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Sometimes cornucopias come stuffed with all kinds of lame ass fruits and yams and shit :: and no one is very interested.  The lame-a-tude of the cornucopia killed the still life as an art form :: a tragic fucking loss that we all still mourn.  But cornucopias may well experience a renaissance if more people stuff them full of delicious insider info about disgusting pig scammers.  I’ve just used cornucopia in four str8 sentences :: don’t like it? :: suck it!

The Droid has been smacking the crap out of StomperNet for a long while now ::  A quick recap …

Perry Belcher lies about MC Hammer — Perry Belcher is one of the speakers {aka pressure salesman} at a StomperNet Live event.  The Droid uses his now banned Twitter account to stir up the pot.  Why is this fucking felon on stage?  Poor first impression.

StomperNet :: Seeing Fnords — Andy sues Brad :: the complaint gets posted to the web :: and The Droid re-posts.  The complaint makes Brad sound like a fantastical bastard :: and makes it clear that both Brad and Andy have been flat lying about what’s going on with StomperNet.

StomperNet :: We’ll Pay You Later — StomperNet isn’t paying their affiliate commissions.  Brad writes a bullshit letter asking unpaid affiliates to mail for Stomper’s latest launch in order to enable them to pay what they already owe.  Unbelievably slimy :: and reeking of Mr. Ponzi.

Emailing with the Enemy —  Andy tries his hand at manipulating The Droid.  He offers to sell out Brad in exchange for my good side :: and he wants me to correct my “mistake” about him “draining funds” to pay for Paul Hastings {best law firm in the whole wide world … as long as a certain adorable girl is still working there … which she is … much to Andy’s evil chagrin} to file the lawsuit against Brad.  Failure :: on all counts.

NOTE: I notice a couple of things rereading these older posts.  First :: I’m fucking hilarious.  Second :: I swing my axe in too wide a circumference.  By calling all of StomperNet a useless scam :: I have indicted dozens of people who have nothing to do with what I’m talking about {and whom I haven’t investigated in the slightest}.  Please accept my robot apology if you were one of the people unfairly lumped in with these dickheads.  StomperNet is a scam :: but it’s a scam perpetrated from the top by Andy Jenkins and Clifford Bradley Fallon :: its list of victims includes its own employees and affiliates.

Now to the cornucopia :: brought to you by the many “friends” of Brad Fallon.

Item 1 — Brad sues his wife {soon to be ex-wife} Jennifer Fallon over ownership of their Chinese importing  / wedding favors business …

war of roses thumb

and how!

:: Super Short Version ::

Brad and Jennifer start a company together.  The company gets put 100% in Jennifer’s name because Brad has suck ball credit.  As the company’s revenue grows the ownership structure changes several times.  Each time the paperwork indicates that Brad has no ownership interest :: but he claims there was a mutual understanding among the other owners that he had claim to half of Jennifer’s share.  Brad acts as CEO of the company :: and pays himself $150,000 per year {increasing over time}.  Brad does a great job as CEO.  Over a very short period :: and in spite of ever increasing revenues :: the company is drained to the point where they are having a hard time making payroll {sound familiar?}.

My Wedding Favors ends up indebted to none other than StomperNet to the tune of $675,000.  Some time in 2008 :: My Wedding Favors repays $375,000 to StomperNet … and EVERY FUCKING PENNY of that is taken by Andy Jenkins as a “distribution” {Paragraph #51}.

In September of 2008 Jennifer Fallon files for divorce :: probably her best ever decision.  Shortly thereafter :: Clifford Fallon gets forced out of My Wedding Favors by the totally ripped Jennifer :: like the punk ass bitch that he is.  It was probably easy to do :: because on paper Brad owns nothing :: and only the paper matters.

Brad wants his “job” back.  He wants back-pay for all the time he’s been not working on the business.  He wants his half of the massive StomperNet loan.  He wants punitive damages. He wants attorney fees.

In summation :: Brad’s only success in life {and the first thing out of his mouth when he’s pitching his bullshit} is actually Jennifer’s success … which he tried {and is still trying} to bollix.  Along with stealing from his partners :: Brad Fallon is also the kind of mother fucker who sues his wife for fraud over a business deal!

Item 2 — Meanwhile :: back at StomperNet affiliates haven’t been paid for a long long time.  This spreadsheet is StomperNet’s own assessment of the situation …

We'll Pay You Later

… The Droid doesn’t understand much of this sheet :: but the take home message is pretty clear.  By August of 2009 {a month before the big relaunch} StomperNet was close to $1,000,000 behind on affiliate payments.

Item 3 — And here are StomperNet’s official budget projections from August …

Unimpressive Figures

Oops! Brad and Andy :: guru’s of Internet Marketing :: heroic entrepreneurs :: have built a “successful” web business that is a running a $50,000 per month loss.

Notice the list of liabilities includes a one time payment to Andy Jenkins for $100,000 in September of 2009.  The company hasn’t paid it’s sales people in months :: but Andy grabs $100k {added to whatever salary he was taking … plus the $375,000 he’s said to have taken in 2008} :: and walks away leaving only his lies behind. Not cool guy … not cool at all.

Have you been paying big money in order to “model” yourself after the success of Andy Jenkins and/or Brad Fallon?  Perhaps it’s time for a re-think.  Perhaps Brad and Andy are just lame fucking failures who use and abuse everyone in their lives.  The lies will never stop … until you stop believing.

When is NOW the right time for change?

>> bleep bleep

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  1. I just got spam via LinkedIn from someone who said she got 19 tickets, worth $497 each, to the StomperNet conference in Vegas, and wants to give one of them to me for free, because I’m one of her LinkedIn friends. Of course, I’ve never heard of her, even though she says we’re in the same group, which she doesn’t name.

    Wow! A total stranger wants to spend $497 to help me out like this? Awesome!

    The link in the email was an affiliate link. (The short url she gave me points to Did she actually pay for the ticket, or is she getting paid to get me to the conference? That was rhetorical.

    I wonder if this is another marketing tactic StomperNet teaches its clients – spamming people via social media. I wouldn’t be surprised.

  2. Stomper Live 10 is running this weekend with super star presenter E Brian Rose

    Who ripped this technique off

    And sold it as his own here…

    Is really….

    Eric Rosenburg or somebody very live him who lives here….

    And so do these guys….

    Who have this track record…..
    E Brian Rose

    And they knew it was going to be a shit storm because they all read this before they put him on

  3. This just goes to show you all that more money really does = more problems.
    They were doing fine before then they do $23 mil the first day and all things go to shit.


  4. Great thread guys, more D-bags I can avoid.

    But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. What was the outcome of the Fallon divorce. I searched everywhere and all I could find was:

    Normally I couldn’t care less but as somebody mentioned above money isn’t everything and I think Brad must be a right pratt to cause Jennifer to divorce him. Obviously she is smart to grow the business like that but even smarter to ditch the D-bag who was going to drag her down. Me – I’d be happy just to have her comming home each night.

  5. Woauw, i am getting sick in reading all of this.

    Brad’s new project is I invested a 1,000 $ as lifetime member founding members).

    sounds familiar….

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