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Microsoft vs. The Syndicate’s Magic Bullet

The Syndicate just can’t a catch a break right now.

Fucking karma … what a bitch.

A while back I heard a rumor that Amish Shah and Jay Styles had been sued by Microsoft for their Magic Bullet cat crap. That didn’t make much sense to me :: and documents are prefered to rumors …

Well :: ta-fucking-da!

Thanks to the Wall Street Journal Law Blog.

The doc is a not-that-interesting to me pre-trial ruling … but it states the basics …

“Defendants are alleged to have registered domain names containing Microsoft trademarks in order to drive traffic to their website. Consumers seeking a Microsoft website or product are mistakenly drawn to Defendants’ website through Defendants’ alleged use of Microsoft trademarks. Consumers who believe they are downloading a Microsoft product are then allegedly tricked into interacting with Defendants, who in turn solicit users to download emoticons. Defendants allegedly receive payment when a visitor clicks on links or advertisements displayed on their website, or when a visitor downloads or installs a product such as the emoticon toolbar.”

So the Magic Bullet was emoticons? What about unicorns?

Internet Monies!!

Debbie! :: take a letter …

Dear Microsoft ::

Hi Redmond.

I'm The Droid.

You probably don't know me ... because I'm exciting and shit. But that's okay.

One time :: your law firm :: Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP :: failed to hire the editor of this perfectly perfect fake robot blog even after what he thought was a quite satisfactory interview process.

Mistakes happen {like Internet Explorer}.

Too late to fix that mistake now :: lawyering not contestering with fake roboting :: suck it.

Anywayz :: let's all forgive each other.

I'll tell you a secret ...

You could make your contributory cybersquatting case RICO :: cause you just sued a tiny tentacle of a big fat beast. Magic Bullet was the product of trade union {in the criminal cartel sense of the term} :: as the faux-Godfather will explain in the video above.

It would be so super cool {almost Apple cool} if you could use you lawyering powers to scape back some money for the tens-of-thousands of normal folks who have been skull-fucked for ruinous amounts by this band of mud sucking liars. Defending your trademarks :: for the sake of the little people ...

PR gold?

Call me!

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