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Salty Droid

Kim and Sandy :: Episode 3

Nothing lasts forever.

{that’s what she said.}

Love is hard.

{that’s what she said}

Stop! :: That’s irritating me!

{that’s what she said!}

Anywayz :: Kim and Sandy are breaking up … sad but true. Another perfect bromance dashed upon the jersey shore. Theirs was a love conceived in warm mayonnaise … neckless :: feckless :: and throbbing with androgyny.

But there was another woman :: and she was man … sort of … more like a runt of man … and her name was Jeff Walker.

Andy Jenkins :: Hold me Jeff Walker.

Jeff Walker :: {holding} I love you Sandy! Tell me I’m tall and smart …

Andy Jenkins :: I love you too Mother!

Jeff Walker :: {no longer holding} Now squeal like a pig! I’ll make you a Product Launch Manager … no seriously … that’s like totally a real thing.

Andy Jenkins :: I’m The Boss.

Jeff Walker :: Squeal piggy :: SQUEAL!!!

And so it went … and so it goes.

There is much sadness in Kim’s black heart :: maybe he’ll die. Let’s hope.

What’s wrong with this fucking post?

It feels more like another big story teaser.

Either that or I’m hallucinating.

>> bleep bloop