Frank Kern’s Traitor Union

Syndicate is a fancy way of saying trade union.”

Says Frank Kern :: famed connoisseur of fancy talk. Fancy talk :: fancy cat food :: fancy flip fops … only the fucking fanciest for Frank.

This past March :: during The Syndicate’s launch of Frank Kern’s List Control :: I wrote a sweet post that RickRolled all y’all.  Given the fake drama that surrounds me … it was an especially epic RickRoll for which I should win some sort of prize {but I won’t because the judges are racist against robots!}. That post also had several secret messages to the assholes … including this first … and only … explicit reference to The Syndicate before last Thursday’s bombshell.

“I used to think that success in this industry was all about getting into The Syndicate :: where prices and social value could be fixed without reference to reality.  But I see now that I was wrong.  It’s obviously all about whatever Frank teaches in his new digital-only wonder product List Control.”

Lots of graphically depicted retards showed up for the hilarity of the RickRoll … but they couldn’t help hearing something that everyone knows but no one says. Other buttons were pushed that same week … robots are surprisingly good whisperers.

Sheeple started asking unpleasantly specific questions. Is there a syndicate? wtf?

A few weeks later in the last module of List Control :: Irwin answers the questions. There is a syndicate … but it’s just a fancy word for trade union.

Because wikipedia currently says …

“The word syndicate comes from the French word syndicat which means trade union …”

OMG … what an idiot! That’s the best he can do?

A word’s meaning and its 17th Century French origin are not necessarily related. For instance :: the word advertisement comes from the French word avertissement which means warning. So I guess advertisement is a fancy way of saying warning. A very fancy way … a completely nonsensically fancy way.

Captain: The ship is going down … sound an advertisement to the crew!

1st Mate: Excuse me sir?

Captain: Sound the fucking advertisement man … lives are at stake!

{crackle} “Ever wish you had whiter teeth and a rock hard ass? Well now you can …”

{ship sinks … everyone dies … thanks for nothing fancy talk}

But let’s assume for a minute that it would be linguistically acceptable to substitute a word’s origin for its meaning.


A trade union is a labor union you dipshit! You bunch of twits are supposed to be “entrepreneurs” … business owners … hirers of labor. You can’t form a trade union when you’re capital. Or does business coach to “high net worth individuals” Frank Kern not even understand the difference between labor and capital?

Now let’s go all the way to crazy town and pretend like business owners could form labor unions without logic imploding into a wormhole. Well sadly for Frank & Crooks :: they still sound fucking terrible because trade unions needed a special exemption so that they wouldn’t get screwed under the antitrust laws. 15 U.S.C § 17

“Nothing contained in the antitrust laws shall be construed to forbid the existence and operation of labor, agricultural, or horticultural organizations, instituted for the purposes of mutual help, and not having capital stock or conducted for profit …”

The act of organizing is so suspect :: and the antitrust laws so broad :: that the forming of trade unions would be a sticky situation without this exception.

But The Syndicate isn’t a trade union … it’s a syndicate. A corrupt :: and corrupting :: cartel whose primary products are fraud and misery.  No adequate defense for this betrayal will be forthcoming … because none exists. They pretended to be your teachers :: friends :: mentors :: and partners.  But the whole time … the WHOLE time … they were laughing at you. Laughing while they ground you up like meat.

Here’s Irwin :: Debbie DeAngelo :: and Frauduct Launch Walker cackling about their sins a couple of years ago …

… fuck you assholes!

That’s just a fancy way of saying … fuck you assholes!

>> bleep bloop

103 thoughts on “Frank Kern’s Traitor Union”

  1. SD, they think they can use the term Syndicate and Trade Union to mean the same thing because they assume that we (the listener / reader) are all uneducated and desperate and therefore ready to believe anything that’s sold to us.

    They try to sell us sugar-coated dreams, when the reality is a stark contrast.

    What’s the old saying – you can’t polish a turd?

    Well, the Syndicate take it in turns to polish each other’s turds (referring to the promotion calendar so everyone gets a go at ripping the people off). What a disgusting way to behave and cheat people out of money.

    1. @Nikki,

      They use words like “Syndicate” because it appeals to the market. People that buy into Internet marketing biz ops are attracted to the dream of being a renegade, kingpin or (mob) boss of a sprawling empire. The undercurrent of meaning in words like “syndicate” generate feelings that are very much part of the appeal.

      1. @Mock Me Baby ::

        That’s obviously true … but only of a certain percentage of the demographic. Frank’s message :: in particular :: is aimed at that segment. But I think an equally large percentage are chasing the more optimistic :: candyland :: version of the dream. To them :: the word “syndicate” pokes the unicorn in the eye.

        1. @SD, don’t we all want to believe in candyland, unicorns, dreams of happy endings? … or new fucking beginnings?
          It’s easy to fall for it all… especially when we want to believe.

    2. @Nikki,

      >They try to sell us sugar-coated dreams, when the reality is a stark contrast.

      Most people prefer to buy sugar-coated dreams. Why do you think “the gurus” are making millions?

      People like to buy new programs, they are always searching for the silver bullet that will make them rich.

      The same thing happens to those who buy weight loss products, one after another, and think they are working on their weight problem.

      “As long as I’m buying it I don’t have to actually work on it, because every new product I buy makes me feel I’m working on it” syndrome.

  2. Its off-topic a bit, but the obvious takeaway should be: trade unions are corrupt, morally bereft cartels.

    1. @Cromulent ::

      Trade unions :: like ALL groups :: tend towards corruption. Some of them are completely “corrupt, morally bereft cartels” that act mostly in the interests of preserving their own power. They can decrease an industry’s global competitiveness … and act in a way that ends up causing harm to member workers.

      That said … some laborers are exploited by capital. Service workers … especially kitchens and hotels … and migrant agricultural workers come to mind. Some of those unions are still fighting for basic rights for their workers. Capital’s power gets aggregated into concentrated structures … the same right must be preserved for labor.

      1. @SD,
        Wrong. For a clearer look at labor unions from someone most definitely on your side of the political aisle you should read Mickey Kaus.

        1. @Cromulent ::

          I think it’s a right … and a right that should be preserved. That can’t really be “wrong” because it’s just my opinion. And I know all about the horrors of unions … if you ever meet me a bar … just get me started a little bit on the Teacher’s Union and I’ll diatribe late into the night.

          I’m most unwelcome on both sides of the aisle.

          … fuck aisles!

          1. @SD,

            Repeal the Wagner Act, and enact Right to Work laws, implement real enforcement of Beck rights and I’m ok with unions. Membership shouldn’t be compulsory.

  3. Eben is looking increasingly uncomfortable these days.

    Or wait, he’s always looked like he’s been holding a crap. Even in his old DYD seminars.

  4. It’s a mutual product gang wank designed to spread their nasty little salty wares as far and wide as possible. “Go on go on you do me then I’ll do you”

    1. @Karin Hiebert,

      Why are these sinister sounding words being used in the first place?

      Two reasons:

      1. Magic Kumbayah Finger Healing Unicorn Group was already taken
      2. They accurately describe the sinister activities.


      1. @spoonfaceboy,

        Why are these sinister sounding words being used in the first place?

        Another answer (although not as funny) is that these cons are actually quite transparent.

        “Mass Control”–sounds like tricking or conning large groups of people…oh wait, that’s what it is! But Irwin insisted that it was just a funny name and not really about controlling people, so it must not be, right? ;)


        Confidence tricks exploit typical human qualities such as greed, dishonesty, vanity, honesty, compassion, credulity, irresponsibility and naïveté. The common factor is that the mark relies on the good faith of the con artist.

      1. @Karin Hiebert, come on, at least do a much debated vote!
        i think i will go slit my throat- survivalmanual – stops following me, and now this????
        Goddamit I can’t take this shit!

        1. @Karin Hiebert, what was that last sentence about? Hope that you are not serious about slitting your own throat. Please if you are feeling bad please call someone who loves you and you can trust to talk things through or you can call 1 800 784 2433 , it’s a hotline.

          As to who ever keeps heckling Karin, listen, maybe it’s time to tone it down and let her be. If you don’t have anything nice to say, then just refrain from posting anything please. You never know how that may affect a person, especially since someone else has already mentioned being suicidal.

  5. > Debbie DeAngelo
    lol … do you really think David D./Eben Pagan is a crook?

    Yes, he has a cult following, but I know some of the guys that follow his stuff and they’re profiting from it. I don’t know about this syndicate thing, but he seems legit.

    1. @skeptic ::

      Well I do know “about this syndicate thing” … and now so do you. There is nothing “legit” about it.

      1. @SD, I agree with you about the syndicate. But I saw guys profiting from his programs.

        Is there any possibility of not being down voted just because you entertain a possibility that there’s some value in the material he sells?

          1. @skeptic, No, skeptic, there is little chance of any argument in favor of ANYTHING having to do with marketing getting marked UP.

            And there is little chance of anything you say getting marked up if you’re deemed by any one of the “popular” paranoids on here as “not kosher” — even when you wholeheartedly agree.

            It’s all a big high school dance here. Adolescent posturing I was hoping would be more but it’s not.

            It’s difficult today to find anyone legitimate in marketing precisely because these yahoos fill up the airwaves and illegally tie up all the affiliates you could use to sell what you have to this market with their syndicate.

            Salty brags about the “effect” this site is having and his rabid minions all say “yes, Salty” regardless of what he says but — the reality is that the new FTC and Mastercard/Visa rules made folks like Perry Belcher drop out of the market fast because they realized they had nothing they sell that fits the new rules.

            I tried pointing out my opinion — my opinion — my opinion when I felt the site was going in a wrong direction (does ANYONE here REALLY think talking about how ugly one marketer is over another addresses the issues when I have seen some of YOUR photos, folks, and you ain’t exactly a fashion show).

            I was instantly deemed “one of them” and now, when Salty is heading in a direction I can cheer, going directly to the heart of the beast I knew was there all along, and I post my POSITIVE comments about what he’s doing, I’m still chastised and marked down.

            The minions bitch constantly about the scumbags who “just come in here and mark every one of our comments down with no reason” and they CLAIM they only mark comments up and down based on their merit — but they are all just as full of shit as the marketers they are blasting if they really expect anyone reading all this to believe it.

            Salty’s got plenty of emotional issues and this site is obviously a manifestation of them — NOT what he says it is.

            It’s all a fraud just the same then, huh?

            1. @Poop Chute,

              … when I have seen some of YOUR photos, folks, and you ain’t exactly a fashion show …

              How dare you sir.

              ‘Twas not my wish that a barrel of radioactive material fall from a truck, roll down an embankment and crash onto my head marring and morphing a flawless “Burt Reynold’s like” cheekbone structure into the concave catastrophe I stare at in the mirror each day.

              But seriously …

              Remember that this blog comprises at least two “personalities”: the comedian/parodist and the advocate/activist.

              It’s the successful coupling of those two that make this place a worthwhile read and (growing) community.

              As for being voted down and popularity — who cares. I’ve been on both sides. Doesn’t change what I said or will say.

              You speak your mind and make decent arguments for your positions. Bully for you, Buckie. So, stop whining and keep posting.

              Besides …

              Having this —

              Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

              is the best advert you can have on this blog. It’s a built-in headline that immediately evokes curiosity. Trust me, your posts get read.

            2. @Poop Chute, so, um, yeah. I just finished reading all of the new comments below. Wish I would’ve read them before posting my previous reply.

              Looks like your whining did you in. But hey, at least you still get to post once per blog entry.

  6. It’s not just that they are a “Syndicate” but that they come together to engage in acts of fraud, including:

    1. Failing to disclose that their products ONLY work to make money on line if you are a member of their syndicate and have access to their customer lists!

    2. Failing to disclose that they make money/earn commissions for endorsing each others’ fraud-ducts.

    3. Selling products that don’t work period, or work only under very specific circumstances.

    I invested in Traffic Geyser and not only wasted thousands of dollars trying to train someone to use it, but countless hours tweaking it, only to find out it DOES NOT WORK for any market where there is any kind of competition for short-tailed keywords. Meaning it could not and will not possibly work for my market.

    1. @Ross Jeffries ::

      Yep! … and I’ll remind everyone of the StomperNet docs …

      … and the strage accounting. Sometimes it’s more than “commissions” that they’re not disclosing. It’s full on under the table loot sharing that’s never been disclosed to anyone in any way.

      B-teamers are regularly stiffed on their commissions … aka stealing … which I suppose is just a fancy way to say friendship.

      1. @SD, you obviously have no idea who Ross Jeffries is, do you?

        This is some funny shit, google it!

      2. 2 down votes and counting …

        OK, Ross Jeffries why don’t you admit you’re just jealous because your student is selling more products than you?

          1. @SD, OK. I admit it. I’m Cher. Hello guys what’s up?

            Out of curiosity, are you familiar with David D. and Ross Jefferis story? That would make a nice post me thinks.


            1. @skeptic, Further proof that you are pushing your agenda without even having read any significant portion of this blog.

              Maybe your scammer p.r. attempts would be a little more polished if you actually read more than a few lines here before attempting to spin your bullshit.

  7. Well, thank you SD, for shining the light on this.

    I’ve been reading the rants here for a while, seeing that there is common sense and truth to them. But I also thought it was mostly opinion, and that there wasn’t anything “illegal” going on.

    I have been a follower of Eben Pagan for around 3 years since he launched with “Get Altitude.” He is one of the few I have respected enough to keep buying from in “online teaching.”

    And I’m better off in business, having picked up tips and tricks from Eben on getting to know my customers better.

    Eben has also introduced me to affiliate offers from several of the “suspects” here (blatant criminals). And some are obviously pushing worthless crap in a can that won’t work unless you label it as “Shit That Works” and have a criminal network endorse it for you.

    The offers I took were mostly the “same content” he himself was selling. Just a different name. I guess that’s the game being played, seeing now that they have a schedule for pushing out one product after the other.

    My blood has been boiling since finding out about the “Syndicate”, and knowing that Eben Pagan is highly involved. I was a part-time believer in the advice. But the person behind it obviously has rotten moral fiber.

    I didn’t suspect it was an organized crime syndicate.

    Eben has been careful to point out that; “If you’re one of those evil marketers, you’re going to marketing hell.” and “Use this only for good, or you WILL go to marketing hell. It’s a real place. I mean that!”

    Eben and Frank is probably reading this.

    So. Who’s going to marketing hell now Eben?

    I hope everyone else in Eben Pagan’s Guru Mastermind finds this for themselves.

    No matter how accurate these videos are (chronological order or not.) It’s Frank Kern. And it sounds exactly like something Frank Kern would say.

    This time, Frank, you have vomited on yourself and your friends in public. Probably wasn’t planned, but you are obviously deluded by your selfcertified-blackbelt-semantic-judo. It was only a question of when you would cross the line. Call your friends at the FTC and tell them you’re on your way, will you. You’re a fucking criminal. Not just in the pretend-to-be-gangster way.

    When Frank presented his brainchild project “Mass Control” at a Jeff Walker seminar some years ago (whose product I bought.) It was like listening to a kid who just had learned how to tell lies and was proud to announce what he had figured out.

    “Make shit up and pretend! How cool is that, right? Don’t use it for evil shit though.” (paraphrased, same shit, same difference.)

    I wanted to vomit on the audience when there was applause for this.

    Isn’t there something called psychological rape?

    How is it OK to make shit up and lead people to believe in unethical bullshit?

    I guess you’re no better Eben. I’d like to hear you rationalize this syndicate concept in one of your seminars. Or maybe in court?

    Maybe you could call it “Perpetual Fucking Perpetrator Formula”. And give credit where it’s due. Or was this your idea? Marketing “Jenius”.

    Where is this video with Walker, Pagan and Kern on the couch from? Haven’t seen them in a context like that before.

    I haven’t heard about a “Syndicate” from Eben Pagan.

    Yet there he is.

    Shows how is trying to be a sly fucking scumbag and keep it on the low when he is “on air”.

  8. The whole thing is a massive fraud on a massive scale. Droid, any chance of a list of the people involved in this? Or would that spoil the surprise for the people you are going to slam?

  9. I wonder what would happen if someone contacted all of the people who commented on the gnomes latest crime wave blog post and sent them all the link to the post about the Syndicate?

    I wonder what would happen if someone contacted all of the Facebook/Twitter friends and followers of Filsaime, Kern, Pagan, etc and sent them to the post about the syndicate?

    I wonder what would happen if everyone who got email from these guys forwarded those emails to the FTC and to their ISPs?

  10. Dude – using the example of a sinking ship to illustrate a sinking ship…

    (slow clap)

    well done, droid… well done.

  11. Anyone notice in that 2nd video how Eben’s shirt isn’t even buttoned right? He’s got it all sideways.

    When I saw that video originally (for PLF 2.0 I believe) I saw his shirt and wondered if it was some sort of psychological trigger or some other bullshit…

  12. Hi guys –

    I can’t help get the impression there is a witch hunt going on here. We’ve got the moral panic, mass hysteria, but no lynching yet.

    For the record I’ve been through the following products and found them quite useful:
    * Eben Pagan’s Guru Blueprint
    * Andy Jenkin’s Video Boss
    * Frank Kern’s Mass Control
    * Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula
    * Ryan Deiss’s Sneaky Email Tactics, Your First 1000, Traffic & Conversion Summit.

    I can’t comment on John Reese’s stuff or Frank Kern’s List Control as I haven’t been through them.

    No I’m not a syndicate member, or a shill, a plant or whatever. I’m a paying member of the public and I found the above courses helpful. Well, I say paying… I paid for some of the above, others I got for ahem… free. Which I’m perfectly happy to admit, because I’m anonymous. I’m also not trying to claim any moral high ground here, just to say that the content was good and I got “value” form it.

    Did any one product make me rich? No, duh. Course not, silly. Did absorbing all this material added to my own experience help me and my clients more money online? Yes. Probably in the region of $8K – $12/mo in various niche projects. That’s turnover. Probably about $2K – $3K in net profit.

    And no I’m not a numpty. I have a university education and have been in business for 10+ years. I’m not making squillions but I make a bit of money and the above courses helped me. Oh and I’ve checked quite a few books from bookstores on the subject and I’m yet to find the same level of up to date, relevant and useful content, explained as succinctly.

    Do I think they should all charge $2000 for each course? No. A bit expensive for my taste. But I’m happy with around $495.

    How about that. A dissenting voice.


    1. @hmmwhat?, If that’s true, then I’m happy for you. If you applied the products and they definitely made you money, then you did the right thing.

      But… given the hundreds of posts, thousands of comments, recordings of the Syndicate, traffic stats, court reports on Belcher, the FTC case against Frank, etc that are littered all over this blog, it’s a real shame that no ‘success story’ can ever *EVER* point to a real-life example of their success.

      You have chosen to remain anonymous. Fair enough – so have I. But I’m not here to throw around claims of $12k/mo turnover. You have to admit that it’s odd – if these products are so useful, genuine, and offering good value, why is it that no business owner will come out publicly and say so? (Unless they’re taking commission!)

      Say what you like about books – at least they get reviews from non-interested parties. The only people prepared to say anything complimentary about the Syndicate’s products are either:

      (1)In the Syndicate
      (2)Hanging out at the Warrior forum, and acting as affiliates for the Syndicate
      (3)Anonymously posting about their success on here

      What half-decent author/teacher/consultant could offer any of those as references? Really. Try getting even a $25k job with references of that calibre.

      $495? Charging $100,000 for your advice is fine. Professionals do that all the time. But then they can point to actual success. They can provide the telephone numbers for real ex-clients, who are happy to agree that they’re worth the investment. They build an actual reputation based on client feedback – not a fake reputation inflated by anonymous posts, unverifiable income claims, and shoddy, ludicrously hyped-up ‘marketing.’

      Your dissenting voice, while slightly uplifting, offers no concrete evidence of the effectiveness of Syndicate products.

      1. @208-577-6210, Uh…why on earth would ANYONE want to post a potentially dissenting commenting on this blog when the schoolyard frenzy kicks in as soon as someone (also usually anonymous) declares that you’re “one of them?”

        You (and SD) have all set up a delightful little trap here then built in a nice catch-22 that pretty much makes certain no one in their right mind would ever post with their real name anything that “goes against the grain.”

        And the grain seems to be defined by salty who has plenty of problems of his own it seems.

        Again the problem is with people who think they can buy this shit, put it on a shelf and they’ve put in the “sweat equity” it takes to build a business.

        ANY course or book can help with that. The price is irrelevant. If someone charges what you feel is too much for a course don’t fucking BUY it.

        When was the last time you waltzed into a Rolex shop or Bose store and cursed them all out for being criminals selling their stuff for such high prices?

        Salty would say — at least they deliver value. I agree. But let’s be honest — especially with a watch — a Timex for $29 will tell ya the SAME time the SAME way.

        When someone sells crap they should go out of business. When someone defrauds you into buying ANYTHING they should go to jail.

        Salty declares that he’s a “bad-ass attorney” and everyone bows down to his knowledge and expertise. I don’t know about you but I don’t know many “bad-ass” attorneys who are INACTIVE and, when asked, the Bar tells you most attorneys are inactive either for non-payment of their dues or questionable conduct.

        Which is is? We don’t know anything but what SD tells us — and photoshopped shit he puts together and I could put together too.

        Anyway — I was hoping Salty, even taking a totally lame way of getting around to it, was hopefully going to have some effect. He isn’t.

        Oh — he’s turned some sales away.

        But I’ve been trying to point out for a LONG time here that the way this blog rolls along makes it just FAR too easy for the REAL scumbags to answer those tough questions this blog OUGHT to be bringing out of possible customers and past cutomers by pointing to the blog, the inconsistencies, the personal attacks and generally grade-school level thinking going on here and say — “Hey — if you want to join THAT crowd be my guest.”

        I’ve seen it.

        This latest tack he’s on, however, is dead on.

        Typically that doesn’t matter to SD. He’s too much of a child inside to see he needs help with the. REAL help. NOT from the fringe crazies here who think he’s some kind of god and don’t see the constant manipulation and “us-against-them” thinking he’s using to tell them how to think and what to think. From people who can take it farther.

        It’s also interesting that when someone like me pops in here and asks SD the SAME “tough questions” he’s demanding of others…he diverts it to childish shit.

        Sorry — I’m not putting the future of marketing and capitalism in the hands of an emotionally immature ex-attorney (in what legal field exactly was that?) who has no credentials I know of to even be TALKING about marketing let alone defining what it should and shouldn’t be.

        We have laws for that.

        And right now all of you should realize that filing complaints with the merchant credit card processors of these assholes will shake them with more fear than your favorite robot child can any day because they can pull the plug for ANY reason, without notice or hearing or anything.

        And then they’re sitting in the water.

        I have a lot to offer. SD doesn’t thinks so. Too bad for SD.

        I’d love to see him be more effective but this site isn’t really about bringing down the big illegal nasty syndicate, which I hoped it would be. It’s about Salty’s own little small wee ego crying to be larger.

        And he’s not growing up any time soon.

        Go ahead and grow yourself up. Think for yourself. THEN you can read through here and see there ARE some gems. Some golden moments.

        And you will see that…by golly! You CAN disagree from time to time like adults do.

        It’s such a farce and I’m truly sorry to see it.

        1. @Poop Chute, You’re just pathetic. If you think you have all the answers, write your own damn blog instead of trying to turn someone ELSE in your mouthpiece and personal puppet.

          You blow a LOT of smoke with your long, rambling, idiotic comments. Go create your own blog and we’ll all come over and tell you how to run it.

          1. @Sheesh, And…who are YOU to tell me what to do on this blog? I respect your opinion even as you disrespect mine.

            When I state my opinions here I don’t believe there is some indication that you or anyone MUST do what I say. I’m stating my opinion.

            They happen to differ from yours. So sorry for that.

            Adults act like that…believe it or not. Kids on a playground act like you just did.

            Just my opinion.

          2. @Sheesh,

            You are fighting with the resident troll. he goes by lots of names (used to post as BigFoot). I caught on he had another handle when he said he left “many times”.

            Poop Chute entered the picture in late ’09 only “left” once….I remembered the idiotic Rolex Analogy….went to look it up…compared “argument” style….Poop Chute is BigFoot, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t go by other handles

            Anyone hear of Rolex? Kinda’ does the same thing as a Timex, right? Different price. -BigFoot

            When was the last time you waltzed into a Rolex shop or Bose store and cursed them all out for being criminals selling their stuff for such high prices?

            Salty would say — at least they deliver value. I agree. But let’s be honest — especially with a watch — a Timex for $29 will tell ya the SAME time the SAME way. -Poop Chute

            1. @_cartman_,

              Yeah, and if I was just using just the one analogy your argument “may” hold water….except that…paragraph styles match…unusual hyphenations….both your POV’s match….CAPITALIZATION of words you want to emphasize…and the biggest thing…salty’s supposedly “wrong” direction….

              “SD is right he has the right to do whatever the hell he wants with this blog. Unfortunately, the direction he’s chosen is … sadly pathetic.” – Bigfoot

              “If I was a “bad guy” I’d hope like hell you never see it and keep going the direction you’re headed. I most certainly wouldn’t point it out to you” – Poop Chute

              “I wanted to get this to you so you know, though we obviously disagree on a LOT of points…you’re heading DEAD-ON where I wanted to see you go now.” – Poop Chute

              Glad to help troll….

              PS – I am honored that you chose to respond to me as your last “post” in this thread….butt….when am I getting my “profile”….I’m so excited to find out about myself…

          3. @Sheesh, …and…what makes you think I DON’T “have a blog?” You don’t know what I have or what experience I have or anything.

            It’s funny how quickly my posts are now marked down by a dozen or so folks immediately?

            I don’t really care. I’ll keep posting here (believe it or now, Sheesh, you really CAN operate a blog or dozens of blogs or entire television networks and still post comments on other blogs). And marking the comments hidden only makes them stand out more so more folks with brains that function can see them.

            1. @Poop Chute, Someone tells you that you aren’t welcome in their home, all their neighbors tell you the same thing, but you keep coming back to criticize the furniture. You’re pretty sad.

            2. @Poop Chute, Don’t flatter yourself. Generally when a comment has been marked down and I click on it out of curiosity, I’m immediately sorry.

              You paint the readers and commenters on this blog with a really broad brush and you’re an idiot. Go mind your on blog(s). Sheesh.

    2. @hmmwhat?,

      Did you neglect that organized crime is… well, a criminal activity?

      By the looks of your post you have common sense. Now get clued in before you climb onto the rainbow.

      1. @hmmyeah, Good point.

        That argument is like saying, “Well, I know the mafia kills people, but since they didn’t kill ME, and I’m making money off the relationship, I think they are great.”

        That is the exact same bottom line rationalization used by every shill and apologist who comes here to defend their devils.

        It’s called situational ethics.

        It makes a person just as bad and filthy as their “supplier.”

      2. @hmmyeah, EXACTLY why I’m so thrilled to SD, despite all his faults, finally going after the REAL culprit. THIS is something with real meat beyond “the guy’s hair is too pretty/weird/greasy/non-existent” and puts bars of steel into the equation.

        1. @Poop Chute, You don’t win ANY points here alternately “gifting” Salty with your “approval” and then condemning him for not doing things precisely your way.

          1. @Zippo, Not “gifting” anybody. Just posting my opinion. When I first posted how much I liked the new direction someone immediately jumped on me and said “if you REALLY meant to compliment Salty you would have emailed him instead.”

            But I read below “if you don’t have balls to post here you can email Salty.”

            Mixed messages? I think so! But they’re all over the place.

            Why is it that my opinion of what Salty should or shouldn’t do is “condemning him for not doing things precisely your way.”

            I have an opinion. I feel strongly about it. When I started reading here I got excited that maybe–just maybe this unorthodox approach would make what I’ve been working on a lot easier. It wasn’t…so I participated and was hoping maybe Salty would listen but I now realize that’s not his intent here.

            Then he broke the Syndicate story and my hope was renewed.

            The response has proven to me that I was wrong. There is no help here.

            Remember — there are forms of profit other than money.

            ANYWAY — I don’t think I’ve ever “condemned” poor wittle helpwess Salty. I PARTICIPATED. I STATED MY FUCKING OPINION.

            And you are too much of a child to accept that.

            This blog, in my opinion, is class warfare, played out at a third-grade class level.

            Target audience identified. Locked. Loaded. LEAD-EM!

        2. @Poop Chute,

          Do your part to help out. Contact acquaintances of these people. Send them here and let this snowball until the regulators come in.

          Organized crime can not be justified, not to the uninitiated, unless you’ve already had an ethical by-pass. Let people know what is going on by sending them here.

          Blog, tweet, link, email. One person a day and you’ve done your part.

          And use common sense. Don’t be frantic, or no one will listen.

          Fair enough?


          1. @hmmyeah, I hear you — but I’m going to be contacting these folks you mention (have been for a while now) and sending them directly to the authorities who can really do something.

            The day will probably come when a nut-job reading this blog will grab a gun and go blow the head off a “bad guru” to get the group approval he or she craves so badly and I would feel really bad that I sent ANYONE here.

            Mob rule is NOT justice.

    3. @hmmwhat? ::

      That’s not “dissent” fuck face … it’s just pathetic lies.

      “No I’m not a syndicate member, or a shill, a plant or whatever. I’m a paying member of the public and I found the above courses helpful.”

      … then why you are using “Paying members of the public” Internet naive enough to buy the garbage you just listed have no idea how to mask their IP’s … or why they would need to. And if you’ve been around long enough to be afraid of me … then you know for fucking sure that unsubstantiated income claims are not welcome here.

      Make an income claim … link to your site. No exceptions! You can’t do that of course … because you are a liar. Your lies are hurting other people … but you don’t give a fuck. None of you care at all. Well guess what? These people you’re hurting are real … and this is not a fucking game. You aren’t going to win the propaganda war with me … it’s not even a contest … so you better start making new life plans before ALL your life decisions are being made for you by people in uniforms.

  13. SD, take a look at the following story in our local paper:

    A guy tries a murder-suicide – why don’t we have a clever term for this? – and fails the latter half, natch. A cursory search of Google for the perp’s name shows he likely fell pretty hard for a really big pitcher of IM koolaid. Now he’s going to spend the rest of his life behind bars, and the kids are without their mommy.

    1. @Cromulent, according to a quick search, this might be the person:

      Reason is, his profile says he’s an Internet marketer and Law of Attraction coach in West Bloomfield, who used to work in the pharmaceutical industry, which seems to match with the profile in the report.

      Again, I’m not 100% sure. But I think it’s the same person.

      1. @Name Unimportant,

        Looks like the guy is definitely an IM’er:

        Ellery Bennett responding to iMarketing Mastermind’s Training
        This video is a response to Bucky Shiver gives his thoughts on iMarketing Masterminds

        1. @Duff,

          I’ve worked for a few IMers in the past and I dealt with a lot of people who told me this “guru” was their last hope. They were down to their last dollar. Their lives were falling apart. So on and so on.

          It broke my heart nearly every time (unless they yelled at me).

          I have war stories about those people. When I heard of this murder, I could’ve named a few people off the top of my head that it could’ve been.

          1. @Can’t Say,

            I remember a couple of good friends in college who went to a presentation given by a con artist running a pyramid scam. In those days the term used was “airplane”.

            I told both girls what was really going on. Gentle at first, then a bit harsh when they resisted. One got it, but a couple days later I got an angry call from the fiance of girl #2. The punk physically threatened me. I told him he wasn’t much of a fiance, that he could do what he wanted but I’d call the local gendarmes if his bride-to-be got a seat on that “plane”. He fumed a bit, but nothing came of it.

            And that is how I lost a pair of friends. Not sure it was worth it. The first lass had a rack I was most interested in.

  14. I got scared for the customer when he was surrounded by all those circles in the video. Well, I sort of had flashbacks of when I was in 3rd grade and a bunch of kids all circled around me and starting yelling at me and teasing me and calling me stupid.

    Then they tried to sell me some candy. Well, they didn’t really do that last part, but I think they might have if they had bought Frank’s course. :-)

    1. @Jack ::

      What’s with your blog Jack? You’re all like lost and confused in the world of the webz … talking to your spam … wondering about magical giraffes? That’s pretty funny.

      … or … are you really talking about giraffes and to your spam … in which case I’m being a dick right now saying that it’s funny.

      … but either way … it’s pretty funny.

      1. @SD, I am just trying to learn about blogs right now and I found that SEOBook site (luckily). Also, do the pluses and minuses here mean the same thing as the like and dislike buttons over at FaceBook?

          1. @Harrlan Kilstein’s Christian Blowjobs with Jewish Finger Healing, Hi, Harlan Kilstein’s Christian Blowjobs with Jewish Finger Healing,

            I don’t know who Charlie is. Is it really OK to post here with two different names? I only found this site because of the SEOBook site that had a thing about Ryan Deiss.

          2. @Harrlan Kilstein’s Christian Blowjobs with Jewish Finger Healing, Harrlan Kilstein’s Christian Blowjobs with Jewish Finger Healing, what is NLP?

          3. @Harrlan Kilstein’s Christian Blowjobs with Jewish Finger Healing,

            Dude. Sigh. Jack IS different from me. I’m known to SD. Reread the thread with that in mind.

  15. @PoopChute ::

    New rule … just for you … since you’re my number one fan. You get one comment per post. Better make it a good one. You can have one more on this post so you can tell me how this is a tyranny cult of mixed messages that will never prevail without the full support of you :: the postmaster :: your plastic FBI profiler :: and Wonder Woman.

    … after that I’m deleting everything you say without looking at it.

    You can get your flaming panties in a knot on the next post … once.

    1. @SD,

      Thanks for doing that. His posts get are always in the way & make no sense. Can’t even read them without wanting to kill myself.

  16. Don’t watch this video if you’re allergic to laughing! I know it’s technically guru fan mail … but it is fucking sweet anyway …



    Here’s another snippet form the FTC:

    Instant Internet Empires, based in Macon, Georgia, touted the money-making potential of five pre-packaged Internet businesses, promising that buyers could make more than $115,000 a year using the product. For their $47.77 investment, consumers received the right to reproduce the defendants’ Web site and the right to try to resell its contents to other consumers, according to the FTC.

    To achieve the promised $115,000 in earnings, consumers each would have to sell the product to 2400 additional consumers, who would each need to sell to 2400 additional consumers to achieve the same earnings, according to the FTC. By the third generation of the scheme, participants would need to make more than 13.8 billion sales, more than twice the earth’s population, for each of them to achieve the advertised earnings.

    The stipulated final judgment and order with Instant Internet Empires and Irwin F. Kern IV, also known as Frank Kern, bars them from making false or misleading income claims, from participating in chain marketing schemes, and from providing others with the means and instrumentalities to violate federal laws. Based on their financial statements, defendants will have to pay back $247,000 to the victims. Should the defendant’s financial reports be found to be inaccurate, the total of their ill-gotten gains, $634,222, will become due.

    1. @wtf?, That looks like he still made like almost $400,000 committing that crime. Is that right? So why would he want to stop committing crimes if that’s true – I mean other than I guess to be a decent human being or something like that.

  18. @SD You wrote, “But let’s assume for a minute that it would be linguistically acceptable to substitute a word’s origin for its meaning”

    When you consider that even now in 2010 there are educated people who believe “English is a Latin language”, it’s not surprising that shysters and cult leaders control people by distorting word meanings and origins. So few people know etymology.

    This made me think about Robert J. Lifton’s concept of “Loading Language” under his “Eight Point Model of Thought Reform”

    1. @Jean D, interesting point.

      These guys do tend to make up their own “language” and encourage it to build a bond with your buyer/sucker. Frank actually teaches that in Mass Control!

      quoting directly from Mass Control “Week 2, Section 1”:

      “So now let’s look at the final piece of the puzzle, secret language. All tribes have their own language, and we’re part of a tribe, or a subculture. When people use their identifying language, it creates a sense of insider knowledge, bonding and belonging. Let’s say you’re at a marketing seminar, and you and a fellow marketer are using your secret language, talking about OTO’s and SEO and PPC and reverse squeeze pages. When someone else tunes into your conversation, they likely feel completely clueless and view you as if you’re part of a little secret club. With absolutely any other subculture in the world, people like to use their secret language to feel like they belong and have a sense of belonging.

      Our Mass Control Syndicate has a secret language that uses terms like money magnet, Howitzer Method, Unified Front, magic powers, etc. If we had discussions with other people about these concepts, they’d have no idea what we were talking about. We’d be speaking our own secret language.”

      (then he goes on to use the seduction market (again) as an example of secret language…)

      Which made me think about one of their email/social networking/seminar tricks when the Syndicate is on stage.

      They have all their little insider jokes about one another and they purposely don’t let the audience “in on it”.

      So, as an outsider you naturally have a longing to be “one of them” so you can get their jokes/stories/myths.

      One example I recall is the “Red String Letter” made up by Dr Fuckstain.

      He and Frank talk of this amazing sales letter that had people literally throwing their wallets at them on stage (obviously at some imaginary conference), and it sold out of everything they used it for online… Problem is they have spoken about it, but never produced it.

      Which reminds me of the best line from “The Usual Suspects”:

      “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

  19. Let’s not forget what might be the 2nd lowest form of IM scammers — those who DESPERATELY want to be part of The Syndicate but (sniff, sniff) are left in the dust by the big boys every time.

    Of course Not Dr Harlan Rabbi Kilstein comes to mind. It is no secret that this known slimeball, I mean guy, writes copy (for free) for all of these fellow scammers, I mean dudes, with the high hope that they will someday pay him back in other ways.

    Irony of ironies, they’ve all turned their backs on him in a huge way (example: his dead fish known as Tactic-7 or 10 or whatever it is now). Each one dissed him like the pariah that he is, and remain terrified to publicly promote him. (Though they were pleased as punch to accept his free services.)

    IMHO, the only thing worse than a group of frauds that scam and then flaunt it is a lone fraud who dreams that the finger healing gods will let him into the Cool Group. (Pretty Please With A Cherry On Top?)

  20. I looked on the Google search engine for the Instant Internet Empires FTC thing and found this:

    It said that in that pdf file you can read that there was “good cause to believe that the defendents will attempt to deliberately conceal the scope of their deliberate illegal actions” but I don’t think it’s true because the Robot showed us that other video the other day where Frank was showing us how to do the syndicate crime thing.

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