The Malinchak Retraction

James Malinchak isn’t a scammer :: according to a big fat pile of crap sites James Malinchak built to tell people/google about how he isn’t a scammer. I’d link to one :: but for some reason the things I link to tend to disappear.

Speaking of making things disappear :: what an odd request this is for a person so committed to burying his negative search results …

From: James Malinchak JV <

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Sean McAlister Gets Got

Sean McAlister has a turd of a company that he and his drunk stupid mommy decided to call JVProductLauch. Sean and his hommies over JVPL will help you launch a massively overpriced fruaduct via dubious affiliate relationships. It doesn’t sound very exciting until you hear the background music …

Sean McAlister was JVPL’ing James Malinchak’s Millionaire Secrets Revealed frauduct :: and so had a direct financial interest in my shockingly popular post of almost the same name.

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