Who Killed Colleen Conaway? :: Part 2

DeathRay goes to the mall

Who killed Colleen Conaway?

It’s been more than a year and a half :: and although the question is all but answered :: there has still been no official investigation into the dubious circumstances surrounding the sad and senseless death of Colleen Conaway :: American girl.

Colleen died :: for no reason :: at 1:43 on July 25th 2009 :: while attending James Arthur Ray’s Creating Absolute Wealth seminar in San Diego. It wasn’t Colleen’s first Ray event :: she’d been swirling around in his vortex of lies and covert controls for months. Her fateful :: and uncharacteristically impulsive :: decision to go to San Diego came just days before she boarded the plane in Minneapolis.

But Ray’s marketing message {creating absolute wealth} :: and Ray’s reality {death and destruction} :: weren’t aligned in harmonic harmony …

James Ray International low-life henchman Greg Hartle saw Colleen die :: and then tweeted about it …

“Just witnessed a woman jump several stories down onto pure concrete. I gotta say it was disturbing. I’m sending her my love right now.”

Colleen wasn’t wearing the “homeless” clothes :: in open defiance of fake god. But she was without her phone and identification :: in acquiescence to him. That’s the same phone that minions Michelle Goulet and Tina Hefner left fake messages on later that night …

Then there was a fancy party. None of the paying customers {aka victims} were told just how disgustingly inappropriate this party was :: but some amoral sociopathic line dancers most definitely knew …

Head minion :: and official thigh toucher :: Megan Fredrickson used a picture from this macabre affair as her social media avatar :: cause she’s just fun like …

… smile :: somebody’s dead.

Ray’s lawyers and PR hacks were called immediately :: Colleen’s family was never called.

What happened to Colleen Conaway on July 24th & 25th before she got to her last mall?

James Ray and his useless minions aren’t going to answer that question {or any other question} :: because the answer won’t flatter. But there were more than one hundred {non-sociopathic} attendees of the Creating Absolute Wealth seminar … lots of eyes which remain attached to souls. So the truth is still out there … floating around in the dirty unicorn water.

Colleen’s family is being represented by attorney :: and National Guardsman :: Bob Magnanini of the law firm Stone & Magnanini LLP. If you have ANY information about what happened to Colleen Conaway during the CAW seminar :: please contact Mr. Magnanini as soon as possible at RMagnanini@stonemagnalaw.com

Justice requires truth :: and truth bravery …

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  1. Mr. Salty:

    I love your artwork. Ray looks like an escapee from “Night of the Living Dead,” which is actually quite appropriate.

  2. In the first video at 2:04 where he says he can help people thrive with nothing, he makes a really strange grimace. I’ve noticed that James Ray makes unusual facial expressions while he talks. The people working for him also have these manic expressions. What’s going on? It’s almost as if they are trying to contain their real desires.

    I truly hope that justice will be served, but in truth, there is nothing that can bring back Colleen.

    1. @422, “What’s going on? It’s almost as if they are trying to contain their real desires.”

      That’s exactly what’s going on. Try out those facial expressions for yourself (once or twice, not as a habit!) and see how they feel. When I do this, I notice immediately that it’s like I’m trying to hide something, to mask some feeling.

    2. @422,

      Also, with this specific facial expression at 2:04, it seems like an attempt at a forced smile, but underneath the smile is actually something more like anger. It looks and feels like a wolf bearing it’s teeth, and indeed what is James Arthur Ray but a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

  3. I guess right now it’s too hard for me to read this about mr. Ray without the big urge to abundantly punch him in the face.


    1. @Jack,

      They’re down there with the lowest of the low in my opinion. Ray has some kind of excuse in that he’s probably a genuine psychopath, who could be successfully treated by a 39 and a half year incarceration. But the others are just willing sycophants and profiteers. They’re down there with the lowest of the low.

  4. Just some follow-up Jibber-Jabber….this incident pisses me off to the extreme. Expecially since it happened at the *cough*Jen*cough Horton Mall….I’ve never heard of a suicide caseopened & closed as quickly as this one. And again, Michelle Goulet and Megan Fredrickson are right there in the middle of this, just like in the Sweatlodge Tragedy.

    I have searched for reports (police, sheriff) to tell what happened in this case, as I am interested to find out just how a body is lying in a morgue, and those girls knew it, but yet they place cell-phone calls to her cell phone to try to paint an aliby….and the whole time, they hold the cell phone. Remember it was taken from Coleen before she went out on this “adventure”. Also – where was James when Coleen tumbled over that balcony? I say “tumbled over” because I do not believe this woman jumped to hear death just out of “nowhere” like JRI is trying to paint it that way. It would not surprise me if Coleen had a possible confrontation with “someone” which upset her so badly that it caused her to leap off that balcony. She just didn’t do it for fun.

    Truly, my questions above don’t mean anything at this point….it’s just strange how this case was closed so quickly in San Diego, and again the same key players were involved in trying to cover up what happened to Coleen.

    To Coleen—you are not forgotten….in the sweatlodge case, justice will prevail for you. Those who helped cover up your death will now be on Trial and to the ones who were granted immunity, I hope they fuck-up their testimony so the Prosecution can have a field day with them, and hopefully bring charges against them as well. They are all culpable in all of these deaths, imho. Motherfuckers !!!

  5. Colleen was (most likely) the only participant from Minnesota, so she probably didn’t know any of the other participants. But there was a “buddy system” in place, so she must have had a buddy who knew she was missing.

    1. @Yakaru, I, like you, and probablay everyone else who knows about this tragic event, do not believe she “just jumped”. That “Buddy” might know something, but I think it goes way deeper than that…..I think it has to personally do with James.

      Reason I say that is, look how abusive he was in the sweatlodge to evryone…and that whole week of Spiritual Warrior 2009…people who were his students, like Connie Joy for instance, say he just got worse & worse and that started years before this incident happened. I would not be surprised if Coleen herself had a confrontation with James, and his abusive ways of handling people who question him shook her up so badly that it could’ve led to this incident. My gut tells me there is way more than meets the eye here. And how funny (coincidential) it happened in SanDiego—in Jame’s terriroty where he knows a lot of people and has a lot of connections….like to the Hortons, who are running his joke-of-a-business now, selling off his inventory for him under the cover of “Life Results LLC”. This case was closed awfully quick. Something STINKS here.

      1. @Moxie,

        His behavior after each of the sweat lodges reveals a quite brutal and sadistic streak. And the night before Colleen died he tweeted something about “tomorrow I’ll be pushing buttons and watching the breakthroughs” – meaning of course, insulting and humiliating people and then gloating about it.

        What’s totally clear is that Colleen was not suicidal when she left to attend the group, and was planning her future. The summary verdict of “suicide” was more by default than by consideration of the facts. The police have certainly shown interest in considering the evidence that they were duped.

      2. @Moxie, My sentiments exactly.I think Colleen must have shaken the JRI boat by asking for a refund or threatening to expose the sham,and ended up in a morgue discarded,deleted.

        @Droid, I love the way you put Devil Ray in his true element of fire and how you capture one of his most sinister gestures; when he places his false teeth on his bottom lip and sucks air. Also,your bloody-handed Dancing Queen pic of Greg Hartle never goes out of style. Is it just me or does he remind anyone else of a salamander? Better yet, Flukeman from The X-Files http://x-files.wikia.com/wiki/Flukeman

      3. @Moxie, “like to the Hortons, who are running his joke-of-a-business now, selling off his inventory for him under the cover of “Life Results LLC”

        No sheesh there? Wow…

        Well maybe the good news can be that he ends up bk and declares “i cannot pay” and they prosecute for fraudulent conveyance of assets…and he victoriously wins some more jail time.


        1. @Jack ::

          If not prosecuted … she should at the very least be joined in every lawsuit currently pending against Ray.

          Of course :: then we’d find out that Life Results LLC has moved less than five figures worth of his “intellectual” properties over the last year {just a guess}.

          And let us not forget that in the original line dancing party picture …


          … our not-friend Jennifer Horton was right there with the core bastards.

          I wonder what J-Ho knows about Colleen’s death? I wonder what she knew when she was wearing her party dress and line dancing with her BFF’s?

  6. Wow – what’s incredible about that James Ray video is how poorly he hides the horrendous lies he’s telling.

    Look at how he’s constantly blinking. A clear sign his evil little brain is working overtime to concoct the next vicious lie before his mouth runs out of words and starts spilling the truth by accident.

  7. Yesterday Tom McFeeley,spokesperson for Kirby Brown’s family, tweeted this: http://bit.ly/hFZFfp Glen Creno covered the Sedona tragedy since it happened and provided accurate details about Ray. Creno had even tried to reach his lawyers for comment: http://tucsoncitizen.com/arizona-news/2011/01/27/sweat-lodge-gurus-lawyers-want-to-block-witnesses/

    When I read Creno’s wife found him “face down in a backyard pond” and “the was house in a disarray but nothing seemed to be missing” I felt queasy. I know it sounds speculative and probably my imagination running wild, but with Ray presumedly staying in Arizona and with Greg Hartle roaming around out there loose…I shudder at the possibility.

    1. @Jean D,

      Well, the article also said that he had a history of epileptic seizures, so let’s hope it was natural causes. How on earth could Ray benefit from getting rid of a journalist?

        1. @Jean D,

          I’m just saying that if Ray had anything to do with this journalist’s death, it would have been deliberate homicide rather than negligent homicide.

          1. @Hippo, Kimberly Guilfoyle and Geraldo Rivera have stated Ray should have been charged with 2nd degree murder. What he’s charged with doesn’t mean that’s what he engaged in, only what Yavapai County D.A. thinks can convict him. On the other hand,we as citizens and bloggers are entitled to think and post what we want.

            I have always felt Ray is a dangerous sociopath and needs to be locked away from society for a very long time. Greg Hartle,the Fredrickson,Michelle Goulet, and others have proven themselves capable of abandoning all human dignity for their “master”. That makes them very similiar to Charles Manson’s minions,who served their leader in a sinister manner,albeit bloodier,yet equally as destructive.

            1. @Jean D,

              I was also thinking of Manson in this regard. I also saw a story where Manson’s jailers were wanting to take his cell phone off him to stop him grooming followers. I wonder if he has a twitter account.

              Do you have a link for Guilfoyle & Rivera?

        2. @Jean D, “the house was in disarray” makes it sound as though someone was looking for something maybe? Or maybe I just watch too much tv…

          1. @, I don’t want to assume/presume, either. However, with Greg Hartle pretending to be roaming about out there somewhere, and with Jimmy Ray and minions having just arrived in Arizona at the time of Creno’s death,one can’t help but wonder. And although Ray and Co. may appear more “normal” than Charles Manson and his flock due to better hairdos and/or cosmetic alterations, they are not any less crazy and dangerous on the inside.

    1. @Jean D,

      What do you think those pictures say? I tend to project my own opinions of Ray onto the pictures. However, if I were shown those photos, and did not know who the man was, I might feel differently.

      1. Hippo/Jean,

        Just guessing, but from the angle of the camera, somebody took these pics who was trying to catch JAR in a more candid fashion. He looks like he’s pissed off and lecturing someone else, who he is looking at intensely, on something they screwed up.

        Just my guessing.

        I will say that’s some nice scenery, ruined by the asshole in the foreground…

        1. @Dave,

          Pretty good guess. He’s screaming at people for going too slow and not taking enough life-threatening risks on the narrow paths along the cliff face of Machu Pichu, after lying to them about having gotten special permission from the Govt to do a night time ceremony at the top, which he then had to lie was suddenly “revoked”.

        2. @Dave ::

          1. It is some seriously nice scenery. Quit being so slutty with your beauty South America.

          2. He’s wearing a lapel mic.

          1. @SD, In that flikr set are also pics of the film crew carrying heavy equipment. Curious to know who those guys are who were willing to subject themselves to such torture, both physically and bullshit-wise; didn’t Ray tell people he “made it rain” that day?

            I posted those pics(tried to do it with links only,sorry about that,Droid,don’t want to Bogart your blog page) to reveal what Ray looked like in the middle of his killing spree,late July-October,2009. No makeup, no Cheshire Cat grin.

    2. @Jean D,
      This is also that trip that he had everyone wear blindfolds and you can see the picture of them all standing on ledge BLINDFOLDED on Machu Pichu!

      1. @Jack,

        Thanks for posting that, Jack. I don’t know how I hadn’t seen that before. Just when I think I couldn’t be shocked anymore by this idiot…

      2. @Jack, The pics above are dated August 6,before SW, which was October,09. That phoenixtimes post has great comments, especially the one by Kelly Ware.

  8. I wonder if Death Ray’s beloved PR people and lawyers are advising him that his constant tweeting is a good idea. Aside from the fact that it is ridiculously inappropriate…whether he is doing it or by auto tweet or a third party, it doesn’t make good business sense to me. Is there a big market for fake gurus who are astoundingly cold-hearted and oblivious to the seriousness of their actual life circumstances? His tweets make it seem like no people are dead and nothing out of the ordinary is going on in his life. It’s nauseating.

    Colleen’s death haunts me so I know it must haunt SOMEONE who knows something. I hope whoever that is will eventually speak. Her family deserves to know the truth.

    1. @what??, I feel the same way you do about those stupid tweets. Even if JAR is not writing them himself, he has to be aware of them. Since nothing he is tweeting even remotely suggests guilt or even responsibility for the deaths of his followers — indeed, as you noted, he doesn’t even ACKNOWLEDGE the deaths — he has probably been given the green light by his legal team. I would imagine that as long as the legals think his tweeting doesn’t compromise his case, they’re cool with it.

      My only conclusion is that JAR would rather be perceived as cold and heartless by those of us who are immune to his “charms” than to risk obscurity by dropping out of the social media scene. Since he can’t do live events anymore, what other chance does he have to gather innocent new lambs into the fold? And there are still many potential lambs to be gathered; judging by the clueless RTs we see every day, many folks either don’t know or don’t give a damn that at least four of JAR’s followers have suffered untimely deaths.

      I too am haunted by Colleen’s death. I am no less haunted by the deaths of Liz, Kirby, and James, of course, but at least JAR is being tried for theirs.

      Oh, and… good job again, Salty. Great vid and pics.

    2. @what??, “Is there a big market for fake gurus who are astoundingly cold-hearted and oblivious to the seriousness of their actual life circumstances?”

      What I can think reading that now is it all hinges around that seemingly little innocuous word “for” there…

      fake gurus looking for–>market in desperate, serious life circumstance

      looking for = looking to scam

      market in desperate serious life circumstance looking for–>help

      help = fake guru

      market in desperate serious life circumstance looking for–>fake guru

      So maybe (or undoubtedly) YES the market is “for” the fake gurus to rape, kill, and pilfer (unfortunately in some fake-guru cases it seems maybe literally in all THREE ways).

    1. @seriously ::

      Why don’t you read all 60 posts about Ray before you go asking ignorant questions? Because dumbasses comment without reading … daily … that’s a fact.

            1. @Jack, he commented 3 times so what i guess is

              (-QED)*(-QED)*(-QED) = -QED

              which i suppose is proof that his comments are pointless.

              QED, btw.

  9. FWAK! This poor woman. WTF did he say/do to her? Two days before she’s talking to her mom “she sounded great” and then she jumps off the fourth floor? I’m not buying it for a minute… NOT ONE MINUTE. I feel terribly for her family. Mom and dad look like good God loving, salt-of-the-earth type folks.
    And not to offer a refund?

    1. @DumpMan ::

      He hasn’t even offered a refund after everyone :: including CNN and ABCnews :: talked about how much bullshit it was that he hadn’t offered any refunds.

      I guess that’s some of Mark Fabiani’s sage PR advice.

  10. About Greg Hartle’s twitter: stupid me – I always thought he did it without realizing it was one of the participants who he was supposed to be taking care of. Now I realize he did it as an alibi, just like the messages Megan Fredrickson and Tina Hefner left on Colleen’s cellphone.

    Staff members were also expected to “confront” participants for their “own good”, so what’s the bet that one of those jackals confronted Colleen.

    Hey Greg Hartle, why are you going around the US doing a homeless exercise like the one that killed Colleen?

    1. @Yakaru, Check his latest youtube video ‘Day 48’. Filmed himself while walking at night on a Seattle street,claims things aren’t going as well as planned,but is still “upbeat”. Hartle really needs to confess his part in the plot against Colleen. At least he would have a jail cell to live in and get 3 meals a day. And if he reveals everything he has on Ray,he could surely bargain for a lesser sentence.

      1. @Jean D, Jean, my friend….I have seen you comment before on Scum Bag Hartle and I post this to help you…do NOT fall for the “I am truly a poor guy, walking the earth with $10 and a laptop after leaving James Arthur Ray ” bit….I ASSURE you, Greg Hartle has more $$$ than many of us put together.

        This bullshit blog of his is just an ACT — it’s a FAKE persona, just like that of James Ray….and look who his teacher was???

        Like I said, I don’t want you believing that Hartle is truly down-n-out….he’s about as down-n-out as Barack Obama is right now. Seriously. I KNOW. So don’t be fooled again dear!!!!

        1. @Moxie,

          As I recall he said quite openly he wanted to explore how he would cope “if” he only $10 and a laptop. He’s on the witness list so he was going to have to take some time off work anyway.

        2. @Moxie, Thanks for telling us. Now I’m even more curious to know what he’s up to. In the most recent video he claims to have less than $100 and there’s a Seattle sign in the background,but that doesn’t mean he’s in Seattle right now.
          As SD pointed out,Hartle’s a henchman for Ray and, in my opinion, with him out there appearing to be on the loose,bad things could happen. It actually crossed my mind that this is a way to create alibis.

    2. @Yakaru ::

      It’s not the sort of thing one of these la la landers would tweet … what with the relentless faux positivity.

      And he’s at work … so IMO that’s a tweet from James Ray International.

  11. New Document filed by the Defense – in reply to the State asking for re-consideration of prior acts…..and as usual, it’s got to be 19 pages long. They can never just write anything short & to the point…Brad Brian has to ‘windbag’ everything….I get tired of reading his long-ass shit!


    1. The latest from the prosecution:

      On doc revealing the defense’s underhanded tactics: exclude prior acts evidence, then have their “expert witness” Dr Ian Paul inform the jury he “can’t rule out that the victims died of organophosphate poisoning” – despite not having requested any autopsy tests for that. The prosecution can’t tell the jury that the 2009 lodge was essentially identical to the previous ones (apart from deadly hot, rather than merely make-you-real-sick hot).


      The second one is one that everyone interested in the case should read from start to finish. The prosecution replies to the defense’s pathetic blithering about having audio recordings for the entire event blocked. (The defense argued basically, that it would be unfair to quote Ray out of context, and you can’t include the context, coz that’s irrelevant to the trial.)

      The prosecution’s heart-felt contempt for Ray shows through in the details they chose to include from the days prior to the sweat lodge.

      Contains damning and heart breaking material.


      1. @Yakaru, That “Response” was beautifully written, as far as a strategy goes….she laid out the case and also threw in Rick Ross in 3 areas, where his testimony will be intertwined to explain some of the material on those tapes.

        Imho, it will be hard for the Judge to ignore this magnitude of information which was presented in this document, and it should help regarding the Rick Ross Motion (Motion to exclude him–by the Defense) as this lays out WHY the Prosecution sought out an expert and just how relevant he is to what happened those 5 days of Spiritual Warrior 2009….he is a key link to help the Jury understand the whole story of what took place that horrible week.

        At the end of this document, it was perfectly stated……James Ray wants the Jury to think this tragedy just happened over a 3 hour period. He wants to paint a picture that is far from the truth and make himself look like the victim here. The Jury needs to hear ALL of what is on those tapes, which takes place over FIVE days…that is how they will find out the truth. And that is what this trial is about — the Truth….the REAL truth—not James Arthur Rays fictional version of it.

        Well done, Sheila Polk!!!! You GO Girl !!!

    1. @Moxie,

      OMG, I can’t believe it’s really happening.

      It’s been so long that part of me thought it would just keep getting postponed indefinitely.

    2. @Moxie,
      I’m not so crazy about the idea. It’s still to be decided on monday whether or not prior acts can be discussed, whether the audio for the whole event can be used, whether or not Rick Ross can testify.

      And of course, the trial won’t be about Ray’s guilt – the defense has basically already conceded it. It will be about whether or not his guilt can be proven in court.

      His lawyers have plenty of experience with the media, and if they manage to exclude all that evidence it will be easier for them to tip public sentiment towards blaming the victims, as well as getting Ray off the hook, “vindicated” by the court, famous, and to continue his career. Maybe he’d be the sports coach of the spirit, whose methods were scientifically proven in a court of law.

      I hope it goes well on Monday, and if all the evidence and RR are to be heard, then I might feel a bit better about it.

      At this point though, the only thing I think is certain is that Death Ray’s lawyers will treat the coverage like one of those advertising channels.

  12. Thank you Salty and everyone else who has commented and researched and thought of Colleen and her family. I am Colleen’s cousin and we wish we knew what happened on that awful afternoon at the mall. We pray for those that were with her and hopefully someone who knows more will come forward and tell the lawyer everything they know. Even something you may not think will help may make all the differnce in this case. Thanks for keeping Colleen’s fight alive!

    1. @Christie, AMEN christie……we will all be watching this with baited breathe…..keep praying…john

  13. Thank you Salty, you always publish a wonderfully written piece about my sister just at the time when my faith and stamina is wavering! I am so appreciative that you can keep everyone informed and keep my sister’s story alive!

    It has been almost twenty months since my sister drove out of town all excited to be going to a new city and attend a James Ray seminar. Since that time our family has gone through nothing short of Hell. It’s very hard not to loose faith, but when I read your plea for people to come forward and help with any information they can, I was literally brought to tears.

    The beginning of the Sweat Lodge trial has brought to the surface, another wave of emotions that I know I share with many others. My heart goes out to survivors who are now facing this man in the courtroom or watching via television or internet. James Arthur Ray’s face is very hard for me to view personally, and as the trial progresses I fear it will be quite an ordeal for all of us.

    Your viewers comment all the time about how in the world these people can blindly stand behind James Ray and his teachings. I myself, wonder this very thing. The only conclusion I can come up with is that SO FAR all of them have had very positive experiences from the seminars because they got to return home safe and sound! They were all allowed to LIVE!

    When they are confronted by these atrocities that are becoming more and more frequent, they deny them and stand up for this man because they are all in the dark. They were never made aware that any participants were injured, lost or DEAD at the very seminars that they were attending! They are all being lied to by James Ray and his staff members. They do not know! But I know.

    I once again want to thank you for your continued support. My biggest prayer is that one of your viewers will come forward with any information they have.

    1. @Colleen’s sister,
      While watching all the media talking heads and interviews surrounding Ray’s trial.. I just want one person(or more) to tell Colleen’s story..Even just one person! It seems like there have been many oppotunities for this to happen..Well we still have 4 more months..Hopefully she will be mentioned by someone..

    1. @Colleen’s sister,
      I am sure you are right..It’s got to happen, I guess I do get impatient, I just want her to be vindicated..I have a feeling that Colleen is always on the mind of the excellent prosecutor in this case, Ms. Polk, as she is preparing her case..

  14. Colleen’s sister Lynn :: and their attorney Bob Magnanini :: will be on In Session during this Friday’s {March 11} trial coverage to talk about sports and politics :: and/or how James Ray drove Colleen to her death and then covered it up like the limp and useless coward that he is …

    1. @SD,
      I am sooo glad to hear that..I wanted Colleen’s story to be heard by the media surrounding Ray’s trail..YES!

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