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Colleen’s Last Day

One year ago today :: Colleen’s last day.

At 1:43 pacific :: Colleen’s long trip to the mall ended with a three story fall. Colleen’s life was over :: the lives of her family and friends … permanently twisted tragic.

Colleen’s sister Lynn asks in an email to friends and family {and me!} …

“I ask you all to pray for her and remember her today as she lived…not as she died.”

Well we can definitely do part of that here in fake robot land … but we didn’t know Colleen as she lived … and now she’s gone.

So today we’ll take care of remembering how she died :: the where :: and the why … so her family doesn’t have to.

We’ll remember that last year there was no moment of silence :: no prayers :: no tears. Lawyers and PR hacks were called :: Colleen’s body was left unidentified. The scam continued without pause. Let’s have a party. Let make pictures from the party our social media avatars.

We’ll remember that Colleen had paid to be in the sweat lodge :: and that there was no refund … and no apology … and no phone calls … and no nothing.

Colleen didn’t want to wear the homeless clothes. She didn’t want pay $15,000 for a series of seminars designed to destroy her self worth and fundamental values. She was simply hoping that she could be a little bit better … she’d be willing to work for it … if she could just be a little bit better. People ain’t supposed to die for that. For being trusting … and caring …

But people are dying … they are.

I don’t know about you … but I don’t plan on forgetting.

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