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Mashed Circle of Success

Did I mention that :: in partnership with Miami litigation firm Mark Migdal & HaydenJones@Law has filed a real facesmacker of lawsuit against 20 ton turd salad Herbalife?

pdf pic

I know “20 ton turd salad” is fancy lawyer talk :: I think it’s latin or something … I’m sorry for talking over your empty little heads with my advanced scholarship.

Yesterday Truth in Advertising posted the RICO complaint to their important site … along with the above video {which looks like something I would make minus the creepy background track that I so shamelessly overuse}.

The crazy thing is :: after more than a year working non-stop full-time building a massive evidence file for this case … I still hadn’t seen many of the videos in the mashup!

Somehow TINA was able to summarize the {too long!} complaint :: and independently corroborate the pervasiveness of the core misrepresentations presented therein … before a single member of the financial press could even manage to blurb the story.

… turd salads.

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