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Harlan Kilstein :: Victimizing the Victim


Not-Doctor Harlan Kilstein isn’t all about Finger Healing, bad posture, and Internet scams. He has other hobbies too. Here are some of Dr. Kilstein’s favorite things ::

  • Hot vinegar colonics {3 per day}

  • Movies starring Sandra Bullock {3 per day}

  • Pretending to understand sports

  • Sexual confusion {not recommended}

  • Shopping at Dumpies {Apparel for misshapen men}

  • Viciously attacking the survivors of rape and sexual assault … and those who advocate on their behalf

Oh No You Didn’t! - {A play in one act}

[StreetUrchins 1 & 2 will both be played by ShrunkenDown GordonBrowns]


StreetUrchin 1 ::** WAIT WAIT WAIT!!** That last one … go back to that one … it sounded a bit unorthodox. Did he happen to say “attacking the victims of sexual assault, and their advocates?” Because that’s what it sounded like to me. Please tell me that’s not what he said … gov’nor.

StreetUrchin 2 :: Well, someone has to do it … gov’nor

StreetUrchin 1 :: No, I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure no one has to … gov’nor

StreetUrchin 2 :: Who amongst us is brave enough to stand up for the rights of the Powerful to oppress and victimize the Weak? … gov’nor

StreetUrchin 1 ::** WHAT?!?** That’s not bravery you daft prick … it’s cowardice. The powerful are already defended by the corrupt institutions from which power flows. They DON’T need any extra fucking help … gov’nor

StreetUrchin 2 :: Well, if no one does it … then people will start thinking they should report **EVERY **rape. We don’t want that … imagine all the paper work … gov’nor

StreetUrchin 1 :: Oy Vey!Gov’nor

{The End.}

Dr. Kilstein {Posting as “rebtsvi”} attacking victims who reported a Rabbi for sexual misconduct {Link} ::

“It’s a sham.

There’s no evidence. Just a bunch of looney tunes women with mental issues.

There aren’t any victims of Rabbi Tendler.

It is all a manufactured coordinated sham but a bunch of malcontent sick people who have banded together and given themselves a cause.”

Oh Sweet Jesus! Oh .. I .. I mean .. did he just .. what the .. ah .. bleeeeeep .. {Error 426 :: Loss_for_Words}

“What, it isn’t enough that your strange kinky perversions are made known on one blog, you need the entire world to know about your relationship with NAMBLA?

Stop smoking crack. It’s affecting your brain.

You’re repeating yourself. It’s a sign of heavy drug use.

You are a master-baiter in the art of presupposition.

Where did you get this crap from dirt bag?”

Dr. Kilstein reserves some of his worst venom for Vicki Polin. She deserves it! Vicki is a trained trauma counselor and a survivor of abuse. She’s been advocating for victims for more than 20 years. Vicki is the Executive Director of a non-profit advocacy group :: The Awareness Center :: Their web site is stacked full of useful links and information in the battle against sexual predators. Dr. Doofus, show us what you got ::

Vicki, what do little children taste like?

Do you remember eating them?

I don’t know why, perhaps it’s part of your schizo personality, that you have to take up space on two blogs.

It could be because Vicki is incredibly hungry for baby barbecue but there may just be another reason.

Your fat alter ego wants to invent an abuse allegation.

All she does is blame her therapist. She’s never taken responsibility for it.

Vicki has spent her life failing to distinguish between the innocent and the guilty.”

Yep! That’s our loving friend Dr. Kilstein. I hope Vicki learned her lesson {apparent lesson = people are fucking AWFUL and trying to help them is a total crap job}.

Jewish Survivors of Sexual Violence Speak Out :: And AssHole Kilstein speaks back :: {Link :: Link}

“Since you can’t seem to shut your mouth, I guess I’ll have to have your gmail account shut down as well.

You just don’t know when to shut up.

Oh, and here’s the best one!

I’m working on a very special project, just for you. When you see it, I’m sure you’ll be pleased.

So __, keep this up if you like. So far, your reptation has taken a beating.

All the people who saw your emails asked if you were mentally disturbed.”

And How! Trying to destroy the reputation of the victims publicly … while threatening them privately. That’s totally old school {in the bad way}.

Well guess what Kilstein? You disgusting pervert :: You rat fuck :: You sick cowardly sycophant :: You have just become a “Very Special Project” of mine. I will haunt your every move from now until the Robot Invasion :: You are FINISHED on the Internet. Watch and learn!

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