microsoft dreamweaver. Have some fun. You don’t need to pay for *any* info – CPanel and Namecheap have all the info provided as part of very cheap packages. Keep away from the internet’s own versions of slime upon oil – such as the IMers mentioned on this blog, the whole Warrior Forum, ClickBank, and the companies really in bed with these guys – from AWeber, right down through the alphabet.

    2. @Dave, …and anyone should read the Kajabi terms of service…. Ouch.. see below… all designed for the population who do not read terms of service prior to paying a dollar for something…. i.e. 99.99% of us.

      I wonder what slimey legal lizard lives down the hole named legal@kajabi.com

      PLEASE – anyone who has bought this stuff and not got a refund – put a big complaint to their credit card service provider, and get service provider to *protect* the consumer – i.e. give a refund, and take up the consumer’s valid complaint with these scammers.

      One way of getting rid of these shysters is to simply make sure that the main credit cards *do not* do business with them.

      ….for example re the Kajabi terms of service.

      C. Cancellation and Termination

      You are solely responsible for properly canceling your account. An email or phone request to cancel your account is not considered cancellation. You can cancel your account at any time by clicking on the “My Account” then “My Subscription” link in the global navigation bar at the top of the screen. The “My Subscription” page provides a simple no questions asked cancellation link.
      All of your Content will be immediately deleted from the Service upon cancellation. This information can not be recovered once your account is cancelled.
      If you cancel the Service before the end of your current paid up month, your cancellation will take effect immediately and you will not be charged again.
      Kajabi, in its sole discretion, has the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Service, or any other Kajabi service, for any reason at any time. Such termination of the Service will result in the deactivation or deletion of your Account or your access to your Account, and the forfeiture and relinquishment of all Content in your Account. Kajabi reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.

      D. Modifications to the Service and Prices

      Kajabi reserves the right at any time and from time to time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the Service (or any part thereof) with or without notice.
      Prices of all Services, including but not limited to monthly subscription plan fees to the Service, are subject to change upon 30 days notice from us. Such notice may be provided at any time by posting the changes to the Kajabi site (kajabi.com) or the Service itself.
      Kajabi shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, price change, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.

  34. @needlework … ,

    I’m not interesting in needlework except unless it’s the Arya Stark kind of needlework.

    “Weese,” she would whisper, first of all. “Dunsen, Chiswyck, Polliver, Raff the Sweetling. The Tickler and the Hound. Ser Gregor, Ser Armory, Ser Ilyn, Ser Meryn, King Joffrey, Queen Cersei.”

  35. Meanwhile…

    Frank is taking claim to all of the hosting server shutdowns recently…


    Murphy’s law struck with a VENGEANCE

    I sent you an important email and the minute
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    So I guess I single handedly blew up the Internet.
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    Anyway – here’s what I wanted to tell you
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    Anyway – like I said, there’s no charge for this.

    And if you’re looking to take the knowledge you
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    I’ll be answering your questions LIVE and there will
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    You can see all the details here :-)

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    I show you how to get clients, how to keep them
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    It’ll probably fill up since I’m using GoTo Webinar
    and they only have 1,000 spaces available on their
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    So see what it’s all about and register free if it seems
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    1. @, Just reading “Advanced Sales And Persuasion Tactics For Having A High Paying Consulting Business.”

      … and then

      “The “Collaborative Close” That Technique That Turns Complete Strangers Into Paying Clients”

      … both on


      … and makes me wonder if the seminar includes the strategy of employing senseless grammer / syntax to get a sale.

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