WikiFreaks and PoserGeeks

Julian Assange has been stuffed into a rape box :: and now mean old Uncle Sam is sticking his Jr. Henry Kissinger into the glory hole …

… or something.

It’s not totally clear what the pasty little shitweasel meant yesterday when he said …

“Five-and-a-half months we have been in a condition where a black box has been applied to my life. On the outside of that black box has been written the word ‘rape.’

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Julian Assange :: World’s Worst Screw

Have you heard about how my new hit movie is coming out just in time for the holidayz?  It’s going to be quite gay {but not in a gay way!}.  All of our favorite characters/bastards will be there :: even wannabe Jesus {Irwin F. Kern … not in a manger} :: so that should be fun and festive. Buy some popcorn :: a Survival Seed Bank :: and get ready for a Christmas Miracle …

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SaltyLeaks vs. WikiDroid

Merry Christmas from Mike Koenigs!

Not to you of course :: he hates you :: to me.

Me he must love … that’s why he gives me gifts. Like remember that time he had a meeting with the Tony Robbins people about the Robbins/Syndicate joint frauduct :: and he warned them about The Droid :: called out the B-team and The Syndicate by name :: talked about the NBC show :: and then made a couple of top quality blasphemous/sexist/pathetic remarks?

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SaltyDroid vs. WikiLeaks

Julian Assange has RasputinEyes™ :: it’s not a fucking compliment.

Grigori Rasputin is famous for nothing. He was a mystic :: or a healer :: or a prophet :: or a monk :: blah blah bullshit … he was a creepy fucking poser that made everything :: and everyone :: around him worse. The plague of sociopathic narcissists has been percolating for centuries. It’s always in the eyes.

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