The Video Boss 2 – Andy Jenkins Retrospective

Syndicates have a hard time concocting new and original evil plans …

“Plans are for people who don’t have fucking syndicates!”

… says The Syndicate to itself as it sticks to the old plan :: cataclysmic {and ever growing} disruptions to that plan be damned.

The machinations behind the launch of The Video Boss :: as revealed by fake robots :: has served as […]

The Syndicate Presents James Arthur Ray

Why am I failing?

Have you ever asked yourself that question?  Of course you have :: because you’re a failure … and failures ask themselves questions all the time. Do I look fat in this? Why did I say that? Why can’t I stop thinking about ranch dressing?

James Arthur Ray doesn’t ask himself questions. His attention flows where his energies go […]

Kajabi Scam Fraud Review Sucks Refund

Kajabi Scam Fraud Review Sucks Refund.

Dot com.

I should do a review of The Syndicate’s latest frauduct Kajabi :: for the good of the “community” and the “industry” … ready :: set :: go!


1. Kajabi is a scam.  Hello?  Duh!

2. Why in the name of fucks fuck would you put your business data on servers owned by Andy Jenkins? Forget […]