Trademarked Confusion :: Joel Comm Droid Con

The Ghost of Joel Comm Past

Two lawyers walk into a bar ::

Lawyer 1:  Let’s call The Salty Droid and —

Lawyer 2: Thanks for the beer, see you around {sound of saloon door swinging on its hinges}.

Lawyers :: you see :: have an aversion to fake robots … and risks … and technologies more complicated than blackberries {the fruit} … and things that can’t be classified into check-box forms and filed alphabetically.

So when lawyers do call in on the fake robot hotline :: they’re wanting favors not troubles :: and they usually start off just like all y’all start off …


You’re the best. I’d really love to talk with you about something if you’ll promise never to say we talked. Because … well you know … you’re like … well … a freak and everything … and I myself need to avoid risks … like a sissy among the sheeps … I’m sure you understand.

Don’t worry about it sissy :: says me :: I understand. I’ll keep you safe … here’s a hug.

Kevin E. Houchin :: non-magazine-Esq. :: wanted to talk to Jason about the soundness of writing a defamation threat letter in a 9/11-truther flame war situation. “Gosh that’s a wicked stupid idea” :: Jason was happy to say for the not first time. How can law consider itself a “profession” if it’s going to give legal letterhead access to ANY fuck with a dime and a gripe? Your fucking oath to uphold the Constitution doesn’t apply to the spirit of the First Amendment? Where’s the emphasis of your supposed ethics then … bicameralism? Boom! Fake questions that could only be answered by real professionals :: of whom I see precious few.

Anywayz … at the end of the convo Kevin mentions he might write an article on the subject for



I glanced at Lawyerist first … seemed boring and fine. I read the first draft of the post :: it seemed boring and fine.

But it did contain this strange caveat …

“Jason and I don’t agree on everything, but I definitely respect his knowledge and experience in this area.”

That might sound normal if you’ve been long sucked into the darkness :: but it’s a strange sentiment for an outsider to express. Of course we don’t agree on everything :: it goes without saying … so it rarely gets said. But it gets said in DipShit DoubleSpeak all the time :: and it means …

“I agree with The Droid to the extent he has pointed to specific bad acts {like murders} which are embarrassingly hard to deny or justify.  However :: to the extent that his whole point is that Internet unicorns don’t exist :: and that it’s wrong to hard-sell people unicorns that don’t exist … that I must refuse to accept for the sake of my own wallet … amen.”

I should have known … I did know … basically.


I published a linkback to The Lawyerist article in my Ode to Ai Weiwei :: and within a few hours I find out that Kevin Houchin is Joel Comm’s lawyer.

WTF?!? Fucking Joel Comm!

And it’s not just a legal services relationship either :: they’ve got a full-on association …


I’m like :: “Yo Kevin! Maybe you forgot to mention a little something something to me?” And he’s all like :: “Didn’t seem relevant … we were talking about something else … and Joel is one of the good ones.”

Oh I’m sorry … I didn’t know Joel was one of the good ones. That’s cool :: I guess I should sign up for his “The Secret Classroom” then :: the sales page for which begins like this …

Re: You Becoming a Millionaire and Achieving Your Dreams… For Real!

Not really for real :: pretend for real :: but I guess it must be pretend in the “good guy” kind of way.

“Maybe you’ve noticed that a lot of “guru’s” like to TALK about how much money they’re making. They throw around all kinds of facts, figures, and screen shots of their bank accounts. But where the rubber meets the road, either:

A) They didn’t really make that much money.

or the more likely case…

B) They won’t reveal how they really got that money into those bank accounts that they’re bragging about.

That’s where the Secret Classroom is different. Sure, our teachers will tell you how much money they’re really making (millions), BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY they’ll show you exactly WHAT they’re doing to make that money.”

Our “teachers” :: like …

Bradley Clifford Fallon

Mike “Gnome” Filsaime

Jeff “The Poison Pimple” Walker

and Miami Vice threw-up all over me Mike Koenigs

… will tell you EXACTLY what they’re doing to make money {plus or minus everything they’re doing to make money}.

The Secret Classroom is available now for just $47 :: but if you had acted NOW {back then} you could have paid much much more for it!  Thank you Secret Scammer!!

And it’s not just “teachers” that love them some Joel Comm :: it’s students too :: like this fatty mcfatty donut eater …

Thank you Harlan Kilstein :: I’m sure that was a totally true story that had nothing to do with you trying to shill and asslick your way to the top {of the bottom}.

Where is the Integrity in Internet Marketing?

… asks “good guy” Joel Comm this past January during a period when many gurus were experiencing a sudden blight of fake-conscience.

“There’s nothing wrong with making money. But sacrificing your integrity to do so is uncool. I have discovered from firsthand experience that there are many Internet marketers without integrity.”

The first hand experience came long before the blog post :: but Joel “the teacher” didn’t feel compelled to mention anything about it until long after the invention of fake robotics.

“Now I need to be honest. A few years ago, I promoted some products and services that I later discovered were sub-par. At that time, I didn’t realize just how susceptible people were to the sales letters, countdown clocks and upsells. If I could take back promotion of those products, I would.”

But if he could take down his own shitty promotions :: or his own open promotions of other inner-circle na’er-do-wells :: then he obviously wouldn’t … because he obviously hasn’t.

“I’m not saying that I haven’t made mistakes. I have. In fact, in 2008 the continuity attached to the launch of AdSense Secrets 4.0 caused a stir. When it was pointed out to me, I issued an apology and immediately made changes.

We also had a $1 trial offer debacle in 2008 which caused our call center to overflow. Don’t get me started on what I learned from that!

But the point is to learn, make adjustments, and hopefully do better in the future.”

But that is NOT the fucking point.  When you’re charging people for your supposed expertise on a subject :: you don’t get to bumble around like an idiot in that same area. Forced continuity and $1 trial offers are amateurish at best :: and completely criminal at worst. If that’s the kind of shit Joel Comm is pulling in his own faux-business :: then how is he worth paying to help you with yours?

Joel Comm will tell you that :: while his front-end sales are “cheap” :: his personal “mentorship” is “valued” at a hell of a lot more.  You know :: because Joel has so much to give :: and teach. The circle of parasite life!

What the gurus didn’t :: and won’t ever :: tell you is that this whole thing is a game of relationship/reputation manipulation. As I recently explained to Ruler of the Internet Matt Mullenweg {while requesting that my comment on his Tim Ferris blurb get printed} …

“It’s an overt plan to ruin people … and it’s going on all around you. One of the things in their playbook … high up in their playbook … is “trust borrowing”.  That’s you.  They show the pretty side to respectable authorities … just enough get some arm’s length association. Then out of the view of that trusted authority the relationship and association are exploited to the great detriment of society.”

Victims of large scale relationship fraud are left mentally damaged/broken :: like the victims of rape circa 1950. Not only has their trust in humanity been viciously violated :: but they are blamed for the crimes perpetrated against them :: and they’re left to wallow in misery and self-loathing so that the rest of society can pretend it’s not happening.

It’s one thing to suffer :: it’s an entirely different thing to suffer alone.

The Salty Droid represents an unambiguous line in the sand. Cross that line :: oh ye weary sheeple :: and find out that it’s THEM :: not you :: who should be hated. And that you’re nothing like alone.

But if you’re on the other side of that line :: on the THEM side :: then you’re not going to say my name {ever!} without response. T-shirts that say RAPIST on the front don’t get to say “>> bleep bloop” on the back.

So welcome to MY Internet Reality Show Joel Comm :: where the “winner” gets driven from this fucking town.

Make sure to thank your lawyer.

>> bleep bloop


122 thoughts on “Trademarked Confusion :: Joel Comm Droid Con”

  1. WOW. I imagine if he were doing any soul searching, it would be for external souls with wallets.

  2. ‘At that time, I didn’t realize just how susceptible people were to the sales letters, countdown clocks and upsells.’

    Oh thats rich, coming from the man who made his name as the ‘expert’ in ‘advertising strategy’ on the net.
    How did he get to be so expert without understanding the susceptibilities of consumers to advertising ploys?

    1. @Stoic, The thing we don’t know about is if he spewed milk out of his after laughing so hard from making that statement, though.

  3. Well, Salty…

    It kinda sucks you got hoodwinked by another lawyer for a bit, but I am actually going to speak up for Joel. I don’t know the whole story behind your dealings with the man (lawyer), but knowing you and what you do, and who he was associated with, he SHOULD have been up front about it.

    While yes, Joel has in the past been one of “that crowd”, it’s been quite some time since he’s engaged in the slick stuff that makes you nuts.

    I often call people out on scammy crap both on my blog and through forums and social media – and as a result, I’ve apparently gotten my own little corner of “wary marketers” who know I shoot straight and don’t pull punches.

    As a result, not long ago I got a call from Joel asking my opinion on a project he was considering working on, and it was indeed borderline. So I told him so – and he scrapped the idea altogether.

    I have to respect him for that.

    There ARE marketers out there (you’ve outed quite a few) who don’t give a rat’s ass who they hurt, and they do whatever it takes to suck money out of whoever they can…

    But there are some who have genuine products and services. I know, because I’m one of them. Yes, I’m motivated by making money, but not at the expense of others – I do my best to go above and beyond… and I’m sure there are others who feel the same way.

    I’d like to think of Joel as being one of them. He didn’t have to seek my opinion (after all, who am I in the grand scheme of things?) but he did – and he took my reply seriously.

    I imagine I’ll get flamed to death for this comment, but I do like Joel, I don’t know his lawyer friend, and I know there are at least half a dozen other REAL criminals I can name off the top of my head who have yet to hit your radar.

    Again, sorry that you were mishandled by the laywer guy, but at least you caught it, right?

    Cheers –

    1. @Lisa Preston ::

      The products and videos linked to above exist right now … and are being sold right now.

      Right now Joel is selling the dream :: and holding Brad Fallon out as an expert. Wanna take a stab at justifying that?

      Did Joel Comm refund all the commissions he got selling Mass Control and Product Launch Formula … or will just a “my bad” cover those sins in glory?

      I wonder if the banks that the victims are all indebted to will also accept “my bads” in lieu of payment.

      As a result, not long ago I got a call from Joel asking my opinion on a project he was considering working on, and it was indeed borderline. So I told him so – and he scrapped the idea altogether.

      I have to respect him for that.

      I get that all the time too. They pretend to respect me in hopes that I’ll be flattered :: and then respect them back. I’m not … and I won’t

      1. @SD,

        Yeah, I saw the video. I didn’t go through the whole thing, though… I agree about Brad, however. Marlon is a good guy, too – he really puts a lot of work into his products, and what he sells is actually how he makes his money.

        As for “selling the dream”…

        Okay, I am a marketer. If I am selling mops, I’m selling the dream of a clean floor. If I am endorsing a product, it’s only because I’ve thoroughly reviewed it and can see that it does what it says. When I saw the video, I saw Brad, yes – and if he were the only person in it, I’d yell “foul”. But there ARE others there, and (I don’t know the price of this product) I’d bet if it were only Marlon the client would get their money’s worth.

        I DO understand where you’re coming from – those who “sell the dream of becoming millionaires with a push button, no work solution over the weekend while you sleep and drink mojitos on a beach”…

        I hope that you can acknowledge there ARE a few of us who “sell the dream” of creating products and services that DO help people make a living from their online business. And that it IS possible to do so without screwing them over.

        I don’t believe in unicorns, and I really don’t think Joel does either… I’ve been watching pretty closely for a while now, and yes – that site (created in 2008) is still there, but perhaps he found enough real value in it to justify the pricetag?

        Just a thought.

        I’d still be pissed at that lawyer, though. It was sort of a sneaky way to gain some sort of endorsement from you. People really need to be more up front.

        1. @Lisa Preston ::

          Okay, I am a marketer. If I am selling mops, I’m selling the dream of a clean floor.

          Whatever :: sounds like something you’d hear in a Yanik seminar.

          If you’re selling mops you’re selling mops. You don’t have to “dream” of a clean floor because you got yourself a fucking mop … according to thousands of years of human experience … mops clean floors.

          Maybe I should call it “selling the lie” to help you understand … but that doesn’t sound as cool. What these dickholes do is much more equivalent to selling mops as mail-order-brides than selling mops as mops.

          Incidentally :: people who make mops hire REAL marketing companies … with big staffs of people trained in computers :: art :: and … wait for it … MARKETING! Not jackasses off the Internet who know about as much about marketing as I do about Satan’s grooming habits.

          Point 2 ::

          “I hope that you can acknowledge there ARE a few of us who “sell the dream” of creating products and services that DO help people make a living from their online business.”

          I do not.

          I acknowledge that 99% of people selling the dream are failing :: and have been massively deceived and manipulated by the group efforts of the top 1%.

          Is it possible to make money online? Yes.

          Is it possible to tell people how to make money online? No.

          Simple as that.

          Of course there will always be education products and such … but that’s not what’s going on here. This is basically not-qualified people telling not-remotely-qualified people :: “you can do it!”

          No … you can’t. And if you can do it … you won’t need any generalized help or a fucking cheerleader.

          Point 3 ::

          I DO understand where you’re coming from – those who “sell the dream of becoming millionaires with a push button, no work solution over the weekend while you sleep and drink mojitos on a beach”

          No you DON’T understand where I’m coming from. Gosh …

          Lisa :: please :: turn down your cognitive dissonance and realize that Joel’s current lead gen thing is book called KaChing … and it comes with a fucking button!

          1. @SD,

            I agree with a lot of what you said here, Jason, but I was talking more about myself, I guess. I am perhaps in a bit better position than the general IMer who has no clue, telling people how to make money… it’s not what I do.

            I create custom designs – websites, graphics, even print materials – like I said, I’ve been a marketer offline for many years. And there are those who need to learn certain things – I teach them how to use different things effectively. I won’t go into boring detail here because I’m sure you don’t care.

            I haven’t even glanced at Joel’s book so I have no idea what it’s about. But anything “push button-make-millions” I would critique without a thought who created it. The “kaching” thing hasn’t been of any interest to me, so I haven’t looked.

            My original point was that the lawyer guy was the one who was trying to pull a fast one on you. I really hate sneaky crap. But I thought dragging Joel into it when he likely knew nothing was sorta …unfair. Like I said before, for a while now (at least a couple of years) I’ve not seen anything from him that raises any red flags for me. I don’t have a personal relationship with him and I’ve never done business with him, but I do keep an eye on as much as I can, because I do have clients who ask about people and products online.

            Incidentally, I AM a “real” marketing person, with actual training over many years. So if someone wants to sell a mop, I really DO know what I’m talking about. I’m not Warrior Forum trained. I don’t know if that was what you meant by your comment there, but thought I should clarify.

            1. @Lisa Preston,

              You said, “I don’t have a personal relationship with him and I’ve never done business with him.”

              You also said, “As a result, not long ago I got a call from Joel asking my opinion on a project he was considering working on, and it was indeed borderline. So I told him so – and he scrapped the idea altogether.”

              Why would Joel call and ask you for business advice if he is unfamiliar with you??

              Just curious.

            2. @MazeMan,

              You asked “why he would call and ask for business advice when he is unfamiliar with you?”

              I didn’t say that – I said we hadn’t had any dealings together. I like to think I’ve created a pretty good reputation with my quality work, my marketing expertise, and I know I’ve created a few stirs of my own when calling out several scammers.

              As a matter of fact, one article I wrote about the scam Ian del Carmen was running a while back was what caught Joel’s attention and he went so far as to reference it.

              You see, I’d included citations to laws he was breaking (Ian) and then explained for the stupid WHY he couldn’t do what he was doing.

              When Joel contacted me and asked me about his own idea, he was looking for confirmation of the information I had referenced, and as I had reviewed the information very thoroughly, he asked for my opinion on his own project, whether I thought it met the criteria or not.

              That was all.

              But thanks for asking the question and allowing me to clarify.

            3. @Lisa Preston ::

              I wasn’t talking about you … do you want me too?

              If you “haven’t even glanced” at Joel’s recents :: then why comment in his defense?

              If Joel’s not a bad guy :: then why should Kevin need to disclose his relationship with him to me?

              To your points ::

              1. You describe your business like … people hire you … and you do work for them. That’s a service business not an Internet business. It won’t scale :: and it won’t run on autopilot {ever!} :: and it comes with ALL the ass pains of a normal service business.

              You have to find clients :: get them :: service them to their satisfaction :: collect payment :: and then retain them. Each one of those stages is full of constant effort … work … and trouble.

              Nothing especially Internetish about that.

              2. Yes Kevin is the one who “tried to pull a fast one”… but it was with me. I’m not out here for me. If I wanted to protect me … I’d just leave … no one would follow.

        2. @Lisa Preston,

          You are selling a unique selling proposition…a unique promise

          The key here is you have to back up that promise with proof

          That’s where you and everyone else fail miserably

          The problem with all you make money people is is that if you TRULY had a way to make money there’s not one solid reason to ‘sell’ the idea

          You sell mops because you only have one dirty floor

          You never run out of the need to make more money

          If the idea of sharing is your answer then just make all the money with the idea and donate all that money

          Im sure the poor would rather have the food, the place to sleep than your ebook on selling products

          You ‘craft concepts’ that sound plausible then use underhanded tricks to rip people off

          I say underhanded because you can go thru every sales letter and circle all the LIES

          There are no good guys if you’re selling shovels while running thru the streets yelling gold

          You need to seriously look in the mirror because you’re full of shit

          1. @Shit Storm,

            Me and everyone else??

            I don’t sell money making concepts. Please feel free to re-read my comments, or even give me a call – I’ll be happy to talk with you to clarify what I do.

            1. @Lisa Preston,

              You don’t sell money making concepts?

              Just visited your site and theres tons of money making products being offered for sale.

              Are you saying this since you’re not the owner of the product?

              Here’s a quote: “So today as I prepared my Daily Dimesale, I was thinking about traffic, and I had a lighbulb moment.

              You need traffic!!!

              This Traffic Package I have put together is absolutely worth sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic for ALL of Friday night!

              I’m VERY excited about this one… it’s the best package to date.

              Here’s what you’ll get inside:

              HERE”S YOUR CLOSE:

              Now seriously… what would a remarkable package like this NORMALLY cost?


              But right now, if you’re SMART and FAST, you can get it for UNDER $5.00!

              (This package is only available until midnight Pacific – 3am EST!)



              I would love to hear a clarification

          2. @Shit Storm,

            “The problem with all you make money people is is that if you TRULY had a way to make money there’s not one solid reason to ‘sell’ the idea.”


            Really? So if I perform a service in my local area (I do), and I have developed ways to make money for that business (I did), then I don’t have a solid reason to sell the money-making ideas to others in different locations who are in that type of business?

            Do you really believe that?

            1. @V, If that were to then become your primary or only source of income, I’d be inclined to lump you in with the lot.

              The underlying point Shit Storm chips away at, and it’s a good one, is that if you have a viable business, why would you open yourself up to competition and possible erosion, when you could simply grow what you had?

              It’s almost universally less expensive and more sensible to scale up a good thing than to open another business (cough, an “infobusiness”).

              Unless of course, you’re selling theories, or a limited, flash in the pan “success” that you know you can’t continue to make work for yourself…

            2. @V,

              Let me see if I have this straight.

              You have a service your selling in a city and you’re making money selling that service

              You come to realize there’s other cities you could exapnd into and sell this very same service (not only in the US but worldwide)

              Instead of expanding your business into one or two or possibly 100’s of cities your considering selling that info as an $17 ebook or video download course

              A REAL business would never create a blueprint course on how they make their money…NEVER

              The concept of ANY business boils down to grow or go backwards. There’s no such thing as cashcows that never stop producing. Ever hear the saying: make hay while the sun shines. Opportunities dry up. Real Companies look to grow, even if it was just one city at a time.

              Nothing last forever

              I repeat – there isn’t a REAL businessman who would ever ‘sell’ their ideas on how they make money

              Did Coke sell the recipe?
              Did Gates share the source code?
              You think Intel is sharing hard earned trade secrets

              I’m no lawyer but I know theres more than a few laws on the books to protect trade secrets. Companies sue to keep what takes years, money, risk and massive effort to obtain

              Stop bullshitting us and yourself…More likely your gonna create a WSO and start selling the idea to the warriorforum crowd

            3. @Shit Storm

              “You have a service your selling in a city and you’re making money selling that service”

              That’s correct.

              “You come to realize there’s other cities you could exapnd into and sell this very same service (not only in the US but worldwide)”

              Only US right now.

              “Instead of expanding your business into one or two or possibly 100′s of cities your considering selling that info as an $17 ebook or video download course”

              Wrong. No ebooks…a physical manual along with physical items they need to perform this service. Also phone calls and emails to help them get going.

              “A REAL business would never create a blueprint course on how they make their money…NEVER”

              Your problem is your cynical view of what business is. My business is REAL. The people I help are REAL. The dollars that my REAL business brings in are REAL. I cannot physically expand in multiple cities because the service is for the most part personality based. It is not physically possible for what this is, so I teach others (who have the background and personality to do it).

              Oh, and my REAL business is growing “one city at a time” with each new person who wants to do what I do in my town. I show them, one city at a time.

              Your examples are irrelevant. Coke…Gates…Intel??? Those are different types of businesses (products) that are more easily scalable than this personal service. So why WOULD they sell their secrets?

              What really shows that you are an ameteur is this:
              “I’m no lawyer but I know theres more than a few laws on the books to protect trade secrets. Companies sue to keep what takes years, money, risk and massive effort to obtain”

              People and companies steal from each other. You might not like that, but that is REAL world. Bing was recently accused of stealing Googles search technology. Laws DO NOT PROTECT ideas and trade secrets. Laws are a deterrent at best, and are in reality used to seek compensation when ideas are stolen. The Droid will back me up on this.

              Oh…and I will not be creating a WSO. Those are cheap re-hashes of marketing ideas that can be obtained elsewhere, so I’m told (I’ve never bought one of them). No, my idea is more valuable than that and I cultivate my leads elsewhere (not in forums).

              You are the one “bullshitting” yourself (and us). Elsewhere you claim that you’ve been in business for 22 years. That’s total bullshit. Anyone who is in a REAL business wouldn’t make the errors you’ve made in this post. Your nickname should be Full-of-Shit Storm.

            4. @V,

              Wrong. No ebooks…a physical manual along with physical items they need to perform this service. Also phone calls and emails to help them get going.

              You appear to have chosen to take his words literally, and missed the point entirely. It has absolutely nothing to do with the type of medium you present it on. I do believe at least one other “physical” product was disgust here before [[pssst…Carbon Copy Pro]].

              All the products disgust here, can be sold on medium such as paper, DVD’s, CD’s, etc., that doesn’t validate them, and it really misses the point of what is being disgust.

              Your examples are irrelevant. Coke…Gates…Intel??? Those are different types of businesses (products) that are more easily scalable than this personal service. So why WOULD they sell their secrets?

              Those products are more easily scalable, than “this personal services”??? The debate is pretty much fucking over when you can’t/won’t disclose the service [[YOU yourself didn’t mention]] to make your “argument”.

              So; If do something [[I do]], and this something gets me something [[it does]], and this something is less scalable then something that isn’t, and I decided to keep this something to myself, we can still debate it?

              Do you really believe that?

            5. @_cartman_,

              I did not miss his point. YOU missed mine. I told him what I used (non-ebooks) in that part of my business to let him know he is wrong.

              He is a hater who assumed that I am selling a get-rich-quick scheme, when in fact I tell those who are interested that they will not become millionaires doing this (but they can make some good money for doing this service). I don’t practice the same marketing incest that most of the people profiled here engage in.

              I told him in my original post that what I do and what I teach the others to do is a personal service. So he knew that before he responded with the irrelevant example of “Coke and Gates”.

              I don’t come out and say specifically what I do because I don’t want to be copied. Eventually I will be copied. I know that, but I’d like to be the only one doing it for as long as I can. If you can’t understand that, that is your problem.

              You, like some of the folks here, have let your hatred cloud your judgement. There are some low-life scumbags in the marketing world, just like there are in all areas of life. Most of the gurus profiled here deserve the scrutiny they get. But, not every single marketer is evil. Not every single marketing strategy is evil.

              The debate is over (with you) because you don’t have the level of comprehension necessary for a debate. (By the way, “disgust” is not the same as “discussed”.)

              1. @V ::

                this …

                You, like some of the folks here, have let your hatred cloud your judgement.

                and this …

                (By the way, “disgust” is not the same as “discussed”.)

                So it’s like your first time here or something :: but somehow you’re qualified to give character assessments?

                I don’t come out and say specifically what I do because I don’t want to be copied. Eventually I will be copied. I know that, but I’d like to be the only one doing it for as long as I can.

                Yeah? Isn’t that like @ShitStrom’s whole point? Cause I’m pretty sure it is …

                Anywayz :: I really hope this debate is over :: cause I’m seriously uninterested in your hypothetical success. We are skeptical of this “how-to” crap :: and on display here is the use of this “how-to” crap literally ruin people’s lives. If you wanna offer a counter example :: then offer a real one.

            6. @SD,

              So it’s like your first time here or something :: but somehow you’re qualified to give character assessments?

              Go easy on him, he doesn’t grasp the byteing [[ohh boy, V is going to give me shit for that one]] humor of my homophonic mockerationism. I thought my humor was simple, but apparently my opponent [[V]] is much simpler.



              As you can see, I pointed out my homophonic “disorder” long before you deed [[that means I “own” your sorry ass]]. And gawd only knows how many words I created, but it’s probably more then anyone on planet dirt.

              Now…biatch…Respect my authoritah!

            7. @V,

              you said:

              I don’t come out and say specifically what I do because I don’t want to be copied. Eventually I will be copied. I know that, but I’d like to be the only one doing it for as long as I can.

              …and the REAL reason is: You know every single person on here will point out the obvious fact you selling get rich manuals

              not to beat a dead horse but what successful company is afraid to mention what they do?

              You can’t accept the fact that you make money off the hopes and dreams of moms, dads, sisters and brothers by selling them a shovel and telling them there’s gold in the mountains

              you are a shovel salesman pure and simple

    2. @Lisa Preston,

      Your comment only reinforces SD’s points. Especially your example of Joel Comm asking your “opinion of a project he was considering working on”. You say that “it was indeed borderline”. After you pointed out the obvious to him, he scrapped it.

      Exactly what part of this anecdote points to the supposed expertise for which he is charging money? Are the people paying him told upfront that he’s just making shit up as he goes along or that he has to ask random people whether he should work on a project or not?

      His business practices and associations speak for themselves. He’s no different from anyone else in “that crowd”.

      1. @what??,

        I’m not random. I happen to be a fairly smart chick. The issue at hand was NOT “obvious”, or he’d have had no reason to seek any opinion.

        Asking someone he KNOWS won’t be one of those idiot “yes men” telling him he’s wonderful was smart. He got negative feedback and didn’t waste a second further on the development of the idea.

        Look, all I am saying is that Salty had dealings with a LAWYER who happens to have an association with Joel. I think it was rotten that he didn’t disclose that association to Jason, knowing who he is.

        I just believe the lawyer should be the one who gets the bulk of the crap here, not Joel – as far as I could tell from the original issue, he may have had no knowledge of it.

        I don’t know where you got the idea that he “makes stuff up as he goes along” or that he doesn’t have expertise – the man was creating products and developing software probably long before you got online.

        Anyway, I just wanted to stick my two cents in here. Salty, you know from past posts and email that I am usually in agreement when you out the flagrant criminal acts you do, but I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t say something I thought might be off – like I said, the sneers go to the lawyer.

        1. @Lisa Preston,

          I made no comment as to whether you are a fairly smart chick or not. I don’t care if you’re Einstein. The point is he is holding himself out to be an EXPERT. He charges people based on that claim. If he’s the expert, he should be the one people are asking, not the one doing the asking.

          If he’s an expert, he should be able to research and evaluate whether a business deal in his area of supposed expertise is a good idea or not.

          Also, if your doctor thought the point of practicing medicine was to “learn, make adjustments, and hopefully do better in the future”, I really hope you’d find another doctor.

          1. @what?? ::

            Except it’s even worse than your bad doctor scenario.

            It’s more like your doctor went to a MedSchool where all the professors and instructors were non-doctor former car salesman who were just winging it for the money. Your doctor gets his diploma … then you go in with a burst appendix and he says …

            “It’s all about your mindset…”

        2. @Lisa Preston,

          Have only ONE question:

          How many times do you mention WORK in your sales material?

          WORK is what it takes. WORK is what nobody mentions because saying WORK is a sales killer. Not mentioning WORK misleads the weak Sheeple to believe “push-button profits” will make them millionaires. All shifty marketers know it, yet all shifty marketers continue to NOT mention WORK.

          It’s a plague.

          1. @DJ ::

            Although just to be clear :: WORK is also a guarantee of nothing {unless you’re getting a paycheck for it}. Most businesses totally fail in spite the absolute best efforts of the entrepreneur in charge {EIC}.

            Life’s just a bitch like that.

          2. @DJ, I think you must have missed the bit where she said she made websites not sold marketing advice.

            I don’t think she is defending Joel C either, but of course anything that sounds like a dissenting opinion against you guys instantly pulls up the votes down.

            @SD what do you think IS inherently bad. (from the MW blog comment) . Curious

    3. @Lisa Preston,

      How do you ‘ethically’ sell FTC compliance? Will Joel and his lawyer sell IRS compliance memberships too?

      Where are Joel’s two “Next Internet Millionaire” winners today? Was it ethical to pretend Joel made them millionaires?

      There is a difference between asking for your opinion and floating a trial balloon to see if you will be opposing something if it is launched. Was Joel being ethical or trying to spay you?

      1. @RUsite C. Ompliant ::

        I see that one of the “winners” is basically out of this bullshit and has his own PC repair stores.

        Who was the other one?

        I looked up most of the “contestants” {the one’s I didn’t know} to see if I could find any successful Internet businesses … even modest ones.


        1. @SD,

          Aspiring actress Jaime Luchuck was one of the winners. Her prize venture with Joel and his French Trade Union buddies included a vanity press book called “From Cubicle Slave to the Next Internet Millionaire” with foreword by Joel. You can see it at I am not going to link to it.

          Jaime has an actress profile at IMDB that predates the contest and a .com website in her name that is under construction.

          The five star Amazon “customer” reviews for her book included glowing praise from…Joel Comm, the vanity press publisher, and the director/producer of the “Next Internet Millionaire” contest.

          The other winner was Charles Trippy. His name rhymes with “fingernails on a chalkboard.”

          You can find out about the Tripster by reading or rolling a joint and watching some of his YouTube videos.

          If I remember correctly, the guy with the PC repair business was a contestant but not a winner. He had the repair business before becoming a contestant.

          The most qualified were eliminated in the competition because Joel wanted a rags-to-riches story to showcase.

          1. @RUsite C. Ompliant,

            Isn’t it funny how Lawya Ken’s book “Fuel the Spark: 5 Guiding Values for Success in Law & Life” (at Amazon too) also happens to be published by the same vanity press as Next Internet Millionaire contest winner Jaime Luchuk’s book and Joel Comm’s “AdSense Code” book.

            Google search “david hancock” and “joel comm” to see all the fun connections.

            1. @RUsite C. Ompliant ::


              I looked at all the “Morgan James Publishing” books on amazon :: there’s like 500 of them :: almost all total bullocks …

              Matt BallSack :: Joe Vitale :: Ray Edwards :: Mark Joyner :: James Malinchak :: just to name a few :: it’s like a who’s who of buttholes … but this is the best one …


              “Steal this Book: Million dollar sales letters you can legally steal to suck in cash like a vacuum on steroids”

              Rolls off the tongue …

              by Harlan D. Kilstein Ed.D.

              Price :: $133.96



            2. @SD, and check out the reviews on Nut-Doctor Kilstein’s book… the first one (5 stars!) is from Enigma Valdez… wonder how many stars he’d give it now, after getting ripped off by the O.D. original douchebag “doctor?”

              1. @Unicorn Army ::


                Now I think I remember Enigma telling me that book contains a sales letter purported to be written for James Arthur Ray by the Not-Doctor.

          2. @RUsite C. Ompliant,

            HAHAHAHAH, her book is listing at more than 1,000,000…now…I just published a SF novel which I advertised to 20 friends (it’s called Overlords of Mars in case you want to know) and it lists better than that, in fact made it to n. 12,000 or so on amazon, despite literally NO marketing at all apart from my telling my friends that I actually know personally.
            I guess her book is not exactly doing “millions” unless by millions you mean “how many other books this piece of shit is buried by” hahahah thanks you gave me a good laugh.

    4. @Lisa Preston,

      Lisa I personally think you are full of shit, like all Internet Marketers. I see so many contradictions in what you say here with that what is displayed on your websites.

      Lets face it you and all Internet Marketers have big insecurities that you somehow believe that controlling people to ultimately make money will miraculously cure.

      Question for you Lisa Preston. You say “Yes, I’m motivated by making money, but not at the expense of others – I do my best to go above and beyond”

      I’d love for you to explain how you do this.

      – Do you sell a product or service of value or more BS information help with a problem that never even existed?

      – Do you measure your customers results and advise further based on these results?

      – Do you have any idea what your customers sell in units or dollars?

      We’ll start there.

      Thanks for your time

      1. @Juice,

        There are a number of ways I do this – thank you for asking.

        I sell products and services both. I am a web developer and graphic designer (that’s how most IMers would know me) and I think I do pretty good work. Most of my stuff is custom, but I do, on occasion, create generic packages that people can use easily for their websites.

        I also do some offline and online training for business owners who would like to create a presence online, and show them how to manage it without it becoming a huge time suck.

        Further, I have about 30 or so websites in non-internet marketing niches that are of interest to me, and I work hardest there. I spend a lot of time interacting with site visitors and updating information.

        Do I measure customer results? Thank you for asking!!
        I don’t. It’s somewhat difficult to do that when the work is custom, but I always go the extra mile to make sure a client gets more than he paid for both in product and time. Most of my work is through referrals, not site links – so it behooves me to be good to those who pay me for my work.

        Yes, I often know the net worth of the people I do work for. My goal it to contribute positively to their bottom line, so knowing what that is can be helpful.

        1. @Lisa Preston,

          If you’re a world class marketer who advises others on how to market how do you rationalize a business that doesn’t market

          “Most of my work is through referrals,”

          Ive been in business 22 years and frankly I don’t know anyone who has a real money making business who doesn’t use lead generating marketing techniques

          You would think you had multiple selling methods working or at least testing multiple selling methods

          I’m sure I missed the book on how to be a marketing company without ever actually doing any marketing

          Was it called ” Do as I say not as I do”

          1. @Shit Storm,

            Thanks for asking for that clarification!! I’m guessing you “skimmed”, but that’s okay. I get most of my custom graphics and web development work through referrals – not marketing. I was specifically referring to the design work, because the IM industry isn’t where I do “marketing” work.

            I have extensive experience in advertising and marketing – I’ve been in the field (offline mostly) for most of my adult life. I’ve worked with huge corporations (like GM) to small “mom and pop” craft stores.

            I don’t do “lead generation” in the ways I see people online in IM do now – like spammy email harvesters and the like… I prefer to do my research on companies and show them where they can improve. How to SAVE money, how to expand their brand… and I do it the old fashioned way – by walking in and shaking the owner’s hand.

            I LOVE showing people something they didn’t know before – and helping them out in the process. I even do charity work helping local schools with fundraising ideas and strategies for getting the word out.

            Thanks very much for your questions! I really appreciate being able to talk about what I do – I just love it. Since working for myself, it’s the first time I’ve been eager to get to work every day… I sure don’t miss those long commutes into Toronto!

            If you need any help, feel free to contact me though. I’d be glad to give you a hand wherever you feel your business could use it!

            1. @Lisa Preston,

              I’m gonna just move on. I think you will just go on believing you’re the exception.

              You sell biz op plain and simple. You defended Joel con because you sell biz op for each other

              If you’re half the marketer you pretend to be would you sell biz op

              You can call it something else but your selling biz op – why?

        2. @Lisa Preston,

          You said, “Do I measure customer results? … I don’t. It’s somewhat difficult to do that when the work is custom, but I always go the extra mile to make sure a client gets more than he paid for both in product and time.”

          How do you clients obtain their ROI on your services? You see, to me and any other sound marketer, metrics are crucial. How else is a business to validate their marketing efforts?? How do you sell your services to other business owners without metrics?

          You make sure “a client gets more than he paid for both in product and time.” How specifically does a client get more than he paid for if there are no measured results to determine what he is getting in the first place?

          Just because you give him “product and time” does not automatically make it valuable or effective. That’s like saying I designed someone a website and they were happy with it. “Eye candy” doesn’t mean a site is optimized, has respectable UI (user interface) and captures leads among other things. If can look “nice” and basically amount to an online brochure.

          Yes, metrics requires effort. And depending on the depth of them, you charge for it.

          Why not do something super simple for a client? Say for instance you client is a gym. Look at average monthly # of new memberships over the course of a year. You measure growth. Now begin to compare that to the average monthly once you began working with them. Yes there is a ramp up period of course. You get the idea hopefully.

          You also said, “I have about 30 or so websites in non-internet marketing niches that are of interest to me, and I work hardest there.”

          Do you use some form of metrics on those sites?? Or do you just produce product and invest time hoping something will “happen”? Three T’s my dear – Test, Track and Tweak.

          As for Joel Comm, I belong to a Twitter Power User Group he runs on LinkedIn. Occasionally, a LinkedIn group member makes a good post that leads to discussion. Joel once sent out a supposed “resource tip” to the group that was nothing more than bait to get get a click on his affiliate link that went to someone’s marketing program (I forget who). In the group, I called him on it and the silence was deafening. Yet there were still sheeple complimenting and thanking him for sharing it. Oye!!!

          1. @MazeMan,

            Yes, you’re absolutely correct – metrics are CRUCIAL to measuring the effectiveness of the strategies employed. And when hired for more than design (I also do business development work) I spend most of my time doing exactly that.

            There ARE rules in design for both online and offline work that apply to almost all businesses, and a professional incorporates those things as unconsciously as breathing after a while. Now, that’s not to say that there aren’t additional things that can be implemented for specific niches and target markets, but when speaking ONLY about design, knowing the market (it’s part of the initial research) and meeting the clients’ needs while appealing to the end user is the main focus.

            I agree, there are a lot of “hit and run” designers out there without any kind of business background, and I usually end up fixing those types of sites.

            When I am speaking to a potential new client, they are made aware of ALL of the services I provide, and I explain in great detail WHY each item is important…. but those who are getting their feet wet online often start simply – so I give them what I have determined would best serve them through research, and then show them how to track the increases to their bottom line.

            There’s a lot involved – that explanation is over-simplified for brevity, but I hope you got the gist.

            As for my niche sites – oh, I test and track on those until my eyes bleed! I’m a maniac when it comes to trying even the smallest tweak to test new ideas. Several of them I use for that purpose alone – somewhere to test new ideas so I can perfect different techniques to apply to my clients’ sites. I’ve got folders filled with files on every type of testing and tracking you could possibly imagine!! It’s tedious work, but very satisfying when you can see the positive results of the work.

    5. @Lisa Preston,

      While yes, Joel has in the past been one of “that crowd”, it’s been quite some time since he’s engaged in the slick stuff that makes you nuts.

      Maybe you can explain to me the following [[as well as your definition of “quite some time”]]…

      Last year I found a story by Joel Conn, written and directed by Joel Conn [[]], in which Joel Conn wrote about iFart Mobile [[an app he had created]]. The story sounded like total BS, but I decided to look up iFart Mobile to see what I could validate.

      Upon checking itunes through my ipod I found two versions, a paid, and a free lite version [[neither of which were in the top anything at the time, [[perhaps Apple didn’t get the memo….heads will roll]], or perhaps the story came out after the popularity waned…ohh yeah…that’s gotta be it…]].

      I noted something unusual in the “star” ratings [[when checking through iPad…which allows you to see things like “current version” and “all version” ratings]], the free version had relatively a low amount of ratings and the paid version had 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of ratings, this was strange since the most common way to rate a product, was after you removed the product. So the thought was running through my head; Why would people spend $.99 on a product, remove it, then rate it excellent [[and what happened to my big ball of yarn]]? The answer was simple; They didn’t [[and I don’t know…but I suspect Arthur Anderson our cat is holding it ransom]]!

      Well back in the olden times, when you deleted an app [[well maybe not so olden..but one or OS updates ago]], you got a screen asking if you wanted to rate the app you just deleted [[ie: 1-5 stars]], you were not asked just once, but as many times as you downloaded and subsequently deleted an app]]. After I gave the FREE app a one star rating, I went to check on my star, and guess what, no increase in the 1 star ratings [[that was fucking star went missing….sound an amber alert]]. I then realized exactly what was happening, so I went to test my theory.

      I downloaded the free app and noted the exact number of one star ratings in both apps. [[remember iPad gives complete details]], I subsequently deleted the app, and rated it 1 star when asked. No change showed in 1 star totals in the free app description page, yet +1 [[an MIT mathematician validated the math for me and confirmed the number was one higher…thank you mathematical genius]] in the ratings page of the paid app [[my star rating went to the paid app]]. I did it yet again, and bingo, free app = no ratings increases, paid app = rating increase

      Let me bring you up to speed on what Mr. Conn did [[in case you haven’t pieced it together yourself]]. Conn crossed the rating systems, so rating the free app would rate the paid app [[I can only assume that the paid app would rate the free app….The reason I use assume, cuz I wouldn’t pay for his stupid app to test my theory, and since this was NOT the first version of either app, there was no way to know in which version he crossed the rating systems. Previous ratings could have been from a version before he crossed the rating systems, or he could have crossed them from the beginning, and the ratings in the free app were from the paid app all along [[which explains the dichotomy between the less then stellar comments yet the more then stellar ratings..and why the free apps have a total of ~1,300 ratings and the paid app has ~21000 ratings as of todays date…yet every fucking other app I checked [[which has a free and paid version]] have polar opposite results…then again, those apps designers are not internet marketers]].

      Joel Conn crossed the app ratings, and the only reason I could come up with, was so he could game his ratings for his paid app without any costs [[ie: the equivalent of most online testimoanials]].

      In case you didn’t understand the point of my post [[which has nothing to do with gaming Apples feedback system, which can no longer be done]], it has to do with the lengths he went to to show how popular his paid “app” was, and more then likely to cement his “expertease”.

      So does it surprise me that he would say “oops” when caught, and how he really just made “mistakes” in who he endorsed/trusted…not in the fucking least. Do I think Joel Conn has changed, and is all honest now; Not in the least.

      Fun *****
      by Ftbllman35
      Really fun and realalistic you should buy it.

      Ftbllman35 gave 5 stars according to Joel Conn’s Apple write up page, yet Ftbllman35 actually gave 4 four stars [[check your iPads it’s the first Customer review under the current version…dated Jul 19, 2010]] …

      Joel Conn accidentally gave himself an extra star….and as for the following statement

      –> An Apple All-Time TOP 20 App! <–

      I checked Top charts….Apple’s chart do NOT concur with that statement….and I stopped looking, but if someone can find it, please share what location it is really at…

      [sarcasm]Apple..heads will roll…gawd knows you are only lying to keep a good man down….another poor internet marketer a victim of jealousy [[injecting poison into his heart, right Jeff Walker]]…let us prey…and know…that Joel will be vindicated in heaven[/blockquote]

      My mama says, for every ratty thing you see, there are 100 you don’t!

      My head hurts again…

      1. @_cartman_,

        Interesting research.

        Did you happen to read any of the feedback? I don’t care enough to go and look, but since you said you went through some of them I figured you might have glanced at what they said.

        When I read app reviews… quite a few of them rate based on price. I quite often see reviews that say “if this were free it would be 5 stars” or “good app, not worth $0.99 though” and other comments based on quality vs. price.

        Any of the comments mention anything similar to this? I think that would prove your case better then just an anomaly of results, compared to other apps that have free versions.

    6. @Lisa Preston, I don’t know who you are, what you are and what you do. But I do know what your site title is:


      You’re not selling clean carpets, you are selling Elephant shit.

      1. @Thanks,

        Read the whole title.

        Discover Fun & Easy Ways To Making REALISTIC Money Online…


        (God, I wish people would read.)

        1. @Lisa Preston ::

          Assuming that I’d concede that such a site should even exist {which I don’t} ::

          then it should be …

          “Discover Fun & Easy Ways to Make REALISTIC Money Online”

          “to making” is way wrong

  4. Having read the ‘Lawyerist’ article I am wondering why Kevin specifically chose the Droid, and only the Droid to consult with and interview. Is Kevin trying his hand at a bit of oblique ‘relationship manipulation’ himself, here?
    Im’ers tend to cluster round the same technical and legal advisors, it might be interesting to know who else in IM is on Kevin’s client list.

  5. “While yes, Joel has in the past been one of “that crowd”, it’s been quite some time since he’s engaged in the slick stuff that makes you nuts.”

    Now I do’nt know who I can believe any more, but some other place I saw here or some other place about:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=880bd2161016ed04

    Which most people I tihnk said was an “oops”, but then I saw also again went ahead and decided to go ahead and do it again that next year:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=880bd2161016ed04

    But maybe I should say that for his credit he decided to go ahead and decided to sell some people a FTC ToolKit which sort of makes sense to me if he had that much experience not following the stuff the FTC likes.

    But I guess maybe it’s true he’s hanging out with a new-not-that-old crowd anymore because I saw that he was doing some important things with fake mobile marketing expert Adam Horwitz.

  6. Lying gurus bashing other lying gurus to make their own lies seem less liar-like is getting really old… and making them not only more liar-like than ever before (if that is possible) but stupider than you’d think even they could tolerate. The Secret Classroom… appears they are trying to set a new world record for idiotic scamming there is really no other way to explain it.

  7. The old disclaim-it-all-in-the-fine-print routine (from Joel Comm’s web site when it was still up):

    “My Internet Payday (InfoMedia, Inc.) is not affiliated in any way with ABC news, CNN news,, The New York Times, MSNBC, CBS News, or Business Week. (…) The individuals shown are paid models, and not necessarily My Internet Payday or InfoMedia Inc. customers.”

    Sounds a lot like the fine print on a “flog,” doesn’t it?

    The site also claimed:


    Wonder if they have detailed follow up documentation proving the “satisfied” part?

    1. @J.D.,

      The old disclaim-it-all-in-the-fine-print routine (from Joel Comm’s web site when it was still up)

      I don’t know if it was to reference a Get Smart catch phrase, but so many of them seem useful for here on this site:

      Fake attorney: “You realize you’ll be violating every kind of FTC Guideline imaginable.”
      Syndicate person (or as a group”: And LOVING it!

    2. @Jack:

      “Over 35,000 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS”

      “Maybe for that one he can use a REAL countdown timer.”

      Now THAT is funny! Can you imagine:

      Hurry! Only 35,000 left! Buy now!

      Doesn’t sound as persuasive as “Only 19 left!” does it, though?

      If he started his countdown at “19” and if the counter was really functional, and his sales figure wasn’t total b.s., then the counter would end up saying:

      Hurry! Only -34,981 left! Buy now!

  8. Watching those youtube videos of the classroom makes me laugh.

    I saw Joel Comm for the first time back in 2007 at a Harv Eker pitch a thon. Amidst all the scum bag speakers he stood out like a sore thumb.

    Kudos Salty for turning the stage light on this scum bag.

    You’re robot heart algorithms are working impeccably, and you’re anti-rapist modules are in perfect working order.

    Once we get those Irwin Seeking missle bays installed, you’ll be all set!

    1. @Syndicate H8r ::

      Yeah those videos are comedy gold … all these reactions shots where the “students” are all studiously taking notes :: looking intrigued :: and hanging on Brad’s every contrivance …


  9. Shit, “The Next Internet Millionaire” really does exist, I thought I imagined it during a really bad mushroom trip.

  10. I was wondering why Comm was never featured here before.

    When I first started learning about building Adsense sites some years ago, I bought a product from Joel Comm and Eric Holmund (sp?) on building Virtual Real Estate.

    Thought a product from the self proclaimed Mr. Adsense himwould give me a jump start how to correctly build HTML Adsense sites.

    Oh man, I can’t even begin to describe how what I received was nowhere near to what was promised on the sales page.

    Back then (when I was somewhat clueless on HTML, etc.) I thought it must have been me. Ah no, it was a collection of cheap header graphics and poorly written HTML code that violated Goolgle’s TOS.

    Then the zero content, push anything and everything, DAILY emails started flooding my inbox.

    If they call Schwarzenegger the Sperminator, they should call Comm the Spaminator.

    Sorry, but I have a hard time swallowing the “he’s one of the good guys” line.

    1. @Hal (the original Hal), For a real dosage of daily spam, sign up for anything from Tell-man Kuh-nood-son. That boy will send you at least one offer to buy something everyday, without fail.

      1. @Rafael Marquez & Hal (the original Hal) ::

        Or just buy …

        Tellman Knudson’s :: “Ultra Marketing Marathon” … featuring Joel Comm …

        cached here …

        … and kill two spam birds with one stone.

        Of course :: I wouldn’t listen to the Jeff Paul portions of this “teaching” marathon … seeing as how he’s still in the middle of one of the great all time FTC ass reamings.

  11. Maybe he should just go and register on so then he can put a little shield in the corner of his site so people know he’s not bullshitting them.

    What kind of BS is this…”Pay me money then I will tell people you’re honest and trustworthy just because our financial exchange means you decided to change your criminal internet marketing ways.”

    NO, now it’s just 2 liars…guy #1 is still a scammer and guy #2 is saying “He couldn’t possibly be a scammer…I mean, he gave me money…and he’s got the shield to prove it. You can’t have a shield and be a bad guy…that goes against the laws of physics or something.”

        1. @PercyPennyWhistle, That is priceless…I actually lol(ed) not that fake kind of lol that most people type in.

      1. @McShiggity,

        But Mike Filsaime and Rich Shefren are testimonials…doesnt that make it trustworthy?

        Curiously why would a site that tells you what is “IM” trustworthy need testimonials in the first place?

        he can just buy a shield from himself and all is good with the world

    1. @McShiggity ::

      If you can’t trust Omar Martin and his shields :: then who can you trust?

      Funny you should bring this up because I do believe the last time I was having a conversation with @LisaPreston :: same said Omar Martin was involved.

      1. @SD, You’re right!
        Awww, you DO remember!! LOL

        He has since deleted all his idiotic comments on Ryan’s blog post – wish I’d taken screen shots.

        Oh, and he blocked me on other stuff.
        As you can imagine, I was simply heartbroken.

        1. @Lisa Preston ::

          I didn’t take screen shots either … but I do remember him asking if he could call me … and me telling him that he could page my fake secretary Debbie at high noon …

          That offer still stands Omar …

  12. What? Nobody here has left a comment on that ‘Lawyerist’ article Salty linked to above? Come on now…

  13. How anyone could be “confused” about Joel Conn’s obvious marketing tom foolery is beyond me. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

    @Lisa Preston,

    You seem well meaning. However, the fact that you defend Joel’s dubious actions smells of misplaced friendship. But who am I to judge.

    Excellent post SD.

  14. Now I read the original post again and went ahead and thought about the “strange caveat”:

    “Jason and I don’t agree on everything, but I definitely respect his knowledge and experience in this area.”

    and what it made me think is how different it can be to say that instead of saying:

    “I don’t agree with Jason on everything, but I definitely respect his knowledge and experience in this area.”

    The original quotatino probably could make some or too many people think Jason & mr. Houchin are regular, joint think-tankers.

    But the second one is more like (to me anyhow), “hey I like to read the SD blog, but I don’t always agree with what he writes”.

    Isn’t it just another kind of “trust borrowing” what he did?

  15. With a surname like that it’s a wonder anyone would trust the guy. It’s so close to cum it’s fitting.

  16. I’ve long thought this guy was the biggest douchebag in the make money online game, even outscoring the Syndicate heavyweights. His “Adsense Secrets” or whatever the hell it was called was his first big hit and it could have been boiled down to two sentences:

    Put the ads at the top of the page and make them match the colors on your site. Especially the links.

    His post about integrity back in January made me laugh uncontrollably when I read it. What a maroon.

    The Not-Doctor Kilstein video made me laugh too. It’s segment 14, tip 3 of the series. Here’s Romans 14:3

    “The man who eats everything must not look down on him who does not, and the man who does not eat everything must not condemn the man who does, for God has accepted him.”

    “The man who eats everything” seems kind of fitting for that video.

    1. @Anonymous Bastard, Joel has told many people it isn’t reallya bout being an expert himself, it seems like, because I looked at his site and he told me and many other people this:

      “Let me ask you just 4 questions:

      Are you a recognized expert in your field of knowledge?
      Do you have ‘celebrity status’ in your niche?
      For your time, are you charging what you’re worth and getting it every single time without question?
      Is your business booming?

      If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, please listen up because…
      I have very good news!

      There is a sure-fire way to achieve instant credibility, celebrity status, and recognized authority as an expert, which could very well double your income in less time than you ever thought possible. You need to become a published author.”

      So you don’t really need real credibility I think, but some sort of maybe fake instant credibility that I think Joel can help you to get so you can make more money.

  17. “Miami Vice threw-up all over me”… that alone made the post worth reading. I really like the idea of nicknames for all of these syndicate members a la goodfellows.

  18. Could someone tell the blithering idiot Joe Comm that the proper grammar for “some guru’s” (sic) (as her wrote it), it`s really “some gurus”. Gurus is plural to guru’s being a possessive. English is my second language and even I knew that. ESL really works! GAH!

    1. @Elaine Biss, Seriously. Let’s hope that even “being a douchebag” will one day have some minimum educational requirement. My peeve: “trainings.” The word, “training” is used as both singular and plural. There is no “trainings,” unless your name is Perry Belcher, felon-at-large (or more appropriately, large felon).

      1. @Herbert Hoover, Better yet, or worst yet, the queen of marketing Maria WTF her name is. Her moniker should be the queen of bad grammar. Not to nitpick, we all make mistakes. But these cons make millions. You can’t spring some of that cash for a proof reader?? Then by all means take the free ESL class. At least you will learn proper English.

      2. @Herbert Hoover,
        If dear old Perry gets to do a little time, the next time he misbehaves he can change his name to Perry Felcher. Lol.

  19. “If you are not split testing, then you are not a marketer! Basic split testing makes YOU a MARKETER!”.. ahaha.. wow! WOW!.. XD – idiot.

      1. @Jack, Hi Jack, I think maybe you could try using a squeeze comment. I bet they have some kind of plugin for that, maybe.

        When I was a boy they were still doing split testing by hand. We sometimes had to walk 5 miles just to split test, sometimes in the snow, and it was extra hard to split test with just one customer.

        1. @Martin, Jack and I go way back (to a different post). I think Jack means randomizing which people read his comments. I think it could be done by having only one computer and just passing it around, but I’m not sure. I will call the Geek Squad and ask them, if they will ever talk to me again.

          1. @Luther, Was wondering about you now for a while here and where you went away to.

            But what Martin’s post made me decide to think about is that so many people and even me sometimes are maybe too obsessed for getting the thumbs up that maybe it would be a good idea to split test my comments and see which can get me the best thumbs-results.

            I was well on my way to great success with the idea because I found a Sample Size Calculator and can hunt through the SD pages to find that “expected results” part, but then I came across the rotation problem so now I can’t be a good marketer at all then. :-(

            1. @Jack, Hi Jack, I was thinking maybe people would be willing to give more UP thumbs if every time they clicked on the UP thumb, a quarter went into their bank account. I bet some people would click on the UP thumb many times that way.

              I asked my neighbor, Dearl, what he thought of my thumb idea. He said if he had a job, he would quit that job and click on thumbs full time whenever he wasn’t playing cards or doing alohol research. So that is a vote of confidence.

              So if you can figure out a way to make the thumb give quarters, that might work, maybe. Another idea I just had right now is if you could make the DOWN thumb shock a person with electricity. I think maybe more people would rather have a quarter than get shocked. But you will never know if you don’t try and it’s only some quarters and electricity, so why not?

    1. @Martin, Of course it does. Just like popping a Tylenol makes you a druggie. Pffft!

  20. I have just found this totally amazing site by accident, your defrocking of the supposed leaders in IM is a mixture of shock and fucking hilarity. I never realised these “Gurus” were such scumbags and even felons; who seem to be fit only for rimming and felching, marginally just above the level of your average paedo. It’s a good job they never took to religion, otherwise it would make Jones town look like a high school bake sale.

  21. I made a post on warrior forum and within a minute it was gone.

    It was about joel comm…

    Joel wrote the following

    You think my rants are something new?
    Here’s my rant on Multi level marketing dated 9/11/2007

    I wrote the following

    You didn’t even use hyphenations in your titles in 2007, you used underscores….and that “article” isn’t archived.

    Strange…it appears Joel Comm is as dishonest as ever….but more bothersome….the person who deleted the post to hide the fact…

    1. @_cartman_, What a tool. The FTC is going to have a slam dance on the Warrior Forum one day eventually, and the mods and operators are going to be held responsible as contributors to what they find.

      This little comment tidbit on that thread was interesting:

      “Imet joel comm once and gave him a gift because I was selling a cool little product and he asked me if it was cocaine.

      I was like “nah it’s not cocaine” and he told me “Damn, I was hoping it was cocaine I need some cocaine to do what I do”

  22. “Ugh, Joel Comm is still out there, threatening to leave social media and then slithering back like the narcissistic worm he is.”

    I take offense to being referred to in the same sentence as Joel Comm. We worms have it hard enough as it is!

    1. Sorry, Worm. I should’ve used a word with a clearer meaning, like “criminal.” Worms are valued members of our ecosystem, and Joel Comm is not.

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