In the News

Brain poisoning manipulator Jeff Walker is product launching his Product Launch Formula for the fifty-thousandth time :: but this time it’s different … because this time the all new PLF is thrice dipped in shit. That’s more than twice the previous once!

… and you can too!

You can read Syndicate member :: and obvious scammer … Jeff Walker’s sales page for PLF.3.ShitDip over on Forbes …

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SaltyDroid Interview Requests

This is totally happening  … here’s the one I’m showing you.

SUBJECT: Jason Jones Interview Invitation on The Holistic Survival Show

Dear Jason,

After recently becoming familiar with The Salty Droid, Jason Hartman, host of the highly rated Creating Wealth Show and its affiliate show, The Holistic Survival Show, would like to conduct a brief 20-30 minute interview with you (via phone or Skype) regarding your expertise in the field.

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Transformational Leadership Council … of Death

“The Transformational Leadership Council was founded so leaders of personal and organizational transformation could support each other in their contributions to the world.”

… says the Transformational Leadership Council on their website about the Transformational Leadership Council. Sure it’s a shit sentence to use as a tagline :: but understand that many of the world’s most transformational leaders were barely able to complete high school …

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Paid for Life

Mike Koenigs wants to be paid for life :: but that’s impossible :: so he’s settled on getting Paid for Now™ by selling you on being Paid For Life.

“What if I told you I have a simple, proven, investment strategy that will give you $3.75 for every dollar you invest, and it’s based on scientific research?”

Well then I’d say :: “Sign me up you squatty little fuck!  

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Just Like My Party

very bad mistakes

Andy Jenkins and Frank Kern :: they hardly know each other :: except for during the moments in which they are best friends forever {no tongue … well maybe … who knows}.

Looks like Andy has made a few recent trips to the pork store {probably for pork!}.  His quantum mass has increased by 40%.  The Droid recommends a change in mindset :: and Bacon Lite.

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