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Each time The Droid starts firing the Shame Cannons at a new target :: The scamming cockroach starts flopping around spasmodically. Their idiotic and pained reactions have been fueling my late night batteries with joy juice.

My recent smack downs of AssClown Dr. Kilstein have not proved an exception. His response has been disturbingly dark, and hilariously ironic.

After the Victimizing the Victim post went up, Karin Hiebert tweeted the link {as ALL of you should be doing for justice, friendship, and butterflies}.

KarinHiebert: ‘Survivors!” ? —> “malcontent sick people who have banded together and given themselves a cause” @DrKilstein

KarinHiebert: I am absolutely disgusted beyond belief.

Exactly! It was very disturbing to read and write about. I understand that people behave in this way :: But reading Kilstein’s comments was like witnessing it first hand :: And it made one feel icky {at best}.

[Enter Not-Doctor Kilstein slouching on a broomstick]

The Doctor of Love and Yoga Altruism sends this DM {a private message in Twitter} to Karin ::

“This person also published that I killed my infant daughter who died or a cardiac malformation. Nice guy huh. He’s a troll”

WOW! :: Just Wow!

  1. False :: to a silly degree. I should hope that NO reader of this blog would need to be told that twice.

  2. Disturbing :: Did he actually lose a daughter, and now he’s using her in a petty lie that he’s telling on the Internet? Or is he making up a dead daughter who never existed? Either way :: it’s soulless in a way that I have a hard time joking about.

  3. Clueless :: He told this MEGA LIE to the OMG WORST possible person. Karin is herself a victim and survivor of sexual abuse. It’s something that she talks about openly, and often. She is also OBVIOUSLY a friend of mine. She’s written blog posts about me :: Talked about me on Twitter :: Tweeted links to other posts of mine :: And commented on this very blog about the correlation between sexual abusers and financial abusers {link}. Karin didn’t need to ask me if this garbage was true or not … and this DM was in my possession moments later {THANKS! Karin}.

  4. Pointless :: Notice that Karin’s original tweet Quotes Kilstein … not The Droid. It’s him :: ON THE RECORD :: Belittling victims of abuse in a VILE way. Even if his accusations against me were true … that would change nothing about the DISGUSTING nature of his conduct.

  5. Defamation :: I’ve been getting ignorant threats about defamation lawsuits every couple of weeks since the beginning of this project. They are all IGNORED … because it’s next to impossible to win a defamation case in the United States. Speech {the mother of all rights} is highly protected. You’d usually have to show that the defamatory statement was a clear lie, told knowingly, with the purpose of causing harm to reputation. Normal companies and citizens just don’t do stupid shit like that. There is usually an element of mistake or confusion in people’s misleading statements :: They are trying to get at the truth but, for some reason or other, they miss. That IS NOT a winning case and a lawsuit is a waste of time and money. But here is Dr. Doofus making up a lie that will only get worse and worse upon closer inspection. It’s the Oh-So-Rare “easy” defamation case. Don’t you assholes understand that I don’t want to be lawyer anymore? Every time I try to get out … you keep pulling me back in!

A special tip of my RobotHat to Karin for letting me publish this with her as my named source. It puts her into Dr. Dumbo’s direct line of fire :: And there are clearly no levels to which he will not stoop. But be warned Not-Doctor Kilstein :: I WILL protect my friends like a RABID DOG. Want to ensure that I file that defamation lawsuit? Then send Karin a couple of nasty emails or threats. Say something negative about her on Twitter. Start calling her at home and heavy breathing. Make ONE fucking move against her … I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!

Allow me to reiterate :: You are FINISHED on the Internet.

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