Donald Trump’s Rich Dad University



Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki are like backrubbing besties … and stuff.

Two “Men” :: One “Message”

That message?

Give us ALL your fucking money {and all the money you can borrow} so we can keep pretending to be self-made millionaires.

It’s not a very good message. But the book doesn’t need to be good :: because like most such books … it’s just loss leader lead gen for the darkside ops on the backend.

In our Oprahized culture :: having celebrity is much more important than having credibility … and it’s turning America’s collective mind into a can of Paula Deen’s Slightly Racist Tomato Paste™.

Don Trump :: who is a mediocre used car salesman in 9 out of 10 J.J. Abrams parallel universes … was just sued by the New York Attorney General’s office for his {full disclosure … not a university} Trump University.

The New York Times

The lawsuit, which seeks restitution of at least $40 million, accused Mr. Trump, the Trump Organization and others involved with the school of running it as an unlicensed educational institution from 2005 to 2011 and making false claims about its classes in what was described as “an elaborate bait-and-switch.”

Ha! … couldn’t have happened to a douchier douche.

“Classes” is quite a generous way to describe a seminar upsell series though. And instead of “bait-and-switch” :: it’s really more like a bait-and-bait-and-bait-and-fuck-you.

This three-day seminar was itself “an upsell,” the lawsuit said, for increasingly costly “Trump Elite” packages that included so-called personal mentorship programs at $35,000 a course.

Yep :: that’s how they do it … try not to die in a sweat lodge while you’re at it.

A consumer class action complaint filed against Trump {not a} University in 2010 :: details some pretty shocking {if you’re not a regular reader of this fake robot site} fucking details …

“Trump University representatives also told students during the three-day seminar to raise their credit card limits four times during the break for “real estate transactions,” and had students prepare detailed financial statements, presumably for real estate purchases. In fact, Trump’s real reason for having students increase their credit limits and provide detailed financial statements was to assess how much money each student had to spend on the next Trump seminar, and to persuade the students to use their increased credit limit to purchase the Trump Gold Program for $34,995.”

Funny :: in the not funny way … how Trump University is so exactly like Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad scam seminar series. In this stellar takedown of Rich Dad on CBC’s Marketplace :: Rich Dad seminar salesman are shown making scripts available for victims to use when trying to get their credit card limits raised during the break.

The similarities between Rich Dad and TrumpU are so striking :: it’s almost like neither of these two fake fuckheads came up with the ideas … and are instead just working from a well-developed playbook … what James Arthur Ray had his minions calling “the syntax.”

Speakers used the same slide presentation, the same script, and even had detailed instructions for the presentation, down to where the speakers and coordinators should stand, the temperature of the room and the music to be played during the Introduction – “Money, Money, Money” from the Apprentice show.

In classic scamworld fashion :: Trump countersued the victims of his fake university :: claiming that their letters disputing charges with credit card companies :: and complaints made to the Better Business Bureau about getting ripped off … constituted a grievous defamation. This from the appeal of the district court’s refusal to apply anti-SLAPP laws to the rich white guy {per the usual} …

To this Trump University responded with a counterclaim asserting that “defamatory rhetoric” it lifted out of context from Makaeff’s earlier letters to her bank and the BBB had done it great harm. Asserting that Makaeff “found herself in a ‘precarious financial position,’” and “desperate for cash,” Trump University demanded damages for Makaeff’s so-called “defamatory rhetoric” that it claimed “may equal or exceed $1,000,000.”

… I guess you prolly didn’t hear about that in the “news” :: because they were so busy retweeting the plights of Crystal Cox and giving Donald Trump television shows.

Trump’s “quotes” are like Yogi Berra fucked a spambot.

Back to NYTimes …

“No one, no matter how rich or famous they are, has a right to scam hardworking New Yorkers,” Mr. Schneiderman said in the statement. “Anyone who does should expect to be held accountable.”

Whatever … such government bullshit.

First) It took you almost ten years.

Second) Very close to nothing has ever been done about this out in the open epic problem :: so rich crooks should continue to “expect” to get away with doing whatever the fuck they want … up to and including murder by manipulation.

Trump University’s $40 million over eight years isn’t even a particularly impressive return in the land of the unicorns. I’d be surprised if Rich Dad had done anything less than five times that much damage over a similar period. And there are hundreds of such operations :: The Donald is just the tip of the {unmelting} iceberg.


Trump says the NY Attorney General’s suit is “politically motivated” :: his lawyer calling it “tantamount to extortion” … and on Monday Trump went on the not news show Fox & Friends to blame the whole thing on Obama

[Trump] baselessly speculated that President Obama was using the lawsuit to politically target him, noting that Schneiderman and Obama met two days before the suit was filed and saying, “Maybe this is a mini IRS.” Co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy agreed with Trump that the president may have been involved, noting, “The president hasn’t liked you for a while.”

I guess we’re supposed to believe that Trump is some kind of Republican … and not just a massive asshole spoiled richboy idiot who’s only ever been all about he himself and him.


But how to blame the black guy for this 2010 notice of investigation by the Attorney General of Texas? Maybe it was the handiwork of the all-powerful Texas for Obama Illuminati?

In 2005 :: about the same time Trump University started ripping off normal people and {according to the 2010 class action} targeting senior citizens … The New York Times’ Timothy O’Brien concluded that D-Trump was worth far less than his vainglorious self-reporting would indicate. Trump sued O’Brien for defamation … and lost.

I don’t mind getting sued for calling Donald Trump a fucking scammer :: because he clearly is one … and risking my robot ass for little old ladies hustled out of their retirements is what this site is all about. But I don’t wanna get sued for saying Donald Trump isn’t actually a billionaire … because I couldn’t possibly care less.

So I guess I’m legally obligated to assume that Mr. Trump is worth $6 billion. In which case :: he’s one of the most disgusting pigs to ever to make my ignominious list of disgusting pigs. Putting working class Americans deep into debt just to pour $40 million of gravy over your already attained {using daddy’s money} multiple billions? Unconscionable doesn’t even begin to describe it.

As citizens :: we can’t fire Donald Trump … nor can we ducktape his always flapping mouth shut and set him on fire for being the first witch {ever!} to sport a combover. But if we wanted to get serious about rooting out the gigantic fraud bombs that continue to endanger the survival of our social order :: and if we wanted to protect our invigorating and always innovating capitalist system :: then we could arrest his lying poser ass … and actually hold him to account. Because if this is okay … what isn’t okay?

We could :: we should … we must … but we won’t.

Come on America :: I wanna believe in you again … like I believe in Clint Dempsey.


>> bleep bloop

57 thoughts on “Donald Trump’s Rich Dad University”

  1. I don’t about what this so-called “Trump University” can be. I guess maybe it’s probably some sort of private U.S. citizen?

  2. A friend dragged me to one of those free seminars in which they get you to sign up for this paid drivel. It was like 1500 for a 2 day seminar. I couldn’t convince her not to sign up. It was soooo obviously skeevy. The main thing to me is why would someone give you the knowledge to compete with them unless they were making tons of money selling it to you.

    1. @Syd, The method is easily explained in one sentence:
      Sell people the idea that you can teach them to make lots of money.

      That’s it.
      You’ll note there is nothing in there about the idea being true or useful, or good, or anything like that, but hey, profit!

  3. Well Droid,
    I am VERY impressed with both this and the post you did earlier on Belgium and Herbalife.
    I truly take my hat off to you and bow for acknowledging that the malaise of MLM (pyramid schemes to you and me and anyone who can do math) is indeed one that has American origins.

    This topic is huge, and unfortunately has a tendency to reduce everyone to mentioning Hitler within seconds, so please allow me to go first on this :)

    I know it may seem like a disjointed weird stretch of the imagination, but really, it does all go back to the Nazis. I think the average American circa 1940 or so was a truly generally good guy. I also think he was probably a lot more naive than the average European, but so are children, and I don’t think less of them for it. However, the parassitic elite banking class, which really is a form of life that should not be confused with humanity, did (and does) fund the first and second world wars, and in fact, essentially perverted the whole concept of money itself so as to ensure that money, the actual stuff you carry in your wallet, worked in a way that was rooted in debt instead of credit.

    In essence the two world wars were heavily influenced by anglo-american bankers, who funded Hitler. This is not conspiracy theory, if you have any interest on this you can read Wall Street and Hitler by Antony Sutton, as a single (short) volume, it shows a lot of the links quite clearly and with unassailable evidence.

    Unfortunately, the Nazi way of thinking has not died out, it is alive and well and growing and much of this growing has been done in America. It is not coincience that the space programme and the CIA as a whole, (as well as elements of the KGB) were essentially stuffed with ex-nazis. Again, don’t take my word for it. You could do worse than read a couple of books by Peter Levenda ont he subject as his research is beyond reproach.

    The point is that the general Nazistic/totalitarian/control regime itself rests on a concept that the Germans actually have a word to define, but that in English the closest you come to as a literal translation is “World-view-warfare”.
    Change how people think and you have already won before you need to bomb them, rob, them, put in camps or whatever you will do with them.

    The very concepts we accepts as regular and normal are themselves in many cases abominations. If people were mostly sane and not actually living in a brainwashed mass of humanity, things like Monsanto, the Federal reserve, the REALITY of things like 9/11 etc. would literally bring the common people with pitchforks and torches to the white house and the steps of parliament in the UK and actually hang/guillotine etc. the bastards who run things.

    Sadly, the brainwashing has been done. It is gone so far now that one can only hope the veil begins to fall from people’s eyes en-masse.
    The fact that mentioning the FACT that something like 9/11 did NOT and could NOT have happened the way we are told it did itself shows how far gone we all are. I mean the lies we are told defy not just common sense. They defy the laws of physics now and yet mention that and suddenly you are the bad guy.

    I commend your work as always, because at least it may help prevent some poor fucker from becoming any further brainwashed and broke to boot, but seriously…I still think the best hope we have is aliens coming to our rescue with a “make them ethical” ray-gun.

    As for the average American now, I still think at heart he is a good guy, but he is more brainwashed than he was in 1940 (I could be wrong on this in the sense that the brainwashing was probably on par, but on different topics) and less naive, and also more likely to think “me first” just because “me first” is what he has been exposed to since he was born. By his government, by his education, by the whole system of “money” and so on. With little reprieve.

    In such a world, your site is actually one of the few “deprogramming” ones on the whole huge fucking Internet. More power to you droid. I would never have the staying power to go your course the way you do, but know a lot of us, even some of the ones with whom, like me, you may have fundamental philosophical differences in approach, are rooting for you all the way.
    Thanks for continuing to post.

    1. @G,

      “9/11/ Laws of physics/FACT”?

      Sorry can’t quite go with you there dude.

      +1 on your writing style tho.

      1. @2+2=4,
        And that’s why I rest my case buddy.
        I do not want to hijack this thread to start a 9/11 flame war that will invariably involve Hitler (and I already mentioned him so I win, HA!)
        But seriously, if you believe the official story, then colour yourself zombie my friend, cause you are well indoctrinated and you know how much uses for brains zombies have right?

        Building 7 collapsed out of what? Fear? Might as well be. Nothing hit that sucker and it collapsed on its own footprint just like the other two towers, which by the way could NOT collapse that way in an uncontrolled catastrophic failure of the steel elements of the building.
        Which themselves would not have collapsed because of the reasons they say they did (heat mostly) in the time they did. I am of course summarizing, but start there and get first a good basic understanding of some engineering realities and physics in general.

        Or just skip to whatever hit the Pentagon, which sure as shit was NOT what they say hit it. Jumbo jets and their five ton engines do NOT vapourize on impact. Nor do they leave a hole smaller than themselves when they hit a building.

        I could go into some more detail on the forensics that was done on the few scraps of thermite melted steel that was taken from the scene before the US government wiped out ALL forensic evidence in record time, but hey…details right? who needs those.

        So again, PLEASE do some research yourself first. Or don’t. Most people agree with you by the way. You have that nice thing on your side.

        PS: As someone else said somewhere, and if you buy that 9/11 story, I got another one for you about a guy called Osama that they “got” and then “buried at sea”. There’s even a movie about it so you know that one really happened the way they say they did. Despite you know…the lack of any actual proof.

    2. @G,

      I can’t go with you on the “we are all brainwashed”, either. We could go all philosophical here, get existential, examine our biases and the nature of reality…we could go the route of the determinists and say that free will doesn’t even exist, it’s all just going to play out the way it plays out. Personally, when I listen to stuff like that, I think, then what’s the point of it all? Why don’t we just all convert to (insert your favorite cult here) and become Shiny Happy People (or Shiny Happy Sheeple, rather. Or Shiny Happy Pormanteaus. I want to be a Portmanteau).

      I do agree with you on this: “As for the average American now, I still think at heart he is a good guy”, (although I would have written “he or she is a good person”… because that is the way I am).

      Democracy is for sure really not perfect and there is a a lot of really shockingly bad stuff happening, agreed. And War–well, What-Is-It-Good-For?-Absolutely-Nothing-(Say-It-Again), agreed. But I think democracies, and the people who understand what they are, and there are a good number of them, are still obsessed with freedom and equality, and are still pointed in the direction of achieving those things.

      i am free, for example, to go on line and look up “9-11 defies the laws of physics” and investigate, My government is not blocking me from doing that, physically or psychologically. I do not feel afraid or guilty looking that up.

      I also agree with you that the droid is awesome, that politically and power-structure wise, things are pretty bad, and that we need to keep speaking up. I just don’t want the difference between totalitarianism and democracy to get blurred, I guess. Or to muddy up what the concept of brainwashing means. We do still live in a free society, basically….for now anyway.

      I am in a rush and have to run, I hope I haven’t muddled what I am trying to say :)

        1. @Parannoyed Dragon, well, yeah, probably not the correct thread for dietary debates. Can’t say I am in love with the title of the link provided, either…”slim down without trying” sounds too much like “how to make money online (without working)”…

          But anyways…

          Fortunately, in our world we are allowed to have debates about low carb diets versus the old school pyramid idea versus any other ideas about how diet and exercise are involved in promoting good health and longevity. I didn’t feel that Michelle Obama was shoving the new “My Plate” idea down my throat, so to speak, in 2011 (can’t say that I was all that impressed with it either). But I do feel that Herbalife distributors try to shove their meal replacement agenda down everyone’s throats. Have you ever seen comments threads where they come on to defend Herbalife? It is something scary to behold.

          Am I weird? I feel I still live in a free society. I wish we could get some campaign finance reform going and undo Citizen’s United with a constitutional amendment and some other things too. But I don’t feel that I am in any cults or that our government is totalitarian at this point.

          But I think there are cults in out midst, many of which Salty exposes here on this site.

          Am I wrong here? Maybe I missed the point of G., maybe I misinterpreted.

          Out here in non-cult mainstream normal world America, I think we have to be more worried that the only things that seem to engage a lot of Americans are things like Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. That is more concerning, that we don’t utilize our freedom towards more constructive ends, than that information is being withheld from us.

          Fortunately, in our land o’ the free, we are still also allowed to expose and analyze The Donald. So let’s get back to that. And let us do go ahead and throw in some hair jokes to liven things up because humor always helps enormously.

          1. @2+2=4,

            Ask and ye shall receive:

            And while this particular joke is certainly (word of the day it would appear) not representative of the other, more jocular of the bunch:

            “Donald Trump is going to make an announcement about running for President on the season finale of ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’ Not to be outdone, the same night the Cake Boss will reveal his plan for overhauling Medicare.” –Conan O’Brien

            I would just like to coiffure it up as the penultimate example that Combovers and Carbs CAN mutually co-exist in a blissful state of harmony and symbiosis.

            The others are sure tickle your eyebrows (cause OMG, they’re fucking weird as hell!)

  4. Disturbed by Donald’s hair. Each strand appears to have been brushed four or five different ways simultaneously. His hair makes me feel like I’m looking at an MC Escher painting.

  5. I am delighted that the little robot has taken on this story — and, as usual, from an angle that most of the mainstream media have neglected. Because Trump is such a high-profile buffoon, this is another excellent chance to hammer home the point that this kind of thing goes on all the time, every day, in Scamworld, via the Internet, TV infomercials, and radio and print ads. And for the most part the scams are perpetrated by people who don’t have nearly the notoriety that Trump does — which in a way makes them even more insidious.

    I think the fact that you brought the Rich Dad Poor Dad scampire, and Death Ray, into the picture will help make more people aware of the scope of the problem. I’m still not sure that the masses of people will really get the message, or that if they do they will think it is actually a big deal… and in this case, Trump’s high-profile buffoonery can work against the mission to inform as much as it can work in favor of that mission. But all you (we) can do is keep trying.

  6. In an epic pâté-a-pâté battle for the coveted World Ultimate Combover crown between Donald “the ginger king of fraud” Trump vs. Benny “the sly silver fox of god” Hinn, whose farcical follicles will reign supreme?

    (He’s also been divinely gifted with witch exorcism prowesses).

    In a tenth J. J. Abrams parallel universe, with a Judaeo-Christian twist, imposterpastor Sith Lord Hinn will find out that the Don Skyscraper is really his son, father AND holy shit!

    The newly formed hoary hairy alliance will then start a joint Pray for Property venture
    and reality TV show called The Dark Apprentice.

    Hey…..weirder stuff has happened!

  7. Good post, as ever.

    About Trumpie’s net worth: you might not care about how much he’s worth, but I kinda do. I think it’s relevant to establishing motive for scamming. If his net worth is only $250 million or $788 million…

    No wait, on second thought, you’re right {again}, Salty. For the sake of the argument (that I was making, that I’m about to abandon), let’s pretend it’s an Alt Universe where we get to Know For Sure that Trumpie is only worth $250 million.


    FUCK! What, like $250 million isn’t enough for you, Trumpie? I guess ya gotta have cash flow, eh? $250 mil might not last long if you keep burning the money as fast as it comes in.


    $250 mil… or Six hemorrhaging-fuck billion U.S. dollars… whatever. Doesn’t matter.

    The real estate guru fraud Trumpie lives on is egregiously horrible either way.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

  8. Balls, dog. For your own spiritual wellbeing, stop “wanning” to believe. So long as money is printed out of thin air, handed to cronies, and then used to buy off the “regulators,” it ain’t never gonna happen. This is why YOU, and your commenters, indexed by search engines—for folks TRYING to perform SOME type of due diligence—are ALL we have. It’s FAR better than nothing. Be proud of that, you’ve earned it. And it actually has a positive effect, as evidenced by the many random commenters on your site. GREAT work, and thank you for your service. Rest assured, that there are those of us “out there” who really appreciate your crusade.

    I ran a bunch of random searches this week on scammers, and you come up on page 1-2 of ALL searches. Good work! When I first found you, I found you on, like, page 15 of search results. A massive improvement and victory for you, and your commenters. Good job, everyone. I know, SD, that you want much larger victories, and perhaps they will come in time. Until then, you are ONE human, making a huge difference, in one of the very few ways available to a single individual.

    Make no mistake droids: collectively, SD and its readership has saved many from heartache and ruin. As depressing are our present state of affairs, pat yourselves on the back for that. You’ve earned it (and protected many). Keep the faith, and celebrate the small victories. They will lead to larger ones in the future.

    We have truth. They have lies. Truth ALWAYS outs, but sometimes it takes longer than we would like.

    BTW, SD, if you could please expose the false flag reasons why we should NOT hop onto the frauduct of going to kill brown Syrians, in the face of Putin’s admonitions (WW3), now would be a good time. Just kidding. You’re focused on your mission, and we REALLY appreciate you for that. Thanks again for your service.

    A supporter.

  9. Just to be pedantic (read: detail oriented), I do believe that Rich Dad seminars upsell you TWICE, from free to $500 1 day seminars, then to the $2500 weekend seminars. Seems Trump (whatever) just upsell you once.

    Just dotting the i’s and crossing the T’s. ;)

    1. @K. Chang,

      Maybe it has changed, but I remember me saying Rich Dad’s free event sells the $199 to $995 three-day event which sells the advanced training.

    2. @K. Chang ::

      Not really … way more complications and variables than that.

      It’s much closer to accurate to say :: the upsells never stop … people just eventually run out of money … and/or sanity.

  10. Timothy O’Brien of the NY Times wrote a book about Trump’s supposed billions. It seems that Trump inherited close to 500 million from his family and family of his first wife and used his acumen to turn that 500 into somewhere between 150 and 250 million. He also describes his petitioning of Forbes for inclusion in their magazine’s lists.

    So this scam was pulled (most likely) because Trump needed the money.

  11. Of that 150 – 200 million, several hundred million in debt (to banks, partner companies and subcontractors) has been dismissed or “reorganized” after Trump’s bankruptcy filing. So a lot of that money he claims to have was just stolen (legally stolen but try to explain that to the contractors who were forced to accept pennies on the dollar settling with Trump)

    there are currently entire areas in the US where no contractors, bonding companies or realtors will deal with Trump at all. Many just avoid him quietly due to his love of lawsuits. He would gladly spend a million countersuing someone for defamation than paying them the half a million he owes them.

    1. @Tom Banjo ::

      Tom Wolfe’s second novel “A Man in Full’ :: gives a very interesting {though fictional} glimpse behind the scenes of the surprisingly creepy world of real estate moguling. It’s not quite as bad as just straight scamming little old ladies in bulk … but it still seems pretty bad.

      1. @SD, There is an entire world of dirty tricks and thievery going on among the moguls, many of whom believe that their development is the only important thing (in some cases they believe god is on their side) Many of them are willing and happy to ruin everyone in their path, even those who help them create these developments. Look up Tessler Developments in NYC, the main Tessler had millions in liens against his developments, was a major contributor to the Lehman Brothers collapse and was religious about not paying any subcontractors, any loans or any suppliers involved in his projects. The settlement in the end was: Tessler gets 30 million in cash, Lehman gets the buildings they invested in and the thousand contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, real estate professionals, attorneys got nothing for their years of work and/or supplies. Tessler’s argument for screwing everyone who ever dealt with him was “Lehman wouldn’t have given me 30 million if it wasn’t deserved” While everyone else knew that the 30 million would cover the liens on the property, Tessler felt it was his and took it all. Lehman Brothers made the deal because it would have cost them over 30 million to settle this matter in court and get either their loans back or foreclose several large development projects plus 10-12 years of legal wrangling to get it decided. They settled with Tessler, Tessler kept the money.

        1. “In addition to the $136.8 million senior loan on 1107 Broadway, Mr. Tessler owes $17 million in accrued interest, $10.6 million in default charges, a late fee of $6.8 million and about $7.5 million in other fees, according to the complaint.”

          He walked away with 30 million free and clear, never paid back a dime to the bank and left his contractors and subs with nothing but worthless contracts.

  12. In 1991, 1992, 2004, and again in 2009, Trump branded companies or properties have sought Chapter 11 protection.

  13. There was recently a documentary about him on the BBC. He’s attempting to build a golf course in Scotland in the face of massive local opposition. The documentary went on to question some of his business dealings in the US. If I remember correctly there was a development in Florida that left some investors/buyers facing heavy losses and the reporter confronted him about this. Apparently he licences the Trump name to third parties and his defence was the Florida development was one of these external projects that he had nothing to do with (apart from taking the money that they offered him to use his name). I wonder if this is the case with “Trump University” (do you think it’s a party college)I mean it’s no excuse, you’d think if it was a third party he’d be keen to exercise quality control.

      1. @Marc,

        Wow! Everything they hinted at in the opening segment was actually a hundred times worse than I expected it to be. For instance, when they mentioned Mafia connections {which don’t exist because the Mafia isn’t real, right?}, I expected that to be on the construction side, not the finance side. And they didn’t even get to the intentional bankruptcies @Tom Banjo mentioned.

        Here are instructions for watching it outside the UK. They worked for me.

        The Trump Entrepreneur Institute (formerly known as Trump University) is not just licensing Trump’s endorsement. On page 7 of the lawsuit PDF in the OP, item 18a reads:

        Donald Trump is the founder and Chairman of Trump University – according to Trump University seminar presenters, Donald Trump owns Trump University “lock, stock and barrel,” and it is his “baby, his company.”

        And here, for a moment, I have to push aside thoughts of the frightened homeowners in the Panorama video, the construction companies brought to true bankruptcy by Trump’s strategic bankruptcies, and victims of The Trump Entrepreneur Institute like Tarla M., who lost $60,000 in a single year. I push them out of my mind and say …

        Mua ha ha ha! Trump got greedy and now he got got.

        Trump’s skeezy real estate BFF Robert Kiyosaki was smart enough to license his name to Whitney Information Network and let them work the con, take the heat, reorganize into Tigrent Inc., and continue paying him his licensing fee. Evidently Trump wasn’t content to collect a licensing fee: he wanted in on the con. As the founder and chairman, he can’t just blame it all on a third party.

        1. @Lanna,

          Those instructions for viewing outside of the UK are elaborate and geeky. Cool!

          I will try to get that going sometime this evening or over the weekend.

          I find it ironic that the TV show sample at the end is for the Apprentice.

          Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. @Marc,

      The documentary went on to question some of his business dealings in the US. If I remember correctly there was a development in Florida that left some investors/buyers facing heavy losses and the reporter confronted him about this. Apparently he licences the Trump name to third parties and his defence was the Florida development was one of these external projects that he had nothing to do with (apart from taking the money that they offered him to use his name).

      Kiyosaki does sh*t like that too. And so did/do the scammers that sell peoples’ names and phone numbers to boiler rooms.

      In a sense, MLMs do that too since all those poor schmucks out there are labeled “distributors” or “independent contractors”.

      It’s because it’s a situation where there is no real Product in any meaningful sense. It’s all sizzle and no steak. Just a stone at the bottom of an empty pot. Strip all the glamor of “Trump University” and what would you have? A very, very expensive high-pressure “sales” smoke-and-mirrors environment designed to make you want to give them all your money.. and as much credit card debt as you can.

      It doesn’t work on everybody all the time. But by the numbers it’s almost guaranteed to work each and every unique individual at one time or another. And that’s all they need to keep the {sick} machine running.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

  14. Fine article. Infuriating to read, but very well done.

    We might be drops in the ocean, but even small drops cause ripples. Starting with our nearest and dearest, we can educate and inform. If each person saves only one from falling into these honey-traps, then good enough. It’s a start.

    Keep up the great work.

  15. Speaking of James Arthur “Death” Ray: even though he has been released from prison after serving a disgracefully short sentence, he is still trying to get his negligent homicide convictions overturned. He must think that this will help him restore his Scamworld creds more rapidly. Oral arguments are set for September 11.

    He probably needn’t worry one way or the other. So many people still don’t know — or don’t care — what Ray has done. Why, just this morning I was having a conversation with a reasonably intelligent person on Facebook who, in response to a post about Ray’s efforts to get the convictions overturned, actually asked, in all seriousness, “Wasn’t he out of the area on business when the deaths occurred?” This person said he’d heard that somewhere.

    I answered, in part, “Actually… It is technically true, I suppose, that Ray did go ‘out of the area on business’ as soon as he could. After emerging from the sweat lodge, where there were sick and dying people on the ground outside the lodge, Ray was hosed off by assistants, and he reportedly stood around pretending to be helping for a while, and then he high-tailed it back to his comfy quarters, where he was found sitting in his underwear eating a sandwich when investigators showed up later (at that time, two people — James Shore and Kirby Brown — had died at the scene).

    “But then after questioning he was released, and he flew back home to Cali as soon as he could, while the third victim, Liz Neuman, lay in a coma in a hospital in Arizona. He never even tried to visit her there — probably on advice of lawyers, though I don’t know. Liz lay there for nine days before the family made the painful decision to withdraw life support…”

    There is still so much ignorance and apathy — and lack of outrage — about this case of a Scamworld player who actually killed people. How can we expect there to be outrage about some billionaire buffoon running a fake university?

    This certainly doesn’t mean we should quit trying, though.

    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      “He probably needn’t worry one way or the other. So many people still don’t know — or don’t care — what Ray has done”

      Grotesque though it sounds, I suspect that Ray will soon be profiting off a perverse kind of cachet.

      “Are you ready for the most EXTREME SELF ACTUALISATION JOURNEY OF YOUR LIFE? Step right up and sign this waiver! True spiritual warriors only! People have DIED doing this!”

      1. @MawBTS, Well, that’s a possibility if all else fails, I suppose, but at this point I think Ray is trying to distance himself from that unpleasant death meme. Also, he promised the court he would never do another sweat lodge or other physically dangerous activity again.

        Not that we can necessarily trust a promise from him, unless he is legally restrained from such activities. But the fact that he is trying to get his conviction overturned even at this late date would seem to indicate that he would rather just sweep the deaths and injuries under the rug if he possibly can.

  16. The Trump University account was passed around to several floors here in Utah for years. So many people bought the program because of the Trump name. I would have thought he would have done some homework on the “Coaching” industry before he got into it. Don’t worry though, you can still be affiliated with him through another business venture. It’s an MLM, ACN.

    1. @InTheKnow ::

      Were the floors pushing the seminars, or like coaching upsells? I don’t quite get that part in this situation … enlighten me.

      … and … the “Trump is an MLM” post is coming up :: so everyone hold their brilliant observations on that particular subject for an upcoming day/thread.

      1. @SD, It works a couple different ways. Some companies do their own seminars and then do what’s know as the “back end sale” from their own company. All the back end sale is is to upsell people to coaching that bought one of the packages offered at the seminar. Those leads are known as buyer leads and they are worth their weight in gold to a marketer. The DPL (Dollars Per Lead) typically on a seminar buyer lead is typically 1k to 5k per lead. That’s huge. The more well know guru’s leads would probably fall into the 3-5k per lead on the buyers. Whether someone bought at the seminar or not they will still get a call from a sales floor to sell them a program/ coaching whatever they can. Most companies farm out their leads to sales floors to do the back end sales for them. This is where all these companies that you hear about in Utah come into play. To give people some idea of the difference. A typical biz op internet download lead would have a DPL of $100-$300 lead, once in a while a little more but rarely. Just so people are aware the big thing now is all the flipping home shows that keep popping up every week. That is the most dominate market now for seminars. And people are still dishing out the money to a lot of the same floors and still getting the same coaching from the other Real Estate program they bought a few years back. The sales scripts from each floor are almost identical, even though they all claim to have the best sales script. I’ll even type one in here sometime and anyone who has had a sales call from a seminar they went to or a biz op program they downloaded will recognize it. Any other questions let me know I’ll try to answer as best I can.

        1. @InTheKnow ::

          So what kind of DPL averages would we be talking about :: in the seminar context … for the non-buyer leads?

          Let’s say we have three stacks of leads:

          a) big buyers – full unicornian brainwashing already in place … worth 3-5k per {holy shit!}
          b) medium buyers – they stopped purchasing sometime before the end of the original sequence
          c) schwag – they just attended the free event and stopped

          So :: who decides how these three stacks are distributed among the various floors? Obviously everyone wants a) … but someone’s gotta do c).

          The guru’s think they are controlling that distribution :: but I get the sense that that’s not actually the case. Once you feed them in … the beast has a mind of its own.

          1. @SD, The buyers or buyer/buyers as they’re called in the industry, depending on the company will offer programs usually from around 8k to 40k. I’d say the average range at a seminar is around 15k-25k. If they have you in a seat at a 3 day seminar you can bet they’re going to hit you up for a lot. The ones who go to the preview but don’t pay the $197 knocked down from $1197 only for today, to go to the 3 day seminar are known as non attende/non buyers. The people that pay to go to the seminar but don’t buy are known as attende non buyers. It’s hard to say what the DPL is on them but i’d guess $100-$300. The people that go to the seminar that don’t buy typically have no money or realize that it was a 3 day sales pitch, but I don’t know why they wouldn’t realize that before they went, and there was no great secrets that were given out that you couldn’t find for free on the internet. Heres a big surprise for a lot of people. Lets say a person went to the seminar wanted to purchase but didn’t know their financial situation at the time, amazingly you’ll get a call in a week or 2 and be offered the same price that they offered at the seminar even though eveyone was told that the discounted price was only for that day. The non attende/non buyer is basically a worthless lead but it will still get called. A few small sales will come from those. If a floor has seminar leads they will have all the different types of leads to call from buyer/buyers to non attende/non buyers. Sometimes a guru/company will have their leads on a couple different floors for competition to see if one company does a better job of selling than another. IMO the guru’s don’t really care too much about a few bad reviews. With how much is money is generated and little chance of being shut down it’s not really a concern.

            1. @InTheKnow ::

              Very interesting.

              I’d love to see a script from the Trump account. I wonder if they try to mention The Apprentice at regular intervals.

            2. @InTheKnow,

              Any idea about these two, also:

              1. % of DPL from reselling leads in each SD scenario?
              2. # of times leads resold typically?

              Also, if you want to tell us for how long (#days) the lead is called “fresh” or “hot” before it loses most of the value?

  17. Trump try’s to value his brand TRUMP
    at billions. More than half his worth.

    Then he just licenses the rights to put his name Trump on Other peoples buildings.

    If he was good, Apprentice #1 Bill Rancic would have stayed.

    I guess we’re supposed to believe that Trump is some kind of Republican … and not just a massive asshole spoiled richboy idiot who’s only ever been all about he himself and him.

  18. @Jack, I’m not sure what the DPL on leads are that are resold because there are many things that can be offered to a lead that has been sold and is being reworked. It is worth it for companies to do it though. The person might be offered basically the same thing, or it could be a completely different biz op. They might also be called about setting up a business entity. A person might even get called about joining an MLM. A lead can be resold indefinitely. Leads have been called years after they were originally generated. A lot of them won’t be interested in anything, some won’t even remember what they originally purchased, a lot of the numbers will be invalid, and some will be interested in what is being offered. I would say leads are considered “fresh” for a couple weeks. They will still be called after that but that is when it’s the highest probability that a sale will be generated from it. Usually after about 2 weeks to a month, depending on the type of lead, if the lead has not been contacted it will be turned in and reprinted. Then what will happen is it will be put back on the floor at a later time. Newer marketers will typically be the one who call those. That lead is known as a “Rehash Lead” and there still are some deals in them, not a lot, but some.

  19. When Trump is trumpeting his net worth to Forbes and petitioning them to include him in their list of billionaires everything with the word Trump in it belongs to him, even the game of bridge is his. When Trump branded developments start to falter and investors start losing money, all of a sudden this development, that building, everything in Mexico and Florida are just license deals, the Donald has no control over them.

    His casinos are all his when talking to Forbes, but he becomes a minor owner and a licenser of the Trump name when they start to lose money or go bankrupt. There is a story that when Trump was still involved in “his” casinos and couldn’t make his loan payment, his dad went to the casino and purchased enough chips to cover the interest payment that was due.

    In real terms, Trump is worth negative 150 million if you count the money he inherited from his and first wife’s families, the money he never paid his partners, investors, contractors etc. Unfortunately he has plenty of cash to pay lawyers, so publishing this info is always far more expensive to a publisher than it is worth.

  20. Ha…SamAntar tweeted:

    Memo to @realDonaldTrump: You should have located your “university” in Utah. Their AGs bend over backwards for campaign contributors.

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