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The People vs Herbalife

I started thinking about Herbalife in 2009 … when Liz Neuman died in James Arthur Ray’s fake sweat lodge. Liz got her first tastes of Death Ray’s self-help poison while attending Herbalife related events.

The deadly fake sweat lodge {that killed three people and seriously injured many others} was the culmination of James Ray International’s “Spiritual Warrior” weekend :: a deeply manipulative $10,000 event … the most expensive in a never ending sequence of events that Ray dubbed the “Journey of Power.”

These events are dangerous :: weaponized fraud … and they permeate the scam industry. Every wretched festering scamhole I’ve climbed down has contained one of these escalating event sequences at the heart of the harm … anchoring victims to the bottom of Lake Misery.

Many scams :: like the one I raged about here in 2013 {owned and operated by the now President of the United States of America} … are nothing but events.

I’ve attended these events.
I’ve disrupted these events.
I’ve written about these events.
I’ve refused to speak at these events.

Events. Events. Events.

… in a loop.

Events. Events. Events.

… in a loop.

The first long running research expose on this site was about Perry Belcher :: self-proclaimed Twitter expert … and court-proclaimed felony fraudster. I smacked Belcher about his neck and face with satire until he vanished himself from the Twitters :: but it didn’t matter one hot bit … because the event based scam continued unabated.

Here’s a picture sent to me by a less-than-satisfied customer of Perry Belcher’s big event this year ::

… aboard the bridge of the starship USS Bullshitery …

Taking down a starship captain like Belcher wouldn’t/didn’t matter because it turned out that Belcher was part of a cartel {The Syndicate} :: and The Syndicate cartel was part of a bigger cartel … and it was fucking cartels all the way down!

Here’s The Syndicate’s faux-Godfather Frank Kern telling attendees of a never ending sequence of Internet Marketing events that they need to run their businesses “like the mafia”.

Good advice … if you love jail.

Because you’re not really allowed to run anything “like the mafia” :: there are actually laws against it and stuff … though you’d barely know it given the almost total lack of meaningful white collar criminal enforcement.

SaltyDroid Goes 2 Court

So the new era of this semi-satirical-site starts with an event racketeering lawsuit filed on behalf of hundreds of thousands of victims :: in conjunction with a law firm of lawyers experienced at lawyering … and representing eight extremely brave and amazing victims of an ongoing humanitarian tragedy.

Rodgers vs. Herbalife ::

pdf pic

… filed today in federal court.

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