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Frank Kern’s Traitor Union

“Syndicate is a fancy way of saying trade union.”

Says Frank Kern :: famed connoisseur of fancy talk. Fancy talk :: fancy cat food :: fancy flip fops … only the fucking fanciest for Frank.

This past March :: during The Syndicate’s launch of Frank Kern’s List Control :: I wrote a sweet post that RickRolled all y’all. Given the fake drama that surrounds me … it was an especially epic RickRoll for which I should win some sort of prize {but_ I won’t because the judges are racist against robots!_}. That post also had several secret messages to the assholes … including this first … and only … explicit reference to The Syndicate before last Thursday’s bombshell.

“I used to think that success in this industry was all about getting into The Syndicate :: where prices and social value could be fixed without reference to reality. But I see now that I was wrong. It’s obviously all about whatever Frank teaches in his new digital-only wonder product List Control.”

Lots of graphically depicted retards showed up for the hilarity of the RickRoll … but they couldn’t help hearing something that everyone knows but no one says. Other buttons were pushed that same week … robots are surprisingly good whisperers.

Sheeple started asking unpleasantly specific questions. Is there a syndicate? wtf?

A few weeks later in the last module of List Control :: Irwin answers the questions. There is a syndicate … but it’s just a fancy word for trade union.

Because wikipedia currently says …

“The word syndicate comes from the French word syndicat which means trade union …”

OMG … what an idiot! That’s the best he can do?

A word’s meaning and its 17th Century French origin are not necessarily related. For instance :: the word advertisement comes from the French word avertissement which means warning. So I guess advertisement is a fancy way of saying warning? A very fancy way … a completely nonsensically fancy way.

Captain: The ship is going down … sound an advertisement to the crew!

1st Mate: Excuse me sir?

Captain: Sound the fucking advertisement man … lives are at stake!

{crackle} “Ever wish you had whiter teeth and a rock hard ass? Well now you can …”

{ship sinks … everyone dies … thanks for nothing fancy talk}

But let’s assume for a minute that it would be linguistically acceptable to substitute a word’s origin for its meaning.


A trade union is a labor union you dipshit! You bunch of twits are supposed to be “entrepreneurs” … business owners … hirers of labor. You can’t form a trade union when you’re capital. Or does business coach to “high net worth individuals” Frank Kern not even understand the difference between labor and capital?

Now let’s go all the way to crazy town and pretend like business owners could form labor unions without logic imploding into a wormhole. Well sadly for Frank & Crooks :: they still sound fucking terrible because trade unions needed a special exemption so that they wouldn’t get screwed under the antitrust laws. 15 U.S.C § 17

“Nothing contained in the antitrust laws shall be construed to forbid the existence and operation of labor, agricultural, or horticultural organizations, instituted for the purposes of mutual help, and not having capital stock or conducted for profit …”

The act of organizing is so suspect :: and the antitrust laws so broad :: that the forming of trade unions would be a sticky situation without this exception.

But The Syndicate isn’t a trade union … it’s a syndicate. A corrupt :: and corrupting :: cartel whose primary products are fraud and misery. No adequate defense for this betrayal will be forthcoming … because none exists. They pretended to be your teachers :: friends :: mentors :: and partners. But the whole time … the WHOLE time … they were laughing at you. Laughing while they ground you up like meat.

Here’s Irwin :: Debbie DeAngelo :: and Frauduct Launch Walker cackling about their sins a couple of years ago …

… fuck you assholes!

Which is just a fancy way of saying … fuck you assholes!

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