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Ai WeiWei :: Fuck tha Police

My father is Li Gang bitches … at least that’s what I told Twitter.

In China being the devil-seed of Li Gang earns you the right to drunk-kill poor ice skating farm girls {fun!} :: but I guess it doesn’t work so well with people in California … cause I can’t even get 140 characters with it.

You’re dead to me Li Gang. You’re still my fake dad and everything … but we’re fighting so don’t come in my room.

Jason Jones :: aka The Salty Droid {according to Brain Clark} :: was recently quoted on {to the great confusion of Gotcha Sean McAlister} saying …

“In a truly transparent world a liar will always be outed as a liar anyway. And if everyone felt secure speaking freely, the whole world would change.”

Damn this Jason kid is good at the emails … but I guess he lives in fucking la la land!

Cause it’s not a transparent world :: and people most definitely do not feel secure speaking freely. The hardware :: software :: and infrastructure all exist to deliver truly free speech {globally!} … a genuine first for humanity. But the will of the entrenched powers to repress that terrifying possibility remains stronger than the will of the world’s people to grasp the liberating opportunities they know not of.

So we settle for semi-free speech :: slave to corporate greed :: cowardice :: and government incompetence. We say speech is a “right” :: but there is no consequence for a threat to that “right” :: even threats so severe that our “rights” are essentially denied.

In the “land of the free” :: most remain mute … and with rational reason.

Chinese artist :: and kickass Internet activist :: Ai Weiwei was also settling for semi-free speech. His subtle :: and not so subtle :: from-within-agitation was both popular … and tolerated by the Chinese RedMachine. He helped design the famed Olympic stadium :: was allowed to exhibit his art publicly :: and had a blog that continued to exist in spite of its containing truths.

After investigating the Sichuan school collapse castasrophe in which government corruption killed thousands upon thousands of Chinese children :: Ai Weiwei did this …

It’s called :: “So Sorry” :: a mosaic of 9000 children’s backbacks which reads … “she lived happily for seven years in this world” :: devastating … and effective.  This is just the sort of Andy Warhol type shit that gets people all riled up :: and yet Ai Weiwei walked on …

“Look at this The West :: this asshole is giving us mad trouble … but we’re totally cool with it …” says China.

And then Egypt happened :: and it dawned on the RedMachine that perhaps tyranny through force of oppression is not perpetually sustainable.  And perhaps it re-dawned on the RedMachine that Tiananmen happened :: and that 1989 almost ended the Maoist impression of 1984.

So they arrested peaceful poet Ai WeiWei :: and locked him in a fucking cage.

OMG :: what should we do?

Call Bianca Jagger? Stop inviting China to our French rape rooms :: our Italian Bunga Bunga orgies :: or our American wars?

I guess … fine … whatever it fucking takes to free Ai Weiwei …

But it’s really not enough.

Free Ai Weiwei?

Free Tibet?

What about fucking China?

What about FREEDOM for the 1.3 billion people of China?

Have they consented to a social contract in a way that supposedly post-enlightenment cultures can intellectually accept?

When even the brave are afraid to speak? When assembly is impossible? When beauty and truth are arrested and beaten just for having the impudence to exist?

It’s fucking Stalinist :: and it’s time to stop pretending otherwise.

The government responsible for starving 30 million perfectly good Chinese people to death is upset because Ai Weiwei is sorry …

Tiny fucking violin you Asian assholes!

Some small problems {artists being arrested} are just little pictures of really big problems {tyranny and oppression}. And some really big problems must be solved in the streets.

I can only think of 1.3 billion people qualified to grasp this epic dragon … you jasmine-dissidents let me know if you need a fake robot.

Free Ai Weiwei!

Freedom for Ai Weiwei!

>> bleep bloop

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    1. @Cromulent ::

      I had the Tom Friedman crowd?

      Sweet! Then I guess I should write a book real quick that makes the same basic point 70 different ways … laugh my way to the bank … and then call it a day.

      Just kidding Tom {and his crowd} … it’s actually more like 12 different ways.

      1. @SD, I did like TF’s book on Lebanon. Of course, that was t-w-e-n-t-y y-e-a-r-s ago. And I had no idea then that he enjoyed fellating ChiComs. If he were writing columns way back when he probably would have renamed the Gang of Four something like Fantastic Four.

    1. “Ha Ha Ha America” is an experimental short film screened at Sundance. It is a totally captioned film with no speaking. Instead, it uses intentional misspellings/odd translations, imagery, and music to show how China is overtaking America economically.

      Well worth watching a few times to appreciate. It really conveys the fundamental reasons for the troublesome economic disparity between the U.S. and China.

      You can see it in its (brief) entirety via the link above to the Atom Films web site.


    Now please do one on FraudBank er. ScamBank er. ClickBank!

  2. The American government tortures people? Check.

    The American government makes war with non-threatening countries? Check.

    The American government imprisons more people per capita than any other country? Check.

    The American government disappears people and holds them without trial? Check.

    The American government can spy on you without any due process? Check.

    The American president can order citizens secretly killed without any due process? Check.

    So, tell me, on what moral authority can America tell China what it should do?

    1. @anonone,

      I do not think our author is assigning moral authority to America here. Moral authority as something to be taken up by the individual (most appropriately, the thinking man or philosopher). You as a thinking individual have nicely outlined a list of screwed-up activities perpetrated by the American government. But this nastiness describes every gov’t.

      There is a forcefulness and coerciveness (that a word?) inherent in any and every ruling person, deadperson, nation, or class. But who needs coersion when one can use his own hands- and fair trade of his own surplus goods and services- to fullfill his needs and wants?

      The sole purpose of regulation by gov’t is to scrape the cream off the top. Let’s get rid of that and let the cream be kept by those who create and produce instead of letting the ol’ poly-tick-ers steal it!

      I just floated off the specific topic, I know. So:
      Screw that there Li Gang-grene.

    2. @anonone ::

      This is the Internet not America chumpstick :: and I made the Western hypocrisy point in the post already so you’re too late anyway.

      I’m not in jail for what I’m doing … but I’m banned from America’s social-media-web. Ai Weiwei can use America’s social-media-web … but he’s in jail.

      Both of those situations are ridiculous and horrible and not free speech :: but one is much worse than the other. One calls for sustained efforts at improvement … and one calls for immediate and agressive action.

      1. @SD,

        Now there there, SD. The ChiComs have done an awful lot of good. Some thing have gone awry though they are well-meaning chaps. The national diet Mao put the country on back about 50 years ago had nothing but the best of intentions.

        See Mao was worried that his countrymen were getting soft and fat. So he put them thru a strict diet regimen that scolds today call The Great Famine. 45 million or so died but gosh darn it thanks to the Great Helmsman’s leadership a lot of citizens looked awfully sharp at their high school reunions.

      2. @SD,

        I am not denigrating your post in anyway, I am simply pointing out that, as a country, America has lost most of its moral authority regarding human rights.

        I am glad that neither you nor I am in jail for our writings – at least not yet. But, the sad fact is, people are being placed in America’s jails for their speech. Furthermore, Federal Agencies and local law enforcement are being used to infiltrate and intimidate peaceful organizations that are fighting against the erosion of freedom and the take-over of America by corporate, military, and policing interests.

        The fact that my original post was voted down is another indication of how people in America cannot stand to take an honest look at ourselves relative to the erosion of human rights, civil liberties, and freedom in our own country. There was nothing – nothing – factually incorrect or exaggerated in my post. But it is far easier for most Americans to chant “we’re number one!” than it is to actually look at where we are and where we’re going.

        Finally, Ai Weiwei is one of thousands of politically persecuted people in the world. If your readers want to learn how to help him and others, I recommend joining Amnesty International at Ai Weiwei is covered by them at

        1. @anonone ::

          Yeah but …

          … you gots to pick your moments.

          I could be like …

          “Rice crispy treats aren’t healthy just because they’re low fat.”

          It’s true … but it’s not necessarily a relevant or helpful comment on this post.


          I can’t imagine what “moral authority” might mean when you’re talking about populations of 300 million and 1.3 billion … but I’m pretty sure nothing and you can shove it up your ass. These are my opinions :: stated with my authoritah … I’m obviously not speaking for fucking America.

          Who is in prison for speech in America exactly? {and if you’re gonna say Bradley Manning then walk away now}.

          There are thousands of people jailed or in fear of jail for speech all across the globe :: that is true :: that’s why obvious illustrations like this one should be embraced to get the word out.

            1. @Cromulent, in Mumia’s case, the “speech” he’s on death row for is “I shot the motherfucker, and I hope the motherfucker dies,” which is what he said after killing a cop.

            2. You’re preaching to the converted here, UA. I brought him up because folks like anonone that pull outrageous moral equivalencies out of their keister often like to cite creeps like Mumia, Peltier, Black Panthers, etc as their personal Christ-figures.

          1. @SD,

            All you have to do is look at what happens at political conventions in America. Hundreds of non-violent protesters arrested and jailed only to have the charges thrown-out after the conventions leave town. You can google it.

            Or you could have watched 60 minutes last night. Leaks the benefit the government propaganda machine are not prosecuted; leaks that expose war crimes, torture, and official corruption and incompetence are prosecuted.

            And, of course, the government is closing down websites at its will without any due process if it merely suspects the website may be violating copyright laws.

            And let’s all look the other way while the government tortures Bradley Manning. “Due process,” the ban on “cruel and unusual punishment”, “innocent until proven guilty” and international conventions against torture are just quaint concepts until you or someone you love is imprisoned or tortured by Taser.

            It is mourning in America, alright.

            1. @anonone, You compared us to C-h-i-n-a. Do you get it? Manning will get a fair trial. That won’t happen for our Chinese friend, will it?

              And by “non-violent protesters” you wouldn’t be referring to the would-be terrorists at the 2008 GOP convention would you? Sorry, but they weren’t all released. One guy was sentenced to 4 years in the slammer. Bradley Manning is no hero. Brandon Darby is.

            1. @anonone,

              You really are quite the tool. Kokesh and the dancers will get their day in court. Tell me, do you think they’ll receive better treatment from the DC Park Police than they would in China?

              Ai Weiwei is under the thumb of national ChiCom leaders who have taken a personal interest in his behavior. The video you provide is of some low level Park Police who may or may not have used good discretion. Nobody is going to be putting a bullet in Kokesh’s brain and sending the spent round to his parents.

            2. @Cromulent,

              Justice in America? Surely you jest. There are more people per capita in American jails than any other country in the world. And you think that they’re all guilty? How many people actually get or can afford a trial by jury? Very very few relative to plea bargains. Oh and check out And they’re only touching the tip of the iceberg.

              In regards to “Nobody is going to be putting a bullet in Kokesh’s brain and sending the spent round to his parents” you haven’t been following the work of our military and CIA. The leaders torture and murder with impunity, and pass around pictures and body parts as trophies.

              But, hey, god bless America! Especially our snipers.

            3. @anonone,

              Your toolishness knows no bounds. Tell me, is there an Innocence Project in China? Yes or no, please.

              Another question: will Kokesh’s persecutors put a bullet in his brain and send the spent round to his parents? Yes or no, please.

              And I missed the American version of the Great Leap Forward. When was that exactly?

            4. @Cromulent,

              I am not defending China at all – they have been committing Genocide in Tibet for decades. What I am saying is that we need to look at what is going on in our own country as well as the rest of the world. But Americans are willfully blind to growing and expanding police state.

              By the way, in America, after the state murders somebody, they generally do give the electrocuted, hung, gassed, shot, or injected body back to the family.

              So god bless America! Especially our torturers.

            5. @anonone,

              So then I take it that you agree that there is nothing like an Innocence Project in China. That is because the Communists would never allow such a thing and you know it.

              And you did indeed defend China by using a thread about repression in China to bash the US, implying a moral equivalence. Where there is none, of course.

              Interesting that you mentioned Tibet, but self-inflicted disasters like the Great Leap Forward or the Cultural Revolution don’t merit your approbation. Why would that be?

              The US *is* better than China, and the scorecard on civil liberties isn’t even close. And its clear you resent that.

      3. @Cromulent,

        Hey we just killed 10 children, two women and two men in an air strike in Afghanistan on Saturday. Ain’t America great!

        God bless our drones.

        What I resent is America’s creeping corporate police state and the fact that people like you can’t see it or even admit to it. China being worse than us is no comfort to me. With the trajectory we’re on, It won’t be long until we catch up to them.

        Oh, and Great Leap Forward or the Cultural Revolution? American’s owned slaves not to long ago, so get off your moral high horse. Much of our history is nothing to be proud of.

        1. @anonone,

          And there we have it don’t we? The “corporate police state” crack gives the game away. You might not like the particular plays being called in China. A particular playcaller might rub you the wrong way. But you *like* the playbook. And you think the American playbook is rotten to the core and always has been.

          1. @Cromulent,

            You truly are foolish, Cromulent. That you can’t or you refuse to see that America’s elections and justice system are being bought and sold by corporations, including the “too big to fail” financial services corporations, is simply an indictment of your own blindness or willful ignorance.

            Criticism of the growing corporate-American police state is hardly a promotion of the Chinese-Communist collective state. As we watch corporate law-breaking on a massive scale go un-prosecuted, including stealing people’s homes through illegal foreclosures and using the treasury of the United States as their personal piggy bank, it is easy to see the path America is taking is on a road to a corporate dictatorship.

            But, you would have been a fine Royalist during the American revolution, too.

            1. @anonone,

              Thanks for proving my point. That lefty “corporate” epithet is nearly content free and you manage to use the word 5 times in two paragraphs.

              No, I’m not a Royalist. Just a classical liberal. Free minds, free markets for me.

            2. @anonone & @Cromulent::

              This whole convo is ridiculous.

              Everything is fucked … quit pretending you’re on different sides … cause that’s a HUGE part of how “they” control us.

              It’s awesome to call out :: and root out :: injustices wherever they appear. But comparing injustices like dick sizes is almost always a pointless fail.

              Don’t lock up artists and dissenters … China … you fucks.

              Close down Guantanamo … America … you fucks.


              No we’re all a happy family again.

    1. @Rafael Marquez ::

      Ha! Classic.

      I can think of one or two sites that might deserve just such treatment.

  3. The Red Machine media reports Ai Weiwei has been released …

    Many of Ai’s supporters in China and the West believe his imprisonment was retaliation for the artist’s criticism of the Chinese government and his activism in the realms of free speech and human rights.

    “Many” of his supporters think that?

    Thanks for that “news” LA Times … make sure you’re fair to both sides.

    Oh and also … if you want to be as stupid as fuck … please go ahead an cite a few of his supporters who thought this arrest was about “taxes”.


    Pretending that a one sided story has two sides is misinformation.

  4. Just to keep things up to date, Ai Weiwei has accepted a professorship offered by the Berlin University of the Arts. Hopefully the Chinese Government will let him out. (And hopefully he doesn’t finish up getting deported for traveling in the underground without a ticket or something.)

    1. @Yakaru ::

      They had originally offered that position to me :: but I declined :: so I guess he was their safety pick.

      Hopefully the Chinese Government will be swallowed by a giant fish.

      1. @SD,

        So is this blog your sunflower seed piece, Mr Salty?
        It should qualify if you are familiar with the more ‘out there’ pieces of modern art.

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