Brian Clark :: A is for Asshole

... hold me!

Operation CRUSH the fucking boiler rooms has officially begun …

… but then we had to pause to talk about newts and Twitter spammers and such so I could mention that I was quoted in one of America’s original science magazines. Woot!  Nerd-gasm! Wanna talk some more about that?  Cause I will …


Okay fine :: but as long as we’re on the subject of stupid Twitter bullshit … let’s linger for a moment on turd eating chumpsicle Brian Clark.

Brian Clark is a copyblogger. A copyblogger :: for those of you not in the know about dumb stuff :: is like a problogger who uses all of his copying skillz to make him some serious shoemonies that he shoves in his brogan. I think :: maybe :: something like that.

Either that or it’s a totally fake thing :: talking about a totally fake thing :: and then charging people totally real money for that totally fake thing.  But that’s just me guessing based on facts and research and interviews and informants and three epic years of lingering around the bottom of the bottom with a data recorder and a bad attitude.

Maybe I’m wrong when I say that I think Copyblogger’s Brian Clark is one of the worst scammers on the Internet. Maybe … maybe I’m wrong. But just in case I’m not wrong I better say it again …

I think Copyblogger’s Brian Clark is one of the worst scammers on the Internet.

Neicole Crepeau is not a professional investigator of Internet darkness :: as you can tell by the title of one of her recent posts … Is Social Media Getting Sleazy?

Ha!  OMG … question mark abuse! Plus :: it’s already so nicely alliterated and the extra words distract …

Sleazy Social Media


Social Media Sleazy


SEO Sleazy Social Media SEO

Anywayz :: here’s Neicole …

“I’ve recently learned about and seen some activities that make me question how we’re conducting business on the social web, and whether it may cause the social media backlash many have feared.”

… but just set the “some” in “some activities” equal to the “some” in this sentence …

There is some pornography available on the Internet.

Neicole thinks Twitter follow spamming :: buying Facebook fans :: and other such Gingrich-style activities are lame.

“The problem seems to be our drive for numbers of one kind or another: more followers, more website visitors, more backlinks.”

Or :: and sticking with Neicole’s unnecessary question mark motif :: maybe the problem is that it’s all about the money?

Neicole also had the nerve to make a non-sycophantic reference to copyblogger’s Brian Clark :: all the “copybloggers” have now been removed from the reference thanks to a typically spasmodic reaction from same said Brian Clark …


Sleazy Brian Clark … copyblogger


“So, as part of this consultant’s package, he finds good sites (mostly blogs) that cover topics relevant to his client’s business, and ones that take guest posts. He builds a list of these websites. I happened to get a glance at his list for one client, and was surprised to see ****** on it.

The SEO consultant pays different companies who specialize in writing keyword-soaked content on a relevant topic, with appropriate backlinks to his client’s website. They submit the content to the selected high-traffic blog to create backlinks.

This all suggests that a reasonable portion of ******’s content is provided by third-parties who are paid simply to provide passable content with the sole intent of getting backlinks to client sites with appropriate keywords.”

Well :: at least somebody’s getting paid … how unusual.  I think it’s kinda refreshing actually :: but here comes sleazy Brian Clark harassing and threatening Neicole :: and raining on my “somebody got paid” parade …

“We don’t pay anyone for content outside of our organization. And no one pays us. To the extent a ghost-written post has been submitted to us, we’re not aware of it, and most of our guest writers are repeat contributors and people we respect.”

Copyblogger could pay high quality people to provide high quality written content :: but given how reliant copyblogger is on outside writing :: that would get expensive :: and many more Syndicate frauducts would have to be flogged to pay for it all. Much better for copyblogger to find sheeple who will write for free in exchange for the bump in perceived authority that is said to come with writing for an “A-list” blogging about blogging blog.

Like …

Naomi Dunford :: 7 Ways You’re Screwing Up Relationship Marketing

or …

Dave Navarro :: The 10 Essential Ingredients of Successful Sales Pages

Guest writers can use the perceived authority bump to sell their own “and you can too!” bullshit. Then when Clark releases ridiculously worthless products like Scribe SEO … “respected” guest writers with baseless authorita can be counted on for testimoanials.

Dave Navarro is “The Launch Coach” :: he’s like an expert on everything and stuff.  Buy some of his frauducts now if you want to suckcede just as hard the The Launch Coach has suckceeded. Naomi Dunford writes a blog called IttyBiz :: and she’s also an expert on everything and stuff.  Both Dave and Naomi disappeared from the Internets awhile back :: Naomi’s last entry started like this …

“You’re not an expert. You’re just some guy in his home office.”

So said the wife of someone I know, someone whose business brings in a little more than half a million dollars a year in profit.

Well :: Brian Clark’s marketing hero Jeff Walker knows just what to do in situations like this … scrape off the haters! A family that doesn’t believe in unicorns is not a family worth having.

Dave’s siblings and extended family were so unimpressed by his “run away and leave your kids” routine that they put up an open letter site calling for his return. Read more of the respectable story of Dave and Naomi there … Letters to Dave Navarro. I don’t usually write guest posts :: but I made an exception because I know how important guest posting was in the {d}evolution of Dave Navarro.

Back to Clark abusing Neicole because she’s a girl :: and because the bully that lives inside of him perceives her as weak …

We’re primarily a software company. How can you write about a company so recklessly with no idea what you’re talking about?

And give me the alleged SEOs name, because you’ve just joined him in a potentially unpleasant situation involving published lies – also known as libel.

How can you use the word recklessly so recklessly when you have no idea what you’re talking about?

Libel … also know as the wrong way to say defamation.

Tweets the ignorant bully …

“I’m sick of uncreative, ignorant people thinking they can say anything and get away with it. Libel laws exist for a reason.”

Oh shit :: that reminds me of how I wanted to keep saying that I think Copyblogger’s Brian Clark is one of the worst scammers on the Internet.

Thanks for reminding me!

I think that copyblogger Brian Clark is one of the worst scammers on the Internets.

I suggest you retract what you’ve said about ******. It’s not true and recklessly asserted, which crosses a line beyond “your opinion.” You didn’t even bother to contact anyone at ****** before publishing your unfounded assertions.

This isn’t a smart way to get attention.

Neicole Crepeau took her post down :: because even ignorant lawsuit threats are scary. It’s fucked :: and it happens all the time. But then she bravely thought better of it :: reposted it :: and talked about it on a boy’s blog where Clark was more likely to behave himself {cause that’s how dickless twats roll}. The dickless twat pseudo-apologized and then everyone was all like :: “oh … me so happy now … big happy family now … positivity is the king of the rainbows … blah blah blah.”

No … there is data in the fact that Clark reacts like this on a semi-regular basis. Ignore valuable data at your peril.

Last year Brian Clark posted about The Salty Droid :: revealing my already revealed identity and accusing me of being a failed acne Internet Marketer. It was offered as an assertion not as opinion :: it was published :: and it was totally wrong.

The same lies came out of Gotcha Sean McAlister’s blowhole five months later as he attempted an anonymous troll defense of a James Malinchak launch in which he had a direct and undisclosed financial interest.

Two d-bags with the same defamatory lies :: not a coincidence.

The Syndicate complied a file of {mostly inaccurate} personal information about Jason {and his family and friends} :: and then passed it around to the rest of the sick machine. I don’t recall Brian Clark attempting to contact me before publishing unfounded assertions propagated by a group that talks openly about wanting me dead. Gosh that sounds like recklessness :: not a smart way to try to get my attention.

Have I mentioned that I think Copyblogger’s Brian Clark is one of the biggest scammers on the Internet?

I can haz lawsuit now tough guy?

>> bleep bloop

69 thoughts on “Brian Clark :: A is for Asshole”

  1. Brian Clark is a bully, nothing more, nothing less. I have no problem with people doing facebook spam or any other kind of social media spam because I personally think that social media just attracts and almost begs for that kind of thing to happen. Social media is almost forcing people to want to chase numbers, often for no other reason than to get those numbers.

    That’s where I see a fork in the road between the naive and innocent number chases who just dick around on social media and, most importantly, don’t sell anything, and the sleazy marketers like the people you allude to in your post (Brian Clark, Darren Rowse, Chris Brogan etc.) who want to get numbers so they can sell frauducts to people for thousands of dollars.

    Being popular isn’t a crime and neither is wanting to be popular. Our society makes us crave popularity, at least until we are old enough to realize that it really doesn’t matter. The crime is when syndicates prey on the need to become popular and charge thousands of dollars for frauducts that claim to scratch that particular itch.

    Back to Clark. If his tweets are anything to go by he really is planning to retaliate and bring a law suite. Maybe it’s time to get the popcorn and a ringside seat.

    1. @He’s a bully,

      “Back to Clark. If his tweets are anything to go by he really is planning to retaliate and bring a law suite. Maybe it’s time to get the popcorn and a ringside seat.”

      As much as I would love to sit ringside and watch Clark get pulverized … nobody steps into the ring just to get knocked out. Salty basically just bitch slapped him in public and his only choice is to take it … because instead of a slap the lawsuit would be like getting hit with brass knuckes.

      But we can all quietly hope his is that dumb.

  2. Droid, you sick bastard….

    You really know how to kick someone when they’re down.

    Photo-shopping a goatee on Janet Reno and having Frank hold the frame is beyond despicable.
    Cancel my subscription immediately!

  3. Don’t you just hate it when a fake robot finds out you like to bully those you perceive as weak? It really sucks when that happens.

    1. @Salter ::

      I think that’s disgusting :: and I think Tim Ferris is disgusting :: and I’ll be getting to that sometime in the future.

      1. @SD,
        It was my birthday yesterday and This comment of yours really is a gift.
        I think I mentioned Timmy to you a while back. You even replied to me, which was so awesome I will probably frame the e-mail one day, once the rebellion has won.
        I shall eagerly await your expose. Feel free to let me know if you need some of the details too as I have been studying him a long time and gave him the benefit of the doubt several times only to come away each time with the evidence that indeed he is a douche.
        Also…I have now finally found the one common thread all of these fuckbags have in common. PUA.
        It all started with that shitty book The Game, written by, and featuring, the most pathetic excuse for members of the male species ever born. Timmy, as well as just about every one of the scammers you write about with the possible exception of the really very ugly and very gay ones, are in some way linked to PUAs. The most undersexed men on Earth, who invariably go insane due to lack of pussy in their lives and become the evil fraudsters with megalomania you so valiantly fight.
        I am stocking up on popcorn for the big day.

        1. @Giuseppe, the PUA scene has a syndicate too. But seems Salty does not care that much for it. His main focus is in the “get rich quick” scene.

          I disagree. The Game was not a shitty book. It was a well written sales letter. It sold not only other books, DVDs, seminars, It sold a entire subculture.

          1. @Dyler Thunder,
            Semantics I suppose, but I stand by my statement. It was and IS a shitty book. Now as a sales letter it might even be genial (though evil and covered in the crusty offerings of Neil Strauss and his circle-jerk friends) but it is sold and marketed as a book. And as a book it is shitty.

            I think Salty, for all his brilliance, may have a little faulty wiring in that he has not yet seemed to see the very deep links of PUA and scam-fuckers get-rich-quick schemes. They are in fact the very same people.

            It all started way back when with Richard Bandler, a well-known “guru” that snorted lots of coke, and was either the person who actually shot a woman in the face and killed her, or at the very least was an accessory to her murder. That fat piece of shit sold himself as the guru’s gurus and essentially spawned the Tony Robbins robot. After that guy, thousands of deluded bastards roamed the hills like zombies thinking NLP was the drug that would fix everything, and they set up a lot of companies teaching NLP. People think NLP stand for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, but in fact it stands for Never Licked Pussy. So these frustrated geek-tards with severe cases of personality disorders all in the “It’s all about me because that’s how it was when I was little and both my bitch-ass mommies/daddies did everything I wanted and now it seems it’s not and I want to cry” range of neurological pathology, got together and created the frauducts we all know and love. Without exception almost every one of these fraudulent fucks began to scam, steal, manipulate and damage lives in the hope of getting fame and riches so that someone, anyone, would actually have sex with them. Even if that happened they would still fail desperately because being incapable of empathy sex is basically just a mechanical act for them like say changing the oil in a car and no actual “filling of the gaping maw that is their soul” takes place.

            So I hope the droid, taxed as he is (I notice he seems to be a R4 version as opposed to the more advanced D2 (I know the nomenclature is backwards, blame Lucas) so maybe we can help by getting him larger memory banks so he can sift the data more thoroughly) When he gets round to seeing the links, I am sure salty will eventually write more about these fuckers.
            Keep in mind that Eban Pagan, the far less successful and a lot more pathetic (so much so it’s actually funny) Mehow and a few others make the transition from “I can sell you magic fairy dust that will get you laid” to “I can sell you unicorns that will make you rich”, so it’s only a matter of time before Salty points the lasers of death on these parasites too. When he does I am bringing popcorn and marshmellows.

            1. @Giuseppe, Frank Kern did the launch of Neil Strauss product. Frank and Neil are friends with Eben Pagan (whose pen name is David DeAngelo).

              Eben is friends with Hypnotica (owner of a strip club where one of the girls slept with Charlie Sheen). Hypnotica appears in the product launched by Kern. Hypnotica and Eben studied Ross Jeffries materials. Jeffries went to Gary Halbert and maybe Dan Kennedy seminars to master copywriting.

              Ross Jeffries learn his stuff from Bandler and Kenrick. Kenrick was a partner of Harlan Kilstein. Harlan Kilstein wrote the sales letter of the Neil product that Frank launched.

            2. @Giuseppe,

              How is Eben Pagan “less successful?”

              He lives in one apartment and rents a second apartment in the same building for his office.

              The highlight of his day is drinking a veggie shake and sticking a neti pot up his nose.

              Don’t all rich gurus live like this?

  4. I’ve seen Brian Clark’s nasty, bullying comments on other people’s blogs. He really comes across as a huge egostical asshole. I imagine he spits when he talks.

    Copyblogger’s motto should be: “Repeating and rephrasing you to death, one post at a time.”

    Just staying AWAY from copyblogger could raise someone’s IQ by 40 points or more.

  5. I know we’re not supposed to judge people on their looks but this guy’s looks just scream asshole. He describes himself as “a recovering attorney”. Does that mean he drank while attempting to practice law?

    He goes on to say that he “empowers people to grow their businesses”. Grow a business and OPM, (other people’s money), are surefire clues that you’re dealing with an asshole and a scammer. Whenever those two terms are used people should clutch their wallets tightly and RUN!

    1. @Barbara ::

      Yeah … especially OPM. If someone says OPM to you … hit them over the head with a chair because they are scum.

      I wonder if anyone knows what State Brian is “recovering” from attorneying in? I’ve never seen him or anyone else mention the deets :: but I also try to avoid copyblogger types for fear they’ll put me into a trite-based-coma.

      1. @SD, the way he threatens people with suits for “nefariously egregious not-truthymongering” and other imaginary causes sure strikes me as “failed attorney.”

  6. I’ve been reading your blog since I came across it yesterday, Lisa’s blog on Scribe and the blow-up from Neicole’s article all over. One question that’s burning in my mind, if I want to make money online ethically and really help people (our country South Africa is a powder keg of unemployment waiting to explode) what would you suggest I do.

    I must also admit to buying StudioPress, and recently Premise, hehe :)

    1. @Haroun Kola ::

      I think you should keep reading about stuff here for a couple weeks and think about the answer to your question … cause it’s a big question.

      Is it possible to make money online in a way that offers a solution to the little guy … or some kind of answer to the current global malaise?

      What if the answer is no? Cause maybe no is the answer …

        1. @Haroun,
          In that case you now have made the shift from science to religion.
          What’s your position on unicorns? Because personally I really loved the scene from bladerunner and I was kinda hoping unicorns could be real…
          Evidence on that is pretty scant though…
          The evidence for making money online legitimately without selling snake oil may not be as low as the evidence for real unicorns but it’s kinda close.

          1. @Giuseppe, thanks for carefully dangled bait but no thanks, I won’t bite.

            I just want to make a difference in my world. I’ve been online since the start of the Internet in the early 90s when at university.

            Over the years I’ve bought a few of The Syndicate’s products, but
            dislike their snake oil tactics and grateful for this site, and others for exposing the scams for what they are.

            When I read on Copyblogger about the ‘third tribe’ I was excited in thinking that I’ve found at least someone with integrity but Brian now showing his true virtues has opened my eyes.

            I’ve started a project at a local primary school, introducing the work of the, which is inspirational and a model I’d like to follow.

            If you think the Syndicate is evil, you should take a look at the government that runs our country, it puts them to shame!

            I personally have earned some money from affiliate marketing and some ofl the things I’ve implemented have been from The Syndicate types.

            My favourite payment is for a forex brokerage account that pays me a little each month. I’m not greedy and don’t need a PayPal account with $$1000s flowing in every second, as shown on many of the hype sales page and I’ve helped set up some friend’s sites to promote their bricks and motar real businesses.

            Being all around Mr nice guy, means I’ll probably have a very nice next life, but I am greedy for virtue and I do crave for a space where people can learn about making online legitimately.

            And I want to know if you know where it is online. If not, then I’d like to be part of starting something!

            1. @Haroun,
              All governments suck hobo ass. SA’s government may admittedly suck hobo dog’s ass. I know, I lived there 13 years and have one of the shiny green passports too.

              I think everyone on this site has bought some scammy frauduct at some point. I know I spent a shitload on them at one time. In my particular case most of the money I spent was actually useful to me, but I would say I am an exception, I also earn decent money and could afford to waste it at the time (not that it’s ever a good idea to waste it, just saying, it never put me at risk financially, which is not true for everyone that gets roped in by them).
              I have since been cured, partly by learning hypnosis really well and then going to all sort of cults and noting the various brainwashing techniques. When I get the time I actually go to these places to try and hypnotise the speakers while they are on stage. Done it twice so far with funny consequences. Well…funny for me anyway. It’s kinda scary once you understand the mechanics of it. Most of the gurus are actually really bad at using these techniques, yet they brainwash thousands in a few hours a day….I am just amazed at the…lack of ethics. It’s weird. it’s like…if I did not have a soul I am sure I could outperform most of the well-known gurus at this shit, but I just couldn’t do it. It’s sort of like taking arazor to a baby’s face, creeps me out just thinking about it, but learning the skills is very useful in guarding against these fuckers, as well as giving them a taste of their own medicine by fucking with their heads any time I get to talk to them.
              It’s amazing the subtle suggestions you can implant in some of these guys if you get a few minutes with them.
              Good luck in your efforts man. Just watch out for the whole guru thing. They all suck. ALL. Because they are all humans and humans suck. Generally. Assume all humans suck and you’ll be kind of fine. Treat them nice anyway when you can and try to hide the bodies of those who you can’t.

            2. @Giuseppe,

              Another one for the vision board:

              ‘Assume all humans suck and you’ll be kind of fine. Treat them nice anyway when you can and try to hide the bodies of those who you can’t.’

    1. @SyndicateExposed,

      Seriously… Jason you’re a fucking asswipe loser that thinks he’s the fucking shit….

      Sure you expose scammers but you also have some character flaws of your own – you holier than thou fucking faggot

      The fuck you think you are punk?

      Fucking loser…. Some of the shit you write is true but there is a lot of bullshit you post about things which you know nothing…

      Fuck your blog – you fucking loser nerd faggot… Your blog is gradually losing it’s popularity very quickly.

      Now fuck off you fucking bitch… Go fuck with someone else on your intelligence level…

      And if any fucking retard loser hates what I wrote… Fuck you too – the majority of you faggots are fucking stupid and probably mentally retarded.

      1. @SyndicateExposed,

        I’m not mentally retarded…my mom had me tested!…I have and EyeCue of 67…Mom says I’m spatial…yay me!!

        serially dude….lithium will help…it will….honest injun..

        1. @_cartman_,

          I bet you pray to suck Jason’s cock one day.

          But seriously, you need to fuck off…

          I’ve always been courteous & shown respect to Jason even though we disagreed on some things…

          But I will not show respect & courtesy on him trying to bash me for no fucking reason. This punk is a just a faggot behind a keyboard that’s been starting shit with me for no valid reason whatsoever. No need for you to interfere. Fuck off like you are supposed too.

          And you seriously lose your credibility when you personally attack others especially if for no objective and logical reason. This troll has personally attacked many people…

          Let me get something through your head Jason: You aren’t cool and you’re not funny at all. Expect to be sued one day. It’s only a matter of time…

          1. @SyndicateExposed, You have only to look at your own subsequent comments to see why you currently have leper status here. Why would anyone engage in dialog with a volatile ranter who exhibits no self control?

            Your initial comment was obviously not suppressed simply because it was completely off-topic. Maybe you should think back a little to your past outbursts and consider showing some contemplative humility for your poor past behavior, like a real man, instead of reacting like a psychotic man-child.

            If the past is an indicator of the future, I probably just wasted two paragraphs and this additional sentence.

          2. @SyndicateExposed,

            You are a total pussy bitch.. Sorry but that’s even coming from a woman if you weren’t you wouldn’t be whining and you wouldn’t hide

            Who are you little man???

            tick tock tick tock


            Yeah that’s what we all thought

            big words no show

            go away

      2. @SyndicateExposed,

        His blog is ‘gradually’ losing popularity ‘very quickly’? And yet, you feel comfortable judging the intelligence of others.

        1. @what??,

          “And yet, you feel comfortable judging the intelligence of others.”

          Of course!

          29 comments on this blog post and pretty pathetic numbers on so many post these past couple of months…

          I guess YOU are the stupid one that can’t judge the intelligence of others… Now go fuck off… I have better things to do…

    2. @SyndicateExposed ::

      I guess I’ll ban u now to make room for some fresher trolls.

      Thanks for all the good times though …

    1. @Marshall, Brian Clark mentioned holding back one’s “real you.” Unfortunately for him, he just can’t seem to hold back his shitty “real” personality, which is well described by the headline of this post.

      He says:

      “But never forget that you’re helping them tell their own stories as you create your own.”

      Putting up a false front in order to get into someone’s wallet is not about “helping.” It’s about getting into someone’s wallet.

      What preposterous bullshit.

      He should change his website name to “CopyFlogger.”

  7. Salty you really have a talent for pissing people off…and airing all their dirty laundry for all to see. But I know you probably have a lot more jaw dropping, mind blowing, truth exposing stuff that you’re keeping for just the right moments.

    I never heard of Dave Navarro before today, went to your guest post and read the site. How sad that this weak coward left his wife and kids. He’ll get used up like a hooker on the track by the Internet Marketing crew. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s living out of a motel and using the library computer to promote his “business”.

    “You’re not an expert. You’re just a loser living out of motel who uses the public library computer to pretend to do business online.” – 422 at 12:22pm

  8. Btw is there some kind of internet marketing guide that tells people to bully women? Seems to be a common thread amongst the suck-sess-full gurus.

  9. Seriously – The Dave Navarro story is fascinating and disgusting at the same time.

    This is truly worthy of a post in itself. Not to mention all the d-bags who love him like their brother (obviously not his own brother)

    Chris Guillebeau or whatever his name is
    Jonathan Fields –
    Danielle Laporte –

  10. It does indeed seem to be an organizing trait of egomaniac, delusions of grandeur, internet marketer.

    When faced with a mere mortal questioning their fundamental ‘grateness’, threaten a lawsuit.

  11. I worked with Brian Clark a few times in the past. I’m low level so he doesn’t pay much attention to me unless he needs something. After our first couple of associations I’ve determined him to be a user. He’s someone who has no use for people like me unless he needs something. I used to think it was an honor to get noticed by CopyBlogger. After a while I realized I just don’t trust the people he endorses or associates with; people who have made a career out of lies. Now I know I don’t trust him either.

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  13. So I’ve officially been on this site for 7 hours straight and can barely see because my eyes are so fucking dry.

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