The Book of Frank

Frank Kern wrote u a books about the glories of his glorious “marketing” career … you’re welcome.

It wasn’t hard {that’s what she said!}.

Irwin F. Kern III ain’t no good at marketing :: he’s got no education or experience in the profession {and may not even understand what the word means} :: but people say he’s a “genius marketer”

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The Malinchak Retraction

James Malinchak isn’t a scammer :: according to a big fat pile of crap sites James Malinchak built to tell people/google about how he isn’t a scammer. I’d link to one :: but for some reason the things I link to tend to disappear.

Speaking of making things disappear :: what an odd request this is for a person so committed to burying his negative search results …

From: James Malinchak JV <

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Main Street Marketing Machines :: Fusion ShitStorm

Mike Koenigs has a Main Street Marketing Machines {Fusion 2.0} that he wants to get you rich with … of course you’ll have to pay him some thousands now … but then later you’ll be totally fucking rich :: and stuffs :: and you’ll say to yourself :: “Self :: great job giving Mike Koenigs all that fucking money … well played.”

Before Main Street Marketing Machines 2.0 Fusion was riching people up :: there was Mike’s multi-thousand dollar value extravaganza :: Social Media Money Machines …

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StomperNet X :: BrAndy’s Revenge

StomperNet is {and always was} failing … weekend edition.

Before Kim and Sandy :: there was Brad and Andy.

They broke up.

The break up was messy :: and full of santorum :: but they put on brave and loving public faces … because they were both in the same French for trade union.

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Chris Cardell :: Direct Fail Marketing

I smell the blood of an Englishman,
Be he alive, or be he dead
I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.

Oh children’s poetry :: how horrifying you are! Bones to bread? He’s already a fucking giant … isn’t that scary enough?

Anywayz :: at long last :: an Englishman. This one’s for you Steven Gerrard {call me!} …

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