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Wordles and Sounds

Another ShitStorm come and gone … turds blowing all over … websites getting smeared with Kajabi. Unsightly!

The StomperNet ShitStorm … way back when … finished at 27,000 words.

The Syndicate ShitStorm … way back two weeks ago … finished at 57,000 words.

What a wordy fake hate mob y’all are.

Speaking of wordy :: I made a Wordle of those 57,000 words :: behold the top 150 repeated words. Consider it my gift to you people :: which I have only given because it cost me nothing. You’re welcome.

Many doubting doubters wanted to hear the full Jenkins/Walker Shitstorm tapes … not content with my entertaining versions of a most unentertaining conversation. Alright then … let the mouth breathing evil begin …

... plotting and panting 101 ...

Intermission {get yourself a barf bag from the lobby}

... plotting and panting 102 ...

Now that you’re done listening to Andy Jenkins boast disgustingly about going to NYU … and using NYU’s tuition rates to “anchor” the ridiculous price of his shit frauduct … go to NYU’s alumni listings and find him.

Good luck!

>> bleep bloop