Scribes of Silence

Posers and Robots

Scribe SEO :: the first two words of this post are Scribe and SEO.  It doesn’t make that much sense.

Remember when I already used this photo?

Its file name is :: copyblogger-sonia-simone-brian-clark.jpg

What a lame and stupid file name. Back in the before time :: it would have had a fucking awesome name like …

  • awkward-moments.jpg
  • dumpy-love.jpg
  • touching-more-than-the-hem.jpg

… delicious! Those are file names you can believe in god damn it.

But then some of you conformist pussies were all like :: “use your title and image tags more effectively and you’ll rank better”.  And I was all like :: “fuck you dirt bags! :: did I ask for your stupid advice?”

Still :: goodish points … and conformists are EVERYWHERE so it’s hard to resist them {like zombies!}.

Alternate title tags :: meta descriptions :: image naming :: anchor text :: in-site linking :: site indexing :: clean URL’s … all probably worth doing … and super easy. Perhaps someday :: like when hell freezes over and gets covered by chocolate milk and magical peanut butter :: I’ll consider considering the terrible possibility of modifying my actual writing in ANY mother fucking way in order to please an algorithm that doesn’t laugh at my jokes.

Scribe SEO scam SEO Scribe

But maybe your writing is boring as shit like Brian Clark’s.  Or maybe your writing is shitty as shit like Brian Clark’s.  Or maybe your writing is about how you can make money with writing about writing about how you can make money with writing etc … shittily … like Brian Clark.  Or maybe you wouldn’t recognize inspiration if it was currently blowing you … like Brian Clark.  Or maybe your writing is less interesting than the average Sony owner’s manual … like Brian Clark’s.

Wait :: what was I talking about?

Oh yeah :: modifying your content based on SEO keyword best practices. It’s a totally awesome thing to do if you aren’t a writer :: and don’t care about writing :: or about unimportant things like “readers” … fuck um! … who needs readers when you can have long tail impressions with sub 1% CTRs? Am I right people?

Internet Money!

I’ve been a success telling others about my success … and you can too!

Scribe SEO

When is NOW the right time to increase traffic at the push of a magical button?

Scribe SEO is a turd product of Copyblogger Media.  Copyblogger Media :: helping uninspired writers become even more uninspired …

“Scribe analyzes your natural, reader-focused content, and tells you how to gently tweak it to spoon feed search engines based on 15 SEO best practices.”

Scribe is “SEO Made Simple”.  One of the especially simple things about it is how it doesn’t help you with the organization or structure of your site as a whole … but rather focuses on the simple task of mathematically recommending words to force into your “reader-focused” content. Your readers will appreciate how you took the time to ignore their humanity.

Anywayz :: who cares? Obviously not me … Content Analyze This {the finger}!

But maybe some people are more about e-commerce :: and less about WebGonzo™. Might these people benefit from Scribe SEO?  Apparent New Zealander :: and possible Highlander :: Lis Sowerbutts wrote an honest review of Scribe for people interested in these commerce type things …

Scribe SEO – My Review of Brian Clark’s Scribe Service

“Scribe SEO will do a worse job of telling you what your keywords are than the many free tools out there.  Or look at where you search traffic is coming from and write more on those keywords. Keywords aren’t a science – they are an art.”

For realz!

“Brian Clark is not afraid to charge a lot for his products and services – Teaching Sells is a good example of that. However his pricing for his latest offering staggers belief.”

Really? Try me :: I’m all but unstaggerable at this point …

“The pricing for Scribe SEO is at the time of writing:

$27/month for 30 evaluations in the month – that’s 30 presses of the “analyse” button not thirty posts or pages;

$47/month for 120 evaluations in the month

$97/month for 300 evaluations in the month”

What the fuck?  Are you seriously? Color me staggered!

A monthly membership fee for a button you can’t push? Calling that a scam would kind of be a compliment.

“Is Scribe SEO a scam? – NO it appears to be trying to do what it claims.”

It’s working for the four people giving testimonials on the sales page :: like Johnny Truant who says …

“I used to say that as soon as someone could put the search engine stuff right in front of my face so I couldn’t miss it, made it idiotically simple to use, and took out all of the keyword-counting and artificial guesswork — that would be the day I’d start to pay attention to SEO.

Then came Scribe, and suddenly I’m doing the SEO thing.”

Beautiful.  Full disclosure :: Johnny Truant writes for Copyblogger on a weekly basis … so he’s either an employee or a professional ass licker … either way his “testimonial” is about as valuable as burnt toast.

Membership in the “expensive button of the month” club is also delivering for Sean Platt …

“When I’m creating search optimized content for clients, two things make the difference – efficiency and effectiveness. Scribe gives me both and makes me more money.

If you’re serious about delivering quality SEO copy, it makes sense to use Scribe.”

Unfortunately for full disclosure … Sean Platt also writes for Copyblogger … but you can’t argue with the quality of the SEO Copy on his own hit sites … like this bit from Potty Training Power!

“The potty training process is fraught with emotion; highs lows and all sorts of sideways. Parents at this time can vacillate between happy and sad, angry and hopeful.

Don’t worry. It’s all part of the process. Understanding this can clip miles from the otherwise endless feeling potty training road.”

Okay then … I’m just gonna pretend like I didn’t see that.

Back to Sowerbutts …

“Is Scribe a good product? NO – it appears to be very light on features for the price offered. The core of the product’s functionality is the keyword analysis and this appears deeply flawed 2/10

Is Scribe SEO worth the money? – NO its extremely overpriced for what its offering. 0/10″

Ouch! :: but fair. Anything other than a 0/10 would have led to more dead kittens and puppies {seriously!}.

In the two previous Droid posts about Copyblogger :: Brian Clark was …

a) not printing mildly dissenting comments from notoriously unmild dissenters

b) shamefully deleting posts in which he was shilling for The Syndicate

… so I’m sure he took this Sowerbutts zero-of-ten criticism in his slow and boring stride.

Copyblogger’s Brian Clark in the comments …

“Lissie, a quick review of your archives shows you attacks everything I put out, so I’m not sure anyone but your 367 fans will view this as objective.”

Well maybe :: objectively :: everything you put out is total horse shit … think about it. Oh and Clark … the testimoanials on your sales page are from people who have non-disclosed affiliations with your shit fucking joke of a web site. Objectivity? Hypocrite much?

“Also, I read your meta description of this post, and it says the opposite of your on-page conclusion regarding “scam.” I’d advise you change that, or our next conversation will be about libel.”

Oh noes!  Such big boy threats. That reminds me of the threats I was issued by Copyblogger Media after publicly scalding Clark’s cat crap.  Oh wait … that didn’t happen. I guess it’s harder to get off on intimidating robots.  How very fucking manly of dickless twitbag Brian Clark.

Scribe SEO sucks Hitler’s missing ball {sue me asshole!}.

The dickless {allegedly} prick {allegedly} continues {definitely} …

“You’re just ignorant and dangerous when it comes to SEO. I feel sorry for people who take your advice on anything.”

Well that’s a strange reason to suddenly develop emotions … me doubts you.

“And as far as threats go, no threats. Just a promise. You can attack me based on your misguided opinions all you want, but this is twice now you’ve crossed the line into defamation (the first was your Teaching Sells “review” where you defame the course even though you never joined or saw the content). I’m uniquely positioned not to take abuse that crosses the legal line from you, and you’re about to find out what life is like in the real world of business.”

The real world of business?  You mean shilling Syndicate products and magic buttons using trumped up social proof and distasteful dissent repression?

“Publishing” is all that’s required for a libel case… no new ground to break there. I can take everything Lissie owns, which is nothing.”

That’s cool. A completely undisguised :: deeply personal :: attack whose not-so-coded message is the ScamTown party line –> only failures criticize pyrite turds.

Brian calls himself a “recovering attorney” in his Copyblogger Bio. He seems to be recovering from the “knowledge of :: and respect for :: the law” part of lawyering quite nicely :: while managing to maintain the “autistic prick who only cares about himself” part. Job well done.

BTW :: defamation of a self-proclaimed public figure requires more than publishing a lie … you gotz to have Actual Malice … meaning you knew for sure that it was a lie and you published it anyway.

Not-Doctor Harlan Kilstein saying that I published a story accusing him of murdering his daughter = actual malice.

Kiwi Lis Sowerbutts stating her honest opinion that piece of shit Scribe SEO is a zero-of-ten = most def NOT actual malice … and probably dead on accurate.

But why should the facts get in the way of something as fun as self-masturbatory threat making?

Sprint to the finish …

“You don’t have any experience. You’re a fool leading fools. Thanks for the documented evidence I will never link to (in case that’s what you’re hoping for).”

I also smell a fool :: but I see a Lis Sowerbutts bravely speaking her mind … and then courageously {and professionally} standing up to a belligerent bastard bully. It’s the little things that matter :: but being an isolated voice of dissent is not a little thing :: it’s a big thing :: and big things also matter.

Lis won’t be getting any links from Brian Clark’s has-been frauduct flogging website … but she just got one {two!} from me. You can’t ass kiss :: or cross promote :: or beg :: or buy :: or JV your way into a link on this kickass site. You gotz to do something brave :: you gotz to risk consequences.

Of course :: if you’re not ready to be brave then there are other more traditional ways to “get linked” around here. Like for instance :: you can line your pockets with Syndicate money and then refuse to own up to your mistakes.  You can form a cult of personality and then fleece your flock. You can shape yourself like a pyramid. You can attempt to repress the speech of dissenters. Or you can do all of the above.

Lots of dirty mother fuckers fit right into the shape of Brian Clark’s dark shadow … and these Droid v. Copyblogger posts are causing stress. How tragic {begin tiny violin} …

For whom the bell tolls …

For whom the bell tolls …

The preceding ominous literary illusion is brought to you courtesy of my NOT using …

Scribe SEO

>> bleep bloop

113 thoughts on “Scribes of Silence”

  1. Brian Clark must have a very thin skin – which he regularly illustrates together with his lack of class.

    Whenever someone makes a negative post about a Brian Clark product,you just know that Brian will be along soon to contribute in his unique slightly menacing style.

    How about this one when Chris Garrett decides to switch from Thesis to Headway?


    Hey Chris, any ideas as to who should get your Christmas card this year, other than you? ;)

    Just kidding buddy. Grant and Clay put out a great product. A lot of people are better suited to Thesis, but certainly not everyone, and that’s the beauty of the WordPress premium market. Choice!


    Note the passive aggressive threat in the first paragraph, followed by the universal get-out of “Just kidding buddy”.

    And of course we now know that his belief in Thesis was so great that he decided to sell his stake in that company and buy into another WordPress theme business.

  2. Droid,
    After consuming (another) literary masterpiece, I have to ask:
    Hitler only had one ball?

    I had no idea…

    Using fake testimonials from friends is so 2002ish.
    You have to be kidding. Can’t people who position themselves as gurus find real testimonials from non-affiliated partners.
    Christ – at the very least, drag some homeless guy in off the street to offer a review but don’t use friends and family.

    Peace and Love,

  3. Have a look at some of these comments about Brian’s car crash behavior in Lis Sowerbutts post.

    Huge win for you here, Bri! Can we have some advice on how to deal with customer complaints using your widespread and successful experience? LOL.

    Is it possibly time for some anger management lessons?


    Uh Oh Brian Clark
    March 4, 2010 at 10:17 am

    Making threats to someone who gives an honest opinion about your product just because you don’t agree with her huh Brian? You wouldn’t try that if someone like John Reese (for example) posted the exact same thing that Lis did. You’re just trying to throw your weight around and quite frankly it looks really bad for you. Not good business at all.


    Dave Starr
    March 4, 2010 at 10:36 am

    Hi Brian. Couldn’t help but note the reaction from you compared to the last guy which Lizzie reviewed and semi-panned. He addressed concerns and fixed them, while you go into attack mode like a petulant child.


    Dave Starr
    March 2, 2010 at 10:40 pm

    There we go again … one of the reasons I was predisposed not to like the Third tribe concept was Brian’s sort of ‘talking down’ relationship with most ‘common folk’. He is at least one of the folks who obviously thinks he walks a lot taller than the ordinary person.

    That’s fine, but anyone who spends $97 a month to reinforce that feeling of his deserves what they get.


    A Fool According to Brian
    March 4, 2010 at 11:42 am

    Careful who you [Brian Clark] call a “fool” there big guy. I’ve been a full-time and very successful internet marketer for the better part of a decade. Almost 9 years actually. I’ve got countless websites ranked on page one of Google and other search engines in some of the most competitive niches on the internet as well as hundreds of less competitive niches. And I would bet my ass that they rake in a hell of a lot more money than copyblogger or any of the other sites of yours that I have ever seen. I also had a popular blog long before “blogging” was ever the cool thing to do. With that being said, I still read what Lis has to say because she tells it like it is not because I am a “fool” as you so professionally put it. I think the real fools are the ones who blindly follow you and your other hyped up useless blogging buddies (who I quit listening to long ago) just because you pretend to know what you are talking about! Yep that’s my opinion. I guess you can sue me too!


    Jay from blog network
    August 6, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    Brian, I don’t profess to be an expert about SEO, but I can offer you this opinion/question.

    BTW – I found this post from a Google search on the phrase “Scribe SEO Review” for which this post ranked #2.

    For someone who claims to know about SEO, do you think, in retrospect, that it was a great idea to post innumerable comments on this post? If I were selling a product online, I don’t imagine that I would want to fuel the comment section on a negative review to help it rank better.

    Perhaps it would be a good form of reputation management if you addressed the issues regarding the product… In this case, you don’t address those issues or even attempt to portray yourself in a favorable light.

    I’ve never tried Scribe SEO, so I’m not going to say it’s scam. To say that the pricing model seems ridiculous would {in my opinion} be the understatement of the year. Not only do you put people on a continuity model, but they effectively pay per use on a monthly basis. I guess if the market will bear that model, then great.


    The Real Josh
    March 4, 2010 at 10:12 am

    Talk about browbeating. Nothing ever convinces people to change their ideology or opinions more than yelling that they are wrong. I would die of laughter if Brian tried to get the law involved over any of your posts. Just because someone has a different opinion from your own doesn’t make either party right or wrong. The count of public opinion is mightier than any legal court, just ask the Monster Brewing Company.

    It isn’t my goal to pick and chose sides but I personally believe Brian is pursuing this issue in an entirely incorrect way. These little moments are the ones that define a person or idea. Taking the time to address the concerns and explain why such measures were taken goes much further than threats and tattelling.

    Listening is hugely important for any person or brand to build or expand the level of service or products they offer. Not all the “detractors” are right but the way you handle them says more about the character of the person or business.


    Internet Home Business Plan
    March 4, 2010 at 2:12 pm

    Oh my, is it possible that Lissie has poked someone even more thin-skinned than the esteemed owner of SBI? Say it ain’t so!


    March 4, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    I’ve only come into contact with a few of the big boys and of those only Darren Rowse comes out as a true gentleman. Most of the others tend to be a little arrogant, until reading Brian Clark’s comments, man he is way over the top.

    Brian, from what I’ve read of the post, including the meta tag, Lis never once said your program was a scam. She may have referred to it as being crap but then she has every right to her opinion, especially after paying such an exorbitant price.

    Rather than coming right out and attacking her I reckon you’d been a lot better off if you had tried to answer her critique. If she didn’t use it properly, find out where she went wrong and show her how to do it the right way. That is of course unless there isn’t a better way of doing it?

    You need to keep in mind that the people who will purchase this plugin of yours probably have no idea how it all works, and if Lis can’t work it out what hope in hell have they? No point telling us how your SEO experts gave it the thumbs up, they know what they are doing, not so the poor saps who try it and then throw their hand up in disgust when it all doesn’t make sense. Or were you hoping that they would just ignorantly accept the results at face value.

    I also have my doubts over your marketing skill. Your attack tells me otherwise. You mentioned her 367 followers. I dare say they are loyal followers and as such would probably jump to her defense. What if those 367 followers each wrote a post about the deplorable way you treated our heroine? Perhaps they also had 200-300 followers and perhaps a percentage of those took it upon themselves to write their own post, and then there are their followers and so on and so on.

    Talk about negative publicity! And to think that you brought it all on yourself.


    March 5, 2010 at 3:07 am


    I had no opinion of you or your business before these series of comments. But I sure do now. When someone questions you or your business in the public eye how you respond shows a lot about your character.

    Guess what it showed about yours?


    John C
    March 7, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    I don’t care if Brian Clark comes out with a real tree that actually grows money on it and he sells it for next to nothing, I won’t buy it simply based on my new found perception of the crying little baby that he has made himself out to be based on his comments above! You may not care Brian but I will tell you right now that you have lost me as a customer for LIFE no matter what you come out with from now on. And your wannabe “guru” buddies have also lost me as a possible customer just by being guilty by association with you. You might not think the followers of Lis are very smart but I bet we are a hell of a lot smarter than you think and you never know who you might piss off, so you should probably watch what you say next time! There are plenty of very capable internet marketers reading these blogs and calling us all fools might get you in a pile of sh*t that you can’t dig your way out of.


    Brad West
    March 8, 2010 at 7:43 am

    OK Lis,
    You more than likely don’t know me, but indirectly we are connected through the WassupBlog of Sire’s. As a matter a fact let me go get the link that lead me here In Defence Of A Bloggers Right To Review A Product I may just start a Thread on the Guild leading to both of these articles.

    I don’t need to comment on the manics of the product, I haven’t used it and really don’t feel inclined to do so as to me Customer Service is as important as the product itself. Point being good, bad or indifferent if there is an issue with a product (evidently there are questions that are addressed in the review). Why wouldn’t the issues be addressed by possibly showing the end user the proper way to use the product, or by addressing and fixing the issue with in the product itself. Don’t most products go through a testing phase to work out bugs and get feedback?

    I’m still not sure how getting defensive and threatening is ether helping improve the product, or gaining a positive reputation for customer care. That seems the issue at this point more than the product. Or am I missing something? Is defensive, threatening, and belittling is the new approach for dealing with customers.
    Brad West


    March 13, 2010 at 2:20 pm

    Watch him on Twitter. Under @copyblogger, he regularly flames people for the smallest things. Once I saw him flame somebody for using Twtter’s new Retweet feature. He called it offensive and threatened to unfollow anybody who used it. You’d think he’d have better business sense than to be so negative under an account that bears the name of his main site.

    It seems the friendly posts on his sites are just a facade to get you to buy buy buy. For that, I have unfollowed you @copyblogger!


    Francis David
    July 10, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    I was just goggling for SEO scribe and there was “SEO Scribe Scam” helped me land in your website. Its amazing so many comments and I spent more time reading everything.

    Before searching, I was about to buy this, but once I saw Brian Clark mentioning “I’d advise you change that, or our next conversation will be about libel” led me not to buy the product.

    I am new to this site and will visit again to learn and find more people here.

    Thanks lis for your review! Saved me few $$$


    July 27, 2010 at 2:50 pm

    Wow. serious storm in a teacup.

    I honestly don’t buy what most websites are selling and I tend to investigate pretty thoroughly. I’d have to say that in all honesty, it was not anything that came from this site which would compel me to not buy the product, but the behavior of Mr Clark.

    Having read these comments and seen the personal attacks, which are extraordinarily telling, I saw no defense of the product, but instead personal attacks. The common sense response to this would have been to defend your product and not attack someone on a personal level who did not attack you, but a product.

    I”m new here, but I am with those who are NOT new here. It is your blatant neglect to offer real commentary and real defense of your product and your own actions which have negated any impulse I might have had to buy your products.

    I tend to look at this things way. Someone who does not have a reasonable skill at communication on their own doesn’t have a hope in hell of producing a product that does. If your sales fail I’d say it is your own level of rage and bad behavior rather than coming here and communicating effectively to establish that not only was your product a fair deal, but that you were a reasonable person.

    It would have been quite easy to impress us all by simply saying. you’re right. every product has problems and I’m so happy that you pointed those out.. we’ll do our best to address them. Instead you launched into a diatribe about the ignorance and stupidity of your host.. which behavior speaks volumes about your own character and intellect to those who are listening.

    It was nothing that this website offered that told me that this was a bad deal. it was the behavior and the commentary of the man who came to defend it.


    1. @Brian Clark Ate My Hampster,

      In the name of My Most Royal Majesty, I knight thee.

      Arise, Sir Copy & Paste.

      Arise, Earl of Salt.

      Arise, Duke of Droid.

      His Excellency,
      The Hampster King

  4. This may be a bit boring but it’s something for the historical record.

    This is the text of an email Jeff Walker sent out on 8/11/2009 entitled ‘the Durango Internet Marketing mafia..’.

    “I just had Brian Clark and his family over for
    dinner last night – we had a great barbeque, and
    then sat around in my backyard while his kids
    played with the dog. It was a wonderful, relaxing
    evening – but it was sorta weird…

    I mean, if you’re living in San Diego or Atlanta,
    you might have big-time Internet marketers
    stopping by your house all the time, but trust
    me… it doesn’t happen too often in tiny Durango,

    Now there’s a chance you might not know Brian…
    frankly, I didn’t know him very well until about
    18 months ago, when he seemingly materialized out
    of nowhere to be one of my very top affiliates for
    PLF 2.0.

    Now that’s saying something, since I had almost
    every significant Internet promoting PLF 2.0… so
    when I saw this guy I had never heard of just
    CRUSHING it as an affiliate I decided I needed to
    check him out…

    Turns out he’s a really famous blogger – and he’s
    this weird crossover guy who does really well in
    the blogging world AND the Internet marketing

    Hmm… now THAT is interesting.

    A little further digging, and I find out Brian
    was one of the very first Product Launch Formula
    owners from back in 2005.

    Now I was REALLY intrigued.

    So I kept digging – and I found out he’s not just
    some famous blogger… but he’s been building and
    launching membership sites and multimedia training

    Now you’re talking my language – information
    marketing… the best business in the world. The
    business that everyone wishes they were in (other
    than a few rock stars and professional athletes :-)…

    Now the thing about information marketing is that
    some people get confused or stuck on the part
    about what product to sell – and that’s the thing
    that Brian has really nailed.

    He has a product called “Teaching Sells” – and to
    tell the truth, I don’t really love the name of
    the product… but I do really love the product.

    Unfortunately, you can’t buy it. No one can get
    it. It’s off the market.

    But after we had him out for dinner (and my wife
    softened him up with her famous chicken pasta with
    homemade tahini sauce), Brian agreed to do a
    limited open exclusively for my folks.

    EVEN BETTER, before any of that happens, he agreed
    to roll out a bunch of killer prelaunch content.
    In other words, he’s willing to put his money
    where his mouth is and deliver some great free

    Then, if you completely love his stuff and he’s
    totally earned your business… you can decide
    whether you want the full-blown course.

    That sounds fair, doesn’t it?

    Here’s the link, go check it out:

    Teaching Sells free report

    OK, I know this was a really long email. If you
    made it all the way down here, then you owe it to
    yourself to check out Brian’s material. It’s
    fantastic, step-by-step stuff on how to set
    yourself up with a rock-solid information
    marketing business.

    And take it from me… learning how to create an
    information marketing business can completely
    change your life.

    best regards,

    P.S. Turns out Brian was only here in Durango for
    the summer – he’s heading back to Dallas in
    another week. So the Durango Internet Marketing
    Mafia is going to be shrinking by about 50%
    soon… that’s a bummer. But I’m sure we’ll be
    catching up to San Diego soon.

    P.P.S. Go check out Brian’s material. His free
    stuff is really, really good:

    Teaching Sells free report”

    1. @Joining the Dots,

      Dinner at Jeff Walker’s?

      So how does that work? Does he bring out McDonalds re-wrapped in a piece of notebook paper that says “Walker’s”, and presents a 40-page sales letter to you before you can have it?

  5. FANTASTIC article.

    So well written. Believe me, when I saw this scribe seo product, I thought “WTF”!

    I mean, there are like a gazillion SEO tools out there, some of them pretty unbelievable and priced at 50-70$ one time payment.

    So when I saw this seo scribe coming out at 100 USD a month and just doing on page seo (like a tiny piece of the seo equation), it got clear to me that brian clark was a dishonest dude masquerading as a nice blogger.

    Already, his “extraordinary” WP theme Thesis – despite the tons of fake or out of their mind testimonials you can find around the web – SUCKS BALLS.
    I mean, if you want to change anything on your template once you’ve got thesis on, you are so screwed. It’s super complicated so I don’t underestand how the whole web is pretending it’s a great template for beginners etc… I’m sure there is some fake testimonials or brainwashing going on there.

    But when I saw seo scribe, that was the real home run : how to sell a totally useless and grossly overpriced piece of software (i mean there are seo tools that are 100 time more efficient, seriously) and make it look like magic bullet for the gullible, desperate, I don’t have a clue wannabe e-marketer/blogger.

    Onpage optimisation is like 15% of SEO, which is like 5% of online success. So that piece of crap software clearly solves a problem that does not exist and that will clearly not help the beginner make any kind of significant progress online.

    SO why not sell it for a 29£ -49 $ ONE TIME payment, it’s true value ?

    + by reading your article, I discovered what I had not seen yet : it’s limited to 30 or 120 runs a month. What a joke !!!!!!!! That is unheard of for seo tools with so little functionalities.

    SEO scribe is syndicate level IM newbie screwing.

    Take the mofo down SD, he deserves it.

  6. In case anybody out there missed Droid’s “Top Secret Killer SEO Sauce” technique that engaging content always trumps artificial SEO content but still wants a techie safety net, try the “All In One SEO Pack” from and save your money.

  7. “Oh Brian, You look quite fun.”

    You seem so laid back and chill
    I wonder if you have brains
    Anyway, If you do, I want some too,

    Giv me some of that Juicy Brainy stuff Brian
    Teach me how to beat Google and teach me how to write
    Write, write, write for me Brian.
    Let me see it, show me the salespage, wow there it is.
    Im crying brian, cying because it’s so beatiful.

    Who would have thought A guy like you could create a product,
    and not only that Brian, I see you have testimonials too, and cheap squeeepage graphic. Wow brian, I’m impressed. You’re a mother fucking genius.

    Nobody compares to you, not even Ryan Deiss and your Syndicate friends. Soon your hair is gone, wupti! Say hello to Baldness Brian, embrace it.

    You’re one of a kind, so don’t envy Frank Kern and his long dirty rock-star hair, or Eben’s schoolboy hairstyle. You don’t have to be beatiful to turn them on, don’t have to be pretty to join their little gay club. Go for it Brian.

  8. I love these sites. Hard hitting and exposing. Lis has won me over as an RSS subscriber as has the Droid. One other person I came across thanks to these sites is Marty from articulayers. I really hope Droid allows a link here because this guy deserves it. He told me more about SEO in a single FREE email than I would have learned from some of these other guru’s expensive bullshit SEO products. So here goes: go and read some of his free stuff there.

    1. @CopyBugger, Awww…gee thanks. I don’t post much about SEO anymore, but if you are the email guy I was talking to last night, cheers. (and remember: Don’t buy anything!!) I am going to post his email, because it asked a great question about keywords and WordPress. Won’t be as colorful as Droid’s work, but it may help somewhere.

    1. @Brian’s temper tantrums,

      Based on SD’s post, the comments listed above, and the link you’ve provided, this Clark guy sounds as though he’s about two more critical comments away from a nervous breakdown — or court-ordered Anger Management classes. What an arrogant, unprofessional creep…
      I would never even consider buying any of his products, now, and I hope that people spread the word about his conduct, so that others know to avoid him, as well.

  9. Seems like Brian should come up with a “Top 10 reasons to not be an asshole when someone reviews your product on their website” post. Maybe he should have Johnny B Truant write it since Johnny is a much more fun and interesting writer anyway.

  10. Shameful. Brian Clark’s nasty comments just make him sound like a mean spirited bully. I guess he never thought that anyone would piece together all his nasty comments and show him for what he really is. Looks like he (or his ego) guessed wrong.

  11. Brian is ugly, and he’s bald and he’s no good writer either

    Brian is one of those geeks who never really got good at anything, so he’s trying to be cool by hustling and playing tough. He’s pretending to be someone he’s not and instead he just comes across as a pathetic faiure

    he is ugly, i mean really ugly by the way, (sorry Brian)

    Anyway, I know his type.

    He’s the kind of person who’s always irrirating, selfish and lacks manners and is constantly thinking about when to get back in front of the computer and play world of warcraft.

    The insecure geek with no skillz, disgusting manners and nasty addictions.

    A little frog who pisses people off and makes you feel like vomitting whenever he’s in your eyesight.

  12. Wow, I’m astonished at his cyber-bullying when he’s an attorney who knows no laws were broken. SLAPP much, Brian Clark Asshole?

    At least we know he’s reading EVERY ONE OF THESE COMMENTS calling him a petulant sphincter, judging from his OCD behavior on comment threads linked above.

    General Question: I have a personal blog with actual readers that runs on Thesis. (With 6000 natural backlinks and PR 4, so this question’s not on SEO but usability.) I like/hate Thesis: like because I’m used to it, hate because I’ve had to teach myself fucking CSS just to get it to look like not shit. (Thesis SUCKS for non-coders.) Also, it has these “zany” annoying touches: “Big-Ass Save Button” is so 1997. Do any free themes or theme frameworks approach Thesis– any Hybrid/Thematic users out there? Or are they just for coders too?

    1. @Slowly Waking,
      I used to use Thesis on the blog linked to in this post – and like you I too got to learn CSS – painful! I swapped to Frugal theme – its not free but the support is great and you need a LOT less CSS (promise) – I’d link to the actual article but the droid would probably *beep*beep* – search the site you’ll find it :-)

      1. Thanks, Lis, I’ll check it out. I’ve got MAMP installed so I’ll play with the others too if no other opinions are forthcoming.

        Thesis’ support is just awful– searchable forums, gee thanks.

    2. @Slowly Waking,

      If you’re going the free theme route, check out Flexibility 3 (my favorite theme).

      If you’re willing to spend money, I’ve heard Headway is better than Thesis from more than one person (although I don’t use either).

      1. @ever’body, thanks. I’m downloading themes and trying them out! But I’ll pass on Headway & other paid themes.

        1. @Slowly Waking,

          Buncha wordpress fangirls. Real men play with Joomla with one hand and their balls with the other.

          1. @spoonfaceboy, Speak for yourself. Real men don’t play with either Joomla OR their balls. They outsource both.

  13. LOL… great post… that Clark is a twat. I mean, really he just don’t get it.

    I see he is now sending out a new pitch for “teaching sells” … not open to the main public but to those on the waiting list who supposedly missed out when they shut the doors last time.

    Must be getting skint or maybe he needs xmas money due to his crap not making money.

    Who knows… what I do know that twat is a bullying coward.

  14. LMFAO Droid perfect on page SEO plus your own take on use of colons plus bad language! That is a truely unique combo – you should set up a membership site so that you can teacher others how to do it at $2000/month – good money I heard! Thanks for the shout out – but I have one question Highlander? I lay claim to several passports but the stupid arse name (my own – that’s how innocent my blog started out as) hails from the wrong side of the tracks in the Midlands, England – Highland would be way more romantic – but sadly wrong!

    1. @Lis Sowerbutts ::

      1. Zealander and Highlander sound the same = Poetry!

      2. I mean the kind of Highlander who goes around chopping off people’s heads and living forever … or something … I forget the specifics …

      3. Criticize my joke structure again and our next conversation will be about libel.

      1. @SD, LMFAO oh poetry – I never got poetry – science major I’ve afraid – also your foreign accent ain’t helping! Zeeland some place in the Netherlands where Able Tasman came from how “found” NZ – obscure history lesson there.

        Libel – gotta love it – bring it on LOL – can I use the double :: structure for jokes or have you got a patent on that?

        1. @Lis Sowerbutts ::

          I was a science major too … so I’m afraid I can’t accept that as an excuse.

          The :: is my free gift to the people … so go crazy. Please also start using the word “frauduct” … and tell your local dictionary committee that it deserves to be a word.

    2. @Lis Sowerbutts, you are as bad as this scammers
      since you’re promoting master scammer Courtney Tuttle!

      Courtney is another IM scammer who has been
      preying on newbiews for years.

      1. @Johnson, I don’t know Courtney personally so have no idea about that, or how he works, treats others, or anything but you saying Lis is as bad as these scammers is way off the mark. Lis is a decent person, these scammers aren’t!

        You may have missed something Salty said a few times, EVERYONE is tainted somewhere, somehow because we can’t know everything about everyone.

        It’s a fine line and a hard thing to get right always, I am sure you know someone who is not all as they seem? No?

        Where you draw the line and how far any relationship goes is what matters.

        So because I was once a warrior forum member once I am as bad as the scammers over there? Even though I never sold a thing to anyone there…

        You know what I mean?

      2. @Johnson, LMFAO Mr Expert- lets link to the site I am trying diss – idiot. Yeah I promote some programs – The Keyword Academy is one, there are others as well. Why wouldn’t I promote something that actually works and makes me money. And yes I get a commission on it. And yes there is 30 day free trial – and when the trial used to cost a $1 I used to guarantee to refund that if people didn’t like the program…

        The problem with this is what ?

        1. @Lis Sowerbutts ::

          Disregarding “Johnson” and the fact that every single person who gets mentioned here is immediately called a scammer … 60% of the time by the scammers themselves … natch.

          And disregarding Keyword Academy … whatever that is … because I don’t know or care.

          I’ll say that “the problem with that” is that promoting ANYONE else on the Internet with your real name is insanely dangerous. Especially :: as is so often the case :: if you are using a sort of “personality marketing” where people have come to trust and like you.

          Example …

          You start promoting something because it’s great. You really like it :: you think it’s working for you :: and the people involved seem super duper.

          Meanwhile :: you’re getting popular for your own reasons. You “passively” become a top sales person for “them”. They start inviting you to fun things … you deserve it. At the fun things you meet other people who are “doing it” … much success is everywhere it seems.

          But underneath :: things are going from pretty okay … to beyond horrible … to “this could actually kill some people” horrible.

          You don’t know. How could you? And unfortunately your marketing :: which is personal by design {perhaps by necessity} is increasingly relying on the “social” aspect of your relationship to the “them”. You’re saying things :: “I was just at dinner with my good friend Jeff Walker”. Because you’ve got a few more years experience now … and you’re starting to see that the things you thought were working for you weren’t actually the important ingredients. Nothing is ever clear or constant on the Internet … certainties non-existant. It feels more honest to talk about “friendship” and “good times” and focus less on the “products” which you’re now starting to suspect totally suck ass. But backing out is not that easy because you know these people … and you’ve invested lots of sweat and time … and there are going to be questions if you suddenly come out against something you’ve long been for.

          Then a friend calls you at 3am :: “them” just arrested. Too bad that you’ve left a permanent record of that association … using the language of the personal … and your real mother fucking name!

          {the end}

          That’s the problem … I think. There is something deeply flawed with an “affiliate” model made up of mostly similarly sized {ie tiny} companies.

          I only trust me with my reputation … cause it’s much worse than a jungle out here.

  15. I read through some of the comments on Lissie’s blog post. What struck me is that Brian ONLY responded to Lissie’s comments and NONE of the others asking for his response to what she wrote.

    How chicken sh*t!!!

    Hey Brian Clark (Copyblogger)- How about revisiting her post and replying to the points she made in the article?? Wow, what an amazing concept!

    Unless, for you, it is just easier to lob criticisms and threats then actually address your product’s short comings. I USE TO follow you on Twitter but that is history. Enjoy your time in the spotlight here on SaltyDroid. Except for you, it must feel like being under a heat lamp set on ulta-high.

    1. @Scribe SEO Review NOT (MazeMan), Because he is a coward. He did answer a few things on a blog post I made (linked in a comment above) but that just showed him up for what he is even more, a coward.

      The guy will pick his battles cos that’s what bullies and cowards do. ;)
      Just good they do pick on the wrong people somewhere along the line…

      Bullies always get found out.

  16. “In a nation ruled by swine, all pigs are upwardly mobile — and the rest of us are fucked until we can put our acts together: not necessarily to win, but mainly to keep from losing completely. We owe that to ourselves and our crippled self-image as something better than a nation of panicked sheep.” Hunter S. Thompson — The Great Shark Hunt, 1979

    Keep up the great writing Salty. I subscribed to the blogs you posted links to. Any chance you could make the links open in a new window though. I keep getting lost… and well, I might need an escape route… something to jump through… or on

  17. Now Laura Roeder is shilling for Scribe. From an email earlier today –

    “Scribe SEO, the service I use for getting search traffic to my blog is having a great promo right now.

    For this week only, you can “step up” your number of monthly Scribe content evaluations and keyword searches without paying the higher price for the next-level plan. It ends this Friday, and you’ll need to use the the coupon code XXXXXX. Don’t say I never did anything for ya! …..”

    Actually Laura, that’s what people are gonna be saying. Why don’t you come here and tell us what selling an overpriced and basically useless product for which you get a commission has got anything to do with helping your subscribers.

    And I always thought you were one of the good guys. Quelle disappointment!

      1. @SD, WTF? I watched the whole fucking video and she never took her top off. Goddammit Salty! I want those four minutes back.

        1. @Bruce Dickinson ::

          Personally :: I hope she puts on a sweater … and a coat … and walks str8 the hell out of the Temple of Doom.

          1. Hey, I go to all these conferences and I still haven’t got any Syndicate dick. What am I doing wrong?

            Thanks, Laura.

      2. I wouldn’t say she’s hot, but I must say Laura “Motormouth” Schroeder is a cute lil girly lady, but the constant gaggling and babbling about nothing takes the cuteness away. Is she related to Maria Andros? She could be Maria’s “genius” of the family.

    1. @Not You Too, Laura,

      Laura Roeder said Eben Pagan was her “personal mentor” on one of her long-ass sales pages. She’s Sydicate-trained all the way.

      1. @Duff, aren’t they “Third Tribe” or whatever? The Baby Syndicate? Her & Johnny Traumatic & Brian Clark & Dave Navarro (not the rock star), that whole crowd all shill the same junk and promote each other with disingenuous testimonials.

        @Bruce Dickinson, her reedy voice is quite the turnoff. She could team up with Maria Andros and turn me gay.

        1. @Slowly Waking,

          Baby Syndicate–I like that. Third Tribe = Fraud 2.0.

          They definitely the same kind of transparently syndicate-like structure, and many (perhaps all) of these folks are “B-team” affiliates for the Syndicate too.

        2. @Slowly Waking,

          The irony is that they founded Third Tribe as this sort of “ethical alternative club” after Seth Godin questioned Brain Clark’s shift towards money grubbing “marketing” and his association with Walker and his ilk.

          Seth Godin is probably still shaking his head.

      2. @Duff,

        Hopefully she’s reformable cuz she’s hot, and it would be a shame to have to out her. Hot chicks get a bye…for now…

          1. @Duff,

            Could You Use A Free Plan For Promoting with Social Media?

            Headline debunked:

            Could you use a few minutes starring at my face while i’m writing about social media?

            I’m a clever girl, I have a plan. It’s really good, it’s social media-related. I don’t know if I know what social media really is, but i Like the word it’s kinda buzzy and if you don’t know what it is either but you want to know something you dont know what is, well im hot and clever and i can make you fantasize about having sex with me, so I think you should pay me money.

            Wanna use social media to find the raving fans that buy everything YOU offer?

            You Bet Laura! Me had no idea I was a facebook celebrity, thanks for letting me know. Can’t wait to convince people on the internet who don’t even know me yet that they are my fans.

            No bs. straightforward Review of Lauras little girly hyrli social media project:

            Laura is clearly not a social media expert. My advice to her is that if she wants to make money on the internet, she should sumbit a couple of youtube videos of her doing Yoga .

            And then maybe, just maybe she might be discoverd by the owner of a hot-babe workout video website.

            Im not sexist, i’m just being honest.

          2. @Duff,

            Yes, so true. And now, the hot chicks are beginning to use globalization as a tool to spread their pretty girl chit-chat networking bullshit all over the globe. It’s our responsibility to try and clean it up.

            It really doesn’t matter how hot Laura is. What matters is that she’s social proof-shitting all over the place.

            If she wants to expose her face and make money, she can contact a model-agency.

            I know her type.

            The Up to date, social techno-freakish woman who can’t leave her cell phone or laptop alone for just one minute. Her interests involves sitting down in random places and drink cafe latte and chat with friends. Makes her feel cultural, sophisticated and classy.

            her ego is fed by the belief that she’s “in” and know what’s going on. She doesn’t know shit.

          3. Hey guys,

            I think Laura Roeder is a scammer. That’s my humble opinion. But I’m also a feminist and don’t like it when people insult women based on their appearances. Many women in our society have serious body image issues, including very attractive women. I know it may be a lot to ask given the tone of these comments here, but could we avoid insulting any of the ladies based on their appearance and stick to criticism of scammy products?


            1. @Duff ::

              Knowing full well that I’m being a hypocrite with a double standard … I strenuously agree.

              It’s not about Laura … fuck her {not literally} if she’s a scammer. It’s about other ladies … nice ladies … who hear the objectifying bullshit and think of themselves. It makes me dreadfully uncomfortable.

              I don’t feel like many men take it personally when I call The Gnome a Gnome. It just hurts the Gnome … and that’s the Gnome’s problem.

              Once upon a time I wanted to post about Carrie Wilkerson … because of the whole Belcher situation … and her funneling to him … yada yada. But I couldn’t do it because I knew the ensuing fat jokes would hurt all sorts of people other than the “Barefoot” “Executive”.

              Lady scammers must also be mocked into submission … but more carefully.

            2. @Duff

              Well put, and I wish that was a general rule for the internet. Why do blokes always assume the right to pass judgment on a woman’s looks? If women went to the same lengths to comment about men’s looks or the amount of testosterone they perceive in male comments, every discussion would immediately get bogged down.

              (That said, as far as I’m concerned the Droid gets a free pass for obvious reasons.)

            3. @Duff, I know you don’t like it when people insult someone based on their appearance. But you didn’t say anything about canines insulting people.

              My cocker spaniel, Nugget, thinks Maria Andros looks like she could qualify for the Kentucky Derby (as a longshot).

              Nugget would have made that comment himself, but hasn’t finished “Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing” yet. He’s looking forward to becoming a regular contributor here.

        1. @Will, but she’s not really hot– she’s the annoying, stuck-up girl who *acts* hot and starts dating your buddy, and then makes his life a living hell, and he’s afraid to break up with her because he *thinks* she’s hot and everyone seems to agree on it, even though she’s plain, annoying, self-centered and stinks of MMO.

          Another danger of “social proof.”

          1. @Slowly Waking, Geez all that from a four minute video? She’s annoying as hell, but guys are the guilty party. If a woman annoys you why date her in the first place – “pump and dump” is much less painful, and I am not talking about the stock market :)

        2. @Will,

          She’s hot?

          Do you have a thing about girls that have a face like a horse with a mop on their head and a touch of down syndrome?

          If that massive fringe wasn’t there she’d have a face that’s like 18 inches long..

          Oh yeah and she’s clearly a scammer in the making, if not already.

      3. @Duff,

        “she’s syndicate-trained all the way”

        …and in more ways that one.

        I wonder how much “launch formula” she’s gone through to get big names to mail.

      4. @Duff, I would say that Eben Pagan is a fucking piece of shit but that would be an insult to shit. All these “may the Syndicate rot in hell” comments need to stop. There is no hell. Therefore, they need to rot fucking now.

  18. FYI: For the benefit of anyone who wants the absolute best SEO advice, tools, and info, SEOBOOK.COM is “the” go-to resource. SEOBook has been around for YEARS and is managed by long-time, respected SEO expert Aaron Wall (look him up). Nothing else even comes close.

    There are lots of free resources at SEOBook, in addition to an AWESOME subscription service that goes WAY beyond all of the “wannabe” SEO sites out there. Don’t even bother with anything else.

    1. @Chip, Aaron Wall is another scammer.
      He sells overpriced seo junk that you could
      get in a $15 book. is an overpriced scam!

      1. @Johnson, You’re obviously a scammer, because All the REPUTABLE experts acknowledge Aaron Wall and SEOBook. He’s got more real connections to Google than all the other posers combined, and that’s easily confirmed with a simple search.

    2. @Chip ::

      I can vouch for the value of Aaron’s free content … that’s for fucking sure. Hims is smart … and his writing is so precise and detailed. I’ve learned all sorts of cool and interesting stuff over there. But I do wish we could quit mentioning the membership site thing. If you want to read about good products to buy … read ANY other site on the web. This is the things to definitely not-buy website.

      And if you don’t have revenue … you shouldn’t be buying anything. And if you’re using your credit card … then you aren’t really “buying” … you’re selling yourself into slavery to the worstest of the worst companies.

      On the other hand {sort of} :: Aaron is a reader … and I’m sure we’d all love to hear his smarty pants opinion about Scribe SEO.

      Dumb or dumbest SEO thing ever?

      Objection! Leading question.


      1. @SD, Unfortunately, Brian and Aaron were good friends back in the day, and may have even worked together. So…I don’t think he’d make a public attack, regardless of his thoughts. If he HASN’T reviewed Scribe, I’d say that’s statement enough.

        1. @Sundog, Oh wait, found something relevant on one of his blog posts:

          Aaron – What are your thoughts on Brian Clark’s recent project, Scribe? Would love to see a review of that software.

          highlite15 on April 06, 2010 04:21 PM

          Have not tried it yet. But thusfar mostly I use the Google search results as a keyword research tool when fine tuning a page (just wrote a SEL article about that which should be published tomorrow).

          Aaron Wall on April 06, 2010 04:35 PM

  19. I had to go read the douche-bag’s comments. What an idiot. I’m wondering when he is going to show up here and make an ass of himself. Or maybe he did learn his lesson. I am surprised non of the usual suspect trolls have shown up in his defense. What’s up with that?

    Hey Lis, did the Kiwis invent SEO? Sorry, a joke between us Yanks and the Kiwis I work with – they are always telling me what you guys invented – cropdusting was the best one…

    1. @Dave, well of course we invented cropdusting, also powdered flight (Wright brothers had better publicity), the Hamilton jet engine, the pavlova and the yanks have never got over us kicking out your nuclear powered boats either. SEO – though – hmmm not sure about that one!

  20. After reading the various blogs and the comments on those blogs and this article here, I have come to only one conclusion: Brian Clark is a big fat misogynist, weak coward.

    Making e-threats online because people are expressing their opinion of your products is weak and so childish. It exposes your weak lawyering “skills”, and it’s obvious you are afraid to come and say any of that crap to Saltydroid’s face. More over, it reveals your true intention, to make a quick and easy buck at the expense of other’s financial demise.

    I don’t get why you dbags think that this is a big accomplishment. Lis Sowerbutt standing up to you, now THAT is BIG and an accomplishment. It takes guts to step out of line and speak your mind, no matter what the risk.

    And now Lis has us here backing her up…and there’s a lot of us, Brian Clark, what do you have to say for yourself?

  21. I just noticed something, about this post and the comments: no Brian Clark replying and making threats.

    Interesting, n’est pas?

    Maybe he’s taking a page out of Walker’s “don’t pay attention to haters” post and just not commenting because of that. Maybe, he realizes he’s outgunned and won’t bother taking a pot shot here. Maybe, he’s sending nasty-gram emails to the Droid.

    Regardless, I think the silence speaks volumes.

    1. @Rafael Marquez ::

      Nary a word from the big bad bully … of course.

      He’s “uniquely positioned” to turn his back run … just like all the other big bad bullies on this site.

  22. Andy Beard wrote this as part of a post on Sept 10:

    Liz has a review of Scribe SEO that I agree with. I actually wrote one myself to post on SEOBullshit but pulled it, then I was going to post it here, then I decided if I can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.
    I don’t need to pay $30/month to be reminded to include keywords in my titles, but then I am not the intended audience.

    Read more: Google Scribe SEO

    Hey Brian Clark (Coppyblogger)- are you going to also threaten suit against Andy Beard as well since he expressed his OPINION of your frauduct?

      1. @rob sellen,

        RE: Andy – Exactly Rob! Andy *knows* his stuff. He isn’t some newbie. Will Brian call Andy a “fool” and the people that follow him “fools”?? DOUBTFUL!

        Brian Clark: There’s the line drawn in the sand. Go ahead, step over it. Accuse Andy of all the things you’ve accused Lissie. If your product is that good and you are that sure (of it and yourself), go ahead.


  23. Frankly, I’m stunned that in 2010, anyone could release this kind of product at all. Regardless of price point, a bit of software that tells you to have 65 character title tags and – amazing – include your keywords in your content is the equivalent of telling people that if they don’t turn on their computer, it’s unlikely to work.

    Utterly worthless, in my not very humble opinion.

  24. I have been quitely reading your writing for a while and this post was the shiznit that actually persuaded me enough to comment here and say…

    Good shit Salty. I Enjoy your writing. You should probably add “write a novel” to your shit-to-do-one-day before I die list.

    but then again, Droids don’t die, they just rust…

    1. @Jack, “The whole world has to answer right now to tell you once again…” Brian Clark is a very mean lean internet attorney machine. He is the biggest of the baddest and the baddest of the biggest.

      He’s Michael Jackson Bad so tell yo momma, yo sister and yo daddy too. Shomone.


  25. Droid,

    Was it really necessary to photoshop a goatee onto the woman on the right?
    I think you went a bit too far….


    1. @Fake Blogger, you are so wrong for that!! LMAO
      But yea, I thought that too when I first looked at that pic. LOL LOL

  26. Dammit Droid, would you stop doing that? You’re killing all my heroes. Next thing I know you’ll be posting that Santa is a fake, and all those toys and presents are frauducts. Geez.

    I don’t call my website Internet Marketing Junkie for nothing. I’ve tried almost all this stuff. So for the record…

    I signed up for Scribe SEO early on, so I got the big deal 300 uses for $27 deal. I installed it on a couple of sites. Tried it out, and found it pretty useless. It kept identifying keywords that I wasn’t trying to rank for and giving me a bad score for not trying to rank for them.

    As others have pointed out, there are free products that do mostly the same things.

    They do make it real easy to cancel. They have a nice link right on top of the site to do so.

    I also signed up for Teaching Sells. It looks like a good product, so my only complaint on that one is price. I started going through the course, then really bad things happened in our family and I stopped the course. I plan to go back to it sometime. I think it is decent stuff.

    I did the Third Tribe thing for awhile. Didn’t find it worth the price and canceled.

    I’ve never met Brian Clark, but I admit I’ll have much less respect for him after seeing the comments he’s left on other blogs. Copyblogger does have some very good material, and is worth reading.

    I never met Sonia Simone in person but have met her in a virtual setting through her Remarkable Marketing Blueprint product. She seems like a nice lady that cares about her customers. She was active and engaged in the forums.

    Maybe I’ll have to post a review of Scribe now myself.

  27. 2008. Brian is working for himself.

    2009. Brian is working for Ed Dale.

    2010. Brian belongs to Ed Dale and does whatever he is told.

    Trust me on this. It isn’t common knowledge. Brian Clark is one of the many blogs that Dale took over in 2009 / 2010 by various nefarious means.

    Brian is still a liar and a con man and a cheat but Ed Dale is pulling those strings. Same goes for poor little Laura who used to be a nice girl but has become yet another syndicate bitch.

  28. @Kyle, perhaps a little detail is needed before this can be taken at all seriously.

    From a whois search, the registrant for is Copyblogger Media LLC.

    And Brian Gardner of StudioPress tells us who’s in Brian C’s merry band –

    “About Copyblogger Media, LLC

    Joining Brian Clark and myself in this new venture as partners are Sean Jackson (creator of Scribe SEO), Tony Clark (co-creator of Teaching Sells, Third Tribe, and a new WordPress product called Premise), and Sonia Simone (Senior Editor of Copyblogger and co-founder of Third Tribe with Brian, Chris Brogan, and Darren Rowse).

    As a full-fledged new media company, Copyblogger Media, LLC will have multiple lines of business, including online education and live events. But the thing that caught my attention was Brian’s vision for a suite of software tools, specifically for the WordPress space. As you may know, Brian Clark no longer works with Chris Pearson and Thesis, so there was a missing part.”

    So, no sign of Ed Dale anywhere!

    1. @Really? ::

      Speaking of blogs that refuse to publish my comments … and we are fellow Chicagoans too.

      How uncivilized.

  29. I seem to be one of the only people here that likes Brian’s writing- I loved copyblogger when Brian was the only person writing for it.

    Having said that, I am in agreement with most of the people about his business opportunities. They are overpriced.

    However, I also wanted to comment on Brian’s defamation claim – this is a silly claim that would never make out of the pleadings stage. Nor, is it advisable to threaten legal action – just do it. Anything else looks hamfisted and foolish.

  30. Ed Dale does control Brian Clark, even if it is a reasonably well guarded secret.

    The proof?

    Brian Clark used to have a pretty good little business. But then he started to pimp Kern / Dale frauducts out of nowhere.

    Ever stop to ask why?

    We know it’s not money because we know that Dale’s affiliates don’t make jack shit, so what can it be?

    Dale desperately wanted social media proof so he paid off / threatened / persuaded a number of high profile bloggers. Some took the bait, some took the money, some ran away afraid, some nodded obediently.

    It all coincided with Chris Pearson leaving the nest because of a dispute over whether or not Thesis was open source. That left Clark needing a WordPress product to fill the void. Kajabi anyone?

  31. Oh dear, Kyle, you’re going to have to do better than that.

    “The proof?

    Brian Clark used to have a pretty good little business. But then he started to pimp Kern / Dale frauducts out of nowhere.

    Ever stop to ask why?”

    There are many potential reasons why he might start flogging overpriced material that have nothing to do with supposedly being “controlled” by Ed Dale. So again you’re not giving us any evidence.

    And you say that “it all coincided with Chris Pearson leaving the nest because of a dispute over whether or not Thesis was open source”. But that happened this year and you wrote in your previous comment “2009. Brian is working for Ed Dale.”

    So you can’t even get your story straight.

    I wonder what your reasons are for trying to create this little diversion….

  32. There’s no diversion here. Holy crap, if you think I’m making a diversion then you really have read one to many conspiracy theories!

    Look, all of them, Brain Clark, his girlfriend / wife, his handler Ed Dale, all of them, the whole fucking lot of them – all scammers who should rot in hell.

    Just look at Ed Dale’s moves over the last few years. He has hoovered up blogs that have big readerships by hook or by crook (usually by both) and used them to promote syndicate crap.

    I’m not excusing anyone! They are ALL con men and liars. Just don’t miss the guy at the top of the tree.

    Chris Pearson is the only one with any integrity at all and look what he did – he ran a mile. It’s not a coincidence.

    But hey, if you think I’m creating a diversion, fine. I’m just a bit confused. Who am I supposed to be excusing here? I want them ALL to go down for the crimes they have committed, not just the ones the bottom feeders like Clark.

  33. the fear brian has of salty is both obvious and hilarious when compared to his unwitting and instant assault on the woman he -looked down- upon.


    1. @brad, that’s usually the case. Now he not only has people reporting him to law enforcement for his crimes, but he also has a cyber crew reporting him to his church. Not sure if it will do any good, though. If Brian doesn’t care about jail, then he certainly wouldn’t care about social pressure of the church, would he? Who knows what these weirdos think, I feel sorry for him, because if he thought he was having headaches and sleepless nights before….lord of have mercy now.

  34. I saw this review of SEO scribe. Its a shame because I thought Graywolf was a good guy.

    Disclosure: I was given beta access to this tool and the above post does contain affiliate links. However I’m comfortable recommending this tool since I have tested it on several commercial websites I run and have been satisfied with the results.

    Its saddening how much a few dollars in affiliate commission can turn good guys bad.

    Keep up the good work droid.

  35. SD, the Internet Marketer doth protest too much…

    LOL. What a bunch of scamming crybabies in a big circle-jerk. What’s the matter, some POS made money that you didn’t? What a delusion bunch of people, especially big-bad “salty droid” with your cute little “::”.

    Are you trying to save those of us that are dolts out here that could be scammed by BC just so you can scam us instead? Come on now, Mr. Salty, what are you hocking that has real value? Your pithy comments, ‘salted’ with impressive rants? Troll much?

    The idea that I should fork over any more of my money to any of you (and I have tried some programs and products – bleh) to learn how to get others to fork money over to me selling your affiliate shit products is just so… well Salty, why don’t you fill in the blank with your “original” bs.

    It’s just hilarious how much people in IM believe the tripe they dish.

    Yeah, good luck with that.

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