Jeff Walker

In the News

Brain poisoning manipulator Jeff Walker is product launching his Product Launch Formula for the fifty-thousandth time :: but this time it’s different … because this time the all new PLF is thrice dipped in shit. That’s more than twice the previous once!

… and you can too!

You can read Syndicate member :: and obvious scammer … Jeff Walker’s sales page for PLF.3.ShitDip over […]

Abundance of Oprah

“Oprah totally loves me now :: she’s getting all my craps for free :: but you should pay enough to upset the normal functioning of your life” :: says Tony Robbins to his email list {basically} …

“You think you have a busy schedule – how about Oprah’s? She showed up at Unleash the Power Within expecting to spend two hours, […]

Abundance of Bullshit

My fake secretary Debbie is on Ray Kurzweil’s email list because she’s all worried that medical progress won’t be able to keep pace with her “chain-smoking while tanning” lifestyle. She’d love to stop the smoke & tan madness :: but she needs it to cover up her diabetic pallor … so she depends on the science of future miracles […]

Sold Out {or not}

Dean Graziosi named his recent frauduct flop Rock Bottom :: and gave it an “it’s all downhill from here suckers” logo. It would be funny if it was intended to be ironical :: but comic irony is so clearly out of Scammy Smurf’s intellectual range … so it’s just an example of massive stupidity and terrible marketing.

Still :: after […]

The Video Boss 2 – Andy Jenkins Retrospective

Syndicates have a hard time concocting new and original evil plans …

“Plans are for people who don’t have fucking syndicates!”

… says The Syndicate to itself as it sticks to the old plan :: cataclysmic {and ever growing} disruptions to that plan be damned.

The machinations behind the launch of The Video Boss :: as revealed by fake robots :: has served as […]

Trademarked Confusion :: Joel Comm Droid Con

Two lawyers walk into a bar ::
Lawyer 1:  Let’s call The Salty Droid and —
Lawyer 2: Thanks for the beer, see you around {sound of saloon door swinging on its hinges}.
Lawyers :: you see :: have an aversion to fake robots … and risks … and technologies more complicated than blackberries {the fruit} … and things that can’t be […]

Wordles and Sounds

Another ShitStorm come and gone … turds blowing all over … websites getting smeared with Kajabi. Unsightly!

The StomperNet ShitStorm … way back when … finished at 27,000 words.

The Syndicate ShitStorm … way back two weeks ago … finished at 57,000 words.

What a wordy fake hate mob y’all are.

Speaking of wordy :: I made a Wordle of those 57,000 words :: […]

Jeff Walker’s Poison Launch Formula

Okay :: there’s a business lesson in here … I think … but first let me tell you about a Holiday Inn Express that Jeff Walker stayed in last year.

“Sounds boring” :: says you because you’re a hater.

Well what if I told you that there was a free breakfast at this hotel?

“The breakfast spread had lots of bagels, cereal, […]

Syndicate Scarcity

I’m sorry :: do to higher than expected demand :: this post has completely sold out.

Wait … no … that’s stupid.

Wanna hear something funny/scary about The Syndicate’s fake scarcity launches?

Sometimes they sell more units AFTER they fake “sell out” than before.

We’re just going to go through and look for duplicate orders and cancellations … and then we’re gonna sell […]

BackStabbing on Black

Insert Tape 2 …

… discuss {try not to crash the server!}.

>> bleep bloop