The Malinchak Retraction

Mike and James R Stupid

James Malinchak isn’t a scammer :: according to a big fat pile of crap sites James Malinchak built to tell people/google about how he isn’t a scammer. I’d link to one :: but for some reason the things I link to tend to disappear.

Speaking of making things disappear :: what an odd request this is for a person so committed to burying his negative search results …

From: James Malinchak JV <>
Date: Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 12:38 PM
Subject: (Millionaire Secrets JV) Critical Info For Payout/Final Wrap-up

The Millionaire Secrets promotion was an
absolute blast, and we truly appreciate
all of the support from our partners!

We are now involved in the post-launch
wrap-up…and have a few critical items to
communicate today.

So…lets get right to it :)

Removal Of Marketing Material
From The Public Internet

Now that the promotion is officially over,
our legal counsel reminded us that it is
critical to have all residual marketing
material removed from the Internet to avoid
any consumer confusion.

Therefore, please remove all marketing
artifacts (Blogs, paid ads, review sites)
from the Internet by no later than midnight
this coming Friday (April, 29th).

Based on this being a compliance issue,
this is a crucial activity. Therefore, please
end an email to (
(or simply reply to this email) and let
us know the domains/sites you’ve pulled
down. If we do not hear from you by midnight
on Friday, we will assume that you have not
complied with this request, so it is imperative
that we hear from you.

Taking care of this task is not one of
those ‘fun’ things…but is definitely
one of those ‘critical’ ones.

Failure to remove any Millionaire Secrets
Revealed related marketing artifacts by
Friday at midnight may place your affiliate
commissions at risk of delay or even forfeit,
so please act on this immediately.

Okay…now on to the fun stuff…

So take down your marketing materials or you won’t get paid? That’s just a wee lil’ addendumb that James Malinchak thought he’d add after people had already performed on the contract. Of course :: contract law doesn’t allow you to do stuff like that :: but James Malinchak is not a scammer so I guess he can do whatever the fuck he wants.

The video above was cut from the JV/affiliate recruitment page hosted by Gotcha Sean McAlister.

Pumping and pimping for James Malinchak are representatives of The Secret :: The IM syndicate :: and the GKIC-mastermind.

Not that we have an overlapping cartel situation or anything :: cause I’m not saying that :: that’s just what I’m strongly implying.

>> bleep bloop

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  1. You know, I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but this email makes no sense whatsoever. Why remove marketing material that promotes a product that he’s selling?

    What kind of confusion would that create?

    It’s not like the recent Ford/Ferrari fiasco where Ford argued that Ferrari couldn’t name their new Formula 1 car the F150 because Ford owns the phrase “F150” and it could create confusion with the F150 pickup truck that Ford sells.I can see Ford’s position, but these people are/were promoting Malinchuk’s own turd. So what confusion would happen?

    BTW, Love the Crapfield endorsement of Death Ray at the end of the video. Really seals the deal.

    1. @Rafael Marquez, A few potential reasons for the unusual request:

      1. He doesn’t have enough money to pay affiliates and/or fulfill all the prizes he promised to top-performing affiliates.

      2. He wants to cover his tracks as best he can so that potentially damaging evidence is harder to find.

      3. He genuinely would rather not have his affiliates sending traffic to a product that is no longer for sale.

      The first potential reason seems most plausible to me, while the last seems least plausible (simply because he could put up an opt-in page and notify people when the product is once again available for sale).

      1. @Ryan Healy, Plus, why do you need “legal counsel” to help you avoid “consumer confusion”? Sometimes companies use “marketing departments” or “customer relations” departments for that.

        Sometimes. Most times. Probably almost always.

        Not this time.

    2. @Rafael Marquez,

      He wants it down because if anyone LIED the proof would not be readily available to find

      99.9% of all FTC action is the result of misleading ads

    3. @Rafael Marquez, Thank you for the replies! They all seem like plausible reasons, but judging from his unfurnished house, I think the most likely reason is that he doesn’t have enough money to pay people.

      1. @Rafael Marquez,

        I think the customer confusion is…

        “Hey, I’m not making money. This thing said I would make money. I’m confused. Let me look online and see what the sales page said. Oh wait, no sales page. I’m confused mores.”

      2. @Rafael Marquez,

        (didn’t mean to double post…)

        Otherwise if the sales materials are still up, then the confusion is…

        “Hey, I thought I’d make a million bucks with this. Instead, I has more debt. Please let me checks internets for corrections. Internets web site James Malinchak says I makes million bucks. Confusion, confusion! Let me refund, let me sue! Internets, hai.”

        (This post is not meant to portray actual James Malinchak customer manner of speaking / way thinking to themselves. The end.)

    4. @Rafael Marquez,

      So that when people ask for refund, he can forfeit on them and leave no evidence behind that he offered them? Sounds like something a donkey face like him would do.

  2. So, now James and Co. have executed the swindle, they are compelled to remove any/all evidence of the crime. (Why would a “non scammer” need to engage in such shenanigans)?

    This guy is acting like a clown. Now that he has “launched” his “Millionaire Secrets” to the world – he must deny the existence of said secrets. Otherwise affiliates/partners can not be paid.

    You’d never have seen this sort of thing before SD started blogging about how these guys REALLY run their “businesses.”

    Sweating this blog much lately James?

  3. NO Koenigs: The reason you are both friends is because it’s all a part of a plan. Deep down you know that eventually you’ll become Cellmates.

    1. Where hopefully they’re both going to need a little “Chicken Soup for the Hole”

  4. This makes no sense. If he’s talking about removing the information to avoid any “consumer confusion,” this seems to be a trademark issue.

  5. Well, it’s a little late for that now, isn’t it Mr. James Malinchak? That’s kind of like telling people to just forget everything they’ve seen or heard, which I imagine will probably come in his next email. I’m sure Salty has everything all organized in his tidy little evidence archive anyway. Just in case, I think I will print it all out and file it in my recipe box under “Bullshit casserole.”

  6. Here’s one of my thoughts about this one…if this was a normal legal or customer non-confusion or whatever-it-is practice you probably would expect to find a whole bunch of lots of results for these:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c9365e657b732f11

    6 results,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c9365e657b732f11

    302 results…but look at what the results are about…hmmmm.

    1. @Jack, so just noticed only 24 results on that 2nd one before we get to go into the “similar results” adventure on google.

  7. Is there a precedent for a serious legal crackdown on a major fraud syndicate like this?

    Where do we draw the line? Such a high percentage of these ass-clowns have broken such a large array of Federal Laws that it would be genuinely difficult to sift through the crap and target the worst of the worst.

    Obviously RICO laws apply, but have they been used for something like this before? If so, what was the catalyst that finally got the ball moving?

    If not, what will it take to start actually shutting these punks down – once and for all?

    I hope it’s not just wishful thinking when I imagine these crooks actually ending up in Federal Penitentiaries for at least a good 3-5 stint.

    On a tangential note :: I really wish Dan Kennedy would not have attached his name to ass-clown Bill Glazer… I’ve learned a lot from him in the past (that I’ve actually used in the Real World to make Real Moneyz – regardless of his personal shortcomings)… Now this GKIC scam-tastical frauduct endorsement Syndicate-tool is literally sickening.

    1. @Doctor Mario, You forgot to ask ::

      What the fuck is wrong with Malinchak’s grill??? His mouth kind of is like a retarded piranha or something.

      I wonder if he’ll ever get some of that high surface area toothy grimace punched in by a rabid fraud victim :: er … customer :: who finds this blog and realizes the sham for what it is & pursues vengeance for their lost life savings…

      So, what exactly do you call that expression that constantly adorns his ugly mug??

      1. @Doctor Mario, Hey doc, I thought I had seen this expression before, but having seen the one on James Me-lie’nchuck I now know that I haven’t. This is definitely what I would call a “Shit Eating Grin”. If he keeps it up with that goofy (I’m a proud, look at my fake tan and pretty teeth, homo face) it is going to stay that way. I am certain I would have to punch it just to see what would happen, and I haven’t punched anyone in thirty one years. Probably cut my fucking hand off. Wonder if he has a shih-tzu…

  8. I am so embarassed to admit that I have once taken the CanfieNd books seriously. Bo of today forgive the young and naive Bo of 10 years ago.

    Thank you.

    1. @Bo,

      Hey I hear ya, but I actually still think Canfield is legit. His books and audio tapes have helped me a lot – and the vibe i sense from him is that if he endorsed James Ray, he genuinely thought at the time that James was a good guy who could help people.

      Or maybe I’m totally off and Canfield is just as ruthless a businessman as the rest. My hunch is I”m not – but either way it doesn’t feel right to disregard the fact that his works have genuinely helped me.

      Maybe he just has two sides – a genuine, pure side that really helps people, and a mis-guided side out to solely make a buck. Like I said I feel he’s more genuine than many others, but either way I’m ok with the fact that he’s helped me – scammer or not.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and forgiving yourself lol.


      1. @Hey, Bo! ::

        Whether Canfield is full-on crooked / partially crooked / or family friendly Chicken-Soupy is beside the point…

        The problem here is not when one or two of these suckers become celebrity liars & windbags (and man-slaughterers in some cases) :: The real problem is when they all team up to form an elaborate Syndicate cartel to bamboozle the buying public out of BILLIONS worth of hard earned moneyz every year.

        I’ve gotten a bit of help here and there from MANY of these crooks & their frauducts. Even the worst of them accidentally crap out a jewel of wisdom here-and-there.

        Thankfully, I am fluent in Torrent & thus haven’t been separated from $100’s or $1000’s for outrageously over-priced frauducts & in-person pitchfests … Otherwise I’d probably be a homeless raging sociopath (as I’m sure some of their past “customers” have become).

        The real issue IMHO that indicates a MAJOR & systemic problem is when these rarely-helpful ass-hats collaborate (behind the scenes) on elaborate price manipulation schemes & secret machinations just to earn a bigger check from seminar dupes and frauduct marks :: er … customers.

        And from that perspective, Canfield is AT LEAST as guilty as the rest of the ass-hats targeted here.

        Anyone who is GENUINELY out to help people does not simultaneously go around ENDORSING other people for financial (or other) rewards … ESPECIALLY without full & up-front disclosure. When they do, it is called a CON or a SCAM :: and it is ILLEGAL (blatantly).

        1. @Doctor Mario,

          “Whether Canfield is full-on crooked / partially crooked / or family friendly Chicken-Soupy is beside the point…”

          It’s not beside the point. It’s the exact point I was making – that I don’t care, because I believe people are multi-layered, and while one aspect of a person may be very pure and helpful, another can simultaneously be very hurt and deformed, and thus hurt & deform others.

          Therefore, if Canfield helps me, I receive his help gratefully. And if he does contribute to scams (which I haven’t seen any evidence of as of yet aside from an endorsement which I already covered in my previous post), I understand that the only thing that would prompt a person to take part in something like that is their own feelings of inadequacy & self-worth, and I don’t feel right condemning a person for that.

          It’s very human.

          1. @Hey, Bo! ::

            So it doesn’t matter if he hurts people as long as he doesn’t hurt you?

            Maybe you should rethink that position …

            1. @SD,

              That isn’t at all what I said. If Canfield hurt me – or others – and I found this to be intentional crookery (like what I feel from Kern & Co.) – I would discontinue my relationship with him.

              But even if I discontinued my relationship with him – it doesn’t change the help he’s given me. It doesn’t feel right to me to disregard this because of new information. What happened, happened, and it’s a lie to myself and my experience to ignore / erase it.

            2. @SD,

              Also, please point me to the line or lines that I wrote which prompted this comment of yours:

              “So it doesn’t matter if he hurts people as long as he doesn’t hurt you?”

              I’m not finding anything I’ve written to support that.

          2. @Hey, Bo!,

            what do you expect them to sound like complete idiots…of course they can create advice that sounds plausible. That’s part of the scam

            If you were to endorse someone like James Ray and find out the guy is a killer after the fact wouldn’t you think long and hard BEFORe you endorsed another guy

            wouldn’t that just make sense

            watch the last 50 seconds of that video

            canfield would cut his pecker off to make a buck…he would do anything, say anything in order to make money

      2. @Hey, Bo!,

        Define “help.”

        Gave you warm fuzzy feelings?

        Built your self-esteem?

        Cured your insomnia?

        Put money in your pocket?

        Taught you to endorse scams with your name if you got 80% of the gross profits?

        1. @ChickenPoopForTheSoul,

          I don’t feel comfortable going into the details as they’re rather intimate, but where did you see that Canfield got 80% of gross profits for that endorsement?


          1. @Hey!,

            Go try to cut a deal with Canfield or wannabe Joe Vitale. See what you get out of it.

            The “intimate details” excuse is b.s.

            You claimed Canfield helped you. Define help.

            If the reading his books served as an alternative to Viagra for you, you can say so without going into details.

            Claiming “help” without specifics is the mark of a troll or a self-help cult follower.

        2. @Hey, Bo! ::

          RE (to @SD) :: “please point me to the line or lines that I wrote which prompted this comment of yours:

          ‘So it doesn’t matter if he hurts people as long as he doesn’t hurt you?'”

          I’ll save you the trouble @SD …

          @Hey, Bo! :: HERE is exactly what you said ::

          “Therefore, if Canfield helps me, I receive his help gratefully. And if he does contribute to scams […] I understand that the only thing that would prompt a person to take part in something like that is their own feelings of inadequacy & self-worth, and I don’t feel right condemning a person for that.”

          I think that pretty clearly implies that it’s ok if he hurts people (as long as you’re not one of them). Additionally it implies that you accept this type of behavior as a rule…

          And RE :: “Please point me to an excuse that I’ve made.”

          With Pleasure, My Friend … With Pleasure.

          Excuse #1 – “I don’t care, because I believe people are multi-layered, and while one aspect of a person may be very pure and helpful, another can simultaneously be very hurt and deformed, and thus hurt & deform others.”

          This could get a little complicated, because it gets into ad hominem arguments, so I won’t even go there … But this is 100% an EXCUSE for criminal acts (as long as they at some point give the victims a warm, fuzzy, Chicken-Soupy feeling) …

          Excuse #2 – “[After all that crap from the blockquote above, you concluded with …] It’s very human.

          This is my least favorite of all your excuses, and demonstrates either (a) your serious self-esteem break-down here at being put on the spot or (b) a really sickeningly low standard for “Civilization” of which you’re a proponent.

          If (a) … Sorry we hurt your feelings n00b.

          If (b) … Then you’re again implying that criminal acts are a-OK … Because “We’re all human! And humans are criminals. So criminal acts are not to be condemned!” Nice logic.

          Excuse #3 – “But even if I discontinued my relationship with him – it doesn’t change the help he’s given me. It doesn’t feel right to me to disregard this because of new information. What happened, happened, and it’s a lie to myself and my experience to ignore / erase it.”

          This is like saying “Well the Heaven’s Gate cult sure helped me! Even though I am the only survivor who got out before the mass suicide, it doesn’t feel right to disregard my pleasurable brain-washing just because I later learned it was ultimately all part of an intentional ploy to have me kill myself.”

          @Hey, Bo! :: I really don’t mean to tear apart your feeble world view so ruthlessly … But this is a REALLY important point that needs to be made!

          The problem with this cartel style “Self Helpless New-Wage” movement (or the equally nefarious IM Syndicate cult) is NOT that some of them sometimes lie, cheat, and steal. It’s that they do so as a pre-orchestrated, secret cartel … and their targets are EVERYONE ELSE not in their secret buddy-buddy fuck-fest.

          Your defensiveness is a plain sign of a Cult-programmed mindstate (aka a mild version of Stockholm Syndrome) – and it’s definitely time for you to begin the de-programming journey. If the pain of this process is great, it just indicates how vital the requirement for truthful reflection & self-examination has become for you.

          Look, I’m not saying I disregard Heidegger because he’s a Nazi … but I am saying I’m EXTRA-CAREFUL when applying his philosophies in my own life … Because I know what type of “very human” mistakes they’ve led to for another human far smarter than myself.

          The road to Hell is paved with good intentions, right?

          I just don’t think that implies we should assume ALL roads lead to Hell.

          So buck-up little buddy, you’ll get through this!

          1. @Doctor Mario,

            Hm… it’s very interesting how you interpreted what I said – and the direction you went with it. I actually didn’t mean a single thing you drew from it, which is sort of funny because it just goes to show you how people with such drastically different views have trouble hearing each other – even when they’re standing so close.

            Anyway, if you care to know my true views, I’d be happy to again explain in a way I feel you’d understand. But from your response I feel like you’re not interested in my views as much as you are in your own views of my views.

            One thing I would like to correct is it’s not a belief that all roads lead to hell that inspires my view of life. Rather the opposite. I believe all experiences lead to “heaven” – though my idea of that too is very different than what that word connotes.

            On a side note, my experience in sharing my opinion on this blog has been sort of like how I imagine jumping into a shark tank to be. I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun tearing through this post too.

            Also, I’m glad that the comments about Malinchak’s teeth has +9, yet my posts are being hidden. The funny thing is nothing I’ve said has contradicted any of the views on this blog. I’m just coming from a different angle. (I’m sure you’d disagree with that too lol.)

            Yet you’ve taken what I’ve said, and very passionately objected to how you perceive it. Not only that, but you’ve demeaned me and bashed me in the process. And then, you and others low-rated my comments to simply hide my views altogether.

            Yet somehow through all of this you say I’m the defensive one lol. I’m not laughing at you, I just find the whole situation kind of funny.

            Anyway, goodbye for now.

            – Hey, Bo!

            1. @Hey, Bo! ::

              The teeth comments are funny :: your “Jack Canfield is just alright with me” comments are not funny :: and are in fact the kind of subconsciously echoed propaganda that does heaps and heaps of damage to hearers unknown to you.

              But you sound genuine :: and not trollish :: to me. So you are welcome to share your confused opinions :: and others of us are welcome to tell you that you are self deluded and silly.

            2. @Hey, Bo!,

              Telling you that you are self deluded is being kind to you. I really mean that, and I’m going to leave it at that because I genuinely don’t want to hurt your feelings.

            3. @Hey, Bo!,

              this response is just BS. You defended canfield despite the obvious endorsement of scam artists.

              You’re entitled to defend him but to come to this board and do so you need to bring a great deal more than the BS you’ve been shoveled here so far

          2. @Doctor Mario,

            One more thing…

            You wouldn’t happen to have a different name that you use on here too, would you? ;-)

            Okay, goodbye for now!

            1. @Hey, Bo! ::

              Hey. No. Just me.

              Sorry for the confusion, it’s just because I totally bite SD’s writing style & punctuation like :: and … and the illy lingoz … etc … when commenting here.

              I agree w/ @SD too … You seem genuine, and I was genuine too when I said “I really don’t mean to tear apart your feeble world view so ruthlessly …”

              But @SD is also dead on that your words are a type of “subconsciously echoed propaganda that does heaps and heaps of damage to hearers unknown to you.”

              If it works for you :: Yippee! :: But it’s doing a lot of damage to which you are most likely oblivious (judging by your comments + attitude … you seem like sweet person).

              And so, your defense of it is kind of like defending a soul-stealing-mind-raping-flesh-grinding-Lie-Machine … Because sometimes it makes some people feel good.

              I guess in your terms, my argument is ::

              Do we stand-by and let criminals hurt others (just because they help us)?

              Or do we take a stand and do something about it?

            2. @Doctor Mario,

              Hello again! Lol gotcha about the punctuation stuff.

              The thing is – I haven’t really defended anything. In one post I said my views. In the next I clarified them. And in the next I observed the impact my views had, and the group’s reaction to them.

              I don’t feel a need to defend anything because I feel very peaceful with the way I perceive things. I also never said that because these guys help people, they’re excused for other things they do.

              Here, let me repeat that:

              I never said that just because these guys help people from time to time that they’re excused for their actions!

              For a long time I felt just as betrayed by these guys as a lot of people on here do, too. It’s what drew me to this blog. But my anger and sense of betrayal has shifted into a sense of peace.

              I’ve forgiven them for what I felt they did to me, because I saw that I needed that betrayal for my own healing. That might spark confusion and anger in some – but it’s not meant to be logical. I’m speaking from my gut right now, and it often tells me things that my mind has just learned to not even try to understand, yet feels the truth.

              I support this blog because, although it is very one-sided, I feel this community needs a strong one-sided blog to balance the propaganda of scammers. There are many people who need this kind of biased opinion to “rattle” them out of what they’re thinking.

              I needed it too. It’s what helped rattle me. But now I’m in a different place, and I’ve forgiven them. But I never said that because I’ve forgiven them, that they shouldn’t be held accountable.

              In addition, by healing this issue in me, here’s what has happened:

              First) I saw certain “gurus” as “infallible”..

              Second) I saw past that, and became horribly angry, betrayed, sad, upset, etc. I saw them as pure evil villains, essentially

              Third) I overcame these feelings, and shifted them. I now see them as human beings who are suffering from their own feelings of pain and inadequacy, and feel the need to control and manipulate others out of fear. Honestly, I feel bad for them. If you truly feel safe with people – you don’t feel a need to control them, which these guys obviously do. I’m sure if you go into their childhoods, many of them had experiences that taught them the world is an unsafe place where you have to fight for what you have, and control & manipulate to get ahead. “Never be vulnerable! It’s not safe out there!”

              However, there is a difference between “understanding” and “excusing”.

              In my earlier posts, I was “understanding” their behavior – but I never said that excused them. The way they act – regardless of the emotional / psychological / spiritual reasons – has serious consequences on people.

              But at the same time, I also feel that all the blame cannot be put on them, and that these experiences people go through are opportunities for healing, and that there are beautiful gifts beneath the suffering – and often in it too.

              That may be controversial to this community / blog, and I’m sure a lot of people reading that are angered by it, but that’s okay. I’m very okay with people not agreeing with me, and viewing me as crazy, diluded, etc.

              I feel my truth on a very deep level, and I don’t need anyone else to feel it too. Though, I’m sure the clever folk will say crazy people feel the same. Lol I’m okay with that. Practically every person I admire has been called crazy many, many times throughout their lives, from DaVinci to Jesus to my mom.

              Anyway, I hope this clarifies what I meant, and you guys can see that I’m not against you. I don’t entirely support the view of “blame the scammers! down with the scammers!” but I understand the importance of what you think and feel and would never try to take it away from you.

              Hey Bo

            3. @Hey, Bo!, Yeah, bruddah! What YOU said!

              Really good job of explaining your position, Bo. I don’t feel all of the warm fuzzy love you do because I happen to know a lot of these folks and…well…after reading what you wrote I have to admit that would explain why there were some I’ve come to know who seem smart enough to understand the pain their attitude toward marketing causes people…but keep doing it anyway, ramping it up, trying to outdo themselves with the next launch and the next.

              This is an important point to bring up, too. Regardless of the roots of the behavior (and I think you made some very worthwhile points about that, Bo), after a while it becomes an addiction. I can tell you from personal experience that receiving $60,000+ in orders for something you’re selling in a single day, with profit margins as high as they are on information products, can really put a strong buzz on.

              There is no feeling quite like it, actually. It’s a natural full-on loaded-to-the-gills-on-adrenalin-and-endorphins stupor. But it only happens once. Like meth (from what I here…no personal experience there) — that first high is soooooo damn fucking unforgettably fine you start seeking it again, only to find there is only one way — you have to bring in MORE in one day than the last time.

              More than one guy I know has told me — it’s all a game and the scorecard is money in the bank and money coming in to keep filling the bank.

              With these people you never hear talk of “value” — only “perceived value” and “value proposition,” to get the sales higher.

              Add to that the fact that most of the gallery of players discussed here are also (or only) making their money teaching others to pull the same shit they pulled to get them to buy their stuff by showing them how to do the same things…again rarely if ever mentioning the whole concept of REAL value for the dollar.

              Mix that together with a patently illegal cartel that controls launches and who gets to “star” next and cheats affiliates and collectively pulling tricks on vast numbers of affilaites’ lists to get them to buy.

              It’s one of the reasons I believe the Federal Trade Commission was founded to begin with — to stop restriction of fair trade.

              The point, Bo — I think you nailed some of the initial motivation to get where most of the featured players here are now. The addictive rush of more more more is what I believe keeps it elevating higher and higher, getting worse and worse.

              Launches aren’t all bad. Most are just manufactured and fake and manufactured fake offers are ALWAYS bad. What makes launches worse is the “closing the doors forever” angle. It’s almost always a lie. It’s an obvious ploy to drive a larger burst of orders through the door before it disappears, “never to return.”

              Except, as many of you pointed out — for free, maybe, as a bonus or something.

              Most of you I am sure realize now that the BIG reason for the launches is that the products would never stand up to scrutiny in a Web-connected universe. The REAL reviews and Salty’s site eventually catch up to the schlock that’s being sold and, by then, sales would be hurt badly. So — “slam the doors!” “Get in while you can!”

              I suppose a lot of this explains the common drug abuse you see among the “partying gurus” running amok these days.

            4. @Hey, Bo! ::

              Since my hilariously insulting disses toward you spawned this complex, sophisticated, and definitely NOT trolly interaction … I feel basically obliged to respond.

              I’m not going to continue hilariously mocking & demolishing your “not-defense” defense of your friendly neighborhood Chicken-Soupy Gurus … Nor your warm & fuzzy acceptance of “beautiful gifts beneath the suffering” caused by said Gurus … Because {/gasp} :: I actually agree :: from a THEORETICAL perspective. As someone who was once a real live therapist, I know first hand that your attitude is a REQUIRED stage of psychological healing.

              However, in the REAL world, @Doctor Mario cannot co-sign on this warm fuzzy “not excusing” acceptance. Here’s why :: and this is basically my whole point of what I’m saying ::

              It is encapsulated in your self righteous “I feel my truth on a very deep level, and I don’t need anyone else to feel it too.”

              Because, my friend, your attitude actually DOES imply a required acceptance BY EVERYONE ELSE to “feel it too”.


              Let’s say you were molested as a kid. Molested by a dirty, rotten scoundrel … who once was as innocent & pure as the little kid you were … and only became dirty & rotten “[in] their childhoods, [where] many of them had experiences that taught them the world is an unsafe place…”

              Via this psychological scarring, they behaved dirty & rotten, and passed these scars along to you, and caused you substantial suffering, which you eventually were lucky enough to Transmute into “peace” and some type of beneficial healing & growth…

              Now, with your new-found healing, you can look back and say, “Honestly, I feel bad for [these molestors]” :: a natural function of healing {or Stockholm Syndrome} :: and you continue with,

              “I also feel that all the blame cannot be put on them, and that these experiences people go through are opportunities for healing, and that there are beautiful gifts beneath the suffering – and often in it too.”

              Ok … Yes … TRUE :: BUT! This is an outright EXCUSE of this behavior, NOT mere “understanding” … and implies that it is ok for us to be potentially exposed to this type of suffering … AS A RULE! It in no way implies holding these folks accountable.

              It’s basically a variation to the old “she DESERVED to be raped because of how she was dressed” argument … Adding in “and because of the great healing experiences that will become available as a result.”


              I’m really HAPPY that you have found peace & acceptance with this type of behavior.

              However, I really don’t feel that peace & acceptance are enough to eliminate this problem from our “civilization” … We need OUTRAGE and inspired ACTION.

              I really agree w/ @Poop Chute that many of these guys are “smart enough to understand the pain their attitude toward marketing causes people…but keep doing it anyway, ramping it up, trying to outdo themselves with the next launch and the next.”

              Canfield is a perfect example … who you feel is “legit” because he helped you … but who you do feel should be held accountable for his actions?

              The personal level you’ve reached :: Peace & Acceptance :: is a real, required stepping stone in the healing process for ALL victims … er dupes … er :: customers … of this type of Mind-Fuck.

              But stopping there simply cements a VICTIM mentality in place, accepts that the wheels of the human-meat-grinder will keep on turning, and DEFINITELY excuses the behavior.

              @Hey Bo! :: You claim “I never said that just because these guys help people from time to time that they’re excused for their actions!”

              But you implied it! And your attitude boldly asserts it!

              “I never said that because I’ve forgiven them, that they shouldn’t be held accountable.” — Who’s going to hold them accountable — if you feel are warm & fuzzy about it?

              Of course … I know the answer you’re thinking @Hey, Bo! … “Somebody else will do it” … Well, if it ain’t my point exactly! Hot Damn Boys!!

              My entire 1500 word position could be described with that one famous Edmund Burke quote ::

              “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

              I’d say Peace & Acceptance fall into the “do nothing” category.

              @Hey Bo! :: I hope you’ll survive this shark tank with all sorts of “beautiful gifts” from the suffering I’ve caused you. Just Accept It. Peace.

            5. @Poop Chute,

              I feel you see where I’m coming from, and I appreciate your calm understanding of what I’ve said. Thank you for adding another layer of depth. I’ve been involved in launches in the past too – and in that whole sub-world – and I know the feeling you speak of.

              In fact, I still do marketing & advertising to this day, but it’s from a completely different place. There’s no force or pressure in anything my partner and I create – and it actually makes the people who read it feel appreciated, like someone actually understands what they’re going through and just wants to help.

              Anyways, thanks again, and now on to my counter-part Doctor Mario ;-)…

              @Doctor Mario,

              First off, you can rest easy – you haven’t caused me an ounce of suffering.

              You seem to have an image of me as very easily over-powered by others’ views and opinions, but in truth I’ve read everything you’ve said without feeling my own sense of self (or self esteem – as you mentioned in another post and implied in this one) diminish in any way shape or form.

              But thank you for your concern.

              About the rest of your comment…

              I read what you wrote, and I understand how you could perceive what I wrote in this way. But, again, I go back to what I said before, about people with drastically different views not being able to hear each other, though they’re so close.

              I still feel you don’t quite get the point in what I’ve said, but I think I just have to let it go at this point. I actually think what you described is a very common fear… the fear that if force of some kind is not enacted, then the whole world will fall apart (the fear of good men doing nothing).

              In my own life, I’ve experienced allowing everything to fall apart. And instead, what I found, is that I became liberated. At rock bottom I accepted the possibility that I would never again have money, food, shelter – anything – and from this a strong desire came about in me that I would rather die than fear not having any of these things again. And from this acceptance, these fears dissolved and I felt like my life was truly MINE for the first time.

              I also consciously decided to never again try to have my needs met, but rather, to allow life to come to me. I trusted that life was beautiful, and loving, and that even the pain I’d experienced was all for me and my personal growth & journey.

              Here are the results of this transformation:

              Our client base has grown significantly. The clients who come to us now, come without any effort on our part. We make no effort to sell them anything. Yet they are much better customers than we’ve ever had.

              In addition, they appreciate and respect us more than any other customers we’ve ever had.

              We have still not lifted one finger to market ourselves since our transformation (my partner and I went through this together). However, life keeps delivering the perfect people to us, who give us exactly what we need: on monetary, emotional, and spiritual levels.

              What you have described is not true peace and tranquility. It’s a diluted state that involves suppressing true feeling, in order to feel a numb sense of peace. It’s the feeling people get when they haven’t truly dealt with their suffering – but rather – stuffed it down only to re-surface later. Stockholm syndrome.

              This is not the peace that I have, and is not what I described.

              I dove into the fire – embracing my issues and demons head on – and from that emerged free and open and clear.

              From this place, no one can ever take anything away from me again – because there’s nothing to take. I am okay without money. I am okay without food. I am okay with dying. Not because I’m diluted or suppressed – but the opposite. It’s because I know, with every fiber of my being, that I will be okay no matter what. That everything in my life is for me to grow and to heal and to love.

              And I truly am grateful for my experiences with “scammers” and every other experience I’ve had because it’s those experiences that nudged me along this path, and to this realization. Each played its own vital role. I needed to hate them, I needed to be torn apart by them, so I could heal and find my truth.

              That is where my peace is derived from. It is an empowering peace. A peace that flows with the power of a typhoon, yet simultaneously is gentle like a breeze.

              I don’t know if you can yet fathom this. I think in reading this a part of you feels something very true about it, and another part resists it almost survival-like. Another part of you can’t accept anything I’ve said, because it means something very scary for you… It means whatever you imagine the world to be like when good men truly do nothing.

              I think you would be surprised though if you took a chance, and trusted in life. I think you would see that things really aren’t that bad, and the world really isn’t such a vicious, scary place.

              Maybe not now. Maybe not in this lifetime. But sometime down the road. I’d like to see it when you do :-) We can look back on this and laugh.


            6. @Doctor Mario,

              I wanted to just say one more thing too… that I’ve really enjoyed our interaction, and even if we never meet eye to eye on this, I’ve gotten a lot out of this, and I have a feeling I’m not alone in that.

              Thank you.


            7. @Hey, Bo! ::

              “I’ve really enjoyed our interaction” :: Me too buddy …

              And I think we do see eye-to-eye on this in the grand scheme.

              The only place we seem to differ is in our approach. I’ve gone through the “allowing everything to fall apart” phase myself, and agree it is the only way to find any true liberation. I just prefer the ass-kicking, name-taking phase … and find a certain peace & liberation in the battle against bad guys … when it’s all in good fun.

              I frankly don’t have any “fear of good men doing nothing” and don’t feel it takes much effort to “imagine [what] the world [is] like when good men truly do nothing” … because these are both the norm IMHO.

              However, I don’t think Burke was referring to doing the type of “nothing” you describe in your own experience, as I would consider that more of a highly active state of dynamic equilibrium you’ve achieved in your state of awareness … a sort of “Movement in stillness” or “Stillness in movement”.

              The bad “nothing” that good men can’t afford is when we don’t actively & energetically stand up for the oppressed, exploited, and disenfranchised. Part of this responsibility is to weaken & expose the wicked men who prey on these lesser protected.

              I am sure that deep down you & I agree on how we feel about these cheats & frauds …

              I just am WAY more of an asshole about it.

            8. @Doctor Mario,

              Whoops! That last post should’ve said @Doctor Mario…

              By the way – when do we meet for coffee? Or could Starbucks handle our interaction? Haha.

          3. @Doctor Mario, I think the only downfall of this conversation is that you can’t see past your own over-analysis, and the self-righteous role of savior of civilization that you’ve taken upon yourself, to see the profound wisdom in what bo is saying. I think if you took a moment to actually read what he wrote, instead of drawing unfounded conclusions based on what you *think* he meant, your response would be much different.

            1. @Marks ::

              I did read what he wrote, many timez… And alls I’m saying is @Hey Bo’s calling for blood, but handing off the ax.

              I’m not disagreeing with his profound wisdom as much as pointing out that if everyone shared the same “profound wisdom” approach – there would be no one to actually take a stand & put a stop to these shenanigans.

              Maybe you don’t think that’s what’s needed here?

              I’m talking about drawing a line in the sand Dude – across this line … Well ::

              I guess I’m the Walter to @Hey, Bo’s The Dude on this one … Usually I’m on The Dude side of the spectrum, but in this case :: I did not come to bring peace, but a sword :: {/End “self-righteous role of savior of civilization”}

  9. Elite Titanium Mastermind Group? Wow, you expect to enter an artificial leg athletes convention, but NO! – what a disappointment, it’s just some artificial persona scammers convention.

  10. I read the email a few times…it was hard to understand because I know James Malinchak isn’t a scammer. He’s clearly said isn’t a scammer…many times.

    But I guess I’m just not that bright because the email really seems to have been written by a scammer.

    1. @what??,

      Scam or not, the language he is using is intimidating, all to make certain and motivate his followers remove “potentially confusing material”. The words “legal counsel” and “forfeit” are fear inspiring and tactically placed on the email. The language of this email is suspicious, the kind obedient mind drones who wait for their milk and honey from their savior wait for and follow. I am surprise there isn`t a call to arms!! Reeks of scam…

      1. Sorry for the poor grammar. I was typing way too quickly and without checking.

  11. Speaking of Google, when I Google “James Malinchak,” Salty’s original “James Malinchak SCAM” is on my first page results. Is that the case for everyone else If so, this boy is going to have a heckuva time making sales online to even the mildly skeptical. Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

      1. @Doctor Mario, it’s on it’s way up…

        Just have a good feeling about James Malinchak on Saltydroid


        UP UP UP from 12th to 1st

        James Malinchak + SD wins!

        Glad to help…

    1. @LOLlerskater, To determine the true Google search results for ‘James Malinchak’ or any term for that matter, I use Scroogle Scraper. Doctor Mario’s 12th ranking is correct as of today. However if you search ‘James Malinchak Scam’, Salty Droid’s article is the first result on page 1 of Google!

      Scroogle Scraper is pretty accurate. It acts as a proxy server between you and Google.

      1. @Warrior Forum Sucks ::

        Hey that’s cool! Much easier than clearing out you cache and cookies and signing out and stuff.

        I wonder how much use there is anymore though to seeing how terms rank on a naked search without preferences.

        The facts are … if you’ve been here before … or you come here a lot … then google will almost always show you my opinion about the person you just searched for. Social search + me :: is a scary recipe for badguys that depend on cross promotion.

        1. @SD,
          It helps a lot. Not only do you rank higher, but google is starting to suggest and apply the word scam the his name thanks to you. :D xoxo

  12. It’s more difficult to perpetuate a scam again and again when there is a public record easily accessible through Google.

    Hence why his legal council is involved—to cover his ass against the FTC and confuse his marks…er “customers.”

    1. @Duff :: Obviously his legal council is not familiar with things like their web browser’s cache (or the WayBack Machine or the enormous library of evidence I’m sure the SD has compiled…) N00bs

      1. @Doctor Mario,

        The WayBack Machine only takes a snapshot every few days, weeks, or months, and often doesn’t get new sites properly catalogued. Google’s cache goes away after a while too, and people often clear their cache…

        …which is why it’s so helpful for SD to compile the evidence here.

  13. Most of my affiliates used email marketing, and after I got all my moneys I shut down my membershit site. Suckers.

    Matt “another update coming from my cave” Harward

  14. I wonder if Malinchak knows he’s a douchebag or he’s just been doing this so long that it doesn’t even phase him anymore.

    Your affiliates drove traffic to you with the agreement you’ll pay them a commission…they held up their end and now you threaten to cheat them out of their money unless they jump through more hoops for you.

    What a DICK!!

    I guess he works on the idea of “Build up the hype and get all the affiliates on board to work their asses off…then once the dust settles and we’ve got all the money let’s figure out some reason…any reason not to have to pay them.”

    A friend of mine contracted with Dr. Brian Almond to do a massive personal development exercise at his seminar for $1500. The event was a “Success and Abundance” event with everyone talking about being rich and what not.

    Guess what…because Almond didn’t “Make as much as he thought he would” he stiffed my friend, wouldn’t return phone calls and said “Come to my house in the morning and I’ll have your check”…wouldn’t you know it they guy was nowhere to be found. However my buddy said the gigantic renovation on the house was looking nice.

    So Almond is a dick putting on a success event and stiffing the contractors he promised to pay yet he seems to have plenty of cash to renovate his pad.

    This shit has to stop…scammers talking about being rich and how you can be too, then behind the scenes they’re ripping off everyone and their mother.

    And by the way in case it wasn’t clear enough MALINCHAK IS A DICK!!

    Oh and another friend of mine did Malinchak’s coaching program with the intention of getting a testimonial…something that was promised and sounded like a worth while endeavor.

    Yeah no testimonial to speak of and Malinchak ducking him at every attempted contact. What a douche.

  15. The Malinchak Retraction: Another Ludlum-esque title in a growing series. Good for you for reporting this, Salty.

    And anyone who thinks Jack Canfield is *not* in the whole New-Wage hustledork game mainly for the money — ANY way he can get it — is shortsighted at best. I hate to keep repeating myself, but does the 2007 $1,997 SGR briefcase scam ring a bell?
    Other players in that game: Bob Proctor and Michael Beckwith (also Secret luminaries).

    For more insight into Canfield’s character, read the memoir by his son, Oran, “Long Past Stopping.”

    PS ~ I know what you mean about disappearing links, Salty. I’ve noticed the same thing myself over the years.

    1. @Cosmic Connie,

      I Googled your Oran, “Long Past Stopping” reference and found the Amazon book. Here is the top most review as of right now. It speaks volumes to what is said on this blog. These guys are back-biting business sharks focuses on lining their pockets by fleecing their “followers.” Sickening!

      Review title: “Daddy Dearest for the self-help genre, July 30, 2009”
      (Note: there is an accompanying video review with it)

      “LONG PAST STOPPING: A MEMOIR is Oran Canfield’s lifestory of growing up with two parents who “fix people” and yet somehow produce a child with many problems, including self-esteem issues and drug problems. While both parents are involved in the Personal Empowerment movement, it is undoubtedly Oran’s father, Jack Canfield, who is the most famous. Jack Canfield, of course, authored the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books, the cheesy feel-good books that I’m sure Oprah loves and endorses. (Incidentally, Jack Canfield also stars in the pseudo science movie “The Secret,” which skyrocketted in sales thanks to Oprah’s endorsement.) It was fascinating to read about the dual aspect to his father, one of the biggest self-help figures around today. While Jack Canfield is known to many self-help devotees as an encouraging, “positive” person who empowers, Oran refers to him throughout the book as “Jack,” noting that he never has referred to him as “Dad” or “father.” Because Jack had abandoned the family when Oran was a little boy and while his mother was still pregnant with Oran’s brother, Oran first comes to learn about Jack via his mother’s description, which is as follows: “from everything I’d heard he was the lying, cheating, conniving, manipulative, inhuman son of a ***** who had left my mom when I was one and she was six months pregnant with Kyle. I didn’t know what kind of clothes Jack wore, but in my imagination he had red skin and horns.” This description of Jack Canfield, beloved by millions of self-help readers, appears on the first page of his son’s book.

      Reading this book was, dare I say it, very therapeutic for me. During my early 20s I worked at a self-help institution where Jack Canfield and many other big figures from the self-help genre spoke. I therefore experienced firsthand workshops like the “freaky” one that Oran describes. I also saw the dual aspect, the people who got on stage and acted like caring, nurturing people, but who behind the scenes are back biting, conniving, business sharks. When one is submerged in an atmosphere of people who worship these self-help figures, one sometimes second guesses oneself; “Yeah, it looks like it’s all a fraud, but so many people believe it. Maybe I’m just being ‘negative.'” Oran gives a great inside story to show that the self-help business is just that, a business, and the self-help gurus are actually just actors. In Oran’s words, the entire self-help genre is a scam. Oh, by the way…. did I mention that the institution I was involved with, the institution Oran’s father occasionally spoke at (Living Enrichment Center), closed in a multi-million-dollar embezzlement scandal? Do a google.

      Highly recommended!”

      1. @MazeMan, The review you cited was one that really made me want to read Oran’s book. When I read “Long Past Stopping,” however, I quickly discovered that, like most honest memoirs (and like real life), this one contains several layers of complexity. Certainly Oran’s story offers a close-up illustration of how so many of the selfish-help gurus, who make millions teaching others how to have more functional lives, are often deeply dysfunctional themselves.

        And without a doubt, Canfield was a cad to his wife. Not only was she six months pregnant when he left her, but he actually took her to their lake house – on her birthday, no less – to spring the news that he’d fallen in love with another woman and that it was over between the two of them. Great birthday gift, huh? “Oh, darling, you SHOULDN’T have.” And Canfield was not part of his boys’ lives in their younger years. He was too busy building his career, apparently.

        But Oran’s mom, a free-wheeling psychologist who was into all sorts of ditzy “cutting-edge” therapies, wasn’t exactly Mother of the Year either. And when I say this, I fully realize that I’m being much more judgmental than Oran comes across in his memoir. He simply and honestly recounts his chaotic life with an absentee dad and a frequently absent mom.

        I tried to suspend judgment myself, but got angry when I read the story of how Mom basically dumped Oran and his little brother at a New Mexico desert “boarding school” and went merrily on her way. She had billed the trip as a vacation, an adventure, and the kids didn’t know they’d been dumped till she was on her way off the premises, saying, “I’ll call you when I get back to Philadelphia.” Yet it was clear she cared for the boys, and she frequently called the school to check on them.

        Oran is very honest in the book about his own serious problems with substance abuse and addiction, problems that came very close to killing him. He’s also honest about the fact that Jack bailed him out several times throughout his youth and young adulthood. Both Jack and Oran’s mom apparently made several serious efforts to save Oran, even trying intervention. In the end, ibogaine helped him get clean. In any case it seems that Oran has made his own sort of peace with Jack. In fact he mentioned on his “Gratitude” page at the back that even though writing a memoir was not easy, it was made a little easier by the knowledge that he had the love and support of his parents.

        Family stories are always more complex than they seem on the surface, and that’s why I enjoy memoirs that are more than scathing tell-alls. Nevertheless, as one who knows some “inside stories” of other selfish-help gurus and Secret stars, I’d say that “Long Past Stopping” does indeed illuminate the seamy side of the industry and its leading luminaries, even if that is not the only story the book has to tell.

        1. @Cosmic Connie,

          And a point to Jack, he announced the publication of his son’s book on Twitter and Facebook, which is how I found out about the book. The Twitter posting linking to FB disappeared afterwards though–not sure if Canfield had second thoughts, or just messed up the link or what.

      2. BTW, the Living Enrichment Center referred to in the Amazon review that @MazeMan quoted was co-founded by Mary Manin Morrissey, whose hubby Ed was found guilty of money laundering and using church money for the personal expenses of himself and Mary. He was sentenced to two years in a federal prison.

        More info:

        Mary was apparently able to convince prosecutors that she didn’t know nothin’ ’bout no embezzlement. Nevertheless, she got into hot water with her parishioners, but no matter: she’s still a popular speaker on the New-Wage circuit. And she has partnered with numerous industry leaders, including Bob Proctor. She was, for example, Scientist Bob’s partner in that “11 Forgotten Laws” (aka “Reposition Your Boner”) frauduct a couple of years ago.

        Jeez, I guess it really IS a cartel.

  16. Malinchak quotes the late great criminal Gary Halbert…another misunderstood soul who thought lying was the same thing as marketing

    The more these guys pretend to be mainstream the more they actually believe they are

    they can pretend all they want…they are hustlers who hope you never see behind the curtain

    1. @Shit Storm ::

      At least Halbert openly admitted he was a crooked convicted felon (and turned it to his favor through clever lying… er :: marketing in a rather amazing fashion).

      Say what you will of the man, I’d defend Gary Halbert as a late-great marketing genius. Also criminal & manipulator extraordinaire. In some senses he was the Great-Granddaddy of All Marketing Gurus and one of the most finessed Con-men of the 20th Century.

      At least we know Halbert made his money actually doing mailings … instead of just teaching and not doing.

      Fellow copywriter Ted Nicholas openly & often warned students not to trust Halbert’s advice. {/sidenote Nicholas is one of the ONLY of these gurus ever who was actually successful practicing what he was teaching … True OG Status}

      Halbert Vs. James ‘Malignant’ Malinchak is like no-contest yo…

      Mallychuckz has never actually done anything but taught how to be a Big Money Millionaire Public Speaker :: And You Can TOO!

      Maybe I’m getting sentimental, but I miss the days when our frauduct maestros at least had enough flare and panache to tell us right to our faces that they’re ripping us off.

      PS – I’d wager 8:1 that the place Mallychukz herd that Halbert quote is :: wait for it :: DAN KENNEDY (and probably not Halbert’s materials directly in the first place) … Good ole big dick Dan! Spreadin’ the gospel.

      1. @Doctor Mario,

        Halbert mailed, no question but what he mailed (bullshit products) and how he sold it(exaggerations and outright lies) is the issue.

        You can sell a legit product and lie while doing so.

        How to make money products isnt the only issue

        These guys teach dishonesty as the core method for selling products

        Halbert was a crook to the end…and he taught all these gurus (along with his copy writing buddy john carlton) before he drank his way to an early grave

        1. @Shit Storm ::

          I 100% agree. That’s kind of what I’m saying.

          Compared to the Malinchak Scam … a pathetic show at best …

          Gary Halbert was a true Criminal Mastermind … Like, a real villain. When I say “a late-great marketing genius” :: I think that’s sort of implied … Like saying someone is a Great Ad-man or a Wall Street Shark … {/ahem “Master of the Universe”} …

          The fact that they’re a Crook comes with the territory.

          Halbert defines the rule. I can’t believe he spent so little time behind bars, frankly. In hindsight, nearly ALL today’s IM Cult Gurus owe their start to him & Dan Kennedy. Even the bulk of the seduction community stems from these foolz … and some other watered down NLP mofos.

          … Mind-controlling Propaganda for Crappy Frauducts! … Hooray!

          1. btw, I’m not saying ALL marketers are inherently Criminals and Cons … but a lot are. Maybe the majority.

  17. As the middle class is destroyed, real productivity of real things shipped overseas, and the currency gutted, more and more hopeless people will buy into the notion that any individual can “get rich”, all the while, ironically, more and more of the country’s wealth is concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.

    Check out Charles Hugh Smith and his writing on ‘the politics of experience’.

  18. Jesus did somebody dip this fucking muppet in varnish and then paint that smile on him? What the hell is with the pedosmile the guy is using?

    I’m sure it’s meant to convey sincerity or something but that’s the kind of smile somebody who keeps dead cats in their fridge tends to use. Or somebody who wants to stick a screwdriver in your head but just hasn’t had a chance yet.

    Oh it would make me so happy to see him caught for fucking chickens in his garden or something.

    As for Jack Canfield….ummmm your son hates you Mr Soup. So much for living a positive life and creating your own reality.

    I blame his mother…breastfeeding him until he was 18 just wasn’t healthy.

  19. You guys debate why exactly he asks to remove his lies from the internet when it’s obvious.

    He is a scammer who used false advertising riding on the backs of a global TV station and monetized his appearance there.
    His homepage is all about the stupid show.

    He will get in trouble at some point and he knows he needs as minimum press as possible.

    1. The secret millionaire (as retarded as it is), is about a SECRET millionaire. Not about an anonymous man who takes the exposure of the show to go public.

      Of course he wants the evidence eliminated.

  20. Hey Bo,

    You wrote the following

    “I now see them as human beings who are suffering from their own feelings of pain and inadequacy, and feel the need to control and manipulate others out of fear. Honestly, I feel bad for them”

    They do what they do for money

    Nobody should confuse this fact…all the shit we scream about on this website is done for one reason and one reason only:


    They KEEP doing it because it’s fucking easy to do

    Most consumers are blinded by their greed and fall victim to these scam artists

    Scammers are NOT stupid…in fact many are damn smart

    you might ask why they do it if they are so smart…because the money in scamming is HUGE when you are smart…and its damn easy

    they are greedy bloodsuckers who will not stop until STOPPED

    Please dont make excuses for them…they don’t suffer from anything…they are greedy scammers

    and dont feel sorry for them…they STEAL from others

  21. I can’t get over the screenshot of malinchuck and koenigs… so damn funny. Are we sure Mr. Malinchak’s first name isn’t Ed?

  22. Another fat bastard with the obvious morals of a sewer rat. And to boot a God aweful shitty tan that shows his stink tanks are fully topped up to reach his ears.

    Why the hell is it that these so called “gurus” cannot afford a treadmill to at least look like they take care of the “temple” This guy looks like he likes he pumps crispy cremes for breakfast.

    He and Joe “I’ll go to fucking opening of an envelope if I can skim some bucks” Vitale should trade diet secrets.

    1. @Kim, The full list of fake gurus with the morals of sewer rats is on Saltys main page. ALL of them would do anything to suck up where they could get a dime free, just ask everyone who has ever attempted to do business with them or bought stuff off them and discovered they are frauds. Now the skimming has worn slim watch them slowly dispose of their fake lifestyles by losing their cars and houses and friends and businesses. Cute huh, must have been all that visualizing we were doing.

    2. @Kim, Fucking Vitale.


      Another fat bastard with the obvious morals of a sewer rat. And to boot a God aweful shitty tan that shows his stink tanks are fully topped up to reach his ears.

      Was it a deliberate insult to the sewer rats?

  23. Guys, I’m thinking of starting an internet EMPIRE!

    Here is my story. Tell me what you think…

    One day I was broke. Then I tried the internet but it wouldn’t give me money. But then I realized I had pants and a shirt on. So I took those off and was in my underwear. I got a little bit of money – but I could tell something was missing.

    “Aha!” I knew the missing link.

    I relocated to the kitchen! And just like that – profits came like crazy. There I was, on my laptop, in the kitchen, in my underwear (with socks still on. Socks on was a big part. And they had to be those socks that went halfway up your shins. And you have to wear them for like 3-4 days in a row. Trust me on this!)

    I want to go big with this. I want to go on the speaker circuit, and sell information products. I want to be Dan Kennedy’s new partner.

    What do you guys think? Can I make it?

    Please send me the hookup if you got it!

    1. @Internet Empire! Yeah!, I think Jeff Paul already beat you to the punch on the particular scammer marketing angle.

    2. @Internet Empire! Yeah!,

      You would have to master Bill Glazer’s skills. Are you really sure you’re that good at telling old jokes, keeping a straight face while advertising crap as the next revolution in marketing and saying “outrageous” at least 5 times per sentence?

    3. @Internet Empire! Yeah!,

      That’s so weird. All this time, I thought I had been scammed for lots of money, and it all comes down to the fact that I was wearing ANKLE socks (while sitting in my underwear at the kitchen table)!! I coulda been making a living all along…..I coulda been a contender. Shit.

  24. Joe Vitales grundies have probably got skid marks you’ll have to factor that in if you want to manifest the internet millionaire mindset!

  25. Wait,

    I think maybe now I’ve isolated the crucial sentence that xplains everything:

    “Based on this being a compliance issue, this is a crucial activity.”

    It could mean oh so many things this sentence today, such as one possibility like this one:

    Based on this being a situation where we had a lot of advertising that was out of compliance with some legal stuff, we better get rid of it and it’s really, really crucial so pleaes, please do it or you will suffer the consequences and maybe I will, too.

    So maybe that idea is the “compliance issue” he tells the people about there.

  26. I think there is a layer to this piece that is being missed. Having been to a James Malinchak event and having a few conversations with him outside the event I can tell you personally there is no one with a worse self image than James. He is constantly worrying about what people think about him. Just listen to him repeat himself:
    “I’m don’t lie”
    “That would not be honest”
    “That’s why I make a difference”
    (poor me)”I’m just from a small steel-mill town”

    Often times people with low self-esteem try to boost their self image with their ego, putting other people down (last post someone mentioned how he apparently treats his sister), and at the events being rude and insulting anyone that may be against him.

    A person like this is paranoid that people will figure them out and thus makes rash choices based on this unrealistic fear that people give a shit about what he does. Ironically this fear combined with an ego that is unrealistic leads this kind of person to do just what he is doing —

    Manipulate those around him for his own gain.

    It is almost like he can’t help himself from using people. My guess, based on reading the above comments, that even someone like Jack Canfield could be taken for a ride. I am not saying Jack is good or bad, but I am saying when someone is really good at manipulation it is difficult for even honest people to see that they are being taken.

    Even Tom Antion use to work closely with James for years. He gave testimonials, support, and his credentials. Now obviously he wised up and got smart about it, but not until they had a crack in their relationship was he able to see what was really going on.

    The best thing you can do to get at someone like James is not to tell him his fucking teeth suck, or that he needs a new hair cut, just simply tell him “you know” followed by silence, or “you were ok” “Something about you just” followed by silence.

    Interestingly it seems all his event pages are down…kind of makes one wonder if the SD can claim his first official Game-Set-Match?

    1. @MMk ::

      Good points … but …

      Jack Canfield can’t be “taken for a ride” :: not by James Malinchak anyway. That’s not how it works. Watch close and you’ll see a structure in it that doesn’t involve individuals making individual moral choices about their actions or associations. If you’re in :: then you’re in :: and you do the things you’re supposed to do or you’re not in anymore.

      Jack Canfield supported and endorsed James Ray. Jack Canfield failed to come out against James Ray :: or retract his endorsements :: even after people were killed. Not forgivable … so I’d say the “is he good or bad” thing can be decided on that one fact alone.

      1. @SD, great point, often a persons reaction tells more of their intention than anything.

    2. @MMk, Malinchak is obviously paranoid about what people think of him, as evidenced by his futile attempts to bully Tom Antion and others.

      However, he doesn’t seem to be as concerned about what people think of him when he tells them they can’t have their money back.

      SD crystallized Canfield well.

  27. Hmmm. You all seem to agree with one another, a mutually supportive group.

    There are no dissenting opinions I could find.

    Which really calls into question any credibility? Can’t handle a debate, fellas?

    And by the way, have you ever heard the fable about the wolf and the grapes? The wolf can’t reach the grapes at the top of the vine, so tells himself “they must be sour anyway”, hence the colloquialisms about sour grapes. Moral of the story, folks who take a bitter turn on things have to diss what is out of reach.

    Why not take all this superb energy and supposed superior intellect and put it to something useful and money earning? If you did that, you would not have time nor desire to libel people. You would ACTUALLY have some self respect instead of bitterness. Get wise, choose better over bitter. And please, PLEASE, MAN UP!

    1. @kandace,

      No dissenting opinions calls into question credibility?

      First there’s been people who don’t agree with the consensus?

      Secondly, this is a site that calls scammers out on their lies – Maybe theres no dissenting opinion because these scammers DON’T have a ton of supporters

      Salty doesn’t require names or even a valid email address so you would think more people would come in and take part since they’re protected by anonymity

      You can twist it anyway you want but the truth remains…these people use lies every day in order to make a buck…and here they get called out on it

      Have you heard of the phrase BLOOD MONEY about the person who has no talent and no real sellable skills so he lies and cheats in order to make himself/herself money

      Every person discussed on this site trades in lies for blood money…feel free to debate it…I dare you

  28. …Salty,quick,we have a dissenter in the ranks. What shall we do with this
    vile scoundrel who has ventured into our brave new world? Stoning or the rattan?
    Actually kandace back at ya mate, as someone who has actually had dealings not with this particular scumbag but another of his ilk they deserve to be “outed”
    These vultures go from scam to scam and prey upon the gullible.And while it could be said that a fool and his money are parted every minute that’s not the point,or perhaps you could argue that a women wearing a short dress is a prospective rape candidate?

    I can only speak for myself however I do have a life,I do create create and sell products on the net actually products that promote a holistic lifestyle and for the most part I am kind to animals and small children(especially my own)

    We all have our reasons for slagging off at dirtbags that contribute nothing except false promises,and whose every inhale is a stolen breath that could be put to better use. I personally I find it fun,and perhaps just perhaps they may come to realise that their actions are not in keeping with the karmic law that states very clearly:

    “douchebags,especially fat assed ones with a bad tan should immediately cease and desist trying to fleece the innocent and fuck off and crawl back under whatever rock in cyberspace they crawled out from”

    No don’t you go putting diss on saltys mates again or we’ll open a can of “whoop ass” on ya

    1. @Spam Detector ::

      I wish my Spam Detector sent mean messages back to spammers who spammed me…

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