BlogWorld in Scamworld

BlogWorld New Media Expo Cofounder & CEO Rick Calvert {he insists that you call him by his full title on all occasions} … was born in a small stupid town that sat right outside a slightly larger stupid town. Rick always wanted to live in the slightly larger stupid town {where all the good people lived} :: but his family was too poor …

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Brian Clark :: A is for Asshole

Operation CRUSH the fucking boiler rooms has officially begun …

… but then we had to pause to talk about newts and Twitter spammers and such so I could mention that I was quoted in one of America’s original science magazines. Woot!  Nerd-gasm! Wanna talk some more about that?  Cause I will …


Okay fine :: but as long as we’re on the subject of stupid Twitter bullshit …

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7 Ways to Respond Maturely to Criticism

Copyblogger’s Brian Clark no like me.

Me so sad :: me want to cry. How will me ever succeed on the blogs now?

I’ve been critical of Brian Clark’s vapid message :: his parasitic existence :: his censorship of dissent :: his being a big fat unreasonable bully :: and the total uselessness of his useless products.

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Scribes of Silence

Scribe SEO :: the first two words of this post are Scribe and SEO.  It doesn’t make that much sense.

Remember when I already used this photo?

Its file name is :: copyblogger-sonia-simone-brian-clark.jpg

What a lame and stupid file name. Back in the before time :: it would have had a fucking awesome name like …

  • awkward-moments.jpg
  • dumpy-love.jpg
  • touching-more-than-the-hem.jpg


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