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Julian Assange has been stuffed into a rape box :: and now mean old Uncle Sam is sticking his Jr. Henry Kissinger into the glory hole …

… or something.

It’s not totally clear what the pasty little shitweasel meant yesterday when he said …

“Five-and-a-half months we have been in a condition where a black box has been applied to my life. On the outside of that black box has been written the word ‘rape.’ That box has now, thanks to an open court process, been opened. I hope in the next days you will see that the box is in fact empty and has nothing to do with the words that are on the outside of it.”

So your life is a mislabeled empty box? Sounds about right … good speech champ! Maybe someone should leak you a copy of Metaphors for Dummies™.

[WARNING :: opening up a rape box is not advised by the council of advisements. Look for boxes with more attractive labels :: like ‘popcorn’ :: or ‘unicorn’ :: or pretty much any other ‘corn’. The ‘rape’ box should be one of your last box opening choices :: just after the ‘monkey pox’ box … and right before the ‘black eyed peas’ box.]

Julian Assange doesn’t like condoms :: or HIV tests :: or women. According to the alleged Swedish rapees :: if Julian had just taken a quick break from “ending two wars” in order to prove that his stink seed was not tainted by non-DNA based pseudolife … then there would have been no need to involve The Man {swedish style!}. But Julian prefers selfishness :: running :: silence :: secrets :: cowardice :: and lies.

Quoting The Guardian

The prosecutor leading the rape and sexual assault case against Julian Assange is a “malicious” radical feminist who is “biased against men”, a retired senior Swedish judge has told the hearing …

Geoffrey Robertson QC, acting for Assange, asked if it was her view that Ny wanted “to get [Assange] into her clutches and then arrest him no matter what?”

“Yes” said Sundberg-Weitman. “It might be her attitude to have the man arrested and maybe let him suffer for a few weeks to have him softer [for interrogation].”

That might be her attitude … maybe :: but it might not be … maybe. Sundberg-Weitman has no fucking idea :: because she doesn’t know the prosecutor … and she testified that she knows nothing particular about this sitution other than what she’s seen in the media.


But she did drop this info bomb …

Sundburg-Weitman pointed to lectures on sexual violence that the prosecutor had made, to which Montgomery said: “But she’s a rape prosecutor.” The former judge maintained her assertion that the prosecutor was “a bit biased”.

Rape prosecutors with a bias against rape. Holy shit I’m scared! What’s next :: ketchup on hotdogs? Kittens who look adorable in sailor suits? Jews against anti-semitism? Where does it end? Hold me.

I knew things had declined in Sweden since the fall of disco … but I had no idea it had sunk to the point of people giving lectures. It’s sad really … just sad. As they would say in Sweden … Denna våldtäkt föreläsning smakar fisk.

Will Assange be extradited back to the People’s Republic of Sweden where he’s sure to face an unfair trial at the hands of a “justice” system long viewed as little more than a puppet of Dick Cheney’s lesbian pacemaker? Do I give two craps? Does this post have too many rhetorical questions?

I don’t know :: no :: and yes.

{begin gay singing}

... goodbye julian

... your legend's burned out long before

... your candle ever did

{piano solo}

{end gay singing}

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