The Video Boss 2 – Andy Jenkins Retrospective

The Video Bossess 2

Syndicates have a hard time concocting new and original evil plans …

“Plans are for people who don’t have fucking syndicates!”

… says The Syndicate to itself as it sticks to the old plan :: cataclysmic {and ever growing} disruptions to that plan be damned.

The machinations behind the launch of The Video Boss :: as revealed by fake robots :: has served as the most vivid illustration to date of the corrupt and heartless tactics employed by these Syndicate windbags. But that’s not going to keep Andy Jenkins :: and his stinking-of-rot fake surfer compadres :: from releasing it again …

The Video Boss 2 — Now Even BOSSIER!


The only fair way to respond to this sort of recycled-recycled-content :: is with recycled content … now even BOSSIER!

Let’s get this recycle party started with the original Syndicate ShitStorm video :: featuring the mouth-breathing Video Boss himself. This video has been taken down {for all sorts fake reasons} no less than five times.  But now :: as a special bonus for this week’s launch of The Video Boss 2 :: it’s being re-re-re-re-re-released with a brand new sophisticated introduction from some balding old white lady … don’t miss it!!

Video Boss 2 – wouldn’t it be “fucking phenomenal” if Andy could take another millon of your bucks? You know he deserves it for thinking up “Now Even BOSSIER!” :: you don’t need syndicates when you can write like that {yes you do!}.

Before Andy Bossed :: he Stompered :: and I was there with arts and inedible squashes …

The Syndicate also liked to Stomper.  If you were Syndicate :: maybe you got paid :: if you were B-team … prolly not so much.

StomperNet took in an enormous amount of other’s people money :: and acted as a sort of hub for all things Syndicate :: but Brad and Andy still managed to epic fail it while fighting over the windfalls like inbred cousins over a rich uncle’s corpse.

Andy broke up with StomperNet :: and in spite of his intense Brad Fallon hatred :: he was still offering his ideas and advice to the company … cause that’s how syndicates roll.

Brandy Jenkins Presents :: StomperNet X … now even STOMPIER!

Key amongst Andy’s post-quitting tips :: add an ‘X’ to the StomperNet name {for BOSSIERness} :: and stop disrespecting the fucking Syndicate … the big breast from which all blessings flow.

Not all of Andy’s breakups have been so acrimonious and full of lawsuits. His lust fueled romp with his androgynous bouffant soulmate / twin :: Kim Jung Il :: ended with a reach-around and a tender Richard Marx accompanied snuggle session …

… or something … probably.

Gosh all this talk about Andy has got Andy all worked up :: he’s gonna do something about this whole Droid situation … solve everyone’s truth-teller problems

Long story short :: that wasn’t a good idea. Sometimes when you invite hell upon yourself :: hell accepts.

Oh fuck!

While we were wasting time talking about hell and reach-arounds :: the even BOSSIER version of The Video Boss has sold out!

Why have you forsaken me like this God?!?

{fake panic!}

Wait :: stay calm :: that was just a lie I was telling for fun and profit …

Because saying SOLD OUT is the even BOSSIER way to say BUY THIS USELESS CRAP!

And if you act now :: or later :: or whatever :: you can get in on yet another opportunity to pay Andy Jenkins high recurring fees for something with a made up name :: and a made up purpose …

Kajabi motherfuckers!  You gotz to get you some! It’s at least as important to making money online as kitty litter :: or lead-based paint.

James Arthur Ray got him some Kajabi :: and he was on Oprah and Larry King :: so you know he must know everything …

Andy doesn’t take advantage of his super-bossy “James Ray uses my junk” testimonial :: probably because of the manslaughterings and what not :: but he does like to mention how his Syndicate taint-mate Jeff Walker uses Kajabi for his “massive” launches. Walker is also a fan of The Video Boss frauduct :: or at least his children are :: as he mentioned in a recent email …

“People have been asking about “Video Boss” in the last few days. Well, I’m completely biased about this…

A little over a year ago I needed someone to shoot and edit all my video for Product Launch Formula 3.0… and I wanted my son to be that person.

I figured that he was smart, he always had an interest in video… and he needed a job. :-)

The only problem was that he didn’t have any actual EXPERIENCE with shooting or editing video.

So this is what I did – I hooked him up with Video Boss and had him go through it. I also went to and got him some training for Adobe Premiere.

That was it… with what he learned in Video Boss, my son completely set up my video studio, shot my videos, and then produced the finished videos for PLF3… which just happened to be one of the most successful products EVER in the history of the “Internet Marketing” niche.”

Father of the Year!

Telling people they can haz Internet monies has never been easier {a child could do it} :: but producing those elusive monies remains as difficult as ever. Even if you cheat :: lie :: and steal … you’re still very likely to fail.

Andy Jenkins wants to charge you massive money for his success secrets while he’s simultaneously not succeeding.

The Video Boss doesn’t have a YouTube channel.

Anywayz :: 2.0 :: thank you for recycling!

>> BOSSIER bleep bloop

250 thoughts on “The Video Boss 2 – Andy Jenkins Retrospective”

  1. The Droid is getting pretty damned good with the videos and graphics.
    Maybe the boss sent over a review copy?

    Is Andy serious with that hair? They all want to be like Irwin so badly…

    1. @Donk, Gotta second dat, @Donk! This was a noticeable jump in quality and fun! Maybe it’s Salty’s passion for the subject shining through. I’m seriously doubting the tongue-in-cheek suggestions that Video Boss otherwise had anything to do with it. Dis is all Salty…gettin’ really good at what he obviously loves doing.

  2. Andy’s looking kind of effeminate there. It’s not hard to imagine him hanging with Bruno:

    1. And with his ability to talk out of his ass, Andy would have been the perfect lead for the movie…RECTUMA!

  3. So this is what I did – I hooked him up with Video Boss and had him go through it. I also went to and got him some training for Adobe Premiere.

    Made me chuckle. He probably means, and saying “I gave him Video Boss and threw in some Lynda” is like saying “I gave him a rewritten wikipedia article on evolution and threw in a college tuition for a diploma in biology”.

    Well, what do you think helped him more?

    Btw, is like $250 for a year, and you’re getting access to hundreds of videos, teaching every topic remotely connected to video. I’m not plugging their stuff; I can’t tell whether everything they sell is good, but it’s just such a contrast in price. $1997 for a product one guy slapped together in a few months versus $250 for a membership granting access to dozens of teachers, making dozens of videos in their respective fields.

    If you can’t decide, “invest” in my “How to not waste your money” coaching program for only $97 a month (12 month minimum), no refunds, no unicorns.

    1. @Clark, Exactly what I was thinking. training is far superior in every way, shape, and form and costs a FRACTION of the ridiculous “Video Boss” garbage. Lynda courses are produced by a team of highly experienced real world educators, so it’s far more instructive and professional.

      Just the fact that goofball Jeff actually referenced Lynda training shows RIGHT THERE that there is a huge gaping VOID in Jenkins’ insanely overpriced junkware “product.”

      1. @Uncle Ralph, has actual help for leaning actual skills that might get you an actual job. You also don’t have to sign up for a full year.

          1. @Duff, and thanks to your blog I did some really interesting “learning”.

            I love the fact that a book is coming out called ” “The Antidote” Happiness for people who cannot stand positive thinking. ”


            Plus the fact that Yale now has to publish an official disclaimer re totally invented study frequently quoted by the likes of the hideous Tony Robbins and his cabal of cockroaches….


            …and of course I love the discussion re setting goals can ruin your life… or that of the business of GM.

            Cool stuff.

            Concepts are good – even setting goals (plus reasoned, balaced follow through trade off analysis, and making of decsions – it is all part of life). It is only when you get the scamming scum of the earth advising people to use concepts without the application of critical thought – that the concepts become worthless or damaging.

  4. He may be trying to look like the UniKern but all he reminds be of is Randy on My Name is Earl with a bad haircut.

  5. Nobody’s forcing people to buy Video Boss.

    It comes with a full refund policy, in case they mis-represent the product.

    Please explain to me how this comes even remotely close to being “evil”.

    Taxation is evil – you threaten somebody with incarceration if they don’t pay. Jenkins doesn’t point a gun to your head to make you pay – it’s 100% free and voluntary. He offers a refund in case he misrepresents the product.

    Your blog posts read like the diatribe of a lunatic – typical communist garbage. “CAPITALISM IS EVIL. KILL THE CAPITALISTS.”

    Why don’t you try making money instead of complaining about people who do?

    1. @Soapyshoe, “Telling people they can haz Internet monies has never been easier {a child could do it} :: but producing those elusive monies remains as difficult as ever. Even if you cheat :: lie :: and steal … you’re still very likely to fail.”

      Trying to figure out how this product launch fits the definition of cheat, lie, or steal.

      1) To steal means to take the property of somebody else without their consent. People VOLUNTARILY buy this product, so to accuse them of theft is complete insanity.

      2) To lie means to misrepresent the product. I’ve watched the video boss promo and it promises to help you make sales-page videos that converts traffic into buying customers. It fulfills on that promise. If the product is misrepresented, you can always ask for your money back, which protects the buyer from false-advertising.

      3) Cheat – there are no “rules” in the free market. The free market is not some kind of a contrived “game”. It’s a series of offers that entrepreneurs make to the consuming public.

      Your ethos smack of socialism.

      1. @Soapyshoe, And your comments smack of Syndicate.

        Good luck with taking this path. I hope you stick around to “debate” your points with all the replies that will be forthcoming :-)

        1. @Anonymous Bastard, I can personally guarantee that the 200-400 people buying Video Boss DO NOT want the government to tell them whether or not they’re allowed to buy this product.

          Communist Utopia FTW…not.

          Stop trying to protect consumers from themselves.

          P.S. I fully support what “The Syndicate” is doing, and I fully support the right of their customers to continue buying their “frauducts.”

        2. @Anonymous Bastard,

          P.S.S. I love how you put the word “debate” in quotes.

          Cause anybody who wants to support the communist/fascist takeover of the free market (i.e. taking down The Syndicate) will be exposed for their love of evil and their hatred of free choice.

          1. @Soapyshoe, You’ve got two separate issues going there buddy – love of evil and hatred of free choice. They’re not two sides of the same coin. And you might want to look into the meanings of Communism and Fascism before you use them interchangeably.

            Personally, I could care less if the Syndicate gets “taken down” or not. I’m not quite as radical as most of the people here (who are probably mostly just bitter rather than radical, truth be told) so it makes no difference to me if people want to keep buying their magic button solutions that for the most part deliver the same knowledge you could get in a $25 book from Amazon.

            But they conspire to control their market, as evidenced by the various recordings that Salty has posted over the last few months. And they know full-well that they’re delivering overpriced products to people who want a magic solution. That makes them a bunch of dirtbags in my opinion.

            Whether or not the government should stop them isn’t the point for me. I just think that people need to be informed about what they’re *really* doing, which is overcharging and underdelivering, while holding their customers in contempt.

            I can personally guarantee that the 200-400 people buying Video Boss wouldn’t be so anxious to buy it if the first video on the site was the one Salty posted that had Jenkins wanting to sell it for a few hundred and Walker convincing him to fleece people for several thousand instead.

            If you’re one of the syndicate guys, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re just a fan, pull your head out of your butt for a minute and actually look at how they do business. You might realize that they’re not quite as magical as they make themselves out to be.

            1. @Anonymous Bastard,

              1) “But they conspire to control their market…”. Sure, they conspire to control the market. But CAN they control the market? ABSOLUTELY NOT. It’s a free market. EVERYONE is free to offer their frauduct at a lower price than Syndicate. Syndicate are just better salesman….period, end of story.

              2) “And they know full-well that they’re delivering overpriced products to people who want a magic solution. That makes them a bunch of dirtbags in my opinion…I just think that people need to be informed about what they’re *really* doing, which is overcharging and underdelivering, while holding their customers in contempt.”

              They get to charge a premium for getting the information to the market before anyone else. In MY opinion, this doesn’t make them dirtbags. NOBODY IS FORCED TO BUY THESE PRODUCTS. The Syndicate does not have a legal obligation to create the products, and nobody has a legal obligation to buy them. The transactions are 100% voluntary.

              The people who buy information products are GAMBLING that the “magic bullet” makes them money. It’s their money…they can do what they want to with it.

              If you believe in providing information to their potential customers about the fact that buying a Syndicate product is a gamble, by all means support the Droid. I’ve got better things to do with my time.

              3) “I can personally guarantee that the 200-400 people buying Video Boss wouldn’t be so anxious to buy it if the first video…you might realize that they’re not quite as magical as they make themselves out to be.”

              I don’t believe they are magical.

              All businessmen invest in high-quality product values. All spokespeople smile for the camera and pretend to be your friend. All PUAs pretend like they’re rich so they can get girls.

              It’s how the game is played.

            2. @Anonymous Bastard, Excellent comment. As it happens, I love free choice and I hate evil, and as far as I’m concerned, one of the best antidotes to the latter is to continue to allow the free exchange of information on forums such as this.

              We can only go so far in protecting consumers from themselves via more laws and regulations. Generally speaking, I’m of the mindset that more Draconian laws laws would have unintended consequences and would end up biting the innocent as well as the guilty in the butt. So information and education are key.

              IMO you nailed it, Anon Bast, when you wrote:

              “I just think that people need to be informed about what [members of The Syndicate are] *really* doing, which is overcharging and underdelivering, while holding their customers in contempt.”

              It’s that last bit that really gets to me. I wonder how many people would be willing to pay high monthly fees to these jokers if they knew what said jokers really think about them.

            3. @Soapyshoe

              It’s how *some* people play the game. It’s not how the game is played. Subtle difference, but important I think.

              Just because you *can* be douchey to your customers doesn’t make it okay to be douchey.

              Your argument appears to be that yes, they can take advantage of people, but those people aren’t being forced into it, so that makes it all okay. My argument is that they shouldn’t take advantage of people in the first place. The rest is all colored bubbles.

      2. @Soapyshoe,

        “If the product is misrepresented, you can always ask for your money back, which protects the buyer from false-advertising.”

        I think it’s true maybe, because I tihnk somewhere at the end of the FTC’s Advertising FAQs for Small Business in invisible text maybe they say it’s OK to break all of the rules as long as you offer a refund policy, because then the consumer is protected from false advertising then.

        Also, they say you don’t have to file bizop registrations if you call your product a bizop as long as you offer a refund policy and I read somewhere that’s OK just to go ahead and ignore pretty much any section of the FTC Act because when there’s a refund policy that’s what makes the good free market for people, because all regulation is evil, so lying is ok with a good refund policy, too, then.

        1. @Jack,

          Nobody follows the FTC guidelines to the letter…or any other government regulations for that matter. The FTC exists so it can seize businesses from unwitting businesspeople. They fail to shut down $40,000,000 TV scams, while persecuting small businesses online. It’s a fascist shakedown…it’s NOT there to protect you.

          Businesspeople offer refunds so their customers are happy and they don’t get reported to the FTC.

          1. @Soapyshoe, OK, but can we agree at least that law enforcement has to try to pretend to do something to build up the consumer confidence maybe?

            Still I don’t understand about:

            “Businesspeople offer refunds so their customers are happy and they don’t get reported to the FTC.”

            Are the products so bad that the whole refund policy is inspired by not getting reported to FTC?

        2. @Jack,

          P.S. You’re making a moral argument about whether it’s ok to lie or not to lie.

          My argument is that misrepresentation is not good for business.

          I do not believe Syndicate will be in business for much longer, considering the growing backlash that it gaining momentum.

          But it’s CONSUMERS and their votes of confidence, not the government, that need to regulate the markets.

    2. @Soapyshoe ::

      Love the 50’s style red-scare propaganda guy! I’m sure that’s gonna save your affiliate commissions … keep the faith!!

      I’m sorry for actually understanding economic theory :: it’s gonna make this confusing for you … but maybe not cause it’s really really simple …

      These are intentionally cultivated informational asymmetries :: thus they’re definitional market failures. Efficient market systems don’t just naturally arrise from Hobbesian chaos … they must be created by careful application of logic :: reason :: and math to governing and moral principles.

      You talk about economics like a 14 year-old-virgin talks about vaginas.

      1. @SD,

        Of course the informational asymmetries are intentionally cultivated.

        I’m going to make this even more confusing for YOU…advertising = intentionally cultivated informational asymmetry.

        Advertising must be paid for by the producer. It’s factored into the cost of production.

        Yes, Syndicate goes beyond this. They “conspire” to dominate the info-product market.

        And yet…the people who sell advertising don’t give a f–ck. I see their ads on Facebook all the time.

        They’re not DEFINITIONAL market failures. In fact, they’re definitional MARKET SUCCESSES because they generate a lot of revenue.

        They’re only failures according to your subjective value system (i.e. what defines a market, and what defines right and wrong).

      2. @SD,

        P.S. I’m not against what you’re doing with

        I think you publish accurate information that helps consumers. If I had the money to spare, I would donate it to your cause in a heartbeat.

        The problems I have with your philosophy are twofold: a) the classification of Syndicate as evil. b) The argument that Internet Marketing cannot be taught to the layman.

        If you stuck to exposing “Overpromise -> Underdeliver”, and if you stuck to providing evidence of deception, I’d be 100% behind your cause.

        I simply can’t support the communist/socialist/interventionist/anti-free-market mindset that is so common.

      3. @SD,

        Or in other words, arguing about the individual microeconomic transaction means nothing when the real issue is manipulation of the market itself (macro). Individuals may make decisions of their own free will, but this is not a free market.

    3. @Soapyshoe, You say:

      “It comes with a full refund policy, in case they mis-represent the product.

      Please explain to me how this comes even remotely close to being “evil”.

      You answered your own question. By saying “in case” you’re implying an expectation that the product will be misrepresented. They misrepresent the product in order to sell it, that’s pretty close to evil if you ask me.

      Maybe not as evil as being a mouth breather, or having a really crappy haircut, but it’s still pretty bad.

      1. @Rafael Marquez, Here are some points we have now from Soapyshoe in support of Syndicate-marketing ideas:

        “It comes with a full refund policy, in case they mis-represent the product.

        Please explain to me how this comes even remotely close to being “evil”.”

        “Businesspeople offer refunds so their customers are happy and they don’t get reported to the FTC.”

        I think maybe I can start to see his point, but maybe not the one he was trying to make I guess.

      2. @Rafael Marquez,

        The sale isn’t complete until the refund period is over.

        So…I don’t blame the marketer if the customer is too stupid to realize the product is misrepresented.

        If I bought a Syndicate product for $2000 and they delivered me a bunch of bullsh-t, and I didn’t immediately apply for the refund, it’s MY FAULT.

        Sure…you can say misrepresentation is “evil”. But it’s totally 100% benign and harmless evil because no damage can possibly result from the deception unless the customer wants it to.

        The consumer is still 100% in control of whether they buy and/or refund. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    4. @Soapyshoe,

      First I really hope you take an open mind to some of the comments you’re going to get from a post like that. I hope that when I explain this, you’re not a in a troll mindset and you actually listen to what’s going on here.

      First of all your comment about “there’s a full refund policy”. I can tell you #1 that’s only there to make people, such as yourself, think it’s safe. And yes if you bitch to these guys you’ll get your money back (SOMETIMES, there’s tons of stories of people getting flat out scammed *cough* )

      Second, I can promise you if increased sales for them NOT to have that policy, they’d remove it in a second.

      Next you slam salty for being a communist crazy ranter. Thats funny, because for a crazy ranter he sure has gotten under the skin of ALL these guys, and they are constantly emailing salty trying to get him not to say stuff or to say “Hey Jeffs not a bad guy after all” — which never happens because this robot was built with a bullshit deflector (now even deflector-ier).

      I mean how can ANYONE see that video where Andy flatly says “ITS NOT A MAGIC BULLET BUT WERE GOING TO POSITION IT AS ONE” and think this asshole fuck face deserves you’re respect (let alone money).

      Now I say this in the hopes you look at this in a new light, Im not flamming you, I genuinely hope you stop drinking the kool-aid, and never again read anything from the IM gurus. Lifes too short to waste time in this crowd with these assholes. These guys DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. Salty does. Have some respect, this robot is helping a LOT of people.

      Now your next point is “her offers a refund in case he misrepresents his product”. By that logic anyone can sell anything to anyone as long as they have a refund policy, classy. That’s also ignoring the fact people waste more money time and effort (and sometimes put their jobs, families and assets at risk) by “playing full on” trying to make their bullshit “strategies” work. You’ll also find what the Gurus do and what they tell you are completely different. I can say from having met these guys personally at one point or another in my life, they have no resepect for their customers (kind of like an abused wife they like to fuck, and then smack around till its time fuck again).

    5. @Soapyshoe,

      It comes with a full refund policy, in case they mis-represent the product.

      [sarcasm] yeah….I don’t know ONE person who “mis-represents” a product that does NOT honor a full money back guarantee…[/sarcasm]

      ohhh Gawd…the stupid this guy conveys just caused my Androsblastoma to grow….

    6. @Soapyshoe (or is it Andy),

      selling something isn’t evil.

      LYING in order to sell something IS

      You can’t argue with the audio tapes…he comes right out and says they’re going to misrepresent what it is in order to get a sale

      This is no different than listening to two guys talk about robbing a bank

      The fact they have SUCH high refund rates tells you all you need to know about the quality of the products

    7. @Soapyshoe, So I sell you a car that looks nice on the surface, but which I know is a piece of crap, and it breaks down on the way to your mother’s funeral 2,000 miles from home in the middle of nowhere.

      I offer to give you a full refund for the price of the car.

      Does that make up for it?

      Take a note, dipshit: peoples’ time is worth something and cannot be returned; then there are the lost opportunities from having taken the wrong horse; not to mention any number of other personal dilemmas, family problems, and hardships brought about by making a bad choice based on BOGUS representations.

      Your idiotic refund excuse is the national anthem of every amoral sociopath that shows up here, just like you. But it doesn’t redeem your sorry ass one bit.

      1. @Dillweed Flotsam Jr.,

        Regardless of your point, you realize that when you talk like that to people you have a snowballs chance in hell of them seeing your point since their so insulted.

        So if peoples time is worth something, why waste it trolling when you know full well it will have 0 impact.

        These gurus have unfortunate people drinking the kool-aid. Lets focus our rages collectively on the Jim Jones wannabes like Kern and Walker (and show some compasion to the people drinking the kool aid but still miraculously making it to this site).

        P.S. Fuck andy jenkins :)

        1. @Syndicater H8r (now even h8-ier), That wasn’t really for @Soapyshoe/Andy. That was one for the choir. You can’t very much debate someone with a fixed agenda who not only drinks the kool-aid, but helps pass it around.

          1. @Dillweed Flotsam Jr.,

            Frustration noted,

            Im just saying if you’re making the effort, your ROI will be higher if you look past the pyscho babble and speak to people’s higher potential.

    8. @Soapyshoe,

      True, nobody is forcing people to buy Video Boss but people buy the benefits and when those very benefits are misrepresented so audaciously, then those benefits don’t help, they hurt the customer. This is the very reason internet marketing the term does not get much traction with small business owners with less than 100 employees. They know it’s a bunch of B.S. that people who ‘peddle’ this are scammers. Even the people who you thought were great years ago in this internet marketing space have exchanged their integrity and morals for the all mighty dollar because guess what? THEY ARE FUCKING BROKE. All the success they were talking about in the past were pure lies or they quickly woke the fuck up and saw that their business model is not sustainable. But holy crap how am I going to pay for my house if I’m unemployable? Sell more bullshit. Problem solved.

  6. lifted/tweaked from my boyz the Handsome Boy Modeling School… featuring Father Guido Sarducci.

    “You know it’s been about two years since I graduated from the Video Boss…
    and I just want to say that the course changed my life…
    since my graduation I’ve traveled to Prague, Milan, Paris, and Buffalo New York…
    and I now drive a fifty thousand dollar automobile…
    with total suede package, subwoofers, and specially designed custom glass rims…

    also, in my closet, SHOES.
    so many shoes you cannot believe…
    and next to it a drawer with the SOCKS,
    full of the socks, more than enough for each pair of shoes.

    yes that’s a many.

    and the women.
    let me tell you, the women, my God…
    I can’t go into the details, let’s just say, I know all about the “secret garden.”

    so let me just say “thank you” from nearby to the bottom of my heart…
    to Andy, Frank and the Syndicate for showing me that beauty is truly in the Eye of the Tiger.”


  7. All of these guys look like the fat middle-aged loser who owns the corner porn store. Only he actually makes an honest living. So there the resemblance ends.

    Soapyshoe, suck it. You don’t get it, what are you doing here, you’re giving me a headache, shut up already

    Just go away, is what I’m saying, fa chrissake.

    1. @2LateSmart,

      Syndicate makes an honest living selling information products.

      The fat middle-aged “losers” you hate so much are making more in 1 month than you’ll make in 10 years.

      Who’s the REAL loser?

      1. @Soapyshoe,

        Okay, so you’re not going to go away. Here’s the deal. I’m a multimillionaire. Shocked? You don’t believe me? I don’t give a shit. Let me tell you why I’m here.

        I KNOW these guys make money. LOTS of people make LOTS of money. People who make money are not necessarily good people. I don’t judge a person’s “loser” status by the amount of money they do or do not make. There is obviously not one single person in the Syndicate who would consider him or herself to be a loser. And I don’t give a shit if they do or don’t.

        In one of your posts you said this: “He offers a refund in case he misrepresents the product.” Here’s the thing – he DOES misrepresent his product, and he DOES NOT refund money. We know that. Maybe you don’t know that. I suggest you find out – might be fun for you. I hate big government, and personally don’t want the government involved in any of this. Which is why I love the Salty Droid – because we are simple patriotic American capitalists doing what we can to uphold the glorious captialist system – by calling bullshit on assholes who smear it.

        And what do you care anyway – what horse do you have in this race? Do tell.

        1. @2LateSmart,

          “Here’s the thing – he DOES misrepresent his product, and he DOES NOT refund money. We know that. Maybe you don’t know that. I suggest you find out – might be fun for you.”

          I’ve seen other Syndicate guys offer refunds.

          I have no idea where DOES NOT REFUND comes from. In the video above, Jeff Walker talks about how 30% of people refunded at $2000, whereas 18% refunded at $5000.

          Sounds like they fulfill their refunds.

          If they didn’t, they’d be gaping-wide-open for some nasty direct legal action that doesn’t involve RICO lawsuits…just customer-to-business lawsuits with little chance of Syndicate winning.

          I’m not sure whether Video Boss 2 offers a refund…but every other Syndicate launch I’ve seen offers a refund.

          So…maybe YOU should get informed.

          1. @Soapyshoe, Okay, I tried to have a grown up discussion. Do I have to spell this out? Do your homework. They can OFFER all the refunds in the world. They DON’T give them. See the difference? Offer does not equal performance. The lawsuits of which you are speaking? Check the courts. The dockets are filled with them.

            1. @2LateSmart,

              IF what you’re saying is true, then:

              a) Only the GOVERNMENT is to blame. The free market is working as intended, and the government is failing to deter false advertising. You cannot blame the Syndicate, only government, if what you’re saying is true.

              b) If what you’re saying is true, why doesn’t The Droid publish said dockets and close the case?

              I’ll assume you’re spreading B.S. until I see hard evidence to verify your case.

              Should you provide such evidence, Syndicate will come to an end quickly.

            2. @Soapyshoe,

              Honey, you need a remedial course. It’s not my job to educate you here. Your (a) is ridiculous on its face, and has nothing whatsoever to do with what I am saying or have said. I’ve said nothing about deterring false advertising, and in fact, that’s not an issue here. Your (b) above is specious and stupid – court dockets are public information – you’ve said you “have better things to do with your time” than spend it here. Good. Go spend it doing some research. It’s not my job to do it for you.

              You haven’t made a single cogent argument here for or against anything, and frankly, you’re too tiresome to deal with anymore. Buh bye now.

            3. @Soapyshoe:

              “IF what you’re saying is true, then:

              a) Only the GOVERNMENT is to blame. The free market is working as intended, and the government is failing to deter false advertising. You cannot blame the Syndicate, only government, if what you’re saying is true.”

              The next logical conclusion is that if the government is to blame then it is up to them to stop the problem. Which it seems to me is what you’re trying to avoid having happen.

              Now I realize you prefaced this with a big IF, which kind of lets you off the hook since you’re not stating this as fact, only a hypothetical point based on what someone else might be inferring, but I think you can safely assume that most people here think that what 2LateSmart is saying IS true.

              Which makes your entire argument against government intervention pointless, since your point A indicates that it is actually their fault, therefore they need to fix the problem.

  8. Syndicate makes an honest living selling information products.

    Bwa hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahha.

    Fucking idiot.

    1. @Jack,

      Video Boss is about creating “video sales pages” designed to convert viewers into buyers.

      The product you’re talking about is video production.

      Production and sales are 2 different things.

      1. @Soapyshoe, OK. But I don’t have to buy their sales lessons, because I can learn how they do it right here on the fake-robot blog.

        1. @Jack,

          Creating presentations that motivate people to buy stuff is incredibly, incredibly difficult.

          Saltydroid doesn’t teach internet marketing.

          He believes the layman is incapable of learning how to market.

          1. @Soapyshoe, I mean about the Syndicate videos he posts that show us all the best sales ideas they use – like make a syndicate, do some fake social proof, go do some fake scarcity ploys and give a fake reason for them. It’s all the best lessons here for FREE!

            I heard that John Caples is studying this SD site from his grave – and rolling over in it, too, maybe.

            1. @Jack,

              1) Forming a Syndicate requires intense, excruciating networking. You’ve got to set up affiliate programs, create product after product, make sure you’ve got a steady supply of affiliates willing to sell. You’ve got to have a network of experts who can faciliate your product creation. NOT EASY.

              2) Most marketers don’t use fake social proof. Mike Filsame uses social proof from other prominent marketers in IM. Fake social proof USED TO work…people have caught on at this point.

              3) The scarcity ploys are semi-fake. They DO move people in through the back-door, but for 6 months out of the year the product is unavailable.

              So if you REALLY need video sales pages badly, you’re shit-out-of-luck if you wanted to buy Video Boss after the door closes.

              Syndicate won’t last forever. It makes THEM money…for now. How long can they keep up the break-neck pace of doing product launches? Not forever. Somebody will take their place.

              They aren’t lazy – they snort adderral and work their asses off to do the product launches.

              If you try to copy their marketing tactics in a small niche, it won’t work.

              They’re mostly selling to people who can wipe their butt with $2000….

            2. @Soapyshoe:

              “They’re mostly selling to people who can wipe their butt with $2000….”

              I might not agree with most of your arguments up to this point, but I can at least acknowledge that most of them are debatable. I don’t believe this one is at all.

              They’re not selling to people who can wipe their butt with $2000. For the most part, those people recognize this stuff for what it is – snake oil with a thin coating of content. They’re selling to people who can scrape together $2000, or charge it up on their credit card, hoping to find some magic button that will make their computer spit out money every day.

              And this:

              “1) Forming a Syndicate requires intense, excruciating networking. You’ve got to set up affiliate programs, create product after product, make sure you’ve got a steady supply of affiliates willing to sell. You’ve got to have a network of experts who can faciliate your product creation. NOT EASY.”

              That’s not what Frank Kern said in Mass Control. I thought this stuff was super simple. Just get a few competitors together and pitch them on all the benefits they get by working with you (and for you, since you’re setting it all up). It’s so easy even a dumbass hick-turned-surfer can do it, right?

            3. @Soapyshoe,

              If you try to copy their marketing tactics in a small niche, it won’t work.

              Which by definition makes their tactics useless for most of the businesses they target. Selling stuff to IM people that doesn’t work in niches isn’t a business, it’s a pyramid scheme.

              They’re mostly selling to people who can wipe their butt with $2000….

              I don’t wipe my butt with two grand, but I do hire a professional company to make my/our videos. Depending on your market, you’ll need sales videos for your website, announcement/PR videos, branding for TV or trade shows and maybe even video for your products (or support of), that’s more than I can do myself (or my machines could render).

              There’s some truth to Kennedy-style “dirty” marketing: You could basically do low-budget video and still sell, as long as your message is good. Clean, high quality video doesn’t raise conversion that much, but enough to justify the investment.

              Long story short: There are two clientèle here:
              – Professional business owners, who will either outsource video or have an internal department (consisting of trained people) doing it for them. These guys might spend a few hundred bucks on copywriting for video, but not $2k on a sales video editing course.

              – IM low-lifes who don’t make money and think the video boss will be the kick-in-the-butt opportunity to get started and make thousands of dollars now. They don’t need it. They can’t afford high-tec video, so they could stick with Kennedy’s advice, shoot themselves with a webcam or Flip in their office and still sell their stuff.

  9. “1) Forming a Syndicate requires intense, excruciating networking. You’ve got to set up affiliate programs, create product after product, make sure you’ve got a steady supply of affiliates willing to sell. You’ve got to have a network of experts who can faciliate your product creation. NOT EASY.”

    But they keep telling people about how they can have an easy bizness in a box. Is it the truth about the magic box or not then?

    1. @Jack,

      “Easy” is a subjective term.

      To the Syndicate, running a Syndicate is easy.

      To the layman, running a Syndicate is a daunting task.

      “The truth” is up to the buyer to determine. If I have prior business experience, running a Syndicate will be easy for me. If I’m some dumbsh-t burger flipper, running a Syndicate will be difficult for me.

      You can’t blame the Syndicate if customers hear what they want to hear.

      Again, “easy” is a subjective term.

      1. @SD,

        “Irwin Kern :: with Sandy Jenkins at his side :: “they don’t have businesses and websites and products and shit””

        So you’re faulting the Syndicate for selling business advice to people who look like they have no intention of ever using it.

        Hmmm….seems like it’s the customers’ fault for buying it if they have no serious intention of starting a business.

        1. @Soapyshoe, I hear about that you can tell us about subjective morals to base your ENTIRE arguments on, but for some that have more of a different view the irony is so thick it’s hurting me:

          –> Real Syndicate people with fake morals vs Fake Robot with real morals.

        2. @Soapyshoe,

          You are quite possibly the biggest idiot yet to post on SD..
          I have read every comment you made and the sheer lunacy that each one conveys is really quite outstanding..

          You know nothing about these men or their fraudulent business models OBVIOUSLY

          Stop trying to argue.

          You lost when you opened your mouth the first time and its been annoying and useless commentary each time since

          1. @Wtf,

            I found some value in his moronic comments…the replies to each were excellent. (Although I’m pretty sure that’s not the value he intended.)

            1. @what??,

              I second that. @Soapyshoe has inadvertently inspired some very informative responses.


              Can’t really argue with the gist of your comment however. @Soapyshoe’s comments have only been redeemed by the grace of others.

  10. Droid,

    I read your site, I applaud what you do. I have reported, emailed and called anyone I thought should know about these guys.

    Nothing has resulted. What do we need to do to get this stopped?

    I’m not gonna stop and im sure many others aren’t going to stop but we may need to raise the stakes and take an even harder stance

    These guys are all predators who TRULY need to be stopped\

    any thoughts?

    1. @Shit Storm, I saw a movie about invaders from mars that had some ideas maybe we can use:

      “We may have no counterweapon, but if it’s a fight they want, they’re going to get it….Their messages might be just meaningless impulses to us, but we might be able to locate their point of origin.”

      1. @Jack, LOL you’ve really been on a roll with your comments lately. You don’t have a neighbor named Jack Handy by chance do you?

      2. @Jack,

        I’m glad you’re amusing yourself..I’m sure their glad as well.

        Is this what this whole exercise is all about? Come read salties witty posts…bash them for being scammers and being wittier than salty?

        while they just rake in the money and plan the next assault.

        It doesn’t appear that we’re making any difference.

        I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas?

        1. @Shit Storm ::

          It’s very frustrating to think about how open crimes are being committed and no one seems to give a shit. That’s why I don’t think about it. I’m doing what I can do and that’s all I can do … hopefully others will eventually start doing what they can do.

          Ideas gain mass and momentum over time. Sometimes they become unstoppable :: and sometimes they burn out.

          We’ll see.

          “It doesn’t appear that we’re making a difference.”

          Yes it does. It’s obvious that we’re making a huge difference. But I don’t dwell on it … or ever mention it really. In part for the same reason that this would be a terrible place to discuss plans for future action.

          Bragging :: and telegraphing your moves :: is not how you win a long-war against the long-con.

        2. @Shit Storm, 1st off, SD site much because of his humor, but it doesn’t hurt also for him to be a quite legally intelligent fake robot.

          I don’t think you understand the point of the quote at all, but maybe you should see the movie then. It IS the difference. At the end of the movie they WIN even though they seem to have no counterweapon.

          All kinds of ways to make a difference, but there can’t be just one way. It’s what this means:

          “We may have no counterweapon, but if it’s a fight they want, they’re going to get it….Their messages might be just meaningless impulses to us, but we might be able to locate their point of origin.”

          It means that there are MANY ways to fight a battle, but we have to pull out ALL the guns, because no ONE gun is going to do it. The only thing that can be done is to keep trying to minimize their impact.

          All the big guns we have available to us already but the key to unlock the power is to increase the number of people who can organize them and can have the will to make it get done:

          * Law Enforcement
          * Market disruption sites like SD site
          * Petitions & complaints to advertising venues
          * Public humiliation of perpetrators and also for the people and companies that facilitiate them like TechCrunch did with Facebook & Post Transaction Processing Wall of Shame

          The Syndicate is so deeply entrenched and the SD site hasn’t been here so long really history-wise, so I think it’s so early to say that nothing is having an impact. I bet if you looked back 3 years ago or less there wouldn’t be so many other sites proactively taking a stance against syndicate shenanigans.

          Law Enforcement hasn’t stepped up to this much but they have stepped up and no longer jjust are chasing the bizop envelope shuffling scams – they now go for people who believe they can never be taken down, like when now they go after:
          FTC vs. Jeff Paul & John Beck & John Alexander
          Russ Dalbey

          The two are important because mr. Paul espec is a secret star of many syndicate members & there are others who are easily vulnerable to FTC attack.

          2 other important “can’t touch me cases” to be found:

          Jess Willms
          Jeremy Johnson (remember iWorks was around for a very long time).

          And even though you will still see TV commercials for the likes of the man cosmic connie calls mr. TrueDough have started operating their businesses offshore and that’s a sign for them to know they are no longer a “main stream” con, but now a real “catch” for law enforcement.

          The answers are obvious but I don’t think can ever be totally effective but at least can be MORE effective.

          File complaints
          – Make your own blog or site
          – Organize boycotts against even local stations that run ads
          – Name names of people who promote the bad crap for us – although one fake robot once said that “Parables are better than lists” – it really depends who’s behind the list and the facts and data beyhind it (it’s too easy to just make a mcArthy type blacklist with no evidence).
          – I want for us to all go and get to learn about and then know about the potential fighting allies vulneralbilities (maybe like an AG being an elected official not stopping a scam, NBC running a show tied to shady characters – covered right here on SD, going against affiliate networks or managers facilitating scams).

          I can keep making more and can even put up some good ways to organize more if you want it, too.

          but HUMOR is a real weapon as too much of history has shown and SD is maybe one of the biggest humor-bombs in this marketplace of shadiness yet today.

          1. @Jack,

            All valid points but I have to agree with what I said. While I applaud all the efforts it isn’t slowing these guys down one bit.

            Maybe down the road they do get investigated but right now they just keep on rolling – MAYBE

            They don’t have a shortage of new product rollouts, affiliates selling it, merchant accounts and worse…buyers

            They don’t look affected one bit. facts are facts – they’re still in business and they don’t look to be slowing down

            But I hear ya, momentum, pressure, petitions, sit ins and by all means lets keep up those humor bombs

            You can all feel good about the effort…you tried to stop the rape

            There’s a big difference between tried to stop and stopped

            Time for trying is over

            I’m sure I’ll get flamed for the post but why would anyone take a bunch of anonymous people seriously

            Time for trying is over. effort is not whats needed..RESULTS rule

            You can flame me all you want but ask yourself if stopping them is what you want. If so then what can you do that you haven’t done

            What can you do…because to date what you have done has not even slowed them down

            1. @Shit Storm,
              I don’t thunk you’ll get flamed… There is a difference between being passionate about your position (which is a desire to see results, even if albeit some might say impatiently… Though some might also consider patience as apathy) VS being a dick about defending his (secretly) sick desires to get whatever he wants regardless of the impact to others.

              That is the one argument @soapyshoe / Andy & Kim Jong’s lover/affiliate, all the irwins, gnomes, etc. Can Not explain away… That is NOT ok to misrepresent products as -for example- a business in a box, when they KNOW it is not. That is more than a lie… It is illegal and moronic.

              I agree ‘some’thing should be done.

              I agree with salty that the purpose of this blog would e tainted by making it into the forum for ‘answers’ – his credibility would be ruined, and justifiably so.

              Why can we do then?

              Well… That is exactly the question to be asking… After the lols of course… Cuz salty cracks my S up!

            2. @Shit Storm, Surely we must have thousands of people here where we can “help” Andy out by filling up the free training:

              mr. Jenkins sent out some mail today:

              The Video Boss Video Marketing Training program is open to the public, and it’s AWESOME:


              Now, I want to give you even some extra training – at no cost!

              I’m hosting a complimentary training Tele-Class on Monday.

              It’s time to for you to CAPTIVATE your customers with Video Marketing, so definitely attend this Tele-Class.

              You’ll walk away equipped with proven Video Marketing Strategies
              — The Buddy Rule and authoring High-Engagment Marketing
              — Breaking the 4th Wall
              — Parts 1 and 2 of Creating the Ownership Experience
              — Facts and Falsehoods about Video Technology
              — The necessity of IMPERFECTION– Eliminating Customer Fear with Vicarious Adventures

              Only 1000 lines will be open during this ONE-TIME ONLY Tele-Class.



              — Andy

              P.S. Be sure to check out The Video Boss Training Course – because it closes EARLY this week!

            3. @Shit Storm ::

              They don’t look affected one bit. facts are facts – they’re still in business and they don’t look to be slowing down”

              But your subjective observations don’t really qualify as “facts”.

              James Ray is still in business too … almost three years after his self-help stylings literally killed people. Things take time … the government moves only slightly faster than geological phenomena.

              There’s only one thing we can do that might work … not give up.

              Not giving up is my bestest plan.

  11. Well for goodness sakes. Here you go talking about that useless lug Andy Jenkins again. “Video Boss” my ass, and Old Man Crikey’s ass too for that matter! There’s only one BOSS and that’d be Mr. Bruce Springstein. Been listening to that fine young man since I was at least 70. I still have the guitar pick he threw off the stage at the Stockton rodeo and it landed in my corset, and I’ve kissed his framed picture every night since.

    Now, as for that Andy Jenkins, you would think with all the recordings of him yapping away in private that are here on Salty’s blog, that Andy would stop breathing through his big fat mouth. I think someone needs to sit Andy down and have him watch this movie right here:

  12. Pingback: Video Boss Spam
  13. This is the best thing I have seen in a while.
    I have fallen for these guys bs for a while, but never again, unless it is to do a refund. Screw me I screw you.

    I hope I made the deadline for available comments..if not I’ll wait a few weeks I am sure there will be more available….

  14. @soapyshoe, you don’t have a clue what you are talking about. These people would love to target people with money, but the truth is they don’t care if someone is selling off their kids shoes as long as they pay them the money. I’ve been behind the scenes at one of these shops so I know how things are done.

    No they are not rich, they live launch to launch and when they go bad for a couple of times, you get emails like went out to the moderators at SN a while back. Featured on this blog. These guys are scum and could care less if anyone makes a dime. All they care about is that you drink the koolaid and come back to buy launch after launch. The sad thing is that it works and people keep buying. That is what keeps them alive and pitching. As I’ve heard Brad Fallon say multiple times, Its all marketing, everything else is just an expense. How do you keep expenses down, by screwing the people you owe money to and not paying them, but that’s another story.

    1. @SD,

      That was awful! The balding old white woman couldn’t stop talking to Koenigs about how good-looking he thinks John Assaraf is and wondering if he would take his shirt off. But it was interesting to see Joel Comm supporter, Lisa Preston, chatting underneath the webcast.

    2. @SD,

      Ouch…I have to stop watching this before my head explodes…

      Assarat: I spent $500K on self improvement [[yeah so]]
      Assarat: 2K is cheap for a quality product [[this is neither]]

      Jason: if you can’t afford it put it on a credit card [[if I get hit with a 2×4 maybe]]

      bahahaha…don’t tolerate hate, trolls, etc…


    3. @SD, I wonder if Andy can tell Don Crowther about how to upload 40% of one of my videos to YouTube now, because when I went back to see if he told us the trick at the StompersNet blog the post I was reading went away. :-(

      It was big internet news in 2011 but nwo I can’t read it anymore;

      But seriously now…

      Is it the only place mr. Jenkins made his disclosures at the little link at the bottom of bossathon page?…

    4. @SD,

      Did you actually watch that Bore-A-Thon the whole way through?

      You’d have to be a machine.

      The cutting edge tip that “This is a USB headset” was epic. I can see why people would want to pay $2,000 for this now (if they were smoking crack).

      I almost felt sorry for Reese, he looked like someone on the verge of a mental breakdown. Either that, or he’s an uber gullible idiot.

      One good thing about trying to watch that self-indulgent bore fest though, it made me look forward to weeding the dandelions from my lawn.

      1. @Hal (the original Hal) ::

        Hellz no … I could only tolerate about 3 minutes.

        I was watching Mr. Hughes destroy Dr. Paul … much more interesting.

        There’s no sense listening to these blowholes when they know people are listening.

    5. @SD, I’m sure you’ve seen this, but just in case;

      It might be useful to someone the next time fat scumbug Ed Dale claims to not be part of the syndicate.

      Another quick note – Ed’s next big scam is going to be how to make money by building applications for the iPhone / iPad. His affiliates are already building sites that are claiming to have outsourced app building and then made fortunes selling apps. All bollocks, of course. All shill crap. Maybe if word gets out soon enough he can be stopped in his slimy tracks before he gets any traction for it.

  15. So so clever!!! I guess the name “A Bunch of Assholes Ripping You Off-A-Thon” was already TM’d!

  16. Oh dear, Mr. Salty, that video was so juicy I shit in my depends!

    Thanks for that.

    Well…now that you have ripped open the nasty TRUTH about all of the ‘friends’ my turd son Not Dr. Harlan Kilstein has been associating with, I suppose it’s time I tell you the TRUTH about schlubby and sandy….

    Of all people, you probably already knew this little secret…but I’ll tell the rest of the world now:

    Schlubby Kilstein and Sandy Jenkins have been lovers for years. My success-imposter son, Harlan H. Crapstain has been living a lie for more than 20 years. Yes, he’s ‘married’ to a woman. Yes he has childrenz. And yes, he does (very convincingly I might add) appear all masculine and manly and shit like that on his ‘get rich quick’ scam videos he likes to sell.

    But I’ve known ever since schlubby was a wee, tiny little schlub-turd that he had took a liken to others of the same persuasion. When he was little, he always would always try and talk his male friends into playing ‘Bert and Ernie go nude hot tubbin’. When he was a teenager I once walked in on him playing with himself with one hand while fondling his Six Million Dollar Man action figure with the other hand. And I don’t even want to tell you what I’ve seen (using a nanny cam hidden in a Mass Control II box that I bought on ebay) schlubby do with his Erwin Kern inflatable doll (that came, by the way, complete with long, greasy hair and a beard peppered with fried chicken crumbs). When I saw that sick video it confirmed my suspicions that schlubby had a penchant for penis. A desire for dong. A craving for…oh, you get the point.


    Every time Harlan Schlubfuck Kilstein (or as I like to affectionately call him, ASS-BREATH) would do one of his super-successful frauduct ‘launches’, I would always make him replace all the food he ate from my cubbards first – starting the cases of twinkies. Once he did that like a good little son, he would get in his car and high tail it over to Western Union to wire Sandy money for a Greyhound ticket so she could some spend the weekend. I used to ask schlubby, ‘Why the bus? If your launch made you so much money, why not a plane ticket?’ He replied, ‘Well, Mom, that’s just how them people from Arkansas do things. Them folks just likez to ridez the busses and shitz.’
    Well, you can’t argue with THAT.


    In two or three days, he (she? it?) would show up. Big hillbilly grin at the front door. Long, nasty, greasy hair. Lookin’ like she just rode a bus from Arkansas for three days. And before I had a chance to slam the door in her face, Sandy would scurry in to my house, down the stairs, and right into schlubby’s arms. I don’t really want to think about what those two fat fucks did to each other for the next week, but I’m sure it was disgusting. Not that there’s anything wrong with ‘love’ between two men. I personally don’t care. But sex with two disgusting, greasy fat slobs…now that’s sick. One would be bad enough. But two balding, saggy, greasy, flabby, obese schlubs…oye…I’m gonna shit myself again.
    Seriously, think about this for just a minute.
    Take the most beautiful woman you can imagine.

    Okay, I know you were thinkin’ J-Lo, weren’t you? I was thinkin’ Farah Fawcett. Anywayz, just think of some super-hot, sexy model. Imagine what she looks like: thin, tone, fit, dressed all sexy and shitz. Damn, girl look good!

    Now, let’s apply a little ‘NLP’ and change a few of the sub-modalities. Take that image of that super hot gal, and change her hair so has very little…in fact, give her a comb-over. Just a few greasy strands. Now make her belly big and fat (like she’s been drinkin’ a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon a day for, oh, about ten years) …and imagine that big belly all saggy…and hairy…and greasy…oh, and make smelly too (just like Sandy). Now give her a whinny, miserable tone of voice…

    And don’t forget to make her have the most heinous ASS-BREATH like a whole tribe of rabid, angry skunks on crack were livin’ in her mouth for the past six months.

    Now, you just cant wait to jump her bones, can you?

    Fuck no!

    You want to throw a ginormous baloney sandwich to your left, yell ‘fetch’ then run the opposite direction as fast as humanly possible.
    You see, there just ain’t nothin’ attractive about fat. Especially saggy, greasy, smelly fat. A man and a woman. Two women. Two men. It don’t matter! (that was some hillbilly speak, just thrown in for effect). Two fat fucks of any persuasion having ‘relations’, I’m sorry…it’s just WRONG.

    Not in the moral sense. In the disgusting sense.

    But don’t try to tell that to Harlan H. Ass-Stain and Sandy Jinkens.

    You know, I’m starting to think I might have anger issues.

    Mother Kilstein

  17. I was involved in “the Internet Marketing community” for several years before I realized I was part of a great big con. It’s really a giant Ponzi where those on top have the big lists and promote the crap products of others who will do same and have no morals.

    I’m out of that whole retarded circle jerk now and currently run a real business. We use the web to market our products and what I learned after tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of wasted time I discovered I could have learned for a few dollars and a few hours with a good book by real reputable authors with real credentials. The really good products out there don’t cost thousands of dollars and they aren’t put out by any of the Syndicate scum.

    Marketing on the Internet is real but these “top names in calling themselves top names” (as Salty calls them) are not. They are con artists and crooks as you all here have realized. I only wish the other people in this mess would wake up. I think Salty has made a major impact on the problem but not enough. The crooks are on the run. They tell their “marks” stuff like “oh we just ignore the Droid” but it’s not true. The audios Salty has posted here prove it. They are terrified. But they keep on selling this crap even though most of them are days away from getting shut down by the FTC.

    I’ve compiled for everyone’s enjoyment a few of my favorite moments from my time hanging out with these liars. Some of this stuff I learned here and verified to be true and some I learned “on the inside” of this crime wave. It started to dawn on me and finally one day I woke up and realize I was lying to myself, my wife, my customers and everyone.

    Counting down the top 5 moments that led to my realization:

    5. Andy Jenkins telling people his donut-eating ass is a “black belt.”

    4. Tom Beal bragging to a group of douchebag sharks in a seminar hallway about how he “banged the shit out of” the wife of one of the “idiot employees” at Mike Filsaime Dot Com Inc.

    3. Eben Pagan’s homo erotic pictures from Burning Man right after teaching men how to begin their “Man Transformation”

    2. Mike Filsaime bringing Paulie Sabol on his cruise where he knew children would be all the while fully aware that Sabol is a child molester.

    1. Frank Kern turning his criminal record into a “positive” and still finding dupes to buy his crap.

    Fuck these bastards still make me ANGRY.

    1. @Fuck the Syndicate,

      You continue to spread the same lies using different names on this board.

      First, you were never an IM insider. Just a poser who is upset that you weren’t invited to be part of the gang. That doesn’t make you moral. Just sour grapes that you were excluded from a group that isn’t held in high regard on this blog.

      With the exception of your seminar hallway encounter as an event attendee, everything you’ve posted here has already been posted by others (not insider info). Rehashing prior comments by others doesn’t make you an insider. Allegedly hearing something in the hallway at a seminar you attended doesn’t make you an insider either.

      Based on your comments, the “gurus” are bad because you aren’t one. I particularly liked your comment “Tom Beal bragging to a group of douchebag sharks in a seminar hallway…” Because you attended this event, what did that make you?

      Second, why do you repeatedly lie that Frank Kern has a criminal record? Yes, he got into trouble with the FTC. And odds are at least 50/50 that Frank or one of his pals will spend more time dealing with the FTC in the future.

      But a court order in a civil case doesn’t make Frank a criminal.

      Every time you’re confronted on this lie, you either blow smoke or respond with a “yes, but he’s a bad man” defense of why you’re justified to make false claims that Frank Kern has a criminal record.

      If you stuck with the facts, you’d have an ounce of credibility. Instead, to show your “insider” status you overreach once again by lying to make yourself seem important.

      I don’t represent Frank or do business with him either. But one doesn’t need to be a lawyer to understand that falsely accusing someone of a crime repeatedly, despite knowing the facts, says more about the accuser than the accused.

      1. @Mike Young, Esq.,

        You might not represent Kern, but you admitted to representing Mike Filsaime…

        … Funny when you said “anyone can just pickup the phone and land an interview with Filsaime” – yet you didn’t tell anyone you were his fuckin’ lawyer.

        You’re no better than the syndicate filth you “represent.”

        1. @MikeYoungLawyerScum,

          It’s the old attack the messenger when you can’t refute the message ploy. How original.

          I’ve represented many Internet entrepreneurs over the years. Most are not in the IM field.

          In the past, one of my clients has been Mike Filsaime. So what? That doesn’t change that what I wrote above is 100% true.

          As for clients I’ve represented in general, that’s called practicing law.

          Without commenting on any particular client, some clients choose to run clean operations. Others don’t. If they choose to do something illegal, it isn’t because of advice I’ve given them.

          A priest, a banker, a doctor, or even a lawyer isn’t responsible for how those they deal with choose as adults to live their lives. The best you can do is offer ethical advice and hope for the best.

          Following your line of illogic, when you bought a gallon of gas from BP, you became responsible for their oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. After all, you did business with the company.

          As for specifically cleaning up the IM field, I was the one who (a) released Perry Belcher’s criminal records and (b) the complaint in the Jenkins/Fallon lawsuit. And I’ve been stalked and threatened because of it.

          What have you ever done except rehash posts of other people on this blog, lie about others, and make personal attacks when confronted with your lies?

          1. @Mike Young, Esq. ::

            Actually I think @Fuck The Syndicate is not who you think it is :: cause he wouldn’t say …

            “I think Salty has made a major impact on the problem but not enough.”

            He also wouldn’t quote an old post of mine in such a way as to indicate that he’d spent some time actually thinking about my points.

            So in the context of a genuine comment … I don’t exactly agree about Frank Kern. For all intents and purposes his FTC troubles were “criminal” … even though that’s technically incorrect. If the DOJ was doing its job they’d make good and fucking sure that 100% of FTC actions for pyramid scheming were followed by the criminal enforcement the situation obviously demands. Instead it almost never happens … which is bullshit.

            And Frank does try to spin it into a “selling point” … which is pretty gross. And it does actually kind of work … which is pretty sad.

            On the other hand @MikeYoungLawyerScum is who you think it is :: and he left the email address …


            Which is another of the many good reasons you have to sue him for sport :: too bad about his empty pockets.

          2. @Mike Young, Esq.:

            Different commenter here, Mike.

            WHY did you remove your posts about Perry Belcher from your blog?

            After you so nobly “released” a copy of Belcher’s criminal records?

            Now THAT is very curious.

            After all, you had already gone back and edited the comments on those posts and deleted a slew of them, some of which were pretty informative.

            Do you think a long-time crook like Belcher just magically “reformed?” Or did you just decide to regroup and put “business” first? Do you routinely delete your blog posts?

            Or were you “split testing” sensationalism in order to drive traffic and not for any noble purpose? Is all of this really helping you sell a lot of your ebooks and getting you the kind of honorable clients you’re proud to have? Is the cash register the main deciding factor?

            You’ll notice Salty doesn’t remove his posts, nor do most typical blogs just remove entire posts wholesale like that. In fact, most blog owners don’t seem to go back and edit their comments long after the fact like you did.

            As one of your (former) advocates on this blog and other blogs, I am hugely disappointed in your actions over time. I know you don’t really care about that, your concern is probably only how large numbers of (moneyed) people see you. Maybe there is a name for that perspective, like “Mass Lawyer Control.”

            You often use the age-old “just the provider of services” excuse. How are you not ultimately an enabler just because you look the other way or choose to ignore the complaints about clients in the real world? There’s only so much “benefit of the doubt” that you can reasonably lean on. Forget the boiler plate rationale you received in law school, and step down to earth for a minute.

            That defensive post you put up for Mike Filsaime, by the way, was one of the most outrageous things I’ve seen in a long time, and something I *never* expected from you. How you had the nerve to present that as some kind of neutral “public service,” I cannot even begin to fathom.

            And WHERE is that post now, by the way?

            Did you take down your “public service” post because it became filled with insightful comments that clearly made your “client” look bad? There were quite a few very good comments there, some from those who also comment here. All erased, apparently.

            Why don’t you stop being such a “lawyer” and start being Mike Young again? You were much more likeable when you were Mike Young, although I expect your response to be, “you can’t cash likeable.”

            1. @Yorick,

              Three things have made it harder to find prior posts.

              1. The blog got hacked twice with loss of some content.
              2. Post permalink structure was changed to omit dates.
              3. The translation program was changed as well.

              That being said, you can find Perry Belcher’s stuff by using the search box in the sidebar. Not difficult to type “Perry Belcher” and click the search button.

              For your convenience, here’s a link to the last post about him.


              It includes links to the prior posts, including his criminal records.

            2. @Mike Young, Esq.,: I apologize for my post misobservation. Some time ago, those URLs listed in google had been redirecting to an unrelated page on your site, so it appeared they had been removed, which was a bit alarming. Again, sorry about the wrong conclusion.

              Aside from that, the after-the-fact housecleaning of the Belcher comments, and the Filsaime advertorial, obviously is still a point of contention and troubling for many.

              I realize you are trying to juggle your livelihood, self promotion, and doing the right thing, but I think these were ill conceived choices. On the other hand, life isn’t all black and white and it doesn’t make you a bad guy based on a few actions. (Excellent civil response, by the way.)

            3. @Jack:

              Ваш юмор блестящим. Он летает только под радаром.

            4. @Mike Young, Esq. ::

              But what about The Gnome’s “Jason Jason Jason” letter? Is the English/semi-English version of that gone?

              Because that was comedy gold {irony department} :: and it’s part of the story now :: so if it’s gone I’ll have to put it back up.

              Sorry Gnome :: but some things can never be taken back {oh and also … I’m not sorry … fuck you}.

  18. All this time blowhard Andy was wearing hair extensions or a wig?? I mean a year ago he had hair, now he only got a bundesliga mullet and no fur up top. What happened? Too much drugs? He looks terrible! Shrooms really don’t make you look like that, quite the opposite!

  19. Andy Jenkins claims he was part of a movie called “Killer Instinct” and is a co-owner of Haxan Films who are famous for the Blair Witch Project movie…upon my research I found no connection of him to either of those. Sounds like he is a slimy lying bastard that needs to be ousted from the IM scene

      1. It would appear that Andy managed to glam onto them AFTER their only real success (to fulfill his need for attention no doubt). They have not produced much of note since, and their last effort went straight to video. Maybe he’s working on the “Blair Get Rich Project” (him, that is, not his “customers”).

        1. @Joe, Yeah, because glamming onto something that’s successful is slimy, right?

          I’m not a fan of “Old Cuzin Andy” but that’s an asinine complaint. Who wouldn’t want to get involved with a successful film company? And it’s actually a real business, so I suppose we should be praising him for this one. He’s not selling magic beans, like all the other stuff he does.

          1. @Anonymous Bastard, That’s hardly an “asinine complaint” at all. I didn’t say it was slimy. The implication is that it can be a substitute for not having any talent of your own.

            And successful film company? Yes, they were all the rage for 6 months way back in 1999 (the previous millenium). They (pre-tagalong Andy) sold out early for a small, relatively fractional upfront payment on Blair Witch and a reportedly minor profit share. There was never a sequel. And their last production went straight to video. It’s tough out there in Hollyweird.

            What’s funny is that “ole cuzzin’ Andy” and/or his ego probably thinks that he’s slipped his way into the “big leagues,” when in fact all he’s done is strapped himself to a spent rocket booster that looks to be headed back to earth.

            Maybe the FTC will be on hand to welcome his return.

  20. Hi

    I think Video Boss is one of the few IM products which is quite good. For someone who doesn’t have any experience with video it explains a lot.

    Other IM products are completey overhyped and with little or no real content and massive upsell hell.

    If Video Boss is really US$ 2000.00 oh, sorry, US$ 1997.00 worth, is a different thing.

    1. @Peter,

      instead of spending $2k for Video Boss you can get for $198 that’s 1/10th the price and much better than Video Boss in my opinion

      side note: it would be cool to make some funny videos bashing Andy Jenkins and post them on youtube which could go viral and put the Syndicate to shame! =)

    2. @Peter ::

      For someone who doesn’t have any experience with video it explains a lot.

      If someone doesn’t have any experience :: everything explains a lot.

      For $2000 you could buy a really sweet iMac. If you bought Video Boss :: but you still use a PC :: then you just failed at life.

  21. So, you’re wondering whether you should shell out a massive $1,997.00 of your hard earned dollars for this so-called “Video Boss?”

    What exactly do you receive? Mainly, you’ll get to watch some videos of one person’s LIMITED perspective (that person being Andy Jenkins’), along with a few PDFs, and some headache-inducing flowcharts.

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    You’re only going to pay $375. for ALL these courses and tutorials!

    Let’s add it all up.

    So for 3,885 pages of information, in addition to (thousands) of tutorials, your grand total is just $640.46.

    You’ll be much more well-rounded. You’ll have 100 times more depth of knowledge. But more importantly…

    You’ll make people who actually bought “Video Boss” look like they should be on the short bus!

    So, what’s it going to be:

    1. $1,997.00 for some regurgitated crap that will get you nowhere;


    2. Just $640.46 for some serious, real-world education.

    *That’s a difference of a whopping $1,356.54.

    **If you have a blog, feel free to share this analysis with them. Do your readers a real favor.

    1. Oops! I accidentally listed “Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business” TWICE. My mistake, so we’ll just SUBTRACT the cost of that duplicate, earlier edition ($14.66) and your NEW total will only be $625.80.

      Oh, and the Amazon shipping for that great big box of real-world information and valuable resources will be totally FREE. What’s Andy charging for shipping? Why, nothing…because that’s what he’s sending you. Nothing. For $1,371.20 more. Can you say, OUCH?!

      That’s right. Long after Andy has moved on to other pastures that put him first, you’ll STILL have a huge, helpful library of REAL REFERENCE BOOKS to refer to, and a YEAR’S worth of constantly growing online courses to expand your horizon.

      And all because you were wise enough to say, “No way, Andy…what do you take me for, a dummy?” (Of course, you already know that’s what he thinks of you, based on recordings of him posted right here on this blog.)

      Now go pat yourself on your much less indebted (and soon to be far more brilliant) back. You’re also now qualified to tweet #WINNING!

    2. @Bindar Dundheht,

      ‘Option 1 please’ because option 2 is TMI. And that’s why these guys – love em or hate em – make cash on demand.

      1. @Juice, In that case, for just $1,996.00, (still technically a bargain compared to Jenkins’ offer) I’ll hook you up with an easy-to-read 3 page pamphlet (with large, numbered drawings) revealing the SECRET of how to make $1,997.00 selling 3 page pamphlets. I’ll even throw in some fuzzy “power of intention” slippers and a wallet sized, laminated card detailing (along with suggested wine pairings) the top 5 psychotropic medications that successful* internet marketers have been known to sprinkle over their cereal. Deal?

        *”Successful” meaning an internet marketer who is able to stay an average of at least 3-4 steps ahead of the law, and not less than 2 steps ahead of the law.

    3. @Bindar Dundheht ::

      Or … if you’re one of the 70% of customers who don’t have “businesses and websites and products and shit” … then you can save the $640.46 and just go see a movie instead.

      Also … not saying I’m an expert … but I learned to make Internet videos by making Internet videos … it was free … imagine that.

    1. @Dale ::

      lol the finger-bang moves @ 0:55 …

      Shockingly disgusting insider’s look :: Bedroom antics from the BrAndy Full On days!!!

      Andy Jenkins sure loves licking white liquid off his fat little fingers … I wonder if B-to-the-B is the Boss-A-Thon’s new bottom?

    2. Jesus, somebody needs to sell whoever poured that beer the “Bartender Boss” course.

  22. This stuff is great. Thanks for sharing the spy conversation.

    These Gurus won’t share what they are doing “behind the scenes” – valuable stuff for those who are playing the game right.

    For the folks who do not like this stuff and find it “unethical,” well I can’t blame your judgment, you are free to believe whatever you like…

    There are 2 sides of a coin, you have to decide on which side you are going to be. Money comes to those people who do things that are invisible to others.

    Even if those 2 spy videos were released public, some people would pay A LOT OF MONEY for them, because they see them differently that the folks who made those silly animations :-)

    I am just saying…

    1. @Chris said:

      “Money comes to those people who do things that are invisible to others.”

      You might be right, Chris.

      Somebody once burglarized a neighbor of mine when he was at the doctor’s (92 year old Mr. Rutherford if you saw it in the paper 3 years ago this next week). They made off with a real nice solid state color TV and almost $40 in cash. Nobody saw whoever it was and they never did catch the bastard either.

      So like you say Chris, sometimes money DOES come to those people who do things that are invisible to others.

      Too bad a big pissed off pitbull couldn’t instead come to those people who do things that are invisible to others.

      1. @Madge Crikey,

        I see your point. I wouldn’t worry about the putbull :-)

        What’s invisible to others is often opportunities to become a better person, to get more money or simply to become an asshole :-)

        People often see the world through different perspectives, and what’s right for others, is wrong for somebody else. It’s always going to be like that.

        As I said, there are 2 sides of the coin, what helps someone it hurts somebody else.

        There’s always a self-interest at the end of the day, so who claims to be all honey-bonny, helping people, and not focusing in making “profit,” is completely delusional.

        Folks, do not waste time, complaining and putting people down, because of what they’ve said, or do. This WOULD NOT affect their business in any way, because their customers LOVE them and BUY from them.

        Those who are not their clients post stuff in sites like that, wasting their own time :-)

        Start your own business and just play the game. Sometimes you have to “manipulate people” to move into your direction, but that’s because there’s no other way in helping them (like keeping their attention, convincing them to do something better with themselves, etc. ) and getting compensation as a result of what you did to help them.

        What’s “unethical” or “unfair” is highly overrated. If you want to live in a “fair” world, things would be simply a chaos, because such world DOES NOT exist.

        1. @Chris ::

          Lots of former marks … er :: “clients” as you call them … of these Syndicate scams have been awakened to their plight through the Salty Droid’s robotic ramblings.

          Salty’s real non-scam perpetual traffic formula … of timely, relevant information categorized neatly in a well optimized WordPress blog … actually does effect their “business” :: in a big way!

          MANY of these punk scammers have had to adjust strategies to out-rank Salty for high traffic terms … and several are currently losing the battle!

          That’s not even considering the long-term damage this type of highly visible & entertaining public forum has on the “industry” & future of “IM” as a whole.

          You say ::

          “There’s always a self-interest at the end of the day”

          True! But mis-representation, false claims, and outright deception & lies are far from the tools of those who rightfully “just play the game” as per their self interest …

          And anyone (like you) who implies that these are inherently justified or acceptable strategies simply exposes their severe lack of comprehension of basic economics.

          While people who make “real” money may utilize these deceptive tactics (sparingly), the only secure future resides in the creation & systematic replication of real value … i.e. solving problems & making the world a better place!

          1. Folks,

            LOL, I love to be labeled as a “loser” here, at least my last comment :-) (Yes, I admitted myself, feeling better?).

            Because the common sense is very uncommon. Obviously, I do not give a damn of what you say or think about all that I said. I am just trying to understand your point of view.

            In fact, all things you said are pure reflection of yourself and are unknown to me (yet). Since you are aware of those things (like lack of comprehension of basic economics, Syndicate scams (called Affiliate Marketing by the way, etc.) and they are a pure product of your mind, by expressing yourself with those ideas, you possess them.

            Even worse, that’s how you live your life… with anger and jealously based on the success of others.

            Do not get me wrong, this is my last comment here. You can say & believe whatever you like, I won’t put more wood in the fire, it’s pointless.

            I just want to see that there’s a different world beyond yours, and often people are prisoners of their own assumptions and lack of growth. And I am not saying YOU ARE, because we ALL are under the same hood.

            Good luck with your campaign and this site…

            1. @Chris, take it from someone who’s older than an antique shop. You sound like someone who’s lost and trying to work something out. I’ve often felt that way myself, mostly from irregularity.

              Now, like you were getting at, there is sometimes more than one path a person can take in life. For example, one path can lead to pain and misery. Another path can lead to the doctor and a prescription for arthritis medicine.

              The choice is yours, Chris. Do you want pain and misery, or do you want that nice, handsome young doctor with the silver pen that will write you that golden prescription for some arthritis medicine that will make you feel 70 again?

        2. @Chris, LOL! Good one. It’s the irony joke from you, right?…right???

          I like the part about “invisible magic solution” you made in there. Ha ha ha ha ha….ha.

          Also, are you using one of the magician coins in your joke?

  23. @Dale,

    Hammered off half a shandy. Andy ‘shandy-bass’ Jenkins. Not forgetting the coke ‘ahem’.

    ‘Waiter hurry and get Burchard a Pimms with a slice of cucumber, lemon and strawberry… And don’t forget the straw.’

  24. Your videos are frickin hilarious SD.

    While I know this is a serious matter and these douche bags are frauds – both those videos had me laughing my ass off!

      1. @gringo, It’s a good headline, because I didn’t realize that fraud was finally considered a good legitimate business to put in the newspaper. But it’s good for the kindergartner’s too that now already look up to say, “I want to be a fraud businessman when I grow up”.

  25. I have a couple serious questions for Salty and Co.

    First, how do -seemingly- legitimate (defined as NOT Brad Fallon / Andy Jenkins / Frank Kern and Co. ‘ish) business people get embroiled with these documented liars who live off of selling business products to people who dream of having business… but don’t?

    Case in point: This morning I read an email detailing how Mary Ellen Tribby was taking over as the CEO of Ryan Deiss’ “company”


    I was introduced to Mary Ellen Tribby by a close friend who knows her well, as we were both going to be speaking at the same event and he knew we would enjoy the connection. I did. She met my wife and kids and I watched as she genuinely talked with my kids about their ‘vacation’. I spoke with her a few times after that and we were once also co-consulting a company and shared a great connection. She ‘seemed/seems’ like ‘one of the few’ who legitimately care for the success of others.

    I am known for and in someway get paid for reading people and I never got any ‘funky vibes’ off of her like I have most of this ‘crowd’ when I was more heavily on the speaking circuit. In fact one of the reasons why I don’t speak more often is because of the ‘quality’ of associations you have to encounter. Not that I can’t put on the poker face and be civil in public… but it is exhausting and ultimately my choice if I choose to make an income from living in ‘that’ world and all the hang-ups that come with it. So then WHY? Why and HOW on earth can she work with this guy and his not-so behind the scenes ‘mentor’ Perry -I like to sell vitamins as cures for diseases and then sell others on my successful ‘business model’ … until I get convicted of fraud, then I’ll just quietly destroy lives through other people and puppets *cough* Ryan Deiss- Belcher? How?

    I seriously want an answer. Have my ‘people watching’ skills failed me? Does she NOT have such skills as to intuitively read people? I mean I know these guys are good at making themselves ‘appear’ legitimate… it’s a skill set mastered by all charlatans, it’s how they survive n a world of good people… but how could she miss THIS! Or again, was I wrong in my read of her? If so… then how many other people in my current life have I not ‘got’? Sadly, I have her cell phone number (it’s not like we talk often or anything, but I do have it) and I’m tempted to just call and ask or even warn her or something… but each time, I get the feeling that it would be like calling Anakin Skywalker and asking why he can’t see that Senator Palpatine is really the Lord Sith.

    Was Yoda right? Is the Dark Side Hard to Find? I know it likes to hide from people who can see it for what it really is… but come on Mary Ellen! How? Ryan Deiss? Really?


    So my second question is… what should I do, if anything at all. Writing this out has helped already to get it off my mind… but should it? On one hand, is it my place to say anything? She’s a grown woman and can take care of herself. On the other, as good acquaintances and with shared friends… should I be warning her that the path she is on is leading her in the cold arms of a ruthlessly fake robot who is no respecter of persons? (btw that is a compliment for the loyalists who get their heckles raised at the slightest hint of a veiled diss against ‘the salty one’ … btw salty continues to impress me with his wisdom in being a transparency engine and not diverging into the ‘solution’ niche… which would be a logical evolution if you are in a marketers mindset, which many of you have called for, but he has wisely refused because he understands that -much as Paul Revere- it is his duty to blow the sounding horn and keep blowing it… not stop and give instructions on how to fight or sell guns along the way. ESPECIALLY if this all ever goes to trial, his testimony would be compromised and torn to shreds by any half-decent lawyer… unlike the spectacle of defunk put on display by the bumbling fools James Arthur Ray paid gobs of -your- monies to. HA! The irony is SO rich! … so yeah, I guess that is my long-winded way of saying that I don’t want to see people like Mary Ellen Tribby who have legitimate Business Credentials who these sheeple tycoons LOVE to piggy back on (cuz, you know it makes them legit by association… *gag*) go down in flames like a frog in boiling water… with the temperature rising so subtly that they don’t realize that they are being cooked to death. Or am I mistaken and Mary Ellen is ‘one of them’? (note: I generally don’t like such generalizations… though in this case it is fitting as they themselves have willingly congealed their worthless mass into ‘french trade union’ of death and monie bilking)

    I don’t know…

    I don’t even know if I’ll get any feedback considering how buried this comment will be on the page (cuz of all the comments… *jealous*) but I at least want to thank SD and Crew for having a forum such as this where I can vent in a productive way by at least getting it off my chest – for now – so I can get back to work on my business. (Note for the unperceptive: that is a dig at all those people who say “I got better things to do then be here… ” AND all the people who say that this blog wastes as much time as anything else… because yes… I do have more important things to do, like figure out how I’m gonna make money to feed my kids WITHOUT resorting to the easy way of life and selling over-hyped and over-promised products to the most vulnerable of people… but this was NOT a waste of time and when I walk away I feel better and am able to focus instead of allowing this ‘dilemma’ to subtly plague my thoughts and sabotage the rest of my work day. Now, further note that this requires an awareness of myself, my mind and my own work habits… something that is unique to me and everyone else… so anyone else who says “quit wasting time on ‘venomous’ specter sites and get back to work” …well, suck it.

    Everyone else… keep on keepin’ on.

    PS. @Jack. You have some of the most articulate comments on here, I appreciate the obvious thought that went into them. I apologize for any and all run-on sentences, random grammar, and typos… time constraints to blame.

    1. @How Does This Happen? ::

      I’d say you have a social responsibility to at least alert Mary Ellen Tribby as to the potential disaster to which she is willfully becoming a part.

      Just a friendly, “Hey Mary Ellen, are you aware of…” discussion is appropriate, to break the news as gently & carefully as you can. If nothing else, make the call just so you’ll be able to sleep at night.

      The worst thing would be, 12 mos down the line, to see Mary Ellen get caught up in the FTC net when the IM crackdown begins, and to have that nagging feeling like you could have done something to warn your friend.

      I’m still frustrated my own warning didn’t come early enough for Tesla Motors to avoid the Mike Koenigs’ Life With Tesla “documentary” sham. While there’s still some hope that Tesla will get smart … every time I see the sponsors page on Mike’s turd of a website, my reaction is mixed somewhere between pre-vomit & tears … {/not pretty}

      On the flip-side, every time I have helped someone extract their soul from the man-scrambler that is the IM / Marketing Guru Cult, it’s like a warm ray of sunshine illuminates my path for the rest of that day (or week in severe cases).

      Btw … @How Does This Happen? :: mofo’s definitely read these comments, even if they are >1000 words like your own.

      And 2nd your PS … @Jack is huhlarious

      1. @Doctor Mario ::

        That Tesla thing is so bad … I hadn’t seen it.

        Drive the same car as Mike Koenigs and your dick will shrink 3 inches … obviously.

        I’m glad to see Haley the White Rapping All-Star make yet another “life with Mike” video appearance.

    2. @How Does This Happen?,

      Didn’t she run ETR?

      How exactly is Deiss’ Idea Incubator a worse business?

    3. @How Does This Happen?,

      This Mary Ellen Tribby?

      Vision boards and other assorted nonsense, so what is so “surprising” or “heartbreaking”? She is a new breed of mediocre NOTHINGS who decided to target mothers with a “family first” value [[ie: they want to work at home, and she is willing to exploit that]].

      Give me a fucking break.

      1. @_cartman_, That promotional “call” was so full of ridiculous conjured up psychobabble it almost made me vomit. It starts out thusly:

        “Welcome everyone to tonight’s feminine shift call with Maria Andros and Mary Ellen Tribby. The feminine shift teleconference has the intention to create positive rising consciousness during a time of intense change of shift. We’re here to be your catalyst and help you through the transition of the shift from struggle, drama, and pain, to positive, aware, and abundant prosperity.”

        I’m surprised they didn’t ask the suckers, I mean listeners, to light incense and hum along when they took them on that fantasy trip to the magical land of bullshit.

        1. @Gag Me!,

          Yeah, pretty sad isn’t it? Unfortunately they’re all like that.

          Feminine shifter Alexis Martin Neely [[Estate & Tax attorney, who started her career at Munger Tolles & Olson]] is a part of “International Association of Law of Attraction professional”…

          Alexis attributes everything she has manifested to the Law of Attraction and looks forward to sharing the specifics of that with you here.



          Oprah, Mark, Universe … I trust this show will be made one way or another. There is no better home for it that I can imagine than the Oprah Winfrey Network, OWN.


          A law-of-attraction attorney that shows how she manifesters. This is so pathetic I’m not even going to joke about it. I’m just going to take my vector W2 and refueling chopper [[part of the visionprop(tm) with futurereal(tm) collection. Each prop and dreamnow ™ module sold separately]], out for a ride. I need to clear my head of these manifestering people, and ground myself in reality.

          1. @_cartman_, “International Law of Attraction Professionals?” Now that’s really, really out there. Talk about knee deep, that’s over the head deep. But yeah, Oprah’s mindrot network would be the perfect fit for that. This stuff makes tinfoil hats look normal.

      2. @_cartman_,

        That is interesting. I had never seen that side of her (or read any of her materials for that matter, as I’m not a ‘working mom’), her voice seemed so much ‘softer’… which I guess one would expect when it is female to female communication forum.

        Whether or not she is ‘another mediocre nothing’ that decided to target the working mom niche… or if she is a legitimate business woman is a fair counter-point and question for me to look at if I were to continue pursuing the question of ‘to intervene or not to intervene’ (which for now have decided not to get further ‘entangled’ – and as @Uncle Ralph wonderful succinction, she’s got google and I’m sure she’s done her due diligence. If I were friends rather than acquaintances, it would be a different story)

        As for her being an exploiter vs. legitimate businesswoman… My immediate response would be that, in retrospect I don’t have enough research on her (sales and service satisfaction rates, retention, testimonials, employee quality of work-life surveys, etc.) to really know if business wise she is a ‘pretender’ or ‘legit’. That is ultimately for her clients to decide anyways, I suppose.

        The place I was coming from earlier was based on my initial perceived qualities of her as an individual based on the one-on-one communication I’d had and in a hearing her advice when we were consulting the same company. From a consulting perspective… she did well. She wasn’t shy or ‘airy fairy’ at all. Very precise and tenacious in the office setting. Some of the things she said took more balls than most guys have. But she also demonstrated great skill in presenting ‘hard advice’ in a way that the client could hear the truth behind what she was saying instead of just getting offended. Very interesting to hear the shift of her voice on that call compared to my other interactions with her (aside from when she was talking with my wife and kids… of course).

        So if anything, she’s demonstrated a chameleon quality, which in of itself is not a bad thing, in fact it can be the best thing. A great leader is able to identify and match the needs of communications style their audience needs in each particular moment and context in order to educate and motivate their audience. Martin Luther King was a Master of this! … Sadly, because it is a true skill set of leadership, the ‘dark side’ will of course latch on to it and exploit it for its own nefarious purposes, rather than the mutual benefit. This is the crux. Evil has and always will emulate Good… if it didn’t, few would willingly follow. Sheeple don’t follow evil… knowingly at least. But by capitalizing on true principles, they mask their hollowness.

        I digress…

        If she is a ‘mediocre nothing’ I guess would come down to whether or not her story of being a working mom first who then brought her experience to help others is true or not. Should we find her to be another Irwin, purporting claims of success where there were none, in the hopes of creating some… well then that would be something. brings value to her audience, I don’t know… I haven’t heard anything negative, though I’m not in her audience.

        The fact that she focused on the work-from-home mother’s niche alone is not an automatic admission to the world of douchebaggery… though it probably could be considered like a gateway drug ;)

        Oh and re: your comment on vision boards or statements; vision boards can be a great practice for helping those who don’t think as visually as others get a better “picture” for the things that motivate them. Vision Statements, much like a Mission statement, is an important practice for helping individuals, much like a company, to get clearer about their goals and values… nothing wrong with that. Selling someone an overpriced product on the ‘secret’ of ‘how to to do them properly’ or using them as a basis for an entire career *cough* John Assaraf *cough* … Lame Sauce. Again, the M.O we see here is scammers take a true or valuable concept or principle and then distort it, manipulate it and make it seem greater and bigger than it really is, to suit their own need to make sales regardless of the substance behind the promise. But that doesn’t mean the practice they are espousing has no merit. Sadly, it takes work to separate the wheat from the tares… and work -for most- is a four letter word and the antithesis of life. All people seem to want is convenience and ease. Lame.

        Anyways, thanks for your comment Cartman, you gave a wonderful counter-balance to Dr. Mario’s appreciated comment and gave me a counter position to help me better balance my thoughts and position. Roc on. Thanks.

        Oh and PS… when are you gonna do some more videos?

        1. @How Does This Happen?,

          ‘04 – 3 million
          ‘05 – 5 milliom
          ‘06 – 8 million
          ‘07 – 27 million
          ‘08 – 36 million

          Tribby’s figures surpass the owner’s figure [[Michael Masterson fka Mark M Ford, would you like the links to the Maryland corp and the Florida corporation, inactive since 2006]].

          The last business Michael admits to having helped launch is, an Internet-based company that provides advice and training in “health, wealth, and wisdom.” Started initially as an informal weekly e-mail to a handful of his protégés, it quickly morphed into a $20 million enterprise.

          Interesting wording; it’s almost as if he the “person” writing it is almost implying that Masterson doesn’t own it, until the writer “inadvertently” [[or purposefully]] “assigns” it back to him.


          The figures Tribby provided during a presentation where she was selling her greatness [[and an upcoming book of hers]], are a whole lot better [[maybe Masterson is one of those modest “internet marketers”]].

          The 2008 figure of $36M it’s phenomenal for 2 months of income [[considering the article was written March ’08]].

          They have a list of 300,000 people, and they make an average of $40 per person.

          Okay, the math doesn’t really work [[300Kx40 = $12M]], but maybe it’s new new math.

          Tribby’s sales rates are almost unreal [[she’s made sales even Masterson doesn’t/won’t admit to]], and something tells me her satisfaction rates are phenomenal as well [[I’m just psychic like that]].

    4. @How Does This Happen?, Deiss likely wants a fall guy/gal that isn’t HIM. That way, he can do whatever he does (along with his sidekick puppeteer, Perry the felon Belcher) and he’s got a little more air cover. Or at least, he thinks he will have.

      Deiss also probably fantasizes about getting his grubby hands on Michael Masterson’s operations secrets by way of “proxy.” That’s got to be a huge Deiss wet dream.

      Like Cartman pointed out though, Mary Ellen Tribby is as much a newbie exploiter as Deiss is. You don’t need to “caution” her about anything. You can bet she uses Google like a champ, so she’s proceeding with full knowledge.

      Maybe Salty needs to set aside an extra “slot” (while they last!) in the list at the bottom of this blog.

      1. @Uncle Ralph,

        I don’t think Deiss’ is that sinister. Maybe I’m being naïve, but I think he considers his products to be good, and while I like some of them (the summit was pretty good), the quality of his “publications” is somewhat shady (e.g., the forex site).

        Same applies to ETR, they had some useful (yet overpriced) info on time management for a while and then started promoting pseudoscience and doomsdayism. Nightingale-Conant is even worse.

        The nice thing about being the publisher is that you don’t have to create anything yourself, and in Deiss’ case, he can even hire a CEO so there’s even less work.

        The not-so-nice thing is that it gets real easy to ignore the quality of your products and just look at the sales figures, which is what I think these guys tend to do – “as long as people buy it, it can’t be too bad”.

        1. @Clark ::

          If Ryan “considers his products to be good” :: then he’s in The Syndicate why exactly? For the company?

          And registering my domains :: and hiring Fulbright & Jaworski to get me kicked off of BlueHost and have my identity revealed to The Syndicate … those were things he was doing because he knows he’s selling quality?

          Please don’t attempt to answer those questions … they don’t have answers.

  26. If Video Boss is so damn fabulous, why are affiliates resorting to SPAMMING RANDOM BLOGS to get traffic?

    I was cleaning out my spam trap for entertainment and came across a plug for Video Boss. In my spam trap. The comment actually BEGINS with this:

    WARNING THIS MESSAGE IS FOR THE WEBMASTER : First of all i am not spamming you

    I’ll be sending the full deets, IP address and everything to the Droid. Hope you can make use of it.

  27. Raise your hand if you still have a merchant account …

    oh what’s this? I don’t see many hands.

    Well isn’t that sad.

    1. @SD, Raise your hand if you don’t look like you belong on the Megan’s Law website. That “now even bossier” pic is more than a little frightening.

    2. @SD, Is it OK to put the hands up if we can use another’s’ person’s merchant accounts ala jerem y johnson style, too?

        1. @SD, It probably won’t be long before this kind of nonsense starts showing up on customer statements under names like, “Austin Dry Cleaners” or “La Jolla Drain and Sewer.”

          1. @Bullshit Detector ::

            That’s what the poker companies were doing. No big deal … just bank fraud … like the very definition of the phrase “a federal offense”.

  28. Quote from another Jeff Walker email …

    P.S. The last time Andy opened up Video Boss, it
    was only open for about 10 hours before it filled
    up… so NOW would be a good time to go take a

    Old school!

  29. Sorry for repost, but the last one stripped out my comments do to the formatting I used.

    Check out this *awesome* email from the boobs down at GKIC:

    I’m Jonathan, “J-Cron” around the office… *Cuz, you know, he’s cool like that. But wait, J-Cron… seriously? Is that short for J-Croney? Are these guys coming out of the closet when it comes to their hoodlum ways?* I’m new here at Glazer-Kennedy and this may be the first and last email you get from me, *Oh No’s!* as I’m about to shamelessly bribe you to take advantage of Andy’s Video Boss with a bonus so good it may put my job in jeopardy… *You have no idea what a favor we would be doing for your immortal soul, son, if we were to get you fired and out of their clutches!! … they can’t keep a staff to save their life. But besides the only way J-Cron’s job is in danger, if he’s even a real person… sounds like a another Dan Kennedy ploy, is if this email doesn’t convert enough sales to fund Dan’s Mustache Wax Tab down at the Dapper Dan Factory* here’s what you’re going to get:


    Creating Copy that Sells
    Bonus #1 Psychology For Creating Copy That $ells
    Value: $Priceless *Reallee!! Priceless… I gots to get me sum of that!*
    This is a “no punches pulled” presentation by Bill Glazer that was met with rave reviews from the select few that paid thousands to see it, and we’ve never before made it available… thankfully Bill is out of town. *At club Fed? Ah, one can dream!* You’re going to learn: */be brainwashed on how to:*

    How to make sure your video GRABS a prospect immediately *Like a thug grabs your shirt collar before fleecing you*
    The triggers that will literally FORCE the viewers to take action *See I told ya!*
    The psychology behind the power of language…and how to exploit it in video for maximum impact

    *okay, so… once again, they are NOT being shy about their exploitation of humans… like they were some kind of renewable resource or something*

    Copy Clinic
    Bonus #2 Cash Copy Clinic
    Value: $297
    After this clinic *Oooh… clinic, that’s much better phrasing, sounds much more legitimate!*, you’ll have your own step by step scripting templates to put out profit pulling videos time and time again… with strategies like:

    How to really get inside the mind of your prospect *like a virus*
    Copy surgery certification… the fast path to being able to critique and improve your current copy *You mean like proof readin… maybe I should take that course ;( *
    A simple, repeatable 8 step sequence for creating copy that sells
    And much more!

    DONT MISS OUT *Link*

    So last time cousin Andy made Video Boss available, he closed registration after only 36 hours and a lot of people got left out. *Awwe… poor people!* And we at Glazer-Kennedy feel so strongly about Andy’s video philosophies, he is who WE listen to when it comes to video. *Well Heck, if YOU use him, he’s gotta Suck!* We’re giving out these never-before-offered bonuses to make this decision a no-brainer, *Obviously they’ve dialed in their ‘niche’ – They like’s ’em with No-Brains!* so get on the early bird list, and get ready to see videos take your business, and your bank account to a new level. *Awwe, I see what you did there…*

    to multiplying your income, *And your debt… and dependency*

    P.S. Using video online MAKES MORE MONEY than anything else and Andy Jenkins knows more about using video online than ANYONE, period. *Sorry folks down at… better get youz sum good ol’ cousin Andy so you can learns how to make vid-e-o’s finally and stop pretending!* Who knows how long he’ll have registration open **in mouth breathing Any’s crap voice* because you know, asynchronous products with little to no cost of replication can’t be sold as an evergreen product! Imagine dealing with “Customer service” and all those whiny requests for monies backs… sounds like work… I know, we’ll just sell it for a short while, drive up false scarcity and urgency and then I’ll also have a much smaller group to harass into keeping the product! Then I’ll brag to all my syndicate buddies about it… Irwin is gonna love this!!**, and when Bill and Dan will pull this bonus off the market…don’t miss this.

    P.P.S. We here at Glazer Kennedy are already on the “Early Boss” list so we can get a copy for ourselves… our videos are about to get even more OUTRAGEOUS. *Oh I can’t wait!!*

    1. @How Does This Happen? ::

      Glazer-Kennedy says it sold out in 36 hours :: Walker says it only took 10 … I’m so confused.

      Get your lies straight boys.

      1. @SD, maybe it’s just a time zone thing. Bill Glazer is in Maryland, and Jeff Walker is all the way over in Colorado. That could possibly account for the 26 hour time difference, if Jeff still hadn’t made it out of the matrix.

      2. @SD,

        Damn your hawk-like robotic vision! You’re not supposed to notice things like that…

        On the other hand, as an entrepreneur, I can’t help but see an opportunity here…

        Here’s the idea:

        With Salty Droid, FTC, and others ratcheting up the pressure… it’s going to become ever more needful for these guys to keep their lie’s straight. So if we were to develop a cross reference-able ‘Lie Database’ where each member of the Syndicate (A-team players only of course, sorry B-Teamers) can document their lies *ahem* excuse me, “Marketing” and “Positioning” so that they can all keep their lie’s straight and create better synchronicity in their schemes! Think of the conversions!

        Any developers in the room?

  30. Lists are fun :: here’s one …

    With less than 3 days to go, the leader board competition is getting UGLY.


    Mike Koenigs
    Kenny Rueter
    Eben Pagan
    Ed Dale
    Brendon Bruchard
    Amish Shah
    Mike Filsaime
    Jeff Walker
    Fireman Mike Lemoine
    Bob Thordarson
    Frank Scott
    Russel Yermal
    Trey Smith
    Roland Frasier
    David VanBergen
    James Gransstaff
    Jason Potash
    John Reese

    Here’s what’s up for Grabs:
    1st Place – $25,000 CASH and 6 Months of a PRIVATE MASSUSE + A Video Boss Sales Video WITH Film Crew and FULL Script Consulatation
    2nd Place – $10,000 CASH and 5 Months of a PRIVATE MASSUSE + 3 Hours Video Boss Sales Video Script Consultation
    3rd Place – $3,000 CASH and 3 Months of a PRIVATE MASSUSE
    4th Place – $2,000 CASH and 2 Months of a PRIVATE MASSUSE
    5th Place – $1,000 CASH and 1 Month of a PRIVATE MASSUSE
    6th Place – A Nikon D5000 12.3 MegaPixed Digital SLR CAmera
    7th Place – Panasonic Pro AG-DVC30 3-CCD Mini-DV Camcorder
    8th Place – Cannon OE Rebel Digital SLR Camera
    9th Place – Cannon Vixis HP M141 Camcorder with 32GB of Internal Memory
    10th Place – All in One Home Security System

    1. @SD, Funny, I thought Andy had already awarded (and personally delivered) the massages. I didn’t even know he was a “MASSUSE.” Is that how it’s spelled in Bangkok?

  31. @How Does This Happen?, Oh, how imaginative. So they’re using a new disposable pseudo-identity as the backlash-absorbing public face for their spam and crap affiliate hustles. But “J-Cron?” Come on, yo! “Cindy Kitt” would be so much more appropo. That is, if the “new front office boss,” Pluribus Unum (P-Cron), gives the thumbs up.


    Who’s up for some Product Launch Disruption? Good Ol’ Cousin Andy has a Live Chat function set-up… you can sign in through twitter, Facebook, or as *drum roll please* a ‘Guest!!’ *snicker snicker, rubs hands maniacally*

    Until then… here’s the opening snippet from the email he sent out to kindly inform us…

    Hey friend,

    And I mean that – if you’ve attended either of the previous Bossathons last week, you’ve been to my house. You’ve hung out with me and my friends. We’re friends in my mind. *Aawwe… we’re ‘friends!!’ Does that mean I have to give you back rubs now too?*

    And that’s why today, I’d love it if you could make it to the very last Bossathon I’ll have in a Loooooooooong time. *Oh no’s!!, I better sign up now!*

    1. @How Does This Happen?, don’t waste your time, the chat’s moderated and only fanboys and girls may speak.

  33. Lol. You have a lot of spare time, my friend. I used to think your opinions were spot on, but after years of trolling the syndicate, it really gets old. Does your life really revolve around these people? To be fair, at least they put their real names out there. You, on the other hand, are just some fat ass 40 year old living in his mom’s basement.

    1. @SaltyCunt, Dude, I feel for you. Being named SaltyCunt must have been a real kick in the ass (literally) when you were growing up.

  34. Must be killing you to see people do launches huh? Keep blogging, buddy. Someday, it could break 20 dillars a month. :D

    Ooh! Derivative! That’s a big word! Hiding behind those (and your mom’s panties) must really give you TEH BONERZ!

    1. @SaltyCunt, I guess I should have read this comment before replying to your last one.

      It sounds more like you got kicked in the head a lot.

        1. @SaltyCunt, That you’re incredibly stupid.

          Which was more or less proven by the fact that you didn’t make that connection.

      1. @Anonymous Bastard, No real point in responding to a garden variety sociopath with the intellect of a porch spider. If he weren’t ranting like a lunatic here, he’d be scouring Facebook for strangers to “friend.”

  35. I’d be interested to know if anyone has tested a product launch versus a typical ecommerce business – here it is buy it now/book your place now. For example on Jenkins’ blog he could simply have a calender of dates per annum when his course opens – maybe just once a year and all the marketing would tie into this without the BS launch protocol.

    Launches are definitely targeted at a specific personality, I get that and most level-headed people run a mile from them, be it through experience or a gut feeling.

    What costs are associated with a launch like Jenkins’ VideoToss and what are the typical profits and does it actually work? When you look at the elements of his or other launches; all of the emails, videos, teleconferences and all the other BS they use you can’t help but think it’s a lot of wasted time, energy and money.

    I’ve bought products from a few launches including StomperNet and I always think the same thing from the very first email / notification about the training, either I want in now or I don’t, I’ve never changed my mind through the launch process. When I’ve wanted in like with StomperNet for the ecommerce training that was pertinent to my business, I just wanted a buy now button and all if the launch BS was totally wasted costs for me.

    Any thoughts on this and also where the crossover is from info products to services and physical products. I can never imagine Amazon for example using a launch.


    1. @Juice, If you compare the way Apple launches their products, there’s a lot of similarities with the way the typical launch ramps up in the internet marketing world. So I’d say that yes, it does work.

      The difference is that Apple doesn’t say “We’re only selling 500 of these iPads and then the doors are closing, maybe forever.”

      They’re actually in business to sell real stuff to real people and then support it, not just blow smoke up everyone’s ass and hide for the next 18 months, until the cash runs out and Steve Jobs need to cover the lease on his big house and car.

      1. @Anonymous Bastard, Too bad the smaller internet marketer isn’t Apple huh?

        Imagine a world where everyone does it that way. We’d probably see flying pigs too.

      2. @Anonymous Bastard, Do you mean with keynotes that jobs does? I know these create a lot if noise on the blogs and forums. I’m on Apple’s email list in the UK and they only seem to send me emails when they have actually got a new product for sale, I’ve seen teaser emails as such.

        1. @Juice, Except Jobs doesn’t get together over a calendar with his competitors and have them all agree to not conduct any business of their own around his keynote, with him promising to do likewise for them the rest of the year.

          Not to mention:

          …The bloggers that discuss new Apple products are genuinely interested in Apple products, and not shilling because they’re getting a commission and vying for a prize.

          …Apple has a huge percentage of repeat buyers, based on their previous experiences. Apple isn’t constantly churning for new customers because the last ones were burned.

          But let’s be real here. EVERYONE knows that the whole “guru launch” process is a deceptive, orchestrated scam. The scammers, of all people, certainly know it. That’s why there is a whole second level of chatter and discussion out there among the “launch game” crowd about potential “legal loopholes” and how to “cover your ass.”

          Given the general awareness that the scam is a scam, this blog is like a fence. It shows you which side someone is on. You either condemn the scam for what it is, or you attempt to rationalize why you don’t want to give a damn because you want to participate, or you idiolize someone who does.

    2. @Juice,

      Launches are just a method to give the typical sales letter in sequences as opposed to “one big thing”.

      I don’t understand why this is hailed as some new achievement of internet marketing, somebody took a regular sales process and split it into 3-5 parts; Kennedy did that with Magnetic Marketing back in the days of direct mail (and even he admitted that he copied it from debt collection letters).

      There is no particular reason to think launches are a no-no or a must – I’ve worked as a consultant launching a few products and it worked pretty well, but in some cases I’ve gotten better results from webinars, if you’re just looking at conversion and ignoring all other factors.

      I doubt that most people in IM tests enough to know what process is really the best, I know that there’s a lot of difference between the ways the video sequence is setup. And even if you test, I’m pretty sure nobody in the guru crowd knows how to evaluate one particular test, how to set error bars, and so on.

      As for Amazon: I could imagine them launching the next Kindle with some interactive stuff to get people interested who otherwise wouldn’t be. I couldn’t imagine them sending me mail after mail about how great this thing is.

      As for Video Boss: Most people in this area don’t know shit about video, so you have to make them think what they are supposed to think they are getting, just as in a sales presentation, only that he isn’t talking to “entrepreneurs”, but laypeople, so you have to do a lot more entertainment and framing.

      Will the Boss-a-thon increase sales numbers over a professional launch? Very much doubt it, but don’t forget, we’re talking about a guy who considered “This Headline Space Intentionally Left BLANK” good copy.

      1. @Clark, “Will the Boss-a-thon increase sales numbers over a professional launch? Very much doubt it, but don’t forget, we’re talking about a guy who considered “This Headline Space Intentionally Left BLANK” good copy.”

        I tuned in for a couple of minutes yesterday to see what they were yammering on about for so long, and saw “Cuzin Andy” looking like a serious child molester, slurping the last drops out of of a giant Starbucks coffee slurpee and making lame jokes about Stompernet and how much he hates them.

        All while talking to someone I’ve never heard of, who apparently hadn’t expected to be on camera talking about anything.

        It was laughable, and I can’t imagine how it would ever increase sales numbers. If I was interested, it probably would have made me think twice just because it was so lame, and I’d have to wonder if the product itself is just as bad.

  36. This is my first post here, you’re welcome.

    I must say, why do you deal with the small fish gurus? These guys numbers don’t come even close to what the large bizopp pushers are doing day in and day out. You got your priorities muddled, friend.

    Is it true that you’re a lawyer? Now, of course you’ve probably heard all the un-original (is that even a word) comments that lawyers are just as evil if not more than gurus… but for real, jokes aside, legalese really is a made up language to keep lawyers in the loop for just about every type of dealing out there.

    You got a funny blog man, but if you’re really a lawyer, the parallels with the syndicate are for real. So I’ll assume the lawyer rumors are just that, vicious rumors.

    I’d expect you not to replace my comment with “LOSER”… you must admit I came at this with a clever agenda.

    Peace my friend.

    P.S.: Please approve this comment, its my first.

    P.P.S.: I have more comments and love an engaging debate, this is not a limited offer.

    1. @Mikhail,

      Welcome aboard.

      You’ll find that this is a very strange place indeed. Most of the anti-business folk here champion the idea of the federal government, specifically certain governmental alphabet agencies, “taking these guys down”.

      What’s lost on them is the fact that these agencies are created by the same people (lots of lawyers by the way) who run our ineffective government and who gave us Social Security, the biggest pyramid scheme in the history of the world.

      1. @Don’t wear it out,

        Most of the anti-business folk

        anti-fraud or anti-business; I guess there is no differentiation to an imbecile.

        You want people to type slower so you can fucking understand?

        1. @_cartman_,

          Let’s pretend that most here are only anti-fraud, instead of also being anti-business. O.k. then, why does the “anti-fraud” group here look to the federal government as savior when its systems of scams are far worse than all of the targeted gurus put together a million times over?

          P.S. That anger that builds up in your body will manifest itself as cancer if you don’t learn to control it.

          1. @Don’t wear it out, You sound like a follower of Kevin True-dough, who is no fan of government and who incidentally also likes to hang with noted cancer “experts.”

            Actually there are some of us who don’t look to the government for salvation. I’m one such person. I’ve never been an advocate of more government or more regulations. However, since there are certain government regulations and agencies that are already in place, presumably to protect consumers, then they should be used against the fraudsters when and where appropriate.

            But I’m not holding my breath.

            Moreover, just because government is sometimes corrupt, this fact doesn’t exonerate the gurus targeted on this blog, so that distraction isn’t going to work here. It’s been tried before. It. Does. Not. Work. You aren’t changing anyone’s mind.

            (Other ineffective ploys: calling people anti-business or anti-money just because they criticize scammers; and deeming critics to be full of negativity, hatred, anger, envy, etc. just because their views make you uncomfortable.)

            I think the real “savior” here is not government and not law, but education, which can only be accomplished through the free exchange of ideas. If enough people have access to information that allows them to see these jokers for what and who they are, MAYBE they’ll stop handing over their money.

          2. @Don’t wear it out,

            O.k. then, why does the “anti-fraud” group here look to the federal government as savior when its systems of scams are far worse than all of the targeted gurus put together a million times over?

            I’m from Cambodia. You are going to have to speak without resorting to riddles [[ie:”systems of scams”..I don’t speak conspiracy]], because I don’t believe you are referring to the federal government here in Cambodia.

            P.S. That anger that builds up in your body will manifest itself as cancer if you don’t learn to control it.

            Cancers are the result of cellular mutations. Explain to me your theory on anger causing cancer, and the specific pathway in which cellular mutation results [[this should be interesting]].

            Maybe I can take the Kevin Trueduhhh approach [[Connie brought him up, & he is so apropos to the conversation. KT uses BS conspiracy to sell his “cures”, which he claims the government wants to keep hidden]], and eat a fucking carrot or something [[or whatever he claims will “destroy” mutated cells]].

      2. @Don’t wear it out, I couldn’t be more “pro business.” But I’m also solidly anti-SCAM. That’s not mutually exclusive and being “in business” doesn’t preclude having humanity.

        If your skewed viewpoint prevailed, we’d have the wild west again, and every grandmother in this country would be having her house re-roofed each weekend whether she liked it or not.

        @Mikhail, So exactly which specific “small fish guru(s)” would you like SD to lay off of in favor of “big fish gurus?” Do you think SD should wait until “small fish” become “big fish?” Is there a specific dollar amount that they need to swindle first?

        1. @Bullshit Detector,

          You better get your detector examined. These grandmothers you speak of are more likely to be swindled by the government (it’s actually already happening, whether it be with “Green” laws or other B.S. laws depending on which state they live in), than they would be harmed by a “wild west” economy. You are solidly anti-SCAM??? Nice try.

        2. @Bullshit Detector,

          Where does the line get drawn? What is a “course” worth? What makes something a “scam”?

          I havent read all the blog posts here, seems like a lot of complaining and its the reason i dont watch or read the news.

          So im not sure of SDs agenda really… My post is based on the fact that there are far worse and real swindling business models going on right now that are far more than just overpriced and often rehashed info.

          The other thing is this…. In the past 20 years ive seen a rapid decline in the amount of personal responsibility that people take for their actions.

          More and more people want the government, the ftc, lawyers, their big sister, and their babysitter to cover their ass if they don’t read the terms and conditions, or if they get sold.

          And now, anyone that wants to do legit online marketing has to tip toe around the ftc, while advertisers on TV can use absurdly small fine print and still take your cash!

          Use your heads people… Read the terms, at least theyre way more out in the open online than offline… But for some reason getting scammed offline is cool for people.

          Lol, some of you guys make it sound like these cats are running ponzi schemes.

          1. @Mikhail, You sound like someone who has either just discovered Libertarianism or has signed up for one of the targeted gurus’ dodgy schemes yourself.

            Being scammed by TV infomercial hucksters is just as outrageous as being scammed by online hucksters. No one I know of thinks that offline scamming is cool. (And there are serial scammers such as Kevin True-dough who run their cons on TV and on the Internet.) But the TV infomercial hucksters are more well known than many of the IM’ers and are fairly frequently “exposed” by one or another mainstream news outlet.

            Exposure doesn’t necessarily stop the infomercial hucksters from perpetrating their scams, schemes, and sometimes shoddy products, but they’re more likely to get called on it by mainstream media than the IM’ers are, and in fact some have changed their marketing claims as a result of being publicly embarrassed.

            [One recent case in point: ]

            OMT: Maybe if you’d take a little more time to read Salty’s blog, and his own background info about himself, you’d have a clearer idea of his agenda.

            1. @Cosmic Connie,

              nah you got me all wrong.

              The question is, what is qualified as a scam? Is it multiple upsells that make a scam? Aggressive marketing?

              What is it?

              Let’s look outside the IM and make money niches for a second. I don’t think anyone would call P90x/Beachbody a scam (well, there probably are some that would, good lord). They deliver a good product that gets results when put into consistent action.

              Beachbody/P90x is very aggressive on upsells and continuity. They recruit previous customers as “coaches” which of course help bring in new customers.

              Are all direct response marketers scammers now? Ron Popeil (sp), famous for the Ronco food dehydrator… people called him a scammer for having SEVERAL upsells, but no doubt that thing could make beef jerky!

              Guess what, Red Bull doesn’t in fact give you wings… I didn’t need the disclaimer to know that.

          2. @Mikhail,

            Guess what, Red Bull doesn’t in fact give you wings… I didn’t need the disclaimer to know that.

            Don’t overestimate your intelligence, you are using a metaphor to make your point. Ever heard of reasonable reliance?

            “Debate” over.

          3. @Mikhail said:

            “I havent read all the blog posts here”

            Then maybe you should start by “taking personal responsibility” and actually reading them before you debate what’s in them.

            Or you could just admit that it wouldn’t really matter, because you are just here to grandstand.

  37. @SoapyShoe I just wanted you to know that my female dog`s third NIPPLE is the most successful products EVER in the history of the “Internet Marketing” niche.”
    Mostly because I don`t make anyone look at it. I mean, it`s a nipple, why wouldn`t anyone want to look at it. And second, because I said so. False advertising is illegal. Take your snake oil and choke in it.

    The fact is that the large numbers of people complaining and asking for refunds warrant asking, not if the customer intended to use it after buy it, but if after buying and watching their pedantic talks and poorly written shit, did the promises of fluff stuff wallets with soft green cash ever flourished.

    Your rants reek of brain washed bleach and internet marketing guru kool-aid. Are you one of them?? Your writing style almost READS like the way they speak on the first video. Just saying.

    I think it`s obvious what the answer is. Cased closed. Go troll somewhere else.

    @SD My goodness they sounds like pigs. Be a Video Boss with a Salty pimple in your ass and 2k poorer. Gross!! And I am a video boss `cause I said so. Who the fuck breathes that hard??

  38. Your video and review about these “gurus” has really opened my mind !
    No more f*cking “hype launches” I want to hear about !

    God bless you Salty Droid for what you do !

  39. I paid my money last year for VB and it was a good course. I have a lot of video experience but it filled in the gaps for me. At the time I didn’t know about Lynda so I felt it was my only option.

    Later I signed up for another $2000+ course from the Syndicate, but canceled because it was such a poorly put together piece of work. I bought a Kajabi account, and canceled it because it was an annoying and limited program and I could have gotten a far superior product for a 10th of the cost elsewhere.

    A few months later a friend sent me some of the videos with that infamous phone call and it sure changed my opinion of Andy. I felt betrayed, manipulated and downright pissed off.

    I’m glad I wandered in here – my mind might have been permanently warped otherwise. I detest Koenigs because he sells misinformation and bad practices to newcomers at an over inflated price, but until I hit here, I thought Andy was one of the good guys. Seeing him schmoozing with that disgusting excuse for a human being John Assaraf was the final blow to that assumption.

    For the people asking how is what they are doing wrong – here’s my answer. They pitch to people who don’t know any better. If you don’t know a subject, how can you make a good decision about the product, course or service? How do you know that what you are taught is wrong and harmful to YOUR customers?

    These guys look like rock stars, they look believable, and the sucker on the hook buys the well crafted hype. Fleecing people hoping to make a living online because their day job disappeared is wrong. On every level. Building a syndicate to do that more efficiently is wrong on every level. Building expectations and then laughing all the way to the bank is wrong whether you’re on Wall Street or a part of the Syndicate.

    Most people in IM are afraid to speak out against them. They have the power of noise – they are loud, they are flashy, they are a machine churning out offers on a constant basis. They hurt people, both the ones who buy their overhyped stuff and the customers those people end up abusing. They are a blight on the net and Im glad some one is calling them out.

    1. @Momzilla, Excellent response. I hope @Mikhail and @Don’t wear it out read it, because you address all of the lame points they tried to make about how the IM scammers aren’t so bad.

      I especially liked this:

      “Fleecing people hoping to make a living online because their day job disappeared is wrong. On every level. Building a syndicate to do that more efficiently is wrong on every level. Building expectations and then laughing all the way to the bank is wrong whether you’re on Wall Street or a part of the Syndicate.”

  40. Sprinkled among the big-name guests on the Dross-a-thon were some customers who had used the original Video Boss method to achieve “success”. One such customer was this character called Dr. Jay Raj. His long winded story of his trials and tribulations until he hit the magic secret was so pathetic and laughable, that even Jenkins laughed at him ON AIR. But, most idiot fans watching probably missed that.

    If you want to see the “successful results” of this guy (who took 7 years to graduate with his degree in physiology because he did not know the GREAT TIME MANAGEMENT SECRET back then), watch this:

    Dr. Jay: go back to your day job as a nurse. Seriously.

    1. @Dr. Zen,

      I don’t know how many great time management secrets there are, but here’s some free movie to watch:

      How the hell can the narrator keep saying “the great time management secret” fifteen times per minute w/o bursting into laughter?

      Getting some popcorn:


      1. @Clark,

        Already laughing my ass off:

        “Traditional time management is the practice of time management for the last 230 or so years. Traditional time management is very time…centered. Now that sounds logical…right?”


        It sounds like “Traditional cooking is very food-centered”.

        He goes on to tell me that the “real” secret is not focusing on time, because wise ancient people didn’t have watches and still managed their time well (fucking hourglasses how do they work) and basically sells the difference between operative and strategic time management as a secret.

        Well, it ain’t, next time you got $1,997, better spend them on some basic MBA literature, homeboy!

      1. @Merchantless of Venice, This comment on that thread says it all:

        “Ya know Harlan hardly ever gives the whole story”

      2. @Merchantless of Venice, Maybe Kilstein “attracted” all this by crossing some karmic line for proclaiming to be Jewish and promoting this ridiculous bullshit at the same time:

        (“Because life should be magical”)

        Or maybe it was that sex ebook he sold which featured “Christian Blow Jobs.”

        I guess we’ll never know. Still not too late to sign up for “Beach Millions” though…

        or even “Finger Healing” perhaps…


        1. @Half Off Fish Sale Today Only, I doubt Kilstein gets any sales from any real occultists or wiccans. The site reeks of fake and it’s clear that Kilstein has no clue about wicca at all.
          He uses certain terms interchangeably that have very different meanings in the occult community. Maybe he’s going for the same women that bought his christian blowjob manual. He should send a copy to James Ray, he’ll need it where’s going.

  41. Looks like Jenkins has requested that Google take the FAIR USE video of him above down, using the bogus “copyright” claim ploy. Sorry, mouth breather, but the truth and FAIR USE will win out against your bullying censorship tactics!

    1. @Andy Jenkins Has Attacked, Andy Jenkins is scum (not as bad as Ed Dale, no one is as bad as Ed Dale) but I bet he gets away with this. More often than not Google just fold. The only way around it is to flood the internet with the stuff the scammers try to hide.

  42. I was rip-0ff by these people at stompernet, they owe me money and accusing me of liying so they do not pay back :( nothing I can do, just hope the saltydroid keeps bringing out the info for everyone to read/watch and avoid being scam again.

  43. i have actually tryed the video boss, and it is actualy a good program. but i would not pay near 2000 dollars for it. but does Lyda teach you howe to maket with video or just to use editing software? because andy actually teaches howe to market.
    and by the way i used a torrent to get the video boss.

    but andy actually spend alot of time to make the program, and he explaines everything in detail.

    i don’t like his tactics that your video’s told me about. but sadly it is a normal thing for internet marketers to fake scarcity. but in the actual program andy says you should never do that. but take something of the market and relaunch in a cople of days is a normal process in interne t marketeing.

    and also you showed the telephone comversation with andy when they discuss a price, what exactly is wrong wit that tactic? he just stated he would ask 400 dollars and they changed it to 2,500 dollars or something and they made it a coaching program. so an enhanched value

    so to make my case i dont like the selling tactics but the program actualy teach you howe to market with video, only problem is that he does not showe you to use the free programs and only teaches you the high end programs. but you can easaly find out howe they work by your self.

    so if you continu to put him out of bussiness, only talk about his tactics, and not the actual program itself, bicause that is of good quality, but not for that price.


    1. @Randy, For years I owned and operated a very substantial online business in the consumer products space. I also spent years in broadcasting prior to that. I know those domains as well as anybody and far more extensively than most.

      I took a look at “Video Boss” after someone asked my opinion about it. It is nearly shit. It’s simply a mess of disjointed crap.

      Jenkins was so lazy about it that he actually slapped together some inferior video training he’d previously done for an OLD (ancient) version of Avid Media Composer, which incidentally, few would ever fork over the money to own anyway. That “info” was so far out of date it wasn’t even funny. ALL the technical info can be gotten for a fraction of that price elsewhere, and the quality and detail of other available training is vastly superior to Jenkin’s lazy, haphazard mess.

      What little “marketing” info he tossed in there is also relatively piss poor in depth, and brings nothing new or earth shaking to the table.

      Not to be insulting, but if you were impressed with “Video Boss,” you need to look to other sources for your educational needs. What sold “Video Boss” to some was the “candy coated veneer” (aka bullshit) he applied, which also answers your question about what’s wrong with the way he marketed it. Among many things, he sold it as a “business in a box,” which it certainly was not.

      Instead, it was merely a hyped-up stew of rehashed, disjointed, fragmented crap overwhelmed by his own proclivity to hear himself ramble on and on, endlessly. I believe wasting time attempting to decipher that muck could actually be a setback to any human psyche, even at a price of “free.” As the saying goes: garbage in, garbage out.

    2. @Randy,

      dude…serially…you are going to have to do better…

      absolutely no capitals whatsoever [[except for Lyda…and “your” name]]…yeah…mistakes happen when altering [[for fear of others discovering one’s identity…shilling 101]] something as “subconscious” as typing….

      “Doctor Daigle” [[the felon’s shill]] tried that exact same tactic [[on Mike Young’s blog…he screwed up by capitalizing the first I]]…the spelling errors [[the random extra e’s]] were a nice touch…

      I’m sHure your comment has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Belcher is being featured…but in case it’s just a total coincidence…Junkins crap is a haphazard mélange [[that’s French for crap]] as mentioned by Oldtimer.

      1. @_cartman_,

        i don’t knowe about my spelling. but al mistakes that i make with my spelling is because english is not my native langauge.
        i am actually dutch.

        and i just type evything in the comment box so no there ar no capitals anywhere because i was and still am to lazy to use a capital wenever i wrtite a sentence. i normally use microsoft word. and it makes sure that it uses capitals automaticly.

        so it is a habit of mine to not pay attention to if i use capitals or if my spelling is corect. i knowe it is a bad habbit, because i actually admit that i am to lazy for it.

        i dont’t knowe what you said about Belcher( i don’t even knowe what or who that is, sorry)

        so i have no idea what you are talking about sorry

        but in any case what i mean is that unfortunatly many marketers use the same stupid tactic of scarcity.

        i dont knowe if most of the other video marketing courses are better.

        if you say so i believe you. and about what you said about nothing being new in the course your right. but most of internet marketing information is not new.

        there is little informtation that is being sold that is actually new. in every marketing it is a rehash of old material. there is not much new left.

        there are very few people that have new information about any subject. but it is not the point of it being new.

        it has to be good information for people that need it. but the information giving in the course is for people that already have a bussiness and not for newbies i get that

        but your right that andy jenkins positions it as a bussiness in a box. and what kind of people buy this bussiness in a box programma’s right newbies.

        i hate the fact the many marketers try to do this. selling information to people that have no use for it and making the material of the program bad in structure or just unusufull information.

        and your right about that there is far better courses out there. far far better, compared to that this course is crap.

        but i still learned alot from it. (but i would not have paid for the course if this is what oyu pay for. luckely i did not! i downloaded it.

        but there is still many things i do not knowe aobut video and that is the only reason this course helped me.
        i am currently interessted in the course from dave kaminski.

        but i don’t knowe if his information is worth it. he is maby a little to technical for me.

        i agree with many of your points but there is one point i disagree with. the fact that oyu say it is a disorganised course.

        the structure of the course is actually one of the few things i liked aobut it.but there is indeed nothing new in this course. especialy the technical side was old information.

        so my conclusion is that it defenetly not worht the mony and it is indeed outdated. i tryed some of Dave kaminski’s courses about video and there was far more newer technical information in it.

        hope someone knowe’s if Dave Kaminski’s course is better. i don’t knowe much about him or his marketing materials.

        hope someone can help me or recommend another course that is better.

        and thank you for your reply mister cartman. i helped me alot


        and yes i am still to lazzy for cations.typing is not a subcounches thing for me. having to use the space bar for evy capital. i just type so fast that i dont want to slowe down for that.

        kind regards


        1. @Randy,

          I am looking into program you’re talking about.

          What business are you in? Are you using video marketing already?

        2. @Randy,

          I do not recommend the program you are asking about.

          On the Terms and Conditions, it gives the same disclaimer as Andy Jenkins’ Video Boss:

          Web Video University is not purported as a “get rich scheme”, and nor should you view it as such.

          Why is that there? Because they make income claims like this:

          We only teach exactly what you need to know for creating killer videos, turning those videos into traffic and turning that traffic into money.
          . . .

          Web video is called the new gold rush. That’s because with web video, never before in the history of the Internet has there been the opportunity for someone with no knowledge and no experience to turn around and generate profits so quickly (after all, YouTube was started by three guys, who just 18 months later, turned around and sold it to Google for $1.6 billion).

          Mentioning YouTube’s founders in the same sentence as “someone with no knowledge and no experience” is absurd. YouTube’s founders were college-educated Web developers who had worked at PayPal. It took $11.5 million of venture capital to get YouTube to the point where Google acquired it, and Google paid in stock, not cash.

          To get access to all the videos, you have to pay US$99 per month. As they say, “everything is 100% web video based,” so when you stop paying the monthly fee, you can no longer access the material. You would be better off buying a book, DVD or downloadable course content that you pay for once and keep forever.

          If you join and hate it immediately, they still get to keep one month’s fee. The Terms and Conditions say no refunds are issued for month-to-month payments; you can only cancel to stop future charges. If you prepay for six or 12 months, they will only refund five or 11 months’ fees.

          They have testimonials from known scammers Brian Clark, Darren Rowse and Jeff Johnson. (Click the names to learn more about those people.)

          For Mac users, their training covers Final Cut Express, which was discontinued June 21, 2011.

          The address provided on the website is for a mailbox service, and the state registration for the “parent company” lists a residential address. If they are experts at “how to create dazzling Web videos, turn those videos into traffic and turn that traffic into money,” why don’t they create enough Web videos to pay for an office?

          I would contact these places and see if one of them has a course in creating Web videos.

  44. Just in….

    Mike Koenigs & Pam Hendrickso​n

    If you’d like to diss the d-bags live, they’re having their own little show on Thursday, 2-8-12.

    You can’t register directly, but if you optin at the address below, you might get an invitation – better hurry if you want the opportunity to let them know what you think of them.

    You can even say: Fuck the Product Launch King! Fuck the Video Boss! (It’s the salutation they use for SD, so why not?)

    I won’t be home for the event, but you are welcome to send salutations on my behalf.

    MakeMarketLaunch dot com

    Here’s the spiel:

    Five minutes with a business guru can change your life.

    We’ve got something even better for you.

    5 HOURS of insider strategies, discovery and FUN with
    an all-star cast, LIVE in Digital Café tomorrow:

    11:00 am PST / 1:00 pm CST / 2:00 pm EST / 7:00 pm GMT
    4:00pm PST / 6:00pm CST / 7:00 pm EST / 12:00 am GMT

    We’ll introduce you to:
    Paul Colligan – the Marketing CZAR
    Amy Porterfield – Social Media QUEEN
    Andy Jenkins – the Video BOSS
    Jeff Walker – the Product Launch KING


  45. mr. Jenkins is giving us one last chance again for Video Boss things.

    “Video Boss Coaching is now OPEN

    Video Boss Coaching is now Open for Registration!

    Facts I know:

    1. Video gets <a href="“>more web traffic than anything else.
    2. Video is the most primally persuasive medium on earth.
    3. Do More Video Marketing = You Make More Money.

    I’m ready to personally teach you everything I know about making money with online video. And I’ll be there to coach you to the results you want.

    But I have limited seats available, so decide quickly.

    Register right here.

    Full details in the video on that page, and I look forward to working with you!



    Pricing for people who don’t like to click on the links up there…

    “If you select the six payment option (Option 1) you agree to be billed $388 immediately, then 30 days from purchase date, and every 30 days after that until six (6) payments of $388 have been made for a total of

    $2,328.This program will be delivered to you via Online Video Tutorials, Downloadable Worksheets and Check Lists all via a Private Member Portal. You have a full 30 day Money Back Guarantee. After 30 Days, No

    Refunds will be given.

    If you select Option 2, You make one single payment of $1997 immediately and you will not be billed again. This program will be delivered to you via Online Video Tutorials, Downloadable Worksheets and Check Lists all

    via a Private Member Portal. You have a full 30 day Money Back Guarantee. After 30 Days, No Refunds will be given.”

    I found way down in the scrolling-bar about:


    And also found out in TOS part 2. it’s just $1997 fun and entertainment…

    “While we try to include accurate stuff on the site, we’re not promising you it’s accurate. In fact, we’re not promising you anything except fun and entertainment. ”

    $1997 Entertainment is provided for us by:

    Frank Kern
    Mike Koenigs
    Don Crowther
    Brendon Burchard
    Trey Smith
    John Assaraf
    Amy Poterfield
    Joe Polish
    Dan Thies and Leslie Rohde
    Mike Filsaime
    Roland and Ryan Frasier
    Mars Burden and Colin Wageman
    Robert Grant
    Jon Benson

    1. @Jack,

      Ah yes. That’s that next level up in scamming–the kind where they make bold, non-specific statements, then, in the fine print, say “for entertainment purposes only”.

      As I understand it producing videos (quality videos) tends to be expense. And the expensiveness is in the equipment and the camera work and the editing process.

      (preaching to the choir of course but,) a person would be much better served to get a book on making videos. ‘cuz their gonna need all the money they can scrimp and save for the expensive video making itself.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

    2. @Jack,

      “Video is the most primally persuasive medium on earth.”

      I would’ve said real live boobies. Marketing messages proximal to real live boobies seem pretty primal and persuasive. And then there’s this for your niche markets:

    3. @Jack ::

      You could win yourself some free BossLady :: if only you make a video for Sandy …

      So far I only see one taker …

      … and he used art from this post without attribution … so I guess I’ll be assuming that if he wins I’ll get my piece of the free BossLady membership. Then I too can learn to use Keynote like a below average 8th grade drama student.

  46. Nice post. I was checking constantly this blog and I am impressed!

    Very helpful info specially the last part :) I care for such information much.

    I was seeking this particular information for a long time.
    Thank you and good luck.

  47. Every once in a while I like to come back to this article and just laugh at how big Andy Jenkin’s tits are.

  48. Hey bro, can you re-re-re-re-re-release that video for the sixth time please?

    Really want to watch it, love your videos, thanks you!

    1. @John Kanai,

      If you mean the video boss ones (I’m assuming they were Salt-ified or maybe they were just self-parodying without any need for alteration) then it might be neat to see those, as I have not yet.

      However The Andy Jenkins / Jeff Walker one still works. And I think that’s the more important one.
      So I’ll kind of redundantly link to it here:
      Andy Jenkins and Jeff Walker discuss deceptive advertising tactics
      Note to @Jade Craven: I don’t mean to beat a dead horse, but what they’re talking about there? That’s full on price fixing. It’s full on illegal. The reason it’s full on illegal is ’cause Andy Jenkins, Jeff Walker, etc act as if they are independent business entities who are friends maybe, but who are in competition with one another. But by working together in secret, it guarantees that they can keep the price for their {fake}-products artificially high.

      If there were real competition, then they wouldn’t be talking secret at all. Instead, each one would publicly undercut the price of the others until they got down to the point where they barely make a profit. At that point we would’ve reached “fair market value”.

      Ok maybe I’m leaving out some steps there, but that’s the basic notion. It is called The Free Market. And on those rare occasions where it isn’t getting subverted by some other force, it works reasonably well to keep the price of corn flakes (for example) fair.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd, I mean the one talked about in this post here (it was removed numerous times due to copyright claims from JIM, Inc.)

        So yeah, I’m guessing that’s the video boss one.

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