Brad Fallon

Still Sinking & Stinking

The StomperNet Letters {a fake robot family tradition} are like The Screwtape Letters :: in that they are written by evil stinking demons. But they aren’t like The Screwtape Letters :: in that they are non-literary and authored by ignorant fucking idiots.

Sometimes The StomperNet Letters are about Mark Shurtleff and {in vain} sucking up to The Droid. But usually they are […]

StomperNet LIVE 11 DEAD

I hope you enjoyed StomperNet LIVE 11 :: it was the best LIVE event ever! Because it was canceled six days before it was scheduled to happen.

{tears of infinite sadness}

Gosh :: I’m going to miss printing incredibly lame StomperNet emails … it’s like a fake robot family tradition.

Hello ,
We know how much you were looking forward to StomperNet LIVE 11 […]

Trademarked Confusion :: Joel Comm Droid Con

Two lawyers walk into a bar ::
Lawyer 1:  Let’s call The Salty Droid and —
Lawyer 2: Thanks for the beer, see you around {sound of saloon door swinging on its hinges}.
Lawyers :: you see :: have an aversion to fake robots … and risks … and technologies more complicated than blackberries {the fruit} … and things that can’t be […]

BrAndy Full On

Fake Robot on trial duty.

Syndicate so happy.

Something must be done.

Solution = Short Shots™

Still fucking mean … but short.

Still fucking damaging … but short {like a gnome}.

The full BrAndy Jenkins StomperNet X audio :: now with 1000% more nauseating panting. It’s a $2,997 perceived value :: yours free just for giving up 30 minutes that you’ll never get back …
BrAndy […]

StomperNet X :: BrAndy’s Revenge

StomperNet is {and always was} failing … weekend edition.

Before Kim and Sandy :: there was Brad and Andy.

They broke up.

The break up was messy :: and full of santorum :: but they put on brave and loving public faces … because they were both in the same French for trade union.

It’s almost 9/9/09 :: Brad is going to relaunch […]

StomperNet FailWhaling

Sometimes I write the posts around here :: and sometimes Brad Fallon’s stupid little girlfriend {and StomperNet testimoanializer} Julie Swatek writes the posts …

… and by “sometimes” I mean today :: and then never again …

From: Julie Swatek
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2011 2:01 PM
To: StomperNetMod
Subject: [SNMod] Status of Moderator Pay
Hi everyone!
I know you are anxiously awaiting your checks. I […]

Kajabi Scam Fraud Review Sucks Refund

Kajabi Scam Fraud Review Sucks Refund.

Dot com.

I should do a review of The Syndicate’s latest frauduct Kajabi :: for the good of the “community” and the “industry” … ready :: set :: go!


1. Kajabi is a scam.  Hello?  Duh!

2. Why in the name of fucks fuck would you put your business data on servers owned by Andy Jenkins? Forget […]

The Syndicated Comments

{smoke still clearing}

Hi again!

So badguys … how you like me now?

The Internet Marketing Syndicate post {plus comments} currently has a word count of 54,000. The first 1500 words are fucking priceless {natch!}. The quality of the remaining 52,500 is … let’s say … highly variable. So :: for the second time :: the comments are the post.

Congratulations on the […]

The SlobberNet Comments

Did you hear that Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins are mega-fucking-douche-bags? Yep! You did. You’re welcome.  And it wasn’t just one or two of you now was it?  Oh no … it was fuck near all of you.  The hush curtains are coming down … and the shit heads have NO IDEA what to do about […]

StomperNet Shit Storm

Sometimes cornucopias come stuffed with all kinds of lame ass fruits and yams and shit :: and no one is very interested.  The lame-a-tude of the cornucopia killed the still life as an art form :: a tragic fucking loss that we all still mourn.  But cornucopias may well experience a renaissance if more people stuff them full of […]