Magic Bullet

Microsoft vs. The Syndicate’s Magic Bullet

The Syndicate just can’t a catch a break right now.

Fucking karma … what a bitch.

A while back I heard a rumor that Amish Shah and Jay Styles had been sued by Microsoft for their Magic Bullet cat crap.  That didn’t make much sense to me :: and documents are prefered to rumors …

Well :: ta-fucking-da!

Thanks to the Wall Street […]

Frank Kern’s Bad Mother

Frank Kern is not family friendly {like dolphins or red foxes}.

Unless maybe your family is seriously messed up :: or in need of a chubby shabby redneck conman.

In Episode 3 of the Frank Turds Magic Bullets™ series :: unfriendly Frank offers his advice for life successfulness …
— be insane like a Japanese soldier in World War II
— put yourself into […]

Frank Kern :: Call me!

John Paul Raygoza is the motherfucking devil!

Says y’all.

For realz!

Says me’all.

At least Frank Kern and his many incestuous couzins aren’t screwing over the elderly and the disabled with high pressure phone rooms!

Says y’all also :: probably just to irritate me.

What what what?!?

No fucktards! That’s EXACTLY who is screwing over the elderly and the disabled {plus anyone else who’s willing to […]