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Chris Cardell Fail Mail

I smell the blood of an Englishman,
Be he alive, or be he dead
I’ll grind his bones to make my bread.

Oh children’s poetry :: how horrifying you are! Bones to bread? He’s already a fucking giant … isn’t that scary enough?

Anywayz :: at long last :: an Englishman. This one’s for you Steven Gerrard {call me!} …

Chris Cardell :: whose look is a mix of teen vampire goth and cold potato soup :: has a small penis.  No I mean a small problem … not a small penis.  That just slipped out … the thing about the small penis. “Small problem” is definitely what I meant to say … but then I accidentally said small penis instead … but I really don’t know for sure about his small penis so I wouldn’t want to say … I mean it’s probably quite small … but I haven’t seen any proof or anything. My mistake.

Chris Cardell’s success coaching frauduct will teach you everything :: “From Internet Marketing to Advanced Business Thinking and much more.” Much more.

Maybe part of the “much more” is that when you can’t sell your how-to Internet crap on the Internet … then you should use direct mail.  Cause nothing says “Advanced Business Thinking” like direct mail.

Of course :: Advanced Business Leader Entrepreneur Trainer VIP Chris Cardell :: couldn’t send out just any old direct mail. He had to be flagrantly deceptive … so as to match the hollowness of his product offering.

The Advertising Standards Authority explains …

“A direct mailing consisted of what seemed to be a torn magazine or newspaper page with a handwritten Post-it note, which stated “Hi, I saw this and thought you’d find it useful – he’s really good! J”. The page arrived in a plain white envelope, which appeared to be addressed by hand, with a second class stamp attached.”

Here’s a picture of the envelope and the post-it note via Seagal Investigations

And the fake news clipping … via midnightpiper’s hubpage …

Chris has to write articles about himself because no one else gives a shit. It’s hard to get people talking about you when you’ve never done a single interesting thing.

Person :: “Hey did you hear about Chris Cardell?

Perplexed other Person :: “Uhm, no.”

Person :: “Me neither … just got this obnoxious fuckin’ thing in the mail though.”

But according to Chris on Chris the real story is that he’s “Britain’s leading authority on Entrepreneurial Success.”

“Thousands of business owners who were struggling to get customers and grow their businesses, claim to have experienced dramatic turnarounds after turning to a man who has taken the UK Entrepreneurial world by storm. Some of the business owners have just experienced steady growth – but in many cases they’ve created million pound plus businesses and experienced increases in turnover of hundreds of per cent”

Bollocks!  Thousands of business owners? “Hundreds of per cent” growth? Million pound business? Me thinks the fleshy vampire queen is a liar. I demand proof god damn it!  … and so did the Advertising Standards Authority.  Chris couldn’t offer up anything more substantial than the dubious generalisms in his horseshit testimonials …

By implementing some of Chris’ ideas, we increased revenue within the last 12 months from £450,000 to £600,000′ says David Morris of Presto Development … ‘our profit has risen by almost 75% by implementing the ideas that Chris Cardell introduced us to …

Presto Development is actually Presto Music … here’s the site.  Even if you can swallow the laughable £600,000 figure … it’s pretty clear that almost none of that is generated by the web presence … which is severely retrograde. The ASA was similarly unimpressed …

“testimonials alone did not constitute substantiation and the opinions expressed in them must be supported, where necessary, with independent evidence of their accuracy.”

Independent evidence of accuracy … hmmm that could be a problem. Don’t happen to have any of that handy … you know …. cause it’s mostly lies and stuff.

LOSER! The ASA rules against him … he can’t run the ad anymore {tiny violin}. But big fucking deal. He already ran the ad … some people already got sucked into his credit card funnel of doom via the “free offer” with continuity. It was obviously a bogus tactic … so just walk away tubby little vampire queen … let it rest.  Go on to some other stupid ass thing Dan Kennedy said would work.

Oh but back to the small problem {/penis} … some people on the webz had already been talking about how cheesy :: stupid :: and deceptive this campaign was. When the ASA made its ruling … some fuel was added to the fire … and Internet genius Chis Cardell suddenly seemed to have ruined his web reputation with a failed direct mail campaign focused on the false praise of his supposed web reputation. Pretty awesome/lame depending on whether or not you are Chris Cardell.

Now Chris needs to do something! “Think Cardell … think!” says the fool to himself. Things are spiraling out of control. He puts on his thinking cap … and then his Mother’s shirt … it smells like her … as he slowly fondles the buttons he is calmed. “What should I do Mother?” he squeals in a gayish British voice. “Stupid little piggy! Have you learned nothing?” {slap :: ouch} “Find a hack lawyer to send threatening letters.”

“O – M – G – Mother … you’re so right! How could that possibly go wrong?” {tongue kissing … look away}

So Vampire Piggy retains Preovolos & Associates to start a new mass mailing campaign.  This campaign is all about using ignorant legal threats to repress free speech and criticism of products in commerce {frowny face!}.

At least five posts get taken down because of this shenanigans … a couple with what amount to apologies to poor Miss Piggy.

Andy Beard took his post on the subject down … but posted the C & D from the marketing ignoramus instead.  Andy suggests that this plan might just backfire on Chris Cardell.  I must say ol’ chaps {three eyes boiling with robot rage!} … I think he might be right about that.

The letter tries to use some trademark and copyright type words … but it’s mostly pure bullshit. Here’s a taste …

“Furthermore, you have linked your forums and blogs to other websites, forums and blogs that contain notably patently false statements that Chris Cardell and his business practices are a scam and that his marketing materials are fake and/or fraudulent, or insinuation of the same. By linking to these websites, forums and blogs, you are perpetuating and condoning these false and defamatory statements by others.”

Really Olin M. Lewin Esquire? “Perpetuating and condoning notably patently false statements?” Ha! That shit is straight out of your ass!  You sent threatening letters to unrepresented non-professionals :: in an attempt to abridge a fundamental human right :: with a fully fucking contrived cause of action? It’s not even a good one! It’s totally preposterous. For shame sir!  For shame!

So now Vampire Piggy Chris Cardell and his overbearing fake Slavic Mother have a very serious problem to replace their previously small problem. The whole story is HERE :: along with the attempted unethical cover-up :: on a site which is sure to present the story to 100% of the people Piggy wanted left in the dark. I can’t be turfed out of the SERP’s … and lawyers don’t send me letters … do they Olin M. Lewin?  No they don’t.

I encourage all of the repressed speakers to put their posts back up {I got your back!}. It is your RIGHT to criticize any product or service being held out for sale. It is your RIGHT. Don’t let some half-ass lawyer take that from you with nothing more than a poorly written letter! Fuck that! If you think something sucks … you can totally say so. Always and forever. When that becomes not true … then it’s time to die in a revolution anyway.  Put your posts back up.

I’ll be most interested to hear about any further threatening actions by Chris Cardell or Preovolos & Associates. I’m kind of in the mood for filing ethics complaints anywayz …

As the English are so prone to say :: watch this space.

>> bleep bleep

48 thoughts on “Chris Cardell :: Direct Fail Marketing”

  1. I am not going to question your powers of deduction. My content gets syndicated without my permission in a number of places out of my control, plus a few thousand RSS & email readers would still have archived copies.

    I should state for the record that I didn’t point the title of “marketing ignoramus” at any specific person or entity because I don’t know who came up with the bright idea of using SLAPP tactics to solve an online reputation issue.

    My removal of the post was based on UK “fair dealing” which isn’t quite the same as US “fair use” especially in regard to photographs which I didn’t have specific permission to use.

    1. @Andy Beard ::

      So why not put the post back up now :: without the pictures?

      The letter implied that even talking about him would somehow violate these mystical trademark rights of his. Bullshit.

      Anywayz :: I disagree about the differences in UK and US law. They are different … that is true … but they both have an absolute exception for criticism … especially about commercial goods or practices.

      It’s a very valuable form of speech … and most countries try to protect it.

  2. 101 Creative Copy Recipes (no. 94):

    “Britain’s leading authority on Entrepreneurial Success.” – Chris Cardell

    “The UK’s leading authority in modern Music Tuition” – Presto Music School

    repeat ad nauseam. (geddit???!!??)

    But really, I’m pleased to see a Brit represented here – we have plenty more like Cardell. You should pay a visit sometime. Assuming Chris has a stereotypically British sense of humour, I hope he can at least appreciate the irony of his first ever bit of genuine press – “As featured on the Salty Droid…”

    1. @208-577-6210

      Please note that I am the kind of crazy English marketer that would use “As Seen On Salty Droid” and link to it heavily.


      Because that is the way smart reputation management works online.

      If I was feeling especially inclined to give a page a little search engine exposure I would arrange for it to gain 10, 100, even 1000+ links or to leverage relationships to try to get it front page on somewhere like Digg.

      Unfortunately a letter I received which I can’t say is related to this post might prevent me doing so, and might not be a worthwhile use of my time.

      That being said, it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Salty to come up with some kind of official badge that victims might be inclined to use (I don’t think the stars of the posts will be inclined to use it)

    2. @208-577-6210, seriously?

      Does he look like he’s even heard of a sense of humour?

      I’ve never seen the guy smile. Not once.

      Even if he had something to teach, would you want to learn anything from a guy who looks like he’s permanently constipated?

      1. @Rezbi, You only get a (half) smile when you opt for the upsell. Everything else comes with a frown or ambiguous warble.

  3. “I’ll be most interested to hear about any further threatening actions by Chris Cardell or Preovolos & Associates. I’m kind of in the mood for filing ethics complaints anywayz …”

    Well, in Perogies & Associates Cease and Desist letter they misrepresented the fact that their client “owns” the us trademark. Yet the trademark has not been granted registeration yet (only an application for registration has been filed), so technically Chris Cardell owns fuck all.

    Isn’t that sufficient cause to file an ethics complaint against them for “fraudulent” representation?

    1. @_cartman_ ::

      Oh yeah :: there is already plenty o’ justifications for filing a complaint …

      … but I turned my back and I’m counting to three … maybe they’ll be smart enough to run away.

  4. “Advanced Business Thinking.” That’s awesome.

    Here’s an entire set of Advanced Business Thinkimication (ABT = Always Be Thinking) tips for marketers of all stripes.

    Unicorn Army Droid Avoidance Protocol, Rule #1:
    Don’t use deceptive advertising.

    Unicorn Army Droid Avoidance Protocol, Rule #2:
    Don’t use deceptive advertising.

    Unicorn Army Droid Avoidance Protocol, Rule #3:
    If you violate the first two rules, don’t attempt to silence critics.

    Unicorn Army Droid Avoidance Protocol, Rule #4:
    If you violate rule #3, pray that nobody tips off the Salty Droid.

    1. @Unicorn Army, Perfect….and those who disobey will be running for cover in every way they can. Bring it on.

  5. Cardell is a bill glazer brown nose. These stupid shit tricks probably told by glazer to cardell.

  6. Ha ha – “watch this space” – er, yes, I do tend to use that!! Whoops.

    Anyway, I haven’t heard of this guy despite living in the UK, so I feel someone alone & abandoned for not being sent post (actual real life post!) promising me worldly riches & unicorns.

    As for the C&D letter, why would an American firm write something for an English person? I mean I may have got this all arse-about-face (another charming English expression for you), but if I were doing some fraudulent marketing and then wanted to throw my toys out of the pram because someone called me on it, surely I’d employ a UK law firm? You know, because that’s where I’m based? But then maybe I know nothing *hangs head in shame*

    Shenanigans!! (South Park reference) and

  7. Something tells me that if I’m a nobody loser internet scammer, the best way to get my name out there is to get on the Salty Droid site.

    Hey Salty, if I make up some product that SCREAMS rip-off, do you promise to slam me on your site? Maybe then someone will know who I am.

    Coming soon:

    Magic toe healing: a surefire way GUARANTEED to cure any disease AND completely annihilate your self-doubt, fears, and low self-esteem–the answer is right at the tips of your toes!

  8. If memory serves, the “J letter,” as it’s called, first originated with Gary Halbert. The theory was that everybody has a friend or family member whose name starts with the letter J. Therefore, the fake endorsement seems more plausible.

    If you’ve ever received a “J letter” (I have), and you’re not familiar with marketing tactics, then you’ll probably sit there a few minutes trying to figure out which of your J-name-friends sent you the letter.

    Then you’ll read the ad.

    Anyhow, it sounds like Andy gave a fair review of Cardell’s business practices. And hiring lawyers to send C&D letters out was really not the best idea.

    1. @Ryan Healy ::

      … and some people have a “J” that they are really hoping to hear from … which makes it pretty hurtful.

      Like most of these sell-at-all-costs tactics … it works best against people who are little bit sad. People who could use a pick me up :: not a shot to the nuts/creditcard

      1. @SD, Speaking of, I bet you could give a whole new meaning to J-letters…

        “Hey, You’ve just been featured on the Salty Droid. Check it out! -J”

  9. How to make £800 in one sneaky click

    Salty, you might want to screencap these steps…

    1 Google Chris Cardell
    (you might need a UK VPIN)

    2 Check out the PPC for
    ” Meet Sir Bob Geldof – Special Guest at Chris Cardell’s 2010 Summit”

    3 Go ahead and click on it
    (take a note of todays date.. it being August 3rd!!)

    4 Chris Cardell’s Entrepreneur Summit 2010
    15-17 July Central London

    You think that’s lame…it gets better

    5 Go ahead and try to order a one person ticket
    (it’s at the footer: “or one monthly payment of £1195 plus VAT”)

    6 Takes you to “Payment Options”

    7 You want that big navy (non Belcher!) button
    “One payment of £1195 + VAT”

    8 Check it out.. can I hear you say “bait and switch”
    “YES, I am confirming my place for Chris Cardell’s Entrepreneur Summit at the rate of £1995 plus VAT”

    9 Yes the final one person ticket price is:
    Subtotal: £1,995.00
    VAT: £349.12
    Total: £2,344.12

    Maybe Chris and his super dooper lawyers, sooooooo busy jumping on free speech, they forgot to turn off their PPC for an even that was held last month

    Maybe they are watching this very thread.. and now seeing this, they will remember to switch off and close down their funnel

    Maybe they shouldn’t go around jumping on blogs which they obviously need to help manage their marketing campaigns

    Maybe they should sell tickets at the price they are advertised?

    1. @firstpost

      Based upon that, maybe Microsoft should go on Salty’s hit list as well

      Office Home and Student 2010

      Look at the product description – it is for Publisher 2010 which isn’t even part of the Home & Student package

      Should everyone who buys Home & Student get a copy of Publisher for free?

      On the sales page for the conference both prices were mentioned – it could probably have been done better but humans screw up.. droids don’t.

  10. Interesting post this – even if the language is a bit strong. Just did a financial search on both Cardell Media and Presto Development (Music School)or whatever it was called. I was interested in going to the summit and/or subscribing to the monthly mentoring programme. Thought I’d do a check on reviews of his work first which brought up this blog.

    Cardell Media has a credit rating of £7,900. Net assets of approx £85,000 to Feb 2009. So at least his business is solvent. However, I’ve read some piece of direct marketing somewhere recently that showed a £20m French Chateau. Granted, he may have other businesses registered in other countries, but his UK business won’t support that sort of investment/expenditure in a French Chateau.

    Presto’s credit rating is suspended (Red). Accounts to March 2009 show that the company is technically insolvent (broke) to the tune of -£95,000 – and has been insolvent for its last reported three financial years.

    This is actually a bit of a bummer. I was hoping to find a UK version of Perry Marshall. Ho hum.

    Keep up the good work Sally. xxx

    1. @Alfredo, If you’re really looking for someone who is top notch in the UK, the best – bar none – is Drayton Bird. Google him.

      He’s doing a course in October. Click on my name to get to his page.

      That’s not an affiliate link, but I did write the copy.

      1. @Rezbi, I totally agree with you. Drayton Bird is the real thing. BTW, not to critique your copy but you have a great testimonial from David Ogilivy on your sales page but you’ve forgotten to give his name!

    2. @Alfredo,

      I would go to something like Think Visibility which is in 8 days time

      The organiser is a personal friend (as far as friendship goes on the internet and messenger) and I know lots of the people attending.

      Ticket price £119 each currently

      It is the 4th conference being run by the same guy, plus he also does Barcamp type stuff.

  11. Had to laugh when I received this from Mr Cardell:

    We have received several emails from some of our most loyal customers who are interested in the historic three day Renegade Millionaire Retreat with myself and Dan Kennedy and were on holiday, or away from work during our August deadline for the event.

    The full price of the Renegade Millionaire Retreat is £5000 plus VAT. We know that there are many people who would like to make the investment but are simply not in the position to do so – and genuinely missed the early booking deadline that was at a considerably reduced price.

    So here’s what we’re going to do.

    At 3pm this Wednesday, we’re going to hold a ‘September Amnesty’ for people who genuinely missed the August deadline. We’re going to release 20 ‘September Amnesty’ places. Instead of £5000 plus VAT, if you’re one of those 20 people, you’ll be able to attend the Renegade Millionaire Retreat for just three monthly payments of £795 plus VAT.

    Here’s how it works:

    Confirm your details below and at 3pm on Wednesday you’ll receive advance notice by email of the special link for your to claim your special reduced price place at The Renegade Millionaire Retreat. If you are one of the first 20 who go to the special link on Wednesday at 3pm you will get this special saving – but you need to register here to get the special advance notice:

    This is a final opportunity for you to be one of the elite group joining myself and Dan Kennedy for three days immersed in the blueprint for creating a net worth of £1 Million and / or a consistent seven figure income. Only 20 places are being made available at this special price, which is a 50% reduction on the full price. To receive your advance notice, confirm your details here:

    Best wishes

    Chris Cardell

    Cardell Media Ltd
    1 Northumberland Avenue
    Trafalgar Square
    WC2N 5BW


    Shit! I’ve gone and booked a big event and not sold any tickets! I’ll ask Dan what to do…Ahhh I see ‘Amnesty’ – now why didn’t I think of that! Dan you da man!

    1. @Chris Cartel, Ha! No surprise to see that Cartel’s offices are of the fly-by-night sort. 1 Northumberland Avenue caught my eye there – that’s a Regus office. This internet millionaire most likely rents a virtual (£40 per month) space, or a room the size of broom cupboard, just so he can sign off with a Trafalgar Square address.

      His company’s actually registered to the address of an accountant in the backwater of Broadbridge, near Horsham, which is some way farther south of Trafalgar Sqaure than Cartel would have you believe. Typical posturing on his part.

      If anyone’s interested, his annual accounts for year ending 2009 are available at – go to their ‘webcheck’ service and search for ‘Cardell media ltd.’ You’ll have to cough up £1 to find out though.

  12. Tell you what, he is soooooooooooooo booooooooooooooring to listen to! Certainly giving the October summit-fest a miss.

  13. Well, I’ve been to a Chris Cardell event and it was … okay.

    Very, very basic stuff presented very slowly with a lot of ‘Aren’t I great, look at me.’ stuff mixed in. Jack is right about it being boring.

    It was free, I think, and some of what he said was probably new to me at the time, but I was very new to business!

    All his subsequent content that I’ve seen has been simple, obvious and recycled – he certainly knows how to repurpose!

    I’m embarrassed to say I was almost fooled by his hype this time, especially with DK on board. Not that I was about to pay £5k – I’ve been that way before!

    Clearly, a good copywriter is worth a fortune.

  14. Well, I’ve been to a Chris Cardell event and it was … okay.

    Very, very basic stuff presented very slowly with a lot of ‘Aren’t I great, look at me.’ stuff mixed in. Jack is right about it being boring.

    It was free, I think, and some of what he said was probably new to me at the time, but I was very new to business!

    All his subsequent content that I’ve seen has been simple, obvious and recycled – he certainly knows how to repurpose!

    I’m embarrassed to say I was almost fooled by his hype this time, especially with DK on board. Not that I was about to pay £5k – I’ve been that way before!

    Clearly, a good copywriter is worth a fortune.

    I should add that I can’t honestly say all his content is dull – lst time I listened in to one of his teleseminars I fell asleep before the end, so maybe I missed something good.

  15. Get ready America, Chris Cardell is coming for you! On March 14, 2011, I heard a radio ad for the first time on KGOAM810 in San Francisco, advertising the same mumbo jumbo and directing listeners to go to the site “”. Whois traces ownership to Cardell Media, LTD. Hide your wallet!

  16. Guys, guys, please stop hassling my brother. For most of his life he’s had the affliction of a dodgy eye and he got through it by successfully selling a used condom to someone coming out of a kebab house, complaining that they didn’t have enough sauce on their Friday night poison.

    From that day on his confidence in selling rose exponentially. He’s actually not as rich as he appears to be. The NHS still has him on the waiting list for his eye to be corrected and Oxfam still send him Christmas cards for being a good customer.

    OK, I’m biased (being his brother) and ok, I’ll admit it, giving all our family free tickets to his seminar probably wasn’t the best idea for a Christmas present, but please, let’s be nice to Chris because I’m the one who sees him crying in the corner of the room.

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  18. I clicked on the Chris Cardell link in linkedin and got to his video explaining how he was the UKs best at marketing. I was just about to buy his CD set knocked down from £999 to £47 +vat when something made me stop.
    So I did a Google on him, that’s how I ended up here.
    Went to his crap web site, if that is the best he can do I suggest he reads his own material.
    Did a company check and the company looks solvent, but still I had this nagging feeling that this was some type of scam.
    So I have put my debit card back in my wallet and will look at some better known marketers’.

    By the way on his video in front of a beach, you can see a guy delivering what looks like half a dozen pizzas to the half naked old people.

    Yeah dead professional this video.

  19. Here is mt recent response to a letter I received from Cardell

    Dear Mr Cardell

    Allow me to express my deep pride in being ‘chosen’ to receive your FED EX invitation last week. In fact so profound was my self-satisfaction that I have yet to open the envelope – just the sight of a personal envelope from a marketer like yourself, sitting on my desk has been enough for me to relax all week with a wry smile and a deep feeling of arrogance and haughtiness.

    I have had the (mis) fortune to spend many hundreds of pounds on your literature, indeed I even attended your summit. The summit where you made so much money you actually had £1000 spare to divide into £5.00 notes and drop them from the rafters on the heads of your 800 dumb and stupid audiences. People (myself included) who spend hundreds of pounds listening to smooth operators as yourself describing how we could go to stratospheric heights if we sign up to another master-class/elite group/ Gold Mastermind meeting, where after taking further cash you will tell us……..nothing.

    Some of your guests speakers were entertaining and, unlike yourself, mildly useful. Most of your entertainers however were just there to sell more products.

    And the best catch of all….until the first afternoon anyone can get their money back. Fantastically clever, especially after you explain how only one person has ever requested this. I can’t believe you actually attracted one person with sufficient IQ to realise what nonsense you expel and to request an immediate refund. Bravo to him. One genius out of 800 is a pretty good return on your marketing.

    Chris, please do not remove me from your mailing list. I estimate the aforementioned FedEx package cost you a couple of pounds to send. Once I have received another 489 I will have had the satisfaction of knowing that at least you have spent more money trying to attract me than I have spent on your course. There again, if you mail me a cheque for £300, we can call it quits – though I don’t offer any refunds if you change your mind.

    Good luck – the world’s is a big place and I am confident that you’ll find sufficient mugs to fill your super classes.

    Sadly, you’ll have to count me out

  20. Same thing happened to me. Chris Cardell scammed me into spending hundreds of pounds on his “training” (rubbish) dvds. I thought the letter came from a trusted accountant and therefore didn’t hesitate to go ahead and sign up. Chris Cardell … what an idiot!

  21. The Click Dilemma

    I saw a Google Ad for a money making opportunity alongside this article:,0,2394778.story#axzz2o2RfrmQ4

    …and I clicked it. Thinking that surely I had cracked it, and this would be my salvation! (Not.)

    Anyway, I clicked it, and who should pop up but Mr Cardell – talking in a badly fitted suit – I think in the very same video that the FAIL MAIL image above was taken from.

    But the dillema I would like to have answered: is should one click on ads along the lines Get Rick Quick or Rich Dad Poor Dad – if one knows the truth behind them?

    Google’s little corrupt corner of a get rich quick niche will make more money for Google.

    And – anti scammers benefit from the research.

    Get rich quick scammers will lose money though – and be discouraged – and perhaps stop advertising.

    However – I’m not convinced. Thoughts anyone?

  22. How can we warn others not to fall in the trap

  23. Hello all, i have nothing but a great, awesome experience with Chris Cardell’s teachings and directions, i applied them everyday and don’t think its fair to try and judge people like this, and at the same time get traffic from the persons name to the point of targeting specific keywords as you do here on this blog…which i know you are free to do so and i respect, but we are talking about peoples names and life’s not a marketing message that one agrees or disagrees with, i bet that there is much more unfortunate and unfair matters with the world today that one can fight and expose with the same frivolity and that are way much more relevant and meaningful to us all, perhaps intellectual laziness stops people from going dipper into what theyr beloved McDonald and cherished Apple do everyday to innocent children just so you can have your big-mac while consulting your latest blog post on your shiny iphone build by 10 year old children, but there you go slacking off Chris Cardell, just an easy target for jealousy unaccomplished sudo-entrepreneurs with lazy brains…Iam in no means affiliated with chris cardell.

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