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Salty Droid

Frank Kern’s Bad Mother

Frank Kern is not family friendly {like dolphins or red foxes}.

Unless maybe your family is seriously messed up :: or in need of a chubby shabby redneck conman.

In Episode 3 of the Frank Turds Magic Bullets™ series :: unfriendly Frank offers his advice for life successfulness …

  • be insane like a Japanese soldier in World War II

  • put yourself into such a risky financial position that if you don’t achieve highly unlikely goals your life and family will suffer massive trauma and upheaval

  • profit

In Episode 1 Frank explained how telephones are the future.

In Episode 2 he explained how The Secret should form The Syndicate {why didn’t they think of that?}.

They’re all good {/bad} episodes :: but this one has the most socially uncomfortable f-bombs …

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