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Documented Defamation

Don’t be Jelly, but, I was in a documentary. It never really got much traction; the filmmakers knew they were taking a risk - fully crazed character assassination is an out of favor sub-genre.

I’d give it a solid five out of an indefinite number of stars.

This is a screencap picto-summary of the film’s narrative vision:

It’s so easy to look good next to Charles Manson. I gotta get a mirror like this.

The full vid portrays me as a cray troll with cultie allure. I run an extreme anticapitalist, anarchist, hate site and I’ve admitted to being a reclusive stalker. I attack people’s families, and I’m a hacker who has broken multiple privacy laws. I’m like the Westboro extremists and in most countries I’d be fined and imprisoned.

Of course, I’m none of that (and don’t rule out me getting fined and imprisoned in this country).

This documentary has ranked at the top of the search results for ‘SaltyDroid’ for some five years. Once they got it ranking (easy) they tested different titles for it, including one comparing me to the Sandy Hook shooter, and this bit of class.

Uh huh. Cool.

On the reg some dirtbag will cite to this vid as his Desperate Defense Exhibit 1. Here is Mr. Leonard “Give Hitler a Chance” Coldwell during one of the moments where he was suing me.

I think little Lenny likely knew it wasn’t a CNN story; but definitely, maybe, he didn’t.

I left an immediate comment on the docu-smear. I’d guess it was:

u mad bro?

Because that never gets old to me. It was deleted - too controversial. Most YouTube commenters defended me (thanks!), and most of those comments were also deleted.

Here’s co-conspirator @seriousdestroyer in the comments:

He targets individuals genius. That is against Illinois law.

I obviously don’t. It obviously isn’t. And, also, hahahahahahahaha.

@seriousdestroyer made his own tribute vid:

In my view, he did not make that song any worse. It might have even been funny if he had shown slightly more (any) restraint.

These are defamatory hit jobs that go way too far, and I’ve done nothing at all about them. I made no effort to have them removed or delisted. I did not threaten to sue. I didn’t even complain, and I’m not complaining now.

I want people inside the Internet Marketing community (and the other sub-cultures I write about) to read my writing. I want to be part of the conversation. But lots of other people in that conversation hate what I’m saying and think my ideas fall somewhere between extremely dangerous and completely catastrophic; so I can’t expect smooth sailing.

It seems like the people who most want to have their voices heard are the same people trying to silence other voices. It’s hypocritical, pathetic, rampant, and it’s bad for America. It particularly annoys me when public lawyers use the threat of litigation to silence their critics (I’m looking at you Michael Avenatti).

You can’t sue me for defamation because I’m a careful, studious, fact-checking lawyer and your losing lawsuit will amuse me. But just to be clear, you can criticize me however you see fit. You can troll me. You can lie about me. Whatever.

I can say what I want, you can say what you want… isn’t that the system that we all want?