Just Like My Party

very bad mistakes

very bad mistakes

Andy Jenkins and Frank Kern :: they hardly know each other :: except for during the moments in which they are best friends forever {no tongue … well maybe … who knows}.

Looks like Andy has made a few recent trips to the pork store {probably for pork!}.  His quantum mass has increased by 40%.  The Droid recommends a change in mindset :: and Bacon Lite.

Where once there was a neck :: now there are only memories :: and rolls that leak sweat.  Don’t blame Andy.  He’s just stressed out about his life collapsing all around him :: and about how he’s always been NOTHING but a sham. It can be tough on a girl. It’s the same thing that inspired him to get the “Hitler as a Boy” haircut.  And why :: we’d assume :: underneath this ridiculous suit he’s wearing an old fashioned cloth diaper with a pink pin … just to complete the effect.

Andy is at a fund raising event because he’s just such a nice mother fucking guy {I hadn’t noticed that}.  He wins the signed Deepak Chopra book at the auction {the chance of a lifetime!}.  Having achieved this manly triumph :: his first in many months :: he stood and Struck-a-Pose …

profit 2 paradise

I’d describe that posture as :: Jimmy Swaggart meets a Butterball turkey.

The fundraiser :: an “African Thanksgiving” {that doesn’t make any sense people}:: is to raise money for the Just Like My Child foundation.  You know :: because African kids are human children too … just like our beautiful little white children.  Sometimes people forget about that … it’s so hard to feel empathy for children that don’t look like your own {and don’t bitch about not getting enough Ritalin and Nintendo time}.  But if you close your eyes and say “it’s just like my child” :: you might be able to trump up some emotions.

Just Like My Child was founded {recently} by a marketer :: Vivian Glyck :: That’s great!  Africa badly needs better marketing.  The Uganda “stay-at-home mom” niche is as of yet completely untapped.

“In 2007, inspired and awed by the love for her own son … She founded the Just Like My Child Foundation on the premise that every child in the world is deserving of all of the dreams, hope, education, opportunities, healthcare, and love that her son has been offered.”

Bold “goals” :: or something.  And Vivian’s got the chops to make it happen ::

MBA in Marketing 60% complete, Bentley College

Journalism, Tech Writing, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Focus Group Moderation Certificate, JSI Worldwide Research

B.A., English, Psychology, U. of Rochester, Rochester, NY 1981

Harvard :: wow! :: if I believed that in the slightest I’d be super impressed.  This sentence from the foundation’s one page Fact Sheet Pdf makes me doubt the Rochester claims as well …

“In many third world countries, the mothers are very pivotal to the survival of their families.”

Yep :: and as nations develop :: “the mothers” become increasingly irrelevant and are eventually phased out completely.

The fundraiser was organized by Mike Koenigs :: one of the dubious marketers helping to bring Tony Robbins and his LGAT bullshit to the Internet Marketing peeps.  Who knows :: maybe they still have some money left to steal {but probably not}.  Mike loves charity :: and giving :: it’s what he’s fake all about.

the manifest house

The party went down at the sick opulent home a found money fool named John Assaraf {the only possible place to hold an African Thanksgiving}. Guess how old John here affords to live such a pimp lifestyle even though he is as dumb as a board?  Oh forget it :: I’ll just tell you.  He’s another one of the parasites from The Secret.  Here’s a wisdom bomb/turd …

“There’s a simple way to make your dreams come true, and to achieve success in your health, wealth, relationships, career and every aspect of your life. You can do this by creating a vision board …”

Who knew? John {like all the other Secret gurus} thought the udders would never run dry :: but they did.  Udders are like that.  He was already scurrying :: then James Arthur Ray killed a bunch of peeps :: that can’t have helped.

Seems an awful strange time for awful people to be giving away money.  Something smells fishy :: like three day old sushi in the back of a repossessed Hummer.

>> bleep bleep

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    1. I swear…. if anyone has video footage of Frank Kern talking back when he looked like that, it would be priceless.

      It reminds me of Larry “the Cable Guy”. You know, he’s this persona now, and everyone thinks that’s how he always was… But the reality is, this is the real Larry before he was Larry the cable guy before he put on his redneck persona: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIWO5LgUZ28

      I would bet an older video of Frank Kern talking when he looked like that pic, is so super-serious or geeky or even nervous… So far from the laid back surfer doesn’t give a shit persona he has now. I’d be he took on that persona in belief that it would make his marketing efforts easier.

    2. @FrankIsGay, Frank Kern is dumb? He might be a lot of things but dumb certainly
      isn’t one of them.

  1. Wow… You’ve really steeped low on this one. You might not like the people supporting the cause but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the cause itself. Are those distasteful opinions about the children your own or do they actually belong to someone else? Last I checked, children have the same value regardless of skin color. I don’t see how Just Like My Child implies or sends a message that suggests otherwise and yet you seem to have made that connection all on your own.

    1. I’m so sorry proxy server :: I should better watch where I steep.

      You didn’t catch the implication :: because you don’t catch implications.

      I’m here to help you. Call me! I believe ya’ll have my number in your stupid little file.

      1. What exactly is that supposed to mean? I’m pretty sure I understand exactly what you’ve implied in your not so clever post. Racisim isn’t humourous. My point is that you could still get your message across about how you feel about these people without having made the offense comments about the children. As a multiethnic youth who is deeply involved in many well known charitable organizations for personal reasons, I simply found your recent blog to lack tact. You might not like the people involved in this organization, of which I acknowledge I know nothing about the validity of their cause, however your statements about the children were unnecessary and uncalled for.

        1. @Not Surprised

          It’s sarcasm sir :: it’s kind of how I roll …

          I imply that their name shows a bizarre sort of heartlessness … and a complete lack of perspective. As though it needs to be said that they are “just like our children” :: OF COURSE THEY ARE JUST LIKE OUR CHILDREN!!! They are children!

          Not all of us are just coming to that revelation in 20 fucking 10.

        2. *offensive comments

          Oh, and sorry for speaking up about something I feel strongly about. Apparently that kind of behaviour isn’t well tolerated around here.

        3. @Not Surprised:

          You said:

          “Oh, and sorry for speaking up about something I feel strongly about. Apparently that kind of behaviour isn’t well tolerated around here.”

          That’s both sarcasm and hypocrisy in action. Oh, but you’re exempt, huh? Get over yourself.

          Your strategic mention of being a “multiethnic youth” was curious. While we respect all those from Multiethnica, that particular sentence deployment seemed just a bit out of place. If you’ll recheck “Propaganda for Dummies” you’ll find several better “I’m the victim” approaches that would better give you the free pass you were shooting for.

          By the way, how ever did you find your way to this blog? Oh, that’s right. You were bored and decided to play, “spin the proxy” and here you are! Imagine that.

        4. Jim. I Never indicated a problem with the use of sarcasim but i do of course feel that there are appropriate and inappropriate uses for it. For instance, your momma = appropriate. Young starving African children who are referenced as less then deserving or desirable as white children = inappropriate. I Have an issue with racisim and racist ideas and personally I found the comments to be offensive. My multiethnic background attributes to the offense taken and as such, I felt it was relevent to the conversation. Please reread my OP and if you are still confused by it all, please contact the NAACP for clarification.

        5. @NotSurprised

          “your momma = appropriate” ??

          wtf? how old a reference is that? and shouldn’t it be “yo’ momma”? let me answer that for you … YES … it should be.

          you are the lamest “multiethnic youth” ever … EVER!!

        6. Ha, that multieffnic youth, @NotSurprised, wins the “I’m sorry, but that just went clean over my head” award – given out biannually.
          Contact the ISBTJWCOMH for details.

          @NotSurprised – Please come on here more often. I love seeing people make an arse of themselves. I teach “first grade” (P1) after all.

          @NotSurprised btw, I think that lumping the children from an entire continent into the “young + starving” bracket is rather like the sort of racism which you purport to have “issues” with.

          You’re Mama – Moronic And Missing Acuity

        7. You’re multi-ethnic? Sounds very “white” to me, because people who are mixed usually don’t go around saying “I am an multiethnic youth!”

          So what …are your multi-ethnicities? Me, myself I’m a quarter Indian, 30% French, 9.392% Swedish, 20% Catholic, 48.2% Russian, 68.823 and one half %Egyptian, 3% Canadian.

          You’re Mama? You don’t come across as “multi” anything. Do you even get out much? It’s “Yo mamma” stupid.

        8. @Multiethnic youth

          “20% Catholic”

          Catholic is not an ethnicity lol Hell, neither is French, Swedish, Russian or Canadian. All of what you listed are nationalities.


    2. @Not Surprised

      It is said that only about 40-45% of the adult population know, understand and are able to laugh at irony and sarcasms. You sir, belong to the majority.

      When you visit this website and post an angry comment proving your inability to understand and grasp the written word, a person able to understand and appreciate irony and sarcasm is blocked from access.

      Please, stay off the internet. Please, sir. I’m begging you. Just say NO. Think of the poor, irony-depraved children. For the childrens’ sake, sir, please stay off the internet.

      Thank you.

    1. The world needs to make right what’s happened in Africa over the past 250 years. The plight of children there is horrendous :: and brings shame on us all.

      You want to help?

      Give money to UNICEF :: http://www.unicef.org/ :: where there is no ambiguity about how the money is spent :: or about the qualifications and motives of the leadership.

      1. You have got to shitting me. UNICEF??? Please just stick a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. I’ve worked with those bastids on the ground in two places, less than useless efficiency. Try another organization of you don’t like one started by the IM/self help D-bags, just not UNICEF. That is like putting money into the “peacekeepers’ for the UN who are raping women in Liberia. You can find more on that at CNN’s reference to a a boots on the ground news team in NY that tell it like it is, warts and all.

  2. I do enjoy ranting joining in the bitch fights but also take it serious..

    SaltyDroid what are you hinting at? I’m connecting the dots here and these stories and how strange it is that Kern, Robbins, James Ray, the secreteers, and even these little lowly blow holes like andros , kilstein, and so forth …why are they all connected to each other??

    Their behavior patterns are all the same, and fit into the cult/pedophile mentality of exploitation.

    So what is the big picture..?

    1. I do hint SweetieCakes :: you are right. The hints reveal a story much darker than the ranting bitch fight.

      The truth is coming like a 2 ton bomb. Some people should step into the confession booth before it’s too late.


    2. Mike Koenigs’ wife Vivian Glyck and Bimbo Maria Andros connection is played out right here in these two BraveHeart Women tv interviews on their YouTube video channel.

      In separate interviews, both are interviewed by the host of the series, Ellie Drake. Now, Vivian is described as the “Woman-Of-Peace award winner in 2008” and the title of the interview is “Savvy Strategies for Raising Funds!” Hmmm…I’ve never heard of the Woman of Peace Award before? Anybody else? She mentions talking to John Assaraf’s wife, Maria Assaraf, right in the beginning of the video.

      Let’s take a look at Vivian’s interview first:


      The second video is of Ellie Drake interviewing Maria Andros and this video was posted recently on this site under a Maria post.

      Conscious TV-Women in Business-Video Marketing Queen-Maria Andros

      Well, I don’t know about you SweetieCakes, but it seems to me that these marketing people are all connected and run in the same circle. I reckon they don’t think us regular folks would make the connection. Of course, what do I know.

      Could it be that their so called charity efforts and awards are simply another marketing strategy to promote their information products and services they sell for profit to the unsuspecting regular folks like us?

      1. Dr. Ellie Drake appears together with Mike Filsaime in a number of promotions and it appears that she is actually a “successful network marketer” according to this site:


        Just Google “Ellie Drake” and “Mike Filsaime” together and look at what turns up. I won’t waste the space here. You can do the research and draw your own conclusions.

      2. That’s some good interconnection-sleuthing there.

        I’d make a meaningful comment, but my stomach is just too busy turning.

        Just “wow.”

        1. You are WRONG! That ain’t no sleuthing there…that’s just off the top of my head from memory and a quick Google.

          Now, you want to talk “interconnection sleuthing”…and I don’t have to time to dig the old junk emails up to support this statement…but “Dr. Ellie Drake” first came to my attention through emails and testimonials/videos through another Dan Kennedy type branch of this incestuous family tree. I believe it was Fabienne Fredrickson, Ali Brown and/or David Neagle…not sure which since those three are all are one big click.

          It appears that Dr. Ellie got her first big support from Used Car Salesman Fuck Me Filsaime and after some success with him…then decided to step up her game and invest some of her profits in a high level coaching program – the three above specialize in women. Ali Brown’s program was $100k last year and Neagle’s (a really, really gross fat old slimey looking guy from his pics, who was Ali’s former coach, mentioned before in posts on this blog and he also does the James Arthur Ray homeless manifest money exercise in his on site programs) is even more expensive.

          It appears that Ellie’s Brave Heart TV series was born from that high level coaching after her initial marketing push from Filsaime.

          And…the most interesting part…I believe she mentioned relocating to South Florida as a part of this. Guess who is also located there? Rich Schefron, Mary Ellen Tribby and the ETR copywriting folks.

          Soooo…of course, now that we’ve made the connection to Schefron…who does Dr. Ellie interview on her TV show?

          Maria Andros is who! Why? Because Maria’s coach at the first of this year was Rich Schefron. There were videos this past winter of Maria attending his Florida seminars. (Also, helpful to note here…Schefron is credited with the transformation from Used Car Salesman and marketing and making of Fuck Me Filsaime into the internet celebrity that he is today.)

          Maria apparently graduated from Schefron’s program sometime this fall or late summer when she tweeted that she was looking forward to joining Mary Ellen Tribby in another coaching program – Tom Ford or something like that.

          And who else did Ellie interview above and also mention that her husband is good friends with this person’s husband in the interview? None other than Lillian, Mike Koenigs’ wife.

          Purpose of this very long diatribe…to illustrate that this is just one big incestuous circle jerk as some have mentioned..of greedy scammer internet marketers out to deceive whoever they can next.

          Final note…Brave Heart tv with Ellie is obviously designed to sucker a bunch of clueless females/target market into it with the washed up old celebs on their imitation “The View” tv show type interview format and setting. Or at least that’s what I suspect. I don’t watch that stuff.

  3. Yea especially AFRICAN KIDS in a white American secreteer’s mansion, where all his little buddies from the same circle come together as a THANKSGIVING celebration. Thanksgiving is NOT an African tradition of any kind.

    Something is weird about that, yes. And the more posts that are going up pretending to mock SD’s sarcasm and totally rad, hip, addictive, shit-smearing-in-your-face writing, the more I smell a rat.

  4. That’s indeed pretty funny as in, “Wow, this post has drawn a handful of clueless anonymous commenters already.”

    There are plenty of reputable charities out there anybody can give money to (e.g. Terre des Hommes, Médecins Sans Frontières, Cap Anamur – just to name a few). The notion that a business person would start up a charity and yet appear ever so clueless in their elaborating on the purposes and reasons of the charity (e.g. the “Third World” does not mean developing countries but all countries that were not either part of the Capitalist “West” – First World – or the Communist “East” – Second World – during the Cold War) does indeed sound fishy to me.

    1. I thought that was crazy too.

      Saying “Third World” amongst NGO types will get you instantly stoned to death {with organic carrots}. It’s like going in to a Special Ed school and asking one of the teachers where they store “all of the slobbering retards.”

      1. Can’t say anything about the supposed charity mentioned in the post since I know nothing about it and I’ve observed EVERY charity I’ve done any research on ALWAYS has an ulterior motive…

        What surprises me more is your (SD) endorsement of “politically correct” (UNICEF) organizations that have even more far reaching and nefarious ulterior motives (and tons of money to execute them).

        Rarely if ever are charity organizations as “charitable” as most people think.

        Why not just recommend that someone donate some money or contribute some time to help someone IN THEIR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD?

        Since when are bureaucracies needed to be charitable?

        1. If you have done research on charities and don’t know the abovementioned, then you haven’t done your job. Those organisations are huge and well-known.

        2. You’d be huge and well-known too – if you got billions of dollars a year in government (tax-payer) money.

        3. I know the one SD recommended (UNICEF) gets 2/3 of its funding from government.

          So what “clue” are you talking about?

        4. You haven’t heard about three of the best-known and most efficient charities out there and make an utterly unsustainable claim about the funding of UNICEF. How much more clueless does it get?

          Part of taxes are indeed set to work in developing countries, but that is done through and by the World Bank with aims and methods so nuanced and the reasons of the contributors so selfish that I doubt the intricacies of developing aid have yet revealed themselves to you.

    2. “You… utterly unsustainable claim about the funding of UNICEF. How much more clueless does it get?”

      Unsustainable claim?

      At least 2/3 of UNICEF is funded by contributions from GOVERNMENTS.

      Why don’t you do a little research and then try again?

      1. I did, and my findings said you’re wrong. In bothe the countries where you and I live, UNICEF is funded through donations. In Britain, for instance, people choose deliberately what organisation their charity share of the tax money shall go to.

        That said, I hope you don’t believe that anybody will fall for your strawman argument in your lame attempt to validate a shady activity.

      2. Boy you are thick Froylein.

        FACT: 2/3 of all UNICEF’s money comes from governments.

        I was done after I stated that fact. If you want to keep going we can.

  5. JustLikeMyChild.ORG redirects to JustLikeMyChild.COM.
    The domain registrant is Zakson Enterprises with Vivian Glyck listed as administrative contact.
    Here’s the fun part. The agent for service of process for Zakson Enterprises, Inc. (a California business corporation) is
    Michael Koenigs.
    Was this a fundraiser for a legitimate charity or for Vivian and Mike’s corporation? Who got paid what? Were there affiliate commissions paid to promoters?
    This just doesn’t pass the smell test.

      1. @SD,

        Well it looks like just like my child released 2009 financials…


        Zakson Inc
        Primary Activity “Marketing and CONsulting”…

        That’s nice that Mike is paid by his wife’s “charity” (aka just like my piggy bank) for Marketing and CONsulting…his company wasn’t on last year, and he “resigned” from the board…ohhh right…if he isn’t on the board, any corporate entities owned by him wouldn’t be “related”…too bad he didn’t find out earlier…

        $549K of which only $110K went to programs $191K went to organizations and individuals outside the USA (hmmm) and $238K went to expenses (it’s just like government expenditures)…more then 50% in expenses (another 68K in direct fundraising expenses)….

        hmmm…It appears that as the amount of money increases, so do expenses to manage it…

  6. I’m a bit mixed about your posts Salty. Sometimes I love the fact that you take the D-Bags to school, but other posts like this cross the line. This is Bush League material and defeats the hard work you do . Did you actually take the time to see the contributions and achievements this charity has made to the world?

  7. salty droid is in a war and the scum fight back will fight back by trying to discredit him to try to make it sound like he should not say what he says that he is too hard that he is not charitable while they are they can not come out openly and defend themselves so must use new names and fake names and attack salty droid jason by using his own game but only way to do that is take the words and twist them to deflect attentio to themselves and mother teresa and make it look like they do good and droid does bad.

    it is psycho warfare.anything they see as opening to twist they will twist.

    all who pay attention no the score. go click on the link to mike koenigs look at this pictures and the scum ex russel brunson he hangs with. filsaime all the sum are all there swimming together in the scum pool.

  8. Yes indeed Kilstein Watcher #1, we know the true score. These idiots are really dumb with their attempts at deceit and diversion. That’s what you get when you don’t go past a GED.

    I love how these stooges fell for salty’s bait and he just had to sit back and start talking about one of them and the whole herd came rushing over here trying to attack him like the nasty little maggot cockroach parasites they are.

    Only problem is…they (Harlan Kilstein especially) should have realized they were way out of their league the minute Salty Droid bounced those false DMCA filings off and when Salty told us where the outsourcing company was from that little old Harlan hired to hide the truth.

    All of these foolish mistakes … soulless greed for power and money with no regard for the human cost is the disease of punishment these clowns have to contend with, that’s why they will always end up destroying themselves, through their own stupidity.

  9. Hmm

    I have a real problem with Mike Koenigs because he supported a “cancer cure” scam artist.

    (I found the link where i read about it http://www.swbnetwork.com/blog/featured/integrity-do-you-have-it/ )


    Vivian Glyck is his wife and there is the connection that people are missing. I am Pollyanna enough to believe her and his intentions while probably not noble, are doing some good in the world.

    While it does not absolve them of any of the crap he has done, it does at least mean something half decent is coming from it.

    Unless of course you can prove otherwise

    1. Thanks @Fanny :: She’s his wife :: Sheesh!

      A charity doesn’t generate its own money :: it spends the money of others. It’s value has to be measured against other ways that people could choose to give.

      A large established charity can push as much as 90% of the donations into the actual good works. Many are ultra transparent and have generations worth of institutional competence and legacy wisdom.

      How high are the administrative and transaction costs? It’s the most important question to ask when picking a charity.

      Charity administration is a complex job … and it usually requires a person with a Master’s degree in the field {at least} … and long term experience dealing with fund raising and governmental bureaucracy.

      Paying to have an unqualified person administer a tiny fund that probably passes on less than 50% of donations is a waste of money {at best}. Add to that the fact that all of these people are blanketed with the worst kinds of trust sins …

      and I repeat …


      1. Yes, and wrap it all up in a snob-infested, party-like atmosphere and what do you have? An evening of feel-good and a donation of a bushel of corn.

      2. Which is why I choose to do my “good works” via Kiva. Helping stimulate local economies, entrepreneurship and mostly women.

  10. Didnt David Schirmer (the other secreteer with lurid talents) claim in some tv expose that he was making a gift to a charity but the media contacted the charity and like everything else involving that guy it didnt happen. Its probably the best way to piss people off to take money on the pretext of doing something positive with it and then funding yourself with it instead.

    What is it with these guys anyway? Do they think that they live by another set of laws or something because they are damaging the reputation of the well intended beyond repair and as for their own reputation, well I guess they never really had one to start with. They just jumped on the fast ride to selfishdom and grabbed what they could from anyone and everyone on the way boohooing anyone who as much as whispered that they were on the fast train to self destruction.

    Now I really have a major problem with people using children to get rich on. Well mostly I guess its a case of using the kids to get money from the parents because kids just arent normally bank rolled enough but they are sweet and innocent and good at doe-eyed begging to get what they want. Just noticed that that Schirmer guy is promoting his kids camp in January. Youve got to be thinking really who would trust their kids with the guy? I bet they are promised a bloody good time. Either some parents are too bloody lazy to have a holiday with their own kids or they dont care what sort of shit goes into their kids heads but Id be looking at the record of the person I was sending my kids to have “fun” with. Oh but thats right they always come up glowing testimonials justifying their existence, they remove all the complaints, threaten the complainants, etc. etc. the usual cycle of these parasites. Gives you the creeps really.

  11. Well said Salty:

    “You want to help?

    Give money to UNICEF :: http://www.unicef.org/ :: where there is no ambiguity about how the money is spent :: or about the qualifications and motives of the leadership.”

    What can these idiots offer that the kids when they never succeeded with anything with the adults. I find it offensive.

    1. “Until her board approved a $40,000 salary in December, the family was living primarily on her husband’s income.”

      Imagine what $40,000 could buy in Africa. Perhaps they could move there. Sure, it might get old dodging cheetahs on the tennis court, but you’ve got to make sacrifices for the love of Africa.

  12. The production value video ::

    … watch the five seconds starting at second 42 …


  13. That brought a tear to my eye. I’m not sure who’s tear it was, but it wasn’t mine. Strange.

    You know, it takes a certain kind of person to step up and say, “Hey, I know there are long-established, well-run, efficient charities with open books that already exist doing what I have in mind. But I’d like to do it anyway. Now how about some donations?”

    Efficiencies of scale, existing relationships and partnerships, who needs ’em? Not if you want to start your own charity from scratch and give yourself a “mission.” And collect a salary.

    1. You said it….

      If you examine these “charities” financials, they usually donate .5 – .20 on the dollar. They usually collect corporate donations (goods and/or services), and then sell them to pay “administrative” expenses (where a bulk of the money goes).

      I worked in IT at a shipping company, there was one instance where I “came” across some paperwork of Kelloggs corn flakes (5 container loads), which were donated to a “charity” (I still have the paperwork somewhere)….the corn wasn’t milled properly and might cause discomfort (as per the original paperwork from Kellogg’s…ie. like instead of being .4mm they were .6mm), the corn flakes couldn’t be sold in Canada (so they were being shipped to Africa to feed the children…).

      The containers were ‘diverted’ (not sure in this case if the charity was involved…or who got the money the jobber paid…but the original paperwork accompanied the shipment) from a “charity”, sold to a jobber (the individual who made the scam possible…a Toronto Argonaut, or bluejay, I forget…and I don’t follow sports, so I didn’t recognize him) at ~$.20 on the dollar.

      That isn’t even an isolated event. I’ve seen books, and all kinds of donated goods, which came from “charities” and sold to jobbers.

      Donated books, donated foods, etc, they all get resold….pennies on the dollars…most of these “charities” (like justlikemymoney.org…I mean child) use the money they get reselling donations to pay “salaries”, and other “administrative” expenses.

      PS – In the case of the corn flakes….I called Kellogg’s told them their containers (of donated Flakes) were destined for retail resale within Canada. Next day they had health Canada at the company…slapped a “freeze” on the shipments and within 2 weeks it was on its way back to Kellogg’s and then on to its original destination. In the end they were at a loss at how anyone found out the shipment was there (they thought it was the other Jobber that reported them…).

      That dumb fuck jobber knew where that food was heading (and so did that asslete) the good news is he had to pay for the shipping, unloading, skidding, reloading, and reshipping, plus lost all the money he paid to purchase those corn flakes.

      1. Reminds me of all the companies that donate defective products and get write offs for it. A spokesperson for a certain “natural products” manufacturer who sells in health food stores once boasted in a business magazine of successfully unloading a big quantity of defective deodorant by giving it to homeless shelters. Now that was pure genius. Can you imagine that? Giving useless deodorant to the people who need it most. That’s kind of like giving someone toilet paper that does absolutely nothing for their ass.

        But yeah, I also whole-heartedly concur that this was certainly the best corn flake story I’ve ever heard.

        1. You guys are funny.

          The “economy of scale” charities you speak of like UNICEF are 2/3 funded by government (That means TAXES from people like you and me).

          In my opinion that’s not a charitable organization. It’s a government agency with a VERY THIN veneer.

          Please don’t take this as an endorsement of the charity mentioned by SD originally since I’m not keen on ANY bureaucratic charity whether pseudo-government or private.

          If you’re going to make arguments against scams at least make them consistent.

    2. Mock Me:

      By “economies of scale” I was not referring to any particular charity.

      I was referring to this general concept:

      If you had USD $10,000 to contribute, would it be more LIKELY to reach the intended audience most intact through ONE lean, experienced organization, or divided up amongst a HANDFUL of smaller, less experienced ones (all with their own separate administrations and overhead).

      Don’t attempt to single out specific exceptions, just consider the general validity of the point.

      I was merely ephasizing administrative duplication and experience shortcomings which can seriously eat up contributions before they make it to the final destination.

  14. Lets be honest, fucking the needy in the name of profit is the American way:


  15. Didn’t Frank Kern recently donate money to a charity for battered women?

    According to his blog post and videos he had a “limited” number of copies
    left of Mass Control 2.0 and he was donating the first month payment of $297. to the Angela Shelton Foundation. If he sold all of the copies he had left the donation adds up to a substantial amount.

    I had not heard of the Angela Shelton Foundation until now and it appears that it is a foundation for survivors of child abuse. Mainly child sexual abuse. I can’t help wonder if there is something fishy going on there that involves Karin Hiebert a commenter here who is a survivor of child sexual abuse.
    Maybe this is something to look into as well. Why would Frank be donating to a charity which Karin is directly or indirectly involved with?
    I noticed some pictures of Karin and Angela together at a recent event.

    1. I’m gonna go ahead and say “you’re retarded” for that last bit. The first part would’ve been interesting on its own, but not interesting enough to redeem you for the last part.

      I suggest you let the Droid grasp at straws for his own stake and leave your fuzzy [read: fake] lines out of this.

  16. Buried Comment: Show


    Thank you…I gotta say I appreciate the support and the lovin I am feeling…you really are a cool dude! xox

    @Questionable Behavior…

    Believe it or not…I can understand your concerns about the research you have done…

    I will reply to your comment after I digest it a bit.

    Buried Comment: Show


  17. Karin don’t waste your time answering these idiots.. tomorrow there’ll be another stupid post insinuating that you or I are really scammers and well..you know the routine. If we keep running to answer every idiot’s foolish posts, then they will feel better. The important people know the real deal and that’s all that’s important.

  18. @Questionable refers to something I already know :: because I know everything :: Karin is involved but not implicated.

    Hi Angela :: I’m The Salty Droid. Maybe you’ve heard of me?

    >> bleep

  19. Thanks for opening my eyes to how low people will go to fund their own freakin bank accounts. What screwed up bunch of people would do that.

  20. Buried Comment: Show


    I thank you…and really appreciate your genuine support…it means a lot.

    I am debating still about commenting. If there is one thing that you can count on me for and that is my being transparent…

    sometimes to a faulty degree…

    I am feeling the loving today…it feels good.


    Thank you.

    Will catch up with you later…

  21. If you register on justlikemychild.com for the “FREE Seven-Step Series about the secret to REALLY helping Africa” (where have I seen language like that…), you get a mostly innocuous email with information on how to donate.
    However, at the bottom is this:

    “P.P.S. Who is SmartMamma? Visit

    http://www.SmartMamma.com to find out”

    I’m just sayin’.

    1. Guess what? Smarmamma.com is located in LaJolla, also. And…

      Vivian Glyck is “”Founder, SmartMamma.com & author “The Tao of Poop””

      Nothing like intermixing your charity efforts with for-profit enterprises. You know, to maximize all the fun.

      Sorry, but I just have to quote that again: author, “The Tao of Poop”

  22. @MockMeBaby ::

    Why must you come here and distract?

    I’m like :: “Perry Belcher is a scammer” :: and you’re like :: “The global currency system is a sham!”

    fine … but that’s a different discussion.

    as I’ve previously mentioned to you :: I sympathize with your “down with all organizations” views :: but that’s not what we are talking about here.

    1. I think it was more… you were like “$2500 for information is a SCAM!” and I was like “Scum bag lawyers do the same thing!”

      But I get your point.

      Not sure how the whole – “The scammer’s wife started a charity! Fucking scammers!” thing isn’t a distraction in itself…

      But I guess you’ll get to that.

  23. Conspicuous charity is popular with the secret types. I’m still trying to figure out wtf Vitale is doing with his Operation YES http://www.operationyes.com program. He announced it in March of 2008, flaunts his charity all the damn time, but you never see any action or results from anything.

    Meanwhile, they collect the cash.

  24. I used to like what you are doing but I’ve come to realize you are simply a tool with daddy issues.

    It’s one thing to be upfront and bring up solid facts, it’s another to bash people with horribly timed sarcasm and slander.

    Get a life.

    1. @SaltyVoid has left several useful comments here in the past :: so no giving him a thrashing for being a dick. I’ve got it coming.

      That said :: come on!


      That looks like a charity to you?

      It’s a sales tactic. A cynical one. You don’t need to know the details to see that’s true. Badguys store weapons in hospitals all the time … it’s like AssHole 101

  25. Buried Comment: Show

    I have decided to reply to @questionable’s comment… and @SD comment in regards to my involvement with the Angela Shelton Foundation, as well as with Frank Kern and his generous donation to that foundation.

    what can I say…I gotta be an open book…it’s how “I ROLL” And this way… no one needs to go surfing, searching, researching and making up their own Story with little or no facts…

    I had to hide shit most all of my life…Not Anymore…

    I have learned from a lot of people and their experiences… especially here on this blog, that holding shit in is not healthy on so many levels…

    The comment or rather post… will be at my blog.
    Thanks for your support…

    thanks Jason… for confirming that if you continue to tell the truth, and not lie, then you dont need to worry about being caught…IN a lie. EVER.

    1. karin did harlan kilstein know you before he harrassed you? It’s odd that you know these stompernet guys and have other circle jerks on your contact list… and you are friends with a lot of IM people that harlan was also friends with before you met him… could it be that he maybe knew of you and for some reason you stood out to him and he googled you and found that you were a victims right advocate and he decided to get his rocks off by bullying you?

      1. Buried Comment: Show

        I did not know Harlan Kilstein. I had heard and seen his name and tweets on twitter back whenever…

        I personally checked him out at that time as he appeared to be someone of importance…yes…because of his tweets etc. mentioning others who I either knew or wanted to get to know…

        I realized early on that Harlan was a name dropper and wanna be…
        so I never bothered to pay attention to him anymore…

        my first and only communication with him was when I “tweeted” about him in regards to Salty Droid’s post on “Victimizing the Victim”


        I was disgusted beyond belief…which was exactly what I ‘tweeted’

        Harlan was compelled to contact me to “set things straight” he proceeded to make up some bullshit about Salty, and this is when Harlan DID become obsessed with me…

        Isn’t that right Harlan?

        Who knows…perhaps Harlan had heard of me prior to this…not sure…

        In all seriousness…I have only been online since 07′ (still a newbie to ALL of this)

        Yes, I do have an interesting circle of friends online (and offline for that matter)

        My “circle” are from all walks of life, quite a variety…everything from Medical Marijuana Advocates, hairstylists around the world to survivors of P.T.S.D. (Including Timothy Kendrick) and many others…

        It is interesting that many names mentioned here on this blog turn out to be people I know or have had contact with…

        I have made friends with some IM people as well…some who have proven to be good friends…others who have proven to be complete jerk offs and liars…some even had me fooled…

        there is one thing that I do, and have done most all of my life, and that is to put myself out there and go directly to the top people in all of “this” whatever this is- be it hair, survivors, advocates, truth seekers and or Marketers…

        I am here at this blog and a friend of Jason’s because of these very reasons.

        and to those who continue to want to TRY and discourage me, judge me or threaten me for my choosing of friends and contacts are wasting their time…

        A very wise Droid has taught me about evidence, consistency, and the nature of most people…

        and TO THIS I must add;

        Thank you to my friends HERE and to friends like Mike Young, Jason M. Jones and Frank Kern… just to name a FEW cool people who have YET to prove me wrong in my choosing of this small circle of friends…

        The truth always comes out in the end…or rather is there from the beginning…

        will be posting interesting blog content at my blog…watch for it…

        P.S. I can not be silenced, I fear no one, and I will write whatever the hell I want…

        Buried Comment: Show

        1. Frank Kern is a true friend? Aren’t his hands as dirty as they get? When he opens his mouth I can see his disgust in his eyes for the people he’s trying to snatch money from.
          I can’t stand that little disgusting flea bag, and he’s dated the FTC.gov before too.

          Just saying…

          hmm… I have a sneaking suspicion Harlan knew of you before you “met” him. May be wrong.

          Nothing wrong with friends and being a popular person, think it’s cool you give people the benefit of the doubt, even when they may not deserve it. Hopefully you didn’t take the question as a threat or a attack :)

  26. When are you going to report on Tellman Knudson’s “RunTellmanRun” scam?

    Zero chance he’s running barefoot across the country. Zero chance.

    He “passed” through my town and no one saw him. I live in the country and if some guy was running barefoot, it would be the talk of the town for weeks.

    And watch his videos… every day we see 3 to 10 seconds of snippets of him running next to Masonic statues.

    Yet today, he bragged about generating $35,000.00 in an hour (ironically enough not running).

    1. Tellman and masonic statues? Is the Consortium involved? Your metal dental fillings have made it easy to implant NLP commands while you sleep. Perhaps you’re commenting here as a double agent and don’t even know it.

    2. Well, you do have to wonder how someone could run “barefoot” across the country like that. Especially this time of year. I mean, they probably wouldn’t just have blisters, they would have stumps at about the ankle point.

      Sounds like yet another “noble” publicity stunt. It would be interesting to get some “behind the scenes” on that.

      1. I live among the Amish here in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

        They walk barefoot every day. If anyone could do it,
        it would be the Amish…

        … And when I told ’em about “RunTellmanRun”, they couldn’t
        stop laughing (because it would be impossible to do).

        Ever try walking to your mailbox barefoot?
        I have. And I have a nice smooth driveway, too.
        It hurts big time.

        The Big Lie, first coined by Adolf Hitler in his
        1925 autobiography Mein Kampf, was made famous
        by Joseph Goebbels, propaganda minister for the Third Reich…

        … The idea was simple enough:
        “Tell a whopper (the larger the better) often enough and
        most people will come to accept it as the truth.”

        This appears to be a whopper of a lie.

        By the way, anyone who is knighted is
        ALWAYS suspicious to me…

        … And guess who is behind Tellman Knudson’s run?
        Why it’s Sir Richard Branson.

        You should look into him, too.

    3. @Markus

      When are you going to print a retraction about this being a “cover-up” site? Everyone you hate :: the whole goddamn “Consortium” :: wants me dead {literally}. What else do I have to do to prove myself to you? Die on a cross? {don’t want to!}

      You retract … and then maybe we’ll talk about fake Forrest Gump here.

      1. I would love to retract. I’m still not convinced
        you’re on our side… the side of the profane
        (as the elite like to call us).

        The main connection of all gurus in all industries is simple:

        99.9% of ’em have military connections.

        The “gurus” are just dupes for the military.

        It’s that way in our internet marketing industry…
        the Forex industry… the self-help industry —
        even the hair restoration industry.

        They’re put into play to give us false hope
        to attain the American Dream (dream, get it…
        because most will never get it) and
        then spin us off into la la land.

        Gurus are nothing more than a military operation
        to control the profane from being successful.
        Evil genius. Gotta hand it to ’em.

        Why would “dumb, stupid animals” (that’s what
        Henry Kissinger calls military men) be
        heading various industries as “gurus?”

        The answer is simple. Because you
        get to the top from the top.

        Just Google any guru name and add the word military
        and the connections will be drop-dead obvious.

        If you want a retraction from me, bust Tellman Knudson.
        Start there. This guy rubs everyone the wrong way.
        And he’s scammed LOTS of people with
        his nonsense. And worse he’s using charity
        as a way to pay his own bills – very angry about that.

        Let me help you get started:



        And about being on everyone’s sh*t list,
        get over it. I did. Now they ignore me
        because they’re scared of my next bombshell.
        Just stick to the facts… no need to do
        more because these criminals dig their own graves.

        By the way, I still can’t get over the fact that
        Mike Young admitted he released
        the Stompernet PDF and you
        didn’t rake him over the coals.

        Oh and another thing. UNICEF is
        run by the United Nations… without
        a doubt the being sham, front NGO
        on the planet. I couldn’t believe
        you thought they were legit’.
        I just hope that was a brain fart
        on your end.

        1. Oops. That didn’t come out right. Let me try again:

          Oh and another thing. UNICEF is
          run by the United Nations… without
          a doubt the biggest sham, front NGO
          on the planet. I couldn’t believe
          you thought they were legit’.
          I just hope that was a brain fart
          on your end.

        2. @Markus :: I can’t thank you enough for saying that! Drop in and leave a freak bomb whenever

          It does get darker and darker the deeper you dig :: but let me say for the record :: if at any point it looks like I’ve dug my way to the “military” :: I’m out! WAY THE FUCK OUT!

          Do you hear that dark underground bunker full of fancy generals and shit? We aren’t going to have a problem :: I’m just here for the fat guys in gaudy cars.

    4. Markus –

      Tellman’s route map shows him going nowhere near Lancaster County… I remember seeing something where he was near Allentown and on his way to the wonders of State College… and you’re well south of there in the sticks, right?

      So yes, it’s a sure thing that he didn’t pass through your town. Because he would have had to take a pretty big detour to the south to do it. I’m sure the military is somehow responsible for this.

  27. Markus, do you really think the internet marketing goobers are connected to the military? I don’t. For one thing, the military wouldn’t want people who are always under a spotlight. For another thing, many of these guys get into trouble with the FTC, etc. Not only that, but a lot of internet marketers have big mouths and small brains. So in this case I don’t think the military is relevant. Prove me wrong though.

    I also don’t get why you suggested Salty should rake Mike Young over the coals regarding that stompernet lawsuit document. I didn’t see where Mike admitted to it but even if he did, who wouldn’t give Mike five stars for doing it, so why the complaint?

    I’ve been lurking here for awhile, and sometimes check out the other forums. I’m still trying to figure out why on earth you would think that this blog or the guy behind it is even possibly “one of them.” You really need to read more of this blog. There is no doubt in my mind that this is one of the few “say it like it is” forums related to internet marketing. Most of the others cut people off in a second when they say anything “out of line.”

    1. I just started my collection of internet marketing gurus here:
      (I will be adding all sorts of goodies to this
      page over the next year… people are going to
      REALLY hate me).

      And in all but a few exceptions, each name is ex military.

      Try it. Google each name and append the word
      military and you will be AMAZED. In fact,
      I was STUNNED that each is connected
      to the military (and nothing surprises me anymore).

      When I revealed this to my pal in the Forex biz, he looked up the big names
      in his industry and found the exact same thing. He too was stunned.
      Like… stunned. He couldn’t believe it.

      In fact it would be easier to list those NOT ex-military…
      they are few and far between.

      It makes a lot of sense.

      You train military grunts to say, “yes sir” —
      then unleash them on the public as “gurus”
      and rock stars…

      … We latch on to them hoping to pay them
      money in return for secrets, yet come up empty
      every time.

      Then they fall flat on their face and
      then you have a SaltyDroid publish
      the obvious. Then we the sheeple
      gets another dose of bad news.

      That’s how you control the profane.

      Will SaltyDroid ever out Elliot Krasnow?
      Not a chance. Because Mr. Krasnow
      is too far up at the top. He’s protected.
      He’s off limits.

      Will the SaltyDroid bust Timothy Kendrick
      (oops, did I just mention Timothy Kendrick)…
      zero chance… way to close to the Droidster.

      “I am a retired Army Veteran who served in Panama, Somalia,
      Operation Iraqi Freedom and various other wonderful places
      in the world, Korea and Germany just to name a few.
      Began as a military policeman with the 61st MP Company in the early 80’s,
      switched to Combat Medic and then to Broadcast Journalism in the 90’s.
      Featured in Time Magazine (and several other media outlets) for my
      work in Somalia in 1993. My last Duty was in Iraq with the Department of Defense.
      Speak five languages and currently live in Tampa Florida. Traveled
      the globe five and one-half times and dealt with my own PTSD. motto
      “It doesn’t get any easier later, it just gets later.”’

      It never ends. It never ends. Always a military connection.

      Instead, the SaltyDroid “busts” minnows in the pond like Perry Belcher
      and Ryan Diess for our distraction and entertainment.

      About Mike Young. He admitted it leaking the PDF.
      He admitted lying. And he’s connected to the military, too.

      Want proof? Go here:

      Notice he called me a conspiracy theorist
      (I want to strangle conspiracy theorists —
      they’re given to us by the military
      to make it seem like they’re on our side…
      sound familiar… it’s called controlled opposition —
      controlled opposition gives us amazing nuggets of information,
      get us follow them like heroes, then ultimately spin us off into la la land).

      I know we all want to HOPE
      that the SaltyDroid is doing
      all of the heavy lifting.

      If only it were true.

      1. Markus,

        Stopped by this thread to seeing you’re being your typical kook self. Taking your meds?

        Let’s go through your accusations.

        1. “About Mike Young. He admitted it leaking the PDF.”

        True. And I’ve had some nice communications with Messrs. Jenkins and Fallon about it after-the-fact. Don’t represent either. Not doing anything pro or con re: them or StomperNet.

        2. “He admitted lying.”

        No. I simply refused to confirm my identity as the person who leaked the PDF until it was convenient to do so. There is a difference.

        3. “And he’s connected to the military, too.”

        Grateful to those (friends, family, and others) who have served but didn’t myself. Not “connected.”


        1. Wow, word travels fast to you Mr. Young!

          1. True. And you only leaked it because I busted you as a fraud. This wasn’t on your terms. This was just hours after I asked Jenkins if Stompernet was in receivorship at the Warrior Forum (and of course, the thread was zapped ASAP).

          You are complicit in the distraction. It’s a good thing you’re a member of the good ol’ boys club (the bar).

          2. No — ah, the technicalities of a lawyer. No wonder every hates lawyers.

          Then you just got Anthony Blake in hot water. Hint: Slap Laws… ask him about it. Oh that’s right, you lawyers are all in the same club… the same club we profane don’t have access to. Nevermind, nothing to worry about.

          3. Not connected, eh? You admitted to attending the Jesuit “fortress” (Georgetown University).

          The Jesuits are a Military Religious Order of the Roman Catholic Church.

          I’m certain you’ll spin this like a good lawyer does.

    1. Stebbins… you see my name in a Google because I have many websites that expose these military criminals. I have a site devoted to exposing this sort of thing, so of course you’re going to see my name connected in a Google search.

      I swear on both of my son’s young testicles that I am not in away way associated with the military. The military concept disgusts me.

      I appreciate you not jumping to conclusions.

      1. “I appreciate you not jumping to conclusions.”
        – Markus Allen

        What – that privilege is reserved for you alone?

        Brother, you don’t just “jump” to conclusions. You create them out of whole cloth.

  28. Markus, I understand that you have many websites that expose military criminals. But 13,200,000 of them? I am torn between taking the time to go through them all (which could conceivably require months, or maybe years) and just taking your word for this. I think I will take your word for this.

    However, I would prefer that you not involve your young son’s testicles in such matters. He may well need them one day.

  29. @Markus – dude, get a life.

    The US military produces some of the best leaders in the world. As a rule, the people who serve are selfless Americans who really just want a job. It is also a repository for many losers, posers, fakes, and idiots. As such, it is a reflection of American society. Except for the current upper 10-15% of society (with some notable exceptions), as those folks would never stoop to allow Johnny to serve. Is that your claim to fame? Little rich brat who is too good to serve with the commoners?

    So, since the military represents a cross section of society, the idea that many IM “gurus” and scam artists have a “connection” (whatever that means) to the military should be no real surprise.

    If, however, you are implying that the US military actively supports, funds, controls, or is in any way involved with these scamming losers, you are indeed an idiot.

    “The military concept disgusts you”. Wow, just, wow. To paraphrase a stereotype movie scene, you enjoy the freedoms they protect, but you have the indecency to mock the foundations of that protection.

    Needless to say, I could go on and on and pick apart the rest of your blathering, but you bore me.

    Any time you want to discuss my opinion of you, hop on a plane and head east. Way east, where I am still supporting the men and women who provide you the liberty to question their integrity.

    Disclaimer: My opinions are biased because I am a retired Marine.

    1. @Dave bravo.

      While I’m very opposed to war and military, in this world, with the sick fucks that we have to contend with, military and war are necessary evils. My problem rests with the creators of wars and militaries, the greedy who stage wars to fatten their own pockets and power.

      The actual people fighting the wars could never be that evil that’s why so many veterans come back shell schoked, depressed, and PSTD.

      Regardless, I do honor and thank all of the men and women who served and who are still serving to help protect freedoms. It’s a slap in the face to hear someone spout off about how bad people are in the military. BS. Most are highly trained and disciplined people who work damn hard. Yes there are a few sorry ones in there, but there’s way more sorriness in the civilian world.

      You don’t have to agree or condone it, but at least have some damn respect for the people who sacrificed for you.

  30. Engage with trolls and dilute your message.

    I would recommend a standard response. Something like

    “Markus Allen’s comments bought to us today by the USA Army and the letter crazy”

    to his every post and then leave it at that.

  31. Buried Comment: Show


    I did not take the question personally or as an attack…


    not at all…

    Fair Question…

    I did know right off the bat…as many people do know …that Frank Kern “dated” the FTC (Interesting cute way to put it by the way…)

    Like I said…unless and until certain people prove themselves otherwise…I will continue to view them as good people…and or as friends…

    and it would not make a difference to me about who likes them or doesn’t…

    …if it did matter to me…I would have been intimated and influenced by their negative views on many people…I don’t follow the pack…or the majority…

    if i did, or cared about who or what others like… I wouldn’t be here…
    nor would I say what I do…
    Do you think it matters to me if Salty likes or doesn’t like Kern? Does it matter that you do…or don’t?

    I won’t judge people for something like that…(don’t judge period-unless they are a complete fuck up…and have proven to be so) you Marilyynn…could become my best friend, and still hate Kern…to me its irrelevant to “our” friendship…

    the few people which i mentioned so far have given me NO reason to think otherwise of them…

    people HATE salty…some HATE mike young…some HATE me…however…some will (eventually )even turn from hating them to loving them… and vise versa…because they have proven themselves one way or another

    and that’s ALL COOL…its all good…

    1. … and just to be clear :: I DON’T like Frank Kern. Not one fucking bit.

      I’m glad the rest of you enjoy picking food out of his beard and calling him pretty :: but I’d like to shove a whole shoe store full of boots up his ass.

      He’s a poser … and a prop … and the mass exploitation will stop … or I will stop it.


      1. See this…

        “and I STILL LOVE SALTY!”

        I don’t pick food out of peoples beards…

        I do however do a great beard shaping…

        p.s.- your mustache needs trimming!

  32. Fair enough Karin. Guess dirt bags can be cool to a select few…hard for me to trust a person who’s unethical to other people…would make me wonder when it’s “my turn”.

    Frank Kern you are an egotistical, self-righteous, old country bumpkin’ flabby fart. Strangly & greasy hair with a beard full of food and fleas is not in style, contrary to what you believe. Guess he’s doing the James Ray homeless exercises for great wealth and mass control.

    Maybe his pal harlan kilstein can do some finger exercises on him to help him at least get some money for a flea dip and a groomer. Maybe they can use the hypnotic secret to help each other get a flea dip and a groomer. Both are in dire need, and while we’re at the Veterinary’s, maybe we can talk the doctor into giving harlan a rabies shot.

  33. “In many third world countries, the mothers are very pivotal to the survival of their families.”

    Is Maria Andros part of that “charity” set up? Sounds like one of her best accomplishments in communication, but then again, I’ve seen a few of those oopsies on Kilstein’s crap too.

  34. http://www.trafficgeyser.com/poweredby/?p=3

    Interesting how Mike Koenigs is getting around the FTC rules about using “typical results” in referrals

    Per the current FTC guidelines, we are in the process of collecting results data from Traffic Geyser members in order to be able define the “typical” or “average” experience of our members. While we collect that data, we are sharing unique stories of individual Traffic Geyser members. None of these stories in any way represent the “average” or “typical” Traffic Geyser member experience. In fact, as with any product or service, we know that some members purchase our system but never use it, and therefore get no results from their membership whatsoever. Therefore, the member stories we are sharing can neither represent nor guarantee the current or future experience of other past, current or future Traffic Geyser members. Rather, these member stories represent what is possible with our system. Each of these unique stories, and any and all results reported in these stories by individual members, are the culmination of numerous variables, many of which Traffic Geyser cannot control, including pricing, target market conditions, product/service quality, offer, customer service, personal initiative, and countless other tangible and intangible factors.

    1. “Atypical results” disclaimers are no longer a safe harbor under the new FTC guidelines (effective December 1, 2009).

      Best wishes,


      DISCLAIMER: Information posted by me at this website is general in nature,
      should not be construed to be formal legal advice or the formation of a lawyer/client relationship. Consult an attorney to address specific legal issues.

      1. Seems to me that any state that has a lottery won’t even be allowed to display its winners any more, based on this. After all, there is only one (or few) winners, so that would be…atypical. Let’s see how that plays out.

        Obviously, the reasoning behind this change is due to the fact that marketers have been virtually HIDING the disclaimer.

        However, for non-scammy businesses, this seems fairly restrictive. What about colleges or trade schools that highlight their successful graduates? We all know that some number of college grads go on to do nothing, for lack of motivation or whatever. Same scenario…atypical.

        What will probably happen is that while U.S.-based scammers will dry up, the overseas ones will flourish and multiply. Just a shifting problem, and less currency floating around in the U.S. (Not that I know or have an answer.)

        1. Lotteries do have disclaimers…they are called “odds”…very calculable using Mathematical formulas…..however…one can easily figure…to have a Jackpot of $100Million X to XX million of people had to contribute $600+ million money, and all but one would have to lose for one person to win…after all…nobody buys a lottery ticket thinking that if ~50% of proceeds goes to a prize pool (for all prizes..about ~15% for first prize), everyone goes home a winner…nor is it suggested in any advertising I have seen….

          As for colleges…some people going on to do “nothing”, is not atypical….and “atypical” is “atypical results” …meaning that you can’t say become an accountant and go on and earn $5000 a day…an accountant earning $5000/day is atypical….just like an “internet marketer” doing $5000/day is atypical.

      2. The “collecting results” is what he is using as the out. By the time the results are collected he will be onto his next fly-by-nighter ….playing a dangerous game there

        1. I can’t imagine that “collecting results” would be accepted by the FTC in lieu of “actual” results. That’s the same as a placeholder and means nothing.

          You used the phrase “getting around” but I’d say he hasn’t gotten around anything. The FTC has to notice you first, and they have limited eyes and resources. I wouldn’t want to bank on his strategy though.

        2. Oh…and as far as “collecting results,” what internet marketer’s entire customer base is going to open up all their books/results, anyway? You’d have to get a vast majority to open up in order to classify your “collected results” as typical.

          Not only that, but you’d be responsible for VERIFYING those results, too. You can’t just post some testimonial that says, “I bought this product for $1 and it made me 100 billion trillion gazillion.”

          Seems like a fairly impossible task.

    2. If you are going to break the rules anyway … why not just say you have access to a magic unicorn that shits golden eggs?

      … and even without reference to the new rules … that video is SUPER LAME!

      1. hahaha….

        Lame is an understatement….although I couldn’t stomach more then the first 2 minutes…I’m wondering why the fuck he moves like he has to take a shit?

        Why the fuck did this guy chromakey himself on that background….why did he chromakey his background anyways?…if I had his pre keyed green screen footage I could chroma key my kitty to shred him to bits…but fuck…I ain’t going to even attempt to mask him out to slice his sorry ass to pieces…

        Who is this goof?…Andros tweets him (well..among others) like he’s her best friend…but the guy never answer…its fucking strange…I noticed she answers randomly generic tweets and she responds to them like they were personally to her and the way she responds doesn’t even fit (ie. she tweets – Aww that’s so sweet of you to say my friend..I owe it all to you..I hit to see what the fuck she responded too…and the original tweet is like – wow those California fires are burning out of control)…what the fuck?..it’s hella weird!…

        1. Maria A. tweeted this line a couple of hours ago…

          “@MikeKoenigs you are awesome great chatting with you today and wishing you a happy happy holiday :) about 2 hours ago from web in reply to MikeKoenigs”…

          Mike’s Traffic Geyser product was referenced as one of her unmentioned secret sources in her last video promoting her recent launch. Of course, the Traffic Geyser product isn’t a secret to anyone with the slightest clue about internet marketing.

          I will presume Maria is referring to an off line chat with Koenigs in her tweet since he hasn’t tweeted today.

        2. Larry Loik tweeted this yesterday about Maria and Koenings….so you know they are related…plus he mentions Kern and F’me Filsaime.

          “http://ping.fm/WaZCs Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, Mike Koenigs, Maria Andros & more are all members.JOIN THEM. 3:40 AM Dec 12th from Ping.fm”

          Here is more info about Larry Loik:

          # ame Larry Loik
          # Location Los Angeles CA USA
          # Web http://www.erupti
          # Bio Lawrence LG Loik, REINclub.com ,Internet MarketerTrump Network,Real Estate Investor,Speaker,Information Marketer,Affiliate Marketer,TheSqueezePage.com

        3. Trump Network Real Estate Investor is listed under Larry Loik’s Twitter bio at: http://twitter.com/larryloik.

          Interestingly, a couple of days…despite pop up blockers and absolutely no related searches…I found a pop up on my computer from Trump Institute Real Estate Investing…

          and at the bottom of the page there was another box Chitika type ad that looked as if it had been photo shopped in…with a question at the top of it…”Are you looking for Jason Jones?”

          A screen shot of that ad was sent to SD’s Gmail so he has a copy of that. This is really creepy. Somebody doesn’t want me on this site.

        4. cough….if you follow back the tweet she responded too, it was Koenigs giving condolences to someone losing their father….

          She didn’t speak to Koenigs, she read my comment here and responded in her true imbeciliac form, just to let us know she is still reading….speak bimbecile!

          Most of the time (other then now) this is done to let people see all the “powerful” “friends”, that she “speaks” to in “real” life (its no different then if I was to tweet obama…great having drinks with you at the whitehouse).

          She is such a fucking r-tard, she is going for imbeciliac queen….my guess…she’ll win hands down…

          If you don’t use twitter (like I don’t) just click on her tweet just below…and then follow each tweet back to its source…and you will understand…




        5. I don’t think Maria does many of her own Tweets anymore. I believe she started outsourcing it or having it monitored by her outsourcers or copywriter when she acquired the new coach several months ago. Sometimes I’ve noticed strange tweets where it looks like the VA got Maria’s Tweet stream confused with that of Tania Gabrielle.

          Read through this entire blog post by this girl. She mentions in the middle of it that she is Maria’s VA and she also mentions attending events where Maria has spoken along with Koenigs and his wife Vivian Glyck.


        6. They did…back around September when she acquired this new coach, Tom McCarthy, noted in her tweet below. Her emails started sounding better – as if they were / are being written by a copywriter.


          In addition, a copywriter apparently starting placing a lot more articles online about her around this time. I suppose it’s part of her new coaching program. I suppose she “graduated” from Schefron’s program.

        7. Maybe they should also dub new vocals over her old videos. Or just delete the audio and use subtitles. It wouldn’t matter if the lipsync is off, as long as it sounds more intelligent.

          Does her face look kind of stretched, or what? I just keep seeing “My Little Pony.”

        8. Lex, you may wish to take a closer look at Maria’s last promo video for her recent launch of a few weeks ago and compare it to some of her older videos. Well, on second thought, maybe not. Probably pretty painful.

          But, I believe Maria has improved her delivery and has most likely had some coaching in this area. Her friend and colleague, Mike Koenigs, has obviously had a some coaching in public speaking. He hails from Minnesota and has lost most of that accent, though if you listen closely you’ll hear remnants of it peek through on vowels.

          I don’t know about the stretched look on her face, but she’s probably had some professional makeup and hair changes. Looks like she’s doing well working with what she’s got IMO. (OMG I am ever going to get flamed or thrown out of here for that remark!) Koenigs has – and is to be commended – for the dramatic changes (weight loss/healthy changes) in his appearance.

          There are coaches for things like that – I should know of all people.

        9. “Looks like she’s doing well working with what she’s got IMO.”

          The issue isn’t really with what Maria Andros looks like (well maybe to some), the issue is her defrauding those who just happen to fall for her deceptions. I am compiling one hell of a “report” for the FTC (no “funny” videos involved) to stop this thief cold…..

          hmm….Salty…if the FTC fails to act…can they be added as “co-defendants”, in any legal action commenced against Andros, if the “loss” postdates any notice? I would think they could be added, since they can not claim they were “without notice” as to Andros activity, and I would think that by not acting (on credible information), failed to adequately protect the public?

          Then sue her for actual, exemplary and punitive damages for false representation of material facts..which is basically fraud in the inducement (under contract law anyways)….

          I don’t think Andros really comprehends that entering the USA for the specific act of committing fraud on the American public (and an international “audience”), is not going to be well “tolerated” (by law enforcement or by a judge)….hmmm…her use of the internet to “disseminate” her scheme is fraud by “wire”….

          I love those words….

          “intentional torts can subject a corporate officer to individual liability.”

        10. Well Its obvious she is starting to surround herself with better people. Maybe she caught herself before she turns into the other Pagan want-a-bes and then it’s too late.

        11. Did she? Possible, but doubtful.

          I would tend to believe it is more analogous to abandoning a sinking ship. She provides nothing to them, she has no real lists, no products, no prospects, no talent, and is such a piss poor liar, that she is more of a liability then anything else…. Sure…back in the time of Kargorilla her lies were more manageable, so she gave them an air of authenticity…but only a breeze if you didn’t dig that is…and by dig…I mean watch one full video and listen somewhat closely….

          Regardless, her lies (or more correctly the dissemination herein) brought a negative light to the whole crowd (she is just the poster child for deceitful “marketers”..not because she is the worst one, but because she is the worst liar…not extravagant..just plain bad).

          Just as one example I have not mentioned before, but I have since captured the video proof…and the bimbecile is remaining quiet in regards to the latest tweets she has been receiving and ignoring…so even if she sees this…it doesn’t matter…it isn’t going to alter anything at this point..

          Andros, Kargorilla, Schuitt, and Drake were in a restaurant (shot nov ’07), Andros gives her story (her story as she chose to tell it at that point in time that is).

          First she gets into her timeline….her timeline of past ’employment’ as told by her….

          makeup artist 10 years (the only constant)

          promoted to marketing ambassador for the #1 companies..what the fuck…never mind…makeup/fashion..it varies…on a wholesale level never the two shall meet…but nevermind those details….to ambassadorship…which came with TV stardumb…all the ‘shows’ wanted to interview her, cuz you know how they want to interview mid level sales reps…that was always a big problem with all the cosmeticians…squeeze me…I meant ambassadors…we hired…

          real-estate investing (this she doesn’t even mention unless it is not an interview, because a lot of people want to do it, and they actually ask questions…so she mentions it in her calls, & where she believes they will not ask)…I believe this is her other “the secret” endeavor ….you know that whole if you think it, you will stink it…no that’s not right….well you know what I mean…

          shut up there and the timeline sounds okay….but does she…no

          then she states…she left because she was working for the boss from hell (ambassadors are treated very poorly you know)….saw a new alternative in lights camera cash (wait a minute…(real estate came after the hell boss)

          …lights camera cash was created in October it was MLMgoldmine….why the change of name…


          then she goes on to state at the 7 month mark she made 27K on a video in 6 months (nothing else…just that 27K)…..hold up…i’m calling shenanigans….she told her students it was 6 digits (well she did waffle a bit in Yaro’s interview in she said high six figure, then caught herself…and corrected) in her first year….big fucking catchup (from 27K in 7 months to 100K in only 5 more months…no biggie it’s all BS after all)

          ….but wait a minute…what happened to Ebay…well what did happen to Ebay…well….andros invented Ebay in October 2007 (it showed up as an afterthought…it was the law of attraction…just like real estate…she wasn’t doing good…so she did the shhhhhh move….I’m so happy and grateful now that I have an ebay business that does 6 digits a year…please deliver universal (well the universal gets confused easy…so the universal delivered)…that is how ebay came about….ebay wasn’t real…the universal made it real….

          Hey…did she just say she had 135K on her youtube channel….she has 72K as of todays date…maybe she meant views on this (magical) video….oh wait a minute…her only “gamed” video (the headache one)…had 35K views around the time she made the video (yeah..you tell em Andros….fuck you you tube for having a timeline of video views in the stats and data)…oh lookie lookie….her first 100K lie…mom and dad are so proud….her signature 6 figure bullshit…

          I did Ebay….how much…. 6 figures (“The Shhhh”)
          I did Videos…how much….6 figures (no..not those kind)
          I invested in real estate…how much….6 figures (Shhhh!)
          I launched my program…how much…high 6 figures
          How much do your students make 6 figures
          How much did Turner Make 6 figures (coming soon)

          Anyways…unlike Andros..I provide my proof…because I say shit that is true…how novel…

          The video for those who want to stomach it.


          the link below takes you to her headache video, if you want to see the timeline for her views (at the nov ’07 mark…shows the 35K views) stats and data

          incoming message from your fawther….

          —channeling the universal—–


          mom and I would like to be there for your first 7 figure lie..but we will be with you in spirit…(honey …are we dead….no stupid.._cartman_ is channeling.. because we are in Vancouver and Maria is in Cawleephoneya…oh yeah)…your mama loves that Arnold….anyways sweety…are little girl is growing up…so don’t let the sKeptics who use things like “facts” get you down…you’re better then them…will their facts buy them a misterroti…no..will their facts buy them all the important things in life like a channel purse and a pear of manolos….facts are for losers!…remember honey…daddy needs a new pair of shoes…make your first lie for 2010 a grand one….a 1000 grand one ;)

          —–end universal channel——-

          do you guys believe her parents would talk like that….fuck me….

          my head hurts again….

      2. “Well Its obvious she is starting to surround herself with better people.”

        Maria says she doesn’t like to surround herself with “garbage people.” She’s more interested in “the people in my phone.” Failing that, if you have $3,000.00 cash for one of her “products,” maybe she’ll give you 5 minutes.

        1. Cartman you are funny as hell. Great copy. For someone who does not like her much why do you still do work for her? What’s your MO?

  35. Good almighty! Just LOOK at that picture of Andy Jenkins! Evidently he must not have bought Frank Kern’s “mass control.”

  36. Hey Cartman! Our anticipation of your next video masterpiece has reached a crescendo! Will it be Harloon Kilstein? It would be the perfect Christmas present for him!

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    1. Comment spam detected -> worthy of deletion (spam tactic #287375: noting the comment count to “customize” their non-comment).

    2. Unfortunately, once they are successful in posting spam, it is duly noted and they tend to “step it up,” as shown here. They may also trade their target lists with other spammers. Brace yourself.

      1. @spamsniffer :: I’d pull it down … but once it got talked about it became part of the record. Now it would lead to the destruction of jokes … and I won’t have that. I’ll break the link though.

        Anyways … it’s way too late. There have already been almost 2000 spam comments … and thickness of the storm has steadily increased.

  38. That Tellman Knudson dude is currently in Parkersburg, West Virginia (12/21). I saw him there today running barefoot in the snow on RT 14. No kidding. He is getting all kinds of attention here by the local media. Are you all saying he’s a fraud? Because he ran with the mayor last week and is raising a lot of money for honmeless children.

  39. Markus Allen is right.

    Mike Young (Jesuit-trained) is an operative and this blog (as well as Young and others) are covering up the StomperNet Receivership Scandal.

    It must be nice to know that you’re in a tight little club.

    How many of you are Masons?
    How many went to Jesuit institutions?
    How many of you belong to secret societies?
    How many of you have connections to the military?

    Honest, serious answers please.

      1. A cartoon doesn’t discredit facts.

        And the Simpsons “stonecutters” was actually based on:
        -Skull & Bones at Yale

        If you look into either of those groups, you’ll find an endless parade of nefarious connections and nefarious people. The creator of Simpsons would know — he’s a 33rd Degree Mason. And he’s not the only one — entertainment is entirely controlled.

        1. Producers and actors providing voices for the Simpsons are actually tied heavily to Scientology. That is the key affinity group.

          Why the misinformation?

          Is Simon/Markus Allen trying to cover up for his Galactic Overlord Xenu? When did he reach OT VIII?

        2. “Simon’s” trying to earn his third degree jogging shoe level through a standard misinformation mission. It’s back to audit level 26 for you, “Simon.”

  40. Simon, you’re a looney. If there was any covering up, your comment wouldn’t even be here! But feel free to share YOUR expose with us, Simon. Come on, paste it right here! Let’s have ALL the details. (Unless YOU’RE covering it up.)

  41. Andy is just missing the Top Hat or I almost mistake him for Harry Dunne from Dumb and Dumber –


    except much fatter…

  42. Man, Jenkins hair piece is creepy. Talk about pedophile. Would not let this around your kids Frank.

  43. Just a quicky, cause I am selfish like that, but my personal issue with all of those folks is that they target people who want to make money online by teaching that. Not that it is wrong per se to teach a crowd of people something that they want to know. It is more that many of the products and/or services are way fucking over priced. And to make matters worse they are totally available at Amazon in book form for like less than $30. Who in the hell is going to pay $2500 for something that they can get for less than $50? I’ll tell you who, me. Well, until I figure out that Amazon has the same shit. Then I get a refund and start blogging about the d-bag and the related products on Amazon that is.

    My take is that the IM world is not that bad in some areas. It is really no different than TV ads really. And let’s be honest here, TV ads are much more intrusive. Unless you are willing to mute the tv, walk away to take a piss or are just really a mindless zombie, they are hard to escape. And yet somehow we do not find too many salty droid blogs about those New World Order type companies being bashed when they give to charity. In fact many people applaud them for their giving back.

    I guess what I am saying is that just because someone is a fucking idiot and says all the wrong things, takes advantage of weak minded people with glitzy ads and copy, how are they any different than these mega corps? In my opinion, they are not.

    I am a big fan of the movie Fight Club and think that the only real way to make all this bullshit stop is to EMP the system from 200 miles up over the US. See that way the world grinds to a halt rather quickly. No electricity means no commerce in or out of the US (one of the largest consumer societies on the planet). Go big or go home…or just shut the fuck up and eat your veggies.

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  45. July 26, 2009: “Why job scams thrive” appears on website of New Vision: Uganda’s Leading Daily

    December 7, 2009: “The Uganda “stay-at-home mom” niche is as of yet completely untapped,” says the Droid.

    May 25, 2012: “Then it hits you hard, after filling the form that you have to pay $50 on an account provided before your application is accepted and of course you realize it is just another Internet scam,” writes Ugandan news site The Monitor.

    July 22, 2012: Search for “stay at home mom” on the New Vision site displays these Google ads:
    “Find Out How this American Mom Makes $7,847 a month From Home.”

    Stop giving them ideas, Droid!

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