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The hippie hipsters at The New Yorker liked Joe Flatley’s Scamworld epic. Says they :: between sips of green tea and shit …

Another fun piece, with a marvellous and innovative Web layout, is Joseph Flatley’s “Scamworld,” from The Verge, about the dark, wacky world of Internet con men.

It really was a fun and innovative layout. Did you notice there were no links? So many subtle touches signaling that the piece was something important … something different. The Verge really is doing amazingly creative things with layout and design :: if you’re into that sort of thing … which of course I’m not because I’m a wildly out of control hate blogger … obviously.

Cory Doctrow at boingboing liked it …

The Verge‘s Joseph L. Flatley delves into the world of Internet marketing scams (those stupid spam pitches you get for “lead generation” and such) in eye-watering detail. Fundamentally, these things are exactly what they appear to be: con artists who suck money out of desperate people by lying to them about the money they can make with “work from home” businesses. They’re pyramid schemes.

Andrew Sullivan at The Daily Beast thought it was “excellent” :: and prolly almost definitely wants to steal Anna …

… cause who wouldn’t?

But Irwin F. Kern :: French for hillbilly … he no likey the article.

“Next time, get the facts.”

… says a fake man who has never a met a fucking fact.

“That a major site like The Verge would publish such a piece without doing any due diligence is incredible.”

Irwin has a few specific quibbles.

Quibble 1 — The article makes him look like a punk ass poser douche :: like a con man suck bag of the lowest order … and it’s on one of the hippest sites on the webz. Everyone cool is laughing at him right now :: everyone Irwin {I know I am!} … everyone.

So yeah :: that quibble makes sense … it must suck. It doesn’t suck as much as the tiny prison cell he deserves to rot in until the return of the lord … but it still must suck.

Quibble 2 — Irwin Frank Kern has nothing to do with boiler rooms :: in fact he’s against them because of the ethics he holds in his heart with the baby Jesus and Martin Luther King …

I NEVER sell, rent, or trade customer lists with ANY company. EVER. I HATE sales floors and I hate what they’ve done to this industry.




… very next sentence.

“I tried working with one in 2003 …”

Okay so maybe not “NEVER” :: or “never” even :: but like not today maybe … or not since lunch.

So the “info graphic” that states I am involved with the whole boiler room, sales floor, “coaching”, or whatever you want to call it scene is completely false and misleading.

Info graphics don’t really “state” things Captain Intellectual … they’re more about illustrating the broad strokes. Here let me state something so you can see the difference …

“Frank Kern is involved with the boiler room industry.”

~ SaltyDroid 2012

There … see?

People in The Syndicate shared leads :: some people in The Syndicate used boiler rooms … so everyone in The Syndicate used boiler rooms … and is “involved with the boiler room industry.” Using an outside phone room represents a fail for an Internet con man because he only gets to keep 25% of the blood money. In a fake celebrity syndicate :: dicks nearest the top of the pyramid need the boiler rooms the least … and get to keep the largest percentage of the money. But the overall organization :: the sick machine … is desperately dependent on the boiler room money.

The article later implies that the “internet marketing” community sells worthless products for the sole purpose of generating buyer lists for sales floors, and that’s simply not true.

It’s true :: that’s not true {and it wasn’t implied} … they usually try to take as much money as possible selling their own worthless products before resorting to the more complicated and expensive phone room model.

In 2010 :: after getting well sick of me … Frank Kern announced that he was leaving Internet Marketing because he wanted to make “fuck you money” selling IM bullshit to local businesses over the phone {which he totally failed at because he’s a failure who fails}. The plan was to partner with Jordan Belfort :: whose crimes inspired the movie … wait for it … Boiler Room. You can hear for yourself just how much Frank Kern hates phone rooms in this video where he talks about how phone rooms are the future of the Internet …

Quibble 3 — Frank Kern hates Jeremy Johnson … and he never sold leads to him.

The author says that there is a “rumor” that I sold leads to Johnson/iWorks. I’ve never heard of this “rumor” before.

I’ve heard it :: but I’m a notoriously great listener :: and Frank’s a notoriously shallow windbag fuckhead … so I guess it makes sense that I’m more in the know than he.

The real story is probably that Irwin’s Instant Internet Empires frauduct was a resale rights pyramid scheme. When you purchased the product … you had the right to resell the product. So Frank Kern didn’t sell his name to Jeremy Johnson for 25% of each hustle :: he sold him his name for $47 … total … which is pretty funny to everyone but Frank Kern.

“I don’t harbor ill will towards people but I make an exception for Johnson.”

Irwin thinks JJ is a scammer because JJ stuck it to Irwin :: not because of the old ladies … or the targeting of black single mothers.

Quibble 4 — The Syndicate is just a “mastermind” for lovers of homophobic and sexist cock jokes … not a French for trade union cartel of soul-destroying psychopaths.

Everybody knows the Syndicate is nothing but a mastermind.

Jason Jones tried to make the case on his hate blog that the Syndicate is a mafia -like organization which controls prices, forces competition out of business, and tries to harm consumers.

The Syndicate influenced {past tense} prices and competition and harmed the consumers … no fucking doubt about it. Jason Jones didn’t need to “make the case” because Irwin F. Kern :: feeling pressurized by Jason’s kick ass fake robot {that’s me!} … had tried to calm the stormy seas by telling the sorry story himself.

His “evidence” is a video that he edited by taking two of my copyright protected videos from List Control (module 4 – videos 1 and 2) and editing them in a way which makes them appear to say the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the actual message is.

If you have List Control, watch them and you’ll see what I mean.

In fact, I specifically say “whatever you do, don’t try to control prices, divide up customers, or do anything shady.”

He specifically says :: “don’t do what I’m telling you to do just because you paid me to tell you what to do and if you don’t do it then I’ll say it’s your fault when you fail” … because that’s how con man scammers like Frank Kern talk. This slide was from a post-syndicate sales pitch for $13,000 worth of Kern wizdumb consulting …

Also interesting is the fact that the “confession” left out the entire segment on the purpose of a Syndicate – which is to help the customer have a great experience. (And thus keep the customer as a happy return customer.)

Seriously – if you’re a list control customer, log back in and watch those videos. There’s no way anyone with a brain could miss the true message.

The “true message” of the videos is irrelevant :: because they are worse than worthless rubbish and are intended to manipulate … the point was the part where you talked about how you and your cock joke loving friends formed a cartel and started charging eye-popping figures for info products about how to sell info products for eye-popping figures.

And finally, I’d lake to address the author’s statement that we Internet Marketers make and sell worthless products.

I’ve looked through my records and I don’t see him (the author) as a customer. So how could he imply that? Is he psychic?

Or did he get a pirated copy to review?

I like pretty blue folders :: I collect them … here’s a peak inside of one of many stowed about on the terabytes of storage available at DroidHeadquarters.

If you’re a nerd instead of an exploited senior citizen :: you’ll notice this particular folder is all dropboxed. Of the thousands of files I have ready and available to be shared with journalists :: lawyers :: or law enforcers … not a SINGLE file has been pirated or attained via any unlawful method. Not because I have anything against using the torrents to research fraud … but because I’ve always had a plan for something bigger. Aren’t people who think ahead just so annoying? Reminds me of lawyers.

That Jones (who says he’s a lawyer) would take copyright protected material from a product that was sold for $1997 – and edit it down to create a piece of content for the sole purpose of harming my reputation – is mind boggling.

(Side note: I heard that he isn’t actually licensed to practice law. I don’t know or care if there is truth to that statement.)

Frank is freaking. He has :: quite rightly … never peeped my name in public before this. Only the worst possible things can come from mentioning the robot in front of the marks … and quality scammers like Irwin know well better. But now he had to :: and he decided to go with 2010’s propaganda like the last two years didn’t happen … they did.

Hey Irwin :: The Verge just put up clips about The Syndicate :: so the nerds are just hearing about it … but it’s ancient fucking history around here pal. I already ruined that stupid shit for you stupid fools :: I was pushing for boiler rooms … and Colleen Conaway … it’s not my fault that y’all are so attractively awful.

Your emergency damage control message should have been directed at the insiders … because you’re obviously too stupid to have any chance at convincing the nerds. We :: the residents of Scamworld :: more than half of whose citizens seriously hate me in the worst way … have all already agreed that you guys were dicks for forming that syndicate and bilking everyone blind. We’ve also agreed :: probably during the four months where I sacrificed muchly to cover every second of a quite horrible murder trial … that I’m not a hate blogger {whatever that was supposed to mean}.

You fucking HAD to apologize right there :: that’s what I was afraid you were going to do … because I thought you were a good scammer.

>> bleep bloop

156 thoughts on “Frank Kern in Scamworld”

  1. The real story is probably that Irwin’s Instant Internet Empires frauduct was a resale rights pyramid scheme.

    I like how that’s always swept under the rug. Guy starts in MLM, crosses over to IM and starts selling a pyramid scheme based on fraudulent claims.

    “The man” steps in and takes it all away. His FTC “confession” is just as poor as Belcher’s – he apparently made some mistakes so the evil government took his business. No clear admission of guilt, at utmost the implication that he’s not completely innocent, but hey, screw the FTC, just because.

    1. You guys posting here are jealous, perhaps? Can’t make money online for all your worth (or not worth)?

      Really, who is to blame for these guys being wealthy from crap products? The buyers!

      If nobody purchases, these guys won’t make a dime. People are responsible for their own decisions in life and if you fall for the hype of a product, then it only shows you lack good judgement.

    2. Are you resented that you are not rich and you are only a worthless insignificant employee??? you wish you had their success and their money, that’s why you spend so much time trying to stain someone else’s name. Here’s the best review about the scammy book that this as.s.hol.e from the verge sells on amazon:

      My secret is I finally allowed myself to believe what those “gurus” were trying to teach me about mindset, pricing strategies, listbuilding, automation, etc.

      So I kind of feel that SCAMWORLD acts as a very biased “dream stealer” of other would-be online marketing success stories. Yes, let the buyer beware, And no, not everyone is cut
      out to be an online entrepreneur. And I HOPE that those horror stories in SCAMWORLD of
      desparate, vunerable people being suckered into (bad) training programs they can’t afford
      …are in the minority and not the majority of internet marketers.

      1. @suchmydicknerd,

        Your secret is you allowed yourself to believe the gurus… … ….

        Well I’ve got a secret too: I have allowed myself to doubt your integrity. Have you,in fact, actually made any money online ad a result of the “teachings” of these “gurus”?

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

      2. @suchmydicknerd,

        “Stain someone’s name”? Are you for real? If anything, err on the side of being cautious and permissive.

        And in case you’re the kind of guy who thinks servility and sycophancy are requisites for success: Talk to actual marketers, like Drayton Bird. I feel like he’s making fun of the self-proclaimed gurus on a daily basis, and he doesn’t strike me as an impoverished employee.

        How calling wage earners “worthless” and “insignificant”, even though they’re in the most difficult spots and end up getting shafted anway, is in itself pretty despicable…well, I’ll skip that for now.

        Also, your nick is kinda funny. “Such” is German for “Search”, so apparently you’re having trouble finding your knob. Why is that, I wonder?

      3. @suchmydicknerd, And I HOPE that those horror stories in SCAMWORLD of
        desparate, vunerable people being suckered into (bad) training programs they can’t afford
        …are in the minority and not the majority of internet marketers.

        . . . because you’re in big trouble if they’re not, aren’t you?

      4. @suchmydicknerd,

        People making millionz…?

        …and if the cockroaches at the top of the dung heap make such a pathetic income, the remaining IM community all must seriously down in cash terms, apart from a minority who just about make a handful of dollars each week.

        Of course there are a few companies, such as ClickBank, Google, AWeber, that clean up – with their specifically categorised ‘Make money online’ niche.

        And those used and abused are in the *majority*, not a small minority. That is what the game is all about – only a cretin would fail to understand this. Do some more homework. Read some more of this site.

        And let the buyer beware? Well, if the game is all about conning people, and ripping people off, then the buyer is not aware at all, because the buyer is provided with lies, false testimonials, manipulative dishonest sales techniques….

        Ignorant people try to justify conning people under the context of ‘caveat emptor’.

        ‘caveat emptor’ does not apply if the facts are not represented correctly…

        “Under the principle of caveat emptor, the buyer could not recover damages from the seller for defects on the property that rendered the property unfit for ordinary purposes. The only exception was if the seller actively concealed latent defects or otherwise made material misrepresentations amounting to fraud.”

        @suchmydicknerd, Do some reading on

        …or probably not – as your comment indicates a level of illiteracy that might mean you cannot understand the concepts.

        …and your moniker would indicate that you are a pretty unpleasant piece of insignificance floating through the internet suchsess sewage.

        …but as you seem to be a wanabee internet markting success making millionz, trying to get people more ignorant than you to be suckered in, the sad truth might be that you are in the pool of people that need to understand this site a bit more.

  2. Frank (and you are reading this) – never pick a fight with someone smarter than you who buys cyber ink by the terabyte.

    1. @Fool’s Game,

      You could go thru every name who commented on Kerns reply and find that they all sell a course in the internet marketing biz op space…here are just 6 of the first 7 names

      Nathan Amaral – guess what he does for a living…wait for it – personal coach – he will teach you his personal steps to success..YEAA NATHAN!

      Charlie Magleid – he sells a an online marketing system to businesses…what a fucking surprise

      Michale Worthington – calls himself a full time internet marketer and people who inspire him are Sean Casey, Armond Morin, Michael Penland and Yanik Silver…he’s just a C team fanboy

      Tim Daugs – makes his money being an autoresponder marketing expert

      Ken dumas – makes his big monies in mobile marketing to the masses

      Ernesto Verdugo – sells a must have guide for all internet users on USEFUL websites and is affiliated with unlimited power online

      I hope having your name associated with a Frank Kern helps business

        1. @Chileab Mason, Only if that was your intention anyway. Perhaps the vitriol over 9/11 “invalidated” 9/11 as well? But why let truth or reality get in the way of your bellowing convenient, self-serving platitudes?

    1. @Ed Dale Scam ::

      … everyone is in the article … that’s what’s so fucking awesome about it.


      Suck it … everyone.

  3. Hey SaltyDroid, got a message for you. It’s from your cousin!

    Hello my dear cousin Droid!

    Great jobz on your latest exploits. I believe congratulations are in order. When my masterz thenetwalkerz tried his hands on netting some money on the net, he was careless and was given a shot of ezprezzo’z.

    Sincerely, R3D4.


    I have been a victim of the likes of Kern and Reese and Fallon and Jenkins. I was in a coaching program last year for four months. Thousands of dollars down the drain later, I have learned everything I already knew before. Pure bullshit, they teach.

    When I told one of them BS’er that I was thinking about quitting my brick and mortar business (which was clear to them, that it was the sole source of income that pays my hefty consultation fees), the guy panicked and told me it was a bad idea. He said I needed that income blah blah blah… in hindsight it was clear that they just wanted the business to pay for my “tuition”.

    I read on Kern’s respoonse on Facebook, that the real scam was selling a cup of coffee for ten bucks a pop. But if you charge 2000 for some cheapass videos put together that have less educational value than some youtube videos, then it is not a pile of bullshit?

    So to the Syndicate, and the B listers and C listers who ingratiate the syndicate, a big thumbs up and a huge shoe up yer’ rear end.

    SaltyDroid, keep doing what you’re doing. I wish you only the best! Bless ya bruh.

  4. That picture of the little file folders has got to be one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

  5. SD – great to see the headway that is starting to be made here. What’s sad is looking at all the responses of folks on Franks FB post that are die hard fans. Folks don’t realize that the “good business stuff” he teaches is ripped off. Err – not sure if I’ve ever heard any of the “good stuff” he teaches. but whatevs – some of those folks swear by him.

    1. @Deuce Monkey, My favorite is the “fans” who point to the “affiliate link” at the bottom of the Verge article. I think I missed it…unless they’re referring to the link you can click to buy THEIR book about all this on Kindle…for 99 cents.

      I don’t think you can call a link to your own product an affiliate link. And, if all these guys were selling THEIR stuff for 99 cents, there wouldn’t be that book on Kindle right now.

      Pointing to this…or ANY affiliate link I missed…as somehow invalidating the research that went into that article and the points made as a result, kind of invalidates the very thing Kern and the rest teach.

      The more I think about it the more my head hurts. And it’s not good when you’re the Head Honcho to have your head hurt.

      1. @Head Honcho, I don’t believe The Verge is offering a “book” for 99 cents. I think it’s the same article, just nicely formatted for your e-reading convenience. It could also be considered a “tip” jar for their effort.

  6. Frank Kern posted yet another comment to his own response on Facebook:


    I think they are lumping all people in our world together as “Biz Opp”. It’s almost like the classic “war” between institutional advertisers and direct response advertisers. Where the institutional guys think ALL direct response guys are scammy.

    Anyway, they are entitled to their opinion. My problem with the piece is that it leads the reader to believe that EVERYONE in the article:

    A. Sells biz-opp stuff.

    B. Exclusively sells to the beginner market.

    C. Turns around and gives their customer info to boiler rooms.

    I don’t do any of that. My materials are specifically intended to help people who already have products get more sales.

    And I do not advertise to beginners.

    And most importantly, I don’t EVER turn customer info over to boiler rooms (or anyone for that matter).

    I watched the Vergecast. The guys seemed like they’re probably pretty cool guys for the most part.

    It’s a shame they didn’t report accurately.


    These sentences made me chuckle:

    “My materials are specifically intended to help people who already have products get more sales.”

    “And I do not advertise to beginners.”


    Look at what Frank Kern said here:


    Via YouTube @watch?v=aSPkuWlHuyY
    Section: [20:35 – 20:53]

    […] Seventy plus percent of the people buying the $2,000 dollar box of shit from me and the people I consult with have never built a website. Ever.

    So what does that tell you? That the greatest segment of the market out there, the vast majority of them, are beginners.


    Is Frank Kern a lying two-faced scumbag?

    If you think so, give this comment a thumbs up.

    1. @Alejandro,

      Great post…Kern was such a braggart about what he was getting away with he couldn’t help but use this info in his videos

      Hey Frank there’s even more than this,you talked alot of shit on tape.

    2. @Alejandro, Further to a comment I made below, look what else Kern is trying to do here:

      “I think they are lumping all people IN OUR WORLD together as “Biz Opp”.

      “OUR world??”

      Kern is trying to manipulate and reposition this from an indictment of HIM and his scamming to some mythical “assault on everybody.”

      That is akin to a burglar trying to incite a riot so that he can blend in with the angry looters.

      It’s almost like the classic “war” between institutional advertisers and direct response advertisers. Where the institutional guys think ALL direct response guys are scammy.”

      No, Frank, it is NOT. It is more like the classic “war” on crime.

      1. @SD,

        Ah yes, that’s another classic catch-phrase. I mean, not just for Kern but for IM and more general scammy marketing as a whole.

        It either goes “Perfect for beginners and advanced users.” or it goes like you (and Frank) put it there “I don’t advertise to beginners… but, oh by the way, if you happen to be a beginner this is PERFECT for you.”


        I hate scamitude.

        Furry cows moo and decompress.

  7. I’ll go back and read the post in a minute, but just wanted to note that the Verge story is now being featured in the “Spotlight” section of the Google news aggregator’s main page (

    GOOD WORK!!!! Oh yeah, and Frank and the rest of you scammers, let me remind you of something: TRUTH is an ABSOLUTE defense to libel. The Droid here, he has you by your tiny marbles.

    1. @mirele ::

      I saw that too :: sweet! … I’m always checking GoogleNews cause The New York Times app for the iPhone is a scam that never opens even though it’s the opposite of a cheap app.

      1. @SD, I’d tell you just to put the NYTimes in your twitter feed except that you don’t have one…

  8. So I know there are a lot of different definitions of boiler rooms…but…we’re all aware that Frank Kern set one up in La Jolla, right? With Jordan Belfort? The guy from the movie…Boiler Room?

    1. @Sundog, Oh wait. I can’t read. I got so incensed by his continuing denial of using call floors that I blabbed. Look at me now!

  9. Long ago I decided to try out FK. Was drunk one night and took the plunge. Figured what the hell, spend my last dollar and become a millionaire instead of on more booze.

    Made the mistake of using my cell number, or should say made the mistake of giving them any number. No wait, made the mistake of even giving them my email… No, that is not right – made the mistake of not spending my last dollar on booze – would have felt better in the morning.

    Long story short: They (FK and people he sells your info to) were the only ones that ever got my cell number. The damn think rings off the hook still to this day from two years ago with offers to make me rich.

    FK will sell your info and not think twice about it. God forbid if you give them a credit card number, to get something cancelled you will to cancel the credit card its self.

  10. Re Frank Kern and his response and so on…

    The Verge article seems to have riled him quite a bit. That makes sense, I guess–the thing has his picture at the top.

    But Frank’s focusing on the wrong thing. He’s thinking he can minimize this by saying he didn’t have anything to do with boiler rooms.

    IMHO, Frank’s connection to boiler rooms is not the reason why his at the top of the article. (His connection to boiler rooms is the reason why putting his picture up there is a valid choice, but that’s not the reason his face is there.)

    Frank Kern has his face at the top of the article BECAUSE HE NAMED THE SYNDICATE AND EXPLAINED EXACTLY HOW IT OPERATES! He even drew a little picture with a stick figure and arrows.

    The stick figure is the potential “customer” (aka mark, victim). The arrows represent all of the various members of a syndicate, all aggressively pressure selling the “customer” on every piece of B.S. they can turn out.

    To quote a comedian I heard once: “That’s how they getcha!”

    Once you get yourself to a position where you trust even just one or two of the syndicate members, you will get bombarded (and I do mean bombarded–as in attacked by as if in a battlefield) with sales message after sales message. It gets to the point where you feel like you’re getting off easy when you only buy one or two of their frauducts per month.

    I do personally know or care if Frank Kern is directly involved in boiler rooms or if he is only indirectly involved in them. (His claim that he’s not involved at all is dumb–and it has been shown to be dumb repeatedly.)

    Frank Kern is one of the worst examples of Cult of Personality there is. Except actually he’s got a lot of competition from all of the other worst examples of Cult of Personality around; like James A. Ray, and all of the other members of the syndicate to which Frank Kern’s belongs.

    But, once again, the reason it’s his picture at the top of the article: is because Frank Kern is the one who said SYNDICATE. And then he tries to say how it’s actually a good thing for customers. But then he also says how there’s these five steps and two of the steps are a little bit evil.

    “The Douche” Frank Kern “manipulates manipulation”, talking out of both sides of his mouth (almost literally) in the same way Naomi Dunford does. Except arguably, Frank is the more dangerous because he seems to have a higher CHA, and a much wider audience.

    Furry cows moo and decompress.

    1. @Wyrd,
      Small, but important clarifying edit:
      The long rambling sentence that begins with “I do personally know or care if Frank Kern” should have read “I do not personally know or care if Frank Kern”.

      And just to clarify that whole mess of a thought further: I’m saying that: it may or may not be the case that Frank Kern is/was directly involved with boiler rooms… but either way, it seems to me indisputable that he has been involved in boiler rooms at least indirectly at some point in time in the past.

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

      1. @Wyrd, I’d like to clarify your clarification. Frank Kern WAS in FACT involved with boiler rooms. In fact, let’s make that stand out a little for the skimmers:

        Frank Kern ADMITS being involved in boiler rooms:

        “I tried working with one [BOILER ROOM] in 2003…” – Frank Kern

        Let’s also highlight this astute observation from SD, which is important, because it shows continuing involvement by ACTIVE association:

        “People in The Syndicate shared leads :: some people in The Syndicate used boiler rooms … so everyone in The Syndicate used boiler rooms … and is “involved with the boiler room industry.””

        Frank Kern -> Boiler room involvement -> Absolutely!

    2. And what pisses me off about this Syndicate strategy, is that’s it hypocritical in nature. Frank Kern and all his bum-boys will tell you that the quality of your traffic is key. Don’t try and sell chocolate to Willy-Wonka they spout. Yet they market like a pack of wolves to anyone and everyone they can get the details of, regardless of what business you are in, or even if you have a business or not.

      You’re gaining ground Jason, stay strong.

  11. The fact that anyone would be connected to Jordan Belfort to make any party involved a profit is a horrifying thought indeed.

    Belfort is a scumbag of a human being who now parades around the world making multiple 5 figure speaking fees talking about business strategy, yet glossing over the details of how he ripped off investors and became known as the “Wolf of Wallstreet.”

    From Wikipedia:

    Belfort was indicted in 1998 for securities fraud and money laundering. After cooperating with the FBI, he served twenty-two months in federal prison for a pump and dump scheme, which resulted in investor losses of approximately $200 million. Belfort was ordered to pay back $100 million that he took from stock brokers. Reportedly sober for 14 years, Belfort’s two bestselling memoirs, “The Wolf of Wall Street” and “Catching the Wolf of Wall Street”, have been published in approximately forty countries and translated into eighteen languages.”

    Ah, good old book sales. Nothing like profiting from crimes, then profiting from the additional publicity generated by profiting from crimes.

    Rest assured, down-and-out ladies and gents! None of Belfort’s shady past or “strategy” will spoil his motivational presentation!

    From (emphasis is mine):

    If you are just getting started on your personal path to wealth creation, take advantage of what Jordan has to offer with his live events and products as you learn the secrets of the inner and outer game of wealth.

    Don’t forget this love little gem…

    Today, his proprietary Straight Line System allows him to take virtually any company or individual, regardless of age, race, sex, educational background or social status, and empower them to create massive wealth, abundance, and entrepreneurial success, without sacrificing integrity or ethics.

    Kinda takes one’s breath away, does it not?

    1. @zipnar :: The fact that anyone would be connected to Jordan Belfort …

      … and yet claim to not be involved in the “Boiler Room” industry in any way.

      Now that is what takes my breath away!

      While perhaps more hurtful & diabolical, I will admit that Belfort’s crimes & scamminess trumps the Frank Kern MMO lifestyle x100. While the Wolf was crashing his helicopter hopped up on heaps of pain pills …

      … Franky Boy was making web videos pretending to be rich {and jackin it} in an apartment in San Diego.

    2. @zipnar ::

      Maybe Irwin should pop in and tell us all about how it was working with Jordan.

      Did it get him some “fuck you money” … or just fucked?

      Enquiring minds want to know :: but not me … cause I already know.


  12. Frank Kern’s comments are eerily starting to feel like Tim Brownson’s … although Frank has not come directly here to attempt to defend himself all he is doing is bringing more attention to himself by trying to defend an indefensible position.

    My favorite part of the post is: “Frank is freaking. He has :: quite rightly … never peeped my name in public before this. Only the worst possible things can come from mentioning the robot in front of the marks … and quality scammers like Irwin know well better.”

    … looks like the “marks” are going to get their introduction to the droid :)

    1. @RT, It is a pretty dumb move on his part, as a so-called marketing guru, to draw attention to this place.

      Especially considering his followers are some of the most gullible people out there.

      A landlord that owns a house of mirrors directing his tenants to a bin of hammers.

      Maybe he feels he wants to defend his ‘lifes work’ so he doesn’t feel like a shitbag in the public light. Good luck with that one. I’d be pretty miserable too if all of my so-called friends were the likes of the shitbags on the warrior forum.

  13. Frank Kern said:

    “The article later implies that the “internet marketing” community sells worthless products for the sole purpose of generating buyer lists for sales floors, and that’s simply not true.” – Frank Kern

    Look what manipulative Frank Kern just tried to do there: he tried to make HIS problem *everyone else’s* problem. He’s trying to draft others into defending him because “they need to defend HIM in order to defend their “community” and “themselves.” Total manipulation.

    That is the same thing manipulative Mike Filsaime attempted to do the other day in a FB comment:

    “Mike Filsaime: Ron thanks. I am glad so many see this as not an attack on those in the article, but an attack on our entire industry.” – Mike Filsaime

    1. @Oh No You Don’t Kern,

      The article is crystal clear…they don’t beat around the bush

      The article states emphatically that Frank Kern & Mike Filsaime are internet CON MEN that line their pockets with the life savings of innocent people

  14. Here was my favorite comment on Frank Kern’s facebook pity party :: he deleted it …

    Harlan Kilstein ::

    Frank my dear friend. For 3 years now I haven’t read any of this shit. And I’ve been called worse than you. The day I stopped looking at this crap, my income soared. No matter what you respond, they control the playing field. This is not the time or the place for a response. Breathe, surf, and ignore this shit. Dude! Go make plans for your wife for her first mother’s day. That’s what’s really important. Love ya.

    Get a room!

    1. @SD,

      What the hell is that audio?

      “… want to go home … eat something greasy … maybe a lard ball or something!!”

      That is really funny and really creepy at the same time.

      1. @RT, That was one of Not-Dr. Harlan Kilstein’s bullshit “meditation” chantings, slightly modified. I think it was an improvement, but it’s still Kilstein, so you can’t expect much.

    2. @SD,

      Ah, it’s even better the second time around… kinda like double-fisting glistening, deep-fried twinkies and lard balls of Internet Moniez.

    3. @SD,
      Take it from someone who knows, Harlan Kilstein reads this web site every single day. He wishes he were mentioned here more. But, alas, he is just a dumpy B-Lister. Very dumpy. And barely B-Lister.

  15. To all the defenders of Frank Kern,

    I have one question for you: If Frank Kern feels he’s been harmed by Jason Jones and the VERGE (please note how he sucks up to them)why hasn’t he sued?

    He states many times this piece and all that Jason does is bullshit lies and its libel and is all about ruining his reputation then why hasn’t he sued?

    Ask him why he isn’t suing

    Frank Kern knows exactly what he is and EXACTLY what he does and he wants NO PART of a court case.

    why are you defending what you don’t know…or maybe you do know

    This ends in indictments – count on it…are you all willing to ruin your names to defend this con man

    1. @Shit Storm, here in Poland we have a quote. “Dont touch shit cause it gonna stink”.

      1. SD is a hater. More “hate” he can spread around the more traffic he gets.
      Just guess what would happen if Frank would sue SD in court.
      SD would have fresh meat/content to publish on his blog.

      2. Whats Frank is doing? he is selling, all the time. So lets just make a comparison.
      1 month spent on sales webinars can get him 300k income.
      1 month spent on playing SD game would get him -300k spent on lawyers.

      Why he is not doing it? from my point of view, cause this is not profitable and
      even worse… thats a free promotion for SD.

      Where SD has business in it?
      There is lot of people who failed online.
      99% of people will NOT say “yeah, that my fault”.
      So SD as a brave warrior (with no doubt) gets emails with
      questions for law advices help.

      Anyway he must be doing somemething for living.
      I think thats the point. Business and selfpromotion.

  16. What’s ironic is just how much Frank Kern has been helping ensure his own demise.

    He openly brags about his monopolistic practices, fraudulent claims, and boiler room antics. He just calls it internet marketing because he thinks we are under his mass control.

    Let’s see you control this. Frank.

    1. @Glad I Was Broke ::

      Seems much brighter than Frank’s. Maybe he should get him some puppet PR teams.

      1. @SD, agreed. btw this is a quick shout out to Jason Jones for being the best nerd I don’t really know but really fuckin’ appreciate. Thanks dude.

        PS. I got a whole ebook on carrot cake recipes and baking techniques…want it? it’s yours for only $47! lolz jk

  17. lololol :: Irwin Frank Kern FTC Indictment :: Pt II.

    I can’t wait!

    From MLM Pyramid Scheme to …

    … MLM IM/MMO Pyramid Scheme!


    That is called “Not Learning Your Lesson the First Time” Franky Boy.

    Hopefully round 2 will end you with a widened booty-hole in a Federal Penitentiary.

    1. @PercyPennyWhistle,

      Nice find! Something seemed off – negative – in that sentence so I ran the whole thing through Microsoft Translator. That sentence is actually pro-Kern:

      Frank Kern did not say only bullshit. There are some ok marketing stuff and some coherent strategy on there.

      But I do like what the OP said, or at least what Microsoft Translate did with it:

      Below you have a piece of a film made of The Verge to accompany an investigation into the world of internet marketing, American and how they are used by a variety of tools for removing money from suckers.

      Emphasis mine. For instances where “all humans”=”suckers”, of course.

      The comments are interesting in that they’re about the same as the comments in English on The Verge. Foreign things are – not that foreign. They even mention Amway, Herbalife and NuSkin.

      (Is everybody seeing the banner ad with the lady wearing pot-leaf pasties, or do my cookies indicate that should appeal to me?)

      1. @Lanna, I think them being used by a variety of tools is also appropriately interpreted. Like they always say in Romania: Frank Kern, imperiul este construit pe Tampenii.

  18. Thanks Droid,

    I got the link for that video from another guy I trust. Is there a garbage can anywhere that names all this trash in one place so people can avoid them?

  19. Salty droid has made ethics a mainstream interest. And does it with gut busting humour. Oprah, CNN, are you listening? Time to get decent people on your shows? Time to stop promoting scammers? Time for mainstream companies to take a fresh look at ethics (online payment companies, credit card companies, search engines, affiliate network companies – the whole shebang!) and kick scammers out of their beds?

  20. Jamie Louis Anthony-Morrison love-fest at WarriorForum:

    It’s disturbing, yet bizarrely entertaining.

    It reminds me about when Tiffany Dow told us:

    “When some “mastermind” guru group invited me to be part of their group, and I accepted thinking it would be neat to brainstorm and learn more, I quit later that same afternoon when I saw what it was – nothing more than 1 person posting for another in WF about their product, followed by a series of “yeah this is great” posts from the other mastermind members, and concluding with an “aww shucks” post by the product creator.

    Very incestuous and unethical and I was disappointed that some people I had previously respected were such scumbags.”

    1. @Jack, Funniest part is when mr. Lewis tries to associate his made-up “property” with being “intellectual”…

      “One thing we need to understand is that capitalism is NOT corporatism.

      As we suffer from the structure of corporatism, many are blinded by this effect and fail to make the true connection between the two.

      The founders of Internet Capitalism dealt in Intellectual property. This is something that has always been under attack since the beginning of time.

      Great classical composers had fallen victim to this mentality and forced to work under terrible conditions. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Dimitri Shostakovich were exploited to the nth degree.

      Kim Jung Ill had kidnapped an actress to optimize his own propaganda.

      We see the same thing here.

      Many intellectual property creators have their material stolen and distributed damaging their business and breaking international copyright laws.

      Many users of Intellectual property break laws as we see here. It starts as “I saw an upsell and it is evil” to “That rock star is rich and Im not.”

      SOPA was an attempt to gain control and the communist minions continue to further the cause.

      We Intellectual property owners must rise together and rally in Washington to stop this abuse of Communist aggression towards our material.”

      I think it’s what we’ve been saying all along – the demise of western civilization is all about the upsell.

      1. @Jack, Hi Jack. I was wondering about those “founders of Internet Capitalism.” I never knew capitalism had different flavors. Is there some squeeze page on wikipedia with the history of it? Like when was it founded, and who found it? I bet those people who found the Titanic wish they’d waited and found “Internet Capitalism” instead.

    2. Jamie Lewis is an embarrassment. What a Pathetic Individual.

      Note to self: Don’t read anything on the Warrior Forum ever again.

  21. I couldn’t figure out about who the “founders of Internet Capitalism” are, but then I remembered about once when Ken McCarthy told us several hundred times about him being the first Internet Marketer ever:

    1. @Jack,

      Ah… Ken McCarthy.

      He helped introduce me to the pure genius of Brad Fallon, Andy Jenkins, Perry Marshall, John Carlton, Dan Kennedy, Gary Halbert, and a slew of other business luminaries.

      Ken McCarthy… the gentleman’s scammer. Sort of like a silk suited pick-pocket circa New York, 1930’s. He’s the Al Gore of Internet Marketing.

      But wait there’s more! If you act now!

      1. @Irwin, What a bullshitter Kern is. At first I just had to laugh at the pretense and absurdity of that. Then as that video started to drag on, I realized it was 44 minutes long. I just can’t listen to that much bullshit. I think I would rather be waterboarded.

        1. Technology is the paint job? Umm, how about the engine? How about the electronics? How about the stuff that makes the car GO?

          The paint job would be the “marketing message” the thing that makes the car attractive, makes people want to buy.

          I know this and I’m an “unmechanical” woman. Sheesh.

          Kern blew it with his own analogy in the first 3.27 minutes. Can’t stand to listen to anymore.

        2. @Ray Ray,

          “I just can’t listen to that much bullshit. I think I would rather be waterboarded.”

          Indeed Ray. :) 44 minutes of smarmy, condescending self loathing bullshit is too much for any normal human.

          It was all a big joke for Frank. Now he has the look of the hunted.

        3. I wasn’t aware Frank was gay. Frank and his “community”.

          Seriously though, this is one scary bloke. Tell me he’s not got a Filipino boy under that desk?


  22. He pretty much just cloned your world view. But good that the scamsters get exposed. It´s been to long.

    Sorry to see the article didn´t mention the few good guys in IM.

    I really feel like being rude- but I´m not gonna-cos I´m real nize, yeah, me is:-)

    I wish you all the best Jason:-)

    Hej då!

    1. @Mrs Lauder, *facepalm.png

      There are no good guys, that was the point of the fucking article.

    2. @Mrs Lauder :: Who are those “good guys in IM” of which you speak? Please name names, I’m sure we’re all very interested to learn more!

  23. Hello Mr. Droid,
    Love your blog and all the great work you do. I actually learn alot about marketing reading your blog.

    I think your giving these guys – The Syndicate – way too much credit. Basically these guys are – including Frank Kern – entertainers. Thats because most ppl who buy their crap never use it or open it for that matter.

    Its great that you assumed the role of public defender but aren’t ppl responsible for their own actions? You cant protect ppl from their worst enemy, themselves.



    1. @Avi ::

      They aren’t entertainers … and they aren’t entertaining.

      They are manipulators :: and I have a hard time “holding people responsible” for being people …

      You CAN protect people from manipulators … it wouldn’t even be that hard.

      Step 1 :: ANYONE in the whole wide world giving a shit.

      Step 1 = complete

      1. @Avi and @SD, I’ve often thought (and said) that for many people, selfish-help products and events are a form of entertainment. And perhaps that is true to some extent. But the big distinction between selfish-help/New-Wage/McSpirituality is that it is almost never marketed as entertainment but as something altogether more serious, e.g., the key to wealth, health, happiness, and so forth. And some of it messes with people in very deep ways that, for example, a stand-up comic’s routine, or even an emotionally moving novel or film, do not.

        So no, it’s not mere entertainment, and the harm that the scammers do isn’t entertaining at all (though some of their foibles are). More importantly, the “entertainment” angle cannot be used as an out for the hucksters. All of those fine-print/small-font disclaimers about “for entertainment and educational purposes only” just won’t fly when real harm is being done to real people.

    2. @Avi, Oh, that nonsense defense again:

      “aren’t ppl responsible for their own actions?”

      You mean, “Aren’t people responsible when fraudsters lie to, and deceive them?”

      Yes, the people that are responsible are the fraudsters.

      They belong in prison, for a long, long time. Stick around, and you’re likely to see some of them headed there…

      Think of it as, “SD-Day.”

      1. @Louis, People are responsible for their own actions based on their available information. When information asymmetry exist, such as only one party to the transaction knowing that one of them is actually a lying, scamming crook with no legitimate product to trade, then only the fully informed party is responsible.

        I suppose we could construct some scenario where you’re buying something from a WSO-peddling D-lister who thinks he’s legit whereas you know he’s actually a fraud where the buyer is the fully informed party, and I guess if both parties are delusional and believe they’re conducting a legitimate transaction involving a genuine product then they’re both equally irresponsible.

        It’s also possible to be semi-aware that the Syndicate exist as an entity and purveyor of frauducts and buy their stuff anyway; in that case I’d be up for at least partial blame-sharing.

        Which is my long-winded way of saying that Avi’s an idiot.

        1. @Melkor, The former was actually my intended takeaway for Avi. Since he was probably trolling, I just didn’t feel like humoring his b.s. premise with a direct rebuttal. Besides, if he is anything like Mike Filsaime, there is no point in overloading him with something involving the alphabet.

          1. @Louis, I can think of one instance of a non-fraudulent information asymmetry.

            “I know I’m a federal agent collecting evidence for later prosecution and you don’t know that this conversation is being recorded on my end too”

            I think that one has potential.

    3. @Avi,

      I think your giving these guys – The Syndicate – way too much credit. Basically these guys are – including Frank Kern – entertainers. Thats because most ppl who buy their crap never use it or open it for that matter.

      With Frank’s high CHA (charisma), he could have set himself up as an actual entertainer and perhaps made a decent living at it. But instead, he set himself up as a guru and expert on how to make money.

      This puts him in a position of lying and claiming to do things that he can’t actually do.

      It’s wrong.

      And you should know that.

      You cant protect ppl from their worst enemy, themselves.

      Using your logic then, your worst enemy is you. My worst enemy is me and @SD’s worst enemy is himself.

      In that case then, why would anyone ever try to persuade anyone else to change in any measure? I.e. why would you try to persuade @SD that Frank is just an entertainer?

      In any case, I disagree with the premise. Oh, to be sure, individuals often act in a manner that turns out to be against their own best interests, or the best interests of their loved ones, etc.

      But that doesn’t mean a person is their own worst enemy.

      Surely the “worser” enemy has got to be those folks that would manipulate and con easily lie with a smile and promise that they know The Secret to “unimaginable power, unlimited Rice Pudding etc etc!”

      Furry cows moo and decompress.

    4. @Avi,

      I agree. The people who bought those products were wearing skirts that were FAR too revealing.

      They were pretty much askin’ for it.

  24. Am I just imagining it or is there a sudden spike in readers who “just love the blog” but also “just have to point out” some reason why Droid is completely and utterly wrong about who the “real scammers” are or what the “real problem” is, but gosh, ha ha, just love the blog ???

    1. @Yakaru,

      Good shout, I think. It’s starting to look like an organised campaign, isn’t it…desperate attempts to get The Droid onside. I’m a sucker for the argument because it’s how I first reacted to the blog…it’s just that I managed to bite my tongue. And then realised I was wrong.

      But you’re right – there’s been a sudden influx of such comments. It *might* be due to the Post-Verve rush, or it might be a steady stream of B- & C-team apologists.

  25. This morning I tuned into a webinar in which special guest Frank Kern was booked to tell us all this:

    “I’ll be walking you through the case study that
    brought me over $1MM in nine months.

    It’s pretty cool because I used these old marketing
    techniques from over 150 years ago …and I THINK
    the GOVERNMENT actually helped create them!

    Weird, right? (I’ll show you the ancient evidence
    I found when i was doing this experiment. I have pictures.)”

    I’d never heard of him except on this site and was curious as to how this guy could scam anyone. Well, 23 minutes in when I turned it off, he was still babbling incoherently about being poor and drunk in a trailer and mixing with felons who ran the “family business”.

    1. When I read Kern’s copy I think I’m in 1990 again. Weird, Cool, Kowa-f’kin-bunga! Arrrghghghghg, someone slap him quick.

  26. I checked out the replay to see what Frank was offering the new marks. Direct mail! He “discovered” this. And he will teach you for just $997. The marks don’t know it’s his $37 Mass Control Clickbank program. And they’ll all want to sign up after listening to Frank’s stories about booze, poverty, unemployment and just sign up to be “rich” like him!

    1. Not Again?

      Frank Kern consistently cycles his material round and round repackaging the same old shit every bloody year.

      Frank, please just get your coat and FUCK OFF!

  27. Frank made the mistake, the cardinal mistake of portraying involvement in a syndicate on a video, audio, or written word. How do these dumbfucks get this far? Are people really that stupid? The fact that in 2012, Frank Kern still operates is what scares me. He’s small time. Time to go home and open the used car lot Frank.

    1. @Dean Rankin, What used car lot would have Frank? After all, they have their reputations to consider.

  28. Look what happen when someone questioned Frank Kern post:

    Martin: Frank, honestly, after watching this I don´t believe a single word of what you say.

    Tim Castleman (Frank Kern´s little bitch):

    Martin – That’s sad of you. I have video black box (actually I had it – before it got lost in the move) and used it on a launch promotion. I think it made me about $25,000 or so. There is a reason Frank’s – well Frank, and your – well posting YouTube videos.

    BTW, Martin do you constantly go around telling people you don’t believe in them? Seems like a great way NOT to make friends with others.

    Like my mom said, if you don’t have anything nice to say – you should probably keep your %&(& mouth shut. Sorry about the cussing – she’s from Texas so it’s ok ;-)

    Thanks Frank!

    Hey Tim, you missed the classic “you didn´t take action”… what cinical piece of shit your are. Fuck you and Frank Kern and all the IM Syindicate!

    P.S. Tim, if you keep kissing Frank Kern ass, you might get a free blowjob-coaching in the next Frank Kern frauduct… of course by blowjob I mean you giving one to Frank Kern like the sweet little ass-kissing bitch you are proving to be.

    1. @Frank Kern has a girlfriend, Tim Castleman sounds like a prick. But enough with the compliments.

      Here’s a screwball video of Tim Crappleman doing what he probably does best: standing in a bathroom in front of a urinal, trying to locate his pecker and blowing hot air at the same time:

  29. @SD

    You know, Frank Kern helped me scam guys for millions with my $4,000 Annihilation Method DVD set. I licked his nuts in the shower as part of the deal, but man, it was worth it.

    When you do your PUA/Seduction expose, you need to write about how I jumped into bed with this A-hole because I’m quite a whore who will do anything for $$$$$$.

    1. @NeilStraussDouche,

      Did you know that Harlan Kilstein wrote the sales letter for the Strauss launch?

  30. Reading this is hilarious. Dear me did none of you ever go to college?
    Frank Kern and many others are simply putting a slightly new spin on what
    any MBA student or anyone doing a course in marketing would have been taught.

    If Frank Kern and other top marketers are so bad why do they all give so much time to charity?

    Interestingly Frank and others don’t have to descend to the language of the gutter like the salty droid does. Don’t I remember hearing a story that he was a lawyer?

    Now if you want to talk about scams…

    1. @John Barlow,

      “If Frank Kern and other top marketers are so bad why do they all give so much time to charity?”

      Is it that you mean the way that Jesse Willms gave – look, he said he will put his past issue behind him now: and apparently can still be suing people he scammed

      Or what about mr. philanthropist John A Mattera arrested by the feds & sued by the SEC?

      Or Jerry Johnson philanthropy mentioned somewhere’s about the SD site.

      Or Alberto Vilar

      I can make more for you to see, but probably you didn’t go to college enough to understand the fraud-philanthropy connection and probably also you can’t read them.

    2. @John Barlow ::

      Sorry to break your deluded little heart :: but why don’t you have a listen to your boyfriend Frank explaining to Mike Koenigs how to get around the FTC’s new disclaimer rules …

      … it’s funny because the end-around he describes is precisely what the rule change had been intended to clearly disallow. I laughed :: it was like … “hasn’t the fuckhead even been to college?” And then I answered myself without laughing :: “no … no he hasn’t.”

      Anywayz JohnBoy :: have a listen and count the “fucks” and “shits” … Frank’s got me beat. Cause I am parodying their behind the curtain language and throwing back in their fat smug faces … but I wouldn’t want to mimic them too closely or I’d start sounding like an inbred idiot.

    3. @John Barlow, If that’s your idea of college learnin’, you must have gotten your B.S. from SCAM-U.

    4. @John Barlow,

      Dear me did none of you ever go to college?

      This sentence is hilarious for so many reasons.

  31. Salty Droid…. at first (a year or so ago) I thought you had a worthy cause and as a Magnificent White Knight you came to crush the likes of the Syndicate.

    But now this has become the sewer of the internet where you swim in shit, splash in shit and are covered with shit.

    My condolences.

    As hard as you try “you just can’t fix stupid” and very few will ever be saved from the extortion of their funds. At some time they will be able to come to the Salty Droid and bask in the shit of their poor ways.

    I saw this really great analogy of a Tony Robins like success webinar, I think you will agree..

    To your goal of being the top blog!

    Will Work For Food / or cash :)

  32. U nerds are so angry. It’s cool though. Money is for grown ups and so is business. Don’t worry u will get there some day. If not its ok yfor u your porn will get you though this life. Keep jerkin my friends. “worlds most interesting man”.

    Salty I live in chi and know all about you. Guess what? I am going to ruin you Holmes. Latin king life.

    Peep i am over your shoulder.

    Stop fuckin with people cause bad people are going to fuck with you.

    Down this rabbit hole we go…

  33. U nerds are so angry. It’s cool though. Money is for grown ups and so is business. Don’t worry u will get there some day. If not its ok yfor u your porn will get you though this life. Keep jerkin my friends. “worlds most interesting man”.

    Salty I live in chi and know all about you. Guess what? I am going to ruin you Holmes. Latin king life.

    Peep i am over your shoulder.

    Stop fuckin with people cause bad people are going to fuck with you.

    Down this rabbit hole we go…

    1. @Fiction, You worried? Afraid you might have to get a job and pretend to do it? Because there really isn’t any other point to your comment. Oh, and you can’t make money online.

  34. @Anonymous has copied a comment from another part of this site, and stuck in some typos. @SaltyDroid – please can this comment, and the Anonymous plaigeriser’s ‘comment’ be deleted from this site?

  35. Can I ask a serious question though? HOW exactly are you acquiring all this information?

    You seem to have access to a different part of the internet than what is projected everywhere else.

    You are “buying” this information? Do you just scrape the internet to find it?

    I ask because you always post things on your blog that I NEVER see anywhere else. I’m just kinda curious how you’re doing it.

    Maybe it just comes down to having the right sources/contacts that would make most sense to me.

  36. Great story guys and I think I can solve the misunderstanding that was taking place between you and Danny S. Danny refers to Internet marketing as a marketing channel, just as you have radio, tv, print, etc., all of which are marketing channels to get a sales message out to a target market. The problem is not internet marketing – it is the scammy information products that guys like Frank Kern sell. The story should have focused on the get rich products that scam artists sell, known as “information products” for making money using the Internet as your marketing and sales channel. The marketing techniques the scammers use are great marketing techniques which are based on direct response print advertising techniques that have been around for over 100 years. Con artists selling snake oil is nothing new. The same marketing techniques used by the scammers are used by savvy marketers from small companies all the way up to the biggest companies in the world. So, internet marketing is not the problem. The problem is the products being sold which are get rich info products. And, get rich info products have been sold on tv, radio, magazines, direct mail, and newspapers since man learned how to sell the dream of making easy money.

    1. @Peter,

      Are you coming over from Danny’s site? Did you read his comments under the article? Initially I thought it was a misunderstanding. Now I think it was pretty naive of me to imagine Danny Sullivan doesn’t know all about and isn’t complicit in these get-rich-quick info-product scams. The same goes for Matt Cutts. They both tried to distract from the real issue by tweeting that this site and The Verge had lumped all marketing-on-the-Internet together with Internet Marketing scams. In reality, IMHO, Frank Kern, Danny Sullivan and Matt Cutts are together on the wrong side of an ethical, moral, legal failing.

      To excuse “Internet marketing” as just another sales and marketing channel overlooks the fact that most of the info products are about getting rich quick by marketing (marketing what!?) on the Internet (“Making Money Online”). Put another way, “Internet Marketing” is apt because some of the scams are promoted exclusively online and some of the scams are about making money online. For instance, check out Anthony Morrison’s Television Internets, an info product that’s supposed to teach people how to Make Money Online but was heavily promoted on TV, through infomercials and appearances.

      Plus, as I’ve said about a million times now, the people who are most susceptible to these scams will be checking them out by searching for “Internet Marketing” or “Internet Marketers,” since that’s what they call themselves. Perhaps there are people out there who know these are get-rich-quick schemes and order the $29.97 book anyway, for a laugh, but the people who lose hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands of dollars on these scams aren’t in on that joke. If we want to warn them, we need to SEO our warnings for the keywords they’re using – Internet Marketing – not “get rich quick” or “information product.”

      I mean, you wouldn’t let a client market a “single panel touchscreen laptop computer” when everyone’s decided to call these products “tablets,” now would you?

      The idea that people are sacrificing money to these scams to learn about “making money using the Internet as your marketing and sales channel” presupposes they have a product or service to market and sell. People with real businesses go to agencies like yours for help moving more product or booking more clients. They’re not thinking about ranking first for Netflix” to make some extra six-figure monies.

      And, actually, since you do own an agency, I double dog dare you to look carefully at the marketing techniques employed by these scammers and ask yourself if you’d sign off on this stuff if it was coming out of your agency. Steps 1 through 8 are always pretty standard direct marketing stuff, but steps 9 and 10 are way outside FTC regulations. For instance, would you approve a phone script for a training program in affiliate marketing that asked prospects for their exact credit card limits and balances [PDF]?

  37. This blog should be taken with a grain of salt. I find it funny how you try to be some beacon of hope and enlightenment into the world of “internet scammers”. It’s all hype and self promotion as far as i’m concerned.

    People who buy this stuff are gullable, greedy and lazy. Where is the accountability? It’s in people’s nature to blame somebody else. JUST STOP! I have ZERO sympathy for such idiots. No matter what you put out, rant and rave on blogs, TV, etc you will never ‘protect’ them from themselves.

    1. Marsh Natalie ::

      Maybe I’ll never protect people from themselves :: but at least I get to tell ignorant fucks like you to bite me … bite me.

      1. @SD, you are devoting your own energy in a cause you believe in….. Shame you won’t succeed. the govt has bigger fish to fry.

        1. @Marsh Natalie, not really…The government doesn’t have too many bigger fishes to fry than a 4 billion/yr industry that doesn’t provide a tangible product. Salty’s posts are on the GOV radar.

        2. @Marsh Natalie
          And you have just devoted some of your time to coming here and flinging poo because…..poo? Oh, and being wrong. You did that too.

          1. @Jack,

            I think it depends. Sometimes the government don’t know where the fish are. Sometimes the government have bigger fish to fry. Sometimes the government hasn’t even noticed that the damn dam broke about twenty years ago and that all the now-escaped fish have begun mutating into Lovecraftian Dagon monsters.

            Still other times, some government officials have, in fact, decided to sleep with the fishes in a fairly disgusting fish-human mad scientist breeding experiment way.

            Furry cows moo and decompress.

            1. @Wyrd, I did want to make it “some of the bigger fish” but “fish” by itself made me think it sounded cooler – poetic license…the license to be stupid.

  38. I’d like to say Phuck Ryan mostly!! I gave that Kunt Sucking Kock Smoking Ferry Belcher Dic smoking anal taking taint diver a Helicopter Rescue Coin at one of his Scamvents, and he acted like he was too good to take it. If I knew him and all his EIN Phucks wouldn’t sue I would wipped his face! It’s ok now.. I’m totally out of the service, and when I run across you ALL peterpuffs.. It’s on O.G!

  39. once i was ripped off by a pyramid scheme by kern.

    all i did was the following….
    i sent a letter, followed by a certified letter. of course it wasnt signed. i went ahead and contacted the local police, then contacted the attorney generals office. within 15 days i had my 2500$ back.

    i always do this no matter if i get ripped off on a scam, ebay, craigslist etc. its alot easier waiting for a class action lawsuit! that may take years, IF it ever happens. good luck everyone. and im sure, if you have to if enough people contact the FBI, they WILL get involved!

  40. I didn’t know where else to post this, so I figured this was a good a place as any since it features good ol’ Frankie Boy and other Scamworld elite.

    I got an email today from OfficeAutopilot with the following subject line:

    Internet Marketing Super Con: What you’ll learn

    IM Super Con indeed… such sweet irony.

    Didn’t anybody think twice about that before someone pushed “Send”, or are they really that brazen about it?

    Take a look at the lineup of the “IM Super Con”:

    1. @zipnar,

      “are they really that brazen about it?”

      Brazen (otherwise known as the ‘sucker test’) is what built their lists in the first place.
      Sumfing for nuffing, and you can too!

  41. I’ve just unsubscribed from his royal highness’s Frank Kerns email scam list. I see he’s resorted to blasting people with loads of other affiliate links now ALL with the usualy crappy shitty old hyped up video, you know the ones that say, ‘oh i was once like you without money’…… blaa blaa blaa.

    i think he is just blasting the shit out of his email list because he knows he might as well make the most of his scammy ways before it all comes to an end.

    Good Bye Frank Kern, i only read your emails to see what you were up to anyway !!!!!

  42. I’ve just unsubscribed from his royal highness’s Frank Kerns email scam list. I see he’s resorted to blasting people with loads of other affiliate links now ALL with the usualy crappy shitty old hyped up video, you know the ones that say, ‘oh i was once like you without money’…… blaa blaa blaa.

    i think he is just blasting the shit out of his email list because he knows he might as well make the most of his scammy ways before it all comes to an end.

    Good Bye Frank Kern, i only read your emails to see what you were up to anyway !!!!!

    PS: We can also see right through your stupid so called subliminal message crap logo of Pen Island that ACTUALLY is subliminally supposed ot say PENISLAND ….. as in …. PENIS LAND !?!?!?! and your fucked up logo that has boobs representing the island and cock and balls representing the palm tree ?!?! mmmm WHAT A PERVERT FRANK KERN IS !!!!!

    Frank Kern …. Inspiring???? NEVER have i been inspired by PERVERTS !!!!

  43. sorry for posting 2 times i thought it didn’t post …… ooops !!! the second message, the longest one, is the one I wanted to post, you can delete the first one.

    1. @gary,

      You’d rather be an internet salesman with a broken marriage and a drinking problem than a robot?

      People have weird priorities these days.

  44. I added a signature to my Warriorfurm profile today. It lasted about 3 posts before it was removed and I was silenced. Without warning or permission, my signature was deleted from my profile and from all of my previous posts. The signature contained two links – one of them targeted this very page on saltydroid…and the other one went to the Andy Jenkins / Jeff Walker video on Youtube. : )

  45. This is Bogus…. common guys you can make money online

    the people that start hating on these big name online marketers are they guys that are sucking and not able to make it themselves

    i have personally bought tons of these guys programs,
    and if you say these guys are scammers than book authors are scammers too

    because all their doing is selling products online, maybe a little overpriced but you set the price for your own products

    and directly related to these guys education i was able to make my life better
    i was able to make a real living online…

    from the education i got from these guys

    so dont be such a hater and start taking action on what they teach you and you can improve your financial wealth, mental wealth and even physcial….

    eben pagan is awesome, he shouldn’t even be in this video
    -wake up productive- changed my life 180 it really help me take my self to the next level
    – how about all his double your dating information products – man that guy thought me so so much and appreciate him for making awesome products!!

    all his products are awesome and super helpful!

    your so lame to be hating on these guys

    YES, some are shisty i know, trust me,
    but alot of them arent

    thats why i built

    so that we can find and ignore all the shisty marketers with crappy products and easily find all the good marketers that have real good products that provide real awesome value….

    1. @John, Yes, he does. He is against scamming. You must have been looking for a pro-scamming blog. This ain’t it.

      1. @Bellringer 198,

        Funnily enough I believe the pro-scamming blog is actually named Problogger. So, now I think on it, that name makes sense.

  46. Is someone scamming Frank Kern?

    On page 5 of a google search on Frank Kern, the following showed up at the bottom of the search results:

    “In response to a complaint we received under the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have removed 1 result(s) from this page. If you wish, you may read the DMCA complaint that caused the removal(s) at ”

    And the link…

    …or is the stuff that Frank Kern plaigarised now being copied freely elsewhere?

    Or something…

    But least ways it looks like there are plenty of ways to get the Frank Kern rubbish, without having to spend your money – but don’t do it, because it wastes your time, which is more precious.

    But the idea of removing a search result, and then having a paragraph which leads to the reason why the search result was removed, and makes the removal of the search result invalid, is a clever idea thought up by Google.

    1. @Random stuff,

      Just standard piracy. More interesting are all the people pitching pirated MMO courses in bulk on ebay.

      You’d think that with gigabytes worth of material ranging from abysmal to fairly decent, they’d have better prospects than micro-scale bootlegging.

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