Microsoft vs. The Syndicate’s Magic Bullet

No worries ... it's just Microsoft

The Syndicate just can’t a catch a break right now.

Fucking karma … what a bitch.

A while back I heard a rumor that Amish Shah and Jay Styles had been sued by Microsoft for their Magic Bullet cat crap.  That didn’t make much sense to me :: and documents are prefered to rumors …

Well :: ta-fucking-da!

Thanks to the Wall Street Journal Law Blog {click this link fuckers so this dude will notice us}.

The doc is a not-that-interesting to me pre-trial ruling … but it states the basics …

“Defendants are alleged to have registered domain names containing Microsoft trademarks in order to drive traffic to their website. Consumers seeking a Microsoft website or product are mistakenly drawn to Defendants’ website through Defendants’ alleged use of Microsoft trademarks. Consumers who believe they are downloading a Microsoft product are then allegedly tricked into interacting with Defendants, who in turn solicit users to download emoticons. Defendants allegedly receive payment when a visitor clicks on links or advertisements displayed on their website, or when a visitor downloads or installs a product such as the emoticon toolbar.”

So the Magic Bullet was emoticons? What about unicorns?

Internet Monies!!

Debbie! :: take a letter …

Dear Microsoft ::

Hi Redmond.

I’m The Droid.

You probably don’t know me … because I’m exciting and shit. But that’s okay.

One time :: your law firm :: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP :: failed to hire the editor of this perfectly perfect fake robot blog even after what he thought was a quite satisfactory interview process.

Mistakes happen {like Internet Explorer}.

Too late to fix that mistake now :: lawyering not contestering with fake roboting :: suck it.

Anywayz :: let’s all forgive each other.

I’ll tell you a secret …

You could make your contributory cybersquatting case RICO :: cause you just sued a tiny tentacle of a big fat beast. Magic Bullet was the product of trade union {in the criminal cartel sense of the term} :: as the faux-Godfather will explain in the video above.

It would be so super cool {almost Apple cool} if you could use you lawyering powers to scape back some money for the tens-of-thousands of normal folks who have been skull-fucked for ruinous amounts by this band of mud sucking liars. Defending your trademarks :: for the sake of the little people …

PR gold?

Call me!

>> bing bloop

97 thoughts on “Microsoft vs. The Syndicate’s Magic Bullet”

  1. “Your honor, when you see how much fucking monies we made with this system, you’ll not only throw out this facade of a trial by micro-whatever, and sign up as our affiliate.”

    3 weeks later

    From: Your Pal Frank Kernz

    Subject: Magic Lawsuits!

    Hey, my buddy amish just made a killing last weekend (thats right less than 48 hours, do you have any idea how fucking close that time difference is to this date, it’s practically happening as I WRITE THIS EMAIL) in the courts and has found a way to literally rob companies blind using this little known lawyering hook. Dont take my word for it, look what this Judge-Turned-Affiliate has to say

    “Before I met amish I was a moron who went to school got a degree and worked my way through the legal system. Now I make so much internet monies from Amish I can work from home and I can sleep while I make the monies.”

    Im Frank so you know I dont like to write a lot. Just insert your monies here sheeple

  2. I wonder if the French-term-for-trade-union crew are just a little bit worried right now.

    I can’t help but think (with no small amount of glee) that Microsoft has pulled the string that’s going to unravel this entire ball of scam. I’m not so sure Frank can come back from another ass kicking by the FTC, FCC or whatever 3 letter organization it was that shut him down once already.

    And there are a lot more people lined up behind him this time.

  3. @Sd
    You should chip in, after all they are squatting in your httpee:// Or was that someone else? 3-1 baby!

    1. @Neil ::

      Yikes :: don’t click that link {especially if you’re using Windows} :: it downloads some kind of virus.

      1. I can’t believe there’s fucking malware on my .com

        You better do something about that RIGHT FUCKING NOW Ryan Deiss. Hear me?

        Cause if I have to take my precious time to do something about it … I’m coming through you.

        1. @SD, looks like Deiss let it expire, and you’re dealing with China now. Not sure it’s malware but it does redirect to one of those “Google riches” scam sites.

          1. @Unicorn Army,

            They changed it. People are watching the traffic and testing how they can make fake Internet monies.

            Originally, it didn’t even redirect to anything, just had you downloading a wonderful .exe file.

  4. Microsoft’s image is already not the best, but even they aren’t on the same level as the IM trade union.

    Grinding The Syndicate scourge into powder while defending their trade mark, what a PR coup that would be.

    Imagine the public goodwill MS would create by forking over damages recovered to the elderly and disabled scammed victims on Oprah.

  5. Sorry Salty, I think you missed the mark by a wide margin on this one.

    This lawsuit has nothing to do with the Magic Bullet.

    The whole emoticon thing mentioned was a popular, flash in the pan, affiliate promotion a while back.

    It sounds like Shah and Rivera were promoting the offer as affiliates via Y Mulitmedia. As affiliates for that third party offer they bought the domains in question. This is a case of them as affiliates using questionable tactics i.e. using domains with Microsoft trademarks in them.

    Nothing to see here accept maybe a settlement.

    1. @Reality Bites ::

      The suit was interesting enough to make the WSJ law blog because “contributory cybersquatting” is a somewhat novel claim.

      Meaning … they were teaching others how squat and dilute for fun and profit.

      Nothing to see here … except for M$ suing a scammer … there’s that … but otherwise … nothing.

      1. @SD

        I did not say it wasn’t interesting and color me corrected.

        I think I see your RICO logic now.

        You are saying that their cybersquatting and contributory cybersquatting are the two crimes that could take it RICO?

        1. @Reality Bites, Hopefully, SD will explain about it, but I think it’s more that they can GET to the Syndicate thru the case because they orchestrated the launch?

          It’s only my guess about it though.

  6. I wonder if now instead of MMS (mail my shit) there is also a new code being mailed: AIO (Amish is out [of syndicate]).

    Gotta love the PR angle…come on Microsoft do the right thing and exploit the SD PR idea for more big corporate GAINS!!

    1. @Jack ::

      I wonder if anyone still wants to get in? Seems more punishment than reward now. Congrats you’re in … should get your effects in order in case the police come a knocking.

    1. @Ed Dale Scam, that’s not exactly breaking news. Ed Dale has been known to be a member of that group for a long time. They haven’t exactly been keeping it secret. If Amish Shah has become a member, that would be news. I assume the Droid has discovered something we don’t know about yet. Time to put on the popcorn.

        1. kern can’t sell all his scams in his name so he recruits idiots like amish, matt trainer etc

          The scams take on a different front man is all…scam is still the same

          1. @Shit Storm,

            Ahh… Matt Trainer. The laziest man in IM.

            I have a throwaway gmail account that I use to get these guy’s sales pitches.

            I remember one where Trainer was whining about how “Faggy” the iPhone was.

            1. @Small Dick Frankie,

              Trainer isn’t used by kern much because he’s practically an idiot. Amish is a bight kid, very dangerous on the scamming circuit, and Kern knows he sells well

              Kern says he’s an expert in weed and bitches.

              He left out scamming…this guy is leaving a trail a mile long, just like a slug.

              I will personally go to the trial if there is one to see this guy go down

  7. So I understand this all…there’s no such thing as a Magic Bullet?

    Or are you guys just HATERS?

    1. @Shit Storm, it’s a good point, because the way I see it there are only two choices:

      1) There is such a thing as the Magic Bullet
      2) I am a hater.

      But I now can feel the outpouring of lOVE as the Magic bullet tears through my hate filled heart.

  8. The thing that bothers me is that I remember when they launched this “product” and used their MSN Messenger/emoticons campaign as a case study, and a lot of people ended up seeing it and trying to copy it. It’d suck to get sued by MS because you copied something you saw on a product launch.

    1. @Chris ::

      So was the emoticon thing in the actual frauduct … or it was just a launch video?

      Anyone still got the video?

      1. @SD, it was in a launch video. They showed a campaign where they were running an AdWords campaign for keyword phrases like “MSN Messenger download.” The site was small (~5 pages) with a keyword relevant domain (which MS obviously was not cool with).

        It’s been so long since this came out so I may be mistaken, but I believe that their site offered a download link to MSN Messenger, but it was obviously surrounded with links for something like 1000+ emoticons. It’s one of those CPA deals where you get paid $2-3 every time someone downloads the emoticon pack.

        Anyway, within a couple days of that launch video being released, you could Google keyword phrases like “MSN Messenger download” and there’d be 6-7 results all promising the same 1000 free emoticons when you download MSN Messenger.

        Looks like it’s all been cleaned up on Google, but if you go to Yahoo or Bing and search “MSN Messenger download,” there’s a site listed there (instant messenger depot) which is doing something incredibly similar to what they were doing (minus the trademarks in the domain name).

        1. @Jack, Just also saw this on that page:

          This video in the hands of a Trademark lawyer for MSN, Yahoo or Skype is the Magic Bullet for making an easy case. This video is also showing proof of a Cybersquatter!

          Date of article was January 2nd, 2010

  9. Salty, you’re a lawyer, so the law firm will probably listen to you before they listen to me….

    But you have to let them know (in simple, non IM terms) how Kern and his butt-buddies induced THOUSANDS of other people – through video, follow up emails, and call centers – to purchase this “Magic Bullet” system in order to engage in the illicit cybersquatting fraud.

    Amish and Jose may have been the ones to videotape the system, but it was Kern, and Brandy, and the rest of the clicque who promoted it… hard. I think Kern has a frauduct (freely available on the interwebz – thanks Pirates!!!) where he shows how he got over a million dollars in sales of the Magic Bullet in a few hours.

  10. I wish I never got into internet marketing in the first place. Everywhere I turn I see some sort of scam going on. I.M, dating, health, ETC. In a way it has made me hate the internet. It has made me see the most revolutionary tool in the world as a convenient scamming tool. More so.. I feel like I have lost trust in the government. These blatant and very obvious scams have continued for many years and little to nothing is being done.

    I know I am being a bit “out there” with this comment but I think a lot of us can relate. I hope this law suit can trigger a chain of crackdowns.

    BTW salty, do you ever plan on taking on the warriorforum? It has to be the biggest scam promoter on the internet. The birth place frank kern and almost all other snake oil I.M salesmen.

    1. @Sheldon, Will second that request for salty to take on the Warrior Forum… That place is getting freakier by the day and taking a whole lot money from easily lead people. Any chance salty could unmask the elusive Mr Says?

      1. @Mudlark,

        Believe it or not there is a little kid selling ebooks on the warriorforum. He is 16 years old or so and already “teaching” grown folks about “business”. LOL

        If you try to question the credibility of the given guru or even write a bad product review, your posts get deleted and sometimes you get banned. Protecting scammers and shutting off any bad input from consumers for the sake of profits has to be against some sort of law.

        I think Paul Myers makes $25 for every product posted and each time it is bumped. He also makes $30 for every membership fee (War Room). Take that and multiply it by the 16,000 threads in the buying section.. You have a million dollar scam on your hands with hundreds and hundreds of unaddressed consumer complaints.

        1. @Sheldon,

          Your talking of the one and only Caleb S******n (name partially obscured because he has all the sites like the Droids on Google alerts and surfaces to save his face in blog comments).

          As for Myers I often wonder if he and Says are one and the same (either that or they joined at the hip!).

          Can’t comment on Myers rewards for being the Warrior forum hit-man – but the dude is a forum Nazi.

          Droid – time to smell blood and go for the Warrior Forums jugular!

      2. @Mudlark, The Warrior Forum would be a great target. There is more scamming going on over there than most people realize. That WSO section is one of the biggest hustles on the web.

    2. @Sheldon,

      I feel your pain. I’ve been peeking on this guys for quite sometime, analyzing their products and I’ve come to the conclusion they just transfer content from written form to an audio form and sell it at an 10,000% markup.

  11. Salty,

    I reported this on my blog and got trashed a over year ago for attacking the “Tony Robbins of IM”

    swing on over to

    Barman and you are sainted friends for sure. You will love who he is ripping now. (and his past posts) Maybe you should do a guest post trade?

    and if you dont know of that is the aggregate site for all IM’rs cons and non-cons (see if YOU can tell the difference)

    Keep up the good work and pls pls show MSFT the path to RICO and ANTI-TRUST I have been showing the industry that sordid mind-map for years, but with $$$’s in their ears it takes a WAKE-UP call like this to get some notice.

    I hope someday Joe and Mary Average Citizen realizes its “nut jobs” like you that keep them from marching off short piers in fast order.


  12. Good post, Salty. When will the Syndicate and their evil agenda be stopped? The only thing those scamming nit-tits are good for is repackaging often misleading information and selling it at a 10,000% mark up price. Take F.K., the dude ripped off Cialdini’s research [his research is not misleading, but he’s an exception] and packed it into a dirty little e-course which he then sold to thousands.

    The internet marketing community seems to corrupt everything it touches. Take direct response marketing, for example, they’ve virtually pissed on its credibility by using it as a modality to sell fraudulent products. I mean, the whole era of Sugarman, Schwartz, Halbert, Olgivy, Caples-style marketing has been scrapped and replaced with a ghetto, fraudulent based philosophy. What’s worrying, too, is that many direct response vets like J. Carlton seem to be supporting the evil agenda propelled by the Syndicate. When I was young, dumb n’ full of cum, I used to follow the guy, thinking he was somehow different from the herd. Then, during my adolescents, I grew up and figured associating myself with him would be the last thing I want. He’s just another scumbag amidst many other scumbags.

    I say we, the anti-fraudsters, need to stand up to fight idiots like ‘Amish Shah’ and restore integrity to D.R. advertising whose name has, like I said, been pissed on. Did you know how hard the direct response advertising community fought to protect itself from the 800-pound gorilla in the room [aka traditional, madison-avenue style advertising]? Geniuses like Joseph Sugarman all fought tirelessly to do just that. And now, the advertising philosophy they worked so hard to preserve, has been punched, scruffled and disposed of. I say its about time to avenge these legends; they can see clearly the future of integrity and marketing. So, fellow patriots, use any media at hand, whether it be television, radio or the internet to expose the fraudulent group we know as ‘The Syndicate’.

    Anyway, Salty, I hope you continue with this patriotic work and I give you my highest respect. May God carve a special niche for you in Heaven.

    1. @Jack Causevic, You do realize there were direct response scams long before most of these guys were born, and the internet was just a few computers hooked together here and there?

      I highly doubt that the direct response industry has been affected by these guys, outside of their sphere of influence.

      1. @Anonymous Bastard,

        You’re right, but I disagree with your notion that you highly doubt the direct response industry has been affected. These guys seem to be doing more damage than anybody else. The evil indulgences of the I.M. community have taken more of a toll on D.R. than anything else.

        D.R. — as it was made by John Caples and David Olgiviy — was made as an honorable form of marketing. That notion must be preserved, and, in order to do that, we must silence The Syndicate’s evil agenda.

        1. If you mean the “make money” sub-market of the direct response industry, sure these guys might be affecting it.

          But I highly doubt they’re affecting companies like J Peterman or any other big direct response outfits.

          If they’re hurting the industry, it’s only within their sphere of influence – the make money business, which has plenty of “offline” scams already.

          I think you’re giving them more credit for their abilities than they deserve ;-)

  13. Amish Shah posted a video on his blog when he was launching Magic Bullet System that showed a campaign of his where he was banking over $750 a day (revenue) promoting the Smiley Central CPA offer.

    His LP was on a domain that was called (I think) The video is gone from his site but you can take a look at the Google cache of the said page at:

    Scroll down this cached page to the second post titled – “$20,416.00 in 27 days using little known traffic source!” – this is the video that showed how Amish & Jay were making over $750 per day by tricking searchers looking for MSN Messenger into downloading the Smiley Central toolbar.

    Look into the source code of the page and you’ll find some interesting stuff. While the other videos in the launch were stored directly at amazon AWS, this second video (related to the MSN Messenger domain) is hosted on Amazon AWS via another intermediary called

    Here’s the interesting bit in the code:
    “…. flv/frankkern/F76C08DA-E53C-8D89-8C9A057BD15A5354.js”

    SPOT THAT? “flv/frankkern/…”

    Piecing together the full URL from the source code:

    Go here and you’ll finally locate the Amazon AWS link to the video in question:

    (Hmmmm…who is this Andrew gangsta?)

    Unfortunately, here the trail grows cold.

    The video has been removed from the server.

    Once I started researching I found this email by Amish to his JV list. I’m not posting the entire email here, but here are the relevant parts:

    2) We have a launch sequence from our last launch
    that the genius Frank Kern created.

    (Frank will be advising us along this launch..and
    you already know he gets results)

    3) Andy Jenkins is on board to manage the launch
    and to create those awesome videos that everyone
    just has to watch.


    Full email text:

    PS: The campaign that Amish posted is not his own creation. He copied that campaign from another affiliate marketer. If anyone has KeywordSpy, go check out campaigns for the keyword – “download msn messenger”. This campaign was running on Adwords much before Amish & co stole the idea, made a little dough, then outed the campaign as part of the MBS launch.

    No wonder it was easy for them to out this campaign… :-)

  14. Love the part on the Warrior (wanker) board – At least I am not the only one who suspects Paul Myers to be a fraud…I swear to god the next time he deletes a post of mine I fly over to the states and put a bullet in his head…wait – better I shoot him in both of his kneecaps – that way I can make a movie on his suffering put it on a webpage and sell it for 5 bucks –

    There must be at least 10.000 members on the warriorboard who hate him as much as I do and pay. Thats 50.000 bucks for something I love

    I guess they are right on the wf when they teach do what you love and the money will follow….

  15. Hey check out this, looks like the FTC are fully onto the whole rubbish scammy IM guru product launch fiasco, the video basically goes through all the scammy techniques –

      1. @SD, The FTC guy in the video says – ‘One of the really heart breaking things about our job is we hear over and over from consumers who tell us that mere minutes after they gave someone their credit card information they did a simple internet search and they found stories that made them break out in a cold sweat’,

        I think he might be refering to when they do a search and then land on your site! :)

  16. @SD,
    Sorry bout posting the link to the shite. It was for illustrative purposes only.
    It might direct him to your message via his analytics though.
    Although he’s probably read it already, and shat it a little bit.

    1. @Frank Kern ::

      A couple people who got hosed with Magic Bullets should leave comments over there … try to cry if you can.

      1. @SD, I fell into the MB trap this time last year. I was new to internet marketing and they presented some pretty compelling videos. The software sucks and it’s loaded with bugs.

        As you know, they launched it again and it’s the same piece of shit it was a year ago. The new members in the forum are scratching their head with all the issue.

        I wish I did my homework before falling for this scam!

  17. One thing I ended up deciding to think about when I read this comment exchange:

    In a statement, Microsoft told the American Lawyer: “We believe we have a responsibility to our customers to try to stop deceptive activity that threatens the safety and reliability of their online experience.”

    Derek Linke, a lawyer for the defendants, called Microsoft’s claims “not true,” adding that Digispace is an advertising company, and its business has “nothing whatsoever to do with Microsoft.”

    was maybe that today I was on Mars when reading it. Am I reading it wrong or is it telling me something like this:

    Microsoft Attorney: “You’re tricking people into thinking you’re Microsoft”
    Defense Attorney: “Not true. Because we’re not Microsoft”.

    Next thing you know they’ll be claiming theyr’e not Gogole:

  18. I get going after bad guys – wouldn’t be here reading this otherwise.
    However, not real thrilled to watch a Microsoft bashing anyone about simply because part of one of their product names was used in a website url.

    Smacks too much of “you Vs Goliath” – with said Goliath inventing new causes of action – or just smashing you because they can afford to litigate endlessly. As everyone knows, justice most often goes to the guy who can afford to buy it.

    1. @Steve,

      “Simply because they’re product name was used in a website url?


      “Simply because they’re product name they went to spent billions developing and make know all over in a/the marektplace – and then getting used to TRICK people for downloading horrible-impossible-to-remove-software.

      It isn’t really a point for whether they are the evil ones…now if they don’t do this very good and honest companies can be stolen and brand-ruined too.

      So even if we can think that Microsoft is the bad and evil company it is THEY as the company with MONEY that can hlpe stop this sort of companies that maybe you love for NOT being the bad and evil company.

      Name your favorite companies and also brands here people and then say that you’d be happy for someone else to trick your FRIENDS and FAMILY into downloading some horrible spywaree and maybe even-probably THI NK it was your favorite company and-or brand that did it to them. then you’re going to tehm to tell them what a great company it is and they say to you that “you’re out of your mind” as if maybe you had just told them, “The world is made of snow!”

  19. Frank Kern is apparently preparing a massing re-launch of List Control…

    { not yet configured }

    { primary opt-in landing page }

    { privacy policy page }

    { kern speaking at a glazer-kennedy conference }


    This was sent out via e-mail yesterday:

    { all about e-mail marketing – thus my suspicion this is another List Control launch }

    My point in posting this?

    Like the Droid, I’m tired of seeing the dickheads win.

    Yet the biggest dickhead of them all just keeps winning…

    Over and over again.

    It’s unreal.

    Despite everything that has been exposed by the Droid, this guy just casually keeps raking in the money and laughing all the way to the bank.

    People… we need to point others to the Droid’s blog. It’s not enough to just sit on the sidelines and be passive.

    See, it’s one thing if someone knows the WHOLE truth and decides to buy anyway. That’s cool with me because it’s an informed decision. But many (if not most) of those who DO buy just didn’t have a complete picture.

    Now, let’s be clear… all I’m advocating is that the Droid’s website be promoted more heavily. The goal here isn’t to interfere with anyone’s business or livelihood, but to help people have a more nuanced understanding of what they’re buying into.

    I’m annoyed and frustrated with how easily it is for the dickheads to win.

    1. @Alejandro,

      I hate that cocky prick Kern’s. I bet he got his ass kicked in High School

    2. @Alejandro,

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t these products always have a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee?

      Doesn’t mean I think Frank’s products are any good, because I don’t (though List Control wasn’t awful, just way overpriced)…

      …but I don’t see how it’s really that big a deal (unless he refuses to refund money).

      1. @Daniel ::

        You’re wrong.

        Except for the part where you said :: “I don’t see” :: that part sounds right.

        1. @SD,

          Fair enough… perhaps you could explain why you believe this is such a dangerous practise?

          To clarify… I’m not saying these overblown promises are okay… In fact I think they’re disgusting. But I’ve always believed the market will vote, and with ClickBank’s return policy I can’t see how anyone could actually spend money they don’t want to spend?

          I’m not discounting your point of view or experience. I’m just trying to understand the other side of the coin.

          1. @Daniel,

            SD already answered your question before you asked it…this whole blog is pretty much “the other side of the coin”. If you really want to understand, it’s all right here…the posts, videos, audios, comments. You’re not going to get the whole picture from a sentence or two.

          2. @Daniel,

            I like math.
            Math is fun.

            Time = money
            Bizop lies = time + money
            Doing the subtituation of time = money…

            Bizop lies = time + money

            Doing some more of the math we cna see:

            Bizop1 lies = time1 + money1
            bizop2 lies = time2 + money2
            bizop3 lies = time3 + money3
            bziop4 lies = time4 + money4
            bizop5 lies = time5 + money5
            bizop6 lies = time6 + money6

            Ok, so maybe you say refund1 – money1 = 0 (discounting time for refund)

            So now it can be easy to see about that even aftre maybe refund1 + refund2 + refund3 + refund4 + refund5 + refund6

            We have bizop1+bizop2+bizop3+bizop4+bizop5+bizop6 has costed:

            money + money + money + money + money + money

            And that my son, is what we around here call…


            1. @Jack,

              Thanks for giving an explanation when everyone else just gave cult-like “you should already understand” responses.

              Personally, I believe in capitalism. I believe the marketplace will always vote with their wallets.

              We’re already seeing the effects of that… the so-called “gurus” are having to struggle harder and harder to make decent money, when even twelve months ago it was insanely easy.

              The marketplace is maturing and evolving. And IMHO that’s a good thing.

              So long as people take personal responsibility and refund crappy products… things will work themselves out pretty quickly.

              Having said all that… now you’ve elaborated… I’m a lot more aware of the damage these guys cause.

              Even if it’s not financial strain, something’s gotta give. Whether you’re tired and run down from chasing scams, or you’re not spending enough time with your kids, these scams definitely have a negative impact.

              But I’m a cynic. I’ve never expected the world to be good and just, and am always extremely skeptical of offers. And I figure if I fall for a scam, some of that responsibility is on me… not all, but some.

              We all are responsible for our own actions and situation, after all. And since the world will never be kind to us, we need to be wary of it.

          3. @Daniel,

            I’m not discounting your point of view or experience. I’m just trying to understand the other side of the coin.

            We know this place isn’t for everyone, 90% of the people that come here, are to lazy to read anything [[and end up clicking away without utilizing the knowledge they have been given]]…but people like you [[who take the initiative]], are staying ahead of what is happening on the internet….and are taking responsibility for their lives…everyone…give yourselves a big round of applause…

            First and foremost, the posts have been kept pretty simple, so people like you will understand them…but there will be those people that no matter how much they read, won’t ever quite grasp what is being said [[we understand that]], and this is not the right place for them….

            I personally like to challenge myself[[real readers do]]…so for me, I will read a post [[over and over again if necessary]] until I understand it….it’s what separates those who will be armed with knowledge…and those who will fail…

            We only want people who want to learn and grow. This isn’t about us being right or you being wrong…it’s about imparting knowledge…and the lengths you are willing to go to receive it, will define your ultimate success.

    3. @Alejandro, Re promoting – every time i explain IM to a noob, I also suggest they read Salty’s blog AND spread the word.

      What are you doing to promote this free blog which reveals internet guru scams?

    4. @Alejandro, Re promoting – every time i explain IM to a noob, I also suggest they read Salty’s blog AND spread the word.

      What are you doing to promote this free blog which reveals internet guru scams?

      I think we all could help Salty in this way.

  20. while googling for amish’s bullet software, I stumble on this page …
    wow, some passionately angry people populating this blog.
    I’m not a lawyer, nor a syndicate member (whatever that means).
    Just wanted to add my view to the ambient noise :
    I like Frank Kern, I think he’s funny and presents
    an enjoyable “show” in his info products.
    Maybe because I enjoyed the Dude movie …
    I agree that Cialdini material keeps popping everywhere in visual format
    without proper credit, but then so are the 10 commandments, Ries and
    Trout’s positioning masterpiece, etc. Let’s not forget Microsoft’s
    “embrace and extend” methodology, which was company policy to copy
    competitors then kill those same competitive threats with questionable
    marketing tactics … anyone remembers corporate entity called Netscape ?
    Ok, so the world we live in isn’t perfect. Lions eat zebras …
    And the Internet can be/is a dangerous place …
    well … caveat emptor people !!

    PS. this being said, Frank’s material is definitely overpriced
    for my puny budget, but hopefully Google is a helpful friend …

  21. how can we find out when the trial is. as a Magic Bullet customer (shamefully), and a ymultimedia affiliate with outstanding payments owed to me, I have a personal interest in this case.

    1. @alex, ymultimedia are are closing down.

      “If you are running traffic with
      yMultimedia, please stop all traffic
      before Friday, March 25th, 2011.”

      Digispace wish to concentrate on their core business.

  22. Pretty much all the original MB “case studies” were variation on a theme. “Oh, Ikea are running a CPA offer, so register, create blog, run ads on trademarked terms.” Have to confess I part fell for it, but didn’t register trademarked domains, just ranked for some of the terms instead. But all the MBS case studies I saw were like this and remarkably weak. I think they ripped the guts out Hexatrack to build, it. This software spied on affiliates to see who were running the successful (aka longer lasting) PPC campaigns, who no doubt ended up spying on you!

  23. Wow…so I guess only internet marketers get sued.
    The reality is that all multi million and billion dollar companies get sued all the time for bending the rules. You don’t become successful by being Jesus in this world. It’s a sad reality but it’s true.

    One thing I don’t get is…why does Salty Droid spew all the negativity towards all the big time marketers, yet fails to mention the good ones.
    There are sites out there that actually rank the different courses and let people who have actually bought the course to rate and comment on the site.

    Which leads me to believe that Salty Droid is someway connected to the big time circle of gurus. Negative publicity is still publicity…fear mongering is a powerful tactic. I’ll be honest, I have signed up to all the big time guru’s spam list and I just follow what they do…read their emails and listen to what they say in the videos. Most of the time the way they promote their products is more valuable than the product they are selling. I recently saw Frank Kern’s latest “free thing of value” he was giving away, and he said that you can either not do anything and listen to people like Salty Droid(he didn’t say it outright) or you can take action and take control of your life. Another psychological tactic…all the more ammo of these guys to pounce on the weak minded.

    1. @Pantsonfire,

      “you can either not do anything and listen to people like Salty Droid”

      …Which is what you are doing. Undermines your point somewhat, don’t it.

    2. @Pantsonfire,

      “…yet fails to mention the good ones.”

      Do you ask your exterminator, “Why are you getting rid of my cockroaches and failing to mention the good bugs?”

    3. @Pantsonfire,

      I do all of these:
      – “listen to people like Salty Droid”
      – “take action”
      – “take control of your life”

      They’re not mutually exclusive.

  24. @ pantsonfire,

    “I recently saw Frank Kern’s latest “free thing of value” he was giving away, and he said that you can either not do anything and listen to people like Salty Droid(he didn’t say it outright) or you can take action and take control of your life. Another psychological tactic…all the more ammo of these guys to pounce on the weak minded.”

    So you think it’s great for these guys to pounce on the weak minded, you douche?

    1. @Jimmy Ray, No, not at all. But if you are a marketer, these are the people who make the big time gurus very rich time and time again. And Salty Droid is part of the problem.
      He’s just giving the gurus more ways to pull people towards them.

      Let’s face it…negative publicty makes you popular. The most recent example I can give you is Sheen. Everybody was talking about him negatively in the media yet he’s taking it to the bank with his tours.

      Salty Droid is the TMZ of the internet marketers.

  25. Shit face Amish did in fact do that!

    with his site(s):, etc.
    He would then hit you with a CPA of the alleged emoticons where he would get $1.50 or so for each opt-in. You get the lil smiley faces free when you download the messenger or some crap like that.

    He used PPC google adwords to drive traffic paying 5-10 cents per click, the conversion rate was high and he made an easy buck. Loaded a couple hundred dollars a day doing this.

    Not bad, but do not use trademarked names in your domain for profit dumbass! If he wanted to do and gripe about them with no profit, then you are free to do so. Courts and cases proved instances like that.

    But syndicate smells shit, then eat it. Now where is Jeff Walker with my continental breakfast!?

        1. @Unicorn Army, Ah – yep:

          “Amish is cofounder and CEO of DigiSpace Solutions, an online marketing and advertising company. DigiSpace Solutions generated close to one million dollars in revenue its first year in business and has recently been listed in the Inc500 as the 60th fastest growing private advertising company in the USA. He recently launched a new startup, Bitzio, LLC, a mobile applications development company, which generated revenue in its very first month. He has more than ten years of experience in marketing and advertising. Previously, he consulted for various companies from Morgan Stanley to American Online to the US Senate.”

          “Previously, he consulted for various companies from Morgan Stanely to Amercan Online to the US Senate”…

          …then said…”hell with it – gonna do me some brand-jacking!”

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