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Who Killed Colleen Conaway? :: Part 2

Who killed Colleen Conaway?

It’s been more than a year and a half :: and although the question is all but answered :: there has still been no official investigation into the dubious circumstances surrounding the sad and senseless death of Colleen Conaway :: American girl.

Colleen died :: for no reason :: at 1:43 on July 25th 2009 :: while attending James Arthur Ray’s Creating Absolute Wealth seminar in San Diego. It wasn’t Colleen’s first Ray event :: she’d been swirling around in his vortex of lies and covert controls for months. Her fateful :: and uncharacteristically impulsive :: decision to go to San Diego came just days before she boarded the plane in Minneapolis.

But Ray’s marketing message {creating absolute wealth} :: and Ray’s reality {death and destruction} :: weren’t aligned in harmonic harmony …

James Ray International low-life henchman Greg Hartle saw Colleen die :: and then tweeted about it …

“Just witnessed a woman jump several stories down onto pure concrete. I gotta say it was disturbing. I’m sending her my love right now.”

Colleen wasn’t wearing the “homeless” clothes :: in open defiance of fake god. But she was without her phone and identification :: in acquiescence to him. That’s the same phone that minions Michelle Goulet and Tina Hefner left fake messages on later that night …

Then there was a fancy party. None of the paying customers {aka victims} were told just how disgustingly inappropriate this party was :: but some amoral sociopathic line dancers most definitely knew …

Head minion :: and official thigh toucher :: Megan Fredrickson used a picture from this macabre affair as her social media avatar :: cause she’s just fun like …

… smile :: somebody’s dead.

Ray’s lawyers and PR hacks were called immediately :: Colleen’s family was never called.

What happened to Colleen Conaway on July 24th & 25th before she got to her last mall?

James Ray and his useless minions aren’t going to answer that question {or any other question} :: because the answer won’t flatter. But there were more than one hundred {non-sociopathic} attendees of the Creating Absolute Wealth seminar … lots of eyes which remain attached to souls. So the truth is still out there … floating around in the dirty unicorn water.

Colleen’s family is being represented by attorney :: and National Guardsman :: Bob Magnanini of the law firm Stone & Magnanini LLP. If you have ANY information about what happened to Colleen Conaway during the CAW seminar :: please contact Mr. Magnanini as soon as possible at

Justice requires truth :: and truth bravery …

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