Frank Kern :: Call me!

John Paul Raygoza is the motherfucking devil!

Says y’all.

For realz!

Says me’all.

At least Frank Kern and his many incestuous couzins aren’t screwing over the elderly and the disabled with high pressure phone rooms!

Says y’all also :: probably just to irritate me.

What what what?!?

No fucktards! That’s EXACTLY who is screwing over the elderly and the disabled {plus anyone else who’s willing to be screwed}.

John Paul Raygoza’s horrifying behaviors are the RULE :: not the exception to the rule.

But as per recent custom around here … I’ll just let Irwin Frank Kern explain it to you.

I’ve seen the future :: and it’s the past.

>> bleep bloop

180 thoughts on “Frank Kern :: Call me!”

    1. @PagansOverpricedCrap,

      Wow that’s a far cry from snappy professional Mr. Eben Pagan.

      Maybe him and Ross Jeffries can do a seduction JV infield at the beach shirtless product.

      Can you see the copy for that now?

      1. @DebbieDeangelo,

        And if you order on bring a man, I’ll throw in “on boning a man” and a free trial of my monthly 1-hour interview CD series with my great friend Andy Dick “How to suck cock at yoga classes”

    2. @PagansOverpricedCrap, this is the butchiest we’ve ever seen Eben Pagan in. Looks like there isn’t anything for the lady to grab, though. Poor thing.

    3. @Eban Pagan takes it balls deep??,

      Eban pagan couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with a pocket full of FIFTIES

      The guys a fraud from day one…

    4. @PagansOverpricedCrap,

      here’s a video of Mike Filsaime caught in bed with Eben. Selling some seminar:


    5. @PagansOverpricedCrap,

      So, I couldn’t help but dig a bit deeper on this laugh. *Eben Pagan voice* “HERE’S THE PROFOUND BREAKTHROUGH I MADE”.

      lol… but seriously…

      The woman in that first pic linked, is the woman he’s banging.

      SIDE NOTE: Who knew David D uses Mystery Method flamboyant peacocking to pick up women? *laughs maniacally*

      And, to end this little post with even more magnificent hilarity, allow me to show everyone the quickest way to become a guru.




          1. @STOLEN,

            Yep. It is stolen. That graphic has been floating around wallpaper sites for years. She/he/whoever just cut it out and superimposed their brand on it.

      1. @Amelie Poostain, She has to be Eben Pagans sister right? Look at her features, spitting image. Sick B*stard!

      2. @Amelie Poostain,

        I guess Eben doesn’t mind sharing his ‘woman’ with his friends. Sharing is caring.

        and what’s with the jumpy clips? I’m not a video dude, and I never spent the money (or wasted the download on the torrent sites) on that crappy video boss…. but they’re all employing that faux 90s MTV ‘documentary’ style of a close up and a farther away clip every few seconds. It’s like I’m watching Puck on The Real World (I’m dating myself).

      3. @Amelie Poostain,

        Holy Moly Batman, I think I’ve been NLP’d. Did Anthony Rob-men, Frank Corn Kernel, Harlan Cuntstain teach her those language patterns…. “When you look deep into my eyes….err…when you come inside {pause} my website…” I mean, how can I control myself?! Really, it’s so unfair!


  1. Yo Salty,

    Gotta do something about the uptime of your site. It’s been down quite often lately.

    1. @Long Live American Express, it’s the growing pain of a successful site! Salty needs his own reality show and then he’ll be good to go!

  2. Looks to me like Frank is getting ready to shoot the “before” photos for his entry into the weight loss niche

  3. Frank Kern is beyond arrogant in that video…. It is just a matter of time until talk like that comes back to bite him.

    1. @Jerome,

      Agreed. How much can he say with this fake surfer dude persona act before he does get bitten in the ass?

      Now he’s just flat out saying he “tricked people” into his 300/month thing.

      But that’s how it’s approached, isn’t it? Like a magician? When they sit down in front of the word processor to write the copy, or stand in front of the camera, or whatever?

      At least he’s honest.

      He still deserves to be made an example, as do all of his cohorts.

      1. @Amelie Poostain, amazing! Is that what people pay 2500-5000 to hear at a Kern seminar? Are you f-ing kidding? “Dont be a pussy?” “Tricked people into…”, “get their names and have an automatic dial in to connect them to a live agent”! What a business mastermind that is.

        Funny how when he curses, only he thinks it funny. You can do that stuff when you’re talking casually among friends, but when speaking at a seminar, it doesn’t go over well. Even in NJ.

        The Filsaime – Pagan in the bed thing was hilarious too. Anyone who’s been around the block once can easily tell they were both bullshitting and making it up as they went along. “It took me 10 years to develop this program…” Egan says.

        YEAH, OK Egan. Microsoft develops OS’s quicker than that. Apple changed the music listening world in less than time that!

        Car salesman, selling that elusive dream that everyone wants. Actually, Filsaime (or is it Fileben?) really is a car salesman. He used to be sales manager at big Toyota dealership in Long Island (or something close to that).

  4. What the hell is this guy doing? This guy is really so full of himself that he just comes out and acts like an asshole in front of hundreds of people? Wow! This idiot is on a crash course and I’d love to be there when he hits.

    Hey Salty, I emailed you yesterday about the new Ezine Articles 10 module article marketing course. Yeah, looks great (NOT). They only want $997 for a lousy 10 module course (we should be glad, they were originally going to ask $1997)!

    Want a good hearty laugh (or puke)? Check this out:

    BTW, I made a video the other day about how people should stop buying all of these “magic bullet” and “one-click miracle” prroducts because they don’t work. Of course, nobody wants to watch it because as we all know, most people don’t want to hear the truth, especially newbie internet marketers.

    Well, I tried to do my part. When will people learn that everything they need to know about internet marketing, traffic generation, article marketing, etc, is available for FREE on the internet?

      1. @Kann, No asshole, I’m not mad because somebody is charging a high price for something. I’m mad because somebody is charging almost $1000 for a lousy 10-module course on article marketing. Besides, what makes Ezine Articles the be all and end all of article marketing?

        They are pretty much the article marketing version of the Warrior Forum. Another thng is that they ARE NOT the best article directory on the internet. As a matter of fact, I can think of 3 other directories off the top of my head that produce way better than they do, and these directories won’t deny your articles because you mentioned a traffic exchange or an article submitter in your article. They also won’t suspend your account over something that was said in a forum post about them.

        It makes me laugh. Chris Knight won’t allow any articles published that mention traffic exchanges. I wrote an article once that listed 20 ways to get traffic to your website. One of the ways was traffic exchanges. The article was denied with prejudice because of that. Are traffic exchanges a method of getting traffic or aren’t they? As if they will cease to be a viable traffic source just because Ezine Articles doesn’t like them. LMAO! It was a great article and I WOULD NOT change it just to satisfy a prejudicial article directory.

        1. Well, I didn’t know what traffic exchanges were so I looked it up in wikipedia:

          “A traffic exchange website receives website submissions from webmasters that join traffic exchange networks. The person who submitted the website then has to browse other member sites on the exchange program to earn credits, which enable their sites to be viewed by other members through the surf system. This increases the number of visitors to all the sites involved.”

          I suppose this is a way to ‘get traffic’ strictly speaking– if you’ve got one those little visitor counters on your site and like to spend your days alternating between sitting in front of it going “Woo hoo! 500 visitors” and going to visit random sites of others in your ‘network’ to keep up your count.

          Of course if you have some sort of actual, you know, PURPOSE to having a website, I can see Ezine article’s point…

          Here’s an idea – why not use all your brilliant internet marketing knowledge to sell an actual, useful product or teach a real skill? Because, you know, everything you need to know about HOW to sell it really is available for free…

          1. @Wanderlost, Hey asswipe, here’s the question you need to ask yourself: Are traffic exchanges a form of traffic? Answer: YES

            Therefore, who the hell is Ezine Articles to decline an article because a traffic exchange is mentioned? are they writing the rules now? So because Ezine Articles says they won’t accept articles regarding traffic exchanges, does that mean that traffic exchanges cease to exist as a form of traffic? I think NOT assnut.

            They also won’t accept articles that mention:

            Article Submitters
            Article Spinners
            Article Creators
            Ad Swaps
            Paid to Click Advertising
            PLR Articles

            And the list goes on…

            Does that make those things non-viable forms of marketing? Not at all.

            Also, traffic exchanges can be a great form of profit if you know how to use them right.

            I have a list of more than 1500 people that I built all from traffic exchanges. I can send out a broadcast to them and they will spend money just like anyone else.

            For someone who had to look them up on Wikipedia, you think you know an awful lot about them.

            Fact is, you don’t know dick and you’re an ignorant asshole.

            I’ll bet you already have your $997 ready to shell out so you can get ass banged by Ezine Articles!

            STOP riding the Ezine Articles cock people. They ARE NOT the best article directory out there. Believe me.

            And yes, everything you need to know about internet marketing is available for FREE on the internet.

            Check out this vid I made about that and bullshit gurus:


            1. @Chris,
              Difference between you and most of the people here: You think putting a small price tag on shit and not using flagrantly illegal tactics to sell it makes it okay to sell shit. The rest of us- not so much.

              Oh, and the assumption that anyone who thinks YOUR shit is shit necessarily worships ‘the big guys’ selling shit.

              Other than that, of course, you’re perfectly right. I’m an ‘asswipe’ – and your saying it proves you’re a genius.

            2. @Chris, I think you miss the point.

              You said already there’s more than one article directory. Each is owned and operated by someone — right? If you owned it, I’m betting you’d set your rules, for whatever reasons.

              They set those rules because the own the fucking business and can. You as a customer can…just not use it and use the others instead.

              You have to “right” to access to a service that isn’t required to live and operated as a private enterprise however much they might not meet your expectations. You sound like you think you have a God-given right to use any service you wish and demand that they serve you the way you want or they’re evil and need shut down.

              Grow up!

              If they LIE they’re wrong.
              If they CHEAT YOU they’re wrong.
              If they MISLED you into spending money they’re wrong.

              If they provide a service the way they wish to and you have other choices — YOU’RE wrong.

              Get over it.

              You do have every right to spread the word. Tell anyone you wish they should use the other services. If everyone starts using other services they may change to get them back. If other people like it enough to use it within their rules — that’s tough for you.

              But you really need to re-think cluttering up a discussion of serious crimes being committed and how to deal with them with whining and moaning about an article exchange doing what it has every right to do.

              These guys don’t even charge anything — do they?

              1. @Poop Chute ::

                “But you really need to re-think cluttering up a discussion of serious crimes being committed and how to deal with them with whining and moaning about an article exchange doing what it has every right to do.”

                Are you fucking seriously?

                Speaking of missing the point … how about the 50,000 words worth of useless windbag bullshit that you’ve left on this site about how I’m the real problem … and you the post master and the fake FBI are going to save us?

                I’m sorry about asking you a question when I won’t allow you to answer. How frustrating that must be for your foolish self.

            3. @Chris,

              Traffic exchanges? wtf you troll and thread hijacker.

              Why don’t you grow a pair and gtfo and actually do something instead of bitching here on Salty’s post, about something that really has very little to do with the topic.

              Let’s all get back on topic here ok?

        2. @Chris,

          You are such a fuckin’ pussy it’s scary. Seriously, man the fuck up. Wahhh wahhhh wahhh someone is charging a lot for a 10 module course wahhhh. Then don’t fucking buy it and shut the fuck up. Quit crying like a bitch – it’s their site, they can deny your shitty article and they can charge whatever the fuck they want for their 10 module course. Quit acting like the world owes you anything. For fucks sake man. Are you living on welfare?

          1. @Kann, Hey cumguzzler, the real crime here is that these cockjobs over at Ezine Articles are charging $997 for info that can be had for free. I really don’t care what anyone else says about it, either. I’m right and that’s that.

            As far as the world owing me anything, WTF does that have to do with anything you dingleberry licker??

            I’d like to meat you face to face so I could tear your head off and piss down your neck, and then empty my balls into your wife’s fat asshole.

            I’m just as entitled to make any post here as any of you dick lovers.

            As far as traffic exchanges sucking you people are smkoking crack. I make almost $1500 per month from a list I built strictly from traffic exchanges.

            Am I living on welfare? No, I’m living well by being a reputable marketer and giving peope great information at a fair price, which if you aren’t doing, you’re no better than a pedophile.

            Anybody doesn’t like what I have to say can meet me in person and I’ll bust your fucking jaw. also, I’m the greatest internet marketer in the world and you’re a piece of dogshit. Kann? Sonds haji or dothead. Are you one of them ragheaded pussies or Muslim buttfuckers?

            Meet me anytine and I’ll make you suck my cock you ugly ass dogshit eating bumfucking asshole licking fagbag.

            1. @Chris,

              Good God. I can’t believe that anyone would present themselves in public in the manner that you just did.

              If you’re trying to run some sort of online business, at least try to hide the fact that you’re an out of control rage-aholic when you post.

              Seek therapy, please.

      2. @Kann,

        “Let the market decide.”

        Markets consist of people, people who talk about whether products are worth the money or not. The market IS deciding–in part, right here on this website.

          1. @Kann, I love these filthy cocksuckers who say everythng is libel. Saying aproduct sucks and doesn’t work IS NOT libel. It’s just an opinion, which BTW, we are still entitles to under the Constitution.

            Libe is making a statement that can’t vbe backed up, and it’s very much open to interpretation and is almost impossible to prove in court.

            If I were to say that a product does not work and is a scam, that’s NOT libel you cumguzzler.

            1. @Chris,

              Right. One can call another person all the names in the book and it isn’t libel. It’s not particularly nice, but it isn’t against the law either.

              To be libel, one must make a claim that is a verifiable fact, like “Mr. X wears purple dresses on Friday nights.” The claim must be proven false (Mr. X doesn’t in fact wear purple dresses on Friday nights) and harder yet, the intent must be proven motivated by malice. Claiming something is a scam is an opinion. Speaking out because you think something is unjust and a scam would be extremely difficult to twist into “malicious intent.”

          2. @Kann,

            Indeed. But do you know what libel means? If I say “XYZ product sucks and the man who made it is a douchebag,” that’s protected free speech. If I say “the man who made it stole $500 from SD’s wallet” AND it isn’t true AND the intent behind saying this was malicious, that’s libel.

            1. @Duff, Thank-you! Too many of these asshole banging pussies (that idiot Kann included) think because someone called them a name they can go and sue them for libel.

              That’s because their shit-eating yeast infections who have no idea what they are talking about.

              Like I said earlier, anyone who thinks that Ezine Articles slapping a $997 price tag on an article marketing course is alright pought to have their head examined twice.

              I have no vendetta against them at all. In fact, I use them to submit articles to when it serves me. My articles hardly ever get turned down because I’m a reknowned freelamce and one of the best article marketers the world has ever known.

              I’ve written hundreds of masterpieces and made thousands off of promoting LEGIT products at REASONABLE prices. And I’ve always stood behind my guarantees an never used Hype in my emails or sales pages. I’m probably one of the greatest and most honest internet marketers that ever lived.

              Anyone who disagrees with me is dead wrong. I’m the man and that’s that. If you don’t like it you can suck my hairy, sweaty ballsack till I spray nut in your eye.

    1. @Chris,
      Article Marketing has to be one of the stupidest ways to ‘make money’ out there. It reminds me of the old work from home scams in the 80s where you were paid by the piece for putting together costume jewelry.

      But I guess that’s where the victims for the guru frauducts come from… poor or elderly people trying to make a buck online, only to see how hard it is for most. They get frustrated, then search for solutions that will help them get rich. They see an ad, or get an email promoting the next new ‘magic bullet’, and next thing they know, they’re out $3,000 or more.

  5. “John Paul Raygoza’s horrifying behaviors are the RULE :: not the exception to the rule.”

    Exactly. The FTC needs to bust Frank Kern again, and this time for good!

  6. Hey did anyone catch Mike Filsaime’s webinar today on ‘The Franchise Model Secret’? It was a whole load of crap for the first 30-45mins , I watched the replay so I could just fast forward without listening to all his crap…. and guess what?!!!!!!!!!


    If anyone wants to watch the webinar its here around 1hr19mins he says this

    I guess now that he realizes that he can fight the droid… he might as well openly admit it and teach others to do the same thing before anyone finds about his idiotic deeds


      1. @Mike Filsaime SCAM,

        I vote for Salty to disrupt the launch with another hilarious Gnome video.

      1. @gringo, that’s awesome… S3 bucket browser combined with that should provide plenty of fodder.

        speaking of – isn’t the gnome hanging out in vegas with hookers this weekend?

  7. @Mike Filsaime SCAM,

    He makes no secret of the fact he uses these shady mentoring systems to take thousands from unsuspecting victims, you don’t even need to sign up to some flimsy newsletter to have the privilege of getting a call from one of his minions, you can skip the middle man and make the 1st move:

    1. @NotReallySurprising, well I hadn’t really bothered about him as watching 2 hrs webinars are not my cup of tea… it was after I came to this blog that I decided to see what he was going to say.. since he said he would teach you for ‘free’ his business system that generates over a million a year… and guess what..

      free became an upsell to a product that cost 2k+++.. 380++$ X 6 months payment

    2. @NotReallySurprising ::

      Omar Martin … eh?

      He’s like The Gnome’s new number one bitch or something?

      That little loser was talking shit about me on someone else’s blog right after the Syndicate Shitstorm video. I smacked him around a little … and then he was all like … “call me”.

      I can’t remember where that happened … if anyone remembers paste the link.

        1. @Pass the Sick Bag ::

          Oh man that sucks! Why do that? It’s so rude to everyone else on the post who wasn’t being a whore/troll/shill. It decontextualizes the cool people while the troll’s record is expunged … fucking lame!

          1. @SD, I used to quote the offending passage before answering them just to make sure the context remained- but then that gets into the whole question of how to deal with trolls. Most blog owners just don’t have the time or energy to deal with trolls, sock-puppets, griefers, paid shills and all the other people who live to try and disrupt and destroy communities. Kudos to you for keeping things as open and sane as you do.

  8. Frank Kern is getting ridicilous.
    I think he’s praying that someday very soon Tony Robbins will take him under his wings.

    Think about it:

    The Giant self-help pimp and the desperate internet-joker On tour:

    A Circus where you’ll experience hard rock seminars, guest-speaker-clowns, naughty jokes, big words, big mouths, big hugs, lot’s of tears, firewalking, heated emotions, illusions, hustling and stealing

    Tony Robbins is Pt Barnum and Frank Kern is his little dwarf, a witty marketing stunt.

  9. Did y’all notice that Kern admits to literally tricking people into subscribing to his $300 per month frauduct?

  10. IMHO the worst part of this video (and there is a lot of scary shit he throws around here iN a very ho-hum way) is the way, at the very end, he throws around the “couple of hundred thousand” as if that is shitty money, easy-to-make money, not even worth-his-time money and if you want “real” money you’d damn well do it the Frank Kern way.

    Most people would be satisfied, covered and I daresay THRILLED to bring in a “couple of hundred thousand” per year. Most of us are NOT greedy fucks, we just want to pay our bills, pay down debt, own a home maybe, take some vacations and have a nice quiet life. To dismiss that kind of money — which is likely more than 99.99999% of human beings on this planet will EVER see in their lifetimes — shows how crass, dismissive and totally-out-of-the-realm-of-reality this now-fat aging non-surfer is.

      1. @SD,

        That’s actually quite sick, it sounds like he says “prey on it like an eagle” but when you slow it down, his lips read “evil” is that some editing work, or is that actually what the fucker said?

    1. @seriously?, yup you got it. I real class act, NOT. He talks down to his audience in a very condescending way. A real ego freak. Its so easy to see through his bullshit, unless you’re blinded by the get rich quick dream, which many of his followers are.

      I would’ve walked out of that seminar and demanded a refund with the crap he was spewing. What a con artist.

  11. Someone told me that Irving pulled up to this seminar in a white Rolls Royce….leased of course. And his partner, a relative of some sort, pulled up in a white Ferrari that they both own…. or is it leased?

    Supposedly, some people were with Irving before the seminar and everyone just got stoned and laughed off the fact that they hadn’t done any preparation for this presentation. Irving bragged that he was just going to wing it.

    Did he pull it off, mate?

    1. @Sammy Frommiami, Who the fuck cares if it’s a lease or bought? It’s much much smarter to lease a high-priced car than to buy it. Hurr durrrrr derp.

      1. @Kann,

        Mate, the point is that this poser is bragging about his millions and showing off stuff he supposedly owns as social proof. To con people, Kann.

        “Hey, look at me, I’m a surfer and I have a rolls royce and a ferrari. And you can too if you buy my shit. Because I made so many millions that I can afford this shit. And you can too and it’s super easy.”

        It’s about posing.

        My post has nothing to do with the economic pros and cons of buying versus leasing, though I disagree with you. After all, Rich Dad teaches to buy assets not liabilities. And a rental is a liability. And if Rich Dad said it, it must be true, mate.

        1. @Sammy Frommiami, what a wanker. Rich Dad gets Rich selling the same information in different books to people like you.
          Rich dad doesn’t walk or bike everywhere and buying a car is not an asset.
          That is why you should lease it.

          Kern should have turned up in a Lada to make idiots like you happy but you are not in his target market, you are in the can’t make it market so blame the world.

          1. @Hal ::

            “And if Rich Dad said it, it must be true, mate.”

            Read that sentence again :: over and over :: until it dawns on your pea fucking brain that it’s sarcasm.

            You linger around here waiting to drop your little zingers … and then all you can do is drool and mumble.

            1. @SD, how do you drool and mumble typing on a keyboard?

              Just because you’re dribbling down your baby chin when you create these worthless posts with stolen content and assume everyone else is sillier than you.

              You’re no better than those you talk about and no better than the other scam sites that have been around a lot longer.

              Your own brand is unsustainable and getting very boring and you’re a weazel who has been conned more than most with your own government.

              Serve like a sheep and if only your could hear THEIR conversations.

              You’re running out of steam and that’s why you need to use the Kern Brand to associate with something for wanker fodder.

              I come here to have a little fun with losers and I only from in from time to time to leave a turd in the road for others to stand on.

              Question: Do you pick up your dogs crap or does your dog pick up yours, or do you leave your dogs shit for someone else?

      2. @Kann,

        Who cares if it’s lease or bought?

        The people he’s attempting to rob. That’s who.

        That’s like some hot shot asshole walking into a gym and saying “I can bench press all this weight”.

        And then you find out he’s wearing one of those vests that let’s you lift way more than you really can.

        How dense are you to rationalize something so obviously wrong?

    2. @Sammy Frommiami,

      wow… what a jackass. People paid thousands of dollars which they worked hard for and he has the audacity to smoke pot before the seminar?

      This guy is a complete asshole.

      I don’t even think he leased those exotic cars. I bet he just rented it for one day.

        1. @SD,

          There’s a video circulating with a story he told at one of his seminars about having panic-disorder and anxiety back when he was in Alabama (or wherever he came from before moving to La Jolla), whereby he would constantly be looking out the window to see if there was someone coming from him. Basically he had major guilt for scamming so many people with his first few online “successes” until he found the “Big Leboski” in him and started living his “truth”. No Joke, he actually said that he decided he wanted to be the Big Lebowski of the inner webs!

          I suppose his truth was that he didn’t have to hide that he was a scammer, but by bragging about it he’s hiding everything out in the OPEN and if people fall for it, the cool swagger and beach bum attitude, surfer wanna-be personality then well….

          Caveat Emptor mudder fuckers!

          What an asshole!

          1. @David DeAngelo is a Homo, wonder what kind of panic attack Kern might have in a concrete cell stuck with big Leroy.

            1. @422, He’d enlist Andy Junkins to help turn it into a monthly membership site called BumJabi and NeLP us all into an uncontrollable desire, giving him $300.00 a month to hear all about it. Seriously, he’d hypnotically weave it into a tale that even Richard Bandler couldn’t match.

              Speaking of which, the droid should do an expose on that coke addicted murderer who is a co-creator of NLP, the “technology” that Anthony Rob-ins and Frank Corn Kernal use to “trick” and “manipulate”…mostly stupid people…into giving them a lot of money.

      1. @SE, I agree. I guess in CA you can get away with that sh*t (no offense to Californians, all that sun exposure is not their fault). Here in the northeast that redneck burnout would be called out right in his own room.

        And definitely the Rolls was a one day rental no doubt about it.

  12. In 1996 I remember receiving high pressure sales calls from the Don Lapre staff. (at the time it was for purchasing a 1-900 biz, “the wave of the future” as told by the sales man. Thks God I didn´fall for the trap)

    The technology evolves but the techniques of the scammers are pretty much the same. (Old School Man)

    What is sad is that they are teaching it as advice you should apply to your business.

    Thks salty for opening our eyes.

    1. @Sheeple 1, You’re absolutely right. In fact the techniques all predate the internet. In the 80’s I answered one of those ads that you still see from time to time- especially in places like LA with high numbers of wannabe actors and writers. You know, “Use your talents and get paid big bucks for it” yada yada. I sat through about an hour’s presentation with maybe 15 other people explaining in detail how we would be calling around the country, using false names and tricking people into giving us the serial numbers on their Xerox machines so we could send them copy toner they didn’t order and which, if used, would void the warranty on their machines. All this information was slipped in, casual like, between creating delightful word pictures of the huge bucks we would be earning to support our ‘art’ or our other ‘dreams’. I admitted that I was saving to travel and he suggested I get a postcard of the place I wanted to go and keep my thoughts focused on that I was calling. (A version of ‘lie back and think of England’ I guess.)

      I looked around open-mouthed and saw that everybody seemed to be lapping it up. I talked to people afterwards and they were all planning to go back and start work the next day. They gave me versions of, “Yeah, I guess it’s not quite right, but hey, I need the money.” Of course, they probably didn’t even get that– I found out later that one of the hallmarks of these kinds of operations is they fold their tents and slip away to open up in a new location without ever paying their employees a dime.

    1. @Jack, Good point. There is nothing like receiving a good “shit hammering” to know that you’ve received “syndicate-type value.” That should make everyone feel warm and fuzzy, and not like the mark that they really are.

  13. This is so ridiculous, I bought magic bullet and was at this seminar. You totally took his complete presentation out of context by cutting the footage.

    You can see the cuts… you literally make him say things he didn’t say.

    1. @WTF, If you were at this seminar, then you got taken. This guy’s methods are totally unethical bullshit. You should be proud of yourself. you’re now a Frank Kern wannabe. Asswipe.

    2. @WTF ::

      Oh the context is coming you brainwashed jackass … this was just an appetizer … as it was on point with recent themes and conversations.

      And {except for the “don’t be pussy” line at the end} :: it all came from the answer to a single question. It’s about 2:45 edited down to 2:00 minutes.

      The two most awkward cuts were in the original .. because the editor who was not me sucked it.

    3. @WTF,

      Even considering the editing… I thinks it’s pretty clear that Kern is advocating a form of phone spam. Douche.

      And it’s also clear that he has zero respect for those he dupes out of their monthly paychecks.

      I say open a can of whipass Salty.

  14. Excerpt Mike Filsaime’s webinar – ‘The Franchise Model Secret’
    Hear Mike tell how he uses call centers. Ugh!


    1. @Mike Salami, How can people possibly stomach giving their clients’ numbers to other people for money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean, I wouldn’t really mind if my vendor gave my e-mail to someone else…but my numbers!!!!??????

      1. @Mike Filsaime SCAM, and one thing I know for sure if I wanted coaching, I would look for one myself, and not wait for someone to look for me.. because if the coacher is good, he would be hard and difficult to contact rather than coming up to my house and asking me whether I want coaching!!!

      1. @Jack ::

        I fixed the embedding just for you BewilderBoy … cause I love me some math jokes!

        Embeds are now enabled for all the big sites with just a straight URL.

        For those of you who were in the know about video embedding … we don’t need to do the “httpv” thing anymore.

        Progress :: horah!

    2. @Mike Salami,
      From my knowledge will this not generate much leads to the Mike Filsaime’s boiler room, since the only ones that sign up for such “The Franchise Model Secret” hoax is amateurs,… easily targeted newbies like most of Mike Filesaime’s {sadly spending money they dont have} customers. The people that signs up does not know a shit about getting traffic, so there will be almost no leads to poor gnome Filesaime. {better so}

      On the other side, the ones that signs up for this new “fraudlent” idea cookery of The Franchise Model Secret scam, are easily targets by the {only commission, no exception!!!!} sales staff working at the Mike Filsaimes call center.

  15. The laws around telemarketing are pretty clear and it’s only a matter of time before these guys violate them.

    In particular, if you ever get a sales call you don’t want, say “put me on your do not call list.” It is required by law that the telemarketer do so, which means they are not allowed to ever call you again. If they call you again or protest your request, they are in violation of the law.


    Also by law, your Established Business Relationship cannot be transferred to any other marketer, so if you get calls from other Syndicate scammers, they are violating the law.

    1. Also, make sure to add your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry (in the U.S.):

      It is illegal for marketers to call numbers on this list without a prior Established Business Relationship (which Irwin is explaining how to get in this video), which again would make selling of your phone number to others illegal.

      1. @Duff,

        I think Irwin should keep it up. Get a little more arrogant.

        A coat of “James Ray Orange” will really bring out his surfer flare.

        Or maybe it will reduce him to a chicken.

    2. Also, it looks like affiliates who help build mailing lists that then become calling lists are legally liable if any laws are broken.


      It is a violation ofthe Rule to substantially assist
      a seller or telemarketer while knowing—or
      consciously avoiding knowing—that the seller or
      telemarketer is violating the Rule. Thus taking
      deliberate steps to ensure one’s own ignorance of a
      seller or telemarketer’s Rule violations is an
      ineffective strategy to avoid liability. The help that
      a third-party provides must be more than casual
      or incidental dealing with a seller or telemarketer
      that is not related to a violation ofthe Rule. For
      example, cleaning a telemarketer’s office,
      delivering lunches to the telemarketer’s premises,
      or engaging in some other activity with little or no
      relation to the conduct that violates the Rule
      would not be enough to support liability as an
      assistor or facilitator.

      Third parties who do business with sellers and
      telemarketers should be aware that their dealings
      may provide a factual basis to support an inference
      that they know—or deliberately remain ignorant
      of—the Rule violations of these sellers and
      telemarketers. For example, a third party who
      provides sellers or telemarketers with mailing lists,
      help in creating sales scripts or direct mail pieces,
      or any other substantial assistance while knowing
      or deliberately avoiding knowing that the seller or
      telemarketer is engaged in a Rule violation may be
      violating the Rule.

    3. @Duff, I wonder, do these rules also apply to charities? I’m having a hell of a time getting off the calling lists for multiple charities. I’ve told them to remove me from their calling list multiple times… and I’m still getting phone calls.

      1. @Ryan Healy,

        Yes, these rules apply to charities too–see pg 7:

        If you say “put me on your Do Not Call list” (and you must use those exact words for best results–don’t say “don’t call me” or anything else), charities are required by law to comply without any hesitation. Failure to do so may result in a fine of up to $11,000 for every infraction (be sure to tell them that!).

  16. Guys reading SD’s forum, I need your help and ideas. Read on…

    Having been slapped many times with IM’s frauducts to a tasty sum (approx 10% of the info has been very useful) for my genuine online businesses. I’m looking at ideas how to get these c*nts more negative publicity.

    What hacks me off the most is that – although they do get a share of people with genuine businesses signing up for these courses like my past self – mainly they target (and really want as disciples) the vulnerable people of the world, the newbies, the guys who really have no money to spend, but are looking for the final Get Rich Quick. Its tough being broke, I’ve been there.

    You know the type; you’ll see comments like this on the IM’s blogs “Andy you are the best, can’t wait to get my hands on your new product, and your p*ussy”.

    I know you’ll agree anyone can sell to someone like this that is vulnerable and desperate. However my philosophy is, if you don’t have the money nor the need for my product, i don’t want you to have it. Simple.

    So can anyone list other sites like SaltyDroid that i can take ideas from to build a site that slams these pr*cks? I will be linking to SD from the site as everyone needs to read SD weekly.

    – Sites that have honest IM and IM Product reviews (if honesty exists online in this space)

    – Other such sites that may not be in the IM space with feedback, reviews, real case studies, etc.

    I’m thinking of building a site where guys can submit their real BAD experiences with online issues and scammers and can detail the scammers details/addresses (maybe be a legal issue here), timelines of issues/incidents and obviously the product/service/price (like a diary) for all to see. Plus some other bits.

    Any other ideas and names welcome. Also feel free to build your own site too.

    When I’ve had sh*t in the past from guys like Eben, Kern, StomperNet, Shawn Casey, Matt “Fat B*stard” Bacak, etc, etc. I searched for hours online and came up with very few complaints.

    Knowing the fall out rates of such programs and the absolute garbage a lot of these pump out it surprised me that people accepted it and seemed to sweep it under the carpet and forget about it. Was i the only one wanting to jump on a plane from the UK and burn these f*ckers?

    Apparently not reading SD.

    So here’s your chance to ‘out’ these bum boys. Give me some ideas, names and please chime in where you see fit. Any contributions big or small welcome.


    If SD doesn’t want any comments RE this on his site email me directly at:

    1. @juice37,

      Honestly, and I know it’s not going to gain me any popularity around here, but my results from StomperNet was that my very first ecommerce store did over $10k in its first two weeks, and $40k in its first full month (granted, I launched it a year ago and so had the holiday season to help me out, but that’s still damn impressive to just about anyone).

      I own Mass Control and also went to the San Diego event the year before. Loved Mass Control (and Crowd Control), and hated the live event. Too much pitching. Though I did get $140 in money that Frank was throwing into the crowd, so there’s that. All in all, I stayed out in San Diego for a week and had a nice vacation.

      But back to Mass Control, the first time I implemented anything, I took the stuff in Crowd Control and made a sales video for a little low-priced, limited-time product offering and made over $3500 in a couple days.

      I recently wrote the squeezepage, sales letter, email follow-ups, etc. for a friend’s product launch, which cleared $112k in the first month. I can’t speak for the others you’ve mentioned, as I’ve not purchased anything from them, but the fact of the matter is that I’ve actually put these things to work and have made money as a direct result of it.

      Again, I know that won’t earn me any points around here, but that’s just been my experience. I’ll never write a bad review about either person/company because I’ve just simply not had a bad experience with either.

      Regarding Kern talking about using call centers, I’ll say this – I’ve never received a single call from anyone working with/for him. Thank God. I would end that shit immediately if I ever did, because I hate the phone. But the fact remains that I never have.

      I get the occasional direct response letter (like physical mail) from him. The last one was a variation of Gary Halbert’s dollar bill letter, and he actually sent it to me twice, so I actually made $2 from Frank. So there’s that.

      But to date, no phone calls. Here’s to hoping that never changes …

      1. @Chris ::

        Who gives a fuck if he calls you or not? The world doesn’t revolve around you :: didn’t/doesn’t your mom ever tell you that? Call centers are about societal harm.

        And don’t talk about your lame ass “success” unless you link to the products so we can all judge for ourselves. Not interested in hearing about your wet dreams.

      2. The initial intention for StomperNet was good. 2 ecommerce “experts” holding a small elite group for actual ecommerce business owners. However as they got greedy from launch, lost their focus and it was an $800 month mess!

        StomperNet was a cult. Simple.

        I got locked out for a week for asking “where video number 2 was” on the forum having been waiting for about a month for some Andy Jenkins second part, video on something. I then had to write a grovelling email (homework) saying why i should be let back in.

        I complied just to get in and save any data I had in there.

        Finally i got booted out for sending an email to Customer Support asking can the videos be sorted into a fashion that actually made logical sense, as the videos were literally all over the place.

        The best usable info I got from StomperNet was from the Stomping The Search Engine 1 & 2 videos. Everything else was just NOISE!

        Honest Experiences.

  17. I think your intentions are great, but I would suggest not wasting your time on creating another sites to document more negativity, pointing people to a few of Salty Droid’s posts is more than enough.

    Use that time to build a proper business instead… there is a reason why people can’t find so much complains about them because they cover each other’s footprints very well .. (just like what the WF does when someone just post a link to a complaint to those ‘gurus’)

    Your time would be better well spent on somewhere else than wasting your time on these c*nts and a$$holes.. i personally feel this blog is more than enough for anyone who wants to find out more, just point the people you know to make them aware of all these things that are happening

    1. What if Salty Droid has said the same? “Let someone else do it, etc”

      That’s why people left and right are being slapped and its getting worse daily, because nobody can be bothered to stand up to these pussies. Where’s your aggression for these mobsters?

      You have to fight fire with an TimeBomb!

      I can get any site top 3 in G, piece of p*ss. And I will! Watch this space.

      Just need some kick-ass names that will get noticed.

      Love the SD site for its positioning and aggression. There is no point in me replicating this though.

      I want to compliment SD with a site that has a wider appeal meaning for my sister, mum, grandma… A site that they will feel comfortable reading and leaving feedback and without fear of any negative comments in return.

      But it still-has to get the IM’s checking it just like Jeff Walker says he does daily on the audios. He’s aware that we are after him. Hope he’s tied his laces!

      He said that SD was a pimple on his butt, well my site can be the pimple on his bellend.

      Please chime in with ideas and names, etc. Anything welcome.

      or email in confidence.


  18. I’ll tell ya, a real scam is Verizon ‘forcing’ you to get a data plan when you get a smartphone…what a joke.

    1. @Kann, You’re a broken record, repeating the same old, tired non-argument. And you’re obsessed with Salty. Unrequited love is the worst kind, Con. Don’t you have any adult authority figure to turn to for advice, like maybe your parole officer?

  19. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been here, and I can’t help but wonder if some of the traffic comes more for the comments than articles as they aren’t quite as long as they used to be. I’m guessing there aren’t as many open S3 accounts as there used to be, but I’m sure Salty has more sources coming online.

    The only thing that troubles me is – why the homophobia in some of the comments? Is it fair game to start throwing around those kind of accusations? Why not stick to the points in hand and the LEGITIMATE issues that people have?

    This site isn’t going to be brought down by “gurus” – and it exposes a lot of useful information. I’m just not sure a persons appearance or sexuality has relevance. Unless you are just into bullying. Everytimeposters make these unnecessary comments it swings the balance from – ‘this is a rational site with rational arguments, to maybe some of these guys commenting aren’t exactly balanced’ .

    Homophobia and posting peoples personal details seems acceptable here now. How long before subtle racism creeps in? I hope never..

    Honestly, the sites comments sometimes feel like a hate group rather than a consumer advocacy group and some of its strength must be diminished by that.

    It can’t be long before unnecessary comments about appearance, sexuality and peoples appearance descend into something worse.

    I really hope not.

    I’m hoping those people that were unhappy did a charge back on the products they bought as well…

    1. @BarkingMad ::

      Lots of the over-the-top “supportive” comments are left by the d-bags in an attempt to smear this place in just the way you describe. And there’s already been plenty of overt {and yucky} racism.

      Trolls :: and freaks :: and racists :: and unstable depressives :: and people who are lonely :: sad :: and angry :: and smart people :: and nice people :: etc. That’s just life … that’s what life sounds like when some pseudo superior mother fucker isn’t picking and choosing what gets said.

      Most of the troll venom is reserved for me :: and I’m not complaining :: so why don’t all the rest of you pussies just suck it up?

      1. @SD, Thanks Salty! I can’t stand how these people complain and call you a troll and a pussy when you express your opinion.

        You may not like my opinion cocksuckers, but you’re damn well going to understand that it’s my right to let you hear it.

        Fuck all of the big-time companies like Google and Ezine Articles who think that they have a monopoly on people and so they can just do whatever the fuck-ass they want.

        and fuck anyone in this thread who disagrees with anyone I said. You can choke on my hot creamy nut!

        @ Kann – Suck my dick you dinleberry licking, cock sucking, cum guzzling, pickle smooching, filthy ass sweat linking motherfucker!

        1. @Chris, Gotta love asswipes and dicksuckers who hide my comments becayuse they know it’s the truth. Anyone who rates this comment down can: suck my dick, lick my as, eat my dingleberries, and give up their wife to let me bang her asshole apart.

          1. @Chris,

            Life really hasn’t been fair to you mate. You have a right to be mad at the world, don’t let anyone try to convince you that you have a choice…you’ve just been dealt a big fat goose egg, so let the world know it sucks mate…just do it.

    2. @BarkingMad,

      There are a lot of people that come mainly just for the comments than the articles itself, that’s a fact, face it, because it is true the comments where real experiences by victims are exposed in some cases.

      And that was one of the reasons why blogs have the ability for viewers to post comments, isn’t it?

      I personally have read through some comments and indeed some of them are quite repulsive but I just give a thumbs down move on and forget about it

      As for “I’m hoping those people that were unhappy did a charge back on the products they bought as well…”…………. well you make it sound so easy, but obviously you haven’t dealt with evasive vendors before, which ironically in this case are most of the people listed on SD blog before.

      1. @Mike Filsaime SCAM,

        I’ve found a call to Visa sorts it out – but I’ve never bought one of these products. No idea about Mastercard. Do these people keep buying though even after they felt ripped off? And if so, is this a result of the Guru’s sales attempts or are they simply taking advantage of mental health issues in some cases?

  20. What’s wrong with what he said in the video?

    What’s wrong with calling someone on the phone to sell them more stuff?

    That’s a sound marketing and sales process.

    As for his statement about “tricking people into his membership”, it was clearly a joke.

    And, as for his crude statement at the end about “not being a pussy” — if you’re an entrepreneur/marketer and you’re “timid”, you’re done.

    1. What’s right with it numb nutz?

      Cold calling people who have opted in and to businesses who have opted in, fine. But…

      What is right about calling someone unsolicited in the one place that is their safe haven… HOME?

      Marketing messages (most of it blatant lies) are being thrust in our faces and up our ass*s 24/7 now. Does anyone need this when they are at home trying to relax, etc?

      Not exactly a “target market” & “highly responsive” audience as the ‘marketing mobsters’ will have you believe they market too.


  21. @Eric – Bitch, I ru my online business and make a ton of money. I could give a shit what a cumguzzling, pickle-smooching, ass junkie like yourself thins of me.

    Anybody who doesn’t like what I say can kiss my cock and make it puke.

    Fuck all you assholes. I make bank and fuck my asshole custies, too.

    I’m only out to tear money out of their pockets and stuff up my own.

    Who gives a shit if they need thqt money to feed their ugly ass, Mongoloid kids?

    I need it to buy pussy, beer, and pills.

    1. @Chris, Chirs is da fuckin man, yo! He says whatever the fuck he wants and don’t give a fuck what you busted ass cock junkies think. Hey Salty – Fuck you too.

        1. @Chris, go find yourself a puddle you deepshit stinking rude ass of a lizard you. Your mama is dissapointed of you.

          1. @gringo, Oh yeah? And your mama knows how to wrok a cock, bitch! I banged her asshole so hard I think I tore into her twat from behind. Hey, you’re the one who brought mamas into it asshole. Happy now you sick cocksucker? After I’m done banging your moms, I’ll hit your dad’s hairy asshole!

            1. @Chris, Didn’t know you had Aspergers Syndrom. You’re authism is something the world around you have to get used to. You’re excused…. Now, take care of yourself you, and find another playground. Bye!

  22. Hey cocksuckers! Just wanted to say thanks for all of the traffic and signuups I’ve been getting from this blog. At least the cocksuckers who created this shitty blog are good for something. Stuffin my pockets so I can buy more pussy!

    Oh, and yeah, I buy my twat, and damn proud of it, too. This way here I don’t get stuck actually haveing to have a conversation with the cunt or buying the cockhole something to get my dick sucked.

    Hey, if I pay here an extra $20, she’ll even let me punch her in the cocksucker a few times while I’m ass fucking the shit out of her intestines.

      1. @SD, Do they feel like pussies? If so, I’ll give it a shot. I heard if you heat up a banana peel in the microwave for 30 seconds and use it to wack off it’s pretty realistic.

        As for buying sex, I don’t have to, but it’s the best way to go.


        1. The pussy is guranteed and arrives at the same time every week like clockwork.

        2. I can choose the type of pussy I want to bang. If I want Latin, Asian, Black, European, etc. Each pussy has a diferent look and feel.

        3. It’s a guarantee. I don’t have to spend tons oof money to take a cockhole out to dinner, or engage in useless conversation. All I have to do is grab her by the hair and slam my prick in her.

        4. Afterwards, I can open the door and fling the cum receptacle out like yesterday’s garbage.

        The list goes on….

        Do you have any idea how many married men still go oujt and buy a fucktool?

        The only reason why it’s looked down upon is because the fucked up, sick-ass politicians have dictated that it’s wrong.

        Fact is, it’s not wrong. It’s the oldest profession in the book.

        Don’t really care hat anyone here says, either, because you’re all dirty losers and filthy assholes as far as I’m concerned.

        I’m right and that’s that.

        Bitches: Suck my dick and make it puke!

        Peace OUT Cunts & Whorebags!

    1. @Chris,
      You have major psychological problems. You are one person that I think Salty should moderate, as you only bring your sickness to this blog. Get well soon.


      1. @422, You knmow it asshole. Send your wife over and I’ll fuck her intestines out! You cocksucker bumfucker asslicker ballsweat drinking dickhole!

        1. @Chris, you’re most certainly welcome to come over to my home and we’ll have some tea together….I’ll give you something very special that is guaranteed to cure your psychosis and change your life as you know it forever.


  23. Chris’s Alexa rankings don’t correspond with his claims of massive traffic. Unless a ranking of over 1,200,000 is an improvement.

    I mean, Christ, even one or two of Fat O’Bryan’s poor clueless students have better rankings than THAT. And no one visits those except other Fat O’Bryan students, because Fat makes them as part of his “networking” lessons.

    I’m sure we’re also all SUPER-shocked that this loser has to buy sex.

      1. @Chris ::

        Okay crazy train … you’re just being stupid and pointless … so you’re done. Thanks for all your noncontributory contributions.

        1. @SD, ditto what Ryan said. I was getting tired of voting down Christopher Mollo and his spammy negative posts. Thanks.

      2. Hi @Chris (aka: Pick a name from the fake guru list)
        Guess you haven’t been selling much lately eh? Sorry
        to hear that. Cheer up. Things could always be worse
        for you. Hopefully.

  24. Guys, Eban Pagan Worshipping Sodomy Loving Deangelo’s official “Double Your Dating”

    Curious choice of words for this little homo don’t you think? I mean, by the photo below:

    It’s quite clear this fudge packer goes >both< ways, isn't it? So if you go both ways, wouldn't you have access to double the gender population. I mean, he can't really be that successful dating women when you see the crack junkie he's hunkering down on now, can he? And in the video above notice how his tone changes and deepens when he says "Studying MEN" as well as the general dismay when he admits he was a failure at attracting women.

    Not much has changes I would reckon, other than his ability to sell cr@p to unsuspecting victoms.

    Caveat emptor

    Salty, I love you man… {no homo} lol :)

  25. Soooner or later sombody be finding franko on da street or somplace we be passing along he gonna be a gonner!

    I say dat fo shore!

    He offed in da heart beet if you know whats i mean.

    Maybe dis mans boy sam be wid him you know and wach his olman git slane befor his own eyes!

    Dat coke snootin thefe be steeling peeples money no mo!

    fo sho!

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