Colleen’s Last Day


One year ago today :: Colleen’s last day.

At 1:43 pacific :: Colleen’s long trip to the mall ended with a three story fall. Colleen’s life was over :: the lives of her family and friends … permanently twisted tragic.

Colleen’s sister Lynn asks in an email to friends and family {and me!} …

“I ask you all to pray for her and remember her today as she lived…not as she died.”

Well we can definitely do part of that here in fake robot land … but we didn’t know Colleen as she lived … and now she’s gone.

So today we’ll take care of remembering how she died :: the where :: and the why … so her family doesn’t have to.

We’ll remember that last year there was no moment of silence :: no prayers :: no tears. Lawyers and PR hacks were called :: Colleen’s body was left unidentified.  The scam continued without pause.  Let’s have a party. Let make pictures from the party our social media avatars.

We’ll remember that Colleen had paid to be in the sweat lodge :: and that there was no refund … and no apology … and no phone calls … and no nothing.

Colleen didn’t want to wear the homeless clothes.  She didn’t want pay $15,000 for a series of seminars designed to destroy her self worth and fundamental values.  She was simply hoping that she could be a little bit better … she’d be willing to work for it … if she could just be a little bit better.  People ain’t supposed to die for that. For being trusting … and caring …

But people are dying … they are.

I don’t know about you … but I don’t plan on forgetting.

>> {sad} bleep bloop

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  1. I want to know what was said to Colleen before she died, and by whom.

    Det. Diskin: We were told that staff members were encouraged to kind of belittle people that were having concerns with this and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. But to show that despite you don’t want to do this, you can go out and you can do it and you can achieve and you can survive this. But they kind of belittle them, like you know, say certain things to them to kind of bring down their self esteem so they can, the person can build their own self esteem back up later at the event. Are you familiar with anything like that?

    Megan: That’s definitely not the intention. And I don’t think people are at all instructed to do that. If someone’s perception was that then you know, that’s possible but no, there’s always a certain degree of coaching or encouragement that goes on but I mean if someone seriously doesn’t want to do something then there’s no belittling or forcing (Inaudible)

    1. @Yakaru, I’m with you on that. I’ve been wanting to know what was done and said to make her do that. I believe she was targeted. So many questions…

    2. I was in the Creating Absolute Wealth programme when we all went out on this assignment last year.

      Two things I personally find disturbing.

      When we got back and the large group had reformed, James Ray was looking for input on what the experience was like.

      A gentleman stood up and wanted to speak about watching this woman fall to her death. He was shut down in a nanosecond. Cut off by Ray.

      Ray came to Toronto for an information session. I had the opportunity to ask him questions about the death of Colleen Conaway. I can tell you with out a doubt that what he said to me personally on the phone doesn’t reflect anything like what is documented here.

      I’m not saying that this article is incorrect.

      What I am saying is the information that was given to me recounting the death of Colleen doesn’t match in any way.

      Also, the problem with these waivers that we had to sign. Is this.
      We blindly signed these waivers on the morning the program started. You had to sign or you didn’t get into the room. Also, there was NO INFORMATION whatsoever released providing detail of what would happen inside the programme room.

      There was choice given to the participants. You either sign them or don’t if you don’t you don’t get in. Period.

      I am still sickened by the whole situation and that which followed in Sedona.

      Sue Walton
      Toronto, Ontario, Canada

        1. @wondering why,
          He called me at home following a Harmonic Wealth information session which was cancelled in Toronto in October 2009.
          The press were hounding Ray at the Hotel. Ray asked that the Hotel inforce security to prevent cameras/media from entering the room (Sedona tragedy is now being covered by the media). The hotel says it’s a public event and therefore it was open to everyone including the media.

          His original intention was to thank me for assisting in bringing him to Toronto. When he was finished I asked if I could ask him a question he said yes. It was my opportunity to find out the truth about Colleen and dispell the rumours. I ask him why he didn’t tell the group about Colleen Conaway?

          He told me that “his staff was out looking for Colleen” as the buses left downtown. “He at no time knew that anything bad had happened to Colleen”.”He didn’t know that something tragic had happened until the programme had finished weeks later”.

          My question to him was posed as to why he would not let the group know that there was a problem or concern?

          I told him, “had I known that something happened to her, I would have liked to have at least paid my respects in some way to her family”. I didn’t know her personally.

          There were about 450 people in the room. If I had gone missing is this what I could expect, nothing? No mention, as though I never existed? I would think letting the group know would help.

          He told me I could call the office and obtain her information so that I could contact her family.

          I tried numerous times but was unsuccessful.
          OK, so here is my problem. There was a buddy system in place. There was also a timetable in place. We were told the buses would leave promptly at (I think 5pm) but if your buddy wasn’t with you, you wouldn’t be allowed back onto the bus. All of the buses(3) leave on time as though nothing has happened and everyone is accounted for. We handed in our name tags and as we got back onto the bus we retrieved our name tags. So, there would have been a left over name tag and they would know who’s name was on the tag. They knew when the buses left exactly who was missing.The buses left on time as though nothing happened.

          When the man stood up to share he was shut down by James Ray. Told he was off topic yet to me, I thought there could have been incredible learning from his experience.

          We changed into our own clothes cleaned up quickly regrouped, reboared the buses to do the next assignment. We were taken to a very affluent area in Carlsbad. There we were sent on a scavenger hunt. People went door to door, business to business to obtain articles on a list.

          The winner got to sit at the head table at the gala evening with James Ray, & his parent’s.

          Again, there was nothing said ever to the group that one of the participants was missing. With that many people in the room unless you sat with her, near her, had interaction with her you might not know there was a problem.

          The party went into the night. Nothing was ever mentioned. While Ray himself did not stay to dance after dinner, the rest of the JRI staff and the dream team did.

          Most people were staying at the hotel. Why would they leave a message on her cell phone when they knew she didn’t have it? They could have had the hotel check for her. When were the police called or were they?

          I read that JRI had our personal effects. Not true.

          Before the homeless exercise, we were given a short period of time to return to our room. Remove all makeup, personal effects were in our room including cell phones, purses, id, purses, jewellery etc.

          There was a heap of clothes in the room which we used for the exercise. Mr.Ray chose an outfit for 3 men – Lou Caci, Don Pelham and Darren Mills, have to wear. Each was given a ladies dress. We then had our opportunity to change from what we were wearing into our street clothes and return to the programme room. At that point, the JRI staff/dream team applied globs of hair gel, black make up to give the apprearance that we were living on the street.


          I tried repeatedly leaving voicemail, after voicemail in detail asking for someone from JRI to return my call so I could obtain her information. I included the information that I had spoken to James directly and had given me permission to obtain the information.

          No one ever returned my call.

          Then their office phones were disconnected.

          1. @Sue Walton,
            Thank you for the info. He knew..He knew..The lawyer for her family said that Colleen was not dressed as a homeless person, so according to James Ray she would not have been playing “full on”. We have heard how Ray treats people that are not playing the game the way he wants them to..

            1. @wondering why, Brings me back to the original statement that I made.

              Nothing matches what is in these pages and what came out of James Ray’s mouth doesn’t match the events at all.

              I believe they did cover this up.

              I believe that this case needs to have a second shot at being reopened. She deserves better than what she got. Even as she was injured and they knew that day she was missing not weeks after the program ended.

              This needs to be reopened by the police. He needs to be held accountable for his actions or inactions. The police need a second look at this case.

              Is there anything I can do to help get the police to reopen the case? I do believe there is a cover up here.

              I’m willing to step up and do the right thing…How can I help?

              There is little or no integrity coming from James Ray or any of his staff.

              Any body know when Greg Hartle, Megen/Josh Fredrickson, Michelle Goulet, Tina and Melina are going to be in court for the Sedona tragedy. How they responded is also not very professional.

              I wish I could do more. She deserved more than what she got that is for certain.

              If she wasn’t in her street clothes that day, there was no mention of it in the room at all. She was not mentioned at all at any time.

          2. @Sue Walton,

            I couldn’t reply to you below for some reason, but I know I have read in numerous places in the past about people contacting the San Diego police department and Colleen’s family regarding the possibility of reopening the case. It’s been awhile since I read those things, but some searching should turn up enough to make some calls.

            Good luck–I think you’re doing the right thing.

            1. @scammed & Sue Walton

              One of the things that’s emerging clearly from the sweat lodge trial is the way Ray managed to draw people step by step into associating playing full on in each activity with achieving ones goals. And of course “not playing full on” means failure not just in the activity, but in achieving ones dreams in life.

          3. @Sue Walton,
            Colleen’s sister posts on Salty’s site. You can see her posts on the “James Ray’s trial update” blog.She posts as Colleen’s Sister..Maybe you could Reply to one of her posts. I am sure she would be happy to hear from you!
            Thank you for whatever help you can give to her case..

          4. @Sue Walton, First off I need to thank you for having the courage to speak out about this…I know that most JRI participants feel a great sense of loyalty to James Ray and most feel they are benefiting from his seminars.

            Let me set the record straight:
            Colleen called me Thursday evening before the CAW seminar and she was full of life, happy and excited to be in San Diego. She went on and on about how beautiful the trees/flowers were. She had gone for a walk to the farmers market to buy healthy food & snacks and was looking forward to a taxi ride later that evening to see the Pacific Ocean for the first time. I told her I was jealous! We talked for about 20 minutes and we laughed about some family things and then she said that she would talk to me when she got home.

            The next phone call we received was from a Medical Examiner (well after midnight our time) telling us that Colleen had committed suicide! We still can not wrap our brains around this!

            What I have found out since I’ve pieced together through medical examiners reports, talking to the police, working with Tom McFeeley (bless his heart), speaking with former JRI employees and of course the never ending support from Salty!

            I constructed a time line that spoke volumes to me and this is one of the main reasons I continue to fight for my sister’s memory!

            Colleen did ride the bus to the mall…she refused to play full on because she was wearing her own clothing, did not have messed up hair and had not dirt on her face. The medical examiner thought it was very strange that a woman dressed like Colleen would not have any identification on her.

            A participant on Colleen’s bus told me that she sat towards the front of the bus…he also said that towards the front sat James Ray, James Ray’s brother, and several staff members. He also confirmed your buddy rule.

            My sister jumped 1/2 hour after the bus dropped them off. Greg Hartle tweeted 9 minutes AFTER she jumped saying he witnessed it. He also tweeted that he met with James in the mall.

            At 4:16 James Ray tweeted that his participants were having a life changing experience. At that exact time Colleen was being tagged as JANE DOE…I think that qualifies as LIFE CHANGING!

            JRI staff & participants remained in the mall for about 2 1/2 to 3 additional hours. No staff member contacted security to see if the jumper was one of their participants. They did not even bother to call authorities. NOTHING!

            A participant I spoke to said that when the bus was boarded everyone knew that Colleen was missing because, as you said they had the extra name tag, and the buddy was talking about it. Again JR & staff were on this bus. James “changed the rules” and allowed Colleen’s buddy to get on the bus! …why? Probably because he had already spoke with Greg and they both figured it out, that the woman who jumped was COLLEEN! No one from JRI contacted mall security about a missing person.

            I spoke with the participant who spoke out about witnessing the suicide, I did not know that JR shut him up! The participant told me that JR came up to him and thanked him for sharing his experience on the outing. He also said taht Michelle Goulet told him that “he was meant to witness the suicide”.

            Around 6-6:30 that evening Melinda Martin (JRI employee who Tom introduced me to) told me that she had walked in on a group of staff members who were agitated and acting strange. She offered to help them and they yelled at her to get out of there, that it was none of her business!

            Later, through the Arizona investigation of Megan Fredrickson, she testified that this group was calling around looking for Colleen. She also admitted that the people in charge of the seminar knew Colleen was the woman who died at 8pm! And that she spoke to Greg Hartle about this also.

            At 8:15 Michelle Goulet left a message on Colleen’s cell phone asking her to call the seminar. Michelle DID have Colleen’s phone, her purse and her id and all of her personal items as Colleen was not staying at the same hotel that the seminar was at. My question…why would Michelle call a cell phone SHE KNEW SHE had…I know why!

            At 8:30 (7 long hours after my sister jumped) Michelle Goulet FINALLY called mall security to report her missing! She also mislead them by saying that Colleen was attending this seminar to improve her low self esteem! NOT TRUE. Colleen did not have low self esteem, she did not suffer from depression, she was not seeing a psychiatrist and she was not on any medicine! The CAW flier I found in Colleen’s room said this seminar was for financial stability.

            About this time Melinda Martin told me she was pulled aside by James Ray himself and he told her to “quit asking questions about Colleen. I spoke to our attorney and he told us not to say anything other than to say that Colleen is FINE…she is just not returning to the seminar!” When Melinda told me this…it brought tears to my eyes. I do not understand how anyone can be so cold, cruel and callous!

            The Medical Examiner then arrived at the seminar, spoke with Michelle, made a positive ID from the drivers license she gave her and then she collected Colleen’s personal effects from MICHELLE GOULET! THEY DID HAVE THEM!

            At 10:34 that evening Tina (JRI staff) left a message on Colleen’s cell phone for Colleen to call her immediately! The Medical Examiner had the phone at this time! DUH!

            The participant who tried to share witnessing the suicide after the outing told me that he asked James Ray AND Michelle Goulet on Saturday evening AND Sunday if they knew the identity of the woman who died. BOTH of them lied to his face and told him they had no idea!!!

            So Sue, it really does not surprise me to learn that James Ray lied to you. I have found out over the last year and a half that James Ray is not the person he made my sister believe he was…and certainly not the person you believed him to be.

            I’m glad you’re eyes are open and I pray that more participants eyes will be opened…it is my sole purpose to bring the truth to people attending JRI seminars and similar seminars. You deserve better…my sister deserved better.

            I would love to talk to you via email or phone. I’m sure that Salty wouldn’t mind if you emailed him directly at saltydroid! I’m sure that he would forward your information to me.

            Again, I must say that I appreciate you speaking out, it takes great courage and it is the only way we can stop this from happening to someone else!


            1. @Colleen’s sister,

              Thanks for the information. I’d be happy to speak to you directly.

              Salty has both my email and phone number.

              In the end, it’a all about integrity.

              Know that in our small group from CAW, that some of our future decisions about attending events (or not attending and obtaining refunds) happened because we were disgusted at what we learned after the event had ended and specifically about your sister’s death.

              I am not alone.

              Decisions in our own lives were made as a result of what happened to Colleen.

              I think that you will find there are more people that would stand up and speak up, the people I know and associate with come from a place of integrity.

              Just my humble opinion.


            2. @Sue Walton,

              If talking about my sister helps in any way to bring others to the realization of what’s going on (like your groups has) than I feel like I have done my sister’s memory justice.

              It gives me great inspiration to know that there are people like you out there. You sound very much like the kind of person my sister was…thank you!


            3. @Colleen’s sister,

              I would imagine that the San Diego authorities want MORE EVIDENCE, which would probably be in the form of former Ray staff members admitting what they know about whatever was said or done to Colleen before she got off the bus.

              This may happen, in time, as his loyal followers start to wake up to what they have been doing.

            4. @Hippo,
              I believe you are right, I can only hope and pray that there are additional employees like Melinda Martin, who have to courage to speak out!

            5. @Colleen’s sister, Have you been able to speak with Sheryl Stern? She was employed by JRI at the time incharge of “customer retention”. She drove the other van. When she became aware that Colleen was missing she confronted James and was rebuffed. She resigned shortly after the event. She is listed as a witness for the prosecution in the Sedona trial and so is under admionition not to speak during the trial but you will want to reach out to her if you havent already done so.

            6. @Colleen’s sister,

              I have to say, it just does my heart good seeing people like Sue reach out to you and I hope you find others. Your sister sounds like a lovely person and I pray you find a measure of peace and justice.


  2. I never knew Colleen but today I shed some tears for her life that was cut short, and for the family that loved her. Thanks for keeping her memory alive and helping to make sure this doesn’t happen to other families!

  3. I have no trouble believing that Colleen was demeaned and criticized in order to get her to go along with the homelessness exercise.

    I attended a Lifespring 5-day course about 30 years ago, and I didn’t want to sign up for the advanced course; in fact, I wanted my money back for the first course. You should have heard how they talked to me–sneering, degrading, belittling–you’d think I had shot their dog or something.

    I got my refund, but I was shaking like a leaf when I got out of there.

    I lit a candle for Colleen this morning and I will keep it burning the rest of the day. It’s not much, but I don’t know what else to do.

    My thoughts and prayers are with her family, if they happen to read this awesome robot blog.

    1. @Hippo,
      There is a poster and blogger by the name of Jeannika that has blogged and posted about Ray’s absolutely abominable treatment of her at one of his free events. She approached him after the event to say how much she enjoyed it and that she looked up to him..When he tried to bully her into to taking more seminars she told him she just didn’t have the money and he let loose on her saying some very horrible things to her.She was devastated to be attacked like that by someone that she admired and she said she felt depressed and suicidal over it for months afterwards..So yes..I can see him doing the same thing to Colleen if she wasn’t going along with his BS..

  4. It’s quite obvious that James Ray doesn’t care about Colleen Conaway or her family at all. Please think or pray for them today. Thanks for writing this SD.

  5. Gladly join you in not forgetting, Salty.
    I thank you for the details you have pointed out and linked to thus far – makes my not-forgetting a little easier. It may be unfortunately too late for Colleen, but not forgetting how and why this happened or how it was handled (and continues to be) may go a long way for helping someone else.
    Cheers, Colleen.
    And fuck you, James Ray. Hope they give you a Dahmer mop ride today and you get to finally put the Law of Positive Attraction to the test.

  6. Greed makes people not think about anyone or anything other than their own selfish wants. Greed is evil and JR and his cronies suffer greed big time. They are doing and saying things that they will regret for the rest of their lives even if they dont admit it publicly right now or ever. That is why we all must speak up often and loudly because this cannot be allowed to continue. Look at the amount of damage that bloody secret movie has done to the world. Greed, greed, greed has put the world in a terrible place and it wont get any better any time soon. I have no idea about Colleens life but I do know that if JR gave a shit he would definitely has chosen a different career by now.

  7. Thank you Salty for thinking of Colleen and keeping what happened to her in the forefront as her death should be counted in all of this..

  8. Colleen’s life and passing will not be in vain. Thank you for keeping her memory alive. May justice be served and the truth be known. Prayers for her family and friends.

  9. My husband & I just read your posting “Colleen’s Last Day”, thank you Salty…the compassion you and all of your readers possess continues to amaze me. Such deep feelings for a woman none of you knew. My wish is that Colleen, who always loved life and everyone around her, feels all of the love and compassion that I feel when I read your words & all of the replies. You Salty are making a difference…we ALL ARE when we stand together and say “THIS IS WRONG”. Thank you for doing your part, it is appreciated! Lynn

  10. Colleen has gone, but will certainly not be forgotten. Thank you SD for adding this reminder in here.

    At least this terrible tragedy has been publicised so that others are aware of the awful inhumane lengths that JAR will go to to cover up his own stinking mess.

    I know nothing will bring Colleen back, and I am so sorry for all the families that have suffered at the hands of JAR.

    May those that have left us rest in peace, and may those of us that are still here carry on fighting the good fight.

  11. Just sickens me every time I read about it, hear about it, and THINK about it…so sad

    Colleen will not ever be forgotten…

  12. May there be some form of justice served for your life gone, Colleen. Your life made a difference, and you will not be forgotten.

  13. My heart and love goes out to Colleen’s family and to the families of all the victims. I cannot imagine your loss. You are not alone and we all have lost something in our lives because of this great tragedy. Anytime an innocent person dies, we are all affected. I do not like to post here, because I usually get attacked by the nice people featured on this blog, but I felt the need to for Colleen’s sake.

  14. I was at this mall on the anniversary of Colleen’s death. I didn’t plan it. It just happened. Kind of chilling.

    I can only imagine how Colleen must have felt, tired, dehydrated, wearing homeless person’s clothing (please tell me how the hell this builds someone up?), no id, dirty and likely dismissed when she said she didn’t want to do this.

    They are all accomplices to this death and deserve jail. Colleen paid for a course that Death Ray had no business running. Hmm, how to induce a “psychotic break” (and believe me, I don’t think that is what happened)? Do everything Death Ray does; don’t feed people, make them tired, don’t give them water (in an effing desert, later, for $10K), humiliate them. That’s how they treat prisoners at Gitmo, and Colleen got to pay $5K for the privilege.

    Now JAR has four deaths to his name.

    Colleen, you are not forgotten. We are remembering. I was there, one year later. Bless your soul.

  15. Thank you for telling it like it is SD! Everybody has their day of reckoning, and although James Ray’s court date has been delayed, that day will still come! My prayers are with Colleen’s family. My family knows the pain of having a loved one left to die alone at one of James Ray ‘seminars’. I have an unyielding belief that justice will come with a vengeance.

  16. The more I read about JAR, the more horrified I am by this man’s behaviour and his past. I was assisting in the est six day event in upstate New York. I had high blood pressure and I was overweight, but I did my best to do what was expected. When my blood pressure was taken and it was discovered it was high, they brought me to a clinic in town, and there they demanded that the doctor GET THIS BLOOD PRESSURE DOWN NOW!!! That was the end of my relationship with est or “THE FORUM” as it is called today. These cults are dangerous. I pray that Colleen is at peace now.

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