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Salty Droid Ten

Welcome to SaltyDroid 2018.

I’m Jason Jones. I write this website.

Hello World!

We’ve never really talked before. I’ve spent almost a decade inhabiting the voice of an angry internet robot, hiding my real self behind an abstractionist curtain.

It’s been fun. It’s been funny.

But I feel like I should make a confession:

I’m a nice person … and a bit of a stable genius.

Did you know?

Avant-garde troll is just a hilarious costume I wear to make my do-gooding less cloying. Most of my enemies fail to figure that out in time.

Internet troll is a high probability internet outcome, while internet do-gooder is low probability internet unicorn. People expect the expected, and so always assume that I am the horror that I pretend to be.

Fighting a troll is easy (if you know what you’re doing). Fighting a me is hard (even if you know what you’re doing). Fighting a me while you are under the misapprehension that I am a troll … is impossible.

This joke / technique was good enough to last almost a decade without staling. But now, given the near total collapse of our civil discourse, and the associated decay of our community spirit, I wonder if it’s time for a bit of a change.

Suddenly, I’m feeling like it’s overt kindness that’s become the most subversive tone. I’ve got that spec lying dormant in my skill tree, and I think I’ll embrace it by writing increasingly as myself during SaltyDroid Year Ten.

Ten Years

Ten years?

Oh my gosh, ten years.

Year Ten is going to be all about lawyering, and I will need to post a bunch of stuff without snark…

With minimal snark…

Well, with less snark.