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Salty Droid

Debbie Does Witchcraft

Happy Halloween!

Not really.

I told my fake secretary Debbie :: NO COSTUMES! :: this is a professional operation. I don’t want a parade of fagatronics around here … especially in service of the devil’s day.

But she ignored me completely … per the usual … and came dressed as a goat witch.

“Are you insane Debbie?” :: I scream tantrumed.

People come here for world class fake robotics :: not to be subjected to juvenility and mildly slutty goat based witchcraft. I should have her flogged … but I’m not sure what that means … or who I could outsource it to … and Debbie has had a tough year {she lost a favorite lamp in a tragic boating accident … it’s really too sad to talk about}.

I guess I’ll just have to reschedule my meeting with the Co-Senior-Joint-Head of the Super Important Committee’s Committee.

>> bleep bloop


I love you Kate.

You're so my best thing.