SaltyLeaks vs. WikiDroid

Merry Christmas Motherfucker!

Merry Christmas from Mike Koenigs!

Not to you of course :: he hates you :: to me.

Me he must love … that’s why he gives me gifts. Like remember that time he had a meeting with the Tony Robbins people about the Robbins/Syndicate joint frauduct :: and he warned them about The Droid :: called out the B-team and The Syndicate by name :: talked about the NBC show :: and then made a couple of top quality blasphemous/sexist/pathetic remarks?

Yeah … that was a totally awesome gift! I really appreciated it. Tony Robbins appreciated it less … but you can’t please everyone.

You’d think people would have learned their lesson about obsessively recording things after the whole Richard M. Nixon situation … guess not.

Nixon was recording his meeting the morning he found out that Daniel Ellsberg had just started The Mother of All ShitStorms.

Daniel Ellsberg is a fucking hero :: and if you say otherwise you don’t know crap about crap. He made the bravest decision that you can make {to risk yourself and your liberty} :: for the bestest reason that you can make the bravest decision {for the greater good}. Comparing White Witch Julian Assange’s limp ass dot com poserings with Daniel Ellsberg’s purposeful heroism should be a hanging offense! But then we’d have to hang Daniel Ellsberg because he keeps making that comparison :: and we can’t hang him cause of the previously mentioned “fucking hero” thing.

Dr. Ellsberg :: age 79 :: was sticking up for Assange at an antiwar protest yesterday … where he was arrested for the 80th time. Julian is a deplorable narcissist who doesn’t deserve to be defended :: and protesting stuff is mostly dumb :: but how can you not love somebody who actually seems to believe in what he claims to believe?

Anywayz :: Mike Koenigs should have invested in at least one book not written by Dan Kennedy :: then maybe he’d have read about Nixon and Ellsberg and the dangers of recording stuffs for no good reason.

All this talk about leaks and recordings :: whatever could I be implying?

Oh I’m sure it’s nothing :: I often run teasers for stories that end up being dissappointing.

Wait no … that was someone else.

>> bleep bloop

97 thoughts on “SaltyLeaks vs. WikiDroid”

  1. Sorry, dude, but your bashing of Assange is completely off the mark. Oh, I get it, you are still one of the deluded American people who haven’t figured out that their government has been massively a**raping them since the founding of this nation. Could it really be that the American Dream was nothing but bullshit a dude called Horatio Algier pulled out of thin air and which has since then gotten a semi-official spin in education and history books? Of course it couldn’t be true that the reality is debt slavery (how many years did it take you to pay off your student loans?) and a political system that can best be called farcism. No, that’s not a typo.

    1. @Narcissits ::

      I think you’ll find that crappy comment is more at home on the previous post …

      … this post is back to our regularly scheduled programing.

      However :: Dearest Germany :: let’s have a contest …

      You say something dumb and terrible that America did :: then I’ll say something dumb and terrible that Germany did.

      That will be a fun contest which you will lose {badly!} after just one round.

      PS I still haven’t paid off my student loan … and I have quite a strong hunch about the assrapings.

      1. @SD,

        I think the US might easily win this contest. Of course, you can play the Hitler card yet again, but do a quick Google search on the atrocities of ammunition with depleted uranium or just focus on commonly known facts such as Iran-Contra, countless wars, torture, false flag attacks (heck, your government has no problem blowing up 3,000 of your own people on 9/11 and you still defend it), or, last but not least, Project Paperclip, where your government brought boatloads of Nazi scientists into your country (so, thanks for taking all our garbage, but this might also explain why the US is now seen as the embodiment of evil on this planet, a crown once proudly held by Germany).

        So, are you still sure you want to hold this contest?

        But, on a more serious note, things are not much better in Germany, and the neo-liberal doctrines which have ruined the US are also heavily at work over here. Our government dreams up statistics such as yours does (cf., and lies to its people day in and day out. In the Third Reich, people at least knew that they were hearing propaganda. Today, it’s being passed off as “news”.

        But that’s enough of a discourse. Keep up your great work otherwise and lambast the d-bags. One of my Christmas wishes is that you write up something on Douchebag DeAngelo aka. Eben Pagan (no way this is his real name).

        1. @SD,

          I can only imagine [[damn it man….I’m a combobulator…not an imaginator]] what Koenigs said this time around….he [[Koenigs]] appears to fucking stupid to learn from past mistakes…{chant}bring it on..bring it on{/chant}…

          PS- sorry Mikey…I really shouldn’t be mocking an individual who started “just like my piggy bank” foundation…hi Vivian…I didn’t mean to leave you out, after all, it is just like your piggy bank too…

          PS2- every time I hear about “just like a crock of shit” foundation, the following video comes to mind…I included it, because it just seems so apropos [[i’m testing out new words I just learned…it makes me sound all intelligentical and shit…hooked on monkey phonics rawks!]]..

          1. @_cartman_, Thought I was going to see Sally Struthers hiding out in the back eating Twinkies while the rest of the town was starving… lol.

            I used to like Koenigs… really. Seemed like a cool and genuine guy to learn video from. Due to hearing and observing a bunch of highly questionable tactics lately, though, he seems like just another marketer bent on only helping his inner circle.

            I love it when Traffic Geyser (TG) coerces the B-team affiliates to email blast first, then when the A-team / Syndicate usually sends out closer to cart close. Why? Because, the tracking is last-cookie.

            The game seems so rigged it’s not even funny. To hear some crazier shit about TG, check out my comment on Salty’s last blog post titled “SaltyDroid vs. WikiLeaks.”

            1. @JJ,

              Yeah…the guy is a sleazy fuck in his dealings [[no question about it]]…and his integrity [[what integrity]] isn’t worth squat…let me tell you what he did….

              In April 2010 Koenigs chose “la jolla house painter” as well as other non-searched terms [[his youtube channel has his clone videos, the search terms are the titles if anyone wants to check further]] and set up sites and videos to rank for those terms.

              He then started doing searches for “la jolla house painter” [[and his other terms; without quotes]] to bring the ranking up on his sites [[and videos]] for the non-searched search terms he picked [[search + click through = rise in rank]].

              [[fast forward to now]]

              Koenigs is using those non-searched terms to show his ranking expertease [[SEO BS 101]]…and sell people on his frauduct, because Koenigs is “King” at ranking for terms which are not searched



              Notice how the previous 5 years “la jolla house painter” had basically no [[well very minimal]] search volume, yet the month Koenigs registered the site, he had the most search volume [[relatively speaking]]!

              So Koenig ranks for fucking useless terms, and then creates an air of false demand for “social media consultants”

              [[cue Social Media Marketing Machines]].

              According to Koenigs, there are boatload of companies who need “social media consultants”. These companies are apparently begging to overpay [[begging damn it]] for social media consultants to setup twitter, facebook, and youtube accounts [[the holy trinity of Social media]]. Lucky for us, Koenigs has us covered with his super program [[or whatever the fuck it is]] and his “automated” tools, which make consulting for this great demand [[a demand he [[and his shills]] invented just weeks/months earlier]] a breeze…

              Koenigs is another clown in the circus sideshow known as IM…

              sigh…My head hurts again….

            2. @JJ, and @cartman…you are good man. That’s a great analysis of how those screen shots on his webinars and sales pages always come up with the top search results on Google. That never even occurred to me.

              See what happens when you hang out with people smarter than you (ie. Me hanging out here)?

              Surprising no one else has brought this out before now…but then I guess that would be the wrong use of the “law of attraction”, and like be all manifesting negativity and stuff.

              And yes, Im sure some Fortune 500 company or any company, is gonna hire you to be their Social media consultant simply on the merits of “I took the Mike Koenigs Social Media Course!”

              “Mr. CEO, you never heard of Mike Koenigs? Like he’s all brilliant and stuff and really knows his shit and his course taught me everything I need to know to take you to the promise land of Facebook, YouTube and Twitter!”

              “And, I really need to make that next $397 payment on my Visa, so PLEASE hire my dumb ass before my wife/husband finds out I pissed away $3997 on a course I could’ve gotten for free…”

        2. @Narcissits ::

          It’s usually an inappropriate hyperbole to play the Hitler card. But any game that has a legit Hitler card :: like the “which country has done the most fucked up shit?” game :: then the player of the Hitler card is the automatic winner.

          However :: I will do you a courtesy and not play my Hitler card in the first round … and will instead play my WWI card … which is valued at 40 million human lives.

          Then you can play all of these cards together … Vietnam :: Korea :: The Iran/Iraq War :: Gulf War 1 :: Gulf War 2 :: The Civil War :: The War of 1812 :: The French and Indian War :: Slavery :: The current Afghanistan war … and the Cold War proxy fights with the Soviets :: The slaughter of the Native Americans :: Waco :: 9/11 :: Ruby Ridge :: The Spanish American War :: The Mujahideen :: and the 2008 global financial collapse.

          You still lose the first round badly and embarrassingly.

          Now I play the Hitler card just to rub it in … approx value = 60 million human lives.

          Thanks for playing.

          1. @SD,

            according to my white-washed history books, the total death count of WW I was about 15 million, and surely you can’t blame it all on Germany. After all, who did the financing besides the gnomes of Zurich? Right, some US banks. So, what’s the count again?

            1. @Narcissits, Holy hell Adolf, is that they shit they teach you in German schools? No wonder you white supremacist morons have a jaded view of America.

              Why can’t you Jew-hating racists just thank the USA for saving your country, and your continent, from the most evil and powerful dictator the modern world has ever known? Or do you still deny THAT fact too?

              Is it to hard to swallow your pride and just say “thank you”?

              Here, it’s this easy…

              Thank you Germany for the Mercedes Benz. Other than that, I can’t think of what Germany has contributed to the world stage, except perhaps maybe a few steroid-fueled Olympic athletes over the past few decades.

              See how easy that was, skinhead?

            2. @Narcissits ::

              40 million is casualties not deaths … stupid thing to quibble over. The point is :: “who’s worse?” is a dumb game not worth playing {especially if you’re German}. Most countries have done both great and horrible things.

              Humanity is terrible to humanity … that’s the problem. Seeing everything through the frame of “my country” is not part of the solution.

              @Jimmy ::

              1. Jaded views are aren’t caused by schooling.

              2. America didn’t enter The War until late … after its shores were attacked. Allowing Japan and Germany to finish their take-over of the world was not in American interests. Millions of lives would probably have been saved if we’d had the courage to act instead of react.

              3. It wasn’t just the Germans who were happy to get rid of their Jews. That problem is a tale as old as time. “Jew-hating racists” is not an appropriate modern characterization of the German people … to say the least.

              4. Germany is :: and always has been :: a massively important country. Not to mention … much of what has made America great has come from the co-opting of great Germans … and great German ideas.

              5. Please don’t make me defend Germany again.

            3. @SD, Ok, so maybe I went a little overboard. Just tired of Euro-trash bashing America non-stop. Face it people, sometimes war is necessary. Do we like it? No. We don’t start this shit.

              I just want to hear a European say, just once, “if it weren’t for America, we would be Nazis right now.”

              Please…just once?

              I hate politics btw…

      2. @SD, I’m usually with you on your posts – and comments – but I have to agree with Narcissits on this one.

        Germany don’t come close to the outrages the US have committed in their very short history.

        One large versus many, many large and many, many, many mediums and many, many, many, many smalls add up to a huge hefty momma.

    2. @Narcissits, WHAT IS IT that makes Europeans think we give a shit what they think about America and Americans?
      We’re all the people (or descendants thereof) who liked it SO much where you are that we took the first one way trip out we could.

      Assange? Gee, I’m real surprised the State Department is full of slime-balls, WOW – there’s some news. 99.9% of America’s problems start right there. The other 0.1% comes from dicks like you who want to destroy the system instead of arrest the other dicks who do bad things within it.

  2. Are you aware that Julian Assange won the 2009 Amnesty International Media Award, for “exposing extrajudicial assassinations in Kenya with the investigation The Cry of Blood – Extra Judicial Killings and Disappearances” (citation: Wikipedia) .

    He’s not “anti-America” – he’s anti-oppression, anti-torture, etc. Whether it’s perpetrated by Kenyans, Americans – or anybody else.

    (Sarcasm on) Man, what a suck-hole! What kind of shit-faced idiot is against torture and oppression? (Sarcasm off)

    Nobody likes having their “dirty laundry” shown for all the world to see – I think that’s the real issue here, actually. It’s embarrassing, and doesn’t “feel good”.

    1. @Ramblin’ man ::

      Are you aware that Michael Moore won an Academy Award for Documentaries?

      “He’s not “anti-America” – he’s anti-oppression, anti-torture, etc.”

      How do you know? And who cares? It’s about his actions not his “thoughts”.

      His actions are all Pro-Julian … and I don’t give a fuck about Julian … so that’s not something I can get behind.

      1. @SD,

        “Are you aware that Michael Moore won an Academy Award for Documentaries?”

        I literally just laughed out loud at that… one of the funniest things comebacks you have ever written!

      2. Actually, I think Michael Moore won an award for DICKUMENTARIES. Check out “Manufacturing Dissent,” the documentary ABOUT Michael Moore, by some FORMER fans of his. He’s a piece of work.

  3. “…and protesting stuff is mostly dumb…”


    As a long time reader of this blog, part of me is hoping that the real author behind the “Salty Droid” saga is actually away on holiday leave, and that his MSM-addicted, socially isolated, inexperienced 12 year old brother, nephew or neighbor has commandeered this blog.

    The other part of me has sadly accepted the fact that I was apparently misled into believing that “Salty Droid” was and is a person who was actually against corruption, greed, abuse of power & human rights violations. With this blog post, along with your previous one (especially the previous one!), you’ve now (ironically) exposed yourself as someone who is seemingly more interested in making juvenile, obscenity-laden jokes about IM scammers than someone who is truly interested in the causes of truth & freedom – and in thoroughly researching & investigating such topics.

    For someone who has continually insisted that people need to stand up to the con artists, hucksters & murderers, it is both contradictory & hypocritical of you to now be making derogatory statements with regard to protests & such. Where would civil rights be, without protests? Where would women’s rights be, without protests? Where would the VOICE OF THE PEOPLE be, without protests? You have cruelly & foolishly insulted generations of people who have stood up to oppression – from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Muhammad Ali (who protested during Vietnam) to Mahatma Gandhi and countless more – and, frankly, all but destroyed your credibility as a force against corruption, in this world.

    I don’t get it, I really don’t; these two posts have stood in such stark contrast to most (if not all) that you’ve written, previously. And, judging by the “voting” on the comments, & many of the comments, themselves, a good portion of your audience is just blindly following you, now, instead of really analyzing & thinking about things.

    (Speaking of which, I’m pretty certain I’ll get at least a few immediate, automatic “Thumbs Down” responses, myself. Also, I happen to agree with Ramblin’ man & Narcissits’ sentiments above, but, for some reason, my votes aren’t registering, with this site.)

    Perhaps the “real” Droid will return to the realm of the real truth-seekers & corruption-fighters, some day, after having the glitches in his programming fixed or upgrading his information databases. One can only hope…

    1. @Just Say No to Sheepdom!,


      If you were really a long time reader of this blog, you’d probably realize that Salty likes to sprinkle in a few sarcastic comments here and there.

    2. @Just Say No to Sheepdom!,

      You’re running a little too far with the “protesting is mostly dumb” statement. The evidence that Salty believes in and exercises protest is overwhelming. You pointed out that this blog is a form of protest in your post.

      Then, when you go on to lecture about MLK and Ghandi, you imply that SaltyDroid is ignorant of these famous protestors and their effects. That’s a little silly. You wasted that much space and thought to what? Bore me to effing tears?

      Obviously, SaltyDroid’s position on wikileaks was well thought out and passionate. Aren’t we all entitled to our opinions? If you answer no, then consider this a formal protest against you.

      Relax, brotha. And remember Baby Jesus.

  4. Yo Salty,

    Okay I’ve heard some of the rumblings, but you must have some good shit and I’m looking forward to an early droid Christmas present in the form of a dbag beatdown.

    On the Ellsberg thing though, you really can’t blame him for showing up – and getting arrested (yet again).

    They don’t hesitate to trot his rotting (hero) corpse out every time there is the inkling of the possibility that someone’s free speech *might* be in jeopardy. And when I say “they” I mean the lefty conspiracy-hounds and free speech advocates – not unlike the opinionated weirdos you seem to have stirred up with these last 2 posts.

    (Conspiracy nuts just happen to overlook the fact that Ellsberg worked at RAND Corporation – one of their favorite bad guy targets. )

    It’s really no different than how Al Sharpton’s limo just *happens* to show up seconds after a person of color so much as stubs their toe on the sidewalk of a mostly-white suburban neighborhood. I’m not saying that as a racist, it’s simply that the cause he has spent his life fighting for has been won (uhhhh, black president anyone?) so it seems reasonable he would MoveOn(tm) to fight for other causes.

    It’s too bad that Ellsberg is going to be remembered as an anti-war/free speech hero, and not the guy who showed us how to get something for nothing.

    But, let’s get back to the show…

    Kill Whitey!
    – Bohica.

    1. @bohica ::

      “It’s really no different than how Al Sharpton’s limo just *happens* to show up seconds after a person of color so much as stubs their toe on the sidewalk of a mostly-white suburban neighborhood.”

      But it is different because Ellsberg :: IMO :: doesn’t do these things to attract attention to himself by exploiting the spectacle of sad situations. He’s genuinely :: and consistently :: anti-war and pro free speech.

      Genuine contributions to the marketplace of ideas should be welcomed no matter their content :: Not-genuine contributions should be shunned no matter their content.

    2. @bohica,

      “it’s simply that the cause he has spent his life fighting for has been won (uhhhh, black president anyone?) so it seems reasonable he would MoveOn(tm) to fight for other causes.”

      Cause is far from won. Please try again.


    I want to tell everyone they are missing the most important piece of the post today and it’s to:


  6. not to distract from the conversation, but it looks like ole cuzin andy has moved on to music videos.



    1. @bohica,

      LOL … is that Jenkins doing a singing Fabio dance impersonation after losing a ton of weight?

      I’m not even going to ask how you’d ever come across something that nasty.

      Now the guy standing near me at the airport is looking at me like I’m gay or something. I’m not even going to try and explain.

  7. Did you purposely wait till the season of fruit cakes to blog about Koenigs?

    Merry Christmas all
    BIte me

  8. Poor Mikey… think this is going to ruin that loser’s weekend?

    Salty don’t forget the doors close to Social Media Marketing
    Machines Saturday, 12/18, at Midnight Pacific!

    Oh please do send out the rest in time

    1. @Lovin it,

      I can’t forget about . . .
      Social Media Marketing because . . .
      folksy, frosty John Cartlon . . .
      reminds me about it . . .
      twice a day!

      1. @spoonfaceboy,

        Just wait…

        Eben and Walker are doing teleseminars today with douche bag
        they were “last minute” of course..

        the syndicate plan: let’s all not mail for mike during the main part of the launch.. then we’ll do teleseminars at the very last minute to seem less like a part of the contrived BS

        Carlton.. he may know copy but he sure can’t smell shit from a mile away..

        3K gets you a video you can brand to your own lame website and
        ummm… well…not much else…

        Koenings is a ballsy MF.. taking 3K a pop to “teach” this stuff
        is totally BOGUS

        PLEASE DONT!!!!!

        complete waste of money and waste of your time…

        have you ever seen any real numbers from that squatty little turd about how many people spent 3K on main street marketing machines and actually make any money now

        NO: cuz there aren’t many.. a few yeah prob but on a 9 million dollar launch THAT IS FRIGGIN PATHETIC

        and now he wants your 3K to teach you how to make boats loads of cash being a social media consultant


    2. @Lovin it ::

      It’s not going to be in time … doesn’t matter anyway. The big launch interrupt posts are usually about refund rates :: not sales … and I suspect slim sales anywayz.

      The bullshit with the ten-pay and The Syndicate dicks coming in right at the end is really ultra slimy … I’m so not-surprised.

      1. @SD,

        6 Hours and Counting till dbag closes the doors and
        takes all the videos down.

        well at least Mike says he will close it down..

        maybe slutty Ms. Andros will take a cue from Santa Mike (barf)
        and learn that when she mails her list and says the doors
        are closing she needs to take down the launch page (IDIOT)

        Her launch was so bad that she didn’t even put up the SOLD OUT page on her site

        She has her tail between her legs after the fallout from this blog. Everyone now knows how non-fabulous she is and how everything about her is a LIE

        awww… ms andros..pardon…

        Ms. BOGUS social media queen seems to have forgotten how powerful twitter is

        funny how that fraud stopped tweeting on Dec 5th right when the “doors closed”

        let’s be totally transparent and not even keep up the bullshit
        after the launch

        see her site..not that she’s getting much traffic but the damn thing is still wide open

        what a phony fucking bitch

        Now back to the main douche bag in question…( so many to keep track of)

        Koenigs mailed tonight with a joke of an email

        first he says “This ISN’T a false scarcity ploy.

        Ah mikey do you mean that there is such a thing a false scarcity???

        FUCK OFF.. how dumb do you think your customers are..

        First let me admit there is false scarcity

        then let me give you my phone number:


        so my lame ass staff can convince you that spending your hard earned money and your time by becoming a social media marketing machine is a SOLID investment…

        Please someone smack that fool upside his head.

      2. @SD,


        I’m not a Lawyer, but maybe there are other potential criminal elements with these big launches to be considered in addition to the existing syndication scum-baggery?

        Offering a payment plan for a product that results in additional costs directly related to said payment plan is tantamount to financing (Even if payments are made by credit card (Double Interest, Bonus!)).

        Let’s say the proposed fair market value of a frauduct is $2,997 according to the seller. While the price is $2,977, the total cost of the product after ten payments is $3,977. That means the total cost of financing = $993!

        I think it’s safe to say that the cost of financing for a 2,977 loan amortized over the period of 10 months, even with a sub-prime interest rate, should cost significantly less than $993. Otherwise, that could be construed as predatory lending maybe?

        Adding the additional interest charged by the credit card company of the frauduct customer most certainly adds insult to injury.

        Just wondering if I am correct with my insinuation that these guys my be illegally acting as De Facto lenders when they slap their interest/penalty to financing, sorry I mean handy dandy payment plan.

        What do you think?

  9. This just in…

    Just got a email from Mike Koenigs.

    The headline reads;

    “omg 10 payment plan just added”

    Yea, like omg, you need 10 freaking payments
    to get his new frauduct. Sounds like a great deal to me
    (crosses arms)

    1. @WTF,

      It’s all part of the launch plan



      then show what a wonderful sympathetic human being you are to
      your customers financial woes..

      It still costs 3K but let’s lessen the pain by splitting the payments up in to 10

      Every player in the syndicate drops the X pay plan at the end of the launch
      it’s where they get most of the fence sitters…

      OMG i just have to have this but it’s 3K how do I justify that..

      WAIT for it………….

      Presenting…… the 10 pay!!!!!

      WOW…What a great guy Mr Koenigs is.. now I just have to buy this (overpriced crap)

      Mr Koenigs how about you try teaching something valuable for a change
      (this ain’t gonna be it)

      And stop screwing people you money whore

  10. If you had to choose between getting Mike Koenig’s “course,” or a roll of toilet paper for $3,000, I’d suggest choosing the only one of those things that you could be sure would do your ass some good. Toilet paper.

    1. @Chip, But with his brilliant “10-Pay” option pf $397 each, the price goes to $3997! So my dear loyal (and blind) following, I’ll make it easy for you to “get in” by offering you a payment plan of 10 small monthly payments – and raise the price by 33% while I’m at it.

      And the kicker is, the course will teach you how to build your business using this novel approach, ready…here it comes…SOCIAL FUCKING MEDIA.

      Wow, brilliant. No one’s ever come out with a course on this highly scientific subject. Other than, well, everyone.

      Are you kidding me? Really Mike? Really!? Maybe that San Diego sun really does cloud these asshole’s minds, making them think their “shit” (as Kern often refers to his courses, at least he doesn’t lie about that) is actually worth $2997, or $3997 if you’re stupid enough to ring your credit card up and go into debt for something as fundamental as SOCIAL FUCKING MEDIA marketing.

      Anyone who spends this amount on a course like that is either one of three things:

      1. Desperate beyond all belief
      2. Dreaming (too much hocus pocus law of attraction bullshit)
      3. Dumber than fuck

      If they’re 1 or 2, i truly feel bad for them. If they’re 3, then hey, I guess we all get expensive educations at some point in life. And this is theirs.

      Un fucking believable, that someone THINKS a course on building their business through Twitter and Facebook is wort $3000-4000.

      Would LOVE to know how many units he does with this course, if for no other reason, I can just say, out loud, the words “Un Fucking Believable”.

      Salty, you the man.

      1. @Jimmy, # of units can be interesting for us and also the other new pyschological compound variable that syndicaters have invented for syndiMARKETING that is this one:

        (# of customers afraid to refund because how can I be in the A circle then and other reasons like maybe Kajabi-style nonrefunding etc)

        In real business called “gross sales” maybe?

        The new syndiBIZop formula:

        # of customers that are afraid to/can’t refund = Total Sales * (100% – refund%)

        for syndiBUDGETING go ahead and use 50%-70% as estimated # of refunds so you can know about what to pay syndiAFFILIATES (maybe, see below)…

        syndiGROSSPROFITS = # of customers afraid to/can’t refund – Total expenses

        Total expense can be things like what to pay syndiAFFILIATES (mostly “A” team unless you want to go ahead and STOMPerAFFILIATE them so then you can just go ahead and use something approximating zero for that part then).

        pROOF of work for this formula:
        Kajabi refund procedure:

        STOMPerAFFILIATE procedure:

        Minimize the refunds by making people think maybe they can be part of the syndiA-Team:

        Now my message for all B-teamers. You don’t have to buy a $3,997 product for fake success any longer now because I have made the money-getting formula FOR you so quick and easy and instant using information all freely available on THIS blog.

        The formula will go get you the money and you don’t have to do anything because it’s like a business in a box, but the BOX does ALL the work (also, it’s a *black* box and I can’t tell you what’s inside it and I guess also after you get it you probably can’t see what’s in it either because value is only “perceived” OK and you probably have faulty perception-value-vision).

        1. @Jack, Now THAT’S spot on AND funny. And the “Business In A Black Box” sums up all these gurus’ crap products perfectly!

        2. From a Koenigs email to his potential affiliates ::

          – We’re launching a new business in a box bizop
          – In April (our last launch, Main Street), we did over
          $9m in sales
          – Our opt-in rate was through the roof
          – We paid MILLIONS in commissions
          – We pay our bills – our affiliates get their money

          The new offer is KILLER.

          It’s $2997 and pays 50% commissions.
          Plus bonuses and prizes, including a HUGE cash prize.

          Got your attention? Good.

          He’s explicitly marketing a BizOp for more than $500 :: and I’m sure this “opportunity” hasn’t been registered with the California AG as required by law.

          So I hope that’s whose attention he’s “got”.

          1. @SD,

            Seems Koenigs is requesting that we spam the shit out of him with useless “social” questions.

            I’ve already submitted mine -“Mike, If you’re an ugly douche with no talent, should you use your real photo on your facebook profile page? Oh – and what is twitter? Thanks.”

            If you have an equally compelling question on the “social medias n’ stuffs” you can ask Mike here:


            Keep it clean peoples.

            1. @Irwin, Here’s mine:

              “Mike, will you accept pie in the sky as payment in full for your pie in the sky? Also, do you come up with these fantasy offers all by yourself or do you have satan on retainer? Happy holidays!”

            2. @Irwin,

              I informed Mike Keuntnigs that I was going to review his frauduct and put ad sense on my site *after* I returned it, being one of the 30-50% that inevitably will. That I will wait for the best *bonus* package offered by one of the other syndicate so I can do a review on that and, of course, keep it for free.

              But I’ve changed my mind.

              I’m just going to wait a week or so, and get a torrent d/l to the product at www blackhatteam DOT com

              Yee haw…

            1. @Jack, LOL. Funny as shit! “We pay our bills!” Is that their new USP? That’s like the water company saying “we really do give you water”.

              And WTF is the actually BizOp anyway? How to make millions using Facebook?

              @SD, his last launch Main Street, did $9mm? You guys think that’s true? If so, all I can say is Un Fucking Believable. I never ever heard of that launch, maybe i just deleted the emails before reading them.

              Say what you want about MLM, but at least you get product for your money, and not just a “how to” guide, and for nowhere near that kind of money.

              Also like how he jacked up the price 50% from the usual $1997. The old “raise the price so it “appears” more valuable” strategy. Are people really that fucking stupid?

              I would love to know how many suckers fell for this current production, and forked over $2997 or even worse, went into debt @ $397 a month, for this digital bullshit pipe dream. “Buy this course and be an instant Internet Millionaire, even if you don’t know Jackshit about the internet!”

              I guess it’s true, the selling of Get Rich Quick will never go out of demand. :)

  11. @Jimmy,

    Off topic:
    [quote]I just want to hear a European say, just once, “if it weren’t for America, we would be Nazis right now.”

    Please…just once?[/quote]

    Won’t happen, cuz it’s un-true.

    Like the Droid said, then you’d be getting your ego stroked through the rosy colored glasses of your nation.

    Germany was never set up to win. Hitler’s advisers led him to attack Russia to weaken his forces just in time for American’s entrance. And there is plenty of evidence for this as there is plenty of evidence to show that both Germany and the US/UK were funded by the same Banker mother fuckers who ultimately wanted to use WWII for more sinister outcomes (explained below).

    America should have never entered the war to begin with and weren’t going to because the people didn’t want to until the staged pearl harbor crap was allowed to happen.

    Props should go to Canada as well as they had a little, yeah just a [sarcasm]*tiny* bit to do with it to…just a little *cough* [/sarcasm]

    The biggest achievements of WWII and it’s objectives were easily met:

    1 – Formation of the true terrorist state of Israel. An
    illegal entity

    2 – Formation of the United Nations, which is waiting for
    the collapse of the American dollar and the few years
    of mayhem to follow before being assigned the task of
    rebuilding the world under a left winged ONE
    world CO-OPERATIVE.

    On Topic:

    I think it’s quite obvious that Julian Assange has been donkey-carroted and leaked information as well as led by the nose to think he was doing the right thing in dispersing it. But why? Maybe just another way to mark the US as the big bad bully of the world, so that when the bankers give China the go ahead to pull the curtains and crash the US economy (even if theirs fails as well), less people will think the US and it’s citizens didn’t really deserve it. But not to worry, the paper less economy will come to the rescue so long as people are willing to accept less freedom for debt resolution and less privacy as well. Oh yea, and just so we know you’ll be loyal we need to put this tiny benign microchip in your body…you know, so we know you’re not a terrorist and also so you can trade and get medical care when you need it, and buy shit and so on and so forth.

    Wow, that’s nuts Assiangus!

    1. @Julius Assiangus,

      Welcome! You must new to our planet.

      Not sure what’s been WikiLeaked on the intergalactic network, but I have yet to hear about Jews/Israelis blowing themselves up along with innocent bystanders even on the most liberal of news outlets.

      However, as you sojourn on our planet, here’s a politically incorrect reality check that may help you see things as they truly are:

      Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but almost every terrorist is a Muslim.

      1. @Hal (the original Hal),

        “Not every Muslim is a terrorist, but almost every terrorist is a Muslim.”

        Not every Whitey is a racist, but almost every racist is a Whitey.

        Wow! Works both ways, eh?

        Here’s the thing: everyone has a political viewpoint, even droids, evidently. I guess it was only a matter of time til this blog became politically un-neutral.

        We used to be ONE, people! United against internet D-bags and their granny-targeting frauducts!

        Now we’re all hateful and divided and opinionated about shit that’s not really under our control.

        This is getting stupid. And tiresome. And frankly counterproductive. But you know who probably thinks this is all super hilarious? The Syndicate.

        Hey, I’ll keep my mouth shut about my political viewpoints if everyone else promises to do the same. Can we make a covenant or something?!

        1. @WN,

          Are you one of those people who cries “Homophobe!” if someone dares to not tow the Homophilia line?

          Not to cloud the issue with too many facts but consider this:

          My wife and I returned this weekend from a cruise to the Bahamas where we were shunned (in quite an obnoxious manner) from sitting at a dinner table with an old Jewish couple from New York because we were “unclean Gentiles”, yet at another meal, we had a great time with a woman from eastern Europe who was wait for it …. MUSLIM.

          Your race baiting comment is uninformed at best. Most racists are not “whitey” as racism exists in every nationality regardless of skin color.

          However, I stand by my terrorism comment. If you disagree, please feel to set the record straight with objective FACTS, not incoherent emotional ramblings.

          As for “making a covenant or something”. If that means a respectful discourse, sure. If it means bowing to political correctness despite all observable facts to the contrary, bite me much!

          1. @Hal (the original Hal),

            If I slapped you in the face with my penis, would that make me homophobic? Hmm.

            Your hypocrisy is ironically self-evident.

            But this is probably just my incoherent emotional ramblings dripping down your face.

            Please die.

    2. @Julius Assiangus ::

      Objection :: speculation!

      @Hal (the original Hal) ::

      I offer the IRA :: India’s maoist insurgents :: the Unabomber :: the ETA :: and Japan’s Aum Shinrikyo … as notable counter examples to your “most terrorists are muslim” postulate.

      Here’s my postulate :: “All terrorists are assholes.”

      @WN ::

      I guess it was only a matter of time til this blog became politically un-neutral.

      Whatever :: suck yourself! Julian Assange has all the halmarks of a sociopath :: he’s a poser :: and a fake :: and he’s never actually done anything except give himself rounds of applause. NOTHING political about that.

      People’s responses :: especially people from Europe :: have been stupidly political. Not my problem.

      Julian Assage is an asshole narcissist … and I’m not done saying it.

      This is getting stupid. And tiresome. And frankly counterproductive. But you know who probably thinks this is all super hilarious? The Syndicate.

      It’s getting stupid and tiresome to you maybe … but I get bored of countering the same ridiculous “your just jealous of our success” arguments over and over. New kinds of stupid is fun.

      If The Syndicate thinks these stories are a happy and hilarious reprieve {which they probably do} … then they are wrong per the usual.

      Especially important to this project :: at this moment :: are the cyber-crimes divisions of the various federal enforcement agencies. Me thinks they might be interested in this story.

      So laugh it up Syndicate bitches :: laugh it up.

      1. This topic is NOT a “breather” or “reprieve” for the Syndicate. Here’s why.

        The diversity of scandalous topics here (such as this one) is actually BAD NEWS for “The Syndicate” (and the other DBs mentioned here). That’s because it brings in more traffic and more exposure from other places, including, as SD has mentioned, higher up government interests.

        That means the DBs are getting negative exposure from far outside their respective scam niches. So instead of just being the scourge of their local consumer protection divisions, they are now getting seen alongside some really heinous stuff by much higher level government divisions. That can’t be good for them!

        Relish that for a moment.

      2. @SD,

        Oh Salty, you do have a way with telling me to go suck myself. My heart is aflutter.

        I wasn’t referring to your own un-neutral politics, as I agree with your assessments of Assange, but your blindly patriotic followers who for some reason gets kicks out of controlling the thumbs-down button. Democracy is so perfect and infallible! :)


        Good point, dude!

        @Hal (the original Hal)

        Sorry about the fellatio joke, but you started with the ad hominem attacks first.

      3. @SD,

        I agree with your “All terrorists are assholes” postulate.

        Still think Muslim terrorists and their activities exceed the combined numbers and efforts of your other terrorist examples.

        But I’m open to being proven wrong. :-)

      4. @SD,

        You may be right… but it was obviously not geared towards you. Why react to it to defend a person who has seriously disturbing thoughts? Because our friend “balls deep” has some strange ways of thinking.

        I’d just rather keep it to the subject:

        SD kicks ass. Keep on exposing those darn syndicate bastards. Hope they’ll all be taken down. They deserve it. They deserve it “balls deep”. :)

  12. @Narcissits takes it balls deep from Assange,

    Off topic too, but Britain only finished paying off her WW2 war debts to the US in 2006.
    That’s nothing, we’ve still got outstanding debts from WW1, unpaid and the Napoleonic Wars 1790-1815–(Waterloo!). Its a costly business this war-mongering, 200 years of the spoils of empire down the toilet in about 30 years.

    Anyone totting up the costs of the current sorties?

  13. @Narcissits takes it balls deep from Assange,

    Even though I’m not German… I do want to say that I cannot agree with anything you’re saying here. This is the thing:

    Because of making statements like that, the rest of the world thinks about the US like they do. You are overly agressive and you are trying to make a point by bashing people.

    I am Dutch. And I am definitely grateful for the Americans. Because they really did help us. But despite that, I do not agree on the hate against Germans.

    Germans are like anyone else:

    There are good and bad ones.

    After all:

    Even in the US there are nazis. And those aren’t all Germans. (watch American History X. Stuff that are actually going on in the US at this very moment. May be an eye-opener for you) Not mentioning the kkk amongst other rather questionable organisations.

    Then I want to point another fact out:

    Even though it may be true and the Germans did cause more casualties then the Americans… the Americans did give weapons to the organisation now known as El Quada. As they had a lot less noble intentions at first. It eventually turned against them. And it went wrong.

    We may need to make a recount. But I don’t want and need to be the judge on this.

    I wanted to point these things out as I understand both sides… but I also think you need to look at things without your pink glasses on.

    Also, when we get into this subject… we’re going to discuss political matters and conspiracy theories which go way beyond the scope of this blog. And I’m honestly not reading this blog for these kind of discussions.

    I am reading it because of the entertainment value. You (SD) write some true words about certain shady characters. And even though I do not agree with your point that it’s hard to make money online (I already do so for years now. Just not by selling pipedreams. I sell high quality products that actually help people)… I do agree with your points on the syndicate. And love the proof you can back yourself up with.

    I myself had some experiences with them. Rather strange experiences. And they are definitely all a bunch of liars and crooks.

    The funniest experience is where I talked about my system with a certain marketer… and a couple of months later it seemed as if he was selling my system for $997 or something crazy like that. And that was definitely a syndicate member.

    (good thing to note: he didn’t get the details. I know… because I intentionally left extremely crucial parts out. Stuff he could never figure out himself. So he sold something inferiour and crap for an inflated price… which is an understatement)

    This, however, does not effect me. I do not need those guys. Since I make plenty of money not selling this kind of information. And I will continue to do so for a long time. And I do all of it by getting my traffic in other ways as forming syndicates that promote eachothers crap products.

    So keep up the good work. But seriously… the politcal discussions got a bit too far.

  14. What a bunch of baloney!! Even the real social media experts are not sure what a social media expert is because the territory is so huge! Yet, Mr Traffic Geyser wants to propose he is and can show you too for a mere $3,000.

    How about getting REAL training and for FREE?!?! Yep. Head over to (no,not affiliated with it whatsoever).

    Everyone should tweat about this resource with the harsh tag of Mike’s frauduct. Now that would be SWEET!

      1. @MazeMan,

        That’s a pretty good free resource.

        Check out what he called the first video in his Social Media Marketing Videos:

        “Unicorns and Rainbows”

        Too funny.

    1. @MazeMan, Thanks for the link big guy. Just more evidence that info sold for $3000 can be had for free, and found pretty easily.

      This alone is worth the Droid’s weight in gold. Expose, then deliver. Man, I’d hate to be one of the poor saps who just bought Koenigs new course, and THEN got exposed to this website. You’d feel like puking all over your credit statement for the next 10 months.

      Then again, I supposed you could ask for a refund. Maybe someone should post this on his Facebook fan page. Or would that be too in your face? :)

  15. OMG, I leave you guys alone for a couple of weeks and look at the mess of Sick Euro-Trolls you let in.

  16. Are you ready for this fantastical bullshit

    Hi [not,

    ( yes that moron actually sent out an email with the “first name field fucked up DOUCHE)

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    Here it is again:

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    FTC … helloooo anyone want to stop this motherfucker

    1. ANYBODY can put a wrench in this by simply contacting the California State Attorney General’s office via their web site. BIZOPS *must* register with the state IN ADVANCE, and they must follow a bunch of strict guidelines. BET you Koenigs did NOT do this!


      Also, his previous bizop (where he claimed $9 million in sales) could also get him in trouble if that were reported as well.

      It’s all spelled out at that link. Violation: FOR SURE!

      This IS a slam-dunk if anyone cares to report it…

      1. I do get such satisfaction knowing that when you google Mike koenigs
        and frank kern that salty’s blog is page 1 in the results.

        I think that anyone who finds this blog is a hell of a lot better off
        for at least being able to weigh the decision to buy frauducts against
        what not only salty has to say but what his readers say.

        It’s Tuesday and Koenigs has yet to send out any affiliate email blasting
        the “good news” about how much money he and his affiliates made.

        This could be 1) that he has his head up the ass of some pricey attorney who has told him to tone his rediculous crap down or….

        It’s ( what I prefer to be true) because the launch BLEW
        The usual emails and frantic push was not there at the close of this launch
        and I’m betting it’s because Mr. Squatty had sub par results

        OH and Mike if you are reading this.. and knowing you you most certainly are..go take some of that 4.5 million dollars you made after MSMM and shove it up you ass because it’s the last time you are going to OUTRIGHT RAPE AND PILLAGE PEOPLE FOR THEIR HARD EARNED MONEY..

        Merry Christmas Santa Mikey

      2. @BUSTED,

        Awesome info, Busted!

        And if you go to the frauduct site (aka Mike Koenigs), you’ll find a Terms of Service (TOS) link at the bottom. It actually links to’s TOS.

        Item 11 on that page is very interesting in light of the link you shared. It reads:

        11. JURISDICTION
        These Terms of Service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California. You hereby consent to jurisdiction of the courts in the State of California to resolve any disputes arising under this Terms of Service.

        Maybe Salty can comment, but doesn’t TOS include complying with CA state law that requires: “The SAMP law requires that the seller give the same information to prospective purchasers at least 48 hours before the purchaser signs any contract or pays the seller any money.”

        Hmmmmm. Anyone have a cache of the sales page and copies of the webinar(s)?? Anyone? Bueller? Anyone?


    2. @Lovin it, $5997 LOL! Now wait just a minute…are people really THAT dumb to fall for that price, then think they’re getting a deal when told “if you buy now, you can still get in at the regular price of $2997?” Are they?!

      Please tell me there aren’t any morons that are this fucking stupid. Oops, there I go manifesting all that negative law of attraction meta physic bullshit and stuff again.

      Man, that SoCal sun must have some magical ray beams in it…and stuff.

      Even Dan Kennedy doesn’t charge that much for his 3-day seminar which you could probably actually learn some valuable stuff from, I suppose. But Id never spend 5000 to find out. (His $6 used books from Amazon suit me just fine.)

      Anyone informed want to render a guess as to how many units Koenigs will sell of this digital piece of worthless bytes?

    3. @Lovin it, Koenigs testimonial said “…in the 20 minutes I’ve been following the training video to fill out a campaign, my client’s
      account went from following 26 people to follow 410!”

      So by following 400 people (or by 400 following you) that means your business will increase?

      That’s one lame ass testimonial. And probably an authentic one, since it’s so lame.

  17. I wished for Santa to bring me a story and footage of at least one of the syndicate scammers getting busted and sending a message to the entire disgusting infoscammer community.

    But, I don’t think it’s happening.

    Apparently there is no Santa.

    Or justice.

    1. @Amelie Poostain, See link just above for the California Attorney General. That is your Santa Claus if you want it to be…

  18. @ Jimmy [quote]I just want to hear a European say, just once, “if it weren’t for America, we would be Nazis right now.”

    People who lived through the war or who born shortly afterwards would always say thanks and be grateful to Americans who actually served in the war. Old soldiers would often not be charged for their meals in places like Greece and Italy.

    If you have never heard people say that they are grateful towards America than you are an idiot.

    By the way did you actually serve in ww2 or are just trying to get credit for something that has nothing to do with you?

  19. Can someone please make an infograph of the bad guys? Please?
    With lots lines and dead ends.
    I think it would be most helpful to have the Sin-d-cat, their fabulous frauducts, websites, and misc affliliate b team friends in one easy to view, linkable place.
    Just sayin

  20. @ Hal (the original Hal,

    You must be an Uncle fucker, cuz you fuck your Uncles everyday, in between donkey rapings, shit eatings and the like…

    Apart from that you’re probably ok. Anywayzz, the droid already debunked your redneck view of what a terrorist is, but I’d like to clarify something. Do you honestly believe that terrorists are those that only blow themselves up? What a great concept! It makes me wonder why we’re not rid of them yet?

    Israel is a terrorist state. They have no business being there, and it was one of the successful objectives of the elite bankers who financed WWII. The league of nations = United Nation was the other.

    When the American economy collapses, and the UN organizes aid and recovery through many of it’s members, it will come forward as the *logical* solution for the world’s problems and position itself as the logical head of world affairs. The co-operative that has been envisioned for the last 100 years or so will be fairly complete. The cries of NWO and Loominati are entertaining for a while, but lose their appeal after some time. It could never be that way. The illusion of sovereignty has to be allowed to exist. There will be forceful hand, but you want to trade, buy goods and be a part of a greater collective? Here’s the solution: __________ You take it and we’re all good! It’s as close to a guaranteed mutual agreement as one will ever see.

    @ Salty Droid, what part do you consider speculation. I agree, the projection is speculation but there are some facts there Droid, specifically with who financed WWII and it’s objectives that goes beyond what profitable conspiracy nuts like Alex Jones blogs about.

    1. @Julius Assiangius,

      It would be difficult to argue with a Megamind intellect like yours when you can’t even tell the difference between a counter postulate and debunking so I won’t waste your time with a red-neck history lesson.

      Perhaps if you can get that massive cranium to fit through your basement door frame you could take a trip to your local library and read actual news stories circa 1945-1948. They’ll probably be on microfiche, but I’m sure you can use telepathy to scan them all in a matter of minutes.

      Once you do that, please come back and school me on what actually happened. Some tips to help you in your research: Who were the Palestinians pre-1948? What was the involvement of the surrounding Arab states? You know, actual historical facts.

      Y’all come back now, ya hear?

  21. @ Hal (the original Hal),

    [It would be difficult to argue with a Megamind intellect like yours when you can’t even tell the difference between a counter postulate and debunking]

    Your belief that all terrorist are muslims was debunked. It’s very simple. You presented a belief, made no recourse to define it any other way. Droid provided you with examples that excoriated (look it up Bobby-Jo) your assertion. Hence, you fuck your Uncle everyday.

    [Once you do that, please come back and school me on what actually happened.]

    You’re going to be one of the fine few that is actually going to devolve further into stupidity from the sheer force of confusion soon.

    1. @Julius Assiangius ::

      I “debunked” my friend @(the original Hal) because he’s a regular :: and I happen to know he’s a person who has a hard time resisting good arguments.

      I mostly ignored you because you sound like a freak with whom there is no hope.

      Israel is a terrorist state with no right to exist?

      Then aren’t we all terrorists states with no right to exist?

      Don’t answer that … because I don’t care about your opinion … and it’s completely irrelevant in this context.

    2. @Julius Assiangius,

      Your debunking skills are world class. You’d even be correct IF that was what I actually said.

      I’m fully aware that not all terrorists in the world are Muslim. There’s even more groups than what Droid listed.

      Let me simplify it for you:

      If I have 8 apples and you have 2 apples, who has almost all the apples?

      Now go back and carefully read what I originally said and tally up the various acts of terror you’ve heard about throughout the world over the past couple of years as you take your shoes off going through airport security.

      Then come back and set me straight on how I’m not even close to the truth.

  22. [I “debunked” my friend @(the original Hal) because he’s a regular :: and I happen to know he’s a person who has a hard time {{resisting good arguments}}]

    Or making them

    [Israel is a terrorist state with no right to exist?]


    [Then aren’t we all terrorists states with no right to exist?]

    I’m sure if some foreign policy claimed that the current citizens of the US need to fuck off cause it belongs to Russia now, and a mass immigration of Russians came in, you’d be blogging about how wonderful it is.

    [Don’t answer that … because I don’t care about your opinion … and it’s completely irrelevant in this context.]

    Sorry, couldn’t resist a good argument :)

  23. @ Hal

    [Your debunking skills are world class]

    What measurement are we using here?

    [You’d even be correct IF that was what I actually said.]

    Your back peddling is world class, too bad your bike is going downhill.

    [I’m fully aware that not all terrorists in the world are Muslim. There’s even more groups than what Droid listed.]

    which you are probably not even aware of..

    [Let me simplify it for you]

    How about you just tell me what you don’t agree with and why instead of being a big bad internet warrior? Try that if you’re capable?

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