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Maria Andros: She is God {maybe}

Step into your roll as an expert :: Even if you didn’t make any money last year :: Because it’s all about perception. ~Maria Andros, The Video Marketing Queen {whose videos go unwatched}.

Calling yourself an expert when you are not one :: making claims about income, status, and success to support your claimed expert status :: and then charging people $3,000 per head for access to your non-expertise :: is fraud. But that doesn’t bother Maria Andros :: Because she’s way too stupid to understand how big of a risk she is taking :: And she’s learned to speak the manipulative language of the exploiter. Once you learn that trick :: it’s hard to go back behind the make-up counter.

This video was put together by our good friend cartman :: and posted to the comments. But it totally shames a D-bag :: and I didn’t have to do any of the work myself :: So it needs its own post. Great job cartman!!

Maria’s first appearance on this blog was directly connected with her association, promotion, and “partnership” with Not-Doctor Kilstein. She was warned :: and she did not heed that warning. Since the first post went up :: I have learned MANY of Maria’s personal demons. Stories of her sins :: and personally embarrassing details :: started pouring into The Droid’s mailbox. My attention focused the attention of others … and Maria finds herself :: and her lies :: in a very uncomfortable place.

If I have taken the time to issue you a warning about Harlan Kilstein :: You best fucking comply.

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UPDATE :: cartman videos Part 2 :: learn how to stay away from the ‘garbage people’ in your life without paying Maria ‘thousands’ an hour for coaching.