Jeff Walker’s Poison Launch Formula

Jeff Walker Pharma

Okay :: there’s a business lesson in here … I think … but first let me tell you about a Holiday Inn Express that Jeff Walker stayed in last year.

“Sounds boring” :: says you because you’re a hater.

Well what if I told you that there was a free breakfast at this hotel?

“The breakfast spread had lots of bagels, cereal, toast, and such. And there was a bunch of tables with lots of people eating breakfast.”

Oh yeah baby :: now I’ve got your attention! And not only were people eating breakfast … but some of them were occasionally looking up at a TV.

OMG surely you jest!

No :: I’m not jesting :: and don’t call me Shirley.

On the television a news program was showing a clip from a robbery … taking money at gun point …

“It was a horrible video. It literally made me sick to my stomach.”

Wow :: you might be a pussy … so you should have that checked out.

“However, the really amazing thing to me was the people eating breakfast in that lobby… Some of the people were parents with young children at their table.”

Can you believe the audacity of some people eating breakfast with their children :: what is the world coming too?

“It was almost as if someone walked up to them and asked “would you like some poison injected in your brain?” … and their answer was “yes, please give me an extra dose“…”

It is almost just like that.  Except for the part about the poison :: and the brain injections :: and the whole “extra dose” part … cause that’s all weird and nothing at all like a continental breakfast in a hotel lobby with your family.

Okay but wait :: enough about breakfast … let’s get to the business lessonings …

“This is ESPECIALLY important for entrepreneurs.”


“If you put poison into your brain, you’re going to get a bunch of poison coming out of your brain.”

Eureka! That’s business lesson genius! Somebody make a fucking poster out of that inspirational inspiration.

You put poison in –> you get a BUNCH more poison coming out.  Boom!  You just opened your own poison factory … and now you have a pimp yacht that you christened “Rich Person’s Boat Dot Com” because the money came on you so fast you didn’t have time to mindmap more creative boat names.

Poison factory :: I think that was the lesson.  Or maybe the lesson was that Jeff Walker doesn’t hold people up at gun point to take their money. He’s so against it that it makes his lil’ tummy hurt.  So if you happen to have heard some tapes where Jeff Walker sounds like he’s plotting out ways to suck you dry … just keep in mind that he’s still 100% against convenience store robberies  {and those who would watch them on TV}.

But seriously … let’s get real here people …

“So please take it as a given… when you’re an entrepreneur, people will try to tear you down.”

But not really.  People mostly won’t give a shit because they are kinda busy caring about themselves.

“If you pay attention to those people, then you’re injecting poison into your brain, as surely as if you were in that hotel watching a TV with a convenience store clerk begging for her life.”

I’m confused … should I even be reading this post? That’s the second time he’s mentioned a very violent episode … I’m worried all this negativity is going to poison my successful hope-a-trons.

“As an entrepreneur, one group of people who will try to tear you down will be people that are close to you… your family and/or your friends.”

You can’t let your family tell you things like …

  • “This isn’t a real business.”
  • “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but that sounds like a scam.”
  • “We can’t afford this right now.”
  • “Why are you being so defensive?”
  • “Please snap out of it, you’re scaring me.”

Fuck them! That’s just the sound of them wanting you to fail because they’re jealous of your future happiness. Send me $2,997 and I can teach you how to numb the pain and deny the problem in Seven Easy Steps.

Scrape um off!

“If people are tearing you down, then you need to avoid them. This can be tough if it’s your family, but you need to set boundaries. You need to create distance. And if your friends are tearing you down, it’s time to find some new friends.”

And thus did Jeff Walker illustrate the chilling tendency of “Internet Marketing” “Gurus” to cross freely into the oh so murky water of cult tactics.

Separate from your friends and family?

No … don’t. Never allow a business or business “opportunity” to come between you and the real people in your real life.  That’s just crazy talk! If your family is concerned about something you’re doing … reevaluate that something.  Consider keeping your friends and family around in case forming cartels and going on cruises with pedophiles don’t turn out to be winning life strategies.

But “entrepreneurs” have more to worry about than just their families and hotel TVs …

“But that’s not the end of it… these days, in the age of the Internet, where anyone that can turn on a computer can become an anonymous critic… Critics (who usually have no experience or are abject failures) then the best answer is usually to ignore them.”

Sounds about right.  Unfortunately for shit eating bastard Jeff Walker :: some critics aren’t just anyones with computers.  Some critics are qualified :: dazzling :: credentialed :: terrifying :: and popular beyond Jeff Walker’s wildest affiliate wet dreams.  Those people :: let’s call them no-reach “butt pimples” :: are a bit harder to ignore {even with medication}.

“It’s something of a secret that lots of entrepreneurs and high achievers are motivated in large part by a thirst for revenge… Personally, I’ve been driven to some massive successes as an answer to people attacking me… once to a launch that did almost $4 million in sales in just a couple of days.”

Beautiful story :: I’m teary eyed.

Someone was all like :: “Jeff Walker is a scammer”.

And then he was all like :: “Oh no I’m not you sons of bitches … watch me gouge a couple hundred sheeple for a couple thousand dollars each … and with only a 30% refund rate.”


>> bleep bloop

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  1. I love your rebuttal to the tired old “people will try to tear you down” because you’re an entrepreneur lie. That is a weird battle cry in Internet Marketing dens, and I enjoyed you bringing attention to it. There are lots of successful online marketers who aren’t having any problems with this at all. I’d say, most. Thanks again Salty – hope-a-trons made me laugh out loud.

  2. Jeff Walker’s Public Version:

    “It’s something of a secret that lots of entrepreneurs and high achievers are motivated in large part by a thirst for revenge… Personally, I’ve been driven to some massive successes as an answer to people attacking me… once to a launch that did almost $4 million in sales in just a couple of days.”

    Jeff Walker’s “What I’m Really Thinking” Version:

    “It’s something of a secret that lots of entrepreneurs and high achievers are motivated in large part by a thirst for revenge… Personally, I’ve been driven to some massive successes as an answer to people attacking me…

    Like those warrior forum cocksuckers. Once, I did a million dollar launch, and a few days later, realized I’d refunded $350K of it, and the refunds were still coming in. This AWAKENED THE GIANT ASSHOLE IN ME! I was so fired up and motivated, I was running around my house saying “Fuck my family, fuck the world, fuck those warrior forum bastards, I’ll make them pay me again, MORE POWAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRR UNLIMITED POWWWAAAAAARRRRR!

    And then, I had my revenge, to a launch that did almost $4 million in sales in just a couple of days, and only 1.5 million in refunds, well, so far.

    The lesson here folks, is that people that don’t buy your shit, and people that want to refund are poisonous cocksuckers who think for themselves, so tell them that everything that doesn’t come out of you or your friends mouths, is POISON.

    P.S.: I love Poison. We always play it in the syndicate treehouse when we’re making our frauducts. Don’t need nothin…… but a good time…… la la la.

  3. Strange that the “injecting poison in your brain” post was made during these “syndicate shit storm times”….

    I really don´t understand why people worry about butt pimples…

  4. Here it is, Jimmidy WalkAllOverYou’s Overpriced Overhyped Formula..

    Overpriced Perpetuation Manifestor’s course only $5k PLUS you get to give me a ton of your profits AND be in the SUPER-DUPER directory for all the other suckers who bought this overpriced piece of dogbeard.

    Ahh yeah but to top it Wank er, Frank is back:

    ONLY $10000

    Make MILLIONZ!!! OMG!!

    1. @Boo Radley,

      Quote from that presentation:

      “Frank Kern is the most expensive and most sought after Internet Marketing Strategist in the world.

      His average private client reports a near immediate increase of $6,250,000.00 in new sales as a direct result of Frank’s direction and marketing tactics.”

      HAHAHA what a load of crap

    2. @Boo Radley,

      Oh Frank…

      I Love that hair and the sound of your corny voice… You’re such a goof

      I am waiting in fake-anticipation to hear you unravel all the shit you can come up with.

      And you Brendon fucktard… Who’s not an expert in anything. I love you too.

    3. @Boo Radley, So sadly it’s now closed, but i can see where it says now:

      “Enter your email below and we’ll notify you on anything cool [i.e. any fake openings Andy-Jenkin’s-Old-School-Style] that comes up in the future relating to our Millionaire Marketing Formulas.”

      – Frank Kern, “Surfin’ with the enemy!”

    4. @Boo Radley ::

      He takes a percentage of a launch you “manage” if you’re a Product Launch Manager? Even if you closed the deal on your own?

      1. @SD, That sounds familiar. In the PLM launch, he priced the product at something totally bizarre ($20k, $50k? Something like that anyway. 5 figures). He then said you’d only have to pay $5k of that upfront, and the rest would be out of your profits.

        So giving him half of your business for a while is ‘justified’ because (1)you didn’t have to pay the full price upfront, and (2)you only pay when you make money…except for that $5k ‘tire-kicker’ upfront payment!

        I remember marveling at the video, but I can’t remember the specifics of the payment plan. Anyone else who can?

        1. @208-577-6210, Here you go:

          [START QUOTE]

          The Crazy Economy And
          Me Sharpening My Pencil …

          But I decided that in the current times it can be hard to come up with $10,000.00 right up front… so I decided to actually FINANCE you. In fact, I’m willing to take a bit of a gamble on you.

          So this is how it will work… I’m going to cut that $10,000 right in half and I’ll let you attend for $4,995 upfront… and then you can pay me the rest out of profits.

          That’s really cool… because you won’t end up paying me the full amount until you make $100,000.00 in profits.


          I thought that was cool, but it STILL wasn’t good enough – I wanted to sharpen my pencil and go even further.

          So I went back to my merchant account provider and my partners with a plan… and they were willing to play ball… so here’s what I can do…

          For only $974.55 per month, for six months, you can get the full PLM Coaching Program…

          And that includes a copy of Product Launch Formula 2 (which is a extra $2,000.00 value) … and it includes the 3 day live workshop (and remember, I’ve only put on two events in my life… one cost $5,000 and the other was $25,000)…

          Plus it includes the $8 million in swipe files…

          And it includes the full-out 8 Power-Core PLM modules and all the live calls…

          And it includes the PLM Directory listing…

          Plus our agreements, checklists and client scripts, and action guides…

          The bottom line is this program is absolutely worth $25,000, but you get it for only $974 per month for six months.

          [END QUOTE]


          The PLM Directory was a year late – just went live a week ago (approx. Nov. 11).

          Product Launch Formula 2 was pulled down in June 2010.

  5. Wow Jason,

    This post is really gonna put Jeff out of business.

    Keep coming with this useless jibberish.

    Don’t quit your day job.

    Oh wait…

    You don’t have one.

    1. @JasonJonesFakeLawyer, You know what fuckwit, you’re wrong, just wrong…

      The “pimple” is turning into a festering boil and the R2D2 lookalike from Chicago has got you and your pals on the run.

      Squeal little piggy… squeal!

    2. @JasonJonesFakeLawyer, You’re here, aren’t you? Exactly. So is everybody else!

    3. @JasonJonesFakeLawyer ::

      I’d love to get a day job … especially as the non-sexist head of the Chicago Tribune … but I’m kind of busy winning the Internetz.

  6. @Alley-Cat

    Fuckwit? Way to give this site even more credibility then already doesn’t have.

    Jason Jones – maybe you should prohibit derelicts like Alley-Cat from posting here because they just make your site less and less credible with each intelligent comment they post.

    Carry on with the 3rd grade level insults.

    1. @JasonJonesFakeLawyer, or maybe SD should prohibit derelicts like you. You’ve brought no arguements to the table here, no reasons why this is ‘so called’ jibberish – you’ve just blathered a mindless observation of no real sustenance!

      How do you know this post won’t lead to Jeff going out of business? You don’t! Everything that is posted here is having a knock-on effect and neither you nor I can predict exactly where it will all end up.

      So unless you have something of value to add, you may be better off refraining from commenting at all!

    2. @JasonJonesFakeLawyer ::

      “Way to give this site even more credibility then already doesn’t have.”

      Classic! Let’s get together and compare notes on being fucking highlarious. I’m serious. This is your big break. Call me.

  7. Aside from just not buying syndicate stuff, the next best thing is to refund or chargeback. Everyone needs to spread the word that kajabi is a rip off and to let folks know how to refund.

    Anyone have a powerful idea to get “how to get a refund or a chargeback” accessible to the poor souls who have been whitewashed. Have to hit these folks in the pocketbook

    SD is perfect at destroying their credibility through facts and humor, we all need to take it to the financial level

    1. @Kajabirefund,

      facts? what facts?

      what facts have been presented about walker or jenkins?

      1. that they orchestrated “fake” scarcity in their launch? it’s done every day in business. it’s a taught marketing principle.

      2. that their products are crap? all i’ve seen on this site is a herd of pissed-off folks spewing trash talk. no facts. no proof whatsoever that their products don’t deliver on their promises.

      3. that they charge exorbitant fees for their products? says who? you? it’s all about what people are willing to pay. that’s why we have starbucks, nordstroms, and mercedes.

      4. that they operate as a “marketing cartel” with their buddies? cause they’re friends and discuss how to best help each other promote their products with a schedule??

      5. that they lie in their marketing? welcome to the reality of the world almost every business operates in.

      fact is, the above post is totally and completely useless. it shows nothing other than that you can take anything anyone says and rip it apart to find stuff you want to make fun of. there’s absolutely no substance.

      and you guys talk about the cult mentality and brainless followers of the gurus???

      now hurry along… and post a witty reply that will simply reinforce and back-up everything i’ve just said.

      1. Ok, misrepresentation and all ethics aside (you shoulve LOVE that, right?), Kajabi doesn’t seem to be delivering from word on the street. Here’s just a small sampling of all the grumbling:


        Oh, and here’s a letter that email marketer Joe Lavery sent to his entire list:

        “Why I bought and canceled Kajabi!”

        I watched the Kajabi videos with some legitimate interest
        because Andy makes excellent videos.

        I was immediately thinking about using it to power my
        websites and possibly for clients too.

        So when it launched a few days ago, I took the trial.

        Once I logged in, I knew within a few minutes that
        this wouldn’t work for me (and therefore I couldn’t
        recommend it to you).

        BTW… how many of the promotions you’ve seen in the
        last week cam from people who actually tried the
        software out first before recommending it?

        Back to the story:

        I canceled my account the next day.

        Here’s why…

        What I discovered was that the administration area

        running the show was unbelievably UNINTUITIVE!

        I am a smart dude.

        Anyone who has ever spoken to me or purchased one of
        my courses should know that.

        I spent over an hour fiddling with everything and
        trying to set up one page to see what it would look
        like in the templates…

        … and not only did it seem like it took 5 hours,
        I couldn’t figure it out at all.

        I uploaded a video and it jacked up the size and
        formatting… and it’s not like I didn’t look for
        some settings to change the size, I did.

        But this humble user couldn’t figure it out.

        The bottom line, is this will probably take me
        longer to figure out, than Paypal’s API (which
        if you stack teh words on top of each other
        is higher than Atlanta’s Bank of America
        Building… that’s over 30 stories).

        If you’re looking for USER-FRIENDLY I can not
        honestly recommend Kajabi.

        Unless you have NEVER touched an html editor
        before I would steer clear of this.

        There’s many resources available online that
        do almost everything and more.

        And besides, who wants to leave WordPress, the
        world’s single most powerful publishing platform

        bar none… WordPress in gangsta period.

        (and putting multiple systems together is not
        as big a deal as he makes it out to be)

        He says Kajabi puts everything under one roof.

        Then a few minutes later he says that you’ll
        be integrating into your favorite shopping cart
        and autoresponder service.

        NOTE: he’s only integrated with 3 or 4 solutions
        and there’s no option to do a “generic” integration
        so if you don’t use Paypal only, Infusionsoft or
        1ShoppingCart, then you’re pretty left high and dry.

        And who’s he kidding, InfusionSoft is no one’s
        favorite… even their users wish there was a
        way out! (just ask them)

        So in fact, Kajabi is also integrating multiple
        services together like he was saying is bad.

        BOTTOM LINE:

        I’m not saying Kajabi doesn’t work.

        I’m not saying it completely sucks (I really like
        the drip content features)

        I’m not saying you won’t like it.

        I’m not saying you shouldn’t try it out.

        I’m just saying this guy can’t give you his

        At the end of the day, the fancy videos sold
        me in, but the product pushed me out.

        Kick Butt, Be Bold!

        Joe Lavery
        Must Have Markting

      2. @Salty Luva,


        Try another excuse, the “everybody is doing it” one isn’t working.

        Or perhaps it is because everybody is shafting them that people here are so pissed off?

        Now run along and try to come up with something more original next time.

      3. @Salty Luva, you wrote:

        “2. that their products are crap? all i’ve seen on this site is a herd of pissed-off folks spewing trash talk. no facts. no proof whatsoever that their products don’t deliver on their promises.”

        No– the gurus have to prove their products deliver.

        But they can’t.

        Point made. No insults needed.

      4. @This one goes out to all the Salty Luvas, and also the ladies, but mostly the Salty Luvas:

        “3. that they charge exorbitant fees for their products? says who? you? it’s all about what people are willing to pay. that’s why we have starbucks, nordstroms, and mercedes.”

        People WERE willing to pay because gurus promised over and over that customers could make back the list price and more besides. More importantly, the market was not mature. It’s not yet ten years old.

        So we’re watching the market correct itself.

        Starbucks is a great example, as their (never great) quality raced downhill due to overexpansion and competition from McDonalds etc. Recently they’ve tried to rehabilitate their brand by telling their barristas to work more slowly. They used to train barristas; now the machines are mostly automated. The stores increasingly sell kitschy gifts, CDs and unrelated junk, as they scramble for new profit streams. The same decline’s happening with Apple Stores. Five years ago every new Genius got flown out to Cupertino for a couple weeks’ training. Now they hire mostly those sales-floor grunts, and Geniuses know less & less. Apple still has a great image, products, and market capitalization, but all things come to an end.

        Now, both those companies are real companies with real products and real markets. What about the gurus?

        IM gurus never had quality– Eben Pagan’s 20% content/80% marketing idea– but they got to pioneer the MMO market. First one in the pool sets the price. Over time, prices go down except in markets with real scarcity like oil. However, the MMO guru trend has seen prices going up astronomically. A PDF used to cost $17, then $97… and you see the rise of “video training courses” for download. First they were $200, then $497, then $2500. Is that because of real scarcity, as with oil? Is it because people realized the information was undervalued and suddenly became OK with paying more– “Wow, Mr. Kern, here’s an extra $2000 because you made me $100,000!” Or is it that gurus need to repackage and resell because the information hasn’t changed and the market’s shriking?

        Why have other information industries– news media, say– seen their value utterly destroyed at the same time? What’s different? The astute reader, ready to get rid of their friends as per Jeff Walker’s advice above, will put two and two together while talking with the spouse & kids even as angry former customers demand refunds, get the word out about shoddy products, and the gurus lose their positioning (all they had). Former customers can wake up feeling good about after getting out of a dark pit while gurus wake up to realize what the newly-CORRECT market will now pay for their products and services.

        And it’s not much.

        Again, no insults! I’m on a roll.

        I’ve said before that I would happily pay for a marketing course that would guarantee I could make a full-time income based on its methods. But success can’t be taught, or “modeled,” or anything but ATTEMPTED. Life already has no guarantees, and the gurus have even fewer.

        1. @Slowly Waking,

          it’s called the -invisible hand of the market- and there’s nothing the scumbags selling get rich quick garbage can do about its adjusting to the current market conditions. they will continue to increase prices to keep profits at a level consistent with previous numbers, but once they’re down to four remaining customers, it’s no longer going to work at that point.

          of course nearly none of these assholes have any eduction so simple understanding of economics is far past their comprehension. a basic economics class would have given them the foresight to know that scheduling a flood of courses to saturate the market each year (their launch calendar) on a fixed schedule and continuously increasing prices have only one possible outcome, a severe (and much speedier) market correction.

          when there’s more supply, courses in this example, than customers can buy, the price of the courses must eventually drop in order create what is called equilibrium, the state of the market where there’s enough product for customers to buy and enough customers to buy the product.

          but these guys aren’t going to lower prices, are they? hell no.

          so their solution is to double, triple, and quadruple prices so their income levels remain consistent even though their only getting half the number of people to buy each time they launch. sure, sounds feasible until you realize that when you keep cutting your customer base by 50% each time you launch, it’s not going to take long until you’re going to have to charge $100,000 for your course because you only have 4 customers left.

          with a group of people organizing this and slamming the market with overpriced crap, it only makes sense that the market is going to come to a crash.

          the truth is, even without salty doing or saying a thing, the invisible hand of the market is going to at least correct the price gouging going on. and let me tell you, when these guys can only get $99 for their $5,000 courses only sell 100-200 of them, the cannibalism and internal wars between the members of the syndicate are going to not only be hardcore, they’re going to be public. in fact, they’ve already started if you listen to some of the calls salty has shared.


      5. @Salty Luva ::

        I’ll save that little list for you here … then you can tell your Public Defender to come here and read it.

        It ‘splains everythin’ …

  8. Just read some of the comments over there, talk about mind controlled mentlers –

    “We wouldn’t fuel our cars with oil as it would run right…same thing applies to all humans. Feed our brains well and it will flourish into wonderful fruits.”

    “Looking forward to doing the PLF3 course and to the possibility of still coming to and meeting others and you at the conference in Arizona.
    Dancing with life and Creating Champions”

    “Just call me a loser and I’ll prove that I’m an achiever!”

    Those comments say more about the mental well being of the followers of the Jeff man than anything anybody else could write.

    1. @PB ::

      Yeah the comments are horrible … full of ass kissing … and the language of the lost. If you want a life lesson … click through on every single link. Look at all the “success” kissing Jeff Walker’s ass has brought to his trusting sycophants.

      1. @SD, yep, they certainly are full to the brim with the skillz to pay the billz. If those are the sort of sites that result from wonderful fruits, dancing with life and being an achiever then they can keep it!

        I’d hate to think how fucking horrific his disciples websites were before if they think Jeff has transformed their abilities with his ninja skills.

      2. @SD, I clicked through and now I’m depressed.


        Their positive thinking has made me sad for them.

        1. @Slowly Waking, Positive thinking like the tone deaf fucktards that insist on going on Americas Got Talent and delcaring that they are Gods next great gift to music?

          Yes, lets applaud them all.

  9. Jeff Walker sounds more and more like James Ray. When he is coming out with “Harmonic Launch Formula?”

  10. @not a jeff walker fan by any stretch

    I’m here because this blog and it’s cult members Jason Jones did a great job cultivating amuse me.

    It’s almost like watching the Soup on the E-Channel, but not nearly as funny.

    Wait, you probably don’t have that channel because you can’t afford cable, but that must be Jeff Walker’s fault too, right?

    1. @JasonJonesFakeLawyer said:

      “Wait, you probably don’t have that channel because you can’t afford cable, but that must be Jeff Walker’s fault too, right?”

      Have you even graduated high school yet? I’m guessing not, based on your comments.

      Let me correct you. You are here because you are worried, like all the other scammers whose “fake businesses” are drying up. You might actually have to take a real job soon, but “scammer” doesn’t look so hot on a resume.

      Welcome to accountability. If you aren’t familiar with the word, look it up.

    2. @JasonJonesFakeLawyer,

      What amuses and saddens me about people of your ilk, sonny jim, is that you asume that “self-worth” is all based on having a zillion dollars in the bank, three bathrooms, a flashy car, oh and cable TV (FFS)!! And there doesn’t seem to be any depths that you won’t sink to to achieve that aim.

      [QUOTE]”I’m here because this blog and it’s cult members Jason Jones did a great job cultivating amuse me.”[UNQUOTE]

      I don’t see Jason encouraging the people here to place distance between themselves and their friends and families if they don’t agree with what they are doing. That is a well documented cult tactic which your “mentor” Jeff seems to be employing to its full extent.

      You just don’t get it do you? People here are genuinely outraged by the unethical antics of the people you so admire. Contary to the belief that you and your ilk like to foster, many of them are not failed internet marketers they, like myself, are just interested bystanders who feel that it needs to be stopped.

      Squeal away!

  11. The only way to succeed in life is to not give up and to believe in yourself. We all have a genius inside us but society and the system beat it out of us before we hit 20. If you just keep moving forward no matter how slow you will make progress. The most successful people in the world fail 97% of the time the difference is they don’t give up they keep going, they find a way. There is a lot of crap out there and a lot of scammers but there are also good guys too, but there is NO magic bullet to anything let alone internet marketing.

    1. @Justin Do-it, take it easy on yourself. There are plenty of failed geniuses in the world. Nothing wrong with it.

      Besides, the people lauded for success, like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, are often narcissistic, ruthless, nasty people. Be careful what you imitate.

      Work on loving the people around you and seeing success in those terms, you’ll be a lot happier.

      A little related, here’s wisdom from a recent NYTimes article on the difficulty of studying the wealthy:

      ‘ “If you look at the poor as a problem, you’ll be angry at elites or you’ll expect them to come up with a solution,” said Mr. Venkatesh, who took the most pragmatic line. “You have to come in accepting that there will always be poor people in society and there will always be wealthy people in society, and neither of the two reached that status by their own efforts.” ‘


      Ooo, this is of interest too:

      “After Sweat Lodge Deaths, Fewer Tourists With Spiritual Needs”

      Funny how IRL death can set the spiritual horsecrap fleeing.

      1. @Slowly Waking ::

        “That event happened,” said Mr. Hamilton, who said he was speaking to a reporter only after consulting the archangel Michael, his spiritual muse. “The real question is what have we learned from it.”

        Okay then.

        1. @SD, also:

          “I’m shocked at the impact [of three people’s deaths]. My business is down 20 percent.”

          …and the New Age tic of saying “transitioned from here” instead of “died.”

      2. @Slowly Waking, You said “the people lauded for success, like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, are often narcissistic, ruthless, nasty people”

        Like 90% of other people. So what else is new?

        The only difference is that they are public figures (Bill Gates, etc.) and can therefore “evaluate” them.

        You are right in one regard – if people actually concentrated on treating people well and strive for happy family life then just “making money” then this world would be a lot nicer.

        1. @Bo, My main point is Justin-Do-It’s well-meant post, where he elevates “the successful” with the language of a hundred self-help biz books. But “modeling” the successful can turn you into a selfish, petulant human shit. I mean, doesn’t everyone not hosting a CNBC show hate CEOs right now? If you imitate Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, or Bill Gates as a way of achieving success, if you buy into pop Social Darwinism, you will lose friends. Which ties in nicely with the point of SD’s post.

          Good relationships mark success better than cash dollars, which we agree on at least.

          But IMHO saying “so what else is new” is in the same class as “all businesses do it.” I disagree completely on both counts, and I think far fewer than 90% of people are CEO-level douchebags. Camels and needles and all that.

          1. @Slowly Waking, You are assuming WAAAY more into what I replied than it is healthy. Yes, what else is new? All people behave in their own self interest most of the time, some don’t. Would you disagree that most people are like that or is it just reserved to the mega rich business people? Put those 90% into the CEO position and they will be WORSE than the present CEOs BTW. Don’t play on the classic “rich are evil, poor are not” bullshit. Some rich are evil, some rich are good, most are average just like the poor and the middle class. People are people.

            Now if you want to talk about those that enrich themselves purely by government help (government enforced monopolies or no bid contracts and subsidies) then that lot is certainly mostly twisted and corrupt to the core.

            1. @Bo, judging from your other posts, I don’t think you’re a troll, but we’re on a fruitless tangent and this makes no sense:

              “All people behave in their own self interest most of the time, some don’t.”

              I’ll bow out pointing to the book about workplace assholes called “The No-Asshole Rule” with a chapter on Jobs. It makes for good reading no matter one’s ideology or politics.

  12. And we know that Jeff is reading this because the pretentious little prick has an alert on his own name lmao.

    The annoying thing about Jeff is that he tries to portray himself as a non threatening “friend” that wants to really help you with your business (only if you pay him $2000).

    He acts none threatening with his girly soft voice and small testicles so the sheeple think “aah isn’t he nice”.

    But really he’s the biggest scammer of the whole lot. By what we’ve heard from the tapes of him with Andy Jenkins he seems to be the one orchestrating and making some of the major decisions in the syndicate.

    I hope the FTC put him behind bars first when they finally pull their finger out of their arses and do something about these syndicate low lifes.

  13. SD,

    First-time commenter but long-time reader here.

    I was watching Jeff’s PL formula (pirated ofc lol) and all his principles made sense, but no because he was so **smart** but because all principles were stolen from Dr. Cialdini’s Book Influence-Science and Practice. Nothing innovative.

    I didn’t know this guy was such a cult-like personality, same with Eben Pagan who started acting weird with his latest courses and telling ‘this is the key to everything’ type of BS.

    Anyway, thanks for your smart/thoughtful analysis.

    1. @Dare,

      Eben “David DeAngelo” Pagan is nothing more than a stage hypnotist. I’m not proud to say that I’ve been to one of his five-day live tapings–that’s what they are: tapings. The way he makes money is by selling DVD’s. It was called Man Transformation.

      So how much do you think he would pay his audience for helping him sell his DVD’s? Nothing! We had to part with $1000 to help him sell DVD’s to unattractive computer programmers!

      Here’s the format:

      Day 1: Induce audience into a hypnotic trance. I am not exaggerating. A guy named HYPNOTICA came onto the stage and put us under. He told the entire audience that he was preparing us for the week to come and that hypnotizing us would allow us to learn the lessons easier and leave the seminar happier and better off. I guess it worked, because even though the seminar/freak show offered us a full refund if we weren’t completely satisfied, I never asked for it even though zero value was offered the entire week.

      Looking back on my notes, I gained nothing but rehashed psychobabble bullshit disguised as earth-shattering self-revelatory epiphanies.

      When a guy came up to the mic on the last day who obviously was not under the hypnotic spell anymore asking for a refund, he was publicly chastised, not only by Davey D, but by audience members. Can anyone say Mob Rule?

      The entire week is a blur, no exaggeration. I can barely remember any of it. All I know is that I have a bunch of notes and my life has not improved the least from these “lessons.”

      Anyway, the whole PUA scene is all really really fucking retarded and full of DB in-the-closet sociopaths. This phenomenon may be signs of the end times. Do not give these people a dime. I’m not a hater, I just want to see these people eat shit, die and go to hell.

      1. @WN, If you can remember – what did Eben say to the refund guy? What did the audience members say? It’d be interesting to know how pronounced the mob rule is at these events.

        1. @208-577-6210,

          I don’t remember what the exact words spoken by Pagan were, but he embarrassed the man saying something like, “Don’t you see what’s going on here? Have you been watching any of this?” And then other people were like, “Yeah.” All following along and shit. Nothing over the top, just extremely telling. I hope the man asked for his money back later.

          1. @WN, I was at a conference where he actually wanted to TEACH that as a ‘method’ to keep your refunds down. Something along the lines of – ‘You have to refund the money, but you can keep other people from ‘trying’ it by sneering at him, talking about what losers refunders are, how if they’d followed the instructions it would have worked for them, too.’ Ugh. Admittedly I was hardly his audience (happily married woman) but I couldn’t believe some of the crap he was talking or that any guy would be so desperate or deluded as to believe his ‘what women want’ line.

      2. @WN, I’ve also been in the pickup community for 2 years, a friend introduced me to the whole community but after 2 years we realized it’s BS because there is 0 evidence that it works, attracting women is mostly about a) status (if you want more on this read that book from John Marshall Townsend titled “What Women and Men Want”, that guy has a bunch of studies he did on attraction”, and opening yourself to opportunities like meeting chicks via clubs (fitness clubs, college, some stuff that interests you) and just being friendly to people. Yeah it’s common sense not techniques and sitting down and reading how to attract women but going OUTSIDE and MEETING people lol

        We came to a conclusion that going to a chick using pickup techniques is same like going to a chick and asking: “you wanna f***?” You’ll probably get similar results which is that eventually 1 in 30-50 chicks will say yes not because of you because she’s desperate/horny/whatever else.

        1. @Dare,

          I think the primary problem with the psychopathic misogynist community is the basic frame—using women primarily as objects for sex. All the psychological techniques follow from this, focusing on emotions as tools to manipulate for the end game of notches on the bedpost.

          If the frame instead is I-Thou, in other words seeing women as subjects with real feelings and needs just like you, everything changes automatically and the PUA stuff looks weird and disgusting.

          1. @Duff, The problem is Duff that “PUA” is all about how to trick her into liking you. But your are not you any more if you pretend to no end. They talk about “being alpha” (who the fuck though of that bullshit?) but in the same breath all they do is supplicate to women. If you really are alpha, then you naturally don’t pretend to be someone else for the hope of her liking you, you go out as you and find someone compatible instead of just anyone. In other words, be nice to people, don’t take shit from anyone and frequent places that people like yourself frequent. “Women love jerks” is a myth, be yourself, be nice, don’t take shit from anyone and you’ll do just fine.

        2. @Dare,

          Yeah man. I also got roped in by an overeager and desperate friend who swore that this stuff was silver bullets. I’ve come to a similar realization as you: it’s common sense once you get the gist of the reality that women seek status and men seek youthful beauty. The technique shit is for try-hard social retards. Thanks for the Townsend book! Never heard of it before.

      3. @WN,

        Thanks for sharing your experience of this seminar. I became curious about this one in particular when Steve Pavlina promoted the DVD set Man Transformation after declaring his marriage had become open/polyamorous (although “mono-poly” as only he was seeking other partners) and before he wrote about his (allegedly) amicable divorce.

        Looking back on my notes, I gained nothing but rehashed psychobabble bullshit disguised as earth-shattering self-revelatory epiphanies.

        That’s Selfish Help 101! If you give the people the actual techniques for psychological and behavioral change, they don’t need you anymore. So instead, selfish help is primarily ideology. In the case of the “PUA inner game” stuff, it’s almost entirely beliefs to adopt, usually gender essentialist ones at that like “men are strong, women are receptive” etc., as if there are no exceptions to these large generalizations.

        Granted, some of the self-help basics are helpful for n00bs like work hard, believe in yourself, know your values, and set goals. Hard to go wrong with this kind of advice. But the high-priced workshops and courses are often just more of the same, but with coercive hypnosis (to implant the ideology without rational questioning) and endless upselling (aided by coercive hypnosis).

        I should say that hypnosis and trance can be healing and non-manipulative, but you will find few practitioners of these methods as they tend to not advertise very loudly, charge reasonable or low rates, and are often soft-spoken and gentle introverts.

        1. @Duff,

          Yeah, there’s a lot to be deconstructed in the PUA phenomenon, that’s for sure. It definitely emerged for a reason. It’s this whole “I’m shedding the ideals of Boomer feminism that my mother instilled in me since birth” I-am-MAN-watch-me-fuck song and dance.

          Or maybe that’s just my own shit. Anyway, my original point is that Pagan is a glorified stage hypnotist, plain and simple. His entire goal is to ramp up emotions and distract you with “concepts” so that you’ll leave the seminar skipping and singing and then realize when you get home that you forgot to ask for your money back.

          What a fuck face?! I’m so fucking pissed!!!

          Don’t give this guy a dime, or anyone else resembling him, okay?

          1. @WN,

            I agree there is a lot to be deconstructed here, and that it did indeed arise for various reasons.

            I once did give guys like this a few bucks, but there is little chance of that happening again, in part because am happily monogamous now, and also because I’ve done some deep thinking and analysis of how this whole mindset works and hopefully now have some insight into it and can see it coming.

            I would call Pagan more of a sleazy salesman than a stage hypnotist IMHO though, since I’ve enjoyed a few hypnotists’ shows and they were relatively harmless to my bank account.

      4. @WN, on the PUA stuff, I just wanted to say two things:

        it kills me that so many guys paying for that shit are college guys. That’s when dating’s easiest by a factor of infinity!

        Also, I hope this works. It’s is not about PUAs per se, but most of the song could be about them, esp. at the 1:04 mark:


    2. @Dare ::

      Yep! :: so many of these crap products are just that book … recycled … with the science and morality taken out.

      Use these techniques to sell these same techniques … by the way … they ain’t are techniques.


    3. @Dare,

      Yes, it’s all Cialdini ripoff…

      Cialdinis techniques fits perfectly with the agenda of the internet marketing sociopaths, because his books primarily focus on social manipulation the manipulation of crowds using tools such as scarcity and reciprocity.

      The “gurus” give “free gifts” and “”provide value” as they call it and then expect something in return(your money)

      They will constantly feed you with stuff,(bullshit)because they want to trap you in an endless loop of anticipation and buying.

      The loop stops when you no longer have the money to buy their stupid crap ,the time to read or listen to their bs. information or when you give them the finger.

      Of course, I advice you to give them the finger as soon as possible.
      And that will be Now, today…

      Carpe diem!

      1. @Mathias,

        The “gurus” give “free gifts” and “”provide value” as they call it and then expect something in return(your money)

        Where I come from, that’s called “guilt-tripping.”

        1. @Duff, “guilt tripping” aka using guilt as a weapon is known as emotional and mental abuse.

          By their own admission they see nothing wrong with using emotional abuse to get your money.

  14. Buried Comment (Reason: improper citation and formatingatation)   Show

    “It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; because there is not effort without error and shortcomings; but who does actually strive to do the deed; who knows the great enthusiasm, the great devotion, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement and who at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly. So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

    1. @Kann,

      This quotation is being used here to criticize SD and others here. Walker’s article is also a critique of his critics.

      “It is not the critic who counts”

      Are you saying then that you don’t count? Aren’t you/Walker pointing out how the doer of deeds SD could do things better by not criticizing him and the Syndicate?

    2. @Kann, Wow. Reminds me of Joe Vitale’s blog post that he published a few days after his buddy Pat’s rant against online critics…

      Regarding the quotation you posted, critics are “in the arena” too, and some take great risks. It could even be argued that they too are “spending themselves” in worthy causes.

      I suppose “greatness” is in the eye of the beholder.

  15. And as the late Bill Hicks once said “if there are any marketing people in the audience tonight KILL YOURSELVES!!”

      1. @SD,

        Bill Hicks cracks me up…

        Great post SD. Exposing Jeff Walker’s BS for what it really is. Nothing like a bit of truth serum.

        But lets not throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water. Marketing is hardly a crime. McDonalds and Coca-Cola can market to me all they want. I don’t eat a Big Mac with a Coke because of a little thing called Nutritional Facts.

        Many people do the exact opposite to me everyday to the tune of billions of dollars. I know I won’t look like someone in a Coke Ad just by drinking it, and that eating McDonalds isn’t the healthiest food choice – so I make my decisions accordingly.

        Marketing is not the problem here. Well it is and it isn’t. Having a crap product is one thing. But it’s not a crime either. Most of us who have started and built a business know that it takes time to improve and refine your product or service.

        The REAL crime is the fact that these IM douchbags are frauds. Like Bernie Madoff’s financial ponzi scheme was a fraud. They make money telling other people how to make money on the Internet. They don’t make money by making money. They just talk about it and charge you $2000 for the “privilege” of listening to them tell you about it.

        Just like using other investor’s money to pay out current investor’s returns. Instead of actually earning those returns, Jeff Walker and the like simply use the earnings they make as the basis for more earnings still. Classic ponzi scheme.

        And anyone who thinks that what SD is doing won’t hurt them – I’d think again. Exposing the lie is how these things implode. It’s time well spent considering how woefully underfunded certain regulatory agencies are. It’s a much needed form of community service.

        I think most people are pissed at these guys because they feel that they were lied to. Not because they think marketing is a crime.

        That’s certainly how I feel anyway.

        1. @Irwin ::

          Marketing is not a crime … and it’s not the subject around here that’s for sure.

          But “fuck all marketers” is certainly a valid personal position to take as well {even if you’re a marketer}. More quality and competition … less marketing. Seems like that would be a social good.

          Anheuser-busch sells the most beer via billions in marketing … and a regulatory monopoly over the distribution system … not by making the best beer.

          Check out this interesting movie if you’re into getting smarter and stuffs ….

          The rules of the game should be set up to try and induce quality wars … not marketing wars.

          And marketing to children under ten should be strictly prohibited across all mediums :: IMO.

          1. @SD,

            “And marketing to children under ten should be strictly prohibited across all mediums :: IMO.”

            I think children under 13 would be better. ;)

        2. @Irwin,
          Its Definitely NOT about the best product being the market leader it’s about the best marketing making a product the market leader – period. Otherwise how the fuck would bush have lasted so long in the whitehouse, now that’s what you call marketing, petrodollars buys you a lot of marketing. In fact that’s what you want to call him Jeff Bush not Jeff Walker, he’s the guy standing at the entrance to the gold mine selling you the shovel. This is a new type of shovel though you haven’t seen anything like this before……. Seriously though most marketing is smoke and mirrors and most marketers lie to you, remember Coca Cola became famous because of its secret ingredient – COKE

          1. @Kill Yourself,

            It’s about market share, period.

            Everything else is secondary…

            A product and the market-ting is a means to the end aka market share.

            Imagine a market as a huge cake…

            The goal is for corporations to aim for a piece of that cake and to make sure that piece doesn’t shrink.
            They do this because thats what the owners(shareholders) demand. The owners want to sustian or increase market share and get as much profit as possible so they can get a positive return on investment.

            Corporations doesn’t do innovation the way we think they do. Most innovation isn’t helping the consumer in any way… like technology to replace workers and cut expenses. That kind of stuff ain’t really improving communities and society.

            The innovation we see in apple products and stuff ain’t really that epic in comparison to what it could be.

            But consumers take what they get. New stuff is good mainly just because of the fact that it’s new, we like new stuff.

            And it doesn’t matter that the new stuff only come with little improvements on a year to year basis and usually last for only a few years.

            We have the Car, the railroads, commercial airlines television, computer, dvd’s and mass produced junk food.

            No more need for new innovations folks… just buy a ticket to hawaii, check in, take out your ipad and watch an episode of friends while you’re flying.

            Brave New world.

        3. @Irwin,

          Marketing is not fair… it just is…

          I belief that the number one reason marketing works is because of a little thing called ignorance…

          It would just be too damn hard to sell most of todays stuff to a nation of independent critical thinkers.

          The stuff would have to be really really good, and selling would require more than just clever branding.

          I am not saying advertisers aren’t good at what they are doing.

          But it’s not like consumer demand is pushing corporations to the limits.

          Marketers should acknowledge that fact, instead of feeling so damn proud of themself all the time.

          Lack of critical thinking and an instant gratificaion culuture is the true leverage of modern day advertising.

          But hey, credit to marketers. I’m mot trying to take anything away from them.

      2. @SD,

        I think Bill got it wrong on this. Marketing, at least the right understanding of it, can help stop peddling of crap like these fraudsters pull over everyone. As a marketer, I can see this crap, even in stores and tell myself ‘they must think we’re all stupid to fall for this’.
        Yet, I see people lining up to get a dose of the same crap – a good example is the Acai berry junk.

        What most of these guys do, and what Bill is referring to, is NOT marketing – it’s fraud, plain and simple.

        True marketing is about highlighting benefits of your products to the buyer. It’s the government’s job to ensure a non-monopolized, competitive market for every product, so consumers can make decisions based on these benefits or lack thereof. Making up stuff and outright lying to appeal to someone’s emotions is just that – lying and manipulation, it’s not marketing.

        The fact that marketing is becoming synonymous with lying shows just how much needs to be done to fix this…the new FTC guidelines were supposed to do something, but it didn’t do squat. The liars will lie, to hell with guidelines for them. If you can sleep at night knowing you’re scamming desperate people out of their hard earned money, a few guidelines from FTC won’t stop them…unless they’re sued of course (because then it’s about them — the selfish pigs!).

  16. Great work Salty! When you are going to take a closer look at CarbonCopyPro and WMI? Those guys are just as bad as the Syndicate. They use similar tactics to lure people in and then act like they are the greatest thing that ever walked on the face of the earth.

    If you really get into that it takes $150/month for CCPro and about $100/month for WMI. And of course you are not a “serious business builder” and “we don’t even care to talk with you unless you purchase the m3 Platinum Super Duper package” which is well over $10K.

    If $2000 affiliate products are rip off’s then what is CCPro and WMI?

  17. Little does Jeff Walker know, but some of us have been building an immunity to Internet Marketing poison by taking small doses and criticizing their tactics and frauds.


  18. It’s been a while since I posted – I’ve been following along since the whole syndicated business for a while, but this post is PURE GENIUS!
    There are posts where salty has used very harsh words, f-bombs, and more to humiliate ‘the gurus’. I’m one of the people who think that in some cases, that is indeed a waste of Salty’s very evident writing talent.

    This one, is EXACTLY what I visit this site for – a step-by-step, to the point witty and very clear analysis of psycopaths who sell ‘success-in-a-box’ packages…these people are leeches who feed upon the desperation of other people, and then tell them to ignore the only sane voices around them.

    When Jeff says ‘entrepreneurs’, he really means ‘my little set up pawns for my PLF 4.0 launch’.

    1. @advancednoob ::


      Also …

      “There are posts where salty has used very harsh words, f-bombs, and more to humiliate ‘the gurus’. I’m one of the people who think that in some cases, that is indeed a waste of Salty’s very evident writing talent.”

      … some posts are in a foreign language and aren’t really written for the regular readers of this blog {I’m just letting you watch}. But to the people who speak that foreign language … those posts are especially devastating. Writing in that language is one of my trickest tricks …

      You can’t use intellect to shame a fool.

  19. I gotta say, jeff walker has shown his colors here. it is sick. one poster here said all the gurus have is their position and that is shown to be more true than ever his post is clearly in response to the droid and the videos and filsaime blow up. But he never addresses anything and tries to pretend videod do not exist. He addresses nothing. Instead he tries cult tactics to control his followers which means he uses psyhobabble tricks to try to make them feel guilty for not succeeding using guru crap and just keep looking up to them.

    It is all about control. I know the slime of filsaime and some inside stuff but never did I nkow walker was like this. He always seemed like the nice guy but he is just the same maybe even worse now. Mikey in a way was more honest in his response he let his emotions out and yes it looked stupid and it was pitiful it was more honest than walker.

    Walkers response is simply sick.

    It shows you that all they care about is their control over the bizop crwod and b team and both are fading and all they know what to do to try to stop that is just play psycho cult like tricks which only work on the most weak and pathetic while smarter b team people who see gig is up go on to warmer pastures.





    1. @mikefilsaimeinsider ::

      I agree that the Gnome’s response was far less evil {and much funnier}.

      This is some Grade-A self deluded psychopath shit right here.

      PS :: I saw your comment Ray Edwards … you’re really pushing your fucking luck with me.

  20. @SD: “Send me $2,997 and I can teach you how to numb the pain and deny the problem in Seven Easy Steps”

    My question is: Do you have an Installed Payment Plan for that? I can only afford 12x $249,75 right now…

  21. Were do I start on all this?

    First off I don’t want to come across as poor me on this.
    Even though after you read this you’ll want to say “I am sorry”

    You see it all started back in 2005 when the Guru circle jerk was going
    STRONG! I was very heavily evolved at that time. Millions upon millions of
    traffic daily to some of my sites. As you can guess it attracted the eyes of
    these scum suckers. Matter of fact it even attracted the eyes of the self
    proclaimed “God Father” himself.

    In a real short time they contrived to destroy my name and my lively hood.
    To the extent that now I am totally destroyed and living in a rooming house.
    My family have left me.

    But the one thing they didn’t take from me was my integrity.
    I know I could have made easier decisions to go along with their cliche.
    You know the type of decisions where you trade your soul for $’s and safe ground.

    Matter of fact the “God Father” himself called me at 2AM my time just before he left USA for NZ. The call lasted a whole of 30 seconds when I told him to F off and hung up. Of course he called right back and was totally devastated that someone would not bow and kiss his toes. He pledged to destroy me and has succeeded $ wise.

    So when I see someone like Salty doing here what he is I say

    “Fing A…. You GO GUY!”


    I have to think long and hard about what it means to go balls to the wall against these “pond scum feeders”

    We have to stand together now and protect & support Salty. This stuff is really dangerous to ones life.

    Salty my salute goes out to you.

    Next time you read or hear someone say “They don’t/haven’t hurt anyone” don’t believe them. I can personally swear on any bible that they have :(

    Even though I lost my family, I still have the heart of a proud Father and will take that and my soul to my grave.

    Good Bless everyone here who gets it and helps Salty!

    1. @Soul Intact, if you could be more specific it would help. A bit more fuel on the fire,… if more stories like yours reach the surface it will literally be like setting fire on gurus oil fields. It’s not only SINdicate; jeff walker (and dr. hyde), frank kern (the fake copycat surfer), andy jenkins(fuck him in the arse!), eben pegan (faking it till the end), jeff johnson (exploiting master of the universe), john reese (puppet dog stupid), ryan deiss (slimy alzheimer salesman), perry belcher (spamming hell maniac), amish shah and his buddy (gansters soon behind bars), to be continued… that have lists reaching millions of info buyers (FACT). Let’s put up a group, let’s mastermind (hahaha), coordinate a launch formula info war sequence against these soocalld guuruuus.

    2. @Soul Intact, I am truly sorry this happened to you and you definitely have shown that there are better things in life than just money. You’ve risked it all to stand up for what you believe in. People like this are rare.

      There is no big achievement in scamming people and then showing off the fancy cars or houses – the proceeds of other people’s financial demise. You did the right thing and you should be admired for that.

      Maybe you can email Salty with your experience. I know from personal experience that he is a good listener, and lets you decide what you want to bring out into the open, if anything. Salty also stands up for what he believes in, in the face of death threats and enormous risks.

      @SD, You are seriously THE BEST. Thank you for being a daily reminder that not all people are total evil shitheads.

      I’ve been in a deep depression lately, going through the motions and feeling disenchanted with people. Posts like @Soul Intact help me to remember that there are still a few with their hearts in the right place and that there are still some people who have their priorities correct.

      In my opinion, you haven’t accomplished a darn thing until you’ve risked everything that was every dear to you in life in order to stand up for what you intrinsically knew was right.

      How many of you “rich” , “successful”, and “millionaires” can say that ?

    3. @Soul Intact,

      I’m curious what they could have done to you if you were getting millions of visits to your site daily.

      Are you saying you were involved with them somehow?

      Because I can’t imagine what a guru could do to me that would matter.

      Maybe they could badmouth me to their list…I guess, but doubtful it would matter.

      So how did they effect you?

      I feel pretty confident I could compete even in the “internet marketing” niche and nothing these gurus said would mean much of anything. Their loyal followers already buy pretty much only from them- and everyone else could care less. Having a guru attack you is like a badge of honor in my eyes.

      1. @Luke,

        I was wondering the same thing. I’m certainly no fan of The Syndicate and I’m no self-proclaimed guru but if I was getting millions and millions of DAILY hits I can’t even imagine what The Fake Surfer and Gnome Cartel could do to put me out of business.

        You could outsource half of India and all of the Philippines with those kind of numbers (maybe a slight exaggeration but you get the idea). You can’t touch a legitimate business with those kinds of stats. It would be like trying to crush Amazon or eBay by staring at your computer screen thinking positive thoughts as you poked Traffic Voodoo dolls.

        Sorry, but it doesn’t make sense. Maybe I’m missing something, if so, I hope Soul Intact elaborates.

        1. @Hal (the original Hal),

          You need to see it from an understanding of how much control some have over their list.

          If I stand up in a restaurant and say “this chicken is not chicken it is “RAT!” I can guarantee you that the restaurant will have a label for ever.

          Why do you think places like WF is so effective in keeping lemmings at attention and ready to jump off the cliff?

          The level of brain washing and control by those in the know is unbelievable. Take the antics and tactics of one Sick Moderator called PMyers. Even though many outside of the WF think he is a horses ass, they will not say so in the WF, for fear of being banned.

          There is so much ass kissing there. If PM was banned you would see all kinds of replies “I knew he was crazy!” or “its about time he was banned”

          So when those in control of the voodoo dolls don’t have to stick pins, all they have to do is stand up and say “RAT”your goose is cooked.

          The most important thing to understand is this….

          When someone you are mesmerized about tells you something like,

          “keep this to yourself, so and so is no good. I won’t do business with him / her.”

          We are talking about someone(s) who have immense reach and followings. That can plant seeds of accusations in seconds, that don’t need tending to grow. Their followers are so happy to be able to stand out as GREAT FRONTLINE LEMMINGS.

          To say that you can’t see how it could be done is disturbing, especially because of being here.

          Take the PigMan himself AJ see in the video how in 2 sentences he throws his ex partner under the bus with JW. He even uses Delphi tactics to separate his past deeds with Stompernet as if he was not involved.

          Delphi boys and girls is the real deal.

          Yes in hind sight I have done a great deal more to fight them, that was a bad decision on my part.

          I hope this helps you understand better, and please don’t say it can’t happen cuz it has.

          1. @Soul Intact,

            You still didn’t give any details as to what you’re talking about.

            I’m sure millions of visitors daily are more than what they have going for them…so I don’t see where the leverage is. Plus, are you saying you were in “internet marketing”?

            Otherwise if you were in another market I just don’t see how they have any reach.

            If one of the gurus badmouthed my business to their list the only thing they’d get out of it is a defamation lawsuit.

            You yourself are diverting attention to the WF, Jenkins and a chicken analogy without answering what was asked.

            If you don’t want to give details that’s your right but I’m having a hard time understanding anything you’ve said without some more info.

            1. @Soul Intact, I believe what you are saying is possible. I still say that maybe it is a good idea to go to Salty via email and talk to him, because from what you’ve said I get the impression that there are variables involved that we don’t know about in your situation.

              I do have a question about Delphi tactics. I briefly googled this and skimmed over the results, didn’t make any sense to me. If you feel comfy, would you care to elaborate on what Delphi tactics are and how they are being used on people? Is it like Gestalt programming? If it’s too much, then no worries, I respect whatever you decide.

          2. @Soul Intact,

            I’m not a bumpkin who knows nothing about the industry.

            You’re still not making any sense. I have a dedicated email account for all incoming IM spam just so I can keep on top of the latest fraud offerings. I open them occasionally so I don’t auto-removed but I NEVER buy anything from them. I use it just to keep abreast of the trends and whether I’m really in tune to what’s going on around me.

            They have ZERO control over anything I buy because it’s all smoke and mirrors. There is no secret. There is no magic bullet. EVERYBODY in the know, knows it.

            So I don’t understand what you find so disturbing about my doubts.

            If you were in the “make money online” niche than NOBODY has EVER received “million and millions” of DAILY hits.

            ALL the Syndicate members COMBINED never had those kind of daily numbers.

            So if you weren’t swimming in the cesspool with them … like Luke asked … HOW could they possibly ruin your business with their lists, positive thinking, mass BS, whatever?

            1. @Hal (the original Hal),

              Great to hear how you are setup.
              It seems to work for you.

              Trying to get me to go completely public right now is just not going to work. I am right now focusing on coming back and coming back in a big way again. My original post here earlier this morning was not meant to correct my situation, but to just shed light on HOW IMPORTANT what Salty and members like you are doing here.

              I can assure you I am no country bumpkin either.

              My choice not to elaborate further here today is mine and I do not mean any disrespect to your probing :)

            1. @Hal (the original Hal),
              [quote]PS I do however agree 100% with your assessment of the Warrior Forum. [/quote]

              The FTC would have a bloody great party if they knew EXACTLY how people like PM & Allen use their Admin powers to push the chatter along. They do it with use of other user names.

              I have to say this.

              The WF is very effective at keeping non banking members in line and on line buying WSO’s and shilling WSO’s.

              Trolling for $’s is like chumming for shark.

              I personally predict that within the next 14 months WF will have a massive policing by the 3 letter Government agencies.

              Thanks again for this forum for us to post in peace.

          3. @blog commenter,

            I believe Soul Intact is talking about a perversion of the Delphi Method where instead of trying to focus the discussion within time limits it instead focuses everybody to a predefined outcome.

            What the Fake Surfer would call “Mass Control”.

            It’s basically an unethical abuse of psychology.

            For more info, try searching for:

            disrupting the delphi

            Used in a sentence:

            Droid’s blog is disrupting the Delphi, much to the chagrin of The Syndicate.


            1. @Hal (the original Hal),

              Disrupting The Delphi
              The Delphi Technique is being used at all levels of government to move meetings to preset conclusions. For the purposes of this dissertation, “facilitator” references anyone who has been trained in use of the Delphi Technique and who is running a meeting.

              There are three steps to diffusing the Delphi Technique when facilitators want to see a group move in a specific direction.

              1. Always be charming. Smile. Be pleasant. Be Courteous. Moderate your voice so as not to come across as belligerent or aggressive.
              2. Stay focused. If at all possible, write your question down to help you stay focused. Facilitators, when asked questions they don’t want to answer, often digress from the issue raised and try to work the conversation around to where they can make the individual asking the question look foolish or feel foolish, appear belligerent or aggressive. The goal is to put the one asking the question on the defensive. Do not fall for this tactic. Always be charming, thus deflecting any insinuation, innuendo, etc. that may be thrown at you in their attempt to put you on the defensive, but bring them back to the question you asked. If they rephrase your question into an accusatory statement (a favorite tactic), simply state, “That is not what I stated. What I asked was… [repeat your question.]” Stay focused on your question.
              3. Be persistent. If putting you on the defensive doesn’t work, facilitators often resort to long, drawn out dissertations on some off­ the ­wall and usually unrelated or vaguely related subject that drags on for several minutes. During that time, the crowd or group usually loses focus on the question asked (which is the intent.) Let them finish with their dissertation or expose. Then nicely, with focus and persistence, state, “But you didn’t answer my question. My question was…[repeat your question.]”

              Always be charming, stay focused and be persistent. Never, under any circumstance, become angry. Anger directed at the facilitator will immediately make the facilitator the victim. This defeats your purpose which is to make you the victim. The goal of the facilitator is to make those they are facilitating like them, alienating anyone who might pose a threat to the realization of their agenda. [People with fixed belief systems, who know what they believe and stand on what they believe are obvious threats.] If the participant becomes the victim, the facilitator loses face and favor with the crowd. This is why crowds are broken up into groups of seven or eight, why objections are written on cards, not voiced aloud where they are open to public discussion and public debate. It’s called crowd control.

              It is always good to have someone else, or two or three others who know the Delphi Technique, dispersed through the crowd who, when the facilitator digresses from the question, will stand up and say nicely, “But you didn’t answer that lady/gentleman’s question.” The facilitator, even if suspecting you are together, certainly will not want to alienate the crowd by making that accusation. Sometimes it only takes one occurrence of this type for the crowd to figure out what’s going on. Sometimes it takes more than one.

              If you have an organized group, meet prior to the meeting to strategize. Everyone should know their part. Then follow-up after the meeting to analyze what went right, what went wrong and why, and what needs to happen the next time around. Never meet during the meeting. One of the favorite tactics of the facilitator if the meeting is not going the way they want and there is measurable resistance, is to call a recess. During the recess, the facilitator and his/her spotters (people who wander the room during the course of the meeting, watching the crowd) observe the crowd to see who congregates where, especially those who have offered measurable resistance. If the resistors congregate in one place, a spotter will usually gravitate to that group to join in the conversation and report back to the facilitator. When the meeting resumes, the facilitator will steer clear of those who are resistors. Do not congregate. Hang loose and work the crowd. Move to where the facilitators or spotters are. Listen to what they have to say, but do not gravitate to where another member of your team is. This strategy also works in a face to face, one on one meeting with anyone who has been trained in how to use the Delphi Technique.

    4. @Soul Intact,

      Ah, thanks for clearing that up. I’ve just never heard anyone else but Markus using the term “Delphi Tactics”. Seemed an odd coincidence.

      Carry on. Pay me no mind.

  22. “So if you happen to have heard some tapes where Jeff Walker sounds like he’s plotting out ways to suck you dry … just keep in mind that he’s still 100% against convenience store robberies”


    and you ARE right, this “take your distance from friends and family trying to deny from your great destiny” is borderline cult tactics. Did he intend it like that or is that sentence just part of his storytelling / lousy low-hanging metaphors BS ?

    1. @bobd, I’ve come to the conclusion that Internet Marketing and the self-improvement industries are nothing but one big cult. I used to think that the word “cult” only applied to religious groups, until I went to the forum and saw that Amway was listed as a “cult” of some sort. Also, after reading Salty’s blog I came to the conclusion that “cult” includes more than religious groups.

      I see some eerie parallels between Nazi ideology and the tactics used by marketers, including the self help gurus. They are very dangerous and history still carries the proof.

      It all starts off as a business building seminar and self improvement course, and then as it progresses it turns into something dark and deadly; James Ray International is a perfect example of that.

      1. @blog commenter,

        IM is the new MLM. Both use cult-like coercive persuasion tactics of the highest order, even if neither are specifically religious types of organizations.

  23. Just received the below mail from both Matt Bacak and Anthony McCarthy, the “Irish Marketer”… (check out for a laugh)

    They’re both saying they have secured 50 extra positions for their members ONLY… thus confirming that they are both assholes of the highest order.


    Yesterday I gave all my members an invitation to the long awaited re-launch
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    And guess what…. I have secured 50 more positions for my members ONLY



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    To Your Success,

    the irish marketer

    Remember positions are available on a strictly first come first serve basis. Your
    link will only allow 1 person to join, so please do not pass it on to others.


    1. @Mark,

      LOL @ “Wealth Wizard”

      We could make a fucking MMORPG with character classes from all of these turds in IM Bizop.

      Class: Mesmerizer
      Subclass Specialization Choices: Video, Audio/Flash Combo, Copywriting
      Class Description: The mesmerizer uses his knowledge of scam artistry and emotional button pushing to compensate for his technical prowess in creating something worthwhile

      Class: Outsourced Elance Worker
      Subclass Specialization Options: Web Design, Write Fake Article, Write Fake Reviews
      Class Description: The Outsourced Elance Worker uses his understanding of web technology to earn 5 cents an hour working for the mesmerizer.

  24. One big criticism about Jeff article…

    He focuses and gives you advice on RESISTING things.

    The truth is..what you resist, persists (and I’ll add some research studies on this later on, kinda tired now). I’ve originally learned this in CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) which is backed up with some evidence compared to the claims of these suckers.

    I don’t ‘resist’ hanging out with ‘bad’ people or resist watching the news for ‘negative news’ because this ‘negative stuff will pollute my mind’ (lol).This claim by Jeff says something very disturbing…does he think the human brain is so simplistic and so easily manipulated that everything negative you read will ‘pollute’ your mind? I mean cmon lol

  25. Jeff is missing out becasue he is not utilizing my “tiny little ads” formula…

    From my tiny 1 bedroom apartment no less!

    Take care folks, gotta go… my parole officer at the front door.

  26. my three favorite parts of jeff hawker’s blog post:

    1) “It’s almost like an intelligence test. The people who are stupid enough to listen to the bile and hatred are not intelligent enough to be your clients.

    Read that last paragraph again… it’s important.”

    i love the inside jab at salty and all of his readers. such a hard effort to be subtle but so -not smooth- and the -read that last paragraph again- part makes me literally laugh each time i read it.

    2) “(And make no mistake, that’s the business that all entrepreneurs are in – creating value. And it’s also why a lot of people fail… because they never figure that out.)”

    entrepre-screwer more like it jeff hawlker. yeah, you created value, about $4 worth based on information you stole from other products. some formula.

    3) “1. Always protect your confidence. If people are tearing you down, then you need to avoid them. This can be tough if it’s your family, but you need to set boundaries. You need to create distance. And if your friends are tearing you down, it’s time to find some new friends.”

    i can literally hear the scumbag from brunsons call center that jeff and filsaime share their customers data with saying -if you need to barrow it from family, do it because this coaching will make you a millionaire, just borrow the 9k from your dad.- so don’t listen to your family unless you need to convince them to give you money, ehh jeff? and yes, i’ve been unfortunate enough to take one of these slimy, unbelievable calls.

    i just can’t get the picture out of my mind of jeff’s dumb ass up on stage talking as if he’s this incredible source of information. listening to this guy gives you a much better chance of losing every penny in your savings and retirement account or alienating all of your family than it ever does making you any money.

    as jeff would say, “Read that last paragraph again… it’s important.”


    1. @WargoesOn,

      I was too focused on the fact that Kern always wears baggy hanging out clothes and a full beard to reduce the impact of his bloated 5 months pregnant appearance.

    1. @Dawley, that way you can break the law, and waste hundreds of “free” hours instead of just ten paid ones watching bullshit products that teach you NOTHING.

  27. I recently read a book by Darren Hardy called the ‘Compounding Effect’. It seem to me that this whole ‘poison’ angle was lifted right from that book.

    Hardy talks extensively about exposing yourself to negative news media and uses your child as an example as in ‘would you let your child…’.

    I have never heard anyone talk about this concept before. Jeff’s ‘story’ to me definitely sounds like a riff on that chapter from the book.

    What!? A ‘guru’ repackaging someone else’s content and calling it their own.

    NEVER!!! NEVER!!!

  28. I’ve come up with a few names for the Syndicate that I’d love to share with you, feel free to use them royalty-free, PLR, pro-bono, and all that good stuff:

    Harlan CuntStein
    Jeff loves Johnson’s
    Frank Corn-Kern-al
    Ryan No Deiss
    Perry Feltcher or the Rated G version – Perry Big Fat Belcher
    Jeff Cock Walker
    Andy Junk-in-your-Trunk-ins
    Jason Mofo
    Mike ShitStain
    Eban Pagan Worshipper
    Ed Snail
    John Reese in Pieces


    James Death Ray
    Mike Kuntigs
    Russell BumStorm

  29. Hm. At first, reading this site, I was sad. Sad at the number of angry people out there, whose anger mostly hurts themselves.

    Now? I’m laughing.

    It’s no secret that SD’s ‘reach’ comes from mediocrity – mediocre people always look for the negative in things. That’s how we’ve been conditioned in this society.

    Just think though, what emotion would motivate someone to start and maintain THIS site?

    The fuel of life is emotions. It’s not logical, peeps. It’s all about emotions.

    Also: The difference in balls between the “syndicate” and SD is stunning.

    1. @Renee,

      You certainly spend a great deal of time reading a blog that upsets you so. I can’t comment on the syndicate’s balls-if you find them stunning, you are entitled to your own opinion. But I can comment on the fact that you have no idea what you’re talking about and that the mediocre comments are yours.

    2. @Renee, Go be sad for the people you’re scamming with the fake law of attraction. Just because you have the stupidity to not understand probability theory doesn’t mean LOA is real.

  30. He`s up with another one again, and guess who his first guest is ?

    Looky looky, me love you long time, this is his email:

    Hey… the PLF-a-thon is starting NOW… my first
    guest is going to be Andy Jenkins, and we’re going
    to be talking about products launches and
    branding… and video.

    Plus I’m going to be taking your questions live:

    LIVE PLFathon with Jeff and Andy Jenkins

    best regards,

    P.S. Don’t miss this. It’s 100% live, and you
    never know what’s going to happen when you have
    this kind of a line up of guests:

    LIVE PLFathon with Jeff and Andy Jenkins


    Internet Alchemy, Inc, P.O. Box 585, Durango, CO 81302, USA

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  32. I have to admit I’m a bit disappointed to see Jeff Walker being maligned on this site. I agree that 90% of the people named here really are dirtbags who deserve to rot in hell (Frank Kern comes to mind as the lowest of the low) but Walker’s product is solid advice for any business, not just so-called “internet marketers.”

    1. Then you need to read more of this site, and more closely. Previously posted was a video with audio where Walker counseled Andy Jenkins to MISREPRESENT (aka LIE!) to customers about what his product really was.

      Using your rationale, if it could be determined that Adolph Hitler was “nice to kittens,” his other deeds should go overlooked because, well…he was nice to kittens!

      No dice.

  33. I just purchased the PLF 2015 and I got free tickets to his event. He is so good that Fortune magazine have published him. I know at least 3 millionaires because of using his method. We can “test” if it works or not: you’ll notice almost all high end gurus use HIS method and there is no doubt they all make millions….


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