Maria Andros Phone Tags Matt Harward

ET Phone Someone Else

The break up of Kim and Sandy was sad for everyone :: especially my fake secretary Debbie who has a soft spot for relationships based on androgynous lesbianism.

But good news :: it’s decorative gourd season motherfuckers :: and that means love is in the air{waves}.

Matt Harward’s iPhone has pretty much the lamest outgoing voice message ever recorded. Its primary purpose seems to be chasing away victims who are getting all upset just because their money has been taken in return for big fat nothing.

Maria A. Andros’ iPhone is also obsessed with keepin’ out the ‘garbage people’.

In this :: their first meeting :: the MariaPhone leaves a message for the MattPhone.  The MariaPhone had some help from a fake robot … but the MattPhone is all Matt.

Maria mAndros Has A Message 4 Matt Harward’s DickHole iPhone

Call 602-214-4075 to leave a message of your own :: but please :: keep it mean.

… speaking of beeps …

>> bleep bleep

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  1. Hmmm… so does this mean if someone (or a lot of people) start entering Matt’s mobile number on websites requesting it so they can send text updates, that he will then start receiving a bunch of annoying SMS spam?

    And those services seem to sell there leads to other SMS marketing firms so the fun just keeps on rolling.

    But come on… would anyone do that to good ole honest Matt?

  2. she rarely says no to mikey except the one thing he really wanted from maria she didn’t give all she did was tease but he loves her anyway.

  3. OMG. That Matt is a humongous douche mountain. He is a complete ego maniac or a perfect loony hospital candidate. Personally, I think he’s a combination of both. Would want to even acknowledge such a douche, much less even think of doing business with him. Yuck!

  4. lulz @Salty you’ve made me laugh so much with this. The two most delusionally conceited egomaniacs online have been paired together in this hilariously funny phone tag. It’s obvious that Matt is a misanthrope hermit and Maria is just not all there. Two thumbs up!

  5. While Matt Weirdface’s voicemail is, well, the ‘perfect’ blend of egomania, insecurity and passive-aggression; I suspect I am missing the point of this post.

    Unless I’m very much mistaken, SD, you’ve faked up a message from Maria Andros-Dream-Of-Electric-Sheeple and left it on Matt Strange Shaped Skull’s phone. And, well, what’s the point?!

    1. @Mark from Just Accountants, Who says there has to be a point? What’s the point of Benny Hill? Wait, don’t answer that.

      1. @Pistachio,

        I’m not sure whether that’s the strongest argument I’ve ever heard or the weakest. I’d still like there to be a point as it took me ages to come up with the nickname Maria Andros-Dream-Of-Electric-Sheeple.

    2. @Mark from Just Accountants ::

      “While Matt Weirdface’s voicemail is, well, the ‘perfect’ blend of egomania, insecurity and passive-aggression; I suspect I am missing the point of this post.”

      … sounds like you got the point to me.

  6. hahaha….that was beautiful….

    video 2 is out…I haven’t watched it yet [[just checked to make sure I got the correct source…but I swear I saw the karate kid scene in the first few seconds…I’ll comment once I see it..if it requires commenting..

    To the person who asked about andros….

    [[I didn’t name it that to mock her…Adobe Acrobat named it from the site page title [[to mock her…acrobat is like that…hater!]]…I only put in the dashes so it wouldn’t break the link…fucking noob!]].

    The statements she made on her launch video and introduction video, and jvvideo are lies [[slap me upside the head with a cow on heroin..and call me Dorothy]]…

    Andros went to a lot of trouble to create a totally bullshit story to present to her “prospects”…right…where do I sign up….

    hit me with a 2×4 and get me my credit card…you have two minutes

    1. @_cartman_, Have just watched the video and the impression I\’m left with after watching it is the utter vacuousness of Maria Andros and the almost total lack of any useful information in the video.

      Whatever one thinks of Andy Jenkins (his lack of ethics, his overpriced products, the very small percentage of people who are actually going to get a positive return on their investment etc), at least one gets the feeling that he knows something about video.

      With Maria Andros, it\’s completely the opposite. It\’s a bit like Stepford Wife Does Video. She\’s bought in a camera team to make the video look good and she\’s probably got someone to write the script.

      So her main contribution may well just be to read the teleprompter, which she doesn\’t do particularly well. She speeds up, then slows down at all the wrong places, almost as if she doesn\’t quite understand the meaning of what\’s she reading.

      The one client she mentions is Susan Birmingham, who provides a video testimonial about how Maria has got her unstuck about making videos. So unstuck in fact that her YouTube channel has one video on it with 95 views. Wow, what a great result for a $1,997 investment.

      1. @Pass the Sick Bag,

        Dude…you’re scaring me…I guess I have to bite the bullet soon…

        her better ranked site…
        Do You Want to Have More Profits in Your Business? has a three-month global Alexa traffic rank of 11,249,418.

        she said “poop load of money”…my head hurts again…fuck…

        1. @_cartman_,

          my bad….”her better ranked site = “Susan Birmingham” ….and’s the type of results I would expect from non gamed video views…I would guess that some of those may even be her views…

          No amount of “theory” is going to improve on an idiotic idea.

        2. @_cartman_,

          Ummm… er… what?… 11,249,418?!…

          I started a new cigar review blog 3 weeks ago… no SEO yet, no video reviews, nothing tweaked to the max and we went from 4.5mil on Alexa to 994k today…

          Man, how do I start my own coaching program showing how to get traffic & views to your sites?… I think I’m leaving serious money on the table…

          Oh, wait… I forgot… I have ethics, scrupples and don’t believe on bullshitting people…

          …snip, snort, puff…

          1. @The REAL Anthony Blake,

            Oh, wait… I forgot… I have ethics, scrupples and don’t believe on bullshitting people…

            hey….with that attitude…you are going to be like 99.9% of the people online [[all honest like]]….if you want to succeed you have to set yourself apart like the other 1% [[wait….I have this feeling that mathematically, something just isn’t right with what I said]]


            I watched her SEOhhh vid [[SE Ohhh the pain]]…it’s a carbon copy [[ironical considering she peddles or did peddle that crap too]] of her first proof video proof…it’s quite funny [[everything antiquated, is new again]]…

            Andros shows her Alexa rank as her proof of being good at getting traffic [[and it’s mostly a powerpoint type of video…hahahaha…after she basically said they were out…ironical]]. Andros got that traffic by affiliate mailings to a shit load of people from others lists [[her rank of real “perpetual” traffic is 600K for SMTB and 2.2Million for VMQ]]…and the “first” launch “spike” was a result of Fleeceme and a few others like Yaro Startrek and Gideon Shawshank mailing crap to their lists.

            Then she rolled back the clock even further [[to 2007…YET AGAIN]]… and showed her ONLY video [[the headache one….the one she painstakingly gamed..and is her ONE and ONLY semi-successful video]] from three years ago…In fairness she tried to rank for Virgin America [[is she kidding…does she even have a fucking clue]], and her entrepreneurial video, and her horseback riding video [[see Andros, I saw right through the real reason you put those up]]…200 plus videos [[most taken down]] and only one success…she is a one hit wonder pony….

            The comments are to die for [[or to die laughing from]], I’ll leave those for whoever actually wants to read them…but here is a question asked of her….

            Maria I got a question. your website ranks 30,000 in the alexa ranking .. WOW thats very high!!! anyway i wanted to ask, which keywords did you use in Google?? I tried googling video marketing and your website didn’t show up.. just wondering.. thanks

            her answer….


            Yeah, it’s fill in the blank [[look on her face]] she did not answer the question [[it’s not her target audience…people who question reality]]. She only “answered” [[accepted praise]] for the easier ones around it…[[those who don’t know why the person asked the question…Andros made it appear that her Alexa results are a result of her SEO…it isn’t…NONE of it is natural organic traffic…and except for the PPC campaign she has running with google…what???…the queen of free traffic..who claimed to not spend a dime on PPC…is buying traffic….yes she is…but in all fairness…nobody probably clicked through…so she still didn’t spend a dime….sea Bitch…I have ewe back]]

            It appears the smoke is clearing and the mirrors are cracked]]….because [[as uaual]] Andros ranks for NOTHING but video conversion formula [[for a non-searched term…it’s pretty fucking impressive actually…whenever someone doesn’t search that term…she’ll be the first to not get that traffic..well second actually]]…and her alexa rank [[which is overstated by a higher percentage of Alexa tool bar surfers]] is from third party sources…

            Andros went from 1100 to 313 to 111 [[that is pretty telling]]…when you factor out her responses and her/affiliate/team shill responses [[ie; like people who are going to buy without even knowing the price…those shill comments really hurt my fucking intelligence]], you have a downward trend there also.

            I wonder who holds top spot in youtube for the useless term “video conversion formula”…and I wonder why [[never mind that last question…I know why]]

            I hold top spot in youtube for her stupid term…for one simple reason, and one reason only [[and this isn’t because of my brilliance..but her lack of any fucking empirical knowledge]]…but I am not going to disclose it…because if she had an inkling [[that’s like baby ink]] of why, she would have done it herself…because if the opportunity comes again…I want to take it….

            Her launch was not done with video, it was done with other people’s list…for someone who claims her video prowess and her video SEO techniques…one has to wonder why she had to use lists to promote this launch…maybe it’s because it wouldn’t work otherwise…just like it won’t work for anyone who is foolish enough to buy it…

    2. @_cartman_, She also used a clip from a COPYRIGHTED motion picture (The Karate Kid). If that got to the legal department of the company that owns the rights, I’m sure it could be costly. Might even absorb all the profit from the “launch.”

      1. @Zip,

        It’s classified fair use…although she would deserve it, for fucking with my videos…

        Now Andros used a whole song [[for commercial gain…in her red cawpet African charity water Scam]] and had to pull the vid [[you’re welcome]]…the hypocrite..

        1. @_cartman_, Actually, that may not be the case here. Fair Use relates to non-commercial criticism and analysis. She is using it for commercial gain. Big difference.

        2. @_cartman_ ::

          … real quick …

          Not Fair Use.

          It’s not just that’s she using it for commercial gain … she’s using it in an actual commercial. It’s a flagrant violation.

          1. @SD,

            hahaha…the queen of video has no clue about the law…fucking classic….

   appears Sony pictures owns the present rights to the film…it has been reported.

            SPE Designated Copyright Agent
            10202 W. Washington Boulevard, Culver City, CA 90232

    3. @_cartman_,

      I was the main marketing director and eventually went on television, being interviewed by different shows. -Maria Andros

      wow….I’ve used to watch “different shows” on Deja Vu [[what cha talking about willis]]….

      sigh…a demotion from your past….the lore of attraction is real…if you think about something not happening….it actually stops happening retroactively…she was right…

      she must have leaned to far back in one of her videos…went to far back into the past…met herself in her promotion and destroyed her present reality….I hate when that fucking happens….

    4. @_cartman_, nice archive of Andros’ sales page… looks like a couple of her testimonials have really KILLED IT with her teaching because the ultimate “Social Proof” that your program works is when your testimonials website links are now domain parking pages or “Sorry, page not found” pages. : now a domain parking page : now a “Sorry, page not found” page

      But maybe they did so well using Andros’ “SECRET FORMULA” to build their business that they cashed out and now spend their time on the beach?

      1. As I promised….email copy files….

        the index file was overwritten….click on any .htm(l) link to see it in fully formatted version [[I protected the files folders, but they only contain icons style sheets used to format the file itself….I’ll create an index file when I get a chance]].

        Some “files” may be duplicate. I was going to detete them…but I noticed one copy with the same name with different content…so it was changed sometime between the first and second time I pulled them…very strange for archived copy…

        PS – she deleted the content of a couple of files…I do not take responsibility for permanent stupid that may ensue…

  7. SD: I didn’t realize until I just saw it on your buddy Ed’s Ripoff Report that you’re running a “cult organization” with this “self-righteous blog cult to mainly pleasure” your “egotistical self-worth”. I guess you hurt somebody’s feelings. Too funny.

  8. And I hearing this correctly. She blew Filsaime and then pulled him off. Hope she put that technique in her video course. This Internet Marketing stuff is sounding better by the minute.

    Matt Harward should return that call – and fast!

    1. @Irwin,

      I’ve been thinking there had to be a sexual favor of sorts for her to break into the guru circle. It’s the most logical explanation. Men are predictable and are easily enticed, “gurus” included.

      It just didn’t make sense how she rose so fast.

      Ok, maybe she’s a good networker but come-on. Schefren just blew his credibility bigtime by that email he sent endorsing her. Totally didn’t expect that, as Rich usually delivers good business building products.

      But, he is a marketer first.

      There was (and is) nothing ground-breaking about what Andros shares… just repackaging of older stuff. The sad reality, though, is that this launch will be bigger than her last.

      She does provide good comic relief, whether she realizes it or not. It’s like you just don’t believe that someone could be that pretentious and exaggerate ones importance and name drop shallowly like crazy.

      If Salty takes her down with a drum-punch, we’ll miss-out on all of the spleen busting comedy she unconsciously provides.

      Hopefully, her celery-like following will take notice of her BS soon, though.

  9. Jim Kukral has just sent out an email promoting the Video Marketing Stepford Wife so it\’s time for him to be named and shamed.

    He can\’t even be bothered to write his own copy so he just regurgitates the lameness supplied by the VMSW.


    If you loved \”The Karate Kid\” movie when you were younger, you\’ll love
    this new free training video from my friend Maria Andros, who\’s also
    known as the \”Video Marketing Queen\”. This new video has definitely got
    people talking…


    She\’s doing some serious myth-busting, too. Inside, she shows you how
    just like in martial arts, you can\’t expect to become a black belt in
    video marketing overnight.

    You have to learn and practice some FUNDAMENTALS first, before you can
    get those \”ninja\” conversions.

    Fortunately for us, she reveals those fundamentals in the video, too.
    And it might not be what you think. (Hint: It\’s NOT PowerPoint Screen
    Capture , and it\’s NOT copying the guru\’s…)

    You\’ll also learn how she generated almost a quarter of a million
    dollars in sales, with online video in just a few weeks.

    WITHOUT a big email list, or heavy JV support.

    Learn how:


    Best of all, this is just Part 1 of a whole series of video marketing
    tutorials that Maria is releasing over the next week or so. If they\’re
    anything like this one, you\’re going to want to subscribe.

    Inside you\’ll learn how to:
    -quickly create videos that convert your prospects into loyal customers
    and fans, drive more qualified traffic to your website, while building
    your email list.

    Jim Kukral

    P.S. It\’s Wax on, Wax off time!

    P.P.S Even if you\’re not interested in the training right now, you will
    want to check out this video as an example of how GOOD video marketing
    is done. Add it to your \”swipe file\” for sure!

  10. Amazing what people do when they have too much time on their hands.

    Hopefully some emergency won’t be hindered by idiots spamming a users phone.

    1. @Hal,

      You mean like 300 people each trying to get back their $1,000 fee from Matt for services NEVER provided? And likely, the $1,000 represented a very significant investment that many could never afford to lose. You mean that kind of emergency?

      By his total lack of response, Matt apparently doesn’t care much about emergencies and prefers cocooning himself behind voice mail.

  11. Arh Salty you cut Matt’s phone message short, I wanted to listen to him blowing his brains out at the end. That’s how it ends right?

  12. Wow! Talk about an arrogant asswipe! He thinks people should make an appointment to talk to him! What a joke! Where do these idiotic internet marketers get off thinking that they are better than others because they learned how to rip people off?

    1. @Chris,

      I don’t think that is why he is doing it…he’s probably screening his calls from legal entities [[and the press]]

      1. @_cartman_, yeah but i’m pretty sure he’s one of those douchebags that walks around with his bluetooth earpiece on when he’s in public just to look cool… even though he has no intention to answer his calls.

        what the fuck is with those people? are you REALLY going to take a call in a crowded restaurant, or while buying tampons for your wife at walmart?

    2. @Chris, I used to be a Dan Kennedy fan a long time ago – and basically one of his big things was teaching “positioning” – one way to promote your positioning is to make yourself inaccessible/difficult to do business with. The idea being that it will gin up peoples desire to deal with you. Madoff used this strategy very effectively. I think what has happened with a lot of these so called gurus is they have taken this idea so far as to be totally and completely ridiculous. Like this dude Matt. I do also think as someone else said that he is also doing this to shield himself from calls of a legal nature. He is an asshat.

    3. I think he’s had this same ludicrous message for months. I got the idea from Miles’ 4 month old post …

      Better contact? Nope ( For that to happen Harward has to be around) he simply is no longer available. I have emailed him, pm’d him and telephoned him as have many others. (You really should hear his greeting voice mail message, it’s a peach!) [+1 602-214-4075]. Go on it’s worth the cost of the call just to hear the sheer arrogance of the man.

      I did “go on” :: and it was worth it.

  13. Schramko is another candidate for the toilet.

    Here’s his offering


    You will have seen plenty of videos in product
    launches over the last year or two and that is

    Video Sells More!

    When you engage an internet user with
    compelling video messages you increase the
    chance of them buying… (That is why I use
    videos to sell hundreds of thousands of dollars
    of my products each year).

    Start your FREE Video training now(link, of course)

    You can use video from now

    The first thing I decided to do after watching
    this new video sequence (you are about to watch
    is to upgrade my video production values.

    Nice looking camera work is such a leap
    from the usual powerpoint style sales videos
    and it is within reach of YOU:

    Get started (same link, natch)


    James Schramko

    1. @PagansOverpricedCrap,

      I don’t have anything against homosexuals but he defiantly looks like one in that picture.

      1. @SE,

        Maybe that is his true identity…David Deangelo the alpha male who produced all those “how to be a man” and dating products was just one of his fraudulent alter egos….

    2. @PagansOverpricedCrap,

      LOL. That photo is priceless…

      If you could flash that image in the heads of all those people (myself included), who fell for Eben “Deangelo’s” overpriced business advice… you’d shatter the illusion in a New York minute.

      I used to think Salty needed to do an EXPOSÉ of Eben Pagan… but that photo does the job just nicely – thank you very much.


  14. I think that Maria Andros is able to manipulate people better because she’s a young woman & she tries to use her beauty (little of which she has) to get her way with having people trust her & then scamming them with her lame low-quality products.

    People are much less defense with a young woman. Maybe not everyone though…

    I watched some of her youtube videos and I immediately noticed that she is really pretentious, shallow & has a inflated-ego. I was listening to her lecture a seminar & I couldn’t believe how people would pay to listen to her talk about the most common sense crap.

    1. @SE,

      You hit the nail on the head. Women that are perceived as attractive that use their sex appeal can scam just as good as the pros that have been at it years, possibly better. The consumer’s guard is down completely.

      That’s why you’ll find commercials on TV that have nothing to do with sex but have attractive young women that entice. Psychological manipulation at its best.

      The ugly guru guys could never get away with saying stupid shit like she does and still make sales.

      I’d be real curious of the people that purchase her program. It’s probably the bulk men that want to bang her or women that have low self esteem.

      The male affiliates that promote her definitely want to bang her (or else they wouldn’t promote her). That is evident especially at events when you see her flirting.

      1. @MJ,


        Some women use their gender & looks to manipulate people to do things that’s not in their best interest. I think it’s disgusting.

        Here is ANOTHER great example of someone like Maria Andros…. Katie Freiling @

        Katie Freiling has been involved in a MLM scam just like her sister Maria Andros has been in a MLM scam in the past.

        If you read her blog comments – it’s amazing with amount of ass kissing people do just because she’s a female and is perceived to be attractive YET she’s a freaking MLM scam artist that’s STILL involved in the “Reverse Funnel System” MLM program by Ty Coughlins.

        She also teaches social media like Maria Andros.

        These types of women are disgusting – they scam other women who trust them & then they scam men who they manipulate into scamming.

        Maria Andros + Katie Freiling = Lesbian Scamming Partners.

        1. @SE,

          Yes, massive amounts of ass-kissing goes on with these female “gurus.” The comments on their content make you want to vomit.

          Of course, they moderate the comments just like Andros is doing now so they all appear good. Glad you brought-up Katie Freiling, too.

          Same shit, although she’s appears more intelligent than Andros but the involvement in MLM is still shady.

          Katie even started a place where you can “game” Google / YouTube and get your MLM content ranked high from fake comments, reviews and ratings.

          She’s making big bank off of other MLM schleps and teaching them to game Google and get shitty content ranked high. Unbelievable!

      2. @MJ, Ali Brown comes to mind in that regard. Ever heard her speak? Not that impressive. And this is someone who claims to earn a 7 figure income(probably true since people pay four figures to flock to her seminars by the hundreds, mostly women).

        Im guessing that if she was fat & unattractive, she wouldn’t be getting those audiences. Then again, more power to her if she can use what she has to get dumbass dream chasing women to fork over that kind of money. I really don’t blame her.

    2. @SE ::

      Yeah but … how many $3000 sales would she be closing without the cartel bullshit?

      Without the gamed social proof echo chamber … I don’t think Maria Andros exists at all.

    1. @Dick Allred ::

      I think that’s wrong of you to say :: and quite rude.

      Do horses have long wide faces? Sure they do. But they’re also … majestic :: powerful :: and wise faces.

      So let’s just leave horses out of this completely and say that she has a donkey face.

      Pin the tail on the donkeyface.

    1. @MJ, 3 marriage proposals because of her video?!!?!? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      LMAO!!!!!! The first from Mike Filsaime, the second from the doctor of Kilstein, the third from Eben Pagan’s wife. Congratulations Maria you did it!

    2. @MJ, That’s nothing. _Cartman_ receives dozens of marriage proposals a week because of HIS videos.

      Going by her horse-like looks, I wonder if Maria’s proposals were all from ranchers.

      1. @Zorba the Geek,

        I don’t like to talk about my marriage proposals [[cuz my wife keeps knocking me upside the head when I do…oh wait…. no…that’s only when I play Andros crap]]….

        but I get hundreds a day….cuz I’m a rockstar with a celery like following…[[wooohoo…pat self on back…..self aggrandize…self aggrandize]]…..

  15. Maria’s latest post on her FB fan page. What a great way to connect with your customers, tell them how how your latest launch made you so much money (out of their pockets) that you having a multiple carat diamond ring made. What better a way to say thanks to paying customers!

    I guess diamonds really are for everyone.

        1. @Jimmy, dammit…thought I could paste the Flickr link up there so you all could read the post. Sorry for the repeat posts!

          Here’s what she wrote if you can’t make it out from the screenshot:

          “My new ring is almost finished the diamonds are being set as we speak…I’m a little nervous. there’s so many carats it is almost embarrassing to admit.”

          Real nice, not only charge 1997 for a pos course, but then go ahead and brag to your customers what how you’re spending the money.

          BTW, I went back and check later this evening, apparently she got some advice from someone with a 1/4 of a brain and removed the post. It aint there no more :).

          1. @Jimmy,

            yeah…no surprise there….she’s shallower then a child’s wading pool….

            I doubt more then 1 or 2 people that “follow” her on Facebook are buying her coarse…anyone who signed up for her coarse were from others lists…not her followers….

            Someone used photoshop to put her picture over the Bvlgari ad…

            For those that don’t recognize the location that is The Bridge of Sighs in Venice Italy….

            Bvlgari is paying for the renovation, so they are allowing them [[Bvlgari]] to use the facade to place the ads…I was so fooled by it…yawn…


            1. @_cartman_, Wow, that obvious photoshop stunt takes balls. I always suspected she had some, like when she was born.

  16. Maria’s latest Facebook post (referring to her new Video Conversion Formula launch):

    “HOLY COW this is getting ridiculous not only is our website #1377 in the entire US, it’s #16,850 in the world. We had emails coming in with people not able to watch the videos because our server for video #1 couldn’t handle the traffic. Please try again we just fixed it see what THOUSANDS of comments have to say about my latest video and program…”

    1377th in the US??? Out of 900 bazillion websites, hers is #1377? Really??? Is that even possible?! What do you guys think?

    Again, the bigger the lie, the more they’ll believe it.

    1. @Jimmy,

      She is misrepresenting what Alexa numbers mean and their overall importance, and accuracy in calculating relative popularity.

      First and foremost Alexa rankings [[which are ranked relative to other sites]] are calculated in one of two ways;

      One is by putting code on the site [[which track visits relative to sites which may not…that’s why Andros didn’t use it, it would drop her ranking by over 100K..and she is all about misrepresenting the numbers]].

      The other is by those visiting the site who are “brandishing” the Alexa toolbar.

      The nature of “marketing” [[sale rep]] sites, and tech sites, means a disproportionate amount of visitors which are brandishing the Alexa toolbar, and gives an over stated Alexa rank number.

      She knows what she is stating is misleading since she is brandishing the following in her code

      The above will give her total visits, individual visits, unique visits, etc. Yet the only figures she is stating is her Alexa numbers….

      So while the numbers she is stating are correct, they don’t mean much of anything.

      If you look at her compete rank [[which calculates visitors…but it is equally wrong]]…she has a rank of 2.7Million which is 267 visitors….hmmm….does that mean she only had 267 visitors…nope…but that doesn’t fit the perception she wants….

  17. Unfortunately Jimmy, it is true. Those are the Alexa figures –

    Unfortunately there are lots of misguided souls around.

    What probably is an untruth is a sentence in the following paragraph: “When I opened the doors to my SMTB program a little over a year ago, there was such a huge surge of traffic to our website in such a short time that the servers crashed temporarily. I even had my twitter account
    go down for a few days because of all the organic traffic.”

    I’d heard that her Twitter account was closed because of her spamming activities. I don’t even understand how a Twitter account would be closed because of ‘organic traffic’.

    1. @DavidM, wow. That is like nuts. I guess those big eyes really get the fellas all goo goo eyed and make them magically whip out their credit cards, as if under hypnosis. Amazing how the promise of making easy money gets people to pay up. What can you say…

      Yeah, Twitter accounts can’t be closed due to organic traffic, that doesn’t even make sense.

    2. @DavidM, That’s a flat out lie. Her account was temporarily closed do spamming. She should get a kick in the nuts for that one.

      I was at Mass Control where not-Dr. Kilstein brought her up on stage and talked about how her account was down for spamming.


      She’s setting a new standard of shallowness for sure. I’m just surprised no once calls her out on Twitter or Facebook for it. They must all just want to bang her, I guess.

      1. @MJ,

        She’s setting a new standard of shallowness for sure. I’m just surprised no once calls her out on Twitter or Facebook for it. They must all just want to bang her, I guess.

        Not overly surprising…nobody but a few of her closest friends and spambots [[for lack of a better term]] really pay any attention to anything she says [[welcome to twitter]]…which is why ALL her launches have been done by lists…other peoples lists….and none have been done via social media channels…

        While she doesn’t twitter much anymore [[launches excluded]]…when she did, she had an average of 20-30 views from multiple tweets…a far cry from the 50K “raving fans” that supposedly follow her [[garnered from days of old by initiating a follow…the ones that were NOT shill accounts were followback]]…some retweet because they “mistakenly” were lead to believe that people “check” the stream for “name” or “program”…but nothing could be further from the truth…

        Facebook… well she can remove any posts from her wall she doesn’t like….so who’s to say…but looking at a few of her “likes” [[on her public can only comment if you “like” the page first]] most people are there to “network” and just look for exposure by “commenting” on her wall…it’s the “modern” day equivalent of leaving comments on other peoples blogs in hopes they [[the commenter]] will be checked out.

        When she used to place links on facebook to her videos she used to get anywhere from 18-30 [[ironic the same amount of views as twitter]] views from it [[her “real” friends]]…but now she got smart [[or more deceitful]]…since Facebook videos doesn’t show any view metrics…she no longer links back to youtube anymore, she just uploads them to facebook.

        Then of course you have those in the “bang” category…they provide the most amusement with their comments…but seriously…don’t they know that their attempt at praise, is as transparent as Andros attempt to appear knowledgeable.

  18. Just went on Maria’s site to see what she was up to and clicked “employment”. Does she really hire people or is that just for show? Don’t know how she can afford to pay anyone, unless someone is buying her crap. If someone’s buying, then someone’s getting ripped off. In any case, here she says: “Video Script Copywriter

    Using videos write a script that will be used for a slide presentation. You will take my videos or recorded random thoughts and write content and articles. Writing in Maria’s style and voice is key.”

    Can you imagine having to listen to her drivel of “recorded random thoughts” and then having to write a script in her voice and style?

    @Cartman, here’s your chance of a lifetime. LOL.

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